Translation by Doreal


PREFACE to the original Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

INTRODUCTION to the original Interpretation of the Emerald Tablets

TABLET I: The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

TABLET II: The Halls of Amenti

TABLET III: The Key of Wisdom

TABLET IV: The Space Born

TABLET V: The Dweller of Unal

TABLET VI: The Key of Magic

TABLET VII: The Seven Lords

TABLET VIII: The Key of Mysteries

TABLET IX: The Key of Freedom of Space

TABLET X: The Key of Time

TABLET XI: The Key to Above and Below

TABLET XII: The Law of Cause and Effect & The Key of Prophecy

TABLET XIII: The Keys of Life and Death



Table of Contents / Preface / Introduction / Tablet I / Tablet II / Tablet III /
Tablet IV / Tablet V / Tablet VI / Tablet VII / Tablet VIII / Tablet IX /
Tablet X / Tablet XI / Tablet XII / Tablet XIII / Tablet XIV / Tablet XV

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