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Headline News: June 30, 2005

H-2 Oh My!

Clinical Trials Indicate Value of Herbal Medicines

Holographic Brain

DMT ~ Water Spirit a Magical Link

Programmed Communication During Experiences With DMT

The Transcendental Object at the End of Time

The Joyous Cosmology

From the Ashes of World War II
by Erik Fortman

Paper Money Tyranny
by Ron Paul

Texas Region Fault Zones Awaken as
'Compressed' North American Plate
Ready to Break Say Russian Scientists,
US Scientists Confirm Danger to Continent

Bush Is Right to Link 9/11 with Iraq

Alarm in United States as Chinese Special Forces Troops
Begin Arriving In Venezuela As American Plot to
Assassinate President Chavez Discovered

United States Begins Long Awaited Crackdown on
American Jews as Massive Israeli Spy Network Suspected Of
Smuggling Nuclear Weapon into Western Part of America

Chavez warns U.S. on ties in Caribbean summit

New Iranian leader sends strong message to US

Capitol evacuated, Bush relocated in security scare

US encouraged China to attack India: Nixon tapes

U.S. Moves to Freeze Assets of N.K. Companies Dealing in WMDs

Afghan attack marks new level of sophistication

US suspected of keeping secret prisoners on warships

Office created for overseas intelligence

Supreme Court ruling stokes simmering US religious wars

Russia rebuffs criticism on its nuclear cooperation with Iran

Russia, Chile sign nuclear cooperation agreement

Consistent China policy eludes US

Thousands riot in China, attack police, burn cars

China's rising star challenges America

China courts Russia, Kazakhstan in hunt for oil

Chinese President Vows to Boost China-Russia Trade

Bush's Big Gambit

Wal-Mart Has No Plan B

Big Dreams, Big Hopes

Jewish Settlers, Palestinians Spark Melee

China prompts US to stop interfering into co-op of other countries

New case of mad cow disease found in Texas

11,000 affected in storm in S. Chile

Bush: USS Titanic stays the course...

Push for autonomy develops in Iraqi south

Saddam rejects meeting U.S. officials

President Bush: Inspiration for "Insurgents" and "Terrorists"

Iraqi Resistance Replies To Bush Speech:
Sets Terms For U.S. Surrender

Looting of ancient sites threatens Iraqi heritage

Torture and Accountability

Guess who’ll take the blame for Bush’s war

War injured toll soars, hits veterans health costs

Unpacking the Imperium
The Washington Post reveals all

Honey, They Shrunk My Iraq War Speech

An Iranian Lesser Evil down the Historical Drain

War? What war?

Manufacturing Support
How the Washington Post Lied about Its Own War Poll

The New York Times closes ranks with Bush on Iraq war

Critiquing Bush’s Speech: Less than Worthless

Bush Speech: More Lies, More Campfire Stories

Who's Spreading What?
Bush's Big Democratic Hoax in Iraq

Paper details Saddam court hearing

Give Him an Oscar for Crass

Bush at Fort Bragg - fear-mongering, lies and desperation

EU Parliamentarians' inquiry regarding credibility of Iraq elections

Iraq warns of refugee disaster in al-Qaim

George W. Bush, One Lying Son of a Bitch

Surely the US Wouldn't Harbor Terrorists, Would It?

Buy Your Gas at Citgo: Join the BUY-cott!

Put Rove's Speech in Context of McCarthyism

Immoral Relativism And Other Distractions of the Age of Bush

Risky Frisky Business

War or Impeachment

A Speech About Nothing

But Is It Playing in Peoria?
The Downing Street Memo and Our Hometown Papers

Alternative energy source, originally proposed by the USSR, to be built in France

Cuba and Venezuela to build oil alliance

The threat of orange revolutions is irrelevant to Russia

New Russian Night Hunter chopper flies at 5-meter altitudes

Russian inventor designs caskets
outfitted with alarm buttons for those buried alive by mistake

Teflon likely to cause cancer

Iraqis split on US pledge to complete mission

Panel Affirms Radiation Link to Cancer

Israelis remove Jewish extremists from hotel

Leave Those Kids Alone!

Bush's No-News Iraq Speech

U.S. troops allegedly killed Iraqi journalist

New Iraqi party to give political face to 'resistance'

Bush Critics Call for More Troops in Iraq

Comrade Aaronovitch Strikes Again
'Former' Stalinist is up to his old tricks

The Vice Lords of the Replacement Economies

Troops Respond to President's Speech

Halliburton Hearing Unearths New Abuse

Bush Flops in Prime-time

Fact Sheet: Facts, Quotes From President's Address

New wave of police 'anti-terror' raids in Australia

Sri Lankan Supreme Court overturns convictions in Bindunuwewa massacre

Ireland’s dilemma after rejection of European Union budget

No Roads For You

The Coming Age of Planets

UFO investigator shows he's an expert in his field

Technology could grow beyond human control, warns Millennium report

Mars Organic Analyzer Passes the Test

Planets Can Survive a Red Giant

Faster Climate Change Predicted as Air Quality Improves

Pope's stargazers teach tomorrow's astronomers

Like extraterrestrials as we evolve we will use
probabilistic fuzzy logic instead of pattern recognition
and either-or reasoning

Outer space is noisier than you might think

Slow going on Mars for NASA rovers

Grizzly Bear-Size Catfish Caught in Thailand

Biblical Tunnel Under Jerusalem

Flight of fancy

Cairo heralds discovery of large sarcophagus

Scientists to begin study of ancient skeleton over Indian protest

A rich Greek archaeology frontier lying on the seabed

Japanese team finds mural painting at Afghanistan's Bamiyan

Pratt & Whitney Wins Contract For In-Space Cryogenic Propulsion System

Messenger Sets Course For Earth Flyby

Scientist Refines Cosmic Clock To Determine Age Of Milky Way

How One Night In A Field Changed Astronomy

Sunshine Mapping From Space Means Brighter Solar Energy Future

Specter Of Drought Hangs Over Europe

Vigorous Hurricane Season Expected To Strike United States

AeroVironment Flies World's First Liquid Hydrogen Powered UAV

Genetic On-Off Switches Pinpointed in Human Genome

Tick Abundance, Lyme Disease Risk High in Rhode Island

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Headline News: June 29, 2005

Concern over disease, bioterrorism
not just political games

WTI Reaches Final Verdict in Istanbul:
Bush and Blair Guilty

Bush's Speech:

Let's Count the Lies

George W. Bush, One Lying Son of a Bitch

The Immoral Relativists of the Bush Administration

Another Karl Rove production
Bush speaks with troops as his stage props

15 Things Learned About Bush And Co.:
An Impeachment List

Aid To Africa Less Than Claimed
(or BUSH lied again)

Russian Guantanamo prisoner sues USA

Twelve more years

The Last Throes
The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Halliburton's Abusive Practices in Iraq Are in the Spotlight

American Style "Democratization"

Iraq needs $15bn to fix water supply

Only 34% of Americans Say U.S. Is Winning Iraq War

Iraq lawmaker, 2 US troops killed as Bush to speak

Iraqi Resistance Says It Will Not Negotiate
With Occupation Forces

We are Mujahideen for the sake of our nation.

Those "Meetings" with Insurgents
More Rumsfeld Lies


Sunni men in Baghdad targeted by attackers in police uniforms

Fallujah massacre and tsunami: hypocrisy and double standards

Trashing the Constitution in the name of "Terrorism"

A Defeat Bred in Deceit

US military sinks further into the Iraqi quagmire

Iraq: A bloody mess

The Vietnam Solution

Iraq warns of refugee disaster in al-Qaim

Biscuit Teams advise interrogators/torturers

Salvador Option: Death Squads in Iraq

US helicopter crashes in eastern Afghanistan

500 Russian prisoners mutilate themselves as an action of protest

Court Orders 4 Reporters to Reveal Sources in Lee Case

Grand Jury Demands Lawmaker's Documents

Can Bush Be Believed on Iraq?

Organic Farming the Thorn in the Side of the GM Foods Lobby

Justice Abused Terror-Fighting Tools, Report Says

Artifacts theft case being hushed up

Bog Mummy Mistaken for Murder Victim

Keeping it Simple, Stupid
Virtually all of George W.'s behavior in office can be explained by one single event:
being saved

Nagasaki remembered

Maryland-Led Deep Impact Observes Huge Comet Outburst

Warning About Global Efforts to Provide Drug Therapies
in Developing World

Kidney Disease Associated with Benign Prostate Obstruction

Burning Or Tingling Feet May be Warning of Pre-diabetes

Powerful, Omnipresent Digital Music Players Present Security Risk

Europe Boosted By Reactor, Galileo

NASA's Cassini Reveals Lake-Like Feature On Titan

Clue To Sudden Climate Change Found In Arctic

US Senate passes controversial energy reform bill

Sri Lanka finds 35 new amphibian species,
but shrinking habitat a threat

Israel Erects Underwater Barrier

Spotty Janus

X-Rays Sparkle in Saturn's Rings

Biden's BS on Iraq
The Democratic leadership is Bush Lite

Stay The Crooked Course

Particle Pressure

Two Australian “terrorist” trials set dangerous precedents

Washington in crisis over opposition to Iraq war

New York teenager deported to Bangladesh
FBI held girl as “suicide bomber” suspect

You can't sugarcoat a lie

Batten down the hatches
Karl Rove leads attack on 'liberals' while trying to raise support for war

A kinder, gentler McCarthyism
Rove's speech brings America back to the 1950s

Iranian revolution is thriving in Iraq

'Downing Street Memo'
Has Lingering Effect

A bloodless coup in America

Anatomy of another lie

Video shows cop molesting daughter

Bush administration back in the fake-news producing business

FBI office in Saudi Arabia shredded 9/11 investigation documents

They piss on us and tell us it's raining

Is George W. Bush insane?
Bush administration plans production of deadly plutonium-238
for "secret missions"

Why the little-known news is the most important

Baiting, Not Debating

Florida Democratic Party Bookkeeper
Takes Blame For Tax Problems

British ships carried atomic weapons in 1982 Falklands War

Baby-Faced Anarchists Busted
(Like Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Revere?)

Trainee's overtime paid in bourbon

Hurry Floridians, you only have until Friday to get an abortion,
make methamphetamines or engage in homoerotic acts with fellow classmates

Two people having sex in the back of a car isn't particularly newsworthy.
Two shackled inmates having sex in the back of a police car
while being taken to jail is

School teacher falls asleep at her desk.
That's to be expected after taking swigs from the
200 bottles of alcohol stashed in her classroom

Private developer is seeking to use new eminent domain ruling
to build hotel on Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter's land

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Texas Music 24 Hours

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Headline News: June 28, 2005

Paper Money Tyranny
by Ron Paul

The Rate of Interest by Gustav Cassel (1927)

The Economic Policy of Colbert (1899)

The System of Bretton Woods


How High Does The Nation's Debt Go ?

What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Debtor Nation at Red Alert

Can It Prevent Monetizing Mercy?
Where is the UN?

Manslaughter? Or Murder?

Iran slaps in the face of American imperialism

USA to import 50 million tons of crude from Russia a year

Lightning strikes a group of 20 Russian tourists

Humans destined to practice their own cloning
to save mankind from inevitable decline

Boy critically injured in second shark attack in three days in Florida

High court rules on religious displays
History spares Texas court's Ten Commandments

New trial ordered in Pakistan gang rape case

Disbelief At BTK Confessions

The Specter of Jail

Vitamin C enthusiasm unjustified

The Immaculate Scandal:
Big Cypress Oil Scammers Go Scot-free

Exponential Enrons Ahead

Conscience Of a Juror

The Not-So-Happy Meal

South America's Mining Wars Heat Up

The True Price of Oil

A Chinese government official on Tuesday expressed "deep regret"
over the US government's action of putting China on a
"Priority Watch List" in intellectual property right protection

Iraq: A bloody mess

Suicide Bombers as Freedom Fighters?

More Evidence Indicts U.S.

British troops join Iraqi insurgents


The unofficial war:
U.S., Britain led massive secret bombing campaign
before Iraq war was declared

The Excessive Use of Weapons and Banned Weapons

The Privatization of War

Ruin of Daily Life

Illegality of Preventive Attack and Unilateral Use of Force

The Role of the 'Coalition of the Willing'
in the Violation of International Law and Universal Human Rights

Gender Based Violence

Creating Racism and Intolerance

Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Iraq

Collective Punishment

Detentions and Prison Conditions

The Role of the Media

Collateral Damage: Mexico

Bush’s War Against Iraq Ruining America

World Tribunal on Iraq Condemns U.S. and Britain,
Recognizes Right of Iraqis to Resist Occupation

To Bush’s Blood-Stained Hands,
The Answer Must Be No.

Wake up Calls

The State under siege or is it the people?

Incinerating Iraqis: The Napalm Cover-Up

Protectors of "the Innocent and of Memory"

Electric Shield for Astronauts on the Moon

Space Ring Could Shade Earth and Stop Global Warming

The Forgotten Challenge: Pulsars

Physics' sharpest mind since Einstein

UFO Fleet Over Xalapa, Mexico or more ballons?

The "Eye of God", UFOs and the End!

Scans Show How Hypnosis Affects Brain Activity

A Code for the Heavens

Trinity College professor believes cyborgs are people, too

Cops Can't Be Sued for Restraining Orders

U.S. hostages forgotten in Colombian jungle

China activates bomb shelters

China to forge closer ties with Czech

China, Denmark to bring bilateral ties to higher level

Key Item of JFK Conspiracy Sold on Internet
Picket Fence from Dealey Plaza

Last American MIAs from Vietnam War Discovered in the White House

Hitler: Father of sex doll?

Deputy Fires At 12-Year-Old Driver
Attempting To Run Him Over
Child Charged With Attempted Murder

Impoverished alcoholics turn to a strange brew

Skeleton holds clues to mystery 9,300 years old

Scientists study ways the mind can heal itself

Brain implant may relieve depression

New Catfish Species Discovered

Fish kill a mystery

Discovery may hold hope for psoriasis sufferers

Adsorbent Materials For The Storage Of Hydrogen

Brazil's Nuclear Program

Nanoantennas Superfocus Light

Japan Urges Ukraine To Probe Alleged
Cruise Missile Sales To Iran, China

MESA Network May Boost Homeland Security

AMD files antitrust suit against Intel

Blow to drug's safety

HIV drugs block malaria in tests

Bogus analysis led to terror alert in Dec. 2003
CIA experts saw a secret code on Al-Jazeera that wasn't there

A pro-Israel lobby and an F.B.I. sting.

From Tehran to Washington, Demagogues Rule

The Last Throes of US Dominance

Trading, Not Invading:
US Hums Different Tune on Vietnam

Korea Stops Funding for Neocon Think Tank

California National Guard Targeted Mother’s Day Anti-War Action

Iran's New Hand

A Defeat Bred in Deceit

Who is feeding the insurgency? We are!

Police accused of sewing prisoner's lips shut

Doctors 'find dead foetus in boy'

don't bother calling the cops
if you find a flipped SUV with the motor running in your field,
with beer bottles and a loaded gun inside.
You've just found the police chief

Settlers Urged to Smoke Pot During Gaza Evacuation

Young workers often unsure how to deal with harassment

Family Altered Photo of Missing Child to Get More Help

Headline News: June 27, 2005

Housing bubble trouble
Mass. home sales plunge 11.1 percent

Rights groups detail 'Kafkaesque' U.S. detentions

China raises fears of major trade war

China refuses to bow to EU and US pressure
over currency reform

China to outlaw sexual harassment

China throws down gauntlet to USA Inc

'Cancer myths' believed in U.S., poll shows

Site of 6000-year-old ancient city discovered in Hubei

World's highest-content cadmium ore bed discovered in Guiyang

Rare, mysterious Kemp's ridley confirmed

Scientists study the power of prayer

Tsunami may have spawned new paralyzing lung disease

Volcano wakes up on Northern Kurils

U.S. plans radioactive project

US refused to do extra mad cow test

Testimonials of Resistance

Republic of the Green Zone

Rumsfeld: Insurgency could last decades

Work For Wal-Mart? You May Need Welfare

The Sun Sets On the Golden Years

Revealed: our friends the Romans
did not invade Britain after all

Billy Graham Winds Up NYC Revival Meeting

Ancient Egyptians Loved Their Dead Animals

Written language of the Maya

shocks scientists with its brutality

Russian economy to suffer because of 'rogue states'

Iran president-elect says Iran doesn't need the United States

Icons of the Matrix


The Falcon Lake Encounter

'Flying saucer' draws a crowd

Evolving Away from Extinction

The Stuff Stars are Made of

Tulips on the Moon

Nasa: 'Ice impact risk acceptable'

Sweden tests first biogas train

Plastic casts designed

to seek out alien life

UK Abductee Passes Polygraph

Possible UFO photographed over Lake O The Pines, Texas

Is it a surprise that not too many talk about
"Superscience" with a straight face?

Did you know aliens from space have IDs?

Unknown object filmed near Tahlequah, OK

Crop circles are organized harmonic forms

Confucius prof left six "wives" in US

Ahmadinejad vows to continue nukes

Yuan to remain stable in short term

US helicopter crashes north of Baghdad

Japan apologises over toxic arms accident

China, Thailand to work on herbal cure for drug addicts

China opposes EU probe into shoe imports

HK billionaire donates Berkeley $40M for stem cell research

"Time is not ripe" to drop yuan peg

China's anti-drug war in full swing

Australia ready to sign regional amity treaty

US military confirms 77 deaths in Afghanistan

Palestinians hold Israel responsible for settlers' attacks in Hebron

Cholera death toll increases in northwest Uganda

China-made chips to be embedded in TVs

10-year-old genius attends college of his choice

Freewheeling 1980s generation bites hard

Foolhardy graduates sure of future with no action

WTI: UN Should Pay War Indemnity to Iraq

Bush, Blair, Howard and the Downing Street memo

Downing Street Memos Explained in Plain English

Iraq: Bush's Vietnam

The Buhriz massacre

The 9/11 Reichstag Fire

Nine Eleven Down the Memory Hole


US at War with Iran

US public opinion on the Iraq war dips
with every dead soldier, and plummets
at the first sniff of defeat

Murder in the Abstract is Still Iniquitous

Unveiling Iraq's teenage prostitutes

Preventing the Military from Getting More Youth for Their Wars

Path to War, 2005

Soldiers vs. Intellectual Property Rights

Iraq: The carve-up begins

Evidence that Iraqi teenagers were massacred then framed

Bush Continues to Lie While Americans Continue to Die

Israeli soldier found guilty of UK activist's manslaughter

Report details secret detentions of US-based Muslim men after Sept 11

Former FBI chief said 'Deep Throat' motivated by revenge

US Death Toll Swells in Iraq

Blair says international community will not 'go soft' on Iran

Chinese ‘threat’ grips America
(but what the media says is a THREAT by China
is merely good business to the Chinese
Don't ya wish your US government gave a damn for your interests like China?)

Did egg-sitting failure doom the dinosaurs?

The hidden big business behind your doctor's diagnosis


Holograms to detect photo fraud

Human “language gene” found to work in mice
(Felix and Mickey mouse told us that)

Kyoto: waste of cash or green lifeline?

China's terracotta warriors hurt by pollution

"Force Field" Could Keep Lunar Astronauts Safe From Solar Radiation

Russian Air Force Chief Says Washington Still Fighting Cold War

Growth Secrets of Alaska’s Mysterious Field of Lakes

Children of Divorce More Likely to End Their Marriages

What Have We Done to Ourselves America?

The Fantastical World Of Studley McMuffin

Good night America, how are you?
Land Of Confusion: Where The Only Constant Is Change

Articulating The Unspeakable:
The Strategy Of Genocide:

Who rules Italy?

Afghanistan bleeds

Iran’s presidential coup

Before the flood

The Art of 'Manufacturing Uncertainty'

Bush likely to pay high price for Cafta accord

Witnesses Were Held Illegally

Rove Tries To Change The Subject

PBS: Public Or Pravda?

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal by Journalists in C.I.A. Leak Case

U.S. Plans New Tool to Halt Spread Of Weapons

State Guard forms anti-terrorism intelligence unit

Dick Cheney should confront reality

Phantom Menace

Ambassador Bolton's Agenda

Economically considered, war and revolution are always bad business.
– Ludwig von Mises

The Sun Also Rises

Bush's Credibility Takes a Direct Hit From Friendly Fire
(as if Bush had any credibility)

Condemning the wartime economy

Bush vows to eliminate torture worldwide
(Yea like his daddy did on drugs
Like he's done on terrorism
Bush policies only enlarge the problems)

Company deals with shock after ‘fragging’ allegations

Syria Denies U.S. Allegations Over Troops

Egypt Police Encircle Anti-Torture Protest,
Then Beat and Torture Demonstrators

Principal Won't Lose Job Over Racy Dance

The High Cost of Prohibition

Car crash woman 'already dead'

Elderly man dies in Kathleen after electric company stops his oxygen

The craft of hover
Teacher brings sport in classroom

Political correctness comes to the spyware industry...
er, I mean, "sponsorware"

Noise campaigners resort to beer

Dark chocolate seen healthy for arteries

Headline News: June 26, 2005

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China makes unremitting efforts in disaster relief

12 drug traffickers sentenced to death
(CIA and Bush still at large)

Bush Continues to Lie While Americans Continue to Die

A Thirty Years War?

Many die in Samarra, Ramadi attacks



Where is Palestine? Ask Bush

BushCo wants you to believe...

Dismissing the Evidence

Beyond Impeachment:
The Bush Administration as War Criminals

Evangelicals Building a Base in Iraq

Witnesses at WTI slam US actions in Iraq

Twice fooled–shame on us:
The case for impeachment

White House aide Karl Rove witch-hunts Iraq war opponents

Hazy Days in Our Parks

Computer Screen Made From Fog

Iran's nuke program peaceful

Northwest Florida beaches open after deadly shark attack

Define eminent domain

Beware of land grabs

Abroad, anger over U.S. tactics

How to Bury a Mad Cow

No Apologies, Senator Durbin

Fixing To Fix 'Fixed'

Flag Proposal Threatens First Amendment

America's Neo-Conservative World Supremacists Will Fail
Current US megalomania is rooted in the Puritan colonists' certainties

Word from Bush Could End Prison Abuse

After 2,600 years,

the world gains a fourth poem by Sappho

Did Chinese beat out Columbus?

Excavations underway to locate ancient Greek temple in western Iran

Achaemenid Empire frontiers to be sketched 2200 years after extinction

Puebloan people - also known as Anasazi
abruptly abandoned the Four Corners

Battered Bush watches as support ebbs away

U.S., UK accused of committing war crimes

US 'ineffective': Putin

Iranian vote turns up the heat on U.S.

Russia, Indonesia hail democratic poll of Iran

Russia, China to develop space research cooperation

Putin meets with U.S. executives

Russia to modernize long-range aircraft

China throws down gauntlet to USA Inc

China says no to yuan revaluation

China on emergency alert

New light on birth of a solar system

Flu pandemic could kill 67 million Americans

Mystery QRM Signals in Australia

Disease outbreak fears leave farmers feeling powerless

It's a fake

Disaster bonds could provide emergency cash

'Papillon' alive and well?

Scientists find clues to suggest
battery technology on Confederate Submarine Hunley

The strange case of the aristocrat,
Hitler and the tiny Scottish island

Son Hides Incurable Illness to Spare Mother

Factories turning corn into plastics

Gas Station Owner Cashes In 1.4M Pennies

US statue cover-up ends as drapes come off

God found in DNA,
Holy Grail Mystery Unveiled by Ohio Researcher

Mother sets fire to her daughter's gloating rapist

US General Admits to Secret Air War on Iraq

Bush warns Blair he must boost UK forces

You Don't Need No Stinkin' Trial!

Expensive Favor

Army National Guard enlists job agency

Inquiry Exposes Canada's Role in 'Renditions'

Italians Detail Lavish CIA Operation

Italians hunt covert CIA snatch squad

War of the mosques is shattering Iraq's hopes

Bush acknowledges 'grim' images from Iraq

Bush says he has Iraq plan
(Another Failed Planned in the offing!)

Withdrawal is a prelude to annexation
US hypocrisy is not new but
Condi Rice has taken it beyond chutzpah

Bush administration officials join ranks of tyranny

Annie Lennox wants to change the world,

even if it means going to the Arctic Circle

Origin of Gadsden tear-gas grenade a mystery

The Worst Mistake in the
History of the Human Race

Male-targeted ads found to be in no man's land

Chile 'helped UK over Falklands'

Iraqi students arrested for wearing jeans

Navy Recruits 80-Year-Old Arkansas Woman

When traveling 125 mph on a motorcycle don't pull up to an unmarked
police car and assume he wants to race you

$25 to walk on Bondi Beach

Island fort for sale at £150,000

Headline News: June 25, 2005

Student Unions [in Iraq] Call for
Withdrawal of Occupation Troops

Story of Inventing Insurgents
Creates Allergic Reaction in the Press

Ten Senators Demand Inquiry Into Use of Intelligence
Information By The Bush Administration

Statement of Richard Falk at Press Conference

Bush's statements 'can't be trusted'

"Live Free, Or Die."

The March of the Madder’n Hells

The Rationale for the Iraq War:
Stability of the Region and American Interests

Government admits Australian left to languish
in US prison in Iraq

Blair's "Minutes" Belies Bush's Motives

Yasukuni Shrine makes fallacious claim on war criminals

Landslides, floods kill 567, leave 165 missing

Bush says no Iraq withdrawal timetable

French court upholds release of Chinese girl
suspected of "espionage"

Ahmadinejad vows to create "modern, Islamic" Iran

Israel arrests 15 Jihad members in West Bank

Baghdad Airport shut down by security workers' strike

Internet giants take on greyware

One pupil dies, 120 kids sicken
after being vaccinated in Anhui

Cebreros is Ready and Listening

Digital Advances Produce Improved Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The Explosion that Shattered Solar Theory

Chickadee Intelligence

The greatest mysteries of all

Experts to check out Trevor crop circle

Killer asteroid: Too close for comfort

Russia planning double assault on Mars

Scientists discover bacteria in the deep dark sea

U.S. officials meet with terrorists

Russia becomes full-fledged member of the global nuclear market

Cow and bull have animal sex in office supplies shop

Paying in onions and potatoes for wedding outfits

Israeli troops evacuate two army positions
in Hebron, one in Palestinian school

Putin offers Iran's president-elect to continue nuclear cooperation

Explosions Rock St. Louis Gas Plant

Three-planet race
Big solar show after sunset

US public opinion turns against Iraq war

Mystery Deepens Over Deaths Of 3 Camden Boys

Floods affected 18.8 million people in south, east China

Genetically Modified Foods Need Safety Assessments

The Chauffeur's Dilemma

A Burning Desire to be a Patriot

The Return of '1984'

The NEW New Republican Scam for Social Security

Addicted to War:
An Insider Examines the Seductive Myths of Militarism

New, Improved Bush:
Impish and Well-Read

The War President

Archaeological wonders are under the sea

Ancient Thermal City to Be Flooded in Turkey

Archaeologists unearth part of 3, 500 year-old gold mask

Heir America

An Idler's Life

Crews Battle Fire in Calif. Wilderness

US confirms mad cow disease case

EU votes to continue ban on GM crops

Web surfing not the best medicine

Obesity as threat to life

Exposure to sun cuts prostate cancer risk

Satellite View of Istanbul

Planets Under Construction

Pan's Influence on the Rings

Trout, Walleye Thriving in 'Most Polluted' Lake

China and Vatican Make No Secret of Thaw

First made-in-China cars sent to Europe

China’s great US energy gamble

US admits using torture

Air force ready to hit terror bases abroad

'Militants from Afghanistan, Pak. penetrate Central Asia'

Villagers flee homes as fire burns in Bangladesh gas field

Two die of plague in Tibet, 75 quarantined

UFOs spotted at campaign, candidate's aides say

New Madrid quake fault pressure builds

Global Warming 'Could Trigger Ice Age'

Pandemic could kill half million in U.S.

Scientists Studying Gulf's 'Dead Zone'

Africans stunned by leaders' silence on Zimbabwe

Global warming evident in Timor Sea corals

Simulated oil meltdown shows U.S. economy's vulnerability

Report warns of challenges to U.S. leadership in space

Conspiracy theorists vs coincidence theorists

Cheese from Mexico linked to TB-like infections

Russian sues to stop NASA's comet blast

Canadian readers believe Da Vinci Code

ACLU defends polygamy
Legal group backs 'freedom of choice'

Osama's hideout:
The devil holing up in Evil Mountain?

Man: Flesh-eating aliens were chasing me
when I caused fatal car crash

Online casino pays $2k for the “Shower Jesus'

The Jordan River, where Jesus was reportedly baptized,
is now just an extra-large toilet

Vicksburg attorney indicted in drive-by shooting

New bullet train

could be world's fastest

New York City Invokes Eminent Domain to Acquire New Jersey

Calif. lawmakers want stop to human pesticide testing

Trooper Accused Again Of Making Suspects Strip
Chicago trooper accused of making naked couple run
around construction site also has golden shower fetish

Judge set bond for alleged prostitute at $1 billion
The 8th amendment surrenders

Elementary School Teacher Accused
Of Selling Assault Weapons

Freeport moves to seize 3 properties
Court's decision empowers the city to steal property
for a private marina


Browser makers warned against ad-blocking

House Blocks Federal Coverage of Viagra

Nude tricyclist told to behave

French police nab British lawyer doing 217 kph in Ferrari

Running on vegetable oil?

Supplier says it received hydraulic fluid from hospital

Naval units practicing safety stand-down because sailors
keep suffering premature discharge of their weapons

DFW Controllers Hid Near Misses
If you have been flying into the Dallas-Fort Worth area,
you probably should be dead

Making a profit on 'Naked Zorro'

Teens Allegedly Used Stolen Camera To Record Themselves

June's Interesting Site

Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Catch Today's Price Savers

Headline News: June 24, 2005

Rumsfeld: US not losing war in Iraq
(Another Lie?)

Greenspan, Snow warn against China sanctions

China image scores better than US

Heat-wave deaths in India's Orissa state mounts to 132

Czech Republic highly values relations with China

Muslim countries have done little to help Afghanistan

Nigerian deputy governor impeached over misconduct

WFP buys 61,000 tons of food in Uganda

Uganda to open S. Sudan routes for UN peacekeepers

Traces of ancient men found near Beijing

Cisco may move outsourced manufacturing to China

Heatwave hits N. China, inflating power, water consumption

The Agony Of Occupation:
'The Flies Have Conquered the Fly Paper'


"Cost in Blood and Treasure"

US Occupation Forces

Commits More Attrocities in AlQaim

Iraq, the new Afghanistan

We shelter behind the myth that progress is being made


From aWar President to a
Not-Winning-a-War President

End the War: Begin the Peace

Iraq’s downward spiral


The lies of war can no longer be ignored by the press

Guantanamo: The New-World Icon

UN investigators say U.S. stalling on prison visits

On legitimacy, lies, and the war in Iraq

'They died for a lie'

Bush Empathy Squeeze

Psychological Armor

Bush's empire may crumble from within

Iraqi Resistance Fractures Bush's Relationship with the US Military

The Cheney doctrine and Iraq

Setting SETI's Sights II: Abodes for Life?

Spectacular Planetary Conjunction Appearing Now At Sunset

Research shows Persistent El Nino-Like Conditions
During Past Global Warming

More UFOs in the Arecibo Radio Observatory

Phantom flyers

Going Underground, from Martian Orbit

Off-Center Optimism for a Planet

Paranormal investigators look for a 'smoking gun'

Russia sets forth new proposals to boost military cooperation

One killed in massive fight in Moscow's center

Special unit of Russian aviation uses cement particles and acids to change weather

Theme parks can be highly dangerous of children and adults alike

Short-sightedness to become the global norm of every-day life

Don't let name-calling crush public broadcasting

Iraq insurgency still strong

Sri Lanka's Tiger joint deal signed amidst violent opposition

U.S. Doctors Linked to POW 'Torture'

Voluntary Amnesia in the Service of War

We are Killing the Planet. That is Not an Exaggeration

The Real News in the Downing Street Memos

Take the Opportunity to Say No
to a Forgotten, Senseless War

Archaeologists start digging for Hun settlements in Russia

Sleuths join ancient dig

Humayun's Tomb comes under IIT scanner

Who carved the man in the stone?

UNESCO calls for stopping illegal dig in Iraq

A World of Economic Do-Gooders

The Sins of Judith Miller
(White House Mouthpiece for NY Times)

Racism Rebooted

Super Senate Sweep?

Scoundrel City

Food Marketing Trics

Iraq: What Price 'Victory'?

Smoking Gun Misfiring?

Fixed Is Fixed

Censoring the Carnage

Iran Far From Nuclear Bomb-Making Capacity: Blix

Amputee displays hands that can 'feel'

Unlocking hydrogen's fuel potential

Microbes Can Produce Electrical Nanowires

Robots attend nursery school

Lighter filling in Earth’s core

Hydrogen cars will save lives

Heavy rice stands tall

How the Universe got its hydrogen pairs

Self-Esteem Strategies Needed for People with Mental Illnesses

Saving Six Million Children Each Year Is Affordable

Unease Over Guidelines
That Label 9 Out of 10 People as Sick

Know How to Avoid Lightning

President Self-Centered

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes
(Federal Occupiers Rule against Rights of Home/Land Ownership)

Pentagon building teen database for military recruiting

The end of indifference

Reading, writing and religion

Officer Promoted Religion During Traffic Stop
Druid Couple Said They Were Targeted Because Of Their Beliefs

Man Sees Jesus In Chip Clip

CNOOC Offers $18.5 Bln for Unocal, Tops Chevron Plan

China's Oil Bid Riles Congress
Attempt to Take Over U.S. Firm Spurs Calls for Retaliation

The Kept In The Dark Act

Huge, growing scandals threaten Republicans in Ohio

Thieving, crack-smokin', demon- possessed cop gets probation

It's payback time for the Red Cross
(If'n ya don' rubber stamp Bush Atrocities - Lose your Federal Funding)

Constipated and liquified logic

Convicted offender charged,
found with 36,000 names in binders

U.N. Uncovers Torture at Guantanamo Bay

White House Escalates Its Campaign to Isolate Syria

US pushes for punitive action against Syria

Another Year of Living Misery in Baghdad

U.N. cites reliable accounts of U.S. torture

Germany: report exposes massive state spying

A new railroad from China to Europe

Putin Voices Worries About Afghanistan

China’s great US energy gamble

South China flood toll surges

Permanent El Nino climate warning

Researchers have discovered a new universal biological law

Archaeologists figure out mystery of Stonehenge bluestones

Naturally produced 'cannabis' in the brain helps with pain relief

Major discovery on eve of obelisk’s return

Fangs found on 60-million-year-old mammal

Janesville Women Get Mysterious Money In The Mail

Woman Fired After 21 Years For Not Wearing Makeup

Woman carrying $47K in bra at airport sues

Pennies, panties or cigarette?

Prisoners crucify themselves

No more class ranks for seniors

Suspect sought after two of five women injected
at "home silicon party" hospitalized.

Japanese robot guards to patrol shops and offices

How to Make $220,000 Without Leaving Prison

Traffic tickets spark English vs French language debate

City workers paint unauthorized crosswalk

Honest workers or thieves? Take the bagel test

The coolest RC thing ever

Designed for love

Lollipops marketed to taste like drugs

Bank call-centre employees in India
will sell your account details for $10 a pop.

In a stunning display of common sense by a U.S. company,
Krispy Kreme fires six top executives instead of 6000 workers

Kentucky officials run terrorism drill at goat show.
"We try to focus on what really matters to Kentucky,"
says Homeland Security Department

Headline News: June 23, 2005

Floods ravage South, East China

S. and N. Korea issue joint statement on improving ties

Israel presents detailed pullout maps

Shanghai issues alert on milk beverage

Yahoo shuts down chat rooms over sex content claim

US unveils priorities for UN reforms

Survey Of Weapons Experts Finds Sharp Rise
In Chance Of Nuclear Attack

The world faces an estimated 50 percent chance of a
nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological attack
over the next five years

China urges to advance int'l nuclear disarmament process

Japanese court rejects compensation for Chinese forced laborer

20 Iraqis killed, 50 injured in four car bombs in Baghdad

Jihad denies prisoner died of disease in Israeli jail

On-line version of civilization chronology published

Three 2,000-year-old tombs unearthed in SW China

China to face cotton shortfall of 3.2 mln tons

Eyeballing the Buhriz Body Count

Hawk Tales by Bruce Maccabee
Word Doc File

New Form of Matter Created

Natural Particle Accelerator Discovered

New Horizons Prepares to Zoom to Pluto

Aliens would need abundant oxygen

Jews and Palestinians in the organizations of civil society:
discrimination and silencing

High Court decision on torture generated new methods of torture

The changing chemistry of office cubicles

Britain's fertility timebomb

Junk DNA keeps a vole devoted

In Search Of An Elusive Earth Beyond Our Own

Hubble Images Dust Belt Around Nearby Star,

Pointing To Presence Of Planet

Scientists Cling To Hopes For Lost Solar Craft

Jack Kilby, Computer Chip Pioneer, Dies At 81

Security Issues Threaten U.S. Science

G-Zero Finds That Ghostly Strange Quarks
Influence Proton Structure

Researchers See Electron Waves In Motion For First Time

UF builds record-setting 105 GHz chip

Physicists create new form of matter

"What I found in Iraq after eight years abroad shocked me"

Pandora's box of flag-burning ban
There is a new threat to freedom in America

Our Advice to the US House of Reprehensibles

B U R N -- IT!

Russia gives Estonia a pair of dead donkey's ears instead of territory

USA forces Europe to recreate the war-torn Iraq

Nightingales to sing at the International Space Station

Russian settlement still reveals traces of dinosaurs

USA offers North Korea food instead of friendship

Analysts: Bid for Unocal Part of Plan

The world's most powerful supercomputer

55 percent of doctors

influenced by religion

Something's Fishy about U.S. Silence on Japan's Whaling

Withdrawal on the Agenda

Recruiters Sink to New Lows

HC-9: Where the Case for Impeachment Slipped into Gear

Yes, They Did Lie To Us

Guantánamo: When America Breaks the Law

Disunity at Big Labor

Dismissing the Evidence

Bards of the Powerful

Ancient 'Bog Body' Unearthed in Germany

Temple titan with carnal carvings

Roman pottery part of Hadrian Wall find

Iraq on list of world's endangered cultural sites


Italy rediscovers Greek heritage

Firm secures Egypt temple mission

First Open-to-the-Public
Scientific Peer Review Shroud of Turin Conference
Slated for Dallas

"Inca Mummy Man"

The Wrong Apology

Black Men: Missing?

U.S. Politics in "A Galaxy Far, Far Away"

Disservice to the Public...Broadcasting System

Still In Denial About Global Warming

Seal border with Iraq, US tells Syria
(Why doesn't the US seal that border?
They have ALL the troops there!
Oh yea.. the US can't even seal and protect the Texas Border---)

China's buys in U.S. could stir resentment

Tension rises as embattled Afghans blame Pakistan

China scorched by record heatwave

Seismic activity in country's center sparks debate
After California quakes, attention turns to New Madrid zone

Wildfires Break Out Around Western States

Brain sees violent video games as real life

Massive Crack Opens In Earth

In Texas

Mystery shrouds Iraq's missing artefacts

Mystery footprints in the Kimberley;
cat, creature or Yowie?

Whale burgers go on sale in Japan

Baby Born With 3 Legs

EU Minister Threatens UK with Mysterious "Munitions"

Doctors Find Bullet in Man's Tongue

Barrick Gold Strikes Opposition in South America

A War Waged by Liars and Morons

Bush Administration Psychological Warfare Against the U.S.?

Americans inching closer to a reckoning

In the name of security

You're Either With Us, or You're With The Enemy

Celebrity watch: just one brain cell required

Blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel

Iraq creating new breed of jihadists, says CIA

Bush Becoming a Casualty of His Own War

The Other War

Abu Ghraib, Rewarded

Israel hints at resuming target killings

War to Plunder the U.S. Treasury

I.E.D. Attacks Reaching The Highest Number Since The Invasion

U.S. kills 76 Afghan militants (Afghan Patriots?)

The Bill of Rights: The Rights of the Accused

Withdrawal: Seize the Moment

Believe the Military?

The War Before the War

Reporters Press McClellan

on Secret CIA Report on Iraq

Man jailed for Islamic centre attack

He's locked up for 23 hours a day in a steel cage

Headline News: June 22, 2005

Truth and the Occult:
A Difference in Freedoms

In Defense of Capitalism

Children's toys blamed for drug addiction

Thief falls asleep

Boy 'starts having periods'

Ballerina wins convict beauty contest

Groom finds new bride in 24 hours

DJ's wife sold his Lotus for 50p

Fat cops on crash diet

Industry Members Batten Down the Hatches

Employers Clamping Down on Adult Internet Activity

Security products under fire
Security Hackers changing focus from OS

Woman Finds Porn in Happy Meal

GIRLS at an English junior high school will be banned from wearing skirts

Common virus kills cancer

Lions Rescue and Guard Beaten Ethiopian Girl

Anyone Missing a Garden Gnome?

NASA invites Russia to explore moon

Elusive Earths

Mystery of U.F.O.s finally solved !
The truth about aliens

'Flying eyeball' to inspect spacecraft

Solar sail may be lost in space

Danger in the Ruins

Archaeologists fight to save Iraqi sites

Dig uncovers ritzy side of Acadian life

Stonehenge druids 'mark wrong solstice'

American Indian Carvings in Danger

Iran may lose chance to introduce
world’s most ancient animation

Bronzeware unearthed in ancient royal tombs

Iraq expects US withdrawal

No U.S. force reduction this year

Redesigned bombs pushing U.S. toll higher

US ties Syria to slayings in Lebanon

Russia, Mexico to intensify energy co-operation

Britain wants Russia to become its main natural gas supplier

Russia Refuses to Ratify Border Treaty With Estonia

There will be attempts to stage a coup in Russia

Russia to launch energy dialogue with India, China

Sanctions Bill on China's yuan/renminbi currency peg
introduced in US Congress

US spy plane crashes in Asia

North Koreans arrive in Seoul to renew talks

Chinese snap up brand-name U.S. firms

Trying to solve the mystery of the 200,000 missing salmon

Volcano eruption in Ecuador may affect oil pipelines

Anatahan Volcano North of Saipan Rumbles

Widespread Increases In Streamflow And
Changes In The Timing Of Snowmelt

Lowly amoeba may provide early warning for big quakes

Biometrics ID System Debuts At Orlando Airport

Soya warning to would-be mothers

Shroud of Turin 'a fake'

U.S. Borders Vulnerable

France urges caution on children's use of cell phone

Grapefruit May Make Women Seem Younger

UK: Warm beer shock

India launches "volcano tourism" in Andamans

9:36 a.m.
Students may have to do lunch
Cafeteria crowding is blamed

China vows to vote against UNSC expansion plan

S. Korean defense minister offers resignation over shooting spree

McDonald's (Xi'an) withdraws "insulting" ad

Japan "violated" China's sovereignty

U-2 spy plane crashes in Middle East

UK unveils immigration crackdown

Lebanon seeks info on prisoners in Syria

Egypt ends manhunt for terror suspect

Women More Afraid Of Dentists Than Men

NASA's Spitzer Captures Echo Of Dead Star's Rumblings

Ancient Floods On Mars:
Where Iani Chaos Opens Into Ares Vallis

New Map Of Daily Probability Of
Earthquake Shaking In California

Assessing The Amazon River's Sensitivity To Deforestation

Human Inhabitants Of Madagascar Are Genetically Unique

Ancient DNA Confirms Single Origin Of Malagasy Primates

Sen. Dick Durbin Apologizes for Comparing Interrogators at
Guantanamo Prison Camp to Nazis

MS axes Unix anti-virus sales after bagging Sybari

Gene profile could tell biological time

Public Television's Mystery Mann

Through The Prism of Human Collectivity

We Need GM Food Like a Hole in Our Kidneys

Bush Administration Subverts the Truth

GM's Health-Care Shakedown Shows
Systematic Flaws in Bush's America

Bush Administration Increasingly Isolated on Venezuela

The Bush Dam Breaks

Americans Are Finally Waking Up to the Failure
of US Policy in Iraq

Starting a War the Old Way

"At Some Point,
The Terrible Arithmetic Of The War
Will Add Up To Overwhelm Everybody"

Nine Out of 30 Dow Jones Industrial Index Companies
Convicted of Crimes

Massive landslide buries 4 sunbathers alive on Ukraine's Black Sea coast

Petrodollars to ruin Russian economy despite high oil prices

Pessimists and optimists suffer from specific diseases
in their obsession with health

Malaysian priests find little puppy
with six legs and two penises

Israel returns to militants assassination policy

Headline News: June 21, 2005

Beirut Explosion Kills Lebanon's Hawi, an Anti-Syrian

Jury Split 6-6 in 1964 Murder Trial

Intruder fatally shot in U.S. courthouse

No More US Tolerance for Anti-Democratic Regimes

Plan to resume commercial whaling 'catastrophic'

First solar sail prepares for space launch

Credit-card holders must have better protection

Hackers ‘think small, score big'

Adelphia founder jailed for 15 years for fraud

Stem Cell Solution Introduced for Infertility

Zuma faces two counts of corruption

Condoleezza Rice concedes Mid-East policy failure

U.S. Seeks International Help for Iraq

N.K. Will Return to Talks if U.S. Stops Harsh Rhetoric

Oil hits another record

Second Earthquake In 10 Hours Hits Western Parts Of Kentucky

Mexican president arrives in Russia

Russia to launch energy dialogue with India, China

Chinese President to visit Russia June 30

Pope sends top cardinal on Moscow mission

China reports new outbreak of bird flu

Vietnam reports new bird flu outbreak

Resolution challenges China's sovereignty

Satellite to monitor viruses

Zimbabwe Police have arrested 335 commercial sex workers
and rounded up 161 illegal immigrants

Dire warning issued for Atlantic crab industry

Mystery infection kills 7 babies in Turk hospital

Britain's vanishing red squirrels face deadly virus threat

Warning to Lake District Visitors of Toxic Blue Green Algae

Rising temperatures bring threat of new diseases

Experts warn of fertility timebomb

Scientists map cow genome

Censored Stories on U.S. atomic bombing
in WWII discovered

No faking female orgasm in scientific research

Paintings by chimp

outsell Warhol, Renoir

Few Planets Will Have Time to Form Complex Life

Russia plans two new missions to Mars

Does life exist on other planets?

Martian life might threaten human mission

'Antimatter harvester' may fuel future spacecraft

Ghostly Ripples in Space

Stackable computers out of this world

Shenzhou's Experiment Mystery

Big-Brained People are Smarter

Russia to write off the debt of the world

Outdated equipment causes another energy crisis in Moscow's south

Rock music can destroy the brain through the impact of
ultra and infra sounds which are inaudible to the human ear

Unique Russian healer retrieves human power

Formula One is unlikely to succeed in U.S. after the tire scandal

Man arrested in Britain in connection with suicide bomb attacks in Iraq

Russian foreign minister says security in Iraq not improving

A Rape in the Making

Mad Cow Disease Cover-Up Now Unraveling

Schwarzenegger Is A Traitor to California

British Intelligence Iraq Dossier Relied on
Recycled Academic Articles

Torrid Baghdad fumes as water lines cut

A legitimate combat against an unjustified aggression !

Where were the doctors at Abu Ghraib?

Hill defends US on use of napalm in Iraq

Why we invaded Iraq (and what's coming)

We've Seen Enough to Impeach Bush

Why George Went To War

The second UN resolution

Pressure is on to lift whaling ban

Steroids all the rage for teen girls

Pieces of Numbers
A proof brings closure to a dramatic tale of partitions and primes

Saturn's Ripply F-Ring

Amid Nuclear Renaissance,
Time Has Come To Mine More Uranium

Iraq: Vietnam Syndrome Strikes

The Folly of Our Age: The Space Shuttle

Scientists Put The Squeeze On Electron Spins

Death by garbage

Scientists May Have Found Key to Halting Spinal Cord Damage

Physicists Clarify Exotic Force, but No 'Theory of Everything' Yet

Neutrino ripples spotted in space

Naked Bikers Protest Car Culture

Tomato, Tobacco Plants Produce SARS Vaccine

Headline News: June 20, 2005

Judge: Parents can't teach pagan beliefs

Sex claims hit US polygamy sect

Priest who crucified nun unrepentant

United States Supreme Court Decisions
Regarding Military Occupation and Martial Law


US war with Iran has already begun

Iraqi lawmakers call for foreign troops to withdraw

Clinton slams Guantanamo

New US move to spoil climate accord

Bush says U.S. is in Iraq because of 9-11

US trade deficit hits record high

Anti-US protestors demand closure of Incirlik Airbase in Turkey

New PLA missile `a warning' for the US

Venezuela to sell fuel oil to China

China, Jordan vow to further advance cooperation

A nightmare scenario

Your ISP as Net watchdog

Ontario Beach Park closed because of too much algae

Blue-green algae in full bloom

Warning to Lake District Visitors of Toxic Blue Green Algae

Red tide moves northward

R.I. says no red tide in Rhode Island

Red Tide Toxin Levels Reach Record Levels In Maine

Maine seafood restaurants feel red tide impact

Scientists wonder if algae bloom is red flag

6-Legged Puppy Found

Hit the showers, boys
Youth baseball team ousted from league for being ‘too good’

Has political correctness snuffed out evil?

Fisherman catches piranha in Missouri River

Water-Stained Jesus Image to Be Auctioned

Police mistake compost bins for thieves

Hungry For Love, Man Will 'Work For Wife'

Teen deported to strange land of her birth

Law Prohibits State Investigation into Mission: SPACE Death

Vietnam Pastor Held in Mental Hospital for Religious Beliefs

Bugs Are Considered a Delicacy in Mexico

Californians fear 'Big One' after four quakes

New Flower Species Discovered by Retired Mechanic

'Superdrug' conquers cancer

Insomnia remains a mystery

Nazi war criminals living in Britain total 'more than 200'

Scientists claim they were fired for being outspoken

No paradox for time travellers

'Teleporting' over the internet

Cattle Mutilations

Flying Saucers & Canadian Socialism

Wilbert Smith & the Department of Transport in 1950

Man Must Travel to Mars

How Solar Systems Form in Hostile Space

In Search of Diversity

UFOs are Real - UFOs are Friendly
Your Governments Know this

Two Top Guns Shoot Blanks

UFO over Knight's Ferry, CA-06-13-05

What would happen if you decide to fire on an extraterrestrial UFO?

New telescope scans the skies for alien life

Moon object videotaped in California, June 17, 2005

Holistic Physics
– or –
An Introduction to Quantum Tantra

UFOs In World War 2 - The Official Story

Latest Planet Discovery Suggests New Targets

Foton-M2 Mission Returns to Earth

Geology-smart space suit developed

Liquid universe hints at strings

Super Predators And Mass Extinctions

Cargo spacecraft lost in Pacific Ocean

'Aliens have taken the place of angels'


Crop Anomalies near Phoenix

Terraforming: Human Destiny or Hubris?

Darwin retraces Beagle voyage

"War of the Worlds":
Behind the 1938 Radio Show Panic

UFOs Spotted Over Eger

The Great Awakening to the Iraq Deception

Smoking Signposts to Nowhere

US Hawks Try Preemptive Strike on Iran Vote

Upheaval Ahead

The WMD Commission's Shame

In times of universal deceit,
telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.
– George Orwell

Baghdad Bulletin:
Dispatches on the American Occupation
The United States has already lost the Iraq War

Torture Chic

Fiddling as the Planet Burns

The Beginning of the End?

Is the Red Cross Red, White and Blue Enough?

Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight

British Memos Air Secrets of 2 Governments

SAFE Instead of Patriot

Gitmo Appalling

Iraq: Journalists call for greater freedom

Concern Grows Over Guantanamo

Bittersweet Chocolate

British bombing raids were illegal

We are all complicit in these vile acts of torture
but what can we do about it?

US Frees Iraqi Woman Detainees After Protests
US Uses Kidnapping in Terrorist Conquest of Iraq

Treason Is Not Patriotic

The Ultimate Deception?
D.O.D. establishes that nearly 9000 Americans have died in Operation Iraqi Freedom

Mocking the Downing Street Memo

the 'Lying Mainstream Media'

Bush's 'Happy Thoughts' Death Trap

Halliburton Given $30m to Expand Guantanamo Bay

Land Study on Grazing Denounced

The Wal-Mart Myth

Well sites shed fresh light on ancient civilization

Horse-headed image found in Kitora tomb

Egypt's other pasts

Excavators find ancient urban settlement in south Kashmir

Monks use hi-tech camera to read ancient texts

92 new Buddhist sites found in Malakand

Sarcophagi found in ancient city of Ephesus

Egyptians crafted ingots for Mediterranean trade

Halifax excavation uncovers 25,000 artifacts

Jewellery find puzzles Russians

Lost da Vinci treasure hidden behind wall?

USA disregarded its "respectful attitude" to other states,
when it bombed Serbia and invaded Iraq

USA aims to privatize United Nations

USA urges India to buy American weapons

Boy dies of stroke after playing computer games for 12 hours non stop

Witch forces 7 teenagers to become her blood donors

Doctors save little boy from walking on prosthetic leg

Swarms of flies inundate 'Russian Switzerland'
because of most valuable organic fertilizer

No bikinis for Miss Russian Military contest

German soldiers allowed to keep mullets

Row over lie detector tests on workers

Mozzies bug Dalai Lama

Man goes bananas with police

Bogus diplomas and a blue labcoat do not make a doctor,
not even one who treats diseases with air, water, and sunshine

Car Plows Into House and Atop Sleeping Man

Wal-Mart takes aim at Target

Farmers stew over 'couch potato'

Bush criticism of Iran flies right back

Wimbledon referee makes a noise over grunting

Chuck E. Cheese fight turns bloody

Man Accused of Growing Pot at Grandma's

Banana Truck Overturns On Freeway

Eurofighter a shooting star in clash with US jets

Intolerance can't survive if we don't condone it

Chinese grocer fights 105 costly traffic fines

'Pathetic. Tragic. Embarrassing.'
And then things got really nasty

Area pizza joint tied to mercenary in Afghanistan
Hayward man wired money to U.S. bounty hunter who ran a torture camp

Alleged 'Vampire' Faces Sex Charges In Indiana

Headline News: June 19, 2005

Killington secession commission plan on the way to N.H. gov

Wife saves hubby

Canadian women ride their mules

School science class going to pot

Never Send Your Boss Petroleum Jelly

Terrorist Warning:
Seven people have been threatened or attacked by deer

Climbers Face Diarrhea Risk

Teen Charged After Vomiting on Teacher

'Underwear Thieves' Return

Italian Police Seek Huge Breasted Woman

Man charged with stealing female doll

Ketchup mishap stains his reputation...

Church and Government in your Panties
Banning Sales of Sex Toys

Stephen Harper To Replace Gun Registry
With Coat Hanger Registry

Onward, Christian Soldiers

The Sandwich Advisor

The Beast of Fenny Bentley

Prof fined for calling student 'fatty'

Priest Convicted of Having Dog Killed

Area horse waste causing a stink

Would-be robber attacked by customer with hammer

Swearing teacher is a radio smash

Oh! the News

A Real Couch Potato

‘Live Corpse’ kept in Glass Coffin

'Dad' Phones While at His Funeral

'Sex Toy Mayhem At Airport

Anti-rape device stops rapists - permanently

Kinky sex game sparks dramatic rescue operation in Holland

Housewife faints while shopping due to vibrating panties

Teenagers crash while engaging in oral sex

Woman Accused Of Attacking Snoring Husband

Man charged with stealing beer after trying to pay for it

Woman stabs boyfriend 42 times in self-defense.
Boyfriend had polio, a wheelchair and
use of only one hand

Woman punches her fiancee.
Judge slaps her with 100-yard restraining order and won't lift it.
That almost put a damper on their wedding plans

City of God

Idaho police raid wrong duplex

Supervisor retaliated after man complained about
pornographic photos in campus workshop

Iran changes story on plutonium experiments

Teen acne tied to better heart health in men

Islay farmer finds geep in his flock

Bear-attack false alarm triggers huge response

New York May Give Drunken Drivers Special License Plates

Living On The Edge At American Apparel

Two teachers quit over naked photos of students

Mystery surrounds Snipes's SA passport

Officer Arrested for Asking Women to Undress

Goodyear blimp crashes in north Broward

Your contribution to the Spanish-American War
You're still paying for the Spanish-American War
if you have a telephone

Send Sex Offenders To Mexico?
Why Not D.C.? They breed them on Capitol Hill

Perry spikes probation and consent search bills
Single handedly Voids Constitutional Rights
Ignores STATE imposed Prison Overcrowding

Talks depend on respect from U.S., N. Korea says

'Downing Street memo' gets Capitol Hill airing

Prosecutors Hope to Wrap Up Killen Case

Guidant recalls cardiac defibrillators on safety concerns

MasterCard: Open Book For ID Theft

U.S. wants more UN Council seats

Wide open gaps may cause Mad Cow to strike back

Oregon goes ahead with medical marijuana program

House threatens U.N. funding unless reforms are made
You Play by U.S. Rules or You Don't Play at All
Same as always since 1948

Bush seems to be leaning towards confrontation
with North Korea

US double standard to hamper Rice Mideast drive

Security breach puts 40m credit cards at risk

House Passes Bill to Slash Funds to U.N.

Russia, China join against US 'star wars'

Russia lauds North, South Korea's attendance at Pyongyang events

President Hu hails China-Russia ties

Peasants fighting back in rural China

China condemns arms embargo interference

Tariff on China goods won't help US economy

China working on counterterrorism law

China's state councilor hails Chinese-Arab cooperation

EU told to face trade challenge of China

China opposes Dalai Lama's visit to Sweden

EU criticizes U.S. approach to China

Chinese defector says U.S. turned him away

Tiny hand prints illustrate China school flood horror

It's Our Own Fault!
Blind Faith

Dragon at the Back Door

Using the Fine China

US War on Domestic Dissent

2005 Prophecy or Scientific Forecasting

The Genesis Seed

Sexuality: Reclaiming the Erotic
Spiritual Sex: Beyond the Physical


The Eighth Deadly Sin!


Oil of Oregano

Mysteries of the Pyramid

Is Cannibalism a Religious Experience?

On Earth Changes and The Shift


There was a conspiracy between
England, France, and Russia
to slap down Germany

Genetic Exploration:
An Expanded Perspective

Alien Gardens
Mysterious origins of crop plants

The Hall of Records

Anunnaki & Nibiru - The Return

Vel Worship in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Gateway to Other Worlds?
Scientists re-examine legends of Serendip

IONA - Island of the Druids

On the Origins of the Mind

The Fraud of "Sound Science"

Russian-Cuban child genius, age 11
Inventor of 3-D image television and a
refrigerator that doesn’t need electricity

Delving into mind over matter

A Discourse of Coin and Coinage

Police storm theatre after actor fired fake gun

Dentist got patient drunk

German firemen have destroyed a
teenage driver's first ever car after they mistook it
for scrap and used it for practice.
(hey I remember my 1st car! Almost a piece of scrap)

Lawyer admits secret life of crime
(That's a secret?)

Police in India have arrested a couple who claimed
they could cure ill people through 'ghost therapy'
(Bush thinks he can cure terrorism with terrorism?)

Gay wins back driving licence
(Real Smart?)

19st woman sat on robber
(Bet he's glad she didn't take a BITE out of Crime)

Women wanted to test sex machine
(applicants call me.. 555-555-9999 for test drive)

University slaps sex tax on students
(SHhhhh! US Congress might get ideas!)

Kindergarten teachers' sex parties after hours
(Must be a Christian School?)

Whores College
(can I be a homework assignment?)

Bounce room for randy OAPs
(makes retirement even more interesting!)

Baker sued over erotic cakes
(I'll take one of each)

Carmen Electra thinks about sex
every 20 seconds
(and? So?)

Play featured 27 hours of simulated sex
(better be simulated..even Viagra ain't that powerful

Gossping wife locked in pigsty

Ref pulled red lacy knickers from his pocket
(should have hid the souvenir buddy
In Texas you might have been shot! by HER! or both HERS)

Mayor used Pope pic for target practice

Semen moisturiser big in Mexico
(I've told her that over and over)

Priest 'had sex in church'

Librarians baffled by urine
(Let me xxxplain)

Maggots on the menu
(and they think Texas Rodent on the half shell is strange?)

Human poop banned from meeting
(no politicians allowed?)

Teacher posed nude for magazine
(evidently not a religious prude from Iowa)

Memorial looks like big penis
(councilmen embarrassed? upset? or envious?)
(better than having one for president)

Vampire Coach
School coach 'licked athletes' wounds'

Mugged three times in an hour
(ever have one of those days?)

Burst bag costs bikers £10,500

Cop accidentally shoots man while on loo
(arrest the SOB cop!)
(That's almost as bad as breast Barbara Walters)

Headline News: June 18, 2005

European Union faces most serious crisis in history

Another Georgia to appear on the US map

China dents the reputation of the Pentagon and CIA

Political lobotomy

Saakashvili's policy creates all conditions for the
Georgian military to come to power

3,000 protesters seize government building in Kyrgyzstan's capital

Iraq becomes nursery of terrorism
(What did they think would happen? The US is there!)

Specialists find scientific explanation to phenomenon of living dead

Sedatives have different effect on early risers and late-night creatures

NASA spaceprobe to search for water in space using Russian technology

Archeologists uncover cursed Prussian treasure in Kaliningrad's Royal Castle

Magnet Man and Target Man to qualify for Guinness Book in Moscow

Childbirth involves peculiar traditions with different nations

Game over: Moscow to be relieved of casinos and gambling clubs
(Oh no! The Christians are coming to town!)

McDonald's Russia faces hot coffee case again

Hungry beavers cause energy crisis in Russian villages

George W. Bush hides corpses of green aliens at Zone-51 base, Nevada

Russian movie theater plays Titanic for 8 years running

Three drunkards smash 20 cars for not being allowed to work

The Meaningless Apology on Lynching

The Definition of Insanity

Guess Who's Paying for Dinner?

Behind the Downing Street Memos
Lurks the specter of treason

U.S. soldier charged with murder in officers' deaths

Mystery mars G.I.'s funeral

Bush: Iran Vote Doesn't Count as Democracy
(because the US Military wasn't there to control the vote>
and the US didn't get to PLACE their own candidate in Iran?)

Destroying PBS
Bush political operative says he'll erase bias at PBS...
by inserting bias

Facing Facts in Iraq

Was Enron Just a Dream?
Cox will return the SEC to its lax old ways

Deadly Immunity
When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have
caused autism in thousands of kids,
the government rushed to conceal the data --
and to prevent parents from suing drug companies
for their role in the epidemic.

Another State Falls Prey to the Junk Food Lobby

Oil, CO2, Environment, Climate, War

I Warned Bush/Cheney & The American Media
That Iraqis Would Never Accept
the American Invasion or Occupation

Russia Has No Real Enemies — Defense Minister

Russian oil spill threatens Moscow water supply

Two aftershocks rattle California

California rattled by fourth quake in week

U.S. Starts Air Inspections Over Russia

TB discovered at Jasper chicken processing plant

Oregon Cat Born With Two Faces

Man says image of Jesus on bathroom plaster
(Now that's where Jesus lives?)

Mystery gas remains an enigma
(May they should check with Jesus {above})

Snapped: the man who wrestles alligators but
is 'too disabled' to get a job

Two PETA Employees Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges in N.C.

Sharks bask in Scotland's balmy waters

UK and US confirmed as nations of TV watchers
(Bullsh+t - Gimme the Remote)

Rare chatty songbird spotted in California

Bi-Gender Crab Amazes Watermen

Expert Warns of Afghan Cholera Epidemic

Mysterious Disease Kills 22 in Western Nepal

Avian flu: 'We're screwed' if it hits soon

Tacheng Xinjiang Pneumonia Cluster Signals Phase 6 Pandemic?

'More Americans treated for mental illness'

There is a cover-up in the United States.
The powers-that-be claim all is under control

The ten-storey Mexican wave
A new record has been set for the largest swell,
American oceanographers report

One of oldest glassmaking sites found in Egypt

More secrets from Karnak

Lost da Vinci treasure hidden behind wall?

Ancient tomb unwittingly mangled

Ancient structures found near highway

Roman walls unearthed in Luxor

Americans Help Excavate the First Ever Academic Town of Iran

Burial Shaft Found in Jamestown Search

Roman ‘dumping ground’ unearthed

Ancient town discovered in Wardak

Kansas dig may have found early campsite

'Iceman' might be contaminated
Researchers suspect bacteria may have infiltrated bones

A Star in the Making

Foton-M2 Mission Returns to Earth

Scientists admit misbehaving

Random “jumping genes” give our brains uniqueness

Bigger cousin of Earth found

Is my red your red?

Theory that smashup might end universe

Divorce may affect health

Just what the doctor ordered - garlic

Medicinal plant from Asia fights malaria

Next Indian Ocean tsunami matter of time -experts

Spirit's On The Move

Hyperventilating Over 'Space Weapons'

US Panel Seeks To Shift Spy Money From Satellite To Agents

Greece Embarks On Satellite Guidance Project To Help The Blind

RFID Future, Hazards

Northrop Grumman Demos Viper Strike Precision

2 Billion Dryland Dwellers At Risk As Land Degrades

Hurricanes To Intensify As Earth Warms

Brachiopod Shells Record Shadow Of Arms Race In Ancient Oceans

The buzz about insect robots

Population and environment – what's the connection?

Insects Develop Resistance to Engineered Crops

Fossils Tell the Hole Story of Killer Drillers and Their Prey

How Much Excess Fresh Water Was Added to the
North Atlantic in Recent Decades?

The Line Between the Engineered and the Born Is Blurring!

Headline News: June 16-17, 2005

Web of Cold Blooded Lies

German TV airs documentary charging
American war crimes in Afghanistan

Israelis testing acoustic weapon

Big Food Strikes Back

In China, signs of altered rice

Globalist Plan to Disarm America

Dick Cheney’s Song of America


Interview with Kay Griggs:
The Military/Homosexual Complex


Who Loves the Sun?

Humans to extract billions of tons of precious metals from asteroids

Waiting for E.T.



Nuclear powered tunnelling machines

Earth Formed from Melted Asteroids

Martian Hot Spots

The truth is out there ... in Randolph County

Only a Pawn in Their Game

'BLAST' Off!
Stratospheric Telescope Studies Stars

Outer Planet-Palooza!
Europa, Titan Missions

Just How "Earth-like" is the Newest Planet?

Bomb-building facility opens its doors

Man sees UFO two nights running

'Over-learning' and the face on Mars

Possible Chupacabra Sighting

Dinner on Mars: How to cook martian bread

Extraterrestrials brought earth from Sirius solar system
to our current solar system to protect life

Forget 'E.T.,' Spielberg says
climate is ripe for 'War of the Worlds'

Human mind and soul traverse the
parallel Universe of higher dimensional consciousness

Group gathers to talk ghosts
The Texas Ghost Lights Conference discusses odd lights

The extraterrestrial UFOs closely observe us
from higher dimension in the parallel Universe

Japan resurrects `Little Black Sambo'

Indigo phenomenon points to a new breed of children

Scientists plan to save owls by killing owls

Teen pleads guilty in 'Dumb and Dumber' robbery in US

Boy Steals School Bus, Takes It Home


Mexico drug gangs swap taunts over police radio

Israel Postal Authority zips mail to God

Online Gambling Site Goes Public,
As US Hints It Might Arrest The Founders

Abortionist accused of eating fetuses
Kansas City clinic closed as grisly house of horrors

WARNING: Your clever little blog could get you fired

US government says scooters kill. It's official
Have they heard of Old Taipei?

U.S. IQ rises in wake of Santa Monica meteor strike

Polish Identical Twins Could End Up President-Prime Minister Duo

'Too fat' for kids

Police can't nab 155 mph motorcyclist

It's a car! It's a plane! It's both at once!

Headline News: June 13, 2005

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse
Likely A Controlled Demolition And
'Inside Job'

Patients get 999 chip implants

The Delphi Technique:
How To Achieve A Workable Consensus
Within Time Limits

Ex-Mossad Chief:
U.S. presence in ME to last decades

Bird Flu Breaks ‘Final Barrier’,
Human to Human Transmission Begins

Ministers Were Told of Need for Gulf War 'Excuse'

Judges order disclosure of secret study on GM risks

Police turn to scan of iris to track kids

Pope rejects condoms for Africa

Heat wave fries Central Canada


Reaping the Whirlwind
Another president falls in Bolivia,
raising fresh fears about a crisis of governability
in Latin America.

Young kids going hungry in US

Found: Europe's oldest civilisation

Al-Qaim Hospital: Tragedy beyond Description

Fallujah: An Unnatural Disaster

When it comes to Africa,
Bush has more on his mind than aid

Mugabe takes revenge

Teheran ensures 'Zionist-free' airport

We Must Protect Saddam
To Protect Our Constitution

Saddam lawyers 'may quit'

Fluoridated Water 'Causes Cancer'
Boys At Risk From Bone Tumors

HOWTO bypass Internet Censorship

Patriot Act Push Angers Some on Right

Disruptive toddlers to be treated as potential criminals

Christian Coalition:
Gays Should Wear Warning Labels

"Baby Jesus" found in log

Libertarian Arrested In Manchester Airport Protest

Mystery 'gator puzzles Wisconsin police

Visit TGS Reptilian Agenda Website

Teacher gets 364 days for kissing boys

Breast is still best, even if it is Dad's

15-Year-Old Girl Moved From Adult Prison To Juvenile Facility

Obesity epidemic will spread to three out of four men by 2010

New sea creatures discovered

World's Smallest Brush Created By U.S. Scientists

Discovery of Gene Offers Promising Potential
in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Raisins fight cavities and gum disease

Curry Shows Promise in Alzheimer’s Prevention

U.S. Toll in Iraq Pushes Past 1,700

Republicans call for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq

Syria says U.S. accusations like those of Iraq WMD

Pentagon hires firms to polish U.S. image abroad

Euroscepticism spreads in Russia

Russian Ambassador Meets With Iraqi Cleric

China Scolds U.S. for Textile Restrictions

No end near for US and China trade hostility

Twin tragedies strike China

Is there somebody out there?

The extraterrestrial UFOs closely observe us
from higher dimension in the parallel Universe

How extraterrestrials control our present and future

July Fourth: Crashing the Party

Mars probe 'was doomed' say MPs

Star experiences life after death

Ancient Civilisations:
Six Great Enigmas

A Lost Love, Coral Castle,
and the Case for Anti-Gravity

Approaching Mars
Earth and Mars will have a breathtaking close encounter
in October 2005.

Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

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Headline News: June 12, 2005

Retailers testing biometric payments

G8 MEETING At-a-glance guide to the main points

Pentagon's pursuit of 'scapegoat' hacker
hides real threat from the web
Criminal gangs taking over from amateur hobbyists

When Will Americans Punish Bush for His Errors?

Consultants pocket
$20 billion
of global aid

The Threat From South Africa

Thrown on the scrapheap


Mental Health Screening in Schools Signals
the End of Parental Rights

The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie


Human Reproductive Cloning from the Perspective of the Future

Creating humanoid robots,
humans doom their own civilization to destruction

Doctors confused over the woman whose heart lies on the right

Nature programs poltergeist into every human being

A epidemic in Russia's center likely caused by terrorist act

US Secretary of State wants reform in Latin America

Christ Inc.
Faith-Based Fascism

Syrian Ambassador Calls for
Comprehensive Peace Settlement in the Middle East

Prisoners hold the key

Iraq's ticking time-bombs

Hidden agendas

An Egyptian dream

Shadowy Samsons

A field ignored

Supreme Court said what politicians won't say

Rep. Sensenbrenner Gets Angry,
Abruptly Ends Hearing


Great lies of the American free press

First NAFTA, now CAFTA: two nafkas

Natalee Holloway reported dead

Three Arubans to remain in custody

The Trouble with Judaism

Missing Arizona rabbi faces child abuse charges

"Cha Ching" From ¢¢¢ to $$$:
How the Bush Crime Syndicate Funneled
Foreign Cash Into the U.S. Political System


Bush Shows Deference to S. Korean Leader

Doctors want Ottawa to consider private care

Iraq resistance strong, popular anger growing

US military heads for crisis in recruitment
(Maybe it's the LIES?)

The Army's Bungling Recruitment

PM says no al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan

Hodgkin's back to Texas girl

NSAIDS may up heart attack risk

Syrian Intelligence Agents Still Operating in Lebanon

MPs Attack British Space Program

North Korea Has Nuclear Bombs,
Building More: Official

Healthy eyes?

Love Is the Drug...
Passion is born in the brain's addiction center

The Search for Positronium

Toxins harm descendant fertility

Cancer Link: MicroRNA grabs the spotlight

Comeback Bird
Tales from the search for the ivory-billed woodpecker

Hot Volcanic Eruptions Could Lead
To A Cooler Earth

The Mad Genius from the Bottom of the Sea

11 steps to a better brain

Heart of the matter

Headline News: June 11-12, 2005

183 Important News Links Today!


Two Years Before 9/11,
Bush was Already Talking Privately
About Attacking Iraq

In July 2002, Bush Illegally Shifted
$700 Million to Begin War on Iraq

The FBI stumbled badly in modernizing its IT to help fight terrorism.

Tower of pain for Canadian who survived 9/11

9/11 Radio Transmissions
of WTC 2 Firefighters

Errors & Omissions in 9/11 Commission Report

9/11 Whistleblower Kevin Ryan Fired

TV show depicts 9/11 as Bush plot

Marines 'beat US workers' in Iraq

Underwriter Speaks Out On WTC Study

How the World Can Help Americans
Halt Bush Administration War Crimes

U.S. military offensive fails to curb bloodshed

US wars shoot military spending past 1 trillion dollars

5 U.S. Marines are killed on Syrian border

U.S. steps up attack on Syria over 'hit list'

British officers knew on eve of war that Iraq had no WMDs

Bush urges making the Patriot Act permanent

Saddam About To Be Suicided?
They Are Getting Ready To Murder Saddam

Posada Carriles and Bush's Anti-Terror Hoax

'Kelly was Murdered' Says UK Intelligence Insider

Bush Job Approval Dips to New Low

Terror allegations vanish in affidavit

Americans turn against Bush and a war on Iraq that is getting nowhere

Unlawful detentions in Iraq
by US pose great challenge: UN chief

US threatens to withhold funds
from UN unless it reforms
(UN Okay With Bush - as long as it does what Bush dictates)

US to act against rebel Kurds
(In the US that's what allies are for - to USE)

War makes beasts of men

Blood Group

White House defends editing of climate reports
(i.e. Publishing LIES)(again)

White House official altered climate data

Public Confidence in Newspapers, TV News
Falls to All-Time Low

"Bobbie Bogus" Runs For Cover ...

Security concerns as Israel attempts damage control
on growing missile scandal

Russia Ready for Pre-Emptive Strikes to Avert Terrorist Threat

EU crisis deepens as France and Germany gang up on Britain

Track your digital wardrobe, RFID-style


FCC Speeds Up Digital TV Signal Deadlines

Microsoft Previews RFID Infrastructure


Mugabe takes his revenge on poor
by destroying thousands of homes

Terrorists in Advanced Stages of
Plotting Indonesia Attacks

The Vitamin Police Are Suiting Up

Mutated Bird Flu Hits Dogs in United States

Exposing Dairy Industry Obesity Lies

Positive mad cow test in US

The Supreme Court decision that will change Canada

Fear as painkillers linked to heart attacks

Mysterious disease kills cattle

Close encounters of the fluttering kind:
a rise in bird attacks

New Discovery Blocks Breast Cancer Growth

Russian Media Scare Tourists in Bulgaria
with Mysterious Virus

Russian Investigators Probe Biological Weapons
Link to Hepatitis Outbreak

Foreign Affairs focuses on pandemic threat

Outbreak kills rabbits in SW Indiana

Biometric nation

Power outage to become global disaster in remote future


UFO Sighting in Coconut Creek, Florida

More than a million children work in mines,
"digging for survival."

Internet Under Attack Again - This Time By HR 2726

Serpents in the Garden

Extraterrestrial UFO influence,
effect of polar reversal or military experiment in Mexican Volcano?

10 ways to stop identity theft cold

Long range acoustic device


The Curse of Oil

Human Cost of Economic Repression in Cuba

Israeli researcher says Jesus died of blood clot

Cross removed from crematorium chapel

Now you face jail for being nasty to Satanists

An image of Jesus: All that in a bag of chips

Church Sex Case Stuns Louisiana Town

A mobile connection with God

Space suits for spies-in-training found in Florida

China mulling to ban foreign cartoons from prime time

Mysterious creature stalks city

Bullet won't stop this pizza delivery man

Fisherman shares whopper of a tale after reeling in bomb

500 lb. Bigfoot Baby Spots Elvis in UFO

Squirrel paté dished by protests

Lawmaker's book calls CIA unfit

Skeletons of family of four found in flat

Kittens use fax as toilet, sparks house fire

Cabbie in UK for 50 years 'has 10 weeks to leave'

In China, cigarettes are a kind of miracle drug

Scientists zero in on suspected common ancestor
of all living things

Europe's oldest civilasion found

Microsoft bans 'democracy' for China web users

Space measure of carbon shows Earth's climate future

Martian auroras unique in solar system, astronomers find

Some strange sightings

Our North loses the Pole
After centuries in Canada, the roaming magnetic North Pole
has crossed into international waters, en route to Siberia

Scientists warn of dramatic impact of climate change on Africa

New solar storm shakes space weather theory

Western Mexico volcano erupts anew

Scientists reveal tsunami horror

Altered food chain marks cod-forsaken ecosystem


Massachusetts Declares Red Tide Disaster

Rare white buffalo born at ranch

Scientists give new Sumatra quake warning

Another volcano erupts on the Andaman Island

Huge Landslides Block Yellowstone Park

Massive Blasts Of Earth’s Atmosphere Cause Shift in Magnetic Field

US official visited South Korea, threatened to pull troops

U.S. petroleum reserve nearly full
Energy security at all-time high in case of oil shortage
(and Americans pay the price at $3.00 a gallon)

G8 scientists tell Bush: Act now - or else...
An unprecedented warning as global warming worsens

U.S. indifference toward Latin America evident at forum

Russia will sell missiles to Syria

Russia, Venezuela sign contract for delivery of helicopters

Is there a conspiracy against Russia?

Russia Addresses Neighbors Joining NATO

Russia, Mexico to expand cooperation

Russia and Vatican to extend political dialogue

Coprates Chasma on Mars

Beyond The Stars

The Sun's load of crop

Hubble Telescope to View Comet Collision

Death Embrace of White Dwarfs

Could big cat be key to mystery men?

UFO museum well received

Speaker sheds light on world of spirits

Mayan crypt reveals power of women

Secret nuclear waste disposal sites revealed

Rovers clock up a thousand Martian days

Scientific and Historical Anomalies - Dowsing

Astronomers criticise plans to allow cellphone use on planes

'My life in science and journey with Fred Hoyle'

Researcher Discovers Universe Building Block Evolution

Saturn Moon Titan's Mysteries Deepen

Roadside Assistance

Going the extra (terrestrial) yard

NASA boss purges senior managers

UFOlogists still keep their eyes on the skies

Alien thinking


Z Fires Objects Faster Than Earth Moves Through Space

Clearing the Air: Smaller Detectors Needed for Moon, Mars Missions

The power of mind
the electromagnetic waves can create miracles
by traversing higher dimensions

Woodward Hinted at Exotic Black Budget Project?

The Hendaye Cross

Titan's Icy Volcanoes Erupting Methane?

Hacker 'was trying for proof of aliens'

More Than 3,000 Unusual Animal Deaths
Reported in Argentina and Chile

Reverse engineering advanced enemy surveillance systems
from extraterrestrial UFOs

Space aliens on Tamiami Trail

Scientists Seek Sprite Light Source

The Reenchantment of the Solar System:
A Proposed Search for Local ET’s


Research to investigate links between Ancient Greeks
and modern science fiction

X marks the spot

The Bermuda Triangle

Scientist Says Cloning Humans is Dangerous Work

Mr Spock can see Uranus!

Cosmic mystery: Where is that missing neutron star?

Scientists Put an Eye in the Heart of the Storm

Mammals not out of Africa

Found: Europe's oldest civilisation

How 7,000-year-old temples reveal the elaborate culture of Europe

Mysteries of the Xiaohe Tombs in Xinjiang, China

Italians discover hoard of Roman statues


New map brings ancient Britain to life

Freed slave's life uncovered

Underwater archaeology expedition in River Arade

Beheaded skeletons found in tombs

Only one Tara - not a series of monuments

Bulgaria Renews Excavations at Orpheus Temple

400,000-year-old stone tools discovered in Mazandaran

Achaemenid bronze ornament,
handle of dagger discovered at Bardak Siah

History's buccaneers: bad guys or bad rap?



Headline News: June 10, 2005

Biological Experimentation

"Prodigal son" of the Bush family whiffs of cocaine

New device gives women teeth where it matters

One Tasing Unfolded in Boynton Beach

Amazing UFO Footage, Phoenix

UN alert as nuclear plans go missing

Senate Intelligence Committee
(Oxymoron of Morons)
approves new FBI powers in Patriot Act

ACLU Disappointed with Patriot Act Expansion Bill
Approved in Secret; Says "Administrative Subpoenas"
Create End-Run Round Constitution

'USA Today' Defends Lack of Coverage for Downing Street Memo

Is NYC still evil enough for the Church of Satan?
Whither Hades-on-the-Hudson?

Monstrous Lies Are Causing
Christians And Muslims To
Kill Each Other

British secret service did murder SS chief Heinrich Himmler

Former CIA director calls for Iraq withdrawal

War makes beasts of men

Greasing the Palms of the Oil Barons

Why organized medicine wants to outlaw nutrition
and turn healers into criminals

Myth Of The ADHD Child

The Queen Of England & Her Travels

The Alex Jones Affair
A Christian Family Betrayed

Bio-Warfare Attacks Conducted In US by Israeli Mossad Agents

Move over Rambo, you're cramping new man's style

If Pinochet Is Guilty, so Is Bush

DOD awards $300M in psyops contracts

Catering to Kazakhstan's Kleptocracy

Coup d'etat against George W. Bush
seriously contemplated in Washington

IMF's gold-for-debt plan irks industry

Emergency Preparedness Against The
'Universal Adversary'

S Africa - The First FORCED Sale Of A White Farm

Bush, Blair push African debt relief

Bush urges Congress to pass CAFTA

Firms tag workers to improve efficiency

GM Plans to Cut 25,000 U.S. Jobs by 2008

U.S. Leads In Mental Illness, Lags in Treatment

U.S. Orders Non-Essential Embassy Staff to Leave Bolivia

China Orders All Web Sites to Register

Desperate for Terror Arrests,
FBI Turns to Entrapment

The Democratic Delusion
Elections in Ethiopia - or Iraq - will only produce
conflict and chaos

You've Been Drafted:
Uncle Sam Wants You for the War on Drugs

Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

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Headline News: June 8, 2005

Czech referendum on EU constitution 'impossible' for now

Greenspan says markets signalling weakness

Experts Warn of Intelligence Confusion

Advocates see veterans of war on terror
joining the ranks of the homeless

Los Alamos Lab Whistleblower Beaten Outside Bar

The War to Deceive America Into War
And the War to Cover Up the Deception


Weldon Says Plot Against Nuke Plant Was Ignored

Why Social Security won't be enough to save Wall Street

Gorbachev Tells Oligarchs
To Return 'Plundered' Wealth


After the Downing Street Memo:
The Case for Impeachment Builds

Gorbachev Criticizes US
Bid For Global Domination

Sidelining the CIA

Turning Point On the War?

Pope condemns gay marriages as 'anarchy'
(Wouldn't You Think
Roman Catholic Church Pedophilism might be WORSE?)

Personal Data for 3.9 Million Lost in Transit

If Bush Can Do It,
So Can We!

Major US Retailers Gathering Data
On Applicants For Feds?

Toilet visit costs man in Germany 30,000 euros

Police Shootout: 103 Shots Fired, All Missed

Doors Glued Shut in Strange Israeli Protest

Warning of revolt against staff tagging

Mental illness will hit half in U.S.

Scientists worried by possibility of another huge Sumatra quake

Worst 'red tide' in years strikes California

Two Stars Poised to Merge

Alien search party

George Adamski
Astral Prophet or Palomar Fraud?

Astronomers find key evidence supporting theory of quasars

Earliest oil deposits show signs of life

Stowaway's Survival on Mars?

Mars: The 400-million-kilometre longshot

Grass fungus once called 'fairy rings'

Comets may confuse the planet-hunters

Space seed idea falls on stony ground

Creature of the Night Keeps Cops on the Hop

Fresh look at Archimedes' theories


Scientists to ID Jamestown, Va., Remains

Bridge project uncovers Revolutionary War battle site

Ancient city Apollonia threatened

Sassanid tower unearthed near Falakolaflak Castle

Jewish home found in City of David

Excavations begin at 6000-year-old Iranian mound

Oxford University carbon-14 dating Iranian salt men

Statue of Egyptian pharaoh found after nearly 3,600 years

Archaeologists hope to unearth more of the history of a
Teesside town when they start a week-long dig.


Archeologists Find "Home of First Bulgarian Ruler"

Rebuilding Germany's Temple of the Sun

Cuneiform tablets and royal stamp unearth in northeast Syria

Archaeologists Find Hoard of Celtic Coins

The high tech of prehistory

Glasgow's diet was healthier in 1405

Grime in Egyptian jar is the remains of long-dead priest

Sailing to distant lands

Yellowstone asks for help in graves mystery

Archaeologists clash with Câmara

Dig unearths history, questions

Korea's Oldest Artificial Pond Discovered

A race against time to dig up Sudan's past

Tombs of Mede Priests Found in Qom Province

Headline News: June 7, 2005

US running secret jails worldwide

The Crucifixion of Haiti

The "Peak Oil" International Banking Scam

How NSA access was built into Windows

Chicago Priest Resigns Amid Church Probe

IBM Computers to Create Virtual Brain

Deputy Gets Life for Sex With Young Boys

Court Rules Against Pot for Sick People

The Fear in the U.S. Media

Straw sees 'no point' in EU vote

The Future of Human Evolution

Supreme Court allows prosecution of medical marijuana

US And Russian Military Special Forces Complete Training
for Takeover of Israel Nuclear Complex upon Outbreak
of Civil War as American Military Prepares For Overthrow
of US Government

The Gods Of Incan Mythology

Clinton Counsels Chirac on EU Constitution

Panel to weigh beefed-up Patriot Act

Destabilisation for Profit

China will not be a scapegoat for US domestic problems

China says Australia defector should not be afraid

Gold reserves in Russia to grow

Russians concerned about 'alien invasion'

S Korea eyes power grid with Russia

Rumsfeld plays down quick decision on N. Korea

Bush to put glare on Latin America

Top US Democrat urges Guantanamo closure

US, Uzbek military deal under scrutiny

Meteor shower seen across New Zealand

Dozens Injured in Turkey Quake

Mountain of fire darkens the sky in Mexico

Spanish forced to ration water

Hosepipe ban over drought warning

Lousiana sinking into Gulf of Mexico

Superbug kills 12 at spinal unit as doctors warn of new threat to NHS

'Super' bacteria live on sheets, fingernails

Giant toads trade nuptials in India

Professor Charged With Stealing Students' Identities

Angry With Parents, Florida Teen Turns Them In

Concerns at A.C.L.U. Over Document Shredding

Blue Brain: Illuminating the Mind

New England Red Tide Grows

Cancer Research UK
Boys worse than girls at eating their greens

Aggie missing since 1998 found alive

It's called neuropathic pain

Mars rover Opportunity finally escapes sandy trap


Safari breeds creature lore

Manipulating weather with the help of
extraterrestrial electromagnetic radiation
a new phase in contemporary cold war

Strange Ozone Hole this Year

Climate change: Uncharted waters?

Driving on the Roadmap

Communicating with extraterrestrial UFOs
science ready to break a new frontier

The Glitch in Historical Methodology

Skeptic reflects on reactions to elucidating columns

Aura Spacecraft Measures Unusual 2005 Arctic Ozone Conditions

Highly Anomalous Pigment Formation
Hillsboro, Ohio, Crop Formation

Why conventional physics fails for time machine
design as well as understanding Extraterrestrial UFOs

Mulder, is the truth out there?

Alien stands on man's lawn

Scientists Confirm Liquid Water on Early Earth

Found: Lost Suits for Space Spies

International Space Station to search for dark matter of the Universe

Chess pieces sit on three sides of the board

Nude or dressed - what is the best?

Dioxin becomes most dangerous man-made poison

Scorpions to be stressed-out in space

Doctors create first-ever transsexual dog

Shepherd stolen instead of sheep

New law In Belarus stipulates coercive sterilization
for hypersexual individuals

120-kilo woman defends her home from burglars mightily

New TV channel to improve Russia's image abroad

Headline News: June 6, 2005

Drunkard Convention Under Way In Denver


Do bibles spread the superbug MRSA?

Scientists find that laughter may help shed extra weight

Satellite toll plan to make drivers pay by the mile

10-Year-Old's Paintings Fetch Thousands

Aspirin, ibuprofen study surprises scientists
Long-term use of pain relievers might raise breast cancer risk

Rare statue of King Neferhotep I discovered

Major Holy Grail Discovery

125 Large Northern Lakes Disappear

Mystery road metal baffles Japan

How to Watch July 4 Comet Impact

Curvier women 'will live longer'

Journey to the centre of Earth

China on high alert as flood toll mounts

US warns China of political backlash

U.S., Russian, Chinese interests may clash in Kyrgyzstan

U.S., Iraqi Forces Find Huge Bunker Network

Uzbek crackdown puts US in quandary

US asks China to re-examine Tianamen Square incidents

US Senate to hold hearings on rights of terror suspects

US warns China on lack of democracy

US and allies issue warnings about North Korea's nuclear development

Whiff of U.S./China trade war may jar world economy

Russian DNA Discoveries Explain
Human 'Paranormal' Events

Immunity in suit sought for pope

Vatican asks Condoleezza Rice
to help stop a sex abuse lawsuit

Georgia is a bridgehead for U.S. offensive
against the Russian Caucasus

Radiation Detectors to Scan California Ports

Sacre Bleu! So Napoleon was poisoned after all

Houston, We Still Have A Problem

IDF disperses riot with sound technology

"Deep Throated" Media Swallows Banker Lies


Warning of world losing Aids fight

'This Is Not Right'

Blair gives up on his EU dream

Sleeping with the enemy in army and navy fatigues

U.N. Reform Draft Avoids Divisive Issues

Stop Canada Pension Plan Investments in War!

Angry Andhra uproots Monsanto

Scientists Experiment With 'Trust' Hormone

Voluntary Security ID to Debut in Florida

Russia to introduce biometric passports in 2007

Protest outside TV studio draws attention to Downing Street Memo


The Failed Siege Of Fallujah

Intelligence Sees Terrorists in Iran

Abu’s Secret Syrian Rendezvous:
Another Bush Lie

Arroyo's Critics Plan to Release `Fake' Tape

9000 Dead GIs In Iraq?

Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology

Bush rewards his failures

The twist and turns of Homeland Security justice

Trial of IRS Special Agent Joe Banister

No honest investigation into accidental
global release of Spanish Flu virus

Why did Israel invade Lebanon in 1982?

Right Wing Hackers Target IndyMedia

Switzerland Voters Approve Referendum

Headline News: June 3-4, 2005

Center for the Study of Life in the Universe

Hauling Discovery One Crawl at a Time

NASA mission to fly to Jupiter

Recent Blast was Probably a Neutron Star Collision


They're just like us

Evidence for Martian Water

Mass whale stranding in Australia

Big cat blamed after cow attack

They party among us

Little Red Men

Norman Horowitz, 90; Caltech Biologist
Known for Insights on Evolution, Mars
passed away to a better world

Area man brings to light ‘UFO Sightings of Illinois'

Mysterious circle
Man finds strange ring at his land

Brief encounters in field

Postcards from Mars

Martian methane could come from rocks

Earth microbes may survive on Mars

NASA seeks answer to life, the universe and everything

Leading Theories of Cosmic Explosions Contradicted

Celestial Observatories

Support Rising for Near-Space Blimps


Mystery of Orbs Solved!

Mars Polar Lander: Clues From the Crash Site

The Google Astronomer

NASA Telescope Makes Surprise Observations

Ancient Floods on Mars

Icy Jupiter Moon Throws a Curve Ball at Formation Theories

Celestial Arks, The "Mothership"
Theory and Warp Speed Thinking

Entomology has occult origins

Drawing uncovered of 'Nazi nuke'

Biggest ever cosmos simulation

Probes to moon, Mars called priority

Martian shooting star tracked down

Animals and us: Forward to the revolution

Storm of the century batters southwestern Manitoba

Scientists Reveal First Photographic Evidence of the Cause of the Tsunami

Barren Island volcano erupts again

C.D.C. Team Investigates an Outbreak of Obesity

Decades of Drought Predicted for Southern Africa

Legionnaires' Disease Strikes Two Norfolk Postal Workers

Quake Rattles Tennessee Part of New Madrid Fault Region

The New Madrid Fault System

Snowfall in Somalia reported
The first snowfall on this part of the world

Slowing currents could cause catastrophe

Torrential rains lash central China

No letup in onslaught on rain forest

U.S. bars Mexico's Chiapas, Durango cattle

Computers and TV 'not to blame for child obesity'

Scientists puzzled over power lines link to leukaemia

Rock your baby if you want children with rhythm

Maturity Gene Discovered by U of U Researchers

Sex gene’s effects stun scientists

Baby-boomer cancer epidemic forecast

Vaccine helps stop shingles

5 days left before war with Iran

Jesus image shows up in mother's womb

Mysterious Image Appears In Wall Paint

Troops ordered to wear underpants

Mysterious Man Jumps White House Fence

Neil Armstrong Hair Hubbub

Investigation Shows Big Business
Funding Sex Chat Rooms
Companies Pull Ads After Station Exposes Problem

Russia Against 'Militarization of Space'

Administration's offenses impeachable

Fifteen Months? Try Eight Years Instead

Schroeder urges EU to forge ahead

Cowardice in Journalism Award for Newsweek

Canadian OXFAM cited for rank hypocrisy

CNN Focuses Too Much on Perverts
(They are dealing with the D.C. Politicians!)

Oil and food: A new security challenge

Cheney at the Air Force Academy:
Perpetuating Murderous Illusions

Code Red

China and Russia will expand
military and strategic presence in Central Asia
will India join?

Will China's Lust for Power Bring War to America?

Men jailed for not allowing polio vaccinations

Israeli Companies Suspected of Spying

The Holographic Television

Montana governor wants Guard back from Iraq

'World' Bodies Under Fire for Serving the Few, Not the Many

Bush Says He Fears for Americans in Iraq
(what a DIPSTICK! He's just now figuring this out?)

Unknown Energy Surges Hits the Southern Hemisphere of Earth

U.S., Mexico to Continue Repatriation

Jailhouse rock

Europe in crisis after Dutch, French reject treaty

The Fix Is In

Dutch Voters Reject EU Constitution

Elite Australian Troops 'Killed Innocent Afghans'

U.S. may ask for Canadian domestic passenger lists

Bolton documents contain classified company names

What's Really Behind The White House Stonewall Over Bolton Documents?

Wolfowitz takes World Bank helm

FEC treads into sticky web of political blogs

Cloning Pioneer Envisions Stem Cell Bank

Court Overturns Arthur Andersen Conviction

State of the State Secrets
Larry Franklin wanted to sway policy, not just spill intel.

Top Israeli news anchor attacks occupation

Downing Street Memo Mostly Ignored in U.S.
(Because FOX News is too busy showing
endless hours of non-news to America!)

60,000 Iraqis 'Disappeared' into US Camps

Gosch case implicates CIA, US officials

Facing Chaos, Iraqi Doctors Are Quitting

Big Brother Tries to Muscle ISPs

Battle for the heart of Europe

Headline News: June 1-2, 2005

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

SCARY Mary celebrated her 31st birthday yesterday
by telling housemates about her abduction by aliens.


Astrophysicist Laurance Doyle wants to get the world discovering worlds-
-and in the process get children jazzed about
science and math.
From PlanetQuest, software for stargazers

Following path of leaking gravity into fifth and higher dimensions
clues to parallel universes in our immediate vicinity
and bending space and time

UFO Summons - Home Footage

Large Calcite Formation Found in N.M. Cave

Bombing the Comet

Messenger to Moon, Say Cheese

Hot Nanny to Star Nursery

Spirit, the Problem Child

How does it feel inside an Extraterrestrial UFO
belonging to a very advanced alien civilization?

X-UFO, Remote Controlled Flying Machine


Ideas about humanity’s fate are evolving

'Fast Forward' sparks hundreds of second thoughts

Human Ancestors Originated in Asia

No time to think

Research may solve mysteries of hot spot

Start working the first telescope searched for alien life

Andromeda is Three Times Larger Than Previously Believed

Bones of Contention
Is a small, 18,000-year-old skeleton the older cousin
of modern-day Pygmies --or a new human species?

It’s time to rethink international space law

The final frontier of stealth using parallel Universe
as cover for invisible propagation
– a reverse engineered concept from extraterrestrial UFOs


The Texas Ghost Lights Conference

Roswell base closure could hold lessons for Clovis

Sky’s the limit in search for E.T.
Scientists hunt with stronger telescope, renewed vigor

Bioscientists: Gods or Monsters?

Western nuggets

This video footage is pretty sensational
you should watch

Alien message 'may be in our DNA'

New findings about "junk DNA" may bring some surprises.

Report of UFO leads to drug arrests

Experts Say Wormholes, Time Machines Unreliable

'Slime worlds' may reflect signs of life

National Geographic's 'Extraterrestrial'

Solar Sail Spacecraft Launch Set for June

UFO sightings sparked MoD probe

Washington Post Confirms 'Deep Throat'

Why intelligent design isn’t.

It's time we made space aliens carry green cards

Do Americans Actually Believe
Life Exists in a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

Kundalini As A Bioenergy Motor

'I Have No Doubt They're Out There'

Giant Figures in Peru Desert Pre-date Nazca Lines

'Fairy Tale' Might Explain
Moon Craters and Planet Orbits

Ezekial's Wheel

Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth

Seeing Forests in the Tree of Life

Fantastic New Moat Rock From Spirit

Science carries us to a time before 4004 B.C.
There are in this world UFO-like theories and
there are the scientific ones couched in years of rigorous observation.

Can the Moon Cause Earthquakes?

Science on the Fringe
ESP, UFOs and reincarnation are treated with respect
at the world's most bizarre scientific conference

Stars can be be oval or cigar shaped

Congressman Backs Asteroid Agency

Miracle girl puts up a mighty fight

One-fifth of Earth's bird species in danger

Siberian fires pose a threat to planet's health

Man robs business, drowns in river

Mystery rainbow on ceiling leaves church puzzled

Powdered Alcohol Drinks Sold in Germany

Mexico villagers hold no fear of Volcano of Fire

Brazil Orders Slaughter of 17,000 Chickens After 6,000 Die From Illness

HiddenMysteries Postings During May


From Eroticism to the Magic of Love


Magic "Striptease"


All You Need is Love: Compassion Sensuality

Graceful Guidelines for Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing from Sexual Abuse

Staying Hot and Sexy in Midlife

Spiritual Sex

Covering the Achilles Heel of the Soul

Springtime for SEX & GOD

Sexuality: Reclaiming the Erotic
Spiritual Sex: Beyond the Physical

Love, Sexuality and Spirituality
Sexuality is divine and a firm part of spirituality

Spiritual meaning of Oral Sex


for CANCER and other DISEASES

Synthetic Diesel BioFuel

BlueCar Lithium-Metal-Polymer Electric Vehicle

French Electric Vehicle

All About Moonshine and Alcohol

3rd Party USA

Homogenous News
by Erik Fortman

Republican Infiltration in Gary Allen's Nixon

U.S. War Veterans and American Hypocrisy

Social Security: More American Communism

Thinking Out Loud...