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Headline News: July 30-31, 2005

2400+ News and Articles in July 2005

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Ethics OUT the Window
Texas Comptroller Strayhorn

The 2005 Texas Legislature
Tantamount to Treason

Legislative Greed

Nineteen Percent!

Cheerleader Laws

School Finance

Marriage Laws

Seeing through man: scientific methods

Anti-Arrhythmic Effect of Wild Honey

Honey Fuels the Fit and Powerful

H-2 Oh My!

Clinical Trials Indicate Value of Herbal Medicines

Holographic Brain

DMT ~ Water Spirit a Magical Link

Programmed Communication During Experiences With DMT

The Transcendental Object at the End of Time

The Joyous Cosmology

From the Ashes of World War II
by Erik Fortman

Paper Money Tyranny
by Ron Paul

The Power of Rhythmic Entrainment



Life Inside Venus?

Buckminster Fuller - The World is Round?



Kama Sutra Tantra Creative Sex

Kama Sutra & Tantra Fantasy



Tesla Tribute

The Marijuana Conspiracy

LSD: A Trip into the Future?

The Great Pyramid may still contain Khufu's intact pharaonic tomb
Discovery of mysterious doors suggests possibility of hidden treasures

Read what was discovered
in the hidden chambers
in 1976

Happy Independence Day

Our Birthrite To Ecstasy

Tantra for Women

Tantra for Men


Mystical Sex

Astrology and Sex


Knowledge and its Natural Consequence, Wisdom

What is Yoga?

The art and myth of the kiss

Simply for the pleasure of it

Allowing Yourself To Be Sexy
(Or Rewriting Your Book Of Limitations)

Embrace Your Eroticism

A man said to his wife one day,
I don't know how you can be so stupid and
so beautiful all at the same time."

The wife responded "Allow me to explain.
God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me.
God made me stupid so I would be attracted to you."

The Real History of Christianity

Fraud in the Bible

Behind The Bible Fraud

Mormonism: Anatomy of a Colossal Fraud

Religion of a Lie

Man of a Lie

Fraud in the Name of God?

Francis Bacon and the James 1st Bible

The Antichrist

"Conspiracy Theories" and Cultural Imperatives:
The Millennial Conspiracy Driving Cultural Evolution

A Penguin in the Selva Lacandona

90 years of unilateralism

Executive Blackmail:
The Betrayal of Democracy in Haiti

U.S. battle lines drawn on China export limits

US opening door for big pullback from Iraq

30% US soldiers develop mental disorders after Iraq mission

US to take China to task over Zimbabwe

Oil climbs above $60 on U.S. refinery fires

Bush policy backfiring in Asia

Russia to include Caspian and Barents Seas
in its global control system

China stocks nukes as anti-U.S. tactic

No case for China trade sanctions, says IMF

Putin pushes for merger with Belarus

Gov't plans to "vaccinate" kids against corruption

China saviour to Mugabe, but critics see 'invasion'

Russia, China to start building floating nuclear plant

Volcano erupts on island

Mexico's Volcano of Fire stages spectacular, predawn explosion

Distant object found orbiting Sun

'New planet' found in solar system

Diana crash car shipped to London

Overfishing raping our oceans

Planting trees may create deserts

Clues to What's Inside Earth Discovered

Oldest dinosaur eggs yet held hapless babies

Canada issues warning to gay travelers


Genes that extend lifespan discovered

The Neon Sun:
New Study Appears to Solve Mystery

Scientists conduct powerful experiment at Nevada Test Site

Ranchers Use Sensitivity Training to Fight Mad Cow Disease

'Toilet revolution' in China

Israel planning to create Jewish neighbourhood
in Muslim quarter of Jerusalem's old city

Ancient Iraqi harp reproduced

Mystery Man of Stonehenge

Egnatia digs reveal Roman road secrets

The 'Jesus' Coin

Teotihuacan tombs found during Mexico dig

Stolen treasures
Zahi Hawass wants the Rosetta Stone

Roman lead industry found in bog

A SEWER might be no place for an emperor,
but that is where archaeologists have discovered
a marble statue of the head of Constantine,
one of Rome’s greatest leaders.

Africa: So far to go

USA's ABC News propagandizes terrorism

USA, China and India outlaw Kyoto Protocol

Russian defense specialists design unique weaponry
to struggle against terrorists

Russia to develop unique spaceships
to exclude tile-chipping accidents

Young Russian families today:
responsible irresponsibility

Ancient dentists recommended Portuguese urine
as perfect whitening ingredient

Man uses thermometer inside his reproductive organ

Humans learn without explicit thought

Sinn Fein urges debate on GM crops

Whistle-Blower Faces FBI Probe

Mars Plan Envisions Comfy Colony

Mimas and Tethys Circling Saturn

Supernova, Before and After

Ingredients of Life 10 Billion Light-Years Away

Build Big by Thinking Small

Water Ice

in a Martian Crater

On Saturn's Darkside

What's Making Martian Methane?

Paper's Natural Fingerprint Could Be
Built-In Passport Protection

Nanoparticles Pass Muster as Vectors for Gene Therapy

Cassini Reports on Sights--and Sounds--of Saturnian Neighborhood

Cassini Finds Recent And Unusual Geology On Enceladus

Stress Slows Wound Healing; Oxygen Helps

Amazon River Cycles Carbon Faster Than Thought

Carbon Monoxide:
Poison Gas Or Anti-inflammatory Drug?

Role Of Melanin In Preventing Macular Degeneration

Ancient Tiberias Reveals More Of Its Beauty

Broccoli Packs Powerful Punch To Bladder Cancer Cells

Knee Pain Often Linked To Pain Elsewhere In The Body

Female Genital Mutilation Could Cause Infertility

Acupuncture Cuts Tension Headache Rates by Almost Half

Flu viruses mix it up

Race Affects How We Learn to Fear Others

Evolution Revolution:
Two Species Become One

Study Shows Life in Tidal Areas at Risk

Over There – Hollywood Joins the War Party

Disengagement's Foreplay

Reality Bites Back

Hard to find good news in Iraq

Bush plans to sidestep Senate on Bolton

A Costly Education for America
Watching neocons spin the collapse of "the Bush doctrine"

No Stinking Badges

Americans losing in Iraq and
Lebanon is on brink of civil war

Time to end nuclear defence policy

Hard-liners lose clout in N. Korea talks

“"Mein Kampf" by George Bush & Tony Blair

About Those Nuclear Attack Speculations

Iraqi Journalist's Death Looks Like Assassination

'Withdrawal'; forget about it

Gold Star Mother Has it Right on Iraq

Bush Won't Block Abuse of Detainees

US murdering Iraqi detainees

Oil and Blood

The FBI's review of WMD forgeries looks like a sham

Brain drain puts new strain on Iraq

Blair the Camera Man

US fraud found in Iraq reconstruction

Masters and deputies

Where is Our Iraq Going???



Terrorism brings no mirth - Yet the myth persists!

Darker Purpose

New Iraq, Guantanamo Prison Abuses Revealed

Bring on investigation of White House conspiracy

TV Anchors;

field-marshals in the Information-war

Brutality That Boomerangs

Ye Shall Know the Truth:
Profits of the New World Order

Energy Bill Removes Local Say
in Siting Dangerous LNG Facilities

The CAFTA Fifteen: The New Heroes of the Poor?

Neck Deep in the Big Muddy

Giant 'Bra Fence' Sparks Controversy

What the parrot said to the vicar...

When Language Grows Darker and Darker

Pope's old home popular with nudists

Mag offers free brothel session

Police powerless on outdoor orgies

Bride marries wrong man

Asbo orders teen to get drunk

Drunk picks fight with bear

Bush: 'Time I grew up'

Man lost job for being 'dead'

Builder stole panties for work

Man stole cop car to get to work

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New Titles July 2005

Headline News: July 28-29, 2005

American Revolution, Now!
Eliminate the One Party System with Two Faces

Fallacies about international terrorism

Castro and Chavez light a fire of revolutions in
Latin America against USA's supremacy

New Venezuelan TV network for Latin America
outrages Washington

Ukraine disappoints the West

Georgia blames another crime on Russia

USA to keep its army bases in post-Soviet states
to control Afghanistan and put pressure on China

World superpowers determined to diminish
North Korea's nuclear ambition

Man survives after being blocked 300 meters
under the ground for six days

Discovery's insulation likely to result in
major rescue operation in space

Primeval humans practiced
cult of phallus 28,000 years ago

Russians do not like visiting doctors, study says

The Religious Left Fights Back

A Better Way to Tackle Terror

Operation: Enduring Presence

Menezes' Killing Casts Ugly Glare
on Racial Profiling

Blowback in Iraq
The U.S. invasion empowered Iran:
was that the agenda all along?

Imperial Policy in Action

US plans Iraq troop cuts as revolt rages

North Korea Rejects U.S. Plan on Arms

Condemning terrorism to the exclusion of everything
else will not equip us to deal with the threat we face

The War Is Over, and We...

Dance of deception

Afghans besiege US base to protest arrests

Ancient Tiberias reveals more of its beauty

Ramses II statue to be freed from cage

Investigation seeks clues to demise of ancestral Hopi town

Echinacea no help for colds

Abu Ghraib Warden Testifies About Dog Use

Abu Ghraib learned from Guantanamo

Ethics office drops nepotism allegation against Navajo president

Navajo President signs 'long overdue' education act

NRC Judge Sides with Mining Company

Tribes gather in mix of cultures

Program Aims To Preserve Navajo Language

North American Meteorite Explosions Continue
As Previously Unknown Debris Field Hits Planet,
Continued Solar Flares Raising Concerns
among Scientists

Military, Bush team clashed on questioning

U.S. working up new birdflu plan, official says

Long-term military existence in Central Asia:
US strategic goal

US Federal Judge Decries Secret Tribunals
Ressam judge decries U.S. tactics

Record heat strains power grid in US

Heat and drought bringing crisis to Midwest farms

U.S.-Israel crisis deepens over defense exports to China

US Changes Name of War,
(It's Called SPIN)
Will No Longer Be Called 'Terror War'

U.S. officials scoff at China equity oil quest

U.S. Energy Industry's Lobbying Pays Off
With $11.6 Bln in Aid

China unfairly blamed for the world's oil price surge

Russians to launch anti-terror strikes

Russian ministry calls for stricter control over lawyers

Yuan float a move towards new currency zone

Year's First Case Of Plague

Post office will test for anthrax

Dry Venezuela Island lived boom-to-bust pearl rush

Grain by grain, our Earth grows

UFO sighting in Exeter

Strange Light May Have Been Exploding Meteorite

Meteorite hits tractor

A collective shitting in the pants

Mystery of the fifth London bomb

Beware Of Strange Men With Rocket Launchers

Get smart with virtual reality 'brain helmet'

It's strange but true:
Scotland is home to some weird places

Knox jailer discovered in hotel with Blount inmate

Dinghy sex drama on UK sea

Whoever is planting trees also returns to water them

US army computers 'shut down by hacker'

Sharon targeted with 'death curse'

Loan shark who charged 8,000% interest rate
jailed for four years

Women Pushing Car Charged With DUI

The Democrats 2008 Choice:
Sell Out & Lose, Or Stand Up & Win

Worlds Apart

The Hidden Pages of CAFTA

Live Strong or Live Wrong?
Why Lance Must Break With Bush

Paleoclimate or Paleopolitics?

Stop the Hunger Horror Tour

Iraq: The Human Toll

Court Nominee Lets Rove Hide in Back Pages

Former Bush aide turns critic as Iraq inspector

A Crude Approach

ISP 'censored' anti-war email

A War By Any Other Name



A Shot in the Head:
Blair Answers Terrorism with Promises of
more killings abroad and at home

Database Kills Algerian Diplomats

Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal
The Source Beyond Rove

Guardsman: CIA beat Iraqis with hammer handles


There will be no program or no political means
replacing the Resistance and Liberation Program!
The Arab Baath Socialist Party

The Globalization of State Terror

Insurgents haven't heard that this war is almost over

"We Regard Falluja As a Large Prison"

Ignoring US, Chalabi Pursues Attempt
to Fire Hussein Judge

Iraq police accused of torture

US majority doubts America will win Iraq war

The London Police's Mossad-style
Execution of a 'Suspect'

Halliburton announces 284 percent increase in war profits

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Texas Music 24 Hours

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June's Interesting Site

New Titles July 2005

Headline News: July 26-27, 2005

Justified Murder:
Don't Ever Become a Terror Suspect!
As if You Have a Choice

The ideological alibi of the bourgeois economists

Russian women marrying foreign men likely to be
deprived of Russian citizenship

USA ready to compromise to solve the problem of
North Korean nuclear program

Nicaragua's crisis rises concerns among fellow Latin American countries

US Congress plans to assign $85 million
to fund political organizations in Russia

Terrorist groups compete over responsibility for
Egypt's Sharm-el-Sheik attacks

Humans to destroy Earth's biosphere
with carbon gas emissions by 25th century

Energy Deal Has Tax Breaks for Companies

Shuttle soars but doubts remain

West Nile Found in 41% of Mosquitoes in Louisiana Tests

Deadly illness in China linked to pig bacteria

Stem Cells Restore Heart Function in Pigs

Base Alimony

India slams Japanese envoy's remarks on Gurgaon violence

Who's Taking Blame for Christian Violence?

It's not Weak to Ask 'Why?'

On China at Least, Nixon Was Right

House Demagoguery on Iraq

Time to Put Curbs on Lobbying

Seeing the Dead and Wounded in William Westmoreland's Eyes

Big Money Congress Doesn't Deserve a Pay Raise

A 2008 Fantasy: If Bush Were Different

Keeping Watch Over the Wrong People

Ghosts of the 1915 U.S. Invasion Still Haunt Haiti's People

What Bush Doesn't Know

The "Megalopolis" Century

The Great Gray Whale...or This Story Has No Moral

Community Ownership &
Challenging the GOP's Privatization Agenda

"Wagging the Puppy" -- and
Unleashing the Deadly Dogs of War

Bush Administration’s Hurricane Relief Offer
to Cuba is an Embarrassment

Súmate put on trial as U.S. puppet


Ancient stone phallus found in Germany

Voyage aims to solve ancient mystery

Golden Treasure Unearthed in Bulgaria

Archaeologists announce new discoveries at Soltanieh

Italian police recover thousands of artifacts

Ancient Roman puzzle yields clues

Solidarity Later?

Our Rights Suspended for 10 More Years

The Pentagon's China Hypocrisy

Legal Battle Erupts Over New Abu Ghraib Photos

Al-Qaida Statement Warns Muslims in Iraq

Despite $2 billion spent, residents say Baghdad is crumbling

Shots to the Heart of Iraq

Conflicts' costs may exceed $700 billion
War in Iraq, Afghanistan saddles U.S. taxpayers with enormous debt,
critics say; deficit spending blamed.

The Iraqi Resistance Is Prepared For Ten Year War

The Morals of Tony Blair

Are Stupid White Men Really Stupid?

Bush White House ran
'off-the-books' covert operation for Iraq elections

Study documents US-inflicted carnage on Iraqi people

About 1,000 protest outside main
US base in Afghanistan after arrests

Medium quake rattles Montana

Muslim leader says U.S. behind Sept. 11

Attack in California?

Russia’s Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered in Apartment

Russia sees global jihad on southern flank

Russia Rejects Japan Abduction Issue
at N. Korea Nuclear Talks

China rapidly turning into the factory of the world

Central bank denies quick rise in RMB value

China Engaging In Bird Flu Cover Up

Mugabe begs China for credit

100,000 foreigners enjoy life in China

China shows who's really the boss now

Israeli Civil War Imminent As Secret Plans to
Build Giant Casino by Sharon Criminal Backers Discovered

Greenland glacier sliding into sea

An asteroid, headed our way

Heat warning grips nation
Record highs seen striking Carolinas

Symptoms in Sichuan China Resemble 1918 Flu Pandemic

Havana on health alert after eight children die

Earthquake hits India's Nicobar Islands

Western Cities See Record Heat


Computer scientists to copy brain of a mammal

Exercise Can't Halt Aging Effects

Rare Children's Disease Unlocks Aging's Secrets

Pilgrims flock to see Naples' 'moving' Madonna statue

Did 1918-19 Flu Pandemic Begin
Earlier Than Thought?

28,000-year-old stone phallus found in Germany

Fossils of giant panda discovered in Chongqing

China works out world's first system to decod mammalian genes

A New Face: A Bold Surgeon, an Untried Surgery

Mexico Launches Genetic Mapping Project

Couple Steals Venezuelan President's Computer

$75,000 for Israel war hero’s eyepatch

Florida Releases Boy From Hospital Over Parents Fears,
Boy Then Kills 11 Year Old Sister

Christians face jail for giving treats to children of Muslims

Wrong analysis, wrong initiative:
response to "raising the alarm"

Oil on troubled waters may stop hurricanes

Sewage system offers timely relief

British chickens are ulcerous

Is your diet making you infertile?

Obesity treatment 'a success'

Mob mentality a danger to society


Scientists record eerie sounds of Saturn

When wealth and poverty began

Privacy Guru Locks Down VOIP

Shuttle Debris Fuels NASA's Fears

Measures to Prevent the Contamination of Mars

Strange Ice Boulders on Enceladus

View of Hadley Rille

Galaxy's Invisible Arms Revealed

The 2005 Perseid Meteor Shower

BMD Focus: The Test Of Reality

A Nano DNA-Delivery System

Exposure to Pesticides in Schools Produces Illnesses

Delivery of Routine Preventive Services Suboptimal

Halloween Rooted in Celtic Tradition

Today's Pledge May Be Unconstitutional

Increasing Religious Involvement of Abortion-Rights Groups

Mass. Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Hospitals To Offer EC to Rape Survivors

Family says son was forgotten

John Roberts and the National Security State

In Plain English

Evil Ideology

Water Not War Floods The Streets Of New York City

2,000 vets call for release of more Abu Ghraib photos

Saddam asks to meet Ramsey Clark

No Video of the 3 Bombers Inside
the London Subway Cars before they blew up?

Hitler's Shadow and the Coming Storm

Sharm el-Sheik and the Strategy of Tension

Headline News: July 25, 2005

Jason Miller: Economic injustice
... America's new leading export

Sixth Major Storm Churns Toward US

China, India challenge U.S. for access to world's oil

Russian church warns against Ukraine-style uprising

China shows who's really the boss now

Envoy's defection puts focus on China espionage

Economic doomsday looms for China's rulers

China says rate change won't help US

Western Cities See Record Heat

Red Tide bloom still mysterious

Strong Quake Hits Near Tokyo

Sahara sand cloud moves in

Scientists seek fresh chance to dig up Stonehenge's secrets

Brain scientists offer insight into vision

Scientists discover what causes heart failure


Orpheus Grave Discovered in Bulgaria

Americans Say World War III Likely

Company Develops A Better Toilet Paper

UK chemist tilts at autism's origins

Catholic dissent over mystery of the pregnant Madonnas
Italian author claims paintings are linked to suppression of
Knights Templar

After Chase, Man Ends Up In Own Courtroom

Popcorn Plant Worker Awarded $3 Million In Health Suit

Blair Spent $3,130 on Makeup in Six Years

No butts:
Bill to stop drivers from lighting up behind the wheel

German builder stole panties for work

Lawmakers debate castration as punishment for sex offeners

Inmate sues over fingertip in frozen dinner

Late with a payment? No wonder car won't start
A new device reminds drivers when a car payment is due.
And if they don't pay up, they're not going anywhere

Seafloor survey buoys Atlantis claim
Earthquake debris shores up evidence for lost city.

Strange Colorful Cloud Forms Over Fort Worth

Science fiction-like materials discovered

Chronic fatigue gene signs found

Canadian National Public Radio Broadcasts Call
for State Control of Religion, Especially Catholicism

Cheney's Plan: Nuke Iran
Stand athwart the apocalypse, and shout: "No!"

Effort to Charge London Suspect Was Blocked by US

Resort To Fear

I name the four powers who are behind
the al-Qaeda conspiracy

The Pain of Patriotism

Iraq: This is now an unwinnable conflict

Pentagon Blocks Release of Abu Ghraib Images:
Here's Why

Hicks faces 'political show trial':
US military lawyer

British Cops trained in Israel
"Operation Kratos":
London Met Police Special Operations Unit
"Shoot to Kill"

War Stories

Grief for British, but none for Iraqis?

Why Generals Won't Ask for More Troops

Mrs. Jesus or a prostitute, Mary Magdalene matters

Church wages web war with 'Da Vinci Code'

Corporate Socialism, Not Free Trade
CAFTA is no panacea for U.S. or Central America

The Ortega Free Trade Fear Factor

China Floats, America Sinks
Yuan Kicks Dollar Butt By Rejecting "Free Market"

Government Defies an Order to
Release Iraq Abuse Photos

Barton-Bass MTBE Deal Puts Americans' Health At Risk
And Lets Oil Companies Off The Hook

Butterfly unlocks evolution secret

Western mass media get into the mess with Russian corruption
Globally recognized newspapers and magazines should obviously
stay away from such blatant lack of professionalism

Child Abuse at Abu Ghraib

Punishment for looking like a terrorist -
- Five shots to the head

Where the hell were we?

Bonifaz Connects Rove-Gate and Downing Street Memo

Was a "Bomber" Superimposed onto
Metropolitan Police Surveillance Camera Photo?

Charles de Menezes:
Executed to Instill Fear

Blair Is Unfit to Be Prime Minister

Six decades on the third rock from the sun

Plame Games Expose WMD 'Intelligence Failure' Scam

Jean Charles de Menezes

Sun's regular columnist Richard Littlejohn came
perilously close to inciting hatred against Muslims and Arabs

Cynicism and the Use of Depleted Uranium

Blair the Evil Ideologist

There is nothing to love America for

Iraq paper: Saddam to be executed soon

Canada wins dumbest government at
World Stupidity Awards;
Bush wins one award

The "Magic Bomb" Theory

Quake hits Nicobar

Rove scandal chipping at Bush agenda

Egypt feels al-Qa'ida wrath

Potter mania could negatively affect kids: psychiatrists

Historic dock defence wall found

Ancient artifacts discovered at Bardak Siah Palace

GM crops created superweed

Discovery Launch To Go Ahead Even If
Fuel Gauge Malfunctions

Spirit Scampering Up Husband Hill

Deep Impact: During and After Impact

Toxic Surfs

How to warn the public about bird flu

Achilles Heel of the Herpes Virus Possibly Found

Genetic Origins of Corn on the Cob

The Science of Lance Armstrong:
Born, and Built, to Win

Stone Age Cave Art, Artifacts Found in Borneo

Headline News: July 23-24, 2005

Riches keep on coming for US chief executive officers

Jesus would vote to eliminate sales tax on food

US interest rates to rise further

Weak is theme of survey on raises

N.Korea calls for peace treaty with U.S.

Africa looms larger on US oil map

WTO against U.S. allowing tax breaks

U.S. court rejects Israeli spy Pollard's appeal

House votes to extend Patriot Act

Venezuela and U.S. on the brink of "electronic war"

U.S. Missile Defense Being Expanded, General Says

When Asia holds key security meeting,
top US official will be a no-show

Russia demands extra medical checks for foreigners

USA spooked by Russia and China

Social corruption in Russia reached $3 billion

U.S., Russia descend into mutual mistrust
Divisions threaten anti-terror efforts

Anthrax Epidemic Hits United States, Thousands of Animals Dead,
US Government Orders Media Blackout

Nuclear Attack in United States ‘Imminent’ As Jews
Continuing Fleeing From North America,
Benjamin Netanyahu Identified As London ‘Target’ In Bombings,
Israel Continues Descent into Total Chaos

Massive New Atlantic Storms Force Russian Naval Evacuations
from the Americas as Scientists Declare Global Weather Systems
Totally Broken

Russia ready to deliver 15 million tons of oil to China in 2006

Russia okays program to eliminate chemical weapons

Yen Soars After China Ends Its Decade-Long
Peg to the Dollar

US charges China with human rights violations
(or Kettle calls the Pot black)

Vietnam, China determined to expand ties

China fighting Falun Gong in US

China's stance on "no first use" of nuclear weapons
remains unchanged

China takes the shackles off yuan

Common Sense About India?

Iraq: What Are We Fighting For?
An "Islamic republic," that's what

Poisonous Misinterpretations

PATRIOT Act is a Threat to Liberty
by Rep. Ron Paul

Nobody's Fault

Tearing Up the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

The Iraq war is over, and the winner is... Iran

The Iran War Buildup

Experts offer pessimistic outlooks on Iraq

Arab network airs judge's interrogation of Saddam

A government of lies:
The political meaning of the Rove affair

NewYork Times' Thomas Friedman
libels opponents of Iraq war

US military exonerated torturers of John Walker Lindh

Islamic terrorists originate from racism and racial intolerance

Another perpetual motor

built in Russia

Lead to mystery of Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids
and Noah's Ark hidden somewhere in Siberia

Useful tips on handling stress

Phenomenon of suicide takes shape of
fashion trend worldwide

Every 4th Russian resistant to AIDS thanks to mutant gene

Powerful explosions kill 80 in Egypt's Sharm-El-Sheik resort

China's yuan revaluation starts another
stage of US dollar demise worldwide

CIA's La Dolce Vita War on Terror

The Iran War Buildup


Does US Care About Niger Now?

Rove Scandal Could Stick

TreasonGate - What Did Bush Know,
And When Did He Know It?

In Terrifying Times,
Communal Courage is Better than Fear

How the UN Won the War

Karl Rove and "True" Islam

The Bigger Picture

Refuse to be Searched on the NYC Subway

Revised: The Constitution of the New United States of America

The Painful Truth of Freedom’s Demise

"The Airwaves Are Falling!"

Guantanamo; the Calculus of Human Misery

Israel denies access to a caravan for justice in Palestine

China planted 4.8 million hectares of trees in
six major forestry projects in 2004

Mubarak inspects Sharm el-Sheikh blast sites

Zambian president condemns mine workers violence

How Black Ops Staged the London Bombings

Ft. Carson Scum Want To Send War-Resisting
Iraq Vets Wife To Prison Too

Niger Yellowcake and
The Man Who Forged Too Much

So why isn't the mainstream media reporting it?

Sodomizing Children. For Freedom

Socialist advance and the necessity of alliance
with liberation and independence movements

Bush Administration Files 11th Hour Papers Blocking the
Release of Darby CD Photos and Video Of Abu Ghraib Torture

Endless Nightmare, Ever Darker

Remembering Srebrenica, Thinking Of Fallujah

Syria accuses US forces of killing two Syrian security guards

Master Plan

Will a Voice of Conscience Be Heard?
Conscientious Objection on Trial:
The Court Martial of Kevin

America's Downing Syndrome, or
Why the Not-So-Secret

The Bigger Picture

White House threatens veto

over detainee policies


Residents fleeing Tal Afar
Fear of military attack on insurgents spurs exodus

Karl, Karl, Karl

They Are Not Conspiracy Theories
They Are, in Fact, Discoveries

Bush and Blair: On the wrong course

The True, Terrible State of Iraq

I pledge my allegiance to the poor and oppressed

George W. Bush is a Goddamn Liar

Hasib Hussain's magical pants

Has Huygens found life on Titan?

Ruling upheld nixing redress over Unit 731 germ warfare

Green Fireballs Over Los Alamos

Next Mars Orbiter Will Launch August 10

A Trip to Mars Needs Waste

The concept of negative time
common in the parallel universes and fascinating to live through

Japanese Balloons The FBI & UFOs

UFOs are everywhere

Neutron stars provide clues to creating
the powerful electromagnetic flux
the central source of stealth, navigation, stealth and armor
of an Extraterrestrial UFO

Mars laser-communication mission cancelled

Flying saucer spotted at afternoon tea

Mystery of crop circle in Kent feld

Where there's Foo, there's likely to be fire...or is there?

Eros Findings Reveal New Way to Study Asteroids

Is ours the only universe?

Chandra Finds Long-Sought Link to Origin of Millisecond Pulsars

Revelations about the center of the Earth

Meteorites show Mars too cold for life

Sculpted by Wind and Water

Whale Collisions Spur Call for Speed Limits at Sea

Appetite hormone may squelch learning

From Eco-Chumps to Champs

Researchers Identify Gene's Role
In Suppressing Longevity

Save Me From Myself

Archaeologists unearth ancient irrigation system


Unearthing the hidden past buried
beneath grounds of Priory Park

Prometheus On the Edge of the Rings

Mars Has Been Cold for Billions of Years

Congress: TSA Broke Privacy Laws

Arsenic may have driven King George III mad

Bacteria use your immune system to kill each other

Tobacco transformation takes root

Yeast could contain 'key to improved cancer treatment'

Farms' runoff pollutes lakes

Sea view helps cut stress levels

The Wonders of Scorpius

New Hawaiian caterpillar captures dinner

CDC details U.S. toxic exposures

Don Quixote's Home Shows Way To
Future Earth Observation Missions

Dustiest Star Could Harbor A Young Earth

Gene's Mutations Found To Cause Life-threatening Aortic Disease

Bush aide misled FBI

Strong quake jolts Tokyo, 18 injured

Basic hospital care criticized

West Nile detected in Uintah mosquitoes

Headline News: July 21-22, 2005

The Wayward Media

The true measure of the US and British failure

Did Dick Finger Valerie?

General Westmoreland's Death Wish and the War in Iraq

Deeper White House Horrors?

Trading With Iraqi Civilians' Lives

Seven Seven, Shades of Nine Eleven:
Missing al-Qaedaite

Where are the Maps of the London Underground?

How did Greenspan Know about
the London Bombings Two Days before?

9 Dismissed From Tribunal Trying Saddam


The US wants the oil and 'al-Qu’eda' wants your soul

Don't Mourn, Memorialize



Statement to the Great People of Iraq

Three British Soldiers in Iraq Facing War Crimes Charges

We open ambulance door to sniper fire’

Failure in Falluja

Pro-war parents:
How to get your kid into uniform

Protest rally against BBC coverage of Iraq war

From Hiroshima to Fallujah:
The (US) slaughter of civilians continues

(and don't forget WACO!)

Fire Sulzberger and Judith Miller for WMD Hoax

The Neocons Have Played U.S. for a Chump!"


Soldiers forced to shout 'bang'
as the Army runs out of ammunition

Majority of Soldiers Say Iraq Morale Low

Baghdad hospital doctors on strike against soldiers

First Stop Syria; Next Stop Iran

The Other Iraq

Poodle Censors Critic

Chinese and Russian Military Forces Rush
To Counter Japanese Moves As United States Naval Forces
Steam Towards Asia;
China Threatens Nuclear Retaliation Against American Cities

US House, Senate approve funding bills for US foreign operations

Bush keeps up push for renewal of Federal Government
violating rights and the constitution

Abductee Still Jailed, Lawyer Says
Egyptian Cleric Was Seized in Milan in Alleged CIA Action

Muqtada As-Sadr Accuses US Of Being Behind
Baghdad Bombings

U.S. says China could be long-term regional threat

Violence in Iraq left nearly 23,000 civilians dead and
42,500 injured in the two years
after the U.S.-led invasion

China Severs Its Currency's Link to Dollar

US wanton distortion

Protesters in China get angrier and bolder

American senators impose restrictions on aid for Russia
(more of the Donkey and the Carrot Diplomacy
that fails time and time again)

Foreigners meddling in Russia

Russia's image: More freedom

New superbug outbreak sweeps southern England

Power plants worried as heat wave warms Great Lakes

Heavy Rain Causes Earth Tremors in German Alps

Quake sounds reveal Earth 'ripping apart'

Bizarre season of heat, hail and floods

Six additional cases of Legionnaires’ disease

UN warning over Niger famine crisis

Relentless Heat in Phoenix Kills 18

The next war has already started

Arkansas May Have Earthquake

Clues to mysterious neutron star interiors

Toxic algae prompts swimming ban

Scientists advance understanding of the role of a key brain protein in autism

Drought tightens its deadly grip in Europe

Drought alert: the 2005 water crisis

Lyme-disease lookalike baffles CDC

Tiny Tsunami Reveals Big Gaps in Readiness

How bad could it get?
China and the UK study the impact of climate change

3.2 quake rattles volcano, causes ash plume

2nd quake in 3 days off Big Island

T-shirts on for an Arctic heatwave

Meteor seen in Siskiyou skies Tuesday

First winged fish landed in British waters as sea temperatures rise

Scientists worry about Pentagon’s new ray gun

40,000-year-old footprints discovered

6,000-Year-Old Graves in Israel

Missouri issues ID numbers to pupils

Ancient Buddhist cave discovered near Bamiyan ruins

Massive Shark Caught Off Vineyard

Fireball Streaks Across Oregon Skies Tuesday

Strange signals from breastfeeding

Australian discovery of adult stem cells in the uterus

Scientists find gene tied to miscarriage

Endangered giant sea turtle discovered

Trees... from the Moon

Unusual Iron Age steles discovered in Ardebil Province

Scientists gear up to probe mysteries of northern lights

"Girl Without A Face" Returns To Peru

New Warning on Antipsychotic Drugs

Scientists find 'glue' in human bones

Warning for children to be printed on mobile telephones

Arizona's Meteor Crater is now money pit

Skeletons clues to Polynesian mystery

Russian scientists design safer, better preservative

Ice Shelf Collapse Reveals New Undersea World

Mystery of Ancient “Kennewick Man” Deepens

A future full of hopes and fears

Mind May Affect Machines

Human mind still remains dark mystery

Age-old questions that continue to entice scientists

Mass grave of German prisoners discovered near Domazlice

Tracking Cookies Fit My Spyware Definition

Dinosaur bones on black market uncover secret

Asthma, Allergy Genes May Ward Off Brain Tumors

Birth control patch linked to higher fatality rate

Former Bush official to get RFID tag

Permission To Drive Drunk

Could your fingernails be used as credit cards?

Fire Captain Fined,
Reprimanded For Using Fire Truck To Water Yard

Law Requires Lessons on Constitution
Federal Workers, Students Affected

Sex-ed urged for 5-year-olds

Man married his mother

Toddler Has Identity Stolen Twice

White House has strange definition of free elections

Download files via flesh

The mystery streaker of Tib Street

Aussies catch Brit’s ID card disease
‘Magnet for hackers' claim

Man Dies After Shocked By Stun Gun In Florida

Patrick J. 'Bulldog' Fitzgerald,
American Insurgent
Occupied Washington under siege

The Price of Empire
Holbrooke Proud of Balkans "Victory"

War, n: A time-tested political tactic guaranteed to
raise a president’s popularity rating by at least 30 points.
It is especially useful during election years and economic downturns.
– Chaz Bufe

US, India Open Can of Nuclear Worms

Plame's Identity Marked As Secret

War on terror going to be ‘a long war’: Bush

Why did they force my son into the water?

Judge Dread

Rove's Most Telling Words

The Myth of Marriage

Traditional Culture Strikes Back

Whoops, 'Plamegate' Back on Page One

Bush Knows Who To Ask About CIA Leak

Government Abandons Children to Big Food

You Have to Sing

Visualize Iraq — in Space

Blood, Ink, and Oil: the Case of Darfur

Democracy Was Only An Afterthought

Immortality in theory, yes

War in Iraq signals the end of American carte blanche

Turkey Supreme

A Largely Bourgeois Endeavor
Al Qaida-Style Terrorists are not the
Type Who Seek out Madrasas

Cheney Wasn’t Involved Either. Right.

'Haiti Shall Be Free Again'

Industry Aims to Strip Local Control of Food Supply

The Memo, the Press, and the War

The Westmoreland Mind-Set

Orwell Meets Kafka

Republicans Must Choose:
Bush or America?

Why the U.S. and France Hate Haiti

The Word on "Turd Blossom" -
The Redolent Gaseous Effluvia of the "Boy Genius"

Murdering Haiti

'Mission Creep' in Latin America

BushCo's Religious Determinism:
A Putdown to the Bird-Brained

Christian Catacombs May Have Jewish Origin

A mature, 9 000-year-old brew

Sex makes people healthy, cheerful, strong, beautiful and sleepy

Mikhail Gorbachev's crippled relative knits clothes with two toes of her only leg

EU interferes in the border dispute between Russia, Latvia and Estonia

Former test-pilot invents a flying auto

Rare astronomical phenomenon known as Moon Illusion to occur in Russia this week

Victims of lightning strikes develop amazing mutations

Plame case is about Iraq

Russian bakers pose naked to promote bread and buns

People Vote for Harry Potter

Criminals steal three wagons loaded with toilet paper

Jerusalem 72% - 28% Living Apartheid

Israeli juvenile violence up 100% since 1996

Arabiyah airs video of Saddam in court

Chinese scientists detect greatest flare in galaxy

Taiwan scientists succeed in producing medical eggs

Reverse Engineering Extra-terrestrial Propulsion Systems
a top priority for every country

Extraterrestrial UFOs are visiting the earth
no less than tens of thousands of years

Cassini spacecraft: Mystifying pictures

Rare astronomical alignment observed

Cosmic catastrophe hit sun like ours

Robotics show Lucy walked upright

Top-end X-files revealed

Monkeys Get Intermediate Grade on Mirror Test

Studies Say We Learn to Fib While Young

Is it time to revamp the periodic table?

Headline News: July 19-20, 2005

Governors balk at new US license rules

US cautions Turkey against cross-border military action

Military Trials for Detainees To Resume
Four Cases to Be Heard Immediately

Congressman Says U.S. Could 'Take Out' Islamic Holy Sites

US threatens nuke talks freeze

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war

North Korea calls for US to agree on coexistence

US-China relations must resist the hawks

Russia’s Basmanny Court Asked Again to
Criminalize Jewish Organizations

St. Petersburg Youths Compare Bush With Hitler in Protest Rally

Angry farmers force closure of China plant

7,200 illicit job agencies closed

"Israeli Day" launched in Liaoning

Ancient stone-coffin tombs discovered in Sichuan

Unmarried students at Fudan University
will no longer be immediately expelled for having sex

The 'Bloody Footprints'

at 10 Downing Street

Oil-Control Formula

Tried and True in Texas

He’s In the Highest Spirits

Why Few Graphic Images from Iraq Make it to U.S. Papers

London plot thickens, as does propaganda

What Does "Fair and Balanced" Journalism Mean?

Raw acquires copy of letter
'Need to wrongfoot Saddam'

Bush Fire Rove? Why?
Bush Loves Felons; Just Look All Around Him!

U.S. forces behind deadly children bomb


Iraqis Did Not Kill Our Ambassador

Economic Injustice:
America's New Leading Export

What the Hell is Congress doing?
It's time to Sweep the House


Rovegate and Downing Street


The barbaric and the civilized

Iraq Wants to
End Its Monopolies

War Crimes and The "Just War" Theory

Follow the Uranium

Iraqis and the Vanishing Food Rations

Capitalist media system naturally lied and
pretended that Chavez was a dictator

Saddam formally charged

Another Casualty in Rumsfeld’s Information-war


Solid state laser the new deadly weapon in the battlefield
how will an extraterrestrial UFO react to it?

The Biggest Starquake Ever

The Non-Science of Intelligent Design

UFO’s in Minnesota?

Opportunity Edges Toward Crater Erebus

Manitoba meteorite hunter scores again

Spacecraft to travel interplanetary superhighway

It's one small step for a bug, a giant red face for Nasa

Spy in the sky

Wild mushrooms kill ten and poison hundreds in Russia

UN investigator slams free trade dale between Peru and the US

Psychedelic drug, LSD-25, likely to be legalized in Russian medicine

Talent upbringing: make a genius of your baby

Unique Law Firm Doing Well While Doing Good

Iraq's Dangerous New Friend

George W. Strangelove and the
Triumph of Nuclear Faith

American Mullahs and the Cult of Fear:
Network News as Counter-Reality

The Real Cost of U.S. War Policy

Words Matter in War on Terror

White House Spins its CAFTA Lies

America's Truth Deficit

The Price of the Innocents

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Mob

Aristide in Exile

CAFTA Deserves a Quiet Death

Aighila once stronghold for pirates

Archaeologists Peel Away More Layers of Butrint

Unusual Iron Age steles discovered in Ardebil Province

Unnamed, Unnoticed

Wal-Mart’s Persona in Trouble
Wal-Mart ads increasingly sound like Soviet propaganda,
right before the empire's fall

A Roving Ethical Problem

Judith Miller: Hearsted on Her Own Petard
General Judy's in the brig - and justice is served

Mossad Chief Confirms Netanyahu's
Warning of London Bombing

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New Titles July 2005

Headline News: July 18, 2005

The 2005 Texas Legislature
Tantamount to Treason
Marriage Laws

US needs bases in Central Asia: General Myers

Hidden Agenda:
The Drug That Doesn’t Work For a Disease
That Doesn’t Exist

American President Granted ‘Absolute’ Power
by US Federal Court, Not Since Rise of Hitler
Has Western Nation Granted Such Dictatorial Rights to Leader

Russia and China Call for War Crime Trials
against America as US Military
Report Details Shocking Abuse of POW’s
not Seen since Nazi Germany

Italy gang sent steroids to U.S. soldiers in Iraq

US to install nuclear detection equipment in Philippine port

Drought woes intensify in U.S. Midwest

US 'disappointed' at British failure to stem opium trade

24-hour death toll tops 100 in Iraq

U.S. charges 11 GIs with abuse of Iraq detainees

US lawmaker calls ties with Beijing into question
as officials sneer at nuke threat

US Federal Court Rules That POW's
Do Not Have Geneva Convention Rights

Turkey is Russia's important foreign partner

Russia, South Korea clinch 20-year natural gas deal

Putin demands border be strengthened
and social and economic problems tackled

Russia renews calls for pullout of foreign troops from Central Asia

Russia Rejects Bullying Accusation by U.S

Russia outraged by US protecting
most wanted International Criminal


Russia prioritizes China over Japan for oil

Russia expects no peace treaty with Japan

Putin Changes Authority Over Prisons

Taiwan Govt Issues Warnings as
Super Typhoon Haitang Approaches

China refuses to back down on general's threat over Taiwan

China evacuates 3.72m people

China denies deadline for revaluing renminbi

Japan's move in East China Sea makes conflict "invevitable":

We will not tolerate Taiwan independence, says China

China, Russia finish mapping disputed island region

China Seeks Closer Trade Ties With Central Asia

China oil bid tests US free market rhetoric

China casts long shadow of US-Australian ties

China tilts to Russia to counter Uncle Sam

China will not scramble for resources with the rest of the world

Plague of locusts invades France

'Double diabetes' tied to increasing obesity

Mental illness at work on the rise in UK

Russia plans to build reusable space shuttle

Liver disease in Britain nearly doubles

Bizarre weather signals threat of monster typhoons

Scientists predict dark future

Tuberculosis scare prompts testing in South Georgia

Nazis stole my idea for VW logo, claims designer

Austrian civil servant jailed for criminal laziness

Baptist group deletes mention of Jesus in constitution


Parking-ticket nightmare

'Sexy nurse' to lure tourists

Elizabeth 1st Lost Garden Uncovered

800-year-old ring is full of mystery

The Unified Theory of the
Corruption of the Bush Administration

Plan Called for Covert Aid in Iraq Vote

War remains the decisive human failure.
– John Kenneth Galbraith

Not Reporting the War

Dog Days of Summer

The US is a Terrorist State

The World Speaks on Iraq

Forcing the facts to fit the theory

Get the Hell Off My Property

Abuse, What Abuse?

Indigenous Bedouins of the Negev desert in Israel

Beyond the wall

Human rights and democracy:
conceptualisation and application in Palestine

Men physically unable to repulse potential lovers, psychologists say

Guy hijacks a bus,
partitions it and sells as metal scrap

Mission Accomplished: Iraq Is Broken

Who Leaked to the Leakers?
This isn't about Karl Rove

India Moves Toward a New Compact with the United States

Conquest is not in our principles.
It is inconsistent with our government.
– Thomas Jefferson

A Quarter of a Million Dollars Per Settler

The Unbearable Lightness of Being 'Condi'

Top Cheney Aide Among Sources

Allergies, Asthma Tied to
Lower Risk of Brain Cancer in Study

Crude oil output from China's biggest oilfield Daqing
during the first half of this year totaled
22.66 million tons

Not hate, vengeance

The World According to the Neo-Con Sympathisers

Amidst new torture reports,
US military defends architect of abuse at Guantánamo

The rise and fall of Bernie Ebbers

American Samoa: factory owner jailed for
40 years over human trafficking

Hunger in California’s Central Valley:
rising poverty in leading food-producing region

Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s Operation Murambatsvina

World Stem Cell Bank to Open in Seoul

Today's lifestyles leave little time for sleep
We pay a price with diabetes, obesity and heart problems

EU food agency gives green light to GMO hybrids

U.S. firm turns chicken droppings into energy

The barbaric and the civilized

Police lock up mentally ill

Massive quake leaves neutron star ringing note of 'F sharp'

Millions in Iraq vaccinated against polio

Fifty tonnes of dead fish removed from
drought-hit Portuguese reservoir

France to OK therapeutic cloning?

Harvard dentist investigated

Supercomputers Named for Rock 'n' Roll Legends

Deadly Parasites Have Common Genetic Core

Earthquake Fault Under Tokyo Closer Than Expected

Quantum dot DNA test

Acid rain damage far worse than previously believed

Drug wrecks the power plants of cancer cells

Aspartame safety questions. Links to leukaemia?

Medicare waiting period leaves over 1.2 million seriously
disabled without secure health insurance

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Headline News: July 16-17, 2005

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Prosaic Explainations: The Failure Of UFO Skepticism

Moon to Cross a Star

Strange White Streak on Titan

Cosmic Rays Could Measure Time on Earth

Martian Dust Devils Will Plague Astronauts

Nicholson Crater on Mars

Biblical Scroll Fragments Found in Israel

'Science cannot be stopped'

Crew Disappears in Antarctica

Proof of Bigfoot existence may come soon

Our Universe is live - central invisible Black Holes
become the nerve center of the whole Galaxy and

galaxies are interconnected to form the Universe

Satellite Can Tell When Ice is Melting

NASA Says Mysterious Light May Be Space Station
'Jumping Around' Claim Only Inconsistency In Theory

Another UFO flies over town

Geologists Use Particles from Galaxy's Far Reaches
to Understand Processes at Earth's Surface

Cereal Killers
Its crop circle season. How ridiculous.

Experts Ponder Ethics of Ape Brain Research

Parallel Universe in higher dimensions
existence without time as a dimension

Scientists find planet with 3 suns

Gravity doughnut promises time machine
Movement into the past gets one step less improbable

Natural oceanic source for fluorinated tracer

Training the Brain
Cognitive therapy as an alternative to ADHD drugs

Sperm-free sex keeps hens happily faithful

Ancient Aryan civilization accomplished
incredible technological progress 40 centuries ago

US sees Georgia as another Banana Republic

US telecommunication oligarch, Bernard Ebbers, jailed for 25 years

Russian oil tycoon involves USA in serious international scandal

Europe forces Russia to give away Kurile Islands to Japan

War resumes in Middle East as Palestinian terrorists attack Israel

Young family from Moscow becomes parents to androgynous child

War in Iraq Violates International Law

Rove Leak is Just Part of Larger Scandal

The Irrational Rationale for Continuing the Iraq Occupation

The Karl Rove Scandal and Bush’s Drive for War with Iraq


Sanded In Baghdad

Dead men tell no tales
Were the London bombings a set up?

Insurgents Rise Again in Fallujah

13 'tortured to death by police'

Fortunately, It's a Nice Governmental Gang!

Genesis of an American Gestapo

Corruption threatens to leave Iraq with a 'ghost army'

Pentagon Misses Deadline for Required Iraq Report

The Anti-Empire Report
More Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends

Abu Ghraib Tactics

Were First Used at Guantanamo

Sticky Fingers
The Making of Halliburton

London 7/7 Attack: Creating the Enemy

The Rules Of War: Bush-Blair In Fantasy Land

Bush’s Orgy of Carnage

The Spin Cycle
Countering the Bush Disinformation Machine with the Truth

Killing Joke: The Day the American Republic Died

Terror is Created by Arrogance and Ignorance

Depraved War Crime:
Pentagon Thugs Destroy 5,000 Years Of History


Bush and Blair’s 'Prime Evil'

US Army Uses Iraqi Children As Human Shields Again

More US War Crimes
Cold Blooded Murders in Iraq

It's Only Isolated Pockets of Problems
The Fake Optimism of Washington's Warriors

U.S. probes deaths of patients using pain patches

Pakistani men vent anger over US counter-attack

Scientists reverse memory loss in mice

Ancient tower found on Greek island

Work starts to cool off treasured ancient tomb

The US ship is sinking,

wake up US citizens!

Americans Need to Escape from Bush's Dream World

War and Venture Capitalism

The Rights of Journalists

Iraq and Iran: Axis of Evil?

Passing the Prison Abuse Buck

Sinister Paradise
Does the Road to the Future End at Dubai?

The Pied Piper of Baghdad
How the Iraq War is Recruiting
Young Western Muslims into Terrorism

Seize the Ship of State

Fire 'Bush's Brain'

The Outing of a Coward

Let Mr. Bush Explain the War to Highschoolers

Mr. Rove and the Access of Evil

An Army of (No) One

A Voice for the Wilderness

Weapons in Space Put the World at Risk

Medicating the Dead

Iraq: The Trail of Disinformation

There Is a Reaction to Every Action, Sir Isaac Newton


The Evolutionary "Why" of Religious Capitalism:
Imperialism, Colonialism and Capitalism in Christ's Name

Monkeys are preferable as ancestors
over the bible’s God anytime!
Fundamentalism is in denial over their God’s morality

Healing Power of Prayer Doubted in Patient Study

Headline News: July 13, 2005

Who's Guarding Montana from a Firestorm?

Code Rove

Jailed for Justice

An Energy Bill For Dunces

There Goes the Electrical Grid

Iran could be behind Israel bomb blast: Rumsfeld

Iraq: The Phony 'Withdrawal'
It's all about permanent bases - and the next war

Cyberstalking the Recruitable Teen

No Man's Land Along the Iraq-Jordan Border

Indonesia Court Ruling Could Set Back US Ties

Iraqis sell their blood to survive

New threat of terrorism in Somalia

As America Sinks Into the Mud,
Iraq's Neighbors Breathe a Sigh of Relief

The Logic of Suicide Terrorism
It’s the occupation, not the fundamentalism

Scores of Muslim men jailed
as “material witnesses” in wake of 9/11 attacks

Online Video of George Tenet 9/11 Lie at OU Speech


Signs of U.S. defeat in Iraq adventure


A Police State

Dumping Bush's 'war-poodle':
Blair brings the terror to London

Liars, Damn Liars and the Bush Administration

Blood On The Tracks -- WAR, INSANITY, & TERRORISM

Tariq Ali on politics and the bombs

Out !!

Bugged by the Brits

Stop Shooting Journalists

More Bush Lies

The Game of Tag and 'He Started It'

Iraqi Independence Now Leads to Iran

Spongy-Looking Hyperion Tumbles Into View

Done With This Dune

Scientists To Probe Submarine Tsunami Destruction Near Aceh

Oil prices surge on new hurricane fears

Venezuelan to send hurricane disaster aid to Cubav

X-Ray Oscillations From Biggest Star Quake In Universe Provide Clues

States may become Constitutional Battlegrounds Over Civil Liberties

English Sounds Like One Language, but It's Really Not

Letting the spin loose

Mystery compact object producing high energy radiation

"Blackbeard's Ship" Yields New Clues to Pirate Mystery

California Quakes: Triggered from Afar?

Doctor who faked research now heads
research at Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical

Headline News: July 12, 2005

Prison Smokescreen

The Wages of Intolerance

Terrorism and the Message of Carnage

Pigging Out On Pork

More say Iraq has reduced U.S. safety

US war has killed 39,000 Iraqis

White House denials on Rove fall silent

Arrests reported in London bombings

Iraq: Troops Can Withdraw From Some Cities

Iraq Shiites in campaign for foreign troop pullout

Iraqi commandos accused in deaths of 10 Sunni Muslim tribesmen

Attacks in Egypt: homegrown or part of global jihad?

Iraq, Internet fuel growth of global jihad

Separatists Threaten Historian

Newspapers warn of threat to America from 'Londonistan'

North Korea Links Nukes to U.S. Threats

N. Korea Takes Pride in Arsenal

Bush said he 'preciates folks dyin' for the cause

Blair's blowback

The split in the AFL-CIO

U.S. Army National Guard's recruiting woes deepen

Russia Will Not Cooperate With Nato

Ukrainian PM denies Ukraine steals Russian gas

China opens gates to foreign money

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko,
becomes Europe's 'bad guy No.1'

Mexico's Zapatista rebels begin long road to democracy

Scientists invent extending spine-support system to cure progressive scoliosis

Alert upgrade for Indonesian volcano

The 'critical points' of earthquake prediction

Strange Case of Somalia And the Lessons of War-Induced Anarchy


Mysterious Red Light Glows In Sky

Scientists 'prove' time travel

Myths might be related to earthquakes

Sinkhole Opens In New Jersey Yard

Scientists discover secret of staphylococcus infection

'Human-brained' monkeys

East Chicago turns off 'Jesus image'


If a Mob Boss Says to a Hit Man, "Kill Jim Smith's Wife,"
Can He Claim He Didn't Order the Murder Because
He Didn't Mention Her Name?
Apparently, That's Karl Rove's Thinking.

Blame and Bomb Iran


Timely terrorism:
Death and destruction knock Bush's woes off the front pages

Depleted Uranium:
States Take Action to Protect Their Soldiers and Veterans

By any spin necessary
Why imperialist spokesmen are distancing
the London bombings from the Iraq war

World Tribunal on Iraq

Rise of The G8 New World Order

Shia, Kurds, and the Iraqi Government

Torture, Racism, & the Sovereign Presidency

Eye-to-Eye with a Black Hole

Possible crop circle discovered

It's a Strange Universe

In Search of the British Bigfoot

What Remote Viewers See in the Future

Native lore tells the tale:
There's been a whole lotta shakin' goin' on

1,300-year-old temple found at Mamallapuram

Iceman shoes called superior to ours

Stonehenge Quarry Found in Wales

London Calling

The Cult of Al Qaeda

We Don't Mind the Gap

Headline News: July 11, 2005

Bush Declares Natural Disaster Region in US

Team recounts fear in US detention
Contractors' tale reflects tensions with the military

US Officials Can't Rule Out Mass Transit Attack in US
US Officials too Incompetent at Border Patrol

Suicide bombers strike all across Iraq, kill dozens

U.S. tries courtesy with North Korea

Russian oil giant making inroads into U.S.

Trade Between Russia, China Increases 29.7 Percent

Depression Continues Moving West In Atlantic

New polio strain rears its head

USDA bungles mad cow case

Hailstones pelt Beijing

Bolivia's warning to the hemisphere
Entrenched elite ignoring the needs of neediest people

Kazakhstan and China struggle against locust plague

Sinkhole A Mystery To Geologist

Research links Pill to heart disease

20 Hohokam canals discovered

The One-and-a-Half Percent Solution

'Pyramid power' probes universe

Creation of “negative” mass is the key to success for
advanced alien and future human civilizations

Reverse engineering quark accelerating high
mass bunker busting precision bombs from extraterrestrial UFOs

No negotiations

Buried Treasure

Easter Island, C'est Moi

Bush's Culture of Unaccountability

Allegations of Fake Research Hit New High


48% for Taco Bell; 52% for Invading Iraq

Fighting the Wrong War

New Explosive Rove Revelation To Come?
Time to Frog-March?

Bush's War on Terror is a Colossal Failure

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,
and the G8 Summit

A Prescription for Fascism
The enemies of liberty: It's not just al-Qaeda

Boy President in a Failed World?

22 Afghan police, soldiers killed in upsurge of Taliban violence

Blair rules out bomb inquiry

Who was behind the bombings? The four key theories

Iranians in Iraq Left Out in the Cold

Iraq: An upside-down place

Arab newspaper slams Muslims for aiding terror

'New Srebrenica grave' discovered

Live 8: Who organised the PR campaign for Blair and Bush?

Papua New Guinea: Bougainville election sets stage for renewed tensions

The placement of more than a ton of TNT in the heart of Moscow
in the beginning of the 1930s will apparently
remain a mystery forever

USA wastes time, money and energy on Iraq and Afghanistan

Venezuela tries anti-Chavez White House visitor

Doctors diagnose woman with uterus tumor,
which ends with baby birth

Sweden eyes anti-terror law

Reward for “Information leading to the Arrest and Conviction

of George W Bush and Others"

Novack & Miller - Why They Are Criminals

"My Brother Went Over There Gung Ho;
Now He's Just Bitter"
The Horrors Done in Our Name

Hard Choices: Bombing al-Qaeda’s Server in Houston

Virtual Fascism or the State of Terror

Death And Cynicism

First 9/11, Then 777: Will Iran be the next Iraq?

Headline News: July 10, 2005

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Hurricane Dennis roars toward Gulf,
1.4 Million under evacuation order

US To Draw Down Troops In Iraq to 66,000,
Britain To Totally Withdraw Secret Report Says

Top US officer relieved of duties at Guantanamo

US and China Slipping Into a Conflict Over Oil

U.S. prices would rise if China floats its currency

Firms warn Europe on China threat to skilled jobs

Japanese islets rocking the boat with China

Taiwan should worry less about Beijing's
military threats and intimidation and more about an
economic hollowing out as China rises

Rice Asks China to Reach Out to Dalai Lama

China's clout lies in Treasuries,
not takeovers

Texas Sinkhole Tops 100 Feet Wide

Sinkhole Forces Detours Downtown CINCINNATI

Hickory Sinkholes Are Cause For Concern

Sinkhole forms on the shoulder of Baltimore-Washington Parkway

Sinkhole swallows man and lawnmower

Sinkhole fears worsen as Dennis threatens heavy rain

When Lemuria and Atlantis SUNK
Perhaps they were SINKHOLED?

Sunken treasure discovered in waters of Lake Michigan

Melting ice and warming waters have
raised average sea levels worldwide...

Mystery disease stings beekeepers

Infectious disease threatens police training camps

Clue to life in Thar meteorite rain

Why it's smart to disobey officials in emergencies

drink beer for the health of it

A Mystery as Deep as the Ocean

Texans Disregard Latest Mad Cow Scare

Bail Denied For 90-Year-Old Drug Suspect

Mars Hoax Circulates the Internet

Teleportation: Express Lane Space Travel

Microquasar Puzzles Astronomers

'Fires wiped out' ancient mammals

Jesus, Mary Images Appear On Indiana Trees

The 1896 Airship Hoax by Aaron Sakulich

Romans' brutal crackdown on Celts

Important Saxon find in car park

House of the medieval dead lurks in lawyers' basement

Studies prove people of Madagascar came from Borneo and Africa

Time is multidimensional
a new concept from Extraterrestrial UFOs
allows coexistence of one entity in many
different time dimensions

Experts fear 'endless' terror war
Analysts say al-Qaida is mutating into a global insurgency

The Failed War on Terrorism

War on Terror - The Killer Bee Policy

Gonzales' Fatal Flaw

What Goes Around …

Number Of Iraq Casualties Is Double Official Figures,
Says Puerto Rican Government


Blair Put Us in the Firing Line

London Terrorist Bombings Mirror Bush's Terrorist Energy Plan

Teleportation: Express Lane Space Travel

This Terror Will Continue Until We Take Arab Grievances Seriously

Rhetoric vs. Reality in London

No Free Lunch for Injured Veterans?

When Flies Swat Back
London, terrorism, war, and the continuing insanity of it all

Paymasters Of Carnage
The ghost at Gleneagles

The time of revenge has come

Allawi: this is the start of civil war

Bush policy of arrogance:
More foes, few friends

Terrorism and Hypocrisy in London

'Real threat' forces evacuation
Police clear center of Britain's second-largest city

Headline News: July 9, 2005

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New Titles July 2005

US, Iraqi forces launch new offensive near Fallujah

Deep Impact produces fine powdery comet debris

Hurricane Dennis kills at least 10 in Cuba

China embraces win-win cooperation with Africa

Earthquake hits Molucca Sea of Indonesia

US to resume consular services in Nigerian capital

Sudan starts to implement peace agreement

Museum founded to show world's only female language

The bombs belong ultimately to Blair and Bush

From Bunker Hill to Baghdad

Human Life in East & West: A hell of a Difference

London Attack: Made in Iraq

The London Bombings

If Osama bin Laden didn’t exist

it would be necessary to invent him’

Rove-Plame: The Word from Aspen

Hinchey presses for Iraq probe

No confidence is all that’s left

There is a Statue of Ghandi in Tavistock Square

America's Iraqi follies, Iran's opportunities

Dark Waters

More looting of Iraq's riches

Londoners Pay Heavy Price for Blair's Deception

UN Occupation Forces Carry Out Massacre of Poor in Port-au-Prince

Zarqawi: Everywhere and nowhere

The American Sahafs

Censoring the Carnage

Chavez leads the way

Seasoned observers see ruse preparatory
to US' invasion of secessionist Zulia

When Fools Reign

Preknowledge of London Bombing:
Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning

Uzbekistan steps up pressure on U.S. to close base

US losing lead in science and engineering

US pours cold water on global warming moves

China's death toll from floods reaches 800

China Bid for US Oil Company Sparks Political Backlash

China, Nigeria sign oil supply pact

Russia to supply 80 ton of N-fuel to Iran

Burial for 3 million chocolate bars

Obesity gaining disease label

Gigantic discovery in Hebron
Pond project turns into museum dig for mastodon bones

Earliest known template for the image of

St George slaying the dragon has been found in Syria

Scientists dispel the mystery surrounding Stradivarius violins

Scientists look at genetic link for sociability

Norway fjords, Egypt desert head for shelter list

Two wives

Scientists plan giant telescope

450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey

Fake priests in demand in Japan

'Speak No Wal-Mart' Policy Challenged

Now for the next scary space thing

Cops Find Abandoned 44-Car Train In San Diego

Madagascar hissing cockroaches invade Moscow's underground facilities

EU to assign 10 million euros to build underground passages
for toads and frogs in Ukraine

Sex scene stirs up a fuss over Grand Theft Auto

Archaeologists make major discovery... underwater

Statue of Orpheus unearthed

Archaeologist hopes to restore the home,
good name of Civil War general

The Messy Clean-Up of Dal Lake

Police follow North African connection

Could London bombers be British Asians?

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Headline News: July 8, 2005

New Titles July 2005

Dennis grows stronger - and moves closer

Global forces alter U.S. economy

Uzbek threat to close US base

US will never be able to use arms on North Korea

U.S. judge orders Canadian politician detained on drug charges

Canada court orders extradition to U.S. of environmentalist

Karadzic's son seized at home by US troops

Dennis strengthens to 'extremely dangerous'
Five deaths in Haiti, as Cuba prepares for hit and evacuations in Keys

Russia Accuses Canada of Offering “Incomprehensible” WTO Accession Terms

Shiveluch volcano becomes active in Kamchatka

Russia Condemns London Terrorist Attacks

S. African govt condemns blasts in London

China condemns London attacks

China to sell four advanced frigates to Pakistan

Mass Exodus of Jews from United States Begins
as ‘Summer of Blood’ Predicted For America as
US Backed Iraq signs Defense Treaty with Iran

Massive Raising of Atlantic Ocean Bed Triggers
Current Changes As North American Plate Pressures Build To
Unprecedented Levels

British Commando Units Seal off Israeli Embassy in London
in Wake of Attacks as US Congressman Suspected of being Israeli Spy
Is Detained While Attempting to Flee to Israel

Universe in crisis as experts question Big Bang model

Insect threatens chile crop

5.4-magnitude earthquake near Kamchatka

Hurricane Dennis threatens Guantanamo Bay

Panel issues ibuprofen warning

Scientists find evidence of catastrophic sand avalanches,
sea level changes in Gulf of Mexico

Did you see the UFO?


Asthma rates go up as Mexican children come to US

Terror Strikes Again

London Hit as Skepticism Grows on 'Terror War'

London Terror Mystery
What did Bibi know - and when did he know it?

Southeast Asia's biggest Incense Cedar forest discovered

Some Rattled By Photo Of Giant Snake

Couple Hire Stripper For Son's Birthday

Secret 'gas' test staged at G. Central

Army Scientists Will Test New Bioterrorism Detecting Device

The Smash of Civilizations

Power always thinks it has a great soul and
vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak;
and that it is doing God's service...
– John Adams

U.S. Government Fining Activists for Taking Medicine to Iraq

We stay in Iraq: Howard

Britain will pay 'blood price'

Iran vows support to Iraq sovereignty

Iraqi police open fire on 1,000 demonstrators

Terror cell discovered in Iraq ministry

Gaza residents ready for compensation

Israel leaves Palestinians stranded

Peace Groups Say National Guard Spied On Them

Taiwan holds military manoeuvres
simulating Chinese invasion

Ex-Mossad Chief Calls For World War After London Attack

Why London, Why Now?

It's Up to the Anti-War Movement to
Restrain the Thirst for More Blind Revenge

West turns blind eye as police put Saddam's torturers back to work

Bush was right, but too late

Londoners have paid the price for Iraq and Afghanistan,
says George Galloway

Top Hussein Lawyer Quits, Chides U.S.

Eminent Complaints

No letup in unrest over Bush school law

US military reprisal in Afghanistan kills 17 civilians

A precious remnant of Magna Graecia

Persian Cuneiform Predating Darius

Bulgaria Excavates More Thracian Mounds

A New and Different War Over Oil

Lawmaker: Guard Spying Investigation Being Blocked

Afghanistan's Alleged War Criminals Still Hold Top Offices

USA unwilling to pay for the use of the Uzbek airbase

Girl recovers consciousness after a 2-year sleep

Religious beliefs can be highly dangerous in medicine

Russian scientists develop
weapons of the future

Integrated soldiers,
laser guns and
smart tanks

Electromagnetic radiation in large cities
jeopardizes human health

Russian gunsmith designs spiky toothbrush to scare hooligans off

Russia to preserve its diplomatic mission in Iraq

Hot money worth $350 bln may flee China

China's consulate general attacked by Japanese right-winger

Drag Queen underworld in China soliciting tolerance

Israel cautious on commenting terror attacks in London

When the cops are the crooks
Staged bombings terrorize everyone

A Letter of Condolence

Shiite Morality Is Taking Hold in Iraq Oil Port

Binyamin’s Warning

Condemned to Relive the Past

The Message from the London Bombings

Criminal Intent, Illegal Wars, Gangsta Plots:
Why the Bush/Blair Gang will be tried for war crimes

Robbing the Cradle of Civilization

The Polite Crushing Of Dissent And Truth

One Soldier’s Fight to Legalize Morality

The Message of Terror - London's Burning

From "Pariah" to "St. Judy"
The Luckiest Martyr

The cost of war

Ancient UFOs on a deadly mission

Cattle mutilation alive and well today

An Earthly View of Mars

Mars rovers reveal a complex history of water

The Martian Heat Signature

Earth is getting warmer and darker

Chicken 'has same fat as Big Mac'

Psychology blamed for tummy aches

Mental-patient abuse exposed

Eat Breakfast -- It’s Good for You

Panic Attacks -- Scary but Treatable

Glaucoma: Catch It Early to Prevent Vision Loss

Advancements in the Control, Prevention of Hypertension

Defending Food Supply Against Terrorist Attack

Petra Exhibition Provides Summer Family Fun

Secret Lights Discovered in Deep Sea

Sometimes our biggest fear is not knowing what to fear most

Climate and the Collapse of Maya Civilization

Bush Strikes Blow Against Salmon Restoration

Los Angeles in your future

Water, air, fire, earth: the original fab four

New Chemtrail Update

Sky Lines and Cloud Busters
Watch the Skies...

Headline News: July 7, 2005

Four Blasts Hit London, Killing at Least 2

Blair Leaving Summit After London Blasts

Stocks Set to Open Down on London Blasts

U.S. Urges Vigilance for Transit Systems

Hurricane Dennis Steams Toward Jamaica

Chinese President Hu meets Blair

G8 summit starts in Scotland

Heatwave bakes China, power demand up

China trade surplus to surpass $70 bln

Many unclear about July 7 incident

New York Times reporter sent to jail in CIA leak case

US targets Boeing over China technology

Whirlwind kills 1, damages 90 houses in Mexico

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian teen in W. Bank

Somali pirates seek dialogue with UN officials

Plame retaliation

Judith Miller: The Anti-Hero

Iraq War Deserters Speak Out From Canada

The origin of the Right-Wing Revolution

The Washington Post's Online Version Acknowledges

Poll on Impeachment

Conspiracy: the Downing Street memo

IRAQ: Focus on illegal organ trade

103 Iraqi Parliamentarians Demand Withdrawal of US Troops

Why Bush is losing the occupation

Shock and Awe: Aerial Bombardment, American Style

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
But it cannot survive treason from within."

Iraq insurgency forces Pentagon rethink on ability to fight two wars at once

Thou Shalt Not Accuse! (Regardless of the Evidence)

So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go?

"A Real Threat to Our Republic"

Halliburton's Higher Bill

White House Scrambles to Stop Criminal Indictment of Rove



Iraqis Say Security Forces Use Torture

Caught in a Perjury Trap
Will Karl Rove Be Indicted?

The Judy Miller Media Hug-Fest

US Occupation Steals Iraqi Childhood

Live 8: Corporate Media Bonanza


While You Slept


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi:

An Arab Villain Right Out
Bushcon Central Casting

Strong Russia annoys USA
USA still can not understand that it did not win the Cold War

Left-handed human race to make the world a better place

Unseen force fells trees and kills birds in Russian woods

Islamic Jamaat decides to send groups of terrorists to Moscow

Shamil Basayev threatens to disrupt Olympics 2012, if Moscow hosts the Games

Terrorists blew up two bombs when trucks with Russian servicemen
drove up to the bathhouse in the city

Russian bikers make taxi driver circle his cab around naked

Al-Qaida claimed responsibility for London blasts

U.S. Puppet Iraqi police open fire on demonstrators in Saddam's hometown

Court papers detail abuse in child abduction

Computer snooping a growing problem

Mistrial in B.I.G. murder lawsuit

5 Americans Held By U.S. Forces In Iraq Fighting

The Zarqawi Phenomenon

Politics Taints Probe of CIA Leak

Bush Team Was Involved in 'Eminent' Land Grab

PBS Stolen by Right Wing in Cunning Bait and Switch

Don't Renew Military Aid to Colombia

Nigerian Challenge Over Emissions

Property Seizure Backlash

Iraq Emerges as a Terrorist Training Ground

Military Recruiters Find the War a Difficult Sell

Taliban claims to hold US soldier

Russia seeks Nevzlin's extradition from Israel

China and Russia up the ante in Central Asia

Beijing to invest $100b in Iran oil, gas sectors in 25 years

Mystery Around Seoul’s Offer to N. Korea Deepens

Crude Oil Climbs to Record as Hurricane Threatens U.S. Output

Infant Daughter Dies as Parents Play Online Game

Group Wants Child Sex Tourists Punished at Home

Twelve Secrets of Korea's Rich

U.S. Busts Tell Sorry Tale of Korean Prostitutes Abroad

Terror warnings received before blasts

Hurricane Dennis threatens Guantanamo Bay

Pig farmers may sue over disease fears

Red tide delivers spectacular light show along coast at night

Yellowstone geologist discusses supervolcano threat

A New Risk Factor for Heart Disease

Class Act Bush
falls off bicycle in collision with officer

German plane lands on speeding Porsche

The US Government Should Stop Meddling in the Oil Market

Iraq tries to stop exodus of worried diplomats

Silver City
Srebrenica, 10 Years Later

Eyes Wide Shut

Gitmo Threatens Us All

Saddam, Stalin, Hitler, and History

Papers reveal JFK efforts on Vietnam

Head of Saddam defense committee quits

The Razor's Edge
In relatively calm southern Iraq,
people chafe under the occupation

The 28,000 victims of terrorism
or Convenient Numbers for Increasing Wars

Bush defends Guantanamo prison

The Gitmo Experiment

Psychologists Warned on Role in Detentions

Israel refuses to extradite alleged war criminal

More Nuremberg Trials?

Compromising the credibility of international law

Fatal Error Deepens Mistrust of U.S.

Only 1 in 3 Think the U.S. Is Winning War on Terror

The perils of colonial justice in Iraq

How The U.S. Military Eats 48 Cents Of Every Tax Dollar

Galloway claims Africa deception

They broke the public's heart
The media is to blame

The World Tribunal on Iraq has condemned the war
in the country as one of the most immoral and cowardly in history

Pentagon Weighs Strategy Change to Deter Terror

Novak Squealed

Anatomy Of A Neocon Smear

Investor Class Warfare

U.S. military has hired Halliburton Co. for nearly $5 billion

Jailing of Times reporter:
an attack on press freedom and democratic rights

Bush creates new FBI spy unit
further step towards a secret police force

Who's Watching the Watch List?

The Politics of Land Grabbing

Africans Can Do it for Ourselves

Walking with ancestors:
discovery rewrites American prehistory

Could Asia have been the cradle of humanity?

After 9,300 years, Kennewick Man's exam begins
Will he give up secrets about his ancient life, death?

How extraterrestrial UFOs use Blackhole-Whitehole

combination to travel instantaneously in space and time

Mars is complex planet that continues to evolve

Close encounters of the heard kind

SOHO Nears 1,000th Comet Discovery

Solar Aircraft to Fly Around the World

"UFO" Spotted in Guangzhou

Comet's huge plume hides crater

Dust ; A Dark Side of the Moon

Psychic Vibrations
Tsunami Conspiracies and Hollow Moons

Ball Lightning Injures 3 in Russia’s Yakutia

Researchers Find 'Magic' at the Subatomic Level

Headline News: July 6, 2005

U.S. launches new crackdown in Baghdad

Baghdad divided as US walls off its seat of power

Afghan neighbors seek limits on U.S. military

US redefines terrorism, and incidents skyrocket

U.S. moves to end cotton subsidy, complying with WTO ruling

As Iraq war grinds on, US lapel pin loses appeal

Pentagon Weighs Strategy Change to Deter Terror

US will drop farm subsidies if EU does same -Bush

Pictures of a mania? - US Housing Bubble

Russia Hopes to Export Grain to Europe as Spain Suffers From Drought

Japan considering up to 1 trln yen aid to Russia in pipeline bid

Russian Caspian Fleet to obtain new warships

Russia set to chair the G8

Russia May Upgrade Iran's Subs

Heatwave continues to hit China

China allows commercial banks to sell gold bars

UK urges EU to recognize China's market economy status

Treading carefully, G8 leaders confront a new China challenge

China, at odds with Vatican, arrests bishop

Eruption of Mexico's Volcano of Fire unleashes towering column of ash, gases

Sagging sockeye run magnifies a mystery

Thousands evacuated as fire rages in France

Fears piglet disease in Oz

Japan could face deadly dual tuberculosis threat

Well we’ve been through an Iron Age, a Stone Age, an Ice Age
and now it seems we’re in the grip of a “Dust-Age”.

Fear of disease grows in flood-hit India

Blood Disease on the Rise Due to South Asian Migration

Busiest Start Ever to Hurricane Season as 4th Storm Forms

Strong earthquake rocks Sumatra

US donations to Africa outstrip Europe by 15 to 1

Ganges glacier meltdown by end of 21st century

Singapore Scientists Find Adult Stem Cells on Umbilical Cord

Canadian legendary "treasure island" to be sold

Texas Sinkhole Tops 100 Feet Wide

US aims Star Trek ray guns at nuclear sites

Images of comet impact yield lots of surprises

Aspirin may cut cancer in men, but not women

Hundreds Of Birds Found Dead On Beaches

US: Watermelon shortage spurs record prices

Cancer map of UK released

Map of Dead US Military

Scientists save Bodh Gaya's holy Buddhist tree

British scientists unearth 40,000 year-old human footprints in central Mexico

Millionaires can't get no satisfaction

Sleepwalker rescued from top of giant crane

Air France jet smashes into cow on runway in Nigeria

Boy who nearly crashed the world

US hopes to use space balloons to spy

Man nabbed for making 4,400 calls to NTT operators

Houston swimmer's rescuer ends up in jail

US troops - too fat to fight

U.S. scientists work as virtual terrorists

Japan tries to make condoms fun

Scientists serve up horseradish as a way to combat hog odor

The Zarqawi Phenomenon

Saving Social Security

Making a Difference, Joyfully

The Rare Double-Pronged Red-Footed Bushie

George Washington wants you to be fat

Blinky Bush goes to G8

Iraq: A Right-Wing Alternate Reality Show
The neocons say "We're winning!"
But whose victory is it?

Iraq Insurgents Target Top Muslim Diplomats

Afghan government condemns civilians’ deaths

Afghan Govt Condemns US Killing of Civilians

Did one woman's obsession

take America to war?

See the Hawks that Like Illegal Wars

They broke the public's heart

In Iraq, Another Occupation Day

Oh Baby, It's Drafty Out There

Neocons Bludgeon Professors With 'Academic Freedom'

Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism.
– Ludwig von Mises

Practices undercut nation's principles

Archaeologists on the uninhabited islet of Despotiko
near the Cycladic island of Antiparos have uncovered
the remnants of ancient dwellings dating back to the Archaic era

200,000 ancient tombs plundered in past decades

Archaeologists unearth new structure near Shahjehan’s Taj Mahal

The Day After the Fireworks

Flouting our Founding Fathers' Ideals

Supreme Court - Media Ignore Possible "Fascist" Play

The Summer of Love this Ain't:
America in its Season of Amnesia

Rich Pervert Tax Code for Themselves

Bush Is Serving Up the Cold War Warmed Over

Karl Rove:
More anti-American Than Osama bin Laden or,
They Execute Traitors, Don't They?

We Are All Responsible

Israeli Human Rights Abuses and the U.S. Attack on the United Nations

Archeologists discover another Stonehenge in the Russian city of Ryazan

Mothers-in-law make men sexually useless

Russia and Asian states welcome USA's sworn enemy, Iran

City life stresses develop insomnia

Danes do not want to see Bush

No free press

in U.S. any more

Chirac's insults on Britain heightens rivalries at G8

Chinese bite "forbidden fruit" at much younger age

The MSM Box Set

US democracy in Iraq: death squads, torture and terror

"Pre-emptive" Terrorism

Anti-Colonial Ally or New Colonial Missionary?

The Secret Service at Booker Elementary:
The Dog That Did Not Bark

Bush's damaged control

While most of Baghdadis do not have drinking water,
the American troops are swimming in a fresh water swimming pool in
Baghdad's Camp Victory

Indonesian island Sumatra experiences massive earthquake
are extraterrestrial UFOs building base below tectonic plates?

The Barnard's Star Blunder

Siberian Tornado Sparks Fears of UFO Landing

The Wardle Thing
This is an X-file with all the right ingredients

Natural selection gets help from humans

NASA’s moonship vision takes shape

Black holes cannot escape the phantom menace

Voyage to the Stars:
NASA Study Mulls Options

Photographic evidence of UFOs landing on Capitol Hill

Oil Climbs Above $60 as Tropical Storms Threaten U.S. Supply

Hindu groups rage against Indian holy site attack

Mining in Mongolia: Profit Versus Preservation

Paper Says Edible Meat Can be Grown in a Lab

Relationship Between Contact with Tap Water, Trihalomethane Exposure

No Link Found Between Low Androgen Levels,
Low Sexual Function in Women

Maryland Expert Says Baby Boomers Aren't Ready for Retirement

The Canyon Skywalk

Man Arrested For Exposing Breasts

Spiritual Warfare

Having solved all other problems,
PA lawmakers set their sights on dog seatbelts

Emporer's New Clothes

Anheuser-Busch employees --
fired for smoking pot, sleeping on the job and urinating on factory roof --
reinstated by court because company
gathered evidence against them with hidden cameras

10 Things Your Contractor Won't Tell You

Headline News: July 5, 2005

British, US aid to Iraq diverted to commando units

Bush says: I put US interests first

US to cut personnel by a third at the Rota naval base

US delight as Iraqi rebels turn their guns on al-Qa'eda

U.S. Envoy: Venezuela Cooperation Slipping

Relations between Poland and Russia as bad as ever

China, Russia to Boost Military and Trade Ties, Fight Terrorism

Kazahkstan and China declare partnership

Bleach, Ammonia Spill Inside Wal-Mart Sends 26 To Hospital

Japan Probes Mysterious Vapor Eruption

UN experts call for mass vaccinations of poultry

High lake temperatures puzzle regional scientists

US projectile hits comet head-on

Wood pigeon 'most common UK bird'

Ocean claims piece of Australia's rocky relic

Warning of $100-a-barrel oil

Surfers search for wave that went missing

UK men 'are in denial over weight'

Breasts get US worked up

Central bank adviser backs yuan rate policy

US bombing kills 17 Afghan civilians

Massive power cut strikes east Georgia

Promoting "the rule of law" in that environment

"69 For You"

It's imperialism, stupid


The United States stands accused of the war crime of “pillage”

American troops' optimism diminishes

We Stand at the Crossroads of History

Acid attacks on "immodest" women on the rise

The news released by Jazeera channel is false

Will Ben Stein Come Clean about the Iraqi War?

A Fair Trial for Saddam?

A Lot of Talk While Veterans Continue to be Left Behind

Not Worth My Son's Sacrifice

Still Not Worth It

In Plain Sight:
Why the Betrayal of Our National Security
by the Bush White House Matters

Iraq Has Lost $11.35 Billion Due Damage to Oil Facilities

The Rumsfeld Solution;
"liberating Iraq, one journalist at a time"

Gladio-Styled '“Strategy of Tension'
Spawning Islamic Terrorism?

'Doing God's Work'

American Foreign Policy Explained

Japanese Right-Wing Lunatics

Missing Officers

Lessons From the Kelo Decision

Would You Buy a Used War From This Man?

Italy's DIY restaurants turn the tables on bureaucracy

'Is the Right of the People to Alter or Abolish It'
An ELECTIVE DESPOTISM was not the government we fought for

Iraqi police torture Iraqi citizens

Who put these guys in charge?

As death toll in Iraq rises Bush promises even more war

Iraq Beginning to Look a Lot Like Vietnam

Harvest Of Pain And Sorrow

Local man says UFO experience is one he will never get over

Show us aliens, says Microsoft

An expanding universe
Scientology believes in aliens - & in buying lots

What Happened In Shag Harbour:

Beyond The Stars

Historian calls for an inquiry over fake Himmler documents

Group welcomes UFO reports

Love, rock and roll at UFO Music Fest

Comet blasters now work to put pieces together

As NASA evolves, what will replace the shuttle?

Extraterrestrial UFOs tipped with 'exotic matter'

using wormhole subways all around the Universe

Artists and scientists conspire at conference

Ariel Sharon feared to fall a pray to withdrawal

U.S. stand on climate concessions still negative

U.S. is blamed for killing civilians instead of Taliban guerrillas

UK to teach USA how to deal with Iraq
(or the pot calling the kettle black)

"Terrorists" make a stand in Iraq. But who are the terrorists?

Most dangerous viral diseases to be treated successfully
with the help of ozone therapy

Big quake hits Indonesia's Sumatra

'She Never Knew it Would Come to This'

We Really Are What We Eat

Two Wars of the Worlds

Bush Speech Reveals Administration’s Ongoing Deceptions on Iraq

Privatizing Fine Arts

Celebrating Independence in the Era of Empire

Not Dominion, But Liberty

I Wrote Bush's War Words -- in 1965

Bush Melds Radical Change, Long-Term Power Grab

Academicians Claim Buddha Turned Into European Saint

Hidden da Vinci sketch uncovered

Yemeni antiquities: a civilization in exile

Ancient Greek Writings Inscribed In Stone,
Digitized By Case Classicist

Bog Scene Investigation

Scholars catalog ancient manuscripts to preserve 4,000-year history of India

Police Scuffle With Protesters Before G-8

Hubble's View of Deep Impact

Genetic Light Switches

Fundamentalism seen hurting AIDS effort

Stealing the rainforest

Astrologist sues Nasa after comet crash

Identical Twins Exhibit Differences in Gene Expression

Letters reveal Einstein torn, defensive over atomic bombings of Japan

TV Has Negative Impact on Very Young Children’s Learning Abilities

Rosemary Makes BBQ Healthier

Summer Scandals
Let the fireworks begin!

MoD plans Iraq troop withdrawal

'I'm Not Going to Come Home':
One Marine's Third Iraq Tour

Riches in the Niches

Dutch "Serial Kisser" strikes again


Info reassures men who think their penis is small

Age-Old Questions Continue to Entice Scientists

Toilet flushers wanted by Michigan State

Man badly hurt in plunge during night tour of house under construction

BOTSWANA: Public flogging causes outrage

City under siege as anarchists battle

Indians honor arrival of sacred white buffalo

Bras now designed for girls growing up fast

Church Asks Fla. City To Ban Baggy Pants, Gold Teeth

Sex killer released from Canada prison

Fuel injection turns water guns into flame-throwers

Tourist 'fed beer and ice cream to tiger'

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Headline News: July 4, 2005

July's Interesting Site

Today's Texas News Headlines

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Headline News: July 3, 2005

New Egyptian ambassador to Iraq kidnapped

Torrential rainfall victimizes locals in Shaanxi

Kosovo capital rocked by three blasts

China to build thermonuclear experimental reactor

Africa seeks 2 permanent seats in UNSC

Family problems blamed for Tanzanian youth suicides

The American Sahafs

Masters of war and poverty

Aid Group Sees Crisis Looming in Iraqi Desert

Karl Rove Plame Leak Source: Yawn
Another Day in the Empire

Last Throes of the Lying Charlatans?
Quagmire of the Vanities

Face to Face with the Absurd

Show Your Independence on the 4th

Burn a Flag

The U.S. is Murdering Journalists in Iraq

American soldiers have killed 17 media staff in Iraq

US Journalists Hit A Brick Wall

The Treasonous Demise Of George W. Bush?

Judith Miller is No Martyr and Sulzberger is No Saint


The Perfect StormThe World Tribunal On Iraq In Istanbul

The Extremely High Price of Bushism

Is Gotham worth saving?

The invader’s shoeshiner

Disassembling Bush's Iraq War

Profiles in Cowardice

Lip Service to Human Rights

Energy Adviser Who Solicited Enron to Help Write
Nat’l Energy Policy to Be Named Chair of FERC

Is That a Pool Cue in Corporate America's Pocket,
Or Are They Just Excited About the Supreme Court?

Progressivism and Patriotism

Hoping for a Miracle

California Spying, Schwarzenegger-Style

They Died for Their Country

Mourn on the Fourth of July

Thracian Gold Found at Tatul Temple

Search for Roman river crossing

Researchers overwhelmed by Newton find

6000-year-old clay coupons discovered in southern Iran

The Knight of Karnak

US Cries Foul Over China Fair Play

Playing the Soviet Part

Ukrainian boy attracts spoons and forks by unseen force

Russia to help China oust the USA from Eurasia

China aims spy network at trade secrets in Europe

China and the US: driving global oil demand to new heights

US walks tall -- but under the shadow of global forces

US becoming more secretive

US endures deadliest year in Afghanistan

Liberals ready to abandon US right to abortion

Russia to back UN reform if it does not lead to UN split

SHELL has suspended work in Russia on parts of a controversial
£6bn gas and oil pipeline
the most expensive in the world.

Kaliningrad's 750th anniversary

Driven by energy shortages,
China races to expand nuclear power industry

Top of lava dome falls into St. Helens crater

Japan says underwater volcano causing vapour column

Bracing for the Big One
Two-thirds of the way between St. Louis and Memphis,
between the towns of Tiptonville, Tenn., and New Madrid, Mo.,
the Mississippi River makes an outrageous loop northward,
like it's avoiding something.

It Came From Outer Space

Birt's secret drug warning to Blair

Forget cameras
spy device will cut drivers’ speed by satellite

Teen IQ and mental activity linked to dementia risk later on

Germany plans C02-free power plant

Che Guevara's Daughter Writes Chavez Bio

'Bar Code' Discovered for Stem Cells

Incredible 5,000 year old Egyptian text discovered

The Alchemy of the Soul

Tunnel leads Palestinian bride to Rafah fiance

AMD expanding legal assault on Intel to Japan
Antitrust actions are filed just 2 days after U.S. lawsuits

California's Prisons in Crisis

Researchers explore whether parrot has concept of zero

Satellite Woken from 11-Month Nap

Climate Change Could Set Dunes in Motion, Study Suggests

Chloramines again linked to lead in drinking water

Antioxidant-rich Diets Reduce Brain Damage

New Generation Of Lenses Makes Evolutionary Leap
In Eliminating Need For Glasses

Taliban Claims 7 US 'spies' killed

As Chinese Open Up About Sex, Government Clamps Down

Pizza Shop Robber Leaves Job Application

To cheat the police women pickled marijuana like cucumbers

Xposed Girls Sex Tips

Surgeon took flesh home to train dogs

Prior ‘sexual,’ ‘assaultive’ behavior said to have gone unreported

Child molester sentenced to 320 hours of needlework

Breasts get US worked up

High School Football Player Arrested

RIAA wants to take away your right to record songs off the radio

State told to be more specific over R. Kelly tape

How even a well-planned heist can go awry

Officers unaware of warrant for teen murder suspect;
name misspelled

N.J. City Criticized for Homeless Lawsuit

Man Accused Of Impregnating 10-Year-Old

Pirates hijack tsunami aid ship

Bikini Bandit Pleads Guilty

Wesson Sentenced to Death for Killing 9 Children

Woman Accused Of Putting Cleanser In Baby's Bottle

Women stripping in forest to foil police

Gravediggers held BBQ in cemetery

£50 picture saves the day

Lazy civil servant 'jailed'

Cops told to fine themselves

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Headline News: July 2, 2005

US accepts Earth is warming in bid to avert clash

Iraq ambassador accuses U.S. marines of 'cold- blooded' murder

U.S. seizes state prison health care
Judge cites preventable deaths of inmates,
'depravity' of system

US to retain control over internet servers
(Big Brother!)

U.S. agents search congressman's home

Supreme Court Justice O'Connor retiring

U.S., Italy to Discuss CIA Kidnapping Case

Russia, China join to demand autonomy

Ukraine locks horns with Russia in escalating gas row

Ukraine Cuts Off Electrical Supplies To Russia

Russia Shocks Creditors, Returns Foreign Debt

Will Russia disappear as a great power?

China tells US to discard Cold War mentality

'Mad cow' forces China to go for all out ban

Dalai Lama envoys begin talks with China

China, Russia warn of world domination

House Says No to China Oil Deal

China demands end to US inteference in its defence deals

China security chief urges listening to the masses

Earth trembles as big winds move in

Most distant Einstein ring is revealed

Entering a dark age of innovation

Lighter babies face future depression risk

6.7-Magnitude Quake Rocks Nicaragua

Surgeon general targets asthma ‘epidemic’

Parents told to watch out for deadly illness

US health agency renews warning about antidepressants, suicide

Whooping cough cases trigger health warning

Evolution being short-circuited with deadly result

Drug reverses Parkinson's brain damage

Deadly snakes hamper flood rescue in Australia

China opens clinic for online addicts

Woman Tattoos Ad On Forehead For $10,000

Humanists and atheists from East and West meet in Paris next week
to forge a common platform against what they see as a growing threat
from religions and religious politicians to secular states across the globe.

The eighth deadly sin

TSA Secretly Snoops on Passengers

Deja Vu in Iraq

Court Fight: It's More Than Left-v-Right

Mourn on the Fourth of July

They Died for Their Country

Independence, Freedom, Democracy & the Presidency

Sweet Victory: People Over Profits in Brazil

Millionaires and War

The theft of Iraqi oil revenue

George W. Bush Defends War, Torture, and Repression

Iraq UN ambassador says US Marines killed cousin

Bush’s Uranium Lies

More Halliburton Abuses, Special Treatment Revealed


She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee.
Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box.
Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week
And her husband is
on the back of the milk carton.

Three Iraqi armed organizations want Ayham al-Samerai dead

No Iraq Plan? Please, Think Again

Tigris dam damns Assur

Pentagon doles out up to $300 million for 'psyops'

Mesopotamia - Now an Endangered Species

Respectable Murder and Pure Wind

Riverbend, Baghdad Burning

China to fill strategic oil reserve

Predicting the Next Bright Comet

U. K. Bicyclist Reports Mysterious, Low Hovering Objects Bending Wheat

Bioterror paper gets online
Analysis of poisoned milk supply makes it past government protests.

Bush pays cheap for Russian democracy

Parents can choose their child's sex with
proper nourishment and conception calendar

Russian scientist deciphers message from aliens,
which he found on Earth

Drunk students block central street in St.Petersburg with giant anchors

U.S. bombs suspected Taliban compound
(In the OTHER War Bush Claimed he WON)

Pace of troop deaths up in Iraq

Why victory not a matter of troops
U.S. military seen as unlikely to create a lasting solution

Italy tells US to respect sovereignty after kidnap

The Seeds of Fascism

Off the West Coast of Africa

US prepares new provocations against Iran

Canada to establish permanent military base in Persian Gulf region

Australia: mass protests against industrial relations legislation

EU budget debacle leaves Spain isolated

Sharon offers nothing to Palestinian leadership

Building Better Therapeutic Vaccines for Chronic Infections

Microsoft to pay IBM $775 million

School bans 'unhealthy' fizzy pop

Dental registration fees 'kick patients in teeth'

Growth drugs may harm animals

Pollution slowly turning oceans to acid

Mountain ranges form faster than previously thought

UK ID Card Battle Heats Up

Federal prisons at Coleman to start using killer fences

Taser sues USA TODAY parent for libel over story

MSNBC Analyst Says Cooper Documents
Reveal Karl Rove as Source in Plame Case

Wrong Click Publicises Workings of U.S. Korea Policy

Shark bites Austrian tourist's ankle in Gulf of Mexico
in third attack in a week off Florida
Don't worry; your tourist dollars are still safe

Parents Think Boy Is Reincarnated Pilot

Two female teachers have been suspended for allegedly
having a threesome with a 16-year-old male pupil.

Landlord Evicts Victim Of Murder Attempt For 'Being Too Loud'

McDonald's franchisee to pay kids for doing homework

FTC chief's credit card info stolen

He grabbed girl's arm -- now he's a sex offender

Blind Drunk Scholar Casts Off Academic Restraint

Nude eBayer flashes 19in monitor

Girls Gone Wild Producers Must Pay Woman

Nicklaus is money for Scottish bank


A man walks into a pharmacy and wanders up and down the aisles.

The sales clerk notices him and asks if she can help him. He answers that he is looking for a box of tampons for his wife. She directs him down the correct aisle. A few minutes later, he deposits a huge bag of cotton balls and a ball of string on the counter.

She says, confused, " Sir, I thought you were looking for some tampons for your wife."

He answers, "You see, it's like this. Yesterday, I sent my wife to the store to get me a carton of cigarettes and she came back with a tin of tobacco and some rolling papers 'cause it's soooooooooooo much cheaper.

I figure if I have to roll my own, so does she."

Headline News: July 1, 2005

Mauna Loa quiet but still swelling

Globular Clusters are older than the Universe?

Lettuce Uncovered as Sexual Stimulant

Mystery planes continue to circle over Lodi

Bioterror Report on Milk Concerns Feds

Pin camera ready to roll on Ark of Covenant discovery

Potato health benefits discovered

Are we on our way back to the Dark Ages?

Study prompts ibuprofen warning for kids

Researchers identify mysterious thumping noise

"UFO" Spotted in Guangzhou

Scientists study ways the mind can heal itself

Iraq Travel Warning

'Unhappy love affair explains Rice view on Iran'

Indiana: Strange Discovery at Airport

Music festival cancelled over homophobia

Man arrested IN women's outhouse tank

Bill Clinton's affair with Voodoo

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

Plan Colombia Up for a Vote:
Take the Opportunity to Say No to a Forgotten, Senseless War

No Solution and No Apology as President Runs Out of Ideas

Bush Fails Again to Speak Candidly About War in Iraq

Amtrak, Federal Highways, and the Cold War

Code Dumb: Look Who's Spying on Your Granny

Russia is inundated with oil
The worse is yet to come

Moscow to collapse under the ground
Geotectonic fractures on Moscow's territory caused
the tragedy in Moscow's water park

Africa needs DDT, not "blah, blah, blah"

Bush Creates for even MORE Federal Beaurocracies

Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh says Canada intends
to ban the bulk export of prescription drugs
(i.e. bows down to Big Brother's demands)

This is the First Day of the Rest of Your Death

Samarra' Assaulted by Guerrillas

Antiquity unearthed Downtown Tuscon

Murder on the Nile in 2000 BC?

Ancient Aboriginal site found in north-west Qld

World's greatest mysteries still unsolved

Fed raises interest rate to 3.25%

TIME's concession disappoints US media

Libya eyes bigger role in Africa

Secret air campaign against Iraq?

US misled UK over Iraq fire bombs

The intelligent American position

Ranks Plagued by Infiltrators

Paul Loeb on Dying for One's Country

Thousands of Karabila residents return

Listening to the Stories of Others

Children, too, are abused in U.S. prisons


Imperial Defiance

Torture Fatigue

Iraq: The Words of Mass Deception

Will Earthlings First Land on Mars?
Or Will Aliens Visit Our Planet First?

New Method Pinpoints the Age of the Milky Way

Positron Drive: Fill 'er Up For Pluto


Excerpt from "The U.S. Antigravity Squadron"

Flight patterns of comets and asteroids suggest
extraterrestrial UFO bases in them

'A lot of history went up in smoke'

Scientists Discover Mineral That Comes from Ancient Supernova

Spreading Antennas Around

Mysterious 'stealth' boat plying Columbia River

Did the big bang really happen?

Big bang doubts fuel cosmology boom

Strange New World Unlike Any Other

Global warming might create lopsided planet

Where belief is born

Opportunity Heads South,
Leaves Purgatory Behind

Researchers Discover Planet With Largest Solid Core

Little boy survives fall from 12th-story window in Moscow

Bushtalk against fact
"Terrorists" make a stand in Iraq. But who are the terrorists?

China's business machine to devour US oil market

DNA Scans Reveal Possible Location of Lung Cancer Genes

Scientists Uncover Clues to “Disappearing” Precancers

Catchers Mitts Don’t Provide Enough Protection

Roy Meadow Should Not Be Found Guilty of
Serious Professional Misconduct

Political Prejudice Preventing Progress on Prison Health

Stolen Gene Allows Insect Virus to Enter Cells

Researchers Find Key to Rice Blast Fungus

A 'Dimmer Switch' for Genes

The CIA's Italian adventure

Whooping Cough Vaccine Urged for Teens

Russian Spin Doctor Shot Dead Near Chechnya

Eminent Development

Bush and Rummy's Tired Acts

Lincoln Memorial Video May Be Revised
(History Revisionists in Conservative Christian Repubicans)

UN investigates secret US prisons

How to End the War: Negotiations Now!

Maniacs on Pedestals

Signs of Decline

Mood of Anxiety Engulfs Afghans as Violence Rises

Lawsuit filed over 'near-terrorist' name

A Subcontractor's Short But Lucrative Existence

Banned, Saddam Hussein the Literary Lion Roars Again

Ahead: Six Decades Of Humiliation

How The CIA Looted $40 Billion Of Military Equipment From Iraq

Journalist killed after investigating
US-backed death squads in Iraq

Live 8--a political fraud on behalf of imperialism

Schröder at the White House: cuddling up to Bush

U.S. denounces new Mexico stamps

(More Religious History Revision)

Mayor faces court for killing rat with a shovel

Mystery of man found covered in blood continues

Fairbury Man Says He Was Nearly Hit By Meteorite

Gold mines discovered in al-Elaqi Valley

Brazil may build $100 laptops

Scientists put melting mystery on ice

New Leonardo picture discovered

Army gives warning of lack of recruits

Peninsular Malaysia is moving in the wrong direction

Lake-like feature on Saturn moon puzzles scientists

City issues rare drinking water warning

Syphilis rates soar by 37% across the UK

Second O'Fallon bar employee cited for baring breasts

Lightning Strikes Child's Mattress
7-Year-Old Was Sleeping When Bed Caught Fire

Instead of raising future war heroes,
we're raising whiny little punks that won't get the hell off my lawn

National Weather Service Facility Hit By Lightning

Boy Hit By Lightning Through Video Game Controls

Personality test or medical exam?
Law sorting it out

Ahhh, technology. New $9,000 parking meters reset themselves to
zero minutes as soon as a car leaves their parking space

The rebirth of McCarthyism

Fans flock to see 'praying' panther

Woman Charged With Falsely Accusing 6 Men Of Rape
When feeling guilty after having a gangbang with six men,
it's best not to acuse them of rape when a videotape exists
that shows you told them where to put it in

Doing time, easy; preventing clone, hard
Facing jail for drugs, man worries state will misuse his DNA
Crackhead is afraid that Ohio will clone him
if they keep a sample of his DNA.
Because that's what the world needs,
an endless supply of crackheads

Thirteen years of public school: Free. Cap and gown rental: $50.
Finding out your high school can't spell
its own name correctly on the diploma:

Today is the 97th anniversary of the Tunguska explosion

We're going to eat out of a WHAT?

Seven women, all over 70, planning to strip for calendar to raise money,
save 128-year-old courthouse. In other news, anybody who can donate
$20,000 can save a lot of people from gouging their eyes out

Having solved all other problems,
Northern Ireland bans the word "brainstorming,"
fearing it could offend epileptics

One rare scare
Shark jumps out of water and tries to attack hot white woman

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