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Does she or doesn't she?
Abortion - the Great Divide
Or the Great Christian Hoax

The issue of abortion, not abortion itself, has been a divisive tool used by the Religious Right for decades. Yanking on their chains of self-righteousness, the extremists and terrorists of the Religious Right do little, if anything, to present a common sense, educated, scientific, or even moral case for their views.

Bombing clinics and murdering physicians to stop the alleged murder of babies by Christian terrorists does not convince me of their 'higher' morality. Their new tactic is to use the political route to subvert human rights, law, constitution, and equality. Backing the most inept and criminal politicians of the GOP, the Christian Right terrorists are actually attempting a coup of the U.S. government. If successful, they will continue to plank in a theocracy, that violates the rights of non-Christians and even moderate and liberal Christians.

I do believe, that the issue of abortion is an non-issue for most Americans.

The recent appointment of Alito as a candidate for Supreme Court justice is clouded by the all pervasive matter of his view on abortion. While most of us want to know his slant on it, we don't want the issue being so supreme that we can't find out about his views on rights, constitution, states' rights, sovereignty, personal freedoms, liberty, privacy, and so on.

Congress should have settled the question decades ago, so that the matter is no longer a gray area that the Supreme Court can rule over and swing back and forth on as the political tides change.

The Religious Right has never addressed the fact that most girls and women getting an abortion claim Christianity as their faith and religion!

The few sane anti-abortionists that are left present some valid arguments that most Americans agree with that would be common sense to most of us. Not one cent of taxpayer money should be spent on any abortion! Not one cent of taxpayer money should be spent on Planned Parenthood, whose historical roots are racist, radical, and obscene.

At the same time not one cent of taxpayer money should be spent on the birth costs of an unwanted pregnancy nor should an unwanted pregnancy give birth to a poor child to become a ward of the state, at taxpayer expense.

The Christian Religious Right terrorist group fails, and has failed for decades to offer any solution to the problems created by their proposals. Not one has offered to take on the expense of raising, housing, educating, feeding, all these unwanted children! Let's face it -- government and state are NOT responsible or liable for the raising of unwanted children, that could have been aborted in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. The state is NOT responsible for the costs of abortions either.

The government should not be promoting abstinence, condoms or abortion with any taxpayer money. Sex education in public schools would and should be the limit of any government into this matter.

Every time these Religious Right terrorists, and the GOP attempting a coup of the U.S. government and the constitution, wave their flags and yell about their righteous indignation, attempting to force their theocracy on the rest of us, they openly admit their own failure.

Christianity is the failure in all moral issues - Not the government. Government is not supposed to exist to force or even lend sway to support religious morals. If Christianity had done its job within its own walls, then they would not be murdering physicians, bombing clinics, and making a major issue of a matter that will never concern many or most of us.

Is the Religious Right prepared to accept the millions of babies to be born if abortion were outlawed? Are they ready to love, raise, educate, house, and feed these children from the birthing room through college, without demanding or expecting one cent of taxpayer money to achieve this goal of theirs?

When they can answer with a resounding YES and can put their money where their big fat mouths are, then let us reason together. When they can prove they are fiscally able to do just this, without taxpayer money and support, then they will have offered a solution to the problem in a true and honest effort to achieve their goals.

Until then the Religious Right is nothing but hot air pundits who are on the dole of Christian terrorists, seeking to subvert the taxpayer into paying for unwanted births and child raising. The congress and courts should reconsider and abolish government support and taxpayer monies being spent on abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Government taxpayer support of any pro-abortion group such as Planned Parenthood or support for the Religious Right's motives are absurd. Many of these government programs were 'feel good' programs from their inception, and have long outlived any usefulness they may have provided. The Religious Right continually wants to 'roll back' the laws and return to medieval times.

No one should want to return to the days of back alley coat hanger abortions. A generation or two have passed and it is time for the government to get out of the birth business once and for all.

Sane anti-abortionists have some good valid arguments, but they will never succeed until they can offer complete solutions, that do not include taxpayer and government expenditures, for the problems created by any total ban on abortions.

Most of us are neither pro or con to the abortion issue, since it will not directly affect us personally. I do believe the medical community is where the answer lies, not in government involvement or government interference.

When the issue is left to who can scream the loudest, who can murder in the name of Jesus, who can terrorize and bomb clinics, who can subvert government through election frauds, bribery, money laundering, --- then most of us out here see a bunch of criminals and idiots wanting to tell us what is moral and what is not.

I would tend personally to question abortion and all the benefits its proponents claim. Then I turn on the TV and Bill O'Reilly of FOX NEWS is on, and I become totally Pro-Abortion. I am anti-abortion until Pat Robertson opens his terrorist attacks and I become totally Pro-Abortion.

The anti-abortion movement is losing for its lack of solutions and its mouth pieces being the most inane and illiterate pundits for their cause. Religious Right propaganda is obviously transparent when their mouthpieces like O'Reilly will scream down the opposition to bully the cause into the limelight. Criminals, such as DeLay, Reed, Hastert, Frist, Cheney, within the Religious Right ranks do nothing to enhance the so called morality of the issue. Terrorists such as Pat Robertson and O'Reilly do more harm to the cause than they will ever do good.

Solve the problems that anti-abortion creates then will we listen. Resolve how the Religious Right or anti-abortion will protect women's rights over their own bodies then you may have something of substance to offer. Solve the problem of illegal coat hanger abortions if your viewpoints are desired.

The problem of unwanted pregnanies, unwanted children, abandoned children, overfilled orphanages, etc.. was solved by abortion. The Religious Right terrorists don't like the only solution that was available to cure the problem quickly and as cheaply as possible. Yet in the 40 plus years the anti-abortion Religious Right terrorists have been punditing their views, they have not brought any viable alternative solution to the table.

Try a little common sense, reason, and offer real solutions, then perhaps the world will pay attention. Until then I'll change the channel.

L. Savage