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Headline News: April 30, 2005

FBI whistle-blower says you have to stand up for what you believe in

Dowsing Session on the Ruins of City of Kadath
Found in Antartica, New Schwabenland, and Inner Earth

Automating camera surveillance for
social control and military domination

President BUSH endorses reducing Social Security benefits

German Outrage At 'Tag The Jobless' Proposal

Chavez has US running scared over rise of Left

Buried Treasure

Al-Qaida Online Journal Resumes Publication

House GOP Plans Social Security Draft

U.S. Aide Sees Nuclear Arms Advance by North Korea

Gannon attended White House Christmas parties -- but who invited him?

The 'Cubanization' of Latin America

Female amputees make clear that all troops are on front lines

Israeli Assassination Attack upon British Prime Minister
Sends Shockwaves through United States Government

The Dance Has Begun

Horror Of US Depleted
Uranium In Iraq Threatens World

England to plead guilty to prisoner abuse

Senate to subpoena U.N. investigator

Men who claimed to find treasure arrested

School mistakes huge burrito for a weapon

Girl Scouts sue deadbeat cookie buyers

Washington tangled up in its assessments of the war in Iraq

Patients attack and beat doctors at Russian hospitals

Nuclear power to save the world from ecological disaster

Man-caused noise pollution of the ocean kills sea animals

Inmate Sends Judge Letter With Marijuana

Cosmonaut wants booze in space

2 convicted of murder for throwing man to lions

Hacker deletes own hard drive

Man secretly filmed wife in the bath

Third-Grader Found Hanging On Closet Hook At School

Alleged Atlantis Discovery Getting Reviews World Wide

Bursting toads a messy mystery in north Europe

Ancient Manuscript Discovery has 'Da Vinci Code' Touch

Some scientists say humans can read minds

New findings back Einstein

Global warming 'proof' detected

Table-top fusion 'demonstrated'

Ozone layer most fragile on record

Would-Be Car Burglar Locks Self in Trunk

Toothache-to-death mystery

Bill advances to put serial number on every bullet

Strange 'zombism' virus outbreak in Cambodia, 100% Fatal

Children's illness a mystery

Killer diseases in developing world

Close View of Epimetheus

Secret Moon and Mars missions in collaboration with extraterrestrials

Swamp gas may help scientists to determine
whether there's life on Mars

Life on Earth points to intelligent aliens

Why Do Some People Have a Conscience,
While Others Don't?

Mystery flight of 'sky rocket'

Discovery of 450 Million Years Old 'Missing Link'

Phobos, Iapetus, Sherlock Holmes,
and Artificial ET Satellites?!

The quest for dark matter


Europe’s ExoMars Rover:
Steering A Course Toward Humans On Mars

Turning the tables on parapsychology

Swiss-Cheese Saturn Moon

Bush demands deep cuts in Social Security benefits

Polio Outbreak Strikes Yemen

Diabetes Drug Derived From Lizard Saliva

Creating babies to cure sick siblings

Global warming -- more caused by human activity

Putin starts visit to Palestine


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Headline News: April 29, 2005

Benefits and Costs of the U.S. Government’s War Making


DeLay Woes Prompt Rush to Refile Forms

Stirring the ethnic pot

Russia ready for peaceful nuclear cooperation with Israel

I never lie, says Blair as new doubt is cast on war

Blair publishes Iraq advice

Rumsfeld Asks Congress to Fund Nuclear-Bomb Study

War bill shields I.D. Act from ax

The Secretary-General, The UN Auditor,
Volcker, Catherine and Louise

Experts see military draft as inevitable

Late Pope's aide 'a secret agent'

Journalists mull new findings on 'Gannon'

Mugabe orders cull of elephants to feed starving villagers

The Mysterious Death of Marla Ruzicka:
The US Military has Detailed Statistics on Civilian Casualties

RFID on drugs to get big release

The dirty little secret is that
Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation
know they will sell more abortions, more birth control products
and more treatments for sexually transmitted
diseases when they turn a blind eye to child rape.

'The last thing we need is a draft'


Who Has The Weapons Of Destruction? We Do!

The Anunnakis' Mad Rush to Unscramble Human DNA

High-Tech CEOs Push Digital TV Deadline

The next Iraq – US plans to steal oil rich Venezuela

Gov. Bush signs 'force with force' bill

Microsoft to add 'black box' to Windows

As America pushes its influence deep into the
former Soviet Union allies of Russia, Putin plans
surprise counter offensives in
Middle East, BRIC and South/Central America

Russia and China announce strategic partnership in a
bid to counter expanding Western military and fiscal influences


Project Monarch

Casualty-hit US marines use dummies to fool rebels

Attorney General, FBI and CIA directors asking for
renewal of parts of Patriot Act

Bush hides the truth about terror, torture

Moussaoui’s Mother Says Son is ‘Scapegoat’

Condoleezza Rice, the world's 'Black Plague'
and her gringo-vultures

They shoot journalists, don't they?

No choice but to deal with Kim Jong Il

Another War With North Korea?

Agent Orange victims furious as court denies them compensation

Why did Rockefeller's granddaughter quit oil-for-food panel?

Bush Denies There Is A
Social Security Trust Fund!

Revealed: the government's secret legal advice on Iraq war

Bush's sinking popularity

Pentagon Moves to Bar CIA 'Ghost' Detainees

Bush Taken to Bunker After Airspace Scare
(why didn't they leave him there?)

Bird that flew back from the dead

EU under pressure as Iran lays down gauntlet in nuclear talks

"Designer babies" lawful in Britain

Giant black holes devour space irretrievably

USA declines reciprocal relations with Kazakhstan's president

US military men found not guilty of
killing Italian special agent in Iraq

Mirrors can help do away with wrinkles

In Greece sometimes it's not safe for health to iron

Don-t tell much on telephone-you can be tapped!


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Today's Texas News Headlines

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Headline News: April 28, 2005

Pandemic vaccine in hands of
global depopulation advocates

Partisan Divide on Social Security Widens

Protecting Yourself from EMP

Putin tells West to stay out of Russia's affairs

War with Iran?

Ex-MP defects from 'tawdry' Labour

American POWs lose claim vs. Iraq Supreme Court
denies $1 billion penalty over Gulf War torture

National ID Cards May Be On The Way

Spielberg Says Aliens Likely Our Friends

Implanting Citizens With Verichips – The Taking of Free Will

Report Finds No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms
(i.e. the U.S. LIED again -- & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again )

Hidden Paul Martin firm linking leftwing activists
to Information Highway

National Security Whistleblowers Coalition

Italy will not sign off on report
Rejects US finding on Iraq killing

Former Nepali Prime Minister Arrested in Crackdown

TV ads influence drug prescriptions

Allies doubt future of North Korea talks

Street Battles Follow Elections in Togo

Presidents of Russia and Egypt adopt joint statement

Arthur Andersen Tries to Clear Name

Thousands of Israelis Pour Into Gaza Strip

Ancient Metalworkers Burned Out of History

Parthian city discovered on Minab plain

Network of tombs found near obelisk site

Major Bronze Age haul unearthed

Papyrus Reveals New Clues to Ancient World

Archaeologists trying to unravel mystery of
camouflaged Median monument

Enfield dig reveals remnants of village

Strange Dust Cloud Found Around Enceladus

Space Elevator Group to Manufacture Nanotubes

Has Spirit Found Bedrock in Columbia Hills?

200,000 Quasars Confirm Einstein's Prediction

Hydrocarbons High in Titan's Atmosphere

New device could generate power the way stars do

Ivory encore for dead pianists

Zolqarnain; Cyrus the Great in Quran

Cleopatra’s demise investigated

A Brief History of Names

Bram Stoker's Dracula
more Irish than Transylvanian?

Why women are smarter investors than men

Pregnant crickets came back from space safely

The government of Estonia to unveil monument to
Nazi soldiers on Victory Day

Mother sells 3-year-old daughter for $3 to buy vodka

Girl loses her memory entirely for no particular reason

Turkey: Justice denied to tortured teenage girls

Rice to Discover that Colombia is a Tough Nut

Tunisia: Trial Of Lawyer Raises Concerns

Bush Is Blowing Smoke on Energy

Bush Attends Second GOP Fundraiser of Year
(Is this what he was elected for and paid to do?)

NASA Funds 'Miracle Polymer'

Dangerous exposure

This program is a mind reader

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Headline News: April 27, 2005


Florida Planning Son of Matrix

Nuclear power? Yes please, says Blair

Marines from Iraq Sound Off about Want of Armor and Men

Prime Minister Chalabi?
How a proven liar, embezzler, and Iranian double agent
could become prime minister of "liberated Iraq"

An army of the unwilling

Scientists dig into truth of Donner Party

Discovery Of Ancient Indian Village Halts School Construction

History lost in dust of war-torn Iraq

Don't Breathe The Moondust

Organic Materials Spotted High Above Titan's Surface

Earth's Gravity Scar

'Hot Spots' On Neutron Stars

The Challenge Of Resources

Spirit Drives To Methuselah

The Chaos Of Aureum's Mesas

B-15A Snaps Off Drygalski Ice Tongue

Geologists Find A New Active Fault In Nepal

Monkeys may make “comments”

Common heart defect may increase risk of stroke during sex

"Mass hysteria" is alive and well, researchers say

Air travellers suffer from lack of oxygen

Infomania worse than marijuana

Parents ignore mobile warnings

How to spot girls' steroid abuse

Severally mentally disabled suffer abuses

Lawsuit over care of mentally ill children goes to trial

Your Money Under More Scrutiny

Brain Power Creates Insulin

Italian hostage outraged at 'clearing' of US soldiers

Taliban Deny Link with Accused Afghan Drug Kingpin

Man Says He Kept Mom In Freezer
To Collect Her Checks
He Was Afraid People Would Think He Killed Her

Cost of the finger hoax

Oregon girl helps unveil out-of-this-world images

Give Blair a bloody nose, says defector

China greets Taiwanese politician with open arms

Rumsfeld the torturer?

Latvia's VEF Bank and Multibanka
found themselves in U.S. "black list"

Another monstrous ecological disaster possible at Chernobyl

Satellites to ascertain Moslem holidays

Ants with sadistic tendencies discovered


Blowing the government to hell
Republican bullies should give up on proposed
'nuclear option' to end filibusters

Skinny prisoner slips out again

Woman honking mad over citation
She was ticketed for beeping horn to support pickets

Brain Scans Helps Scientists "Read" Minds

End Day

The end of analog TV
Will America’s favorite technology really go dark next year?

Panel says men can sue strip clubs over extra fees

Students Face Expulsion Over 'Vagina' Buttons

Meteor shower sparks alarm in East

Official weighs in on reported flash in the sky

Newspapers struggle to avoid their own obit

Europe Prepares Its Own Exploration Blueprint

Power for Moon Base Could Come From Sun

Theory of relativity challenged by scientists


State-of-the-Art Mineralogy for Mars

Was Saint Malachy Reading the Signs in the Sky?

Votes that rebound

A hideous message

Fazl assails US policy of war and exploitation

Venezuela military cooperation with US stopped

Tropical rain forest under siege in Puerto Rico

Kampala Faces Condom Shortage

UN Refugee Chief Brings Back Grim Images
of Victims of Sudan's Conflicts


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Today's Texas News Headlines

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Headline News: April 26, 2005

Taxman grabs £9m tsunami charity cash

White House May Go to U.N. Over North Korean Shipments

Recruitment Down, Chance of Draft Revival Up

The Bush Family's Favorite Terrorist


BBC reporter's award stuns Israel

Watchdogs Seek Out The Web's Bad Side

Has Johnny Gosch Been Found?

Campaign coffers profit from 911, coke and courts
FBI linguist won’t deny intelligence intercepts tied 911
drug money to U.S. election campaigns

Bush-backed drug marketing schemes

NSA intercepts for Bolton masked as 'training missions'

Search For Survivors Continues In Japan

Outlook for Bolton nomination grim

'Chili Finger' Woman Expected Back In Bay Area

Hubba Hubba Hubble: It’s Your Birthday

Feds Indict 14 Reputed Mob Figures
(The Bush Family Missed this one)

Gene Therapy Eyed as Alzheimer's Treatment

Iraqi president against death sentence to Saddam Hussein

Iraqgate: Saddam Hussein, U.S. Policy
and the Prelude to the Persian Gulf War, 1980-1994

Saddam Hussein could be executed
(by More Acts of US ordained Terrorism)

Bush Appoints Saddam Hussein to Rule Iraq

A lack of faith in Social Security

Exploding the Myth That Social Security Breeds Dependency

Not Just a Retirement Program:
Social Security Is a Civil Rights Issue

Social Security IOUs are U.S. commitment

Just give us your votes and nobody gets hurt
Social Security Hostage Crisis: Day 24,570

An English major's advice on Social Security reform


Predators to go off the radar

Original Sin
America’s Federal Reserve

Free the Internet

White House Operatives Are Traitors

FEMA hirings trigger outrage

The OKC-Elohim City Connection

The real secret reason for Russia’s missiles delivery to Syria
- deadly portable shoulder-fired Igla SA-18s

Dietary Supplements and Health Freedom

Paul Introduces Legislation
to Repeal Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley

Rick Santee, Microscopist, Arrested by Medical Gestapo

They Thought They Were Free

More Americans to Receive Implanted Microchips
As Powerful New Religion Grows In United States

Blocking protein in the human organism helps combat arthritis

Tooth as the organ of sight

Frankfurters cause cancer
But horseradish can bring salvation

Solar Sail project triggers creation of intergalactic spaceships

Communist Takeover Began Long Ago

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Today's Texas News Headlines

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Headline News: April 25, 2005

Potent toxin found in brains of dead Alzheimer's victims

Media BlackOut on Eruption in Sumatra
(Krakatoa Complex)
Portends to Blind Us To:
Arrival of Galactic SuperWave..

Pentagon Backtracks on Written Proposal to Repeal Consensual Sodomy Ban;
'Pentagon Leaders Cannot Run and Hide From the Constitution'

Tory fury as BBC sends hecklers to bait Howard

The Silencing of Sibel Edmonds
Court won't let public hear what FBI whistleblower has to say
(More of that thing called JUSTICE

Bolton Finds U.N. Nomination in Jeopardy


A simple prank by a 13-year-old.
Now her genetic records are on the
National DNA Database forever

Peaking Oil Production: Sooner Rather Than Later?

Space war--now we're jammin'!

Stone Age Cutups
Deathly rituals emerge at Neandertal site

Queen’s remains are still elusive

2500-year-old gold unearthed at Bardak Siah

Historians lay siege to secrets of hill forts and sheilings

Dams disrupt half of world's major rivers

Happy moments 'protect the heart'

Low oxygen Likely Made 'Great Dying' Worse

China, Japan should shuck victim mentality

Pacific nations plan for disaster

It's terror when we say so

Emails worse than drugs - study

Fresh claims that Iraq war 'was illegal'

California's Bogus Baby Bottle Scare

Scientists find higher mercury dose in vaccines

Whoppers and the End of an Epidemic

Primitive “mind-reading” devices make progress

Voluntarily locked up?

Newly studied form of racism seems incurable

Cave Pharming Yields Big Crops

Postcards from the womb

Peace process protected by people’s power: Musharraf

Kashmir can be resolved if there is no terrorism: Musharraf

Osama in Pakistan-Afghan tribal belt: Musharraf

I came with a new heart

Hu warns on Japan dispute

Four bomb attacks kill 21 in Iraq

British resident details torture in Guantanamo

700 Bangladeshis ransack Kuwait embassy

Iran to resume uranium enrichment

Israeli army lied over cameramans death-Report

Putin: Iran has right to develop advanced technology

UN report details abuse by U.S. army in Afghanistan

Could USA be United States of Addicts ??


Blair blow as secret war doubts revealed

How Arabic text of WMD dossier was massaged by Downing St

Bush's Most Radical Plan Yet

Terrified US soldiers are still killing civilians with impunity,
while the dead go uncounted

Class Action Accuses Banks of
Illegal Creation of Money

Spying: Giving Out U.S. Names

What I Heard about Iraq


U.S. prosecutors cut deal to bury the House of Death

To Worlds Horror Flu Pandemic Begins and
Spreads Around the Globe by Migrating Birds:
Western Nations Unprepared as Transmission Begins

The Skeleton in Bush's Closet that won't go away


Investigators Probing Abramoff's Finances Have Found That
Some Money Meant for His Charity
Went to Fight the Palestinian Intifada

FEMA's inspectors included criminals

Rejection of the Feminine is Rooted in the Occult

An IRS Cover-Up?

Fascism: Are We There Yet?

GM industry puts human gene into rice

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Today's Texas News Headlines

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Headline News: April 24, 2005

The Psychology of Abu Ghraib:

Elite Thought and Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

ACLU Denounces Internal Army Review of Abuses

Rights Groups Reject Prison Abuse Findings

Fire and rage in the shadow of Abu Ghraib

Howard Accuses Blair of 'Lying to Win Elections'

The hidden election

Goldsmith told Blair 'war could be illegal'

Chávez ends program with U.S.

Venezuelans Get Free 'Don Quixote' Books

Integration Coming from the South

Knowing Your Left From Your Other Left

Chavez: Trade With Cuba Could Reach $1B

Colombia vs. Venezuela:
Big Oil Turns Up Heat in Border Region

More than 120 university students arrested at marches in Chile

Chile and Venezuela express concern
about the situation in Ecuador

Crude, rude and nude ... masticated, ruminated, ideological strychnine!

I usually find myself writing against the anti-Chavez propaganda
being constantly written and indiscriminately published
by some media sources (mostly in the USA).

Venezuela and North Korea Connect
(thanks to BUSH tactics)

Speculation surrounds wheat exports to Iraq

Rumsfeld warns Iraq against corruption

Senate Backs Funds to Build Huge
$592 million Baghdad Embassy

Intervene to Save Darfur

HyperSonic Sound

'Mothers threw their children in the lake
rather than let the Turks have them'

Bolivia: President Mesa proposes a geopolitical axis
between Bolivia, Peru and Chile

What next for Lebanon?

The new police state in America

Bush's War on the Press

The coming Pax Americana

Scandal looming in promised $425 million for
Sir Lanka tsunami victims that never arrived?

U.S. Yields In Anthrax Lawsuit Standoff

Troubles mount in White House,
Bush agenda bogged down

Conservatives: Exactly How Bad Do Things Have to Get?

Americas in Chaos as Revolutions Spread to
Ecuador, Belize, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil

Opus Dei In the United States

The Total and Shameless Chutzpah of Alan Dershowitz

Probe Sought on U.S. Military Officials who may have condoned or
ignored the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay

U.S.: Investigate Rumsfeld, Tenet for Torture

NASA disputes NY Times report

Two Processors On Single Package

U.S. Congress, Led By Oxley,
Flies in Style on Corporate Jets

Lawmakers, aides took $178G in trips

Today's Texas News Headlines


Ocean Off Hawaii Filled With Wreckage

6000-year-old pottery workshop discovered at Toll-e Bondu

Creswell rock art dated

Trap-building ants torture prey

Moore's Law original issue found

Supercomputing power made real

Giant rare bloom gives off stench

Scientists solve mystery of unpopped popcorn

Mount Karthala erupts in Comoros

Early universe didn't blow so much as flow

Don't Breathe the Moon Dust

Solar Wind Flows From Magnetic Funnels on the Sun

Nebula N214C

Aureum Chaos Region on Mars

Parents found to discriminate against unattractive children

S. Korean lab is the epicenter for cloning efforts

King of Mathematics

Lake Okeechobee Ailing After Storms

Human RNA silences viral DNA

More Cocoa Means Higher Antioxidant Capacity

Chip-scale Refrigerators Cool Bulk Objects

Eyes Wide Open: The Sleepwalking Story

Speaker questions U.S. drug policies

Headline News: April 23, 2005

Africa and Asia push for 'new world order'

7 Corpses Found in Ancient Egyptian Tomb

A dark side of the golden harvest?

In Britain, An Absurdity:
Persuading People They Have a Political Choice

Shaking Up Israel's Spy Nest

Inventor Creates Soundless Sound System

The swastika behind the new pope's holy cross

Fall from grace

United States Declares Secret War against Israel
over Attempt to Collapse World Economy

Threat to Public Grows With State Secrecy

Former RNC Insider and Bush Strategist Says
He Has 9/11 'Smoking Gun,'
Proving Government Complicity


Assume NO Animal Products Are Safe

Gov't ID system ordered

The muzzling of Nepalese radio

Time for Paul Volcker To Resign

Arnold Schwarzenegger sued for groping and libel

Children Recruited in the USA:
"Enlistment bonuses" offered to 14 yr olds

Ominous Rumblings of a *North American Union*

PBS Scrutiny Raises Political Antennas

Air Marshal Sues Homeland Security Chief

US Police Severely Beat Woman Having Diabetic Reaction

The end of oil is closer than you think

2 Brits nabbed with $3 trillion in fake US fed notes

Israel sets Holocaust damages at $240 billion

Woman cured of diabetes via transplant

Frustrated car owner assassinates his Chrysler

Evidence Suggests a Possible New Phase of Ice

Scientists Serve Up 'Perfect' Liquid

Finger-in-chili claim results in charges

Berlusconi asked to form government

One step closer to human hibernation

Winking and Blinking at Immorality

Catholic Complicity

Judicial Abuse of Power

The Mystery Of The Disappearing Spacecraft

Extraterrestrial UFOs provide clues to speeds
thousand times faster than that of light and breaking time barrier

Are we experimental robots of super intelligent extraterrestrials
in M15 Globular Star Cluster?
Are extraterrestrial UFOs data gathering mechanisms?

Intelligent life possibly searching for us

Is the Universe stuck in a Groundhog Day?

Stealth through the cover of space and time manipulation
a specialty of extraterrestrial UFOs

Return of Gilgamesh

Today's Texas News Headlines

Headline News: April 22, 2005

Is Condoleezza Rice a Russian expert?
Yes! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Basque sovereignty plan in check

NATO unwilling to welcome Ukraine not to spoil relations with Russia

Ecuador's Congress removes President after popular rebellion

Argentine dirty war killer sentenced to
640 years in jail by Spanish court

20-year-old female rapist attacks 9-year-old boy

Russian scientists develop anticancer medicines
on the base of insect immune system

Giant asteroid to fly Earth by in 2029,
mammoth collision is quite possible

Astronauts to develop AIDS vaccine in space

The glow of fireflies helps Moscow scientists
control microbe contamination

Brazil grants asylum to Ecuador's ousted leader

FBI Whistleblower Case Closed to Public

A troubled triangle: Iran, India and Pakistan

FBI Protects Osama's "Right to Privacy"

German paper outraged at British coverage of 'Nazi' pope

Gut Check

House Approves $8 Billion Energy Bill

Canadian Leader Apologizes for Corruption

Yellowstone find could unlock clues to early Mars life

America's secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths

Women Stripped After Free Trade Arrests
Win Class-Action Suit

Faces Of Oldsmar Sex Offenders To Be Televised

Afghanistan to send troops to Iraq
(US running out of American?)

ACLU Files Emergency Motion in Sibel Edmonds Case

Muslim-Americans sue over detentions at Canadian border

Netherlands reports human mad cow case

EU split on response if French say No to treaty

Military Jury Convicts Sergeant of Murder

Senator aiming to nix federal weather forecasts
enjoyed AccuWeather money

US schools challenge Bush reforms

Today's Texas News Headlines

Decoded at last: the 'classical holy grail'
that may rewrite the history of the world

Welcome to anthrax island

Dusty debris may be asteroid belt

Early Universe Was 'Perfect' Fluid

Genetic testing reveals awkward truth
about Xinjiang’s famous mummies

Mystery of the Olmecs endures

Archeological gold mine unearthed in UP

Silver coins dating back to Abbasid dynasty found

Albanian Temple Unearthed

Infra-Red Brings Ancient Papyri to Light

Parthian era Phraaspa Castle discovered

'Mystery stone' unearthed at Fort Knox

Japan, N Korea experts to research ancient tombs in N. Korea

Glimpse at the Envelope of a Young Star

Genesis Recovery Proceeding Well

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, April 24

Solar Nebula Lasted 2 Million Years

Spontaneous Ignition Discovery Has ORNL Researcher Fired Up

Movie Clip Shows Whirlwinds Carrying Dust on Mars

Hundreds Of Antarctic Glaciers In Retreat, Says Study

Finding Water Critical To Life On Moon

Five Giant Impact Basins Reveal
The Ancient Equator Of Mars

Sister Moons, Dione And Tethys

Faint Stars, Not Bright Ones Make Searching
For Earth-Like Planets Easier

Pentaquark Debate Heats Up

Headline News: April 21, 2005

May I See Your Voice, Please?

Public Trips To Space Not Far Off?

Red Planet's Ancient Equator Located


Ancient necropolis found in Egypt

Kremlin disputes Rice's claim on US nuclear inspections

FBI closes net on top officials in Oil-for-Food controversy

Sharon: Russian missiles being sold to Syria do threaten Israel

Forget Osama and Abu:
We are Threatened by the Black Helicopter Crowd

Blair defiant over Iraq decision

The party's over for Afghan NGOs

Scientist seen as latest 'victim' of Iceman

A Time for Disobedience
Faced with Bush's lockdown on information,
reporters have to stand up

Church leaders oppose license-draft link

NOAA Satillite Picks Up Giant UFO In Earth Orbit

The shadow Iraqi government

Was Bolton behind death of State Department official?

Warning on spread of state surveillance

Muslims sue US homeland security over border detentions

The pyramid's new bricks

In 1836, April 20th, an army of Texans led by Sam Houston
defeated the Mexicans at San Jacinto,
assuring Texas independence.

Plano families reject schools' censorship deal

E. Texas Judge Receives Sexual Death Threat

Trashing East Texas

Polk deputy charged with having sex with prisoners

Neighbors question safety of land in Buda

Illegal bandit signs being cleared

"Except Texas"
The Lee-Peacock Feud

Border tax proposals likely dead this year

A 'Yellow Rose' by another name

Planned dig will help historians better understand the battle

Mexican army's poorer weapons may have cost it Texas

The government is preparing for war.
The enemy is the United States,
which covets Venezuela's oil

Photo ID Movement as White Privilege

Civil Rights Analysis without Civil Rights Numbers

Progressive Politics and
the Mainstream Regular Joe

Headline News: April 20, 2005

Russian Astrologist Plans to Crash NASA’s Independence Day

The Crucible of God, the Final Message

Adrenal Burnout Syndrome

New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign

Vatican history reveals bloody, corrupt battles for church power

China mobs on rampage against the Japanese

King buys golden car fleet with 'purses of the poor'

GM Vaccines Recombine Into Unpredictable Hybrid

Court Declines Case of Reporters in Leak Case

Donaldson: Network News Dead

From Aceh to Haiti, a predatory form of disaster capitalism

Radio Free Texas
Texas Music - Texas Talk
24 hours a day

Israel extends Vanunu travel ban

9th Circuit OKs Suit Against Vatican Over Holocaust

Videos expose false arrests at 2004 Republican Convention

U.S. forces abuse and torture female detainees in Iraq

History of April 19th:
Oklahoma City, Waco, Warsaw, Concord

Moussaoui planning to admit 9/11 role

Israel walking open-eyed into death trap

US Officials Engaged in Mad Cow Coverup

Soldiers' 'Wish Lists' Of Detainee Tactics Cited

Iraqi Lawmaker Says U.S. Soldier Grabbed His Throat
(more of that good ole US Liberation)

Kremlin Power, Russia Media 'Very Worrying'

Animal Rights Groups and Ecology Militants Make DHS Terrorist List

Oklahoma City Bombing
PROOF there were additional explosive charges.

Iraqi "Peace" in Tatters

Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse

Japan's Germ Warfare Effort Unmasked

Documents show Administration claims were exaggerated
(It's called Reichstag)

Dr. Kelly's Death - A Vile Coverup In The UK

US high school shooting was planned

Sharon Now Wants to Delay Gaza Pullout

Secret FBI Report Highlights Domestic Terror

This has been the greatest political scandal of our time,
writes John Pilger

Texas: Planning for the future

Texas Bill Would Ban Gay Foster Parents

Texas taking its time with No Child

Texas needs to safeguard press freedoms

WMD Plot Uncovered In East Texas

South Texas College of Law tops national poll

How to be a road hog in Texas

Bill to create crime lab board clears the Senate

Steroid tests sought in Texas high schools

Sleeping with the Enemy?
UTA defends giving a student accused of rape a job - on campus.

Broken Shield
Without protection from being forced to reveal sources,
journalists can’t give voice to the voiceless.

Dial down corruption fears

Critics cast bill requiring voters' IDs in bad light

Light May Rapidly and Painlessly Kill Bacteria
That Cause Gum Disease

Texas Newest Souvenir and Information Shop

Headline News: April 15, 2005

Pacific 'ring of fire' awakened by Indonesian quakes

German cardinal gains support

Rumsfeld’s mission to Baghdad:
keeping Saddam’s secret police in power

Two Top Morgan Stanley Bankers Resign

Lost in Translation
Will a former FBI translator finally get to tell us what she knows about 9-11?

Veteran who claims anthrax disability
told to report for war duty

Video shows hostage begging for life
and for US to quit Iraq

Company Thought Flu Virus Was 'Innocuous'

NWO Plans To Depopulate The Earth

Sharon Rules Out Israel Attacking Iran Over Nukes
(He's got his puppet George to do it for him)

Sharon Tries To Pawn Off Fake Iran Nuclear Installation Photos
(Just More WMD Charades at a cost of American/Middle East lives)

Parents Against Military Slavery
The Time to Oppose the Draft is Now

Bernie Kerik: From Hero to Tabloid Target

Richard William Hamlin in Jail?
Incest atrocities with connections to Mk-Ultra

An Iraqi Potemkin Village
Bush's phony 'global democratic revolution' is failing in Iraq

Courting Armageddon:
How the Bush administration's biological weapons buildup affects you

Jack Straw can’t have it both ways on Iraq

Congo's atrocious secret

Air Force jet was used for drug run

FDA executives are at the beck and call of
Planet Earth's pharmaceutical industry.

Mom accused of selling sex with daughter,
trading another for car

Vanunu back on trial in Israel for speaking
(Perhaps It's Time for the U.S. to deliver
Democracy to Israel, like it did to Iraq?)


Billions More for Military

Cashing in on the Bush Doctrine
Americans are paying for Bush's 'global democratic revolution'
through the nose
– but a chosen few are reaping huge profits

Bankrupt no more:
Congress passes bankruptcy bill
(or bankers screw Americans again)

Does Texas Need another Gold Star for Bigotry?

Forty Faxes and a Whisper: Texas Election Scandal

Texas Businessman Indicted in Iraq Oil-for-Food Program

Texas officials await findings in death of Maine-born airman

Longview Christian school principal
testifies about his sexual abuse of girls

Texas judges should be paid more, chief justice says
(Perhaps they should choose another career like the rest of us!)

Bill would close door on official meetings
(Secret Government Plans Attack
on Texas Constitutional Rights)

Is Texas Gas Burning Austinites' Money?


Texas Bills Gone Wild!

Judge declines to drop Robertson County lawmen from rights suit

And They Claim We Have Border Security!

A New Way to be Taxed

Seventy Seven Historical Sites and Remains
Discovered Near Pasargadae

The First Iranians Who Lived on The Iranian Plateau


Indelible Persia

The Festival of The Last Wednesday

Sedna Untouched for Millions of Years

Plenty of Earths await discovery

Bacterial assassins

Three years after coup, Chavez stronger than ever

Frenchman held at Guantanamo says he is victim of injustice

Transcripts of tribunals detail stories of Guantanamo detainees

Woman thinks fingertip in chili is hers

Ex-Guantanamo prisoner didn't know of 9/11



Execution by injection far from painless

Why nature likes sex

Suit details abuse allegations at Guantanamo

Wolfensohn Named 'Special Envoy' for Gaza Withdrawal

Radio Host Fired For Wondering If Pope Went To Heaven

China Soups Up Internet Censoring Filters

Guardsmen, Reservists Foot Own War Expenses

Government Workers to Get Biometric IDs

Nanobacteria in Clouds May Spread Diseases Around the World

Nuclear power is the problem, not a solution

NYC prosecutors caught altering video in RNC protest case

Vitamin C may be a life-saver

"To the man who only has a hammer in the toolkit,
every problem looks like a nail."
- Abraham Maslow -

Capitol Hill Gestapo

High Schooler Says He Was Suspended For Wearing Makeup

Texas Senate approves life-without-parole option

Texas lawmaker seeks raising age of marriage consent

Texas Tech employee alleges retaliation

Former Principal Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Abortion bills debated in Texas House

Texas 9-1-1 operator is in trouble after
making a joke during one of his emergency calls

Headline News: April 14, 2005

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran

High School To Pay Student Informants
For Tips On Campus Crime

Neo-cons manipulation in amassing dubious Iraq intel

Judge warned for comparing Bush, Mussolini

Israel hands Bush documents of Iran nuclear sites
(more Mysterious WMD Reports?)

Al Qaeda Preparing for Another Attack in U.S.,
WMD Use Probable

Says Portable Gas

Recreated gene sheds light on lethality of 1918 flu virus

Be the First One On Your Block
To Bring Your Son Home In A Box

Cosmic 'traffic pile-ups' probed

Former State Dept official depicts Bolton as bully

Castro accuses U.S. of harboring terrorists,
slams EU for keeping mum

U.S. consulate in Pakistani city closed for second day


Scott Ritter: "Mark Your Calendars!"
June, a Great Month for WAR!

'Former Spy Chief Murdered at Chicken Farm in France'

Tehran to take legal action against U.S. for funding Iran opposition

The Bush Family's Murky Dealings in Venezuela

Ridge Says RFID Boosts Security

Spy agency disruption reaches Fort Meade
America's "ear" on terrorism war wracked
by poor morale, management failures

The Pope Has Blood On His Hands

Many Iraqis killed in US air attack

Being a Loser in America

USA plans to expand military presence in Azerbaijan to strike Iran

Egyptian historians do not want Tutankhamun's mystery to be finally unveiled

US and Afghanistan: strategic relationship

Stoolie: Canada pol in mob

Canada's Liberals on brink of fall over scandal

Scientists Scramble to Destroy Flu Strain

U.S. Criticizes Cuba on Human Rights
(Must be about Guantanemo Bay?)

Japan on brink of China crisis

The Overlooked Catastrophe
Coming From the South:

Underwater Volcanoes Erupting Simultaneously All Over the World


Now Showing At Fort Worth's Omni Theater

The City of Lubbock, Texas endured an hour long,
relentless barrage of dozens of military aircraft engaged
in chemical spraying

Chemtrails - spraying in our sky

Clouds May Harbor Nanobacteria

Aerial Spraying Over US

The Real Threat From John Bolton

Don't be fooled by the spin on Iraq
The US is failing - and hatred of the occupation greater than ever

Merck's infant vaccine stirs new controversy

Ex-CEO plans to take Fifth Greenberg says he was removed from AIG decisions

North Koreans asked to get combat-ready against US invasion

Troubling events in China

Engine Parts From the Pentagon Crash Don't Match a 757

Afghanistan (US Puppet Government)
to Request Long-Term U.S. Protection

U.N. Approves Global Nuclear Treaty

George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse

Earth To Humankind: Back Off
Say good-bye to your car, computer, everything.
We are burning up the planet too fast to hang on

KLM in showdown with US over privacy breach claims

Italian Journalist: U.S. Lied
(of course - BUSH is in Office)

Reporters Without Borders said today it was very worried
that the US forces have detained a
CBS cameraman of Iraqi nationality.

Look For Media Labels

The City of Lubbock, Texas endured an hour long,
relentless barrage of dozens of military aircraft engaged
in chemical spraying

Bush’s new ‘axis of evil’—Castro and Chavez

Depressed? New York City Screens for People at Risk

House of Saud re-embraces totalitarianism

Not guilty of conspiracy to poison London with ricin

Task ahead: how to be a spy czar

Coward Sharon:
Coalition should 'put pressure upon Iran'

DeLay mum on ethics

Consumers Not Told Of Security Breaches, Data Brokers Admit

A Texas legislator wants to crack down on multiple marriages
among a religious sect building a retreat in West Texas.

An ethics lapse for Texas House leader

Texas, top U.S. cattle-producing state,
to randomly test for tuberculosis

OSHA faulted BP for unrepaired Texas City chemical leak

Radioactive hotboxes removed from Texas high schools

Oil play: Surface versus mineral
Mineral owners call the shots

Students Find Inclusions in Shuttle Debris

Robot plane to 'airlift' cellphone signals

Government should stay out of this one
(We agree - Not a Government Duty)

Headline News: April 12-13, 2005

Dear George and Dick


World Bows in Blasphemy

Negroponte and the CIA's eclipse

Central America Pact Raises Fears

The Origin of Freemasonry:
The Crusaders & Templars

Mexico Verges on Revolution as
Brazilian Military Forces Prepare to Repel US

India, China to sign agreements on ending border dispute

Bush nixes West Bank expansion
'Looks like civil war'

CIA admits employing Nazis

Iraqis say it's time for troops to leave

Why not turn vigilantes into real border agents?

When food makes medicine kill

As the REPUBLIC OF TEXAS has been saying since 1995
Oil Fields Are Refilling...
Naturally - Sometimes Rapidly
There Are More Oil Seeps Than All The Tankers On Earth

Saddam may escape noose in deal to halt insurgency

Scientist calls for world DNA database

Bush Rebuffed in Venezuela (Again)
(Chavez Becoming Hero of South America)

Massive "End the Occupation" Protest in Baghdad
Dwarfs the "Saddam Toppled" rally

And the Verdict on Justice Kennedy Is: Guilty

How Is the United States Being Destroyed?

Austerity or face a fiscal tsunami

Are Iraq's Insurgents Losing?

Secret Archives of the Vatican

Three Books Revealing the Hidden Vatican Archives!

Texas Rep. Ron Paul Takes on the Bush Administration

New Iraqi Government Proposes Amnesty for Insurgents

Look out for giant triangles in space

Australia's most unwelcome guest

Ancient Tablet Stirs Authenticity Dispute

New Pallava temple complex discovered in Mahabalipuram

New method for dating ancient earthquakes
through cave evidence

Darius Ancient Inscription Found in Boushehr Deciphered

Opportunity Visits Twin Craters Viking And Voyager

Technology and Religion

Surfing The Wavelengths To Find Habitable Planets

Oil Industry Could Save Billions By Forecasting Seabed Changes

Scientists Track Collision Of Powerful Stellar Winds

Explosions In Space May Have Initiated
Ancient Extinction On Earth

DARPA's 'Wasp' May Carry Powerful Sting

Warning to desperate housewives:
husband can spy over his phone

Is There a "Fountain of Youth" in the Galactic Core?

NASA May Silence Voyagers on April 15

Africa starts to appear in the news for the right reasons

India, China and Russia to create new alliance
to challenge USA's supremacy

Neurosurgeons to operate brain cancer

without using scalpels

Experts Examine Thread of Life In The Universe

New Method Could Detect Alien Space Stations

Universal Constant Might Not Be Constant

Details of Xanadu Region on Titan

The Wolf: New Planet or Brown Dwarf Star?

Popes Have a History of Studying the Stars


New Crowned Face on Mars

Lazars Gravity Generating UFO the S4


Headline News: April 10, 2005

The Earth's Layers

Mysteries of the Inner Earth

Bush picks brains of Clinton, father
(Guess he was short of one of his own)


U.S. Seeks Access to Bank Records

Same Committee, Same Combatants, Different Tune

9/11 paranoia gets scientist

Gosch-as-Gannon expose shakes Iowa media

Canada: Air India crash frame-up fails

World’s Scientists Confirm Human Origin of
Deadly Flu Virus as United States
Prepares for Institution of Martial Law

Is America Preparing for Martial Law?

Release of Classified DOJ-IG Report on FBI Cover-Up

Nichols Implicates FBI Informant In OKC Bombing

British government drops ID cards bill
(yeah right)

Video Shows UFO? Object in Sky Behind St. Peter's

United Vegetative States of America

How the Mossad Decieved the US Military on 911

'Gannon' Appears at National Press Club

New Questions About Real Identity of 9-11 Hijackers


Last dive for Nazi gold

An Alien/Black Ops Officer Speaks Out

Tiberias dig unearths very rare marble floor

Earth’s oldest known object on display

Allies plough billions into drones

Nuclear Power: Is It Time to Think the Unthinkable?

The science debate behind climate change

Brass jugs polish off disease

American taxpayers' money to be expended on Belarusian opposition

UK 'sexed it up', admits intelligence chief

US mulls law labeling China a currency manipulator

Bush Caught in a Lie
(What Else? This is news?)

Seoul considers installing armed robots along DMZ

Fear and Violence Accompany a Deadly Virus Across Angola

Black Thursday 2005: A Coup d'Etat Begins Today in Mexico

USA determined to restrain Russia's growing power at all costs

Protect your children and your mind with FOX BLOCKER
Device lets you out-Fox your TV

George F. Kennan’s “Containment” Policy Was Ignored

Terrorism grips Egypt prior to the start of the tourist season

Russians lose millions in currency exchange transactions

Chocolate proves to be pleasant and effective medication

Russian scientists develop liquid magnet to fight cancer

Plagiarism of scientific ideas viewed as concept recognition

Liposuction fights fat not excessive weight

Criminal group involves 1,500 under-age Ukrainian girls
in porn business with parents' knowledge

Georgian president loses popularity over his pro-Western stance

Argentina concerned on inflation outburst

Old Star Reignites its Flame

Thunderbolt that Changed the Face of Mars

NASA, Astronauts and UFOs
should be read in conjunction With The Moon Files

Texas Seeks Economic Ties with Cuba

Headline News: April 8-9, 2005

Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth's Crust,
Breakthrough to Mantle Looms


Concern Rises for
United States Eastern Coastal Region Cataclysm,
As Evidence for North American Plate Instability Mounts

Super Volcano Movie on
Discovery Channel - April 10

Yellowstone Geothermal Activity, Atlantis and the Bible
World's CEO and more!

Canada's CEOs sell out the nation

The mysterious vanishing water

Small earthquake felt in southeastern Massachusetts

Texas oilman seeks gusher from God in Israel

Cognitive Therapy Successful Against Depression

Roundup® highly lethal to amphibians

Oil for dollars, and dollars for US deficit

Hunger-Based Lines Lengthen at the
Faith-Based Soup Kitchens

Censorship of IMAX Films Threatens Integrity of Science

While science and scholarship have demonstrated that the
Shroud of Turin is not the burial cloth of Jesus
but instead a fourteenth-century forgery,
shroud devotees continue to claim otherwise

How a Tyco Lawyer Channeled
Windfall Into an Unlikely Cause

Fake Microsoft security updates circulate

Seas to Rise 4 Inches or More this Century

What You Must Do to Defend Your Access

The real oil-for-food scandal

Underground Bases Listed by State

Big brother will watch you in the office

Horses get RFID chipped

The Walls of the Prison Grow Ever Higher
as the United States Prepares for
Total Lockdown of its Citizens

The Myth Of Attention Deficit Disorder

Satire: the unauthorized history of Coca-Cola

Governments aren't telling people the truth about bird flu

Scott Ritter: Neocons as Parasites

Reject the Law of Silence


U.S. mad cow coverup alleged
American records not credible,
former packing plant vet says

America's new circus diplomacy and Latin America

Suffer the children

IMF warns on risk of ‘permanent oil shock’

The origin of the 9/11 mysterious 'melt down'?

High alert amid warnings of Temple Mount attack

Mass drugging of schoolchildren
remains dark secret of public education

Writers guild to go after Reuters

Olcar Intervention in the Anunnaki Wars

Early hominid 'cared for elderly'

Arab boy wins Israeli school quiz on Zionism


UN torture expert calls on US to open
secret detention centres

Celestial Fireworks In The Ancient Sky

We're all paranoid
Sure, the people with the 9/11 conspiracy theories are a little odd.
But not everything they're saying is entirely crazy.

Sony Invention Beams Sights, Sounds Into Brain

New Domain Poisoning Attacks Microsoft Servers

Labs selling DNA assessments

Laws to regulate vitamin sales are invalid

Bush team 'causing chaos in Arab world'

Maurice „Hank“ Greenberg, AIG and the
Burning Down of the Madhouse
By: Dr. Stefan G. E. Grossmann

The Invisible Hand
(of the U.S. Government)
in Financial Markets

Russian Report on 1980 'October Surprise' Case

Washington’s Darkest Secret

'Trust fund' is locked in filing cabinet

Sieg Heil!
The ugly face of fascism appeared before the
Senate Judiciary Committee

Berlusconi "massacred" in regional elections

US to block IMF gold sale

The Mysterious Death of Pope John Paul I


The Secret Cold War Partnership between
Pope John Paul II and White House Revealed

The Great Energy War:
US & Allies Neutralized, World War III Ends

Nakai plateau: Dammed to Oblivion

Panic in Pakistan, World Next?

Spyware infiltrates blogs
One Reason Why
will not go to blogs

They're Talking Up Arms

Fox’s 24: propaganda
thinly disguised as television programming

When religion becomes a weapon of mass destruction

Lurching toward theocracy

Latest neocon target: The Vatican

Rabbis: Sharon declared war on God;
Arabs prepare new war on Jews

Canada's Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open


Networks Working Religion Into Television

New Medicare law to clawback billions from the states

Patriot Act Changes to Be Proposed


Lawmakers complain U.S. military,
Halliburton subsidiary not cooperating

Mexico on the brink

Arctic Wildlife Continue Southern Exodus

Mexican border state turns to British police for training

Judge refuses request for FBI records
on 1996 Flight 800 crash

Net Aids Theft of Sensitive ID Data

Cut Off From Our Souls
Corporate Devolution And The End Of Humanity

Gang will target Minuteman vigil on Mexico border

Extra-terrestrial UFO technologies provide clue
to bending time and space
teleport and time travel possible

The Last Emperor of Babylon and
the Coming Cosmic Civilisation

U.S. threatens Bolivia
in effort to secure criminal court immunity

US in race to unlock new energy source

Chief Rabbi of Russia Meets
With Prosecutor on Anti-Semitism

RFID Jammer and Disabler

US and UK Begin Largest
Terror Exercise in History Today
as World Begins Trade War
against Axis Power United States

Headline News: April 3, 2005

Mysteries of the Pyramid

Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Giza Plateau Complex

Atlantis as Relates to the World Situation Today

Building a Dialectic:
When the borders close, it's over

Mysteries of the Yellow Emperor

Donald the Reptile Rumsfeld

Lovecraft and the Mad Arab Tale

The Difference Between Fallen Angels,
Demons, Aliens, Jedi, and the Watchers

Embracing the Reptiles

Beyond this point, there be dragons!


Lutec 1000: first free energy machine
to be developed to commercial stage

Wolfowitz's World Bank to Tighten Security Measures

Mt. St. Helens on March 31

At Least 20 U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq Jail Attack

Super Powers, Super Wars and Extermination

Anunnaki War Plans

Aliens Behind the Super Powers and Super Alliances

U.S. says Israel must give up nukes
About TIME!
The Entire Middle East Should Demand the US give up its Nukes

Lebanon Baloney, Sliced Thin

Why American neocons are out for Kofi Annan's blood
The US is determined to derail the secretary general's
progressive reforms

Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression

U.S. Soldiers Accused Of Raping Iraqi Women Escape Prosecution

Another Unqualified Judicial Nominee

America Is Now The Ultimate Prison State

"Super volcano" could dwarf Indonesia's earthquake

Mysterious Deaths Close Schools in Badulla Sri Lanka

Who is this mysterious cardinal?

The Simpsons cartoon series goes on trial in Russia

Petrol prices on rise again

Modern technologies unable to predict weather changes

Iodine extremely important for human reproductive function

beetle creates dangerous car traffic situation in Los Angeles

Brown bear found floating on ice in St.Petersburg's Neva River

Bnei Menashe are descendants of ancient Israelites

Lost History Unveiled by Oil Pipeline Project

Portrait of Pandora in the Rings

Bioterror Victims: Wait to Exhale

The latest intelligence-failure report to land on
President Bush's desk raises serious questions about his policy
of preemptive action against potential foes.

A Failure of Policy, Not Spying

Canada to put trade surtax on U.S. goods

No cushy duty for Texas reservists
Marines end up fighting their way across Iraq due to shortage of troops

Texas jobless rises

Texas Considers Putting RFID Tags in All Cars

Two former bishops named in sexual abuse suit

Polygamous group worries Texas town

Headline News: April 1, 2005

The Serpent's/Dragon's Pool

Biblical Half Humans/Half Beasts

Prophecies of the Figure of a Serpent

Apocryphon According to John

Serpents in the Books of Enoch

Serpents in the Testament of Truth

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the " WATCHERS "

The Testament of Solomon

The 72 Solomonic Demons

Reptilians in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth


Lord Byron

The SECRET History - Justinia

Underground Bases

Draco Star Map

10 Reasons Why Paul Wolfowitz
Would Make a Good World Bank President

What NOT to do -
When Federal Agents Come Knocking

Armed Volunteers Plan to Patrol the Mexican Border;
Some Fear Bloodshed

Reporters Visit "Secret" Iran Nuclear Plant

NutraSweet to Boost Aspartame Capacity Amid Rising Demand

Living Pterodactyls Haunt Our Skies

EU Will Seek to Impose Sanctions on U.S.

Ousted president blames US for coup

Spain agrees Venezuela arms deal

Syria Moves to Keep Control of Lebanon

US dollar collapsing

Children 'Starving' in New Iraq

Harp Seal Pup Hunt Near Prince Edward Island in Canada

How the Death of One Pup Sums Up Everything That's Wrong

Kill With a Thought

Terri Schiavo Dies, Michael Schiavo Prevents
"Begging Parents" From Seeing Her Last Moments

Chip reads mind of paralysed man

Tenn. Mom Sells Name For $15,000

Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up'

Kenya issues Marburg alert

'We told them we could not find evidence'

Since the Taba bombings in October,
the security clampdown on Sinai's Bedouins
has stirred up decades of discontent

Nubia Before the flood

Hidden agendas

Rushdi Said shares his vision of an Egypt
in which the desert is the new frontier
and the Nile Valley is reclaimed as
the nation's burgeoning garden

Instruments of doom
Israel's nuclear history and capabilities and
the indispensable US role in developing
and sustaining the Israeli nuclear arsenal

India will help Mauritius to set up institutions of excellence

US dismisses Iran nuke offer
Prefers War!

Kabul cuts US vigilante sentences

Hospital boots senior with needle in arm

Scientists create the first blue rose

Russian girls eager to work abroad,
despite the danger of sex trafficking

World's leading countries struggle to be the first to use nuclear power in space

Governed By A One Party Government?

America, The Solitary Republic

UFO sighting baffled X-Files team

Freedom of Mind

Smart Materials Respond to Changing Environments

Campaigners vow legal action if Roche approves Tara plans

Myanmarese god of protection finds shelter

US intelligence 'dead wrong' on Iraq weapons

Photos comparing US President George W. Bush to a
chimpanzee had been used in a police training manual.

Praying in Hebron, a nightmare for Palestinians

Quake measuring 6.3 reported off Sumatra island

'E' for eunuchs in Indian passport

Muslim woman constructs temple

Michelangelo faked dazzling archaeological find

Mystery objects stump astronomers

Variation in X chromosomes may explain differences
among people, between sexes

In the USA, 'the longer you stay, the bigger you get'

Cult Conversion, Deprogramming, and the Triune Brain

Comments: Cult Conversion, Deprogramming, and the Triune Brain

Out of the Dragon's Lair

'Supernatural' Encounter

Andromedan Perspective Extensive

Heidi Hollis - Sightings Interview

Draconians and Paa Tal

Rest of Galactic Hierarchy

Life in Cosmos: Bullets

Our Ancient Heritage


Let's do questions

Jahovah, Terran Control Groups

Leading Edge Interview

ETs and Global Connection

Aliens Speak to Us - Through Us!

Drakul, Pendragon - St. Germaine