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Headline News: August 29-30, 2005


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August 2005

"We Got the Middle Finger"

"Useless Eaters"

The Church of the Vagina
and Texas Comptroller Strayhorn

Radioactive Poisoning of Middle East

Re-engineering Iraqi agriculture

The ultimate war crime: breaking the agricultural cycle

Why U.S. Military Lawyers Opposed Torture

Stupidity of War and the Idiots Who Glorify It

American violence in Iraq: Necrophilia or savagery?
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Genocide Against Iraq

Began 15 Years Ago

Corporate greed drives war and occupation

'This constitution was written by exiles.
We will not accept it'

For Basra's Christians, Hussein era the good old days

Downing Street Memos Verify Death of Journalism Ethics

State Violence, Free Speech and the Rise of Xenophobia

Democracy-lite for Iraq: women's rights not 'critical'

The Fire Sermon

(Don’t) mention the word J**

Bill O’Reilly (Bush's Conservative Drone and Mouthpiece)
Wants to Suppress Abu Ghraib Evidence

The Lords of War


Impeach the criminal-in-chief

Off the Front Lines and Forgotten

Achieving 'Total Victory' in an Unwinnable War

Big Soda's Publicity Stunt

Our Reckless Chemical Dependence

'A New Label on a Bottle of Poison'

The War Party Unhinged

Rebels fight U.S. to Iraq standoff

US sniper kills Reuters soundman in Iraq

Aluminum Tubes Déjá Vu

Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively
expose deception in government.
– Hugo Black, Supreme Court Justice

Talabani won't sign Saddam death sentence
(Of Course it Doesn't Matter - Occupation President Bush Will Sign it)

Fiddling While Baghdad Burns

Christian Pat Robertson's 'Fatwa'

Iraq at a Glantz: U.S. Doesn't Get It

When the News About the News is the News

US pushes military build-up in Afghanistan
as armed resistance escalates

United States Begins Massive Internal Security Crackdown
as Internal Coup Forces Crushed,
Fierce Battle in Texas Region Leaves Over 500 Dead

'Unprecedented' Super Storm Threatens American Economy
as American President Declares Martial Law,
Pressure on New Madrid Fault Zone Reaches 'Unseen' Levels

Hurricane could leave 1 million homeless
Experts warn of ‘incredible environmental disaster’
of biblical proportions

Oil leaps above $70 on Katrina

Several scenarios could spell doom for U.S. economy

Iraq's constitution: Recipe for disaster

Jet fuel truck stolen from airport

Governors vow to fight Air National Guard cuts

France poised to block foreigners
from controlling companies in key sectors

The Fate of the State of Israel

Coffee 'gives more antioxidants than fruit and veg'

Human cannonball sails over U.S.-Mexico border

Nursing Mother Handcuffed,
Hauled Away During Traffic Stop

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

Diana's death:
mystery lingers 8 years later

Scientists take the effort out of moving objects

Marum volcano Vanuatu :
strange happenings say locals

Genetic Cause For Farsightedness Discovered

Hormone Therapy Prevents Wrinkles

Mr. Robertson´s call that U.S. government covert operatives
murder President Hugo Chávez is a call to terrorism."

Hurricane bears down on New Orleans

Zotob worm writer caught by FBI

Texas Gunman Kills 4 in Church, Then Self

Pigment Makes Redheads More Prone to Skin Cancer

Archaeologists fight to save lost city of gold from home builders

Temples' inscriptions a rich source of history

Uzbekistan demands withdrawal of US army bases

Villagers lynch rapist of two underage girls and
burn down his house

Food additives used by Russian women for losing weight
are deliberately spiked with drugs

The Gobustan rock carvings cover a wide range of issues,
all of them are unique and represent great artistic value

Scientists discover life-extending protein in mice to slow ageing in men

Ageing and dying is just a freak

Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: August 27-28, 2005

Britain: anti-terror measures threaten basic rights

What the Pat Robertson affair reveals

Listen up, you Christo-Fascist bullies

Christian-Terrorists and Secular-Fanatics:
Licensed to Kill

Oil Fat Cats vs. Hugo Chavez

Our Arrogance Will be the End of Us

Oil's Peak: The End May Be Nearer, It Seems

Mr. Bush Fires a Missile

How easily we have come to take the bombs
and the deaths in Iraq for granted

'What They Died For' in Iraq is a Mystery

Two American Mullahs of the Far (F)right
We Owe Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter a Big Thank You

Investigating Pat Robertson

Who Would Jesus Assassinate?
Hugo Chavez and the Men Who Claim to Speak for Jesus?

Privatization of Our Public Universities

Cry 'Havoc' and Let Slip the
Gods of War


Bush's Exit Strategy: Escape to Crawford

Governments have never learned anything from history,
or acted on principles deducted from it.
– Friedrich Hebbel, German poet and dramatist

Iraq: The Democrats Are Just As Bad

The Achilles Heel of Torture

A United Iraq Is a Western Joke

Nature and the War Machine

Beautiful mosaic unearthed in Sinai

New understanding of human sacrifice in early Peru

Why the US Is Supporting Civil War
(It's 2nd nature to her since 1861!)

Secrets of Ancient Iceland
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

Grave reveals medieval Caesareans

Colosseum brickworks discovered

Archaeologists discover Sweden's oldest stone church

Buying Integrity?
Edwin Meese & Judge Roberts

Dig finds remains of 2,000-year-old farm

Excavations reveal secrets of ancient Roman roads

Archaeologist begins search for wreck of slave ship that mutinied

The Camps of ICE, Americas Road to Fascist Rule
Nears Completion as US Government Accelerates
Building of Concentration Camps


Marketing Can't Improve Lousy Iraq 'Product'

Katrina May Be Strongest Gulf Storm Since Camille

US heading for house price crash

Venezuela curbs Terrorist Threats
of missionaries after Robertson

Iran: America's disastrous 'military option'

Iraq on brink of meltdown

Discipline urged for CIA officials over Sept. 11

Minority Residents Say Police Harassment on Rise

Americans schizophrenic when it comes to France

Europe counts cost of flood chaos

Black Madonna gets new covering in Poland

Germany says 'valley of misery' is behind it

The End of East Germany

It's not Israel that's driving Tehran to nukes

Israel arrests two for pig's-head attack on mosque

Abbas: Israel wrecking peace process

UN Blames Israel for Arab Economic Woes

Venezuela’s Chavez on a collision course with the U.S

China, Venezuela firms to co-develop oilfields

Chile takes over secretive German colony

Cuba Outraged at Deadly US Immigration Policy

Cuba Fulfills World Food Summit Goals

Venezuela, Cuba offer free health care to
Latin American, Caribbean citizens
(What has Bushy offered his citizens?)

Cuba blames U.S. for shipwreck that killed 31

Seoul Deems Tokyo Still Liable for Colonial Crimes

Koizumi says Japan has no legal responsibility for sex slaves

Earthquake jolts Pakistan capital

A quest to decode a hurricane's secret force

December tsunami so strong it circled the globe at least twice

Eastern U.S. Quake Rattles Nerves, Dishes

90 Cats Found At Home;
Some Likely Infected With Bubonic Plague

U.S. scientific panel warns of growing threat due to melting ice in Arctic

Antarctic ozone hole grows from last year

Earthquake shakes Southern Flinders Ranges

New Study Finds Babies Cry in the Womb
"Even the Bottom Lip Quivers"

DNR probes mysterious fish kill

Fish Kills Discovered In Grey's Creek

Strange times on the bass front

The Strange Case of the Silenced Scientist

Nun's wild dancing earns her a reprimand

The world's biggest and least moaner nations revealed

'Sex(ed) up' report has Chandigarh colleges fuming

One More Chupacabra? Another Strange Texas Beast

Inside the strange world of the private dancers

Pope Benedict Urges Muslims to Give Up Their Oil
to Christian Corporations Like Exxon Mobil

U.S. Admits "Salvage Operation" Underway in Antarctica

Headline News: August 25-26, 2005

Recanting the War
The neocons can't keep their troops in line

Malicious and Loud

Will Iraq's Constitution Be Irrelevant?

War is a way of shattering to pieces...
materials which might otherwise be used
to make the masses...
too intelligent.
– George Orwell

Realism in Washington?
Don't Hold Your Breath

Dying for Israel

Trapped in His Own Roach Motel

36 executed bodies found in Iraq

Will News Media Help Bush Exploit the
9/11 Anniversary Again?

Value and Values at Wal-Mart --
Behind That Implacable Smiley Face

Give Me That Oldtime Oppression

A Time for Leading, Not 'Framing'

Stagger On, Weary Titan

President of Leisure

My Private Idaho

Is Pat Robertson Out of His Mind or in the Loop?

Who Will Say 'No More'?

Our Mission in Iraq has Mutated

Bombings and Repression in Egypt Underscore Failures
in U.S. Anti-Terrorism Strategy

Our Reckless Chemical Dependence

WARNING: You Are Under Martial Law

Australian government continues to back
discredited US military tribunals

America Library Association
calls for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq

United States Warns Foreign Governments
of ‘Impending’ Internal Crises
While Massive American Troop Movements Continue

Chavez offers cheap gas to poor in U.S.

Hackers launch attacks on U.S. sites from China

GM, Ford Motor Debt Ratings Cut to Junk

Gulf storm fears push oil to record

Officials hint at U.S.-Can trade war

Lockyer pulls anti-Bush painting from exhibit

A simple solution to U.S. bullying

Record flooding in southern Germany

Inequality widens under Blair

Israel to seize Arab land next to Jerusalem

Surge in oil prices irks Saudi Arabia

No Right Turn: Iran - No Military Solution

Iran: Tough nut for US to crack

Venezuelan troops decorated by Cuba for humanitarian work

Chávez seeks influence with oil diplomacy

Pastors for Peace members threatened with heavy fines
for traveling to Cuba

Cuba is training more than 12,000 doctors for the Third World

Outrage in Venezuela

Venezuela ignores U.S. military deployment

Venezuela vows to help Castro repel US 'lord of war'

Powerful typhoon closes in on Japan

Musharraf planning path-breaking address to US Jews?:

Russia to cooperate with the West in the former USSR?

Human rights activists ready to dance on Mikhail Khodorkovsky's bones

Someone in the government of Thailand
had a penis enlargement operation

USA and USSR shut down moon exploration programs
because of aliens' power

The lost tomb of "the father of Egypt".
Discovery that has never been made

Siberian scientist proves Fermat's last theorem

Scientists to place radio transmitter on giant asteroid
which endangers life on Earth

Hollywood brightens up Cleopatra's looks
to conceal her true ugliness

Milla Jovovich opens foundation for disabled children in Ukraine

18 things men hate about sex most
18 most common mistakes women make in sex

Portugal burns

Living standard in Belarus declining after USSR's collapse

Being aware of their own character flaws,
Russians do not hesitate to criticize foreigners

Nobody in Iraq wants us there

Howard Kaloogian and the Mass Murder Tour

How Not to Mention the War

Privatizing the Truth;

Bu$h'$ war on information

Bu$h'$ Iraq Fantasy

Catapulting the propaganda
The leadership secrets of G.W. Bush

Abu Ghraib General Lambastes Bush Administration

Troops' Gravestones Have Pentagon Slogans

The 'New' constitution in Iraq is Illegal

Love Your Country? Demand Impeachment

Why not use the Patriot Act against religious fanatics
like Pat Robertson?

Robertson's Fatwah; "a whole lotta smitin' goin' on"

The 'New' constitution in Iraq is Illegal

Headline News: August 23-24, 2005

"Useless Eaters"

The Church of the Vagina
and Texas Comptroller Strayhorn

Bu$h'$ Other Iraq Inva$ion
U. $. corporation$ maintain a $tranglehold
on almo$t every economic i$$ue

Bu$h'$ Option to E$calate the War in Iraq

More $tatesmanship, Less $alesmanship, Plea$e . . .

Leaderless on the Left

Time to Break the Silence

Could it be Bu$h'$ Watergate?
Advi$er $how$ hi$ Nixonian root$

Truth in Recruiting

What Boneheaded De$ign

Guide$ Dubya'$ Move$?

Chri$tian Mini$ter In Televi$ed Call

For Murder Of Venezuela's President

Terrori$t of 1600 Penn$ylvania Avenue

The next World War starts in Iran
(clue: No WMD - No Nuclear Weapons - Must be Enemy?)

Fuck you, George W. Bu$h

United $tate$ Po$ition$ Ten$ of Thou$ands of
Foreign Troop$ Throughout America,
Cancel$ All Military Leave$

Massive ‘Static Discharge’ From Earth
Immediately Effects Sun,
Ocean Life in Peril as Scientist Warn
We’re On Cusp of Extinction Level Event

Time to redefine ties with U.$

US Republican senator likens Iraq war to Vietnam

Summer of Scandal for Politicians in U.$.

Chinese oil company to buy Canadian firm for $4.2B

Toxic waste sparks violent protest at China factory

Flight H5N1 is approaching Britain. Brace for impact


Quake sparks panic in Rome

Iran slams European trade hypocrisy

Massive security sweep on in Sinai

Venezuela, Cuba reject U$ charges
of destabilizing Latin America

Venezuela to Lend Oil to Protest Torn Ecuador

Castro, Chavez call for solidarity

Cuba, Iran’s Ahmadinejad stress closer ties

Situation in Cuba worse since U.$. embargo

N. Mexico leader hits lax border security

Another 'Dead Zone' May Loom Off Oregon Coast

Pakistan could have up to 110 A-bombs by year-end

East coast fears Blob

Millions of dead fish washing up on local coast

Quakes raise volcano fears in Colombia

Anti-depressant may actually make sufferers suicidal

Piano Man released after mystery revealed

Mystery of Mayan Crystal Skulls

Researcher Feels Certain UFOs Exist

More 9/11 mystery
The 'Able Danger' potboiler adds new shadows, new questions

The mysterious world of dreams

Ancient Sponge Fossils Discovered

Police battle looters after beer train crashes

Scream Baffles Ohio Town

New president of Iran prepared to resist
George W. Bu$h'$ aggre$$ion

Siberian beauty Maria Sharapova becomes world's No.1

Tuberculosis appeared on Earth three million years ago

New Iraqi War Documents -
How Do They Relate To 9/11

Baghdad civilian death totals are extreme

Not «liberation»- An occupation

Freedom Of $peech R.I.P.

What to do if they call you an anti-Semite

Iraq: Chuck Hagel Doesn’t Get It—
and then He Does

The Late$t Fal$ehood:
The U.$. is in Iraq to $tablize It

C day unto Z day

When Tyranny is Law

Prosecute War Criminal John Howard


The Trillion-Dollar War

Habitual lie$ to promote a war
again$t the guiltle$$
are pretty telling...

Built for time travel, dome now enjoying renaissance

Virtual UFOs from advanced Extraterrestrial alien civilizations
in the 5-D Hyperspace that contain our Universe

Proof of Life?

Hubble scans for Moon base locations

76 ancient sites restored in Fatimide Cairo


Remains of Byzantine church found in Jordan

'Henry VIII hunting whistle' unearthed

Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: August 22-23, 2005

Eastern axis 'Peace Mission' heralds new
Cold War for the U$

China succeeds in solving food problem

China gets bigger, bolder as US issues warnings on trade

Playing the China Card

UK shoot-to-kill order still stands

Vioxx death toll may hit 2,000 in UK

EU 'pollution permits' could add £55 to cost of air tickets

Rome to fence in Colosseum in security drive

Rage against Israel barrier

‘Israel will lose to a billion angry Muslims’

UN nuclear agency tests support Iran claims

Iran, Russia stress expansion of ties

Cuba and Panama restore relations

Security fears grow at Southwest border

Original Einstein Manuscript Discovered

France declares war on bull frogs

Brussels funds 'I hate the EU' campaign

Germany's homeless students turn to living in a box

High school is just too easy

Scientists May Have Found Key To Spinal Cord Damage

Baby comes with brain repair kit for mum

Flying under the clouds of the Hess mystery flight

Italy's wealthy north plunders south's ancient olive trees

Why Are We In Iraq?

G.I. Death Toll in Afghanistan Worst Since '01

Illegal Occupation of Palestine

Congress Must Probe Whether President Lied Us into War

August's Big Pharma Scandals

People torn to pieces, relatives scream -
another week in the theme park of death

When Tyranny is Law,
Revolution is Order

How Greenspan Fleeced Working Class America.

On Economics

Hugo Chávez: Latin America's Rising Superstar

Prof finds insight into Egyptians in dead language

Fancy Roman Dining Hall Found

Peruvian pyramids rival the pharaohs'

Ancient artefacts abound in Al Ain

Historical Tiberias

Ice Age engravings found in Somerset

U.S. troops bomb Tel Affar despite parliament speaker’s warning

Habitual lies to promote a war against the
guiltless are pretty telling...

Lost treasure of Iraq

Militias on the Rise Across Iraq

Karl Rove's War Against Cindy Sheehan

MindWar: Full Spectrum Fake Terrorism

Unbelievable tales from London

The Madness of Boy George and Me and You

Running on fumes:

A journey to the end of empire

Iraq talks stall over religion, oil

Army planning for four more years in Iraq

IRAQ: 'Expired food causing health problems'

Drug 'can trigger suicide in adults'

Red Water Sausages

Chemtrails out of the closet?

Some Ideas About the Riddle of Reality

Climate change marks dawn of man

Spirit rover has Martian summit in sight

Light that Travels… Faster than Light!

What if…? Exploring alternative scientific pasts

Fire in the sky

CRISM Joins Mars' Water Detectives

Tsunami clue to

'Atlantis' found

The Ends of the Earth

Saturn's Rings Have an Atmosphere of their Own

Supernova Shockwave Slams into Stellar Bubble

Milky Way map reveals surprises

Study finds link between fries and breast cancer

Greenlight green teas:
They're healthful and have myriad uses
in drinks and dishes

The mental block

Ancient honey beverage in a modern age

Opportunity Entering Cobble Field

Urine Battery Turns Pee Into Power

Researchers Discover Ancient Origins Of
Tuberculosis-causing Bacteria

How women dream of symmetrical men

Cave reveals 10,000-year-old art

Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: August 20-21, 2005

"Useless Eaters"

The Church of the Vagina
and Texas Comptroller Strayhorn

Antiwar Populism:
The Floodgates Open

A Real Peace Movement?

Stop Your Sobbing

Allies and Vassals

Iraq's Black August continues

Realists Taking Over in Washington?

The Neocons' Childish Theory

Gaza Evacuation Should Be Americans' Last Straw

Oil jumps after attack on U.S. ships

U.$., Taliban bargained over bin Laden

The Ugly Truth About Prisoner 'Rendition'

Moral Authority

A $ecret's Not a $ecret Anymore

Hey, What's That Sound?

War of the Future:
Oil Drives the Genocide in Darfur

This Was the Most Glaring Scandal of All
UN sanctions destroyed Iraq but
no one will be tried for the crime

Oil, Blood and Iraq

Pax Americana and Chri$tian Values

Blood Runs Red, Not Blue

Guzzle Ga$, and Pretend

A Simple Question and the Power of Shame

What Does the Administration’s Leaked
Mea Culpa on Iraq Portend?

"Shoot to Kill"; Blair's first Trophy

No-Win War

Further into the Iraqi quagmire:
U$ intensifies repression

Food shortages leave millions of
North Koreans facing starvation

Colonial oppression in a South Pacific idyll

U$ reject$ Russian call for Iraq troop pullout

U$ makes hash of visa process

Twi$ted Thread$ in U.$.-China Trade

Roberts argued for ID card,
against women's rights act

Iran nuclear development right must be recognized

China’s oil purchase fraught with woes

China holds U.S. citizen accused of spying for Taiwan

Property Rights Advocate Arrested in China

US Federal Prosecutor Targets American Military Leaders,
Indictments Increasing Against War Party Supporters

Scientists Mess with the Speed of Light

Mysterious Fish Caught Off Damariscove

Scientists find life forms under Colorado snow

Mexico digs up Aztec sacrificial stone

Aching feet? Early humans figured out solution

Nonnative coral species threatens Gulf of Mexico coral reef

Magnetic stimulation may improve stroke recovery

Carbon strips could build elevator to space

Scientists Solve Nitroglycerin Mystery

More 'mystery' birds flying east

Giant Texas Sinkhole Continues To Grow

Court Says Atheism is a Religion

Grandma grew cannabis

Rumsfeld's Ray Gun

Two Vermonters wonder what they saw in Lake Champlain

UK pair pay £4,000 for stray dog

Alabama town celebrates the time UFOs came to visit

Shot Brazilian's family 'offered US$1million'

In Britain, allegations of police cover-up grow

Hitler better leader than Blair

EU Fines France unprecedented 20m Euros

Czechs against continued ratification of EU constitution

Another Axis Is Being Created

9/11 suspect acquitted on 3,000 accessory to murder charges

Israel`s Nuclear Doctrine And The
United Nations Taking The Bomb Out Of The `Basement`

I$rael looks to U.$.
for new aid $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
after withdrawal

Iran blames US for Iraq bombings

Iran’s Agenda for the World

Egypt tightens security along Suez Canal

Mubarak Warns Against

Turning Gaza into Huge Prison

Saudi Arabia to Release 1,200 Yemeni Prisoners

Oil minister says Shell, Exxon Mobil out of
Venezuela gas project

With Sanctions, We Lose

Venezuela Says DEA Stole Equipment

There could have been no 9/11 attacks

Russian sanitary services take urgent measures to create bird flu vaccine

The perversion of justice

Shamans are not the people in power

Women used to swim in woolen bathing suits, stockings and shoes

Belarus to attack Lithuania with thousands of pigs

Headline News: August 18-19, 2005

"Useless Eaters"

Allies and Vassals
Laboring to Please the Empire

de Menezes murder:
Police Lies Unravelling....

Texas Coast To Be Patrolled By
Unmanned Predator Aircraft

Clashes in Gaza synagogues

U.S. Diplomat Is Named in Secrets Case

Bad Iraq News Worries Some in G.O.P.

Guzzle Gas, and Pretend

A Challenge to Reporters:
It's Time to Hawk the Chickens

Sacrifice? Count Me Out
If You Supported the War, Pay For It

Daring to Ask Blasphemous Questions

Battle Fatigue is Setting In

Left Behind

Waiting for the Bubble to Burst
Pinprick or Molotov cocktail?

French government seizes on London bombings
to escalate attack on civil liberties

Australia: terrorism trial of Jack Thomas
to rely on coerced evidence

African Animals to Be Introduced Into Americas Wild
As Internal Destruction of United States Nears Completion

US sets last-minute drive to scrap UN reform plan

Win 2000 worms wreaks havoc in US

700 more US troops head for Iraq to guard prisons

Arizona joins N.M. efforts at the border

Bush under pressure on influx from Mexico

U.S. sees foreign hands behind Bolivian unrest

Death toll for part-time troops in Iraq soars

Russia warns against pressure on Iran in nuclear standoff

Terrorism threat to Central Asia comes from Afghanistan

Russia Lifts Ban On Nationalist Party

Russia warns of foreign meddling

Iran, China discuss defense cooperation

China sets up anti-terror squads as riots spread

An old geostrategic chess game is being waged again, with some new players

South, east China hit with gas and diesel shortages

Families of dead troops hope to see Blair in court

Jordan torture deal is 'unlawful'

'UK cops assassinated innocent man'

Oil helps push France into record trade deficit

Britain should quit EU, French sage says

How Tyranny Developed in Israel

Tears, fury and a death camp hymn in
Israel's historic retreat from Gaza

U.S. Jews disengaging from Israel

Bank of Israel introduces global monetary policy instruments

Israel's withdrawal is both historic and deceptive

Hamas and Syria Proclaim Pullout Israel’s Defeat

'Israel should pull out from all occupied territories'

Iran's strategy

Iran to become key exporter of LNG in world

Iran rules out resumption of ties with US

U.S. Policy on 'Axis of Evil' Suffers Spate Of Setbacks

Mexican senator confers with Boroujerdi

''Intelligence Brief: Saudi Arabia''

EGYPT: Special report on press freedom

The talk in Damascus is of a bitter harvest on the border

Syrian paper: Gaza pullout not peace

Iraqi Victims Expose U.S. War Crimes

'Volcano could wipe out city'

Australian scientists say cyclone damaged
10 per cent of Great Barrier Reef

Saigan earthquakes top 705

Red tide choked off oxygen to Gulf floor

Powerful earthquake could strike Kamchatka

Fossil forest points to rapid climate change

'Tenth planet' may be bigger than expected

Gold to match treasure of Troy
found in Bulgaria

Strange fossil defies grouping

3200-year-old key discovered

The sleeping volcano of global finance

Scientists Find 425 Million-Year-Old Shellfish Intact in U.K.

Behind the Shortfall of U.S. Scientists

Crocodile blood could put the bite on HIV

Scientists studying hippo sweat

Mysterious king divides Nepal

Scientists 'freezing' light for one second

Religious belief 'falling faster than church attendance'

'Face of Jesus' on hawthorn tree

Remote-Controlled Humans

Is Poland the Next World Super Power?

Alleged Burglar Caught After Calling Mom

Russia pays former Soviet republics' debts alone,
receives no gratitude in return

More work, more money, more sex for Russian and European youth

Scientists discover non-looted tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh

History of modern television started in Russia in 1900

Petrodollar Warfare:
Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse

War Announced As 'Brilliant' And 'Noble'

Danger Will Robertson! Osama in Iraq!

America's Good Germans?
A Mercenary Society

Iraq’s New Constitution

Headline News: August 17-18, 2005


Over 45 New Titles Added at
August 2005

Bush Against the Generals
Iran, the White House, and the purge of the military

Time to Streamline Burdensome Airport Security

Iraq morgue 'receives 1100 dead'

Catastrophic War Game

Secrets of the morgue - Baghdad's body count

Unacceptable regimes in Iraq and the United states

New Abuse Photos Could Spark Riots, US General Warns

Bush menaces Iran with threat of military attack

Canada: top general spouts rhetoric of Bush administration

Disengagement and ethnic cleansing

Religious Right Bashes the Courts

States Shred The Safety Net

Bush's Blind Spot on Iran

U.S. July Consumer Prices Rise 0.5%; Core Rises 0.1%

Sino-Russian sabres rattling:
With hostility pointed at U.S., Japan

American investors move away from US assets

US public grows uneasy over foreign policy

Deceptive Talk About Iraq

US paid for Japanese human germ warfare data

Triple car bombing in Baghdad kills 31

Bush a Coward

China Protests Japanese Officials' Visits to Tokyo War Shrine

Recalling Another Occupation Nearly 30 Years Ago

China slams new proposals on Taiwan

China marks victory over War of Resistance
Against Japanese Aggression

A Life With No Purpose

In China, tensions inflame festering war wounds

China reels from cyclone, floods, quake

The World's Largest Prison Camp

Chinese banker gets suspended death sentence

UK ordered killing of famed Indian freedom fighter

How Bush Would Gain from War with Iran

Iran wages undeclared war against coalition

Italy to expel 700 terrorist suspects

EU's newest workers keep beating at west's door

"Pakistanophobia" Spiraling in France

Israel police move in on Gaza's largest settlement

Kingdom Calls for Total Israeli Pullout

U.S. 'no fly' lists keep infants off airliners

Russian cows get new feed: marijuana

Rabbit Saves Wife's Life

A 'Strange' Al Qaeda Leader:
'I Don't Pray, I Drink Alcohol'

Scientists unravel the spaghetti enigma

Scientists find a hot spot on a Saturanian moon.

Study unravels mystery of brain-cell connections

Mysterious reptile eludes capture in L.A. park

U.S. lake starts draining into Canadian

Mystery Ice Chunk Falls From Sky

U.S. Army Encounters Strange Recruiting Patterns

36 reported injured in Japan earthquake

630 quakes in one week on Sarigan

Quakes rock islands as Northern Marianas volcano erupts

Earthquake Shakes Mississippi County

Warning on huge earthquakes

Earthquake causes damages, power cuts in Chile

The Wal-Mart Thought Police

Long-lost steamboat emerges from Mo. river

Dig backs biblical account of Philistine city of Gat

More Reasons to Suspect the Bogus CNN Story
About Nick Berg

They Ain't See Nothin' Yet

Desecration of the Dead

DU - The Ticking Nuke In
Bush's White House War Room

Iraqi Resistance reports are accurate about the
real figures of the US soldiers killed in Iraq

Ancient ruins still stand amid Iraq chaos

Necrophilia or savagery?

US Troops

Hold Children Hostages in Northern Iraq

New Iraq abuse allegations hit British troops

Dick Cheney and the American Likudniks

The Quandary Called Iraq

"We Will Not Pay a Penny of This Fine"

Slouching Toward Armageddon?

Get Ready for a Wider War

Russian storm troopers: myth or reality?

152 killed as Colombian plane crashes in Venezuela

About 120 freeze to death on board crashing Boeing 737 in Greece

Iran: Western hysteria

NASA makes sandwiches,
which stay edible for several years

Laptop offer sets off bargain-hunters' bedlam

Microsoft Virus Attacks
SBC Communications, CNN, ABC Computers

Scottish scientists grow human brain cells
(Maybe they'll loan them to BUSH?)

Woman Arrested After Baby Left in Wal-Mart

Headline News: August 14-15, 2005


Over 40 New Titles Added at
August 2005

A Time for Moral Outrage

Israel’s Nuclear Puzzle Resolved:
But To What End?

No-Win War

U.S. Lowers Sights On What Can Be Achieved in Iraq

Bush slaps down top general after he calls
for troops to be pulled out of Iraq

Leaked US intelligence document warning of terrorist attacks
on London and America using fuel tankers

Diplomats pressure Sunnis to accept a federal Iraq

UN nuclear watchdog rebuts claims that Iran
is trying to make A-bomb

N. Korea hints at compromise
Pyongyang may offer proof it has no uranium weapons program

Someone Tell the President the War Is Over

Fingers on the Button

War Crimes Even Helen Keller Could See

Election Fraud Continues in the US
New Data Shows Widespread Vote Manipulations in 2004


Robert Fisk: How can the US ever win,
when Iraqi children die like this?

Fable of the Emperor and the Grieving Mother

The Birthday Bush Wants To Ignore

Give up your freedoms - or change tack
Blair's anti-terror measures are exactly what Bin Laden wants

Released papers document Supreme Court
nominee Roberts’s anti-democratic record

More US children in poverty and poor health

F-16 Fighters Down Passenger Plane Targeting US Aircraft Carrier,
American President Censors Top General as Israel Prepares For Total War

US President Evacuated as American and Saudi F-16’s
Target Massive Truck Bomb on Texas, Mexican Border,
Russian Satellites Blinded During Attack

Bush ‘losing way’ in war on terror

ONCE AGAIN To the US Media:
Sunnis In Iraq Are More Than 42%

US, China entering new Cold War

Bush raises option of using force against Iran

Ruling favors US control of National Guard units

US stocks fall as oil sets another record

Russia says to revoke border treaty with Estonia

Russia moves to rein in lawyers

Russian youth become weapon of choice

FBI warns of possible terrorist attack in United States

China "shocked and saddened"
by assassination of Sri Lankan FM

America must deal with reality of a rising China

China says Taiwan U.N. bid again doomed to failure

After Unocal, a risk of revenge?

Losing badly: an audit of Blair's war

'Human rights stranglehold UK'

No terror mastermind behind London bombers

Muslims 'right about decadent UK'

Germany looks to home front
Appeals to consumers to 'buy German'
are unlikely to ease the economic woes

Antiabortion Effort in Europe, With U.S. Money,
Widens Its Conservative Agenda

Settlers evoke images of the Holocaust
as Israeli forces move in to clear them from Gaza

Iran warns Bush against attack

Iran's revolution is in its infancy -
but it may have just found its Stalin

Iran's former President meets Saudi King

Keep Your Eyes On Egypt

Egypt Will Deploy Troops on Gaza Border Next Week

Egyptian peacekeeping forces leave for Sudan

Why the State Hates Cholesterol

What happened to Jesus' haftarah?

Strong earthquake shakes southern Mexico

Fires in Indonesia Cause Ecological Crisis

Palomar astronomers see post-impact comet sharply

Except for 1906, California quakes have keen timing

San Andreas fault not SoCal's most dangerous

New Arctic oasis found

Russia’s chief rabbi predicts the imminent coming of a Messiah

Palm oil is not a saturated fat

Scientists Find Errors in Global Warming Data

Russia to the rescue

Doctor In Trouble Over Flesh-Eating Paste

Fundamentalist Christianity,
a dangerous force when it denies
rational, scientific thinking

Women become less demanding
if love acts last longer

Man convicted of prostitution in Moldavia

Shop assistant bites man who tried to rob her

Bush acknowledges the collapsing US economy

Village cowherd lives in Russia's center
without any IDs for 53 years

Man forgets his wife at gas station,
recollects the loss only 6 hours later

Headline News: August 12-13, 2005


Over 35 New Titles Added at
August 2005

Massive Energy Blast Hits Southern Hemisphere

US Military Destroys Bomb Directed Against Chicago

It is not only Iraq that is occupied.
America is too
My country is in the grip of a president
surrounded by thugs in suits

US pushes at China's edges

UN Referral for Iran Nuclear Program
Is `Next Step,' U.S. Says

Crude Oil Futures Rise Above $66
on U.S. Refinery Breakdowns

Divers In Gulf Report `Zero Things' Alive

U.S. poised for trade war
Washington refuses order to refund $5B Canadian duties

Over 6,000 Belarus settlements suffer from storm

Melting bog may lead to 'ecological landslide'

Russia, Japan to sign 15 documents

Nearly 3,500 Russian troops killed in Chechnya since 1999

After Unocal, a risk of revenge?

Floods 'choking the life out of rural China'

China angry, but US creates World No 4 oil co

Protests fuel Beijing fears for stability

US tries to spin a web strong enough to contain China

Collaborationist Bedouins in Gaza Ask for Asylum from Israel

Blair's power to go to war comes under assault
on two fronts

'There is no justification for this ...
Blair is showing arrogance of Charles I'

U.K. anti-terror sweep sparks furor

Senior judges accuse politicians over terror laws

Blair lays down framework for police state in Britain

UK mulling secret 'terror court' plans

'Muslims are not cockroaches'

Europe getting hotter

Drought and negligence blamed for rise in fires

The Enemy Within Europe's Borders

Spain battles to douse forest fire

Auschwitz spoof outrages Poland

NATO to send plane to protect Pope in Germany

Poland denies involvement in coup preparations in Azerbaijan

Tens of thousands protest Israel's pull-out plan

'Big Bang' Could Redefine Israel Politics

Israel's religious crisis over Gaza plan

Israel is racist

Israeli hawks circle Iran's N-plants

Flood deadly in Iran


President Mubarak Inaugurates Biggest Power Station

Leptospirosis epidemic in Mumbai

Volcanic activity felt on Pagan

Wheat disease decreases harvests in northwestern Minnesota

Red tide's effect in Gulf: Sprawling dead zones

Cause Of Mysterious Illness Remains Elusive

Legionnaires' disease investigation expands

Horse, cow disease hits Montana

Scientists discover asteroid with moons
Tiny planetary system orbiting between Mars and Jupiter

Two Legionnaires treated for namesake disease

Australian volcano blows its top

Six cases of mysterious Q fever

Volcano Concepcion in Nicaragua explodes

Possible Pattern Found in Incan Strings

Giant Waterfall Discovered in Calif. Park

White Plague Disease threatens

local reef eco-systems around Islands

Folic acid may slow loss of memory

Discovery explains green tea's health benefits
One of the beverage's ingredients blocks a protein
found at high levels in cancer cells

Indian researchers claim unraveling mystery behind gene silencing

Large ancient sunk ship discovered in Shandong

Gulf of Mexico mystery

Rajasthan meteorite a rare radioactive cosmic object

Cocoa may help stop stroke, heart disease

Why locusts know how to plague the land

Meteor 'Outburst' Expected Friday Morning

Volcano theory on plane crash

Mysterious object seen flying over Manitoba

Scientists work out why cornflowers are blue

Hobart gets first snow for nine years

New entrance discovered at world's longest cave

Psychic's crystal ball burns down his flat in unforeseen blaze

Teens operate on dead cat, saving kittens

Judge Says Parts of DWI Laws Illegal

3 Wives Greet British Man After Surgery

Hard to find good men: New Zealand women

Scientists to create 'frozen zoo' of mutant mice

Thousands of families living a lie

Jesus On A Pierogi?

Plan Would Force Principals To Learn Spanish

Brothel reforms to allow escorts

MI6 drops secrecy over spy jobs

Man Picks Wrong Car For Joke Traffic Stop

Jewish doctor's ”secret links” to Arab leaders

9/11 Revisionism, Revisited
The mystery of 'Able Danger'

Shiites Call for Own State in South

Officials Warn of Possibility of Attack Around Sept. 11

Afghans Say 4 Died When American Plane
Bombed Their Village

S. Korea: N. Korea has right to peaceful nuclear program

Terror's Greatest Recruitment Tool

How to Prosecute the Plame Case

Official Spin, Unnamed Sources,
and the Art of Managing Perceptions
Anything but the Truth

Bush's Secrecy Goes Too Far

Iraq Mess Finally Sinks In

Holes in the Energy Law

Conflicting Messages

Louisiana Purchase:
The Feds Recruit Culture War Cadets

An Assembly Line of Death

American Criminal Justice Needs Enlightenment

Looking Back at LBJ

Israel Grabs the Rest of Jerusalem

Get Past Bush's War Rhetoric
to See What Has or Has Not Worked

Rage Against the Killing of the Light

The Ironies of Conquest
The Bush Administration's Iranian Nightmare

Why No Tea and Sympathy?

An Honor To Stand Up Against War

9/11 Commission admits
excluding intelligence on lead hijacker, Atta

From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this:

What Makes 100%?
What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?
Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?

We have all been to those meetings where
someone wants you to give over 100%.

How about achieving 103%?
What makes up 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:
is represented as:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%


11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%


1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%


2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

AND, look how far ass kissing will take you.

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that
While Hard work and Knowledge will get you close,
and Attitude will get you there,
it's the BullshiT and Ass kissing
that will put you over the top.

'Flying saucer surgeons cured my dodgy back'

Glitch forces NASA to delay launch of Mars orbiter

Mysterious goings-on in the Filey Triangle

Micro Vortices Seen in the Earth's Magnetosphere

Volcanoes Ate Oxygen

A Trip as Far Away as Space-Time Will Allow

The Rather Large Spacecraft That Could

Bermuda Triangle Odyssey


The Dream Life of Prototypes

Legal Papers Unsealed Today in ACLU Quest for
Government's Abu Ghraib Torture Images

Who Killed the Children of Baghdad….
the Occupation and its Supporters,
or the Resistance?


Civil War In Iraq, Made In the USA

General Byrnes: Our Smedley Butler?

Things go sliding

Four Star General Fired For Organizing Coup
Against Neo-Cons?

Baghdad Elite Flees Iraq & The Daily Threat Of Death

The statistics of propaganda

US Hydra is defeated

Headline News: August 9-10, 2005

Tariq Aziz says he won’t testify against Saddam

Mother, Who Lost Son In Iraq,
Says She'll Be Arrested Thursday For Protesting
Near Bush Ranch And Being Called a Security Risk

The cry now is 'treason'
or the Star Chamber revisited
Secret, judge-only courts where the accused has no access to the ‘evidence’?
Changes to the law will include making it illegal to advocate violence to further a person’s belief,
justifying or validating such violence, or fostering hatred.

Iraq statistics tell grim story

More About Those Nuclear Attack Speculations

Father, Who Lost Son at WTC,
Claims Bush Administration Hiding Key Financial Documents
Leading To Culprits of 9/11

"Was It The Oil?"
And For That, "I Lost My Son, My Baby"
"I Want People To Know Why I'm Angry"

The Lancet Study

A "Better Occupation" of Iraq?

Depleted Uranium, Anthrax Vaccine & The Gulf War Syndrome

The Coming 9/11 for Dummies

Big Star-Spangled Lies for War

A Childish Theory

Iraq’s Children:

Choir of Despair

School for Scandal:
The "Torture Manual" Defense

New thought crimes

Why Iran will lead to World War 3

Pentagon Plans to Send More Troops to Iraq

"We Are Not Going To Win This War"
Soldier Says "The Longer We Are There,  The More People Are Going To Join The Fight Against Us"
"They Won't Give Up Until We Are All Gone Off Of Their Soil"

Judith Miller's Dirty Little Secret

Americans Beginning to Oppose Iraq War,
but For the Wrong Reason



Russian woman claims million for a cup of McDonald's coffee

Venezuela suspends ties with US drugs agency

European Union kicks the bucket reminding of the USSR collapse

Articles of impeachment and indictment
for high crimes and misdemeanors

Drivers go ape from the heat

Bush Flees United States for Saudi Arabia
as Israel Accelerates Attack Timetable in
Continuing Secret War with America,
US Prepares For Martial Law

United States Military Forces Begin Coup,
Top US General Arrested By Anti-Coup Factions,
Russian and Chinese Military Forces Go To High Alert

US mulls sanctions against Venezuela
(or Snubbed Bully won't play)

U.S. reportedly planning to boost troop levels to 160,000 in Iraq

US puts free trade at risk

War Plans Drafted To Counter Terror Attacks in U.S.

Bush removal ended Guam investigation
US attorney's demotion halted probe of lobbyist

Franklin probe could disrupt U.S.-Israel relations

Belarus Denies Entry To European Diplomats

China decries pit owners making money as miners die

World Bank is criticized on loans to China

China's juggernaut has region on edge
Singapore nervously tries to reshape its business profile

Germany warns Iran of isastrous consequences

NRI doctor stoned by mob in UK

EU plans to fund opposition to Belarus 'dictator'
(Belarus Refuses to become Puppet Govt-Nation)

Belarus defiant in row with Poland and EU

American Jews arrive in Israel to protest expulsion

Israel leads West in child poverty

Casualty in Gaza strife is psyche of children

Israel’s nuclear puzzle

Digging up biblical dynamite

Israel ranks among most corrupt in West

Mauritania coup leaders face anti-Israel pressure

Cuba trip will test U.S. trade policy

Venezuela warns against US invasion

Venezuela accuses DEA of spying

Venezuela works on agreement to import oil pipelines from Brazil

Paraguay: Pentagon base to police Bolivia?

Venezuela Denounces Plan Colombia as a Threat

Tom Casey admits that the USA has no
real evidence against Venezuela

Venezuela demands US prove Chavez meddling charges


Nagasaki mayor offers angry words to US

India’s most guarded secret revealed

Seismic data spurs worries
of possible New Madrid quake

Curry spice may protect against cancer

Antioxidants Proven To Be Key To Long Life

Hopes fade of key to Piano Man mystery

More Genes Responsible for Migraine Discovered!

Mathematician reveals flaws in Japan's war code

Placebos work in mysterious ways

Why death is more likely to strike while you sleep

Mystery kangaroo beheadings

Ancient Egypt provides key to storing nuclear heritage

Meteor impacts may be good for Earth

Strange semantic collocation

'Thoughts read' via brain scans

Trick Plants to Grow on Mars

Prozac For Plants

Scientists investigate talking plants
They signal one another about predators

Mystery Ship And Chinese Genes At the Kenyan Coast

No More Electric Bills
Well, not quite.
But 'zero-energy homes' keep them low.

4 Year Old US Girl Fined $288 For Throwing Ball,
Father says 'This can't be happening'

Man who crossed border to visit dying mom
sentenced to prison

Man Kills Another in Dispute Over War

Norwegians abandon K2 climb

United planes brush wingtips at O'Hare

Platte River goes dry for 4th summer

New Method For Quantum Cooling Discovered

Ice Shelf Disintegration Threatens Environment

America's Public Forests Landlocked By Sea Of Development

New Cassini Images Show 'Northern Lights' Of Saturn

Scientists To Mimic Nature For Newest Cancer Drugs

Biblical Pool Uncovered in Jerusalem

Ancient Labrys Unearthed in Bulgaria

Roman ruins to remain under rainwater canal

Egyptologist Discovers Ancient Gossip

Ancient skeleton found near premier's office

Remote-Controlled Humans

Removing pharmaceuticals,
hormones, and cosmetics from tap water

Twins hold key to unravelling maths gene

Bacteria froze the Earth

Alaskan people tell of climate change

Trick the brain to stop fatty food cravings

Did life begin in ice?

Alzheimer’s warning signs show up years before diagnosis

Brit License Plates Get Chipped

Kutztown 13 Face Felony Charges

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin Tax

10th Planet Controversy

Delays for the Earth's Oxygen Atmosphere

Heavy Bombardments Make the Best Homes... for Microbes

Mars, The Blue Ecosynthesis

Scientists Weather A Space Storm To Find Its Origin

Cumbria falls off the intergalactic UFO map

Volcanoes and not Asteroids changed Earth’s structure

'The road to Mars begins in Virginia'

Why great minds can't grasp consciousness

The Failed 'War on Terror'

Global Struggle against Violent Extremism:
Marketing Gimmick or Ominous Turn?

Bad Medicine?
Cannabis is proven to be a fairly harmless drug -
- so why is the American right still waging a massive war on weed?

Support the Drug-Addicted Troops

Every Mother's Son

Tragic End To a Reporter's Story

Mortgaged to the House of Saud

The Saudi Oil Peril to U.S.

Depleted Uranium is WMD

Orphan Nagasaki

Bush's Oilmen Got it all Wrong in Iraq

Mr. Bush, Let's Talk

The New Chauvinism
I'm not ashamed of my nationality,
but I have no idea why I should
love this country more than any other

Chaos Under Heaven
The Bush Administration's Not-So-Silly Season

Yemen: World Bank Policy, As Seen by the Deprived

British MP Galloway says Iraqi resistance
defends the world against American hegemony

Deputy gets probation as two alleged rapes are
reduced to one misdemeanor

Tax-deductible salvation and a note to a veryChristian

Ask not for whom the bomb explodes ...

Civil-liberties board struggles into existence

Snow Concedes Economic Surge
Is Not Benefiting People Equally

Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US

Download the New
HiddenMysteries 2005 Catalog

Headline News: August 8-9, 2005

The Church of the Vagina
and Texas Comptroller Strayhorn

Ethics OUT the Window
Texas Comptroller Strayhorn

I am suddenly afraid. Very afraid.

Tantra: An Academic View

Maithuna Ritual

A New Sexual Paradigm

2006 Dragon's Head and Tail Predictions

Anti-war protesters go after Bush at home

US policy of torture, secret detention,
forced "disappearances" revealed

Two ex-lobbyists for a key pro-Israel group indicted in spy probe

Russian submarine and crew rescued

Idiot box blues descend on Russia

The giant awakens

China evacuates 1.24 million as typhoon lands

China releasing World War II movies to
remind Japan of its defeat in 1945

China charges Hong Kong reporter with spying for Taiwan

Intelligence chiefs warn Blair of 'UK insurgency'

US forces launch new offensive in western Iraq

'UK to bring Muslim schools under Govt. supervision'

UK Foreign Secretary who quit over Iraq war dies

Qatari prince convicted of

sexually abusing girls

Jewish extremist kills four Israeli Arabs

U.K. police hold terror suspect at U.S. request

U.K. officials feel sure 3rd attack is coming
(What? Are they planning these things?)

Chirac’s Real Message to French People

Fires rage across south-west Europe

Another imam expelled from France

King David palace may have been found

Personal genetic profiles may be reality

Peter Jennings dies of lung cancer at 67

Coal mine flood trapped 102 in South China

Americans to get a civics lesson

Sleaze embroils corporate Germany

'Dead Zone' May Be Developing On Oregon Coast

Tennessee issues emergency rules to curb spread of disease

Strong eruption brings ash plume over Saipan

Red Tide

Strange fish parade seen in Englewood

Author links bacteria and Egyptian symbols

The mystery of twins

Prolonged use of mobile phones can lead to
permanent eye damage including cataracts

Scientists say reports point to a big reduction in large ocean fish

Scientists crack 40-year-old DNA puzzle
and point to 'hot soup' at the origin of life

Remains of Ancient Church Found in Egypt

The Kiss of Death:
Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover
5 Admirals, U.C. Regents, Carlyle Group and Rand

500,000 Feral Hogs Causing Problems In Florida

Secret life of Hitler's secretary

Skull of most ancient man in Europe discovered in Eastern Georgia
1,800 million years old

China succeeds in artificial lightning diversion

Earth's surface transformed by massive asteroids

New sea serpent claim

American explorer says he's discovered
site of legendary Atlantis near Cyprus

Oldest known Bible to go online

Move to commercialise breast milk

The Race For The Lost Ark

Watching for the Tears of St Lawrence

New Chapter in the Mystery of Marilyn: Her Own Words?

See How the Wind Blows
(or Practicing how well their next Reichstag will work)

Post-office panic over pachydermal poo

George Bush And Vladimir Putin Agree:
Democracy is for Losers

Jesus Tells Church Members
He's Entering Fewer Hearts This Year

Spray can prankster tackles Israel's security barrier

Officers didn't violate rules by cuffing kindergartner
(Why would there be rules against insane acts of cops?)

Bizarro Iraq
A war of "liberation" brings only slavery – and death

Abuse Cases Open Command Issues at Army Prison

'Shared threats' bring Syria and Iran together

War on Terror, Rest in Peace

The Incredible Blight of TV Punditry

Torrential rains and flooding hit India’s financial centre

Why I Cannot be Part of this Divisive War

Energy's on the Anti-Iraq Side

War, What is it Good For? Nuthin'

In Plain Sight
With the public distracted,
George W. Bush is building a big government -- of the right

We Must Act Now to Prevent Another Hiroshima - or Worse

Scout's Honor: Truth and Fiction at Jamboree

As Bush War Gets Personal, Nation Must find its Outrage

Halliburton Secretly Doing Business with
Key Member of Iran's Nuclear Team

E=mc2: Congress and the Energy Bill

George Bush Knows Why They Hate Us

Bush and Blair’s 'way of life'

Straight-shootin' George Galloway

Deadly Arrogance

Italian lake yields Stone Age canoe

How a woman's death ended 4,000 years
of human history on St Kilda

Quindaro ruins soon to uncover historical treasurers

Archaeologists explore mystery ship

40 Historical Fortresses Found in Qaen City, Iran

George W. Bush loses the support of his nation

Mexico concerned on illegal weapons coming from the US

Hiroshima: The pinnacle of international terrorism

Did the USA orchestrate the mammoth Asian tsunami of December 2004?

Forget medicines, fresh juice cures wonderfully

Looking for similarities between Hollywood Dracula

and historical prince Dracula

Archeologists discover secret passages and rooms
in Putin's Kremlin residence

Saturn's Aurora

North Bergen: UFO hotspot!

Bridgeville has first ‘sighting'

Mum was right.
You will feel a whole lot better after a cuddle

Cataract Veggies
Forget the carrots, it's spinach and lettuce
that make for good eyesight

Sewage study spots cocaine users

The 5 million people living around Italy's largest river
consume 200,000 lines of cocaine a day.

Mars Express Radar Collects First Surface Data

Cassini Flies By Saturn's

Tortured Moon Mimas

Drillers Penetrate The Active Fault Zone

Quadrupeds To Bipeds

Baghdad was paralyzed by a sandstorm

Underneath It All:
Living, or Trying to Live, in Dirt

Our Effect on the World:
Exploring Impacts of Human Activity

New Technology Shows Our Ancestors Ate…Everything
(Even MacDonalds?)

Will Judith Miller Talk?

A Day in the Bar Ditch of Democracy USA

"The Secret Service is Trying to Intimidate Us"

Continue asking why you are hated
all over the world!

Nazis US


An Open Letter to the Japanese People

'Karl Rove isn't the only monster out there'

Ethics ? Isn't that what Doctors have ?

Media Darling Terror Expert
Admits Government Sponsored Terror

Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

New Titles

August 2005

Headline News: August 5-6, 2005

The 2005 Texas Legislature
Tantamount to Treason

Legislative Greed

Nineteen Percent!

Cheerleader Laws

School Finance

Marriage Laws

Putin Orders Special Forces to Belarus as Polish Army Units
Mass on Border, Preemptive Strikes on EU Possible

U.S. issues travel warning for UK

U.S. Says Venezuela Backs Colombia Rebels

U.S. again facing 'secret detainee' claim

U.S. freezes assets of Zimbabwean farms, businesses

U.S.-China tensions likely to rise

President Bush is getting the kind of break most Americans can only dream of
-- nearly five weeks away from the office, loaded with vacation time.

Americans Are Warned About Overseas Travel

Why the US won't admit it was jilted

China condemns US political intransigence

Largest illegal bank shut down in China's financial hub

China says Japan defence paper undermines ties

Another nightmare for Russia
Islamic militants in Dagestan, its largest satellite state,
rise up against Moscow rule, much as in Chechnya

Putin says citizens and the state should be equal partners

France deploys jets in C.Asia before Afghan polls

France adamant on Turkey, Cyprus peace

UK 'secretly' supplied key N-component to Israel

U.K. Puts 6,000 Police on London Streets 4 Weeks After Attacks

String of corruption cases leaves Germany in shock

Mauritania's 'pro-US' president overthrown

The world's first dog cloned in South Korea

Tornado spotted near Sand Point is apparently a first

D.C. Airspace May Be Restricted for Good

Jewish doctor's ”secret links” to Arab leaders

Authorities Discover Remains Of Hundreds Of
Stillborn Babies, Fetuses, In Paris Morgue

Mummy unwrapped after 2,000 years of mystery

World's Biggest Tanzanite Gem Found Near Kilimanjaro

Summer avalanche warning issued

Nicaragua warns of eruption of Concepcion Volcano

Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico Much Larger Than Expected

Russian Researchers Claim to Have
Solved Mystery of Crop Circles

Evidence of largest known Celtic settlement discovered in Austria

Nitrogen 'discovered on the moon'

Grandmother who was Tasered gets probation

Unrepentant shoe bomber issues warning

Harvard, teacher, and lawyer to pay US $30m

Mysterious heritage eludes Melungeons descendants

Remembering the Storm
Anniversary of a Victorious Crime

3 accused of disclosing secrets on Mideast

Al Qaeda threatens more UK, U.S. attacks

Islamic Jihad head: We may recognize the State of Israel

Uncle Sam’s Iron Curtain of Secrecy

The New Know-Nothings

New Documents Show FBI Targeting Peaceful Protesters
in Colorado as Potential Terrorists

The Intelligence-University Complex:
CIA Secretly Supports Scholarships

Watchdogs investigate FBI delays

US Military Presence in Paraguay Stirs Speculation

Media Flagstones Along a Path to War on Iran

Preempting Cheney

Labor Takes Its Stand Against Empire

The biggest lesson I learned from Vietnam
is not to trust [our own] government statements.
– Senator James W. Fulbright

Who’s Paying for Sony Bribes?

How Beltway-itis Rots Reporters Brains

Globalisation is an Anomaly and Its Time is Running Out

Consequences of Hiroshima Yet Unseen

Skin in the Game

A View Of Iraq From A Soldier

London bombings trigger massive assault on democratic rights

Military commissions’ prosecutors charge:
trials rigged against Guantánamo detainees

Sri Lankan government fails to rebuild
tsunami-destroyed hospitals

Callous maltreatment of refugees in Australian detention centres

It isn't the lawyers we need to shoot

On Justice

Lithuania: Few castles but a whole lot of history

Abbey oak door 'Britain's oldest'

Ancient fort is found

Project attempts to save ancient grottoes

Specialists Identify Bulgaria-Found Thracian King's Body

Relics unearthed - workers discover goldfields-era pottery kiln

Oil keeps the world at fever pitch

'We funded these people, as long as they were killing Russians'

Never before seen letters of Isaac Newton and
Albert Einstein found in London and Tokyo

NATO nurtures Latvian fascists

Iceland is a doomsday scenario for the rest of the world

Researchers Say Arctic Teeming With Life

Choosing the right trees to improve urban air

Behind the discovery of Utah's newest dinosaur

Fingernails store data

Cold Fire
In Antarctica’s Dry Valleys, the deep chambers and conduits that poured
hot lava onto the surface are exposed as nowhere else on Earth

Brain Workouts May Tone Memory

God Games Seek Souls

Hubble Sees a Field of Galaxies

Cassini's Zips Past the Death Star

Spitzer Sees Hidden Black Holes

Messenger Swoops Past the Earth

Cluster and SOHO Analyze a Solar Storm

Your Tap Water: Will That be Leaded Or Unleaded?

Drought Bumps Up Global Thermostat

Long Prison Sentences Have Minimal Effects on Young Criminals

Mothers Face Disadvantages in Getting Hired

Hurricane Spawned Biggest Waves Ever Measured

Fuel Cell Motorbike to Hit U.S. Streets

Environmental Damage Seen from Space Shuttle

Saturn moon Titan 'dry as a bone'

Coffin From Civil War Uncovers Mystery

Novel technique offers new look at ancient diet dogma

Ancients Rarely Punished Prostitutes

New research into the Mafia, Antimafia, and the plural cultures of Sicily

New theory on genesis of Mesoamerican culture

Studies of Amazonian languages challenge linguistic theories

Archaeologists Trace Mystery Wall Not to War,
but to Beer

Veterans Group Wants Independent Investigation Into Prison Abuse Photos

Harring Report another ‘Deep Throat’
Official DoD Iraq War US Military over 8 Times More Dead than Reported

Iraq is in 'a state of war'

A Soldier Speaks: Zechariah

Vietnam-Speak in Iraq

US reporter murdered in Iraq had written his own epitaph

A Feast of Death

The Initiation Rituals of Future Freedom Fighters

Is the bond of military brotherhood an intrinsic justifier for war?

Unofficial de-Baathification process targets Sunnis in Basra

Galloway defends 'martyrs' remark

Pretty Hot in Crawford; Pretty Hot in Hell

All hail the 'excuse makers'!

Gitmo Captives Say Medical Personnel
Approved, Participated in Abuses

The Court-Martial of Sergeant Benderman
Sgt. Benderman chose to put his weapon down;
not to kill but to love his fellow human beings

US: children left abandoned by factory immigration raid

US deaths in Iraq underscore need to revive the antiwar movement

US lies and murder in Iraq:
the killing of Maj. Gen. Mowhoush

Sudan: death of Garang sets back US plans

In Congress, the GOP Embraces Its Spending Side

God Save Us
The West is in a death struggle with Islamofascism.

Sticking Up for Thimerosal

Verily, I sell unto you

From a war on terror to a war on ideas

Omar Deghayes is a British resident who is being held in Guantánamo Bay
on evidence that is demonstrably false, says lawyer Clive Stafford Smith,
the only person speaking out for Omar, three years after he was seized
and disappeared into the 'legal black hole' of Camp Delta.

'Intelligent design', say its supporters, is the idea that life must have been
designed by some outside intelligence. But is it just a clever design for
promoting religion in schools by the back door?

How Christian conservative activists turn killers into cash cows -
- and why the press never notices

Religious Right Discovers Investment Activism

US rice may carry an arsenic burden
Legacy of cotton pesticides might be poisoning crops

My Right To Assemble

Happy in bed

What is Tantra and Tantric sex?

Aphrodisiacs - fact or myth?

Kama again?

Expanded Orgasm

Anti-Arrhythmic Effect of Wild Honey

Honey Fuels the Fit and Powerful

Headline News: August 3-4, 2005

Winston Churchill, Illuminati

Films Can Render or Distort Reality

London is World Terrorist Headquarters

The U.S. is a "Crown" Financial Colony

Democratic Fantasies: Symbols, slogans & spin

Adolph Eichmann and You

'The Long Knives of August', United States and Israel
Begin Retaliatory Killings
over September 11th Massacre in New York

'The Long Knives of August',
United States Special Forces Kill Israeli Backed
Sudanese Southern President,
Brain Dead Saudi Arabian King Taken Off Life Support

All 309 aboard survive Toronto jet crash

US warns on 'people power' revolt in Manila

Leaks suggest US military terror trials rigged

Bush family's cosy special relationship takes on a new complexity

King Fahd dies, Abdullah becomes new Saudi king

Dollar Declines
After IMF Says the U.S. Currency Is Overvalued

N-war in South Asia likely, warns US report

Russia will help Iran despite nuclear moves

Russia criticizes U.S. "imperialist" approach to Cuba

China to declare Israel a preferred tourist destination

N. Korea nuke talks near impasse

As rural unrest rises, Beijing sends stern warning

'Blair must banish religion from public life'

Is It 'Divine' Humiliation For The British Establishment?

Blair and ministers go on holiday despite terror crisis

The Coming UK Coup

Tell her, Tony
ONCE again Cherie Blair opens her mouth and puts her foot in it

European Central Bank's first chief found dead in France

France loses privileged relationship with Madagascar

Drought to leave mark on global grain flows

France to expel dozens of Islamic activists

France's worst paedophile trial ends

Teenage girls stay in jail
as Israel cracks down on settler protests

Israel Warns of Iran Nuclear Plans

The (Bigoted/Racist) Knesset approves law
to restrict family reunification between Israelis and Palestinians

Let us defeat the IDF

In Israel, an Old Twist on Resisting to the Death
Ritual Curse on Sharon Illustrates Extremists'
Bitter Opposition to Pullout Plan

Blast hits BA, BP offices in Iran

Egypt's homegrown terrorists

Fanatics around the world dream of the Caliph's return

Bush Administration Escalates Meddling in Cuba's Affairs

Cuba bristles at Bush 'transition' plan

Venezuela Military Delegation Visits Cuba

Charity group defies ban, takes aid to Cuba

Venezuela and Cuba Include US Poor in Eyesight Program
(Since the U.S. can't 'afford' it)

Venezuela's Chavez calls CAFTA 'perverse'

U.S. forecasts more hurricanes

The Iraq Infection

Iraq child prisoners abused by U.S. forces ?

Gene silencing could cure all diseases

Expedition sent to meteorite crash site in Siberia

400-year-old book on surgery found under floorboards

Dog star on ascent in the sky of August

Removal of Ovaries Increases Heart Disease Risk


Newest planet in solar system dubbed 'Xena'

State mulls response to chronic wasting disease

Tourists evacuated from Kamchatka volcano

Berkeley Scientists Identify Exploding Star

Yellowstone's deep secret

New study claims lying can help you lose weight

Scientists invent new love potion that works without fail

Jesus freaks and mobsters at the airport

Phallus impudicus spreads stench in Germany

Teen's Vomit Sentence Is Conundrum For Police

With Friends Like This…
U.S.-Israeli rift clouds the "special relationship"

Taking Down the Neocons
Federal probes will be their downfall

Free the Diplomats

Third prosecutor critical of Guantanamo trials

Iraqis Accuse Kuwait of Stealing Oil

National Defense for a Republic

Description of insurgents all in the eye of the beholder

Iraq Investigates Widespread Corruption

Torturing Prisoners? Not by the Book

The Bolton Embarrassment

The Treaty Wreckers
In just a few months, Bush and Blair have destroyed global restraint
on the development of nuclear weapons

Bad to the Last Drop

Napoleon's Lesson

America's 'Terrible Thing'

Operation Withdrawal Scam

The National Security Act, Corporations, and the Media

Dating Cheney's Nuclear Drumbeat

Trouble in the Land of the Free

Lawyers, Guns and Money:
'Just Put Down That Law Suit, Pardner, and No One Gets Hurt'

The Judy File

Revisiting Hiroshima

Former CIA worker analyses bin Laden threat

Cassini Finds Active Ice

on Enceladus

Brutal Improvisation by GIs

US Congress delivers for its corporate masters:
CAFTA, transport and energy bills approved

Devastating Niger famine: warnings ignored for nine months

University students in US face higher tuition and loan debt

Thai prime minister invokes emergency powers

Locked Down and Forgotten

Welcome Return to Enforcing Labor Laws

A Subway Bores Into the Ottoman and Byzantine Eras

Residents' task force to fight homeless plan

Royal Seal Unearthed in City of David

New analysis of pottery stirs Olmec trade controversy

Clouds of Dust

Ancient book of Russian sexual traditions found in Russian province

Satanists brutally torture and crucify 12-year-old boy

Polish skinheads attack Russian diplomats' children in Warsaw

Israel becomes closer to Russia

Colchis sepulcher proves authenticity of the
myth about Argonauts

Every little being and creature living on Earth to have its barcode

Scientists invent new love potion that works without fail

Read between the belly buttons

Brain-dead woman gives birth

Israeli forces surround Palestinian villages in northern West Bank

Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism

Polish PM: Iraq Nation-Building 'Failed'

Before the War, CIA Reportedly Trained a Team of
Iraqis to Aid U.S

US journalist reported killed in Iraq

Do you know this man?

Global warming may help make hurricanes stronger

They Sing the Comet Electric

Bend in the Rings

Bright Splat on Rhea

Quark-Gluon Plasma Created

Is Methane Evidence of Life on Mars?

Evolutionary Accident Probably Caused
The Worst Snowball Earth Episode

DNA Sequencing Speeds Up

Nanotube-Laser Combo Selectively Targets Cancer Cells

X-ray Technology Sheds Light on Ancient Stone Inscriptions

Researcher Uncovers Details of How Cancer Spreads

U.S. Didn’t Need to Drop Atomic Bombs to End WWII

Headline News: August 1-2,, 2005

World not set to deal with widespread flu

US allows shipment of F-16s to Pakistan

US Muslim clerics issue fatwa against terrorism

Guantanamo Bay base disgrace to US

U.S. evicted from air base in Uzbekistan

Risks increasing at hard-working US refineries

Russia’s Defense Ministry Deprives ABC Channel of Accreditation

Russia supports China-proposed draft in N.Korea talks

Russian fury as US TV interviews Chechen warlord

Russia does not care about other countries'
concerns over Russian-Chinese military exercises

Russia Rules out Concessions on Island Dispute with Japan

Advantage, China

Changing face of East-West trade

India, China will rule the world

China still in denial on mystery disease

Volcano erupts in Mexico

A pandemic warning

Disease tightens grip on Niger's starving children

More cases of livestock anthrax are found

Doctor warns of syphilis epidemic

A mystery disease has spawned mass hysteria
in three villages in Sabroom subdivision of South Tripura

Ashes fall on Mexico City after eruption of
Popocatepetl Volcano

Aggressive Rabid Animals Reported

Scientists sound alarm on Arctic ice cap

Why the US wants to end link between time and sun

There’s no mystery about the fate of Einstein’s brain

Log pyramids are part mystery, part fire danger

Scientists pinpoint gene in corn responsible for neat rows of kernels
Mutant stalk found in 1909 provided key to discovery

Hormone Therapy Reclassified as Carcinogenic

Tornado is 'worst for 25 years'

Pilgrims flock to see 'image of Jesus'

Link Discovered Between Coffee & Bladder Cancer

Hard fact: Cement scarce

Circumcision prevents urinary tract infection

Bizarre tale of two villages

NZ women hit by man drought

Historic anchor believed off Australia

Mystery of the $3.2m dead man

A 14-year-old boy who went into cardiac arrest
after he was zapped by a Chicago Police stun gun
had not threatened police or anyone

US Military Tactic of Using Dogs at Iraqi Prison
Came from Guantánamo

Oil Companies Discover 'Sustainability'

Manners and Morons

Energy bill lacks declaration of independence on foreign oil

Morality, Terrorism and the Laws of Motion

It’s Weird the Way We Both Despise and Envy the ‘Other’

Failed Democracy's Challenges Continue

Labor's Love Lost

U.S.-Run Baghdad Regime Can't Last

Terror Attacks are Response to Military Actions

A Few Obscenities for Blair and Company to Chew On

Colombia: Our Other War

Crime and Punishment

The American Flag

The House Debate on CAFTA

War is Fun as Hell

Karl Rove on Welfare

Azerbaijan Proposes Monitoring Of Historic Monuments in Occupied Land

Excavations reveal secrets of Roman road

Beaker people’s bones to reveal the past

Roman legion founded Chinese city

7000-year-old stone tools discovered in Bam region

Log boat begins year's drying out

Kish Island yields new artifacts

Discovery shuttle destroys USA's image
of technological predominance

Air show of legendary planes kicks off in the Moscow region

The last attempt to find mysterious celestial body

Number of sex-addicted people increases speedily

African man offers Bill Clinton 20 cows and 40 goats
to be able to wed his daughter Chelsea

China to draft law for circular economy

Babies 'learn' lifetime of obesity while in the womb

Diet experts tackle 12 weight-loss questions

Harrismith man facing charges of bestiality

Fast sequencing comes to light

Hubble Pinpoints Doomed Star That Explodes as Supernova

The source of terror

Former ECB chief Duisenberg found dead in France

Odds are there’s intelligent life outside of Earth

The experience of traveling in an Extraterrestrial UFO

Chemical signature of hydrogen breathing microbial life
on Saturn's moon

2004 December Tsunami precursor to
massive catastrophic volcano in the region
based on 74,000 years cycle

2012 – official revealing visit from M15 Globular Star Cluster

The fact that our mind can traverse the spatial dimensions
of the parallel universe shows we are
genetically connected to the aliens

Aliens rush to parallel universe as
sizeable chunk of the missing invisible universe floating
in super-hot rivers of gas threaten to destroy galaxies

Moving through a blackhole by bending space and time

The superstring theory in contemporary physics proves

the existence of parallel universe with many higher dimensions
where advanced alien civilizations prosper

The warfare of increasing the
positive ions in the adversary’s air

– making enemy soldiers depressed

Advanced alien civilizations are capable of traveling
from physical to parallel universes by artificially
accelerating the time dimension

Strange sound from beneath the ocean
when the Andaman Nicobar earthquake of 7.0 Richter hit
subtectonic experiments or construction?

Mountain Road UFO

UFO saga continues

UFO sighting in Exeter - again

Stealing money, and peace of mind

Pentagon: Sex, Drugs & Mind Control at Gitmo

Mind Control Software Makes Changes
and Viacom Promotes

Sex Offender Took Girl to Mexico

Brainy sex symbol Biel shuns typecasting

NY Doctor In Hot Water For Having Sex
In Waiting Room

Ex-diocese leader accused of sex abuse

Cheney's boundless Iraq profiteering

Saddam Hussein Attacked In Courtroom

Saddam Hussein's request for trial in Sweden turned down

A Summer of Double Super Secrecy
Fingerprints of Power

Not a Matter of Religious Belief

Bush torture policies: Suffer the little children...

I found myself...


The birth of the Shi'ite Empire

Death of a Brazilian or
how to massage the facts to fit the crime

EU will gradually accept Iran's nuclear right

10th rock from the sun

Burying Blair

post-mortem for the prissy PM

Blast survivors hit by gunfire

The Permanent Role of the U.S. Military in Iraq

Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

New Titles

Headline News: July 30-31, 2005

Seeing through man: scientific methods

H-2 Oh My!

Clinical Trials Indicate Value of Herbal Medicines

Holographic Brain

DMT ~ Water Spirit a Magical Link

Programmed Communication During Experiences With DMT

The Transcendental Object at the End of Time

The Joyous Cosmology

From the Ashes of World War II
by Erik Fortman

Paper Money Tyranny
by Ron Paul

The Power of Rhythmic Entrainment



Life Inside Venus?

Buckminster Fuller - The World is Round?



Kama Sutra Tantra Creative Sex

Kama Sutra & Tantra Fantasy



Tesla Tribute

The Marijuana Conspiracy

LSD: A Trip into the Future?

The Great Pyramid may still contain Khufu's intact pharaonic tomb
Discovery of mysterious doors suggests possibility of hidden treasures

Read what was discovered
in the hidden chambers
in 1976

Happy Independence Day

Our Birthrite To Ecstasy

Tantra for Women

Tantra for Men


Mystical Sex

Astrology and Sex


Knowledge and its Natural Consequence, Wisdom

What is Yoga?

The art and myth of the kiss

Simply for the pleasure of it

Allowing Yourself To Be Sexy
(Or Rewriting Your Book Of Limitations)

Embrace Your Eroticism

A man said to his wife one day,
I don't know how you can be so stupid and
so beautiful all at the same time."

The wife responded "Allow me to explain.
God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me.
God made me stupid so I would be attracted to you."

The Real History of Christianity

Fraud in the Bible

Behind The Bible Fraud

Mormonism: Anatomy of a Colossal Fraud

Religion of a Lie

Man of a Lie

Fraud in the Name of God?

Francis Bacon and the James 1st Bible

The Antichrist

"Conspiracy Theories" and Cultural Imperatives:
The Millennial Conspiracy Driving Cultural Evolution

A Penguin in the Selva Lacandona

90 years of unilateralism

Executive Blackmail:
The Betrayal of Democracy in Haiti

U.S. battle lines drawn on China export limits

US opening door for big pullback from Iraq

30% US soldiers develop mental disorders after Iraq mission

US to take China to task over Zimbabwe

Oil climbs above $60 on U.S. refinery fires

Bush policy backfiring in Asia

Russia to include Caspian and Barents Seas
in its global control system

China stocks nukes as anti-U.S. tactic

No case for China trade sanctions, says IMF

Putin pushes for merger with Belarus

Gov't plans to "vaccinate" kids against corruption

China saviour to Mugabe, but critics see 'invasion'

Russia, China to start building floating nuclear plant

Volcano erupts on island

Mexico's Volcano of Fire stages spectacular, predawn explosion

Distant object found orbiting Sun

'New planet' found in solar system

Diana crash car shipped to London

Overfishing raping our oceans

Planting trees may create deserts

Clues to What's Inside Earth Discovered

Oldest dinosaur eggs yet held hapless babies

Canada issues warning to gay travelers


Genes that extend lifespan discovered

The Neon Sun:
New Study Appears to Solve Mystery

Scientists conduct powerful experiment at Nevada Test Site

Ranchers Use Sensitivity Training to Fight Mad Cow Disease

'Toilet revolution' in China

Israel planning to create Jewish neighbourhood
in Muslim quarter of Jerusalem's old city

Ancient Iraqi harp reproduced

Mystery Man of Stonehenge

Egnatia digs reveal Roman road secrets

The 'Jesus' Coin

Teotihuacan tombs found during Mexico dig

Stolen treasures
Zahi Hawass wants the Rosetta Stone

Roman lead industry found in bog

A SEWER might be no place for an emperor,
but that is where archaeologists have discovered
a marble statue of the head of Constantine,
one of Rome’s greatest leaders.

Africa: So far to go

USA's ABC News propagandizes terrorism

USA, China and India outlaw Kyoto Protocol

Russian defense specialists design unique weaponry
to struggle against terrorists

Russia to develop unique spaceships
to exclude tile-chipping accidents

Young Russian families today:
responsible irresponsibility

Ancient dentists recommended Portuguese urine
as perfect whitening ingredient

Man uses thermometer inside his reproductive organ

Humans learn without explicit thought

Sinn Fein urges debate on GM crops

Whistle-Blower Faces FBI Probe

Mars Plan Envisions Comfy Colony

Mimas and Tethys Circling Saturn

Supernova, Before and After

Ingredients of Life 10 Billion Light-Years Away

Build Big by Thinking Small

Water Ice

in a Martian Crater

On Saturn's Darkside

What's Making Martian Methane?

Paper's Natural Fingerprint Could Be
Built-In Passport Protection

Nanoparticles Pass Muster as Vectors for Gene Therapy

Cassini Reports on Sights--and Sounds--of Saturnian Neighborhood

Cassini Finds Recent And Unusual Geology On Enceladus

Stress Slows Wound Healing; Oxygen Helps

Amazon River Cycles Carbon Faster Than Thought

Carbon Monoxide:
Poison Gas Or Anti-inflammatory Drug?

Role Of Melanin In Preventing Macular Degeneration

Ancient Tiberias Reveals More Of Its Beauty

Broccoli Packs Powerful Punch To Bladder Cancer Cells

Knee Pain Often Linked To Pain Elsewhere In The Body

Female Genital Mutilation Could Cause Infertility

Acupuncture Cuts Tension Headache Rates by Almost Half

Flu viruses mix it up

Race Affects How We Learn to Fear Others

Evolution Revolution:
Two Species Become One

Study Shows Life in Tidal Areas at Risk

Over There – Hollywood Joins the War Party

Disengagement's Foreplay

Reality Bites Back

Hard to find good news in Iraq

Bush plans to sidestep Senate on Bolton

A Costly Education for America
Watching neocons spin the collapse of "the Bush doctrine"

No Stinking Badges

Americans losing in Iraq and
Lebanon is on brink of civil war

Time to end nuclear defence policy

Hard-liners lose clout in N. Korea talks

“"Mein Kampf" by George Bush & Tony Blair

About Those Nuclear Attack Speculations

Iraqi Journalist's Death Looks Like Assassination

'Withdrawal'; forget about it

Gold Star Mother Has it Right on Iraq

Bush Won't Block Abuse of Detainees

US murdering Iraqi detainees

Oil and Blood

The FBI's review of WMD forgeries looks like a sham

Brain drain puts new strain on Iraq

Blair the Camera Man

US fraud found in Iraq reconstruction

Masters and deputies

Where is Our Iraq Going???



Terrorism brings no mirth - Yet the myth persists!

Darker Purpose

New Iraq, Guantanamo Prison Abuses Revealed

Bring on investigation of White House conspiracy

TV Anchors;

field-marshals in the Information-war

Brutality That Boomerangs

Ye Shall Know the Truth:
Profits of the New World Order

Energy Bill Removes Local Say
in Siting Dangerous LNG Facilities

The CAFTA Fifteen: The New Heroes of the Poor?

Neck Deep in the Big Muddy

Giant 'Bra Fence' Sparks Controversy

What the parrot said to the vicar...

When Language Grows Darker and Darker

Pope's old home popular with nudists

Mag offers free brothel session

Police powerless on outdoor orgies

Bride marries wrong man

Asbo orders teen to get drunk

Drunk picks fight with bear

Bush: 'Time I grew up'

Man lost job for being 'dead'

Builder stole panties for work

Man stole cop car to get to work

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