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Such a sad sad story

a response to the cover-up in the Jon Benet case


Such a sad sad story....

I worked at the D.A.'s office in San Antonio, Texas and I worked extensively in child abuse cases. The victims suffer for years without anyone finding out and when they are older, they are not believed because there is no "evidence" - how can there be any evidence? They do things like "profile matches" and they say "oh that person doesn't fit the profile." Amazing.

People go to church to cover up such behavior and become involved in relationships that make them look good to cover up. When an abuser or a molester is found out, they serve very little time and eventually even get their child back! It is horrendous! Our children (I say our because they are all our children) are being so hurt and traumatized to a point of no return - they end up blocking it out and they go into drug abusive type behavior, and become sexual deviants themselves, or they become withdrawn from society. It's so sad - and it happens much more than we want to ever believe.

People say - - oh they don't look like they can do that! What does a killer/sexual deviant look like? People that put on a good front can be much more evil than the drug addict on the street trying to score drugs through prostitution or theft. It's sickening. I really feel that we all have to do much more to protect our children. I'm afraid to even allow my daughter to ride her bicycle 2 1/2 miles to her friend's house - someone could just take her! I'm so afraid! I'd have to drive my car along with her while she takes her shortcuts through the golf course. It's insane.

I worked on this one case for three days - I couldn't eat - couldn't sleep - would start crying and couldn't finish working on it fast enough - The mother's boyfriend killed the little girl WHILE SHE WAS ASLEEP in her bed. Just picked her up and smashed her head on the headboard and placed her on the floor. When the police came, there were two buckets in the room full of feces etc. so the girls (her sister was asleep in the very next bed when this occurred) could use these as a toilet. Her mother and boyfriend would lock them in their room and just push trays of food in the door and lock it. The police could barely stand it in the room - it had such a stench. Her mother and boyfriend would leave the house and go to neighbor's houses and play

cards all night with their 3 and 5 year old in the house. When the mother was prosecuted and her boyfriend - she got probation and her boyfriend got 2 and 1/2 years with eligibility for parole in 1/3 of that time. We do not protect our children. Deviants and Sex Offenders are on the streets when we put drug addicts in jail for much longer. This one three time offender was placed in jail for 10 years for getting caught three separate times for about $50 worth of drugs, yet others can kill a child and be out in a year! It's really hard for me to take. This is a big issue. It's so obvious that her father is the killer or maybe even that friend that was there and it's also obvious that she knows all about it.

This is a disgrace to our society - America - Why isn't everyone doing more for these kids? Drugs exist because no one does enough because the pay off is too big - same thing with these sex offenders. And our government is full of them. Every twelve seconds a woman is battered in her own home. I wonder what the stats are for these children. It's just too hard to even know that. It happens much more than we'll even know and then years later it is too late. Thanks for sharing the article. I hope that we can put these people where they belong. In hell.

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Contirbuted by Michael Knight...Thanks Michael

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