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Now perhaps we can understand
Why the Republicans are the Grand Old Party!
The oldest one on earth according to Christians

I noticed something today that enforces my belief that Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed, Tom DeLay, Frist, Bush, Cheney, and all that religious right GOP fundamentalist bunch are FAUX Christians and lying hypocrites.

Many Christian writers and researchers would agree with this revelation. If you follow the writings of many secular researchers, like David Icke, whose studies in symbolism are vast, his conclusions are the same as respectable Christian researchers. Summarizing, Mr. Icke says the hidden hand writes its intents and plans right in front of our eyes, but we fail to understand what they are telling us, because we do not understand their language of symbolism. If this is in fact true -- then the beast is in power!

If you look at the symbol of the Grand Old Party above, as I did today, pay close attention to the stars. The star is the inverted pentagram/star -- the icon of evil, the sigil of Baphomet, the sign of the Goat, and the mark of the Satanist. (And Bush was so engrossed in the Goat story during 9-11?)

Why is the symbol of the Republican Party, which the Religious Right fundamentalists, endorse wholeheartedly carrying the symbol of the devil? Is this the mark of the beast that St John the Revelator referred to?

Here's research from a Christian source:

Dangerous, dangerous stuff. Even the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, in discussing the "Ritual of the Pentagram" (the up-right version) warns against making the mistake of employing the upside-down star, "See that thou doest it not" (italics in original). No wonder Helena Blavatsky, mother of the New Age, wrote in her book, Studies in Occultism, "there are secrets that kill in the arcana of Occultism…" (italics in original). It may seem strange that prominent occultists and occult societies would sound caution when using certain symbols. But understand, these men and women have seen and experienced powerful supernatural forces. And they are in bondage to them.

Going deeper yet, the upside-down star/pentagram has long been recognized as the symbol of Satan. Anton LaVey, author of the Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals, lavishly used this symbol in his ceremonies and rituals–most often depicted as the "goat’s head."

The fact that LaVey chose the goat-headed pentagram as the mascot symbol for the Church of Satan is no surprise. As previously mentioned, occult symbols have been used for centuries. In fact, LaVey gives credit to these more ancient occult schools for the role they played in helping him develop his Satanic ritual work,

"Satanic Ritual is a blend of Gnostic, Cabbalistic, Hermetic, and Masonic elements, incorporating nomenclature and vibratory words of power from virtually every mythos." (The Satanic Rituals, p. 21)

The Order of the Eastern Star, a mixed-member branch organization of Freemasonry (both females and males are allowed to join), uses the upside down pentagram as their principle symbol. In fact, during their rituals, the floor of the OES lodge has a giant pentagram laid upon it–most often in the form of a large area-like throw-rug. All of the Order’s major initiations and ritual work are done inside this pentagram or while trace-walking around it. Before they take their "obligations of secrecy," first-time Eastern Star initiates have their eyes "veiled" and are led around the points of the pentagram. Whether naively or intentionally, members of the OES are playing with spiritual fire, and Christians who are involved with the organization need to get out.

The last two pentagrams are the symbols of the Order of the Eastern Star. Their lodge floor is laid out in exactly this manner. Notice the altar in the middle with the Bible placed upon it. (Note also that the letters F.A.T.A.L. are found within the inner pentagon. This letter arrangement is meant to represent "Fair Among Thousands Altogether Lovely." I find it interesting that it obviously spells "FATAL.")

We need to keep in mind that our battle is not against flesh and blood, although flesh and blood are used by the forces of evil. But our ultimate battle is against the spiritual principalities of Lucifer’s dark army. Will we take up our spiritual shield and sword? Are we willing to use God’s Holy Word as the divider of truth and error?


From an encyclopedia source we find that:

Inverted pentagrams are symbols historically linked -- not to Christianity -- but to the Occult. The Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology explains: "The Pentagram, the sign of the Microcosm, was held to be the most powerful means of conjuration in any rite.... with two points in the ascendant [upside-down star] it was the sign of Satan" (Vol. 2, p. 552).

Research on Baphomet also proves the inverted star symbolism:

The Nineteenth Century And The Birth Of The Baphomet Sigil

... Eliphas Lévi is alleged to have drawn the inverted pentagram as the goat's head or Baphomet. In so doing, he formed for the first time, a differentiation between good and evil symbolized by the pentagram.

The Baphomet sigil or simply Baphomet has become the official symbol of The Church Of Satan, which was started by Anton Szandor La Vey in 1966. Satanists and pseudo-Satanists have used this sigil all over the world. The illustration below shows the two sketches attributed to Lévi. While this illustration has been connected to Lévi, our research shows the earliest use of this image was in "A Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural" by Maurice Bessy originally published in French in 1961 and making its first English translation in 1964, many years after the death of Lévi.


From the cards of the Tarot you find the inverted star in the Devil's Card:

This is the 15th card in the Tarot Deck.

It's the Devil Card

Tarot Cards also discuss Satan or the Devil. (The Cards are spiritual tools. They are Not bad unless they are used by bad people).

This Card shows the characteristics of true Evil, Satan, Devils and the Beast.

1. He has Bat wings which show he works in Darkness and with the Dark.

2. He uses chains to hold you captive to his evil box but they are loose so you can remove them.

3. He has a Upside down Star over his Head which shows that he turns things upside down or the wrong way.

4. His horns point downward towards the ground and he carries a flaming torch to burn and destroy good things or people.

5. You can see grapes or tempting fruit on the females tail. That is just a symbol of Eve and the temptation that made all humanity fall.

6. There are many different symbols in this card that have different meaning to different people and situations.


The final proof presented was from a news article:

Symbols of Evil

In the summer of 1984, a 79-year-old woman was slain in her home in Glassell Park, California, near Los Angeles. Her throat was slashed and she was stabbed several times after the fatal wound was inflicted.

Two more murders with similarities occurred over the next eight months and then two young girls were abducted, raped, and dropped off in another location, alive. No one linked these crimes until later.

Then police got a lead. A man entered a condominium in the Rosemead suburb, shooting the two female occupants. One died from a shot to the head but the other survived and managed to offer a few details: bulging eyes, a long face, curly hair, and disgusting teeth. He was also dressed in black, and that same night he shot another woman in the streets.

The murders and rapes continued, targeting females from the young to the elderly, and also several men. Vincent Zazzara was attacked in his home and killed, while his wife was shot and then stabbed to death. The assailant removed her eyelids, carved out her eyes and took them with him.

In May 1985, two elderly sisters were bludgeoned, one fatally. Their attacker left Satanic symbols in the form of a pentagram on the thigh of the one who died. He also used lipstick to draw pentagrams on the walls .

Then the killer escalated, killing one person after another over a span of several weeks. Sometimes it was a single female, sometimes a couple. In one home, he shot an elderly man and then raped his invalid wife. In another instance, he raped a woman next to her dead husband and made her swear allegiance to Satan. Then he added a machete and an Uzi submachine gun to his arsenal. He also went north to San Francisco and shot a couple there.

The man became known as the Night Stalker for his penchant for climbing into unlocked windows, by August of that year he was credited with some 14 murders.

The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez

Then he killed a man, raped his fiancé and escaped in a stolen car. When he later abandoned the car, police managed to get a fingerprint. A database turned up the name of Richard Ramirez, who'd been arrested numerous times for traffic and drug violations. As they started to investigate, they discovered that Ramirez was a known Satanist whose favorite song was "Night Prowler." Philip Carlo documents Ramirez's long-term affair with darkness in The Night Stalker. There was little doubt that he was a killing machine, full of rage against society, and according to Corey Mitchell in Hollywood Death Scenes, he took Satanism seriously. "The further down he slipped, the more he believed that he was a minion of Satan sent to Los Angeles to commit the Dark One's dirty work."

Ramirez's picture was widely publicized and when he tried to steal a car on August 30, he was beaten and held by a group of citizens who recognized him. It was the police who saved his life, although he later told his guard, "I love watching people die." He was ultimately charged with thirteen murders and thirty other criminal counts, including rape and burglary.

At a preliminary hearing, Ramirez praised Satan and flashed a pentagram that he'd had tattooed onto the palm of his hand---the same hand that had betrayed him with a fingerprint. When he was convicted, his lawyers warned him that he could get the death sentence. He didn't care. "I'll be in hell, then," he said, "with Satan." He was sentenced to death and he is now on California's death row. Among his female admirers are avowed Satanists who want him to join them in their religion.

Just as Ramirez became enamored of a symbol of evil in his youth, so also did two of the most notorious school killers.


So if we can read the symbology, then the GOP, the Religious Right fundamentalists are telling us who and what they really are! Are they the incarnation of all that is evil? How can they be allegedly Christian while flying the banner of Satan, the Sigil of Baphomet?

From the Tarot Card definition which I repeat, "He has a Upside down Star over his Head which shows that he turns things upside down or the wrong way." This certainly seems the definition of the Republican Party today! To turn the stars upright to make things right the elephant has to be incapacitated, lying on its back.

So are all the so-called Christians like Bill O'Reilly, James Dobson, Ralph Reed, George Bush, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and countless more, leading Christians down the path of destruction, under the banner of Satan himself? Symbology would indicate that this very thing is happening.

The oldest 'party' in the Bible was the one between Eve and Satan... it would seem that the Grand Old Party of Satan himself is being endorsed and pushed by religious right fundamentalist Christians.

Out of curiosity I grabbed the famed Democrat icon to compare.

Not wanting to offer too much credence to that political party... however... the stars are upright.

I guess now it's up to you... support that which is upright or that which "turns things upside down."

I think it's time to end the party!

L. Savage
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