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Is THIS what America has become?

Is THIS what America has become? A place where free speech is denied? Shame, shame, shame.... when peace-loving people cannot speak out against the murder of innocents, there is no freedom.

Notwithstanding your view on whether or not to attack Iraq, what this means is that YOU are now not able to speak out in a way that might be heard around the world. You are GAGGED.

The thought of that makes ME gag.

Doesn't it do the same to YOU?

I sure hope so.


Informing press about NYPD rejection of permit

Dear Friends,

UPJ is going to court today. I strongly suggest that ALL of us with any press or media contacts, in or out of New York, send them the kind of letter that I have just sent a senior editor of the NY Times.

My letter is below. It is self-explanatory. Spread the word!

L' Shalom, Arthur
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Director
The Shalom Center

Forwarded Message:

Subj: NYPD refuses permit to massive antiwar march

Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2003 2:23:48 PM

From: Awaskow
Bill Borders, senior editor
The New York Times

Dear Mr. Borders:

Last October, I wrote you about the serious underplay the Times gave the major October march against the plans for an Iraq war.

You wrote back acknowledging the Times needed to do a better job. And the Times has indeed ever since dealt with the antiwar movement in a much more serious and responsible way.

I thought you ought to know that the NY Police Department yesterday formally refused to issue ANY permit for the massive march that the antiwar movement, led by United for Peace and Justice, is planning to hold in NYC on February 15. More than 300,000 people are expected to march.

The denial is a staggering violation of the First Amendment.

The commitment of Americans to prevent this war is so deep and strong that I am sure I am sure that with or without a permit, the protest will happen.

I hope the Times will give these events the front-page coverage they deserve, beginning tomorrow morning.

The office of United for Peace and Justice at 212/ 222-6721 has full information.

L' Shalom, Arthur
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Director
The Shalom Center

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