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Gonna vote ?

Gonna vote ?

Well, who ever you vote for is following the same agenda, all are controlled by the same force.

The 'government' has no control over the World Trade Organisation - The International Monetary Fund - The Bilderburg Group - The Free Masons - The Bank / Oil / Pharmo corps - plus a whole host of unaccountable organisations, the governmant are just spokespeople for these powerful entities, so if the tories get in just see us slip into the euro and full european integration as with all the other parties.

We are tricked into thinking that putting a cross on a piece of paper will make our voices heard - HA !

Putting a cross on the paper is relinquishing you of your power. Sup to you of course, but I'm not really into playing their silly little game.

Here's my poster which I have put up in my local town - just for a laff like.


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