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The United States
Guilty of State Terrorism

This article is contrary to the popular superstition that the United States was founded upon the basis of liberty and freedom. The United States was founded upon, by, and continuing state terrorism.

In the beginnings of the United States, in the 1700's, there were a handful of people, most holding the Unitarian philosophy, that desired and dreamt of a nation that would uphold and be dedicated to personal freedoms and liberty for a new nation. The beautiful rhetoric employed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution can be traced back to the influence of these Unitarians. These men were not 'fundamentalist Christians' nor could they ever be considered conservatives. In fact, in that era, these men were the liberals.

They were not perfect men. In fact, in spite of their desire for personal freedoms they too owned and employed slaves. Documents and writings exist too that even then they were questioning their own right to have and to hold slaves.

The mistake of these liberals was to accept compromise with the conservatives. This allowed fundamentalist doctrines to creep in and poison the dream. These compromises allowed, over time, the newly created government to run rampant over citizens rights, and the rights and sovereignty of other cultures, peoples, and nations.

Many historians state that the beginning of the American Revolution was triggered by the Boston Tea Party. To the British Crown this was an act of 'Terrorism' by today's definition used by the United States. The Crown considered it rebellion, anarchy, and an uprising of ungrateful colonists. The seventeen drunken Freemasons that committed the act were simply having a night on the town, -- they were having 'fun'.

In truth, the Boston Tea Party was an unprovoked act of terrorism, by the definition that the United States would apply today.

The dream of a nation built upon freedom and liberty was soon lost after gaining independence from England. The Articles of Confederation maintained to a much larger degree the dream of independent freedom for the colonists and the new nations that it combined under it. It had its faults and a convention was called to repair those faults.

The convention created a compromised document, The Constitution of the United States. This constitution has been ruled by courts throughout history as an amendment to the Articles of Confederation. Some historians actually state, in error, that the Constitution is the ruling and governing document.

The representatives sent to amend the Articles created a compromise document that reads well and it tried to limit the powers of a federal government, through the hold out efforts of the Unitarians who were a political force to contend with. The conservative fundamentalists, touted they wanted the same thing, a small federal government, but kept entering clauses that created a monstrous federal government.

The new American nation ended up getting a document creating a federal government for rich white Anglo-Saxon men.

The compromise was then sent to the nations aligned under the Articles for approval of this amendment to the Articles of Confederation. The United States was supposed to be similar to the United Nations, a confederation of loosely aligned nations that by consent, agreed to a unified system of defense and coordination.

The powers of influence in Virginia were wealthy tobacco plantation owners. Even those elite recognized the loss of personal freedoms in this new constitution. They started a campaign to force the addition of the Bill of Rights to the document, that was noticeably absent of personal rights. Their money and influence did force the inclusion of those rights, but only for white men and mostly for the benefit of white rich men.

The Constitution was not created on the premise that all men are created equal, but that black men would not be allowed to vote but would be included by fraction as part of the head count to determine representation in the new federal government. Women were not to vote. Red men were not to vote or allowed citizenship whatsoever.

The liberals had lost the dream, through compromise, and some of them were guilty of advocating and entering clauses that would be the downfall to freedom and liberty.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the most famous of these Unitarians, was probably the first to cast aside the tenets of the Articles and the Constitution. He led the move, in violation of the powers of the federal government, to purchase Louisiana from Napoleon. The United States did not have the right or power under the Articles and the Constitution to purchase any territory. The larger question in dispute was did Napoleon have the right to sell Louisiana? The answer is NO he did not. Some of the lands he attempted to sell were lands that France held no jurisdiction over, that were historically, and factually held by Spain.

There are claims by the Washita Indians that Napoleon never attempted to sell the land nor did he. These documents purport that Napoleon only sold the forts and arsenals belonging to France. The land was never sold, but French jurisdiction only. In support of this claim by the Washita, Jefferson was recorded as saying the United States government could not buy the territory under the restrictions of the Constitution. All unsettled lands were handed back to the Washita Indians according to their recorded history, by Napoleon.

During these early stages of demise of the dream, the United States government was committing all kinds of atrocities, pre-emptive strikes, violating treaties, provoking other nations, stealing lands and territory from other nations, occupying lands not in the United States, -- i.e. the federal government was guilty of state terrorism. Their victims were the original inhabitants of the Americas whom the rich white man's government wanted to annihilate.

The United States was clearly defined by the Articles and the Constitution. The majority of the Indian nations relinquished their claims upon the lands defined within those documents and moved southward and westward away from white settlements. Some maintained their presence upon their homelands operating under treaties with the United States and acquiescing to the formidable power and state of the art weaponry the United States had at its disposal.

One of the most notable acts of state terrorism by the United States is one labeled, 'The Trail of Tears." In violation of treaties, in spite of heart rendering pleas, the United States threatened to exterminate these Indian people in favor of a few white rich elite powers that wanted the Indians' lands. Unable to muster weaponry to fight and defeat the United States the Indian nation was relocated from their 'garden of Eden' in Georgia to the barren badlands of Oklahoma. The scene would have reminded any scholar of the march of the Hebrews from Israel to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar.

Conservative elite fundamentalists easily overlook the obvious. They cite 'higher law' and 'noble causes' to justify their crimes against humanity. These same conservatives then instituted a new doctrine, in violation of the Articles and the Constitution, called Manifest Destiny. Fundamentalist Christian Conservatives created this doctrine out of thin air, claiming God's providence and that prophecy had declared this insane viewpoint.

Had manifest destiny, sea to shining sea, been God's work, then it would have happened naturally and legally. What happened provoked wars with Indian nations, and with Mexico to grab California and claim it as part of the United States. More state terrorism by the Federal Government of the United States.

By this time in history, liberal views had lost nearly all influence. Liberal statesmen had compromised once too often, and compromised all remaining vestiges of liberty and freedom away to the conservatives. This same compromise lead to the 2 wars the U.S. is in right now and allowing inexperienced conservative buffoons to be appointed to high places in government. Compromise is sacrificing the ideals of freedom and liberty for all people of America.

By 1861 the two party system was beginning to develop to maturity in U.S. politics. The two major parties were both conservatives while liberals were relegated to relatively minor third parties.

1861 was the year that marked the end of the Confederacy of the United States and transformed it, without authority to do so, to federal unionism. A new nation was born, under wraps, also called the United States. The confederation was ended. A socialist national government arose.

The great experiment of a Confederacy based on liberty and freedom had come to an end. It had indeed only been an illusion, with a history of violating the creating documents.

The Civil War began with the United States provoking South Carolina, much like the United States is doing to Venezuela today. South Carolina had left the United States. It had every right to do so. It was operating independent of the federal government, when the U.S. provoked the independent nation by sending war machinery and troops to a South Carolina island.

Fearing an attack from the United States, South Carolina fired upon the ships and troops. This gave Lincoln his 'justification' for WAR. It was 'wag the dog' back then, and it's 'wag the dog' today. The United States had no right or business in South Carolina waters or on a South Carolina island.

If you step back and look at the Civil War it was a war of Conservatives against Conservatives. It started over, just like the American Revolution, taxes. The United States had attempted to illegally collect taxes from the states. This was not a power granted to the federal government. The war was a culture war. It did not start off as a regional war, North vs. South. It was the U.S. federal government vs. the South. It was a war to guarantee that the United States federal government could trample on the Constitution for any reason so desired.

The United States provoked the attack and was again guilty of State terrorism. Emancipation of the slaves was merely another justification for creating war, when the Constitution and laws of the United States, clearly allowed it. Freedom for the black race in America was only a by-product of the Civil War, not a cause or reason. This same scenario was used to 'wag the dog' in the 'creation of weapons of mass destruction' to justify another war. This is a non-existent doctrine of 'higher law' or 'noble cause' used to stimulate and ignite the citizenry to support the illegal actions of their government.

After the war ended the United States marched into the Southern States destroying everything in their path, much like they have done to Iraq in recent days. Then began the continued destruction of a people and culture under the innocent sounding term, 'reconstruction.' Reconstruction is only another word for "OCCUPATION".

Reconstruction under the United States is more state terrorism. Reconstruction is the destruction of the democratic forms of government in a land, and replaced with a perverted democracy under the rule and thumb of the United States military.

To further guarantee that the United States federal government would be able to operate with impunity, though illegally, the U.S. started 'creating' new states - states they would control. Three hundred white men could vote a territory into the United States even though 30,000 Red men were living on the land. One percent of the population determining the fate of another people's land and nation. The Indians would then face the forces and acts of U.S. state terrorism. The U.S. would begin a campaign of genocide to remove them from their homes and homeland.

The U.S. by the constitution, had no power or authority to 'create' states. Nearly all the western states were 'created' illegally and employed state terrorism to accomplish their illicit goals. Treaties with the United States were not worth the ink they were written with -- nor was the U.S. Constitution.

The terrorism by the United States under 'reconstruction' (a.k.a. & i.e. occupation) was so reviled by Texas and Louisiana, that newspapers in New York were writing editorials stating they were afraid that Texas was going to go to war against the U.S. again in 1881.

The acts of terrorism by U.S. troops and the U.S. government was sparking a new round of 'war' talks in Texas and Louisiana. Again, much like we observe in Iraq and Iran today. The U.S. terrorized the legislatures of Louisiana and Texas and forced votes inside the 'democratic' houses under gun point. Very similar to what they are doing in Iraq. The U.S. does not WANT democracy.. it wants U.S. federalism under the disguise of democracy.. it's hypocrisy.

This new United States, created in 1861, unfettered with having to obey the Articles or the Constitution, and in another act of state terrorism, landed in Hawaii and took over their government and established U.S. Military rule over that land and people.

The U.S. took over Puerto Rico and successfully ousted Spanish claim over Cuba, where the U.S. ruled under a puppet government that the U.S. installed, until Castro reintroduced democracy in Cuba. Only later, did Castro turn to communism, after his democratic government was rejected by the U.S. government, because it was not under U.S. control. This same attitude is now seen in the way the U.S. is acting toward Venezuela.

The Bay of Pigs was only another incident in the United States' government committing state terrorism, as was its involvement in Nicaragua, Colombia, and hundreds of other nations.

Had the North Vietnamese not be worthier and more valient opponents, the U.S. would still be committing state terrorism and interfering in the affairs of Vietnam, illegally. This was 'class warfare' and the valor of the troops on the ground on both sides were immaterial. Troops fought valiently.. but they fought for a lie, and for the rich white man's government. The real contestents were China and the U.S. The Vietnamese were little more than pawns in the game.

The United States started on this track of state terrorism in 1776 and through illegal evolution and perversion of the creating documents, it continues rampant throughout the world with terrorist actions. In 1995 the U.S. had troops in 196 nations of the world. In 1995 there were 217 nations on planet earth. State terrorism and the threat of state terrorism has been the business card of the United States since its beginning, even against its own people.

The United States is following in the footsteps of its mother England, who too under several crowns ruled most of the world from 1600-1900 by means of state terrorism.

Unfortunately the claims of Iraq and Iran, yea, most of the Middle East is right.. its factual. The U.K and the U.S. have been interfering in their lands, their people and their governments for several hundred years. The U.S. and U.K. were creating wars in Iraq and Iran even before World War 1, with acts of state terrorism. Every world power in history -- got there -- not by love of the subjects -- but by state terrorism against nations and peoples that were less capable of defending themselves.

As the Iraqi's become insurgents in their own lands, remember the people of the Southern States became 'rebels' in their own lands. The U.S. control of the media has been a vital tool in their illicit state terrorism and acquisition of foreign lands.

Hitler and Napoleon were not allowed to continue their state terrorism by the same nations perpetrating state terrorist actions today. Napoleon was infringing upon England's state terrorism goals, as Hitler was on the United States and England.

It's time for the Nuremburg Trials of all Nuremburg Trials.. and bring the U.S. and England up for the crimes against all humanity, nations, and people since their beginning. These two have the longest continuing history of state terrorism under the longest rule of the same governments seated and in power.

It's time for the pot to quit calling the kettle black. It's time to end state terrorism. It's time to disarm all nations, starting with the biggest bully nation first.

Pre-emptive strikes are terrorism. Wars against nations that have not provoked or threatened the people of the United States are ILLEGAL WARS. Undeclared wars are and have always been ILLEGAL.

It's in the hands of the people of the United States to stop this government from any more atrocities against ourselves, as at Waco in 1993 and against people half a world away. The fifty nations comprising the long lost confederacy under the Articles of Confederation as amended, need to reclaim their authority over the federal government. These 50 states need to have a new convention, nullifying the amendment call Constitution, and re-amending it to recreate the confederacy of nations it was supposed to be all along. Without such action the United States will self implode as did Rome, from spreading an empire beyond the resources needed to manage such huge holdings.

A terrorist nation can be identified by one particular trait. It issues orders, demands, and expectations, along with threats to force people or nations to bow to its will. This is exactly what the U.S. did to Saddam Hussein 2 years ago, eventually culminating into the U.S. invasion of a nation at 'peace' with its neighbors and trying avoid war with the United States. Absolutely nothing Saddam could have done would have stopped this terrorist nation from invading Iraq. The rich white man's government controlled by conservative fundamentalists had already declared their illicit and immoral 'noble cause' and sold their wag the dog propaganda to the people in the U.S. This is exactly what the U.S. did to the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is exactly what the United States did to South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, and the other southern states calling it 'higher law'.

The United States, due to its terrorism worldwide is viewed as grand hypocrisy by other peoples. This view is candid and its truthful. We in the U.S. are blinded by seclusion, and most never know that rest of the world views us as hypocrites.

We must ignore rhetoric from Washington D.C. It is purely for propaganda purposes --- Propaganda against its own people. There are no American interests in a foreign country that call for war. There are truly no American interests beyond our borders. Oil in the Middle East is Middle East Oil. Not American Interests.

If we in the U.S. don't have the oil needed to fuel the economy, then we can develop other energies to supply our needs. Acts of terrorism to illegally gain control of oil in a foreign country is not what the Articles of Confederation allowed.

Don't let D.C. 'wag the dog' in front of you any longer. It's only propaganda to get you to support its illegal terrorist acts. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The U.S. simply 'wagged the dog' and conservatives and liberals alike jumped for the bone. Now men, women, and children are dying for this lie. Now we the people in the U.S are obligated to rebuild what the U.S. destroyed.

We the people cannot afford to continue down this path of terrorism by our own government. Let's change that government or dissolve it.

I have given less than 10% of the terrorist functions and actions of the United States federal government above. Yes, it's a shame that the U.S. demise began so early.. what's more.. It's a Crime against humanity.

Just say NO!
Say no to U.S. Terrorism

L. Savage