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State of Emergency

Since September 11th. 2001:-

Two suicidal pilots (or Global Hawk) launched passenger planes (turned missiles) into the WTC in New York with military precision and no fighter jets were scrambled to intercept them... strange. Stranger still, the twin towers collapsed in what appeared to be a controlled demolition, which was broadcast live to an incredulous public and replayed over and over again for maximum visual impact on the World Stage. A third aeroplane crashed into the ground outside Pittsburg and was quickly forgotten, while another allegedly hit the 'defenceless' Pentagon, although initial reports only described 'explosions' and no aircraft wreckage is evident in the sparse film footage.

Before the dust had settled at Ground Zero and the forensic evidence was carted off to be buried, a war- "long term and on all fronts" -was declared by fraudulent President Bush, not in Congress but on TV, which has been completely taken over by the military/industrial/prison complex and strictly publicises the Satanic New World Order agenda to gullible viewers.

Within about a week of that fateful event, just to keep the impetus going and Americans 'under attack' jittery, a bus was hijacked and crashed in the USA. In a matter of days after that incident, a chemical factory exploded at Toulouse in France and just when we thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, the Swedish Parliament was shot up by a 'lone nut.' Soon after this, another plane was hijacked in Pakistan and detained at the airport by the authorities, which turned out to be a non-event but it made a good 'breaking news.' Then, the worst ever Ebola outbreak hit fleeing Afghan refugees and while this alarming story vanished into obscurity, an anthrax attack sent shock waves across the USA. Another plane plunged (shot down) into the Black Sea, which may have had bio-weapon experts on board and one crashed before take-off into an airport terminal in Italy. But there was more to come...

An Israeli politician was assassinated and bomb blasts blighted the Holy Land. In the UK a car bomb exploded in Birmingham, supposedly the work of the Real IRA and a Christian Church in Pakistan was attacked by gunmen, (agents) all adding to the panic and fear-factor. Next, a refugee boat sank off the Australian coast and cyclone Michelle struck Central America causing massive flood damage. A steel works blew up in Wales and an airliner nose-dived into homes near Queens, New York. The West Papuan Independence Leader was murdered. A small plane flipped over at Manchester airport in the UK, killing the corporate directors on board and an army helicopter crashed on landing in Northern Ireland. A shopping complex burned down in Pretoria, during a public holiday and there has been further chemical factory explosions in California and a built up area of England. A bush fire raged across Australia and a devastating drought is crippling South-East Africa, as Argentina's economy collapses and that country descends into chaos, thanks to globalisation!

A volcano erupted in Zaire and a Swiss airbus crashed. An inferno ripped through the carriages of a moving train in Egypt killing hundreds of trapped passengers and within a couple of weeks, an identical incident in India, blamed on Muslim extremists, killed Hindus which prompted horrific revenge attacks in Gujarat, still recovering from a man-made earthquake. However, while freak train crashes are commonplace in the UK, where an everyday journey is like Russian roulette, Amtrak commuters are now the casualties of carnage on the rails in America, with three serious crashes in as many days, but at least train disasters warrant a public inquiry in the UK, unlike the World's worst 'terror attack' in Manhatten.

Unbelievably, another 'crazed shooter' opened fire recently during a parliamentary meeting in France, killing and injuring several politicians. There has been at least three 'telegeodynamic' earthquakes in Afghanistan and it's been bombed back into the Stone Age by a 'Coalition of Democratic Nations' with huge loss of life, while Israel is guilty of the worst war crime, so far, of the new millennium, by laying waste Jenin, in Palestine. Saddam Hussein has been singled out again as the main menace to 'civilized' people because the threat of Bin Laden, the World's greatest exponent of hide & seek, is flagging. Once more, with uncanny echoes of 911, an aircraft crashed, this time into Milan's tallest building, for no explicable reason and terrorist bomb attacks continue from Central America to Spain and the Philippines, with Columbia earmarked as the next "Afghanistan."

By the laws of probability, the likelihood of all these atrocious events, in little over six months, being random or accidental and unconnected, is nil. A pattern is emerging, which includes weather anomalies, assassinations, crashes, arson and biological weapons. In each case, they produce the same result, tighter security, which means, an increased armed, military presence. You can go back several years and find similar scenarios; JFK junior's death, tower blocks blown up in Russia, school shootings, the Oklahoma bombing, the Lockerbie disaster and a Chinook helicopter 'accident' over Western Scotland with Irish Intelligence Officers aboard, or the assassination of the whole Nepalese Royal Family, but it's the rapid increase in this modus operandi that is most disturbing.

The individual instances, coming thick and fast, are too numerous to document but they have gone way beyond the bounds of mere coincidence, 'someone' is in a big hurry to usher in totalitarian control. So we can expect more of the same, because bogus trials and tribulations are very effective in empowering the Global Government and an excellent pretext for a permanent State of Emergency, where everyone is under suspicion, if they dare to oppose the system. The press even encourages would-be terrorists by telling them that Sellafield is the best target in Europe (outside Russia) and where the nuclear waste is stored, maps included, while CBS news issues detailed instructions on how to construct 'dirty bombs.'

In 1975, the Trilateral Commission Report on the Governability of Democracies, stated that: "We have come to recognize that there are potentially desirable limits to economic growth. There are also potentially desirable limits to the indefinite extension of political democracy... A government which lacks authority... will have little ability, short of cataclysmic crisis, to impose on its people the sacrifices which may be necessary.." All these manufactured crises have one thing in common, they are compelling us, in a futile attempt to prevent such tragedies recurring, to sacrifice our liberty and rights for security... yet still, the incalculable death toll rises.

Hazel W.M.McKinlay


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