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Headline News: May 31, 2005

1900+ News Articles Posted For May!

Mysterious Two-Hundred Million-Year-Old
Hidden Stone Bears the Words:
"Chinese Communist Party Collapses"

Why Did Feith Resign?
Could it have had something to do with the
Larry Franklin spy scandal?

Insurgent thunder greets Iraq's lightning offensive

From Cakewalk to Bloodbath
Bush Opts for Civil War in Iraq

EU faces crisis after France rejects EU charter

French Voters Reject First EU Constitution

Belinda at the till

Lebanese Poll Results Preset by US-French-Endorsed Deals

ID Cards might be on the ropes
Set to cost at least £300 each

EU Constitution: Where member states stand

Bush Senior Goes to Kremlin Again

Selling Other People's Assets

Raffarin: Mild-mannered scapegoat

Iraqi president expects Saddam trial in 2 months

Khodorkovsky found guilty, sentenced to nine years in prison

Pageant crowns Canadian

as Miss Universe

Terror Suspects Called Bin Laden Followers

Al-Zarqawi allegedly addresses Bin Laden

Bellefontaine Shootings

Court papers detail terror charges

11 dead after al-Qaeda-linked bombing of mosque

China worried book will expand ex-leader's influence

AMD Launches Dual-Core Athlon 64 X2
Speedy new desktop chip won't come cheap

Samsung Starts Mass Producing New 4GB NAND Memory

Stars Born on Dusty Pedestals

Boeing Applauds US Action Against Airbus Subsidies

Second aid worker held for rape report

Girl, 9, Accused Of Stabbing

US cigarette giants 'played on desire to lose weight'

Indonesia Starts Vaccinating 6.4 Million Children

The real Star Wars: Bush revives missile defence plan

Orange Lights In The Sky

UFOs spotted over Melbourne

Feast of the Goat

AIPAC Wants You to Die in Iran

Lawyers Head for Guantánamo Bay

Bolton: Secrets Spilled?

The helper who knows what Bush will do next

Chinese Government Admits To Massive Epidemics
as World Health Organization Granted Sweeping New Powers
over All Nations and Peoples on Earth


The Posthuman Manifesto

Taking baton from Bolton, Cheney slams North Korean leader


A Convenient Carnage
All This Talk of Civil War, Now This

Aspartame Triggers Impotence & Blindness

Consultants pocket $20bn of global aid

Justice Dept. to indict two AIPAC staffers under U.S. Espionage Act

Bush Butcher’s Bill:
Officially, 72 US Military Deaths in Iraq
from 2 through 25 May, 2005 - Official Total of 1,735 US Dead
to date (and rising)

Injured Zarqawi has fled Iraq

U.S. Deployment of Stealth Fighters a Prelude to War

Earthquake rocks Indonesia’s Aceh region

U.S., EU to Clash Over Airplane Subsidies

US economy relies on ‘unprecedented borrowing’ – IMF

Confusing U.S. Moves
Targeting Regimes Can Be a Dangerous Diplomacy

U.S. Forces Mistakenly Detain Sunni Chief

U.S. keeps moving Mideast goal posts

Bush's ruthless war devastates U.S.

Russia for Boosting Energy Exports to the U.S.


Russia warns against unjustified pressure on Syria

Europe in chaos as India, China 'stealing' jobs

China refuses Japan request over gas project-Kyodo

China Accuses Journalist of Espionage

China retaliates in textile war with US, EU

The China outsiders don't know
Beyond cocktail party wisdom about 1 billion neighbors

Scientists identify phthalates as a gender bender

Mystery of the smiling Buddha that arrived as a gift from the tsunami

Scientists discover third eye

the center of telepathy and clairvoyance

Watching New Love as It Sears the Brain

Graves of Median Magi discovered in Qom

One man's castle runs on hydrogen
Electricity from solar panels splits water

'Mermaid' baby to begin 15 years of surgery

Some 3.2 million homes must be demolished over the next 45 years
to fulfil the Government's aspirations for
tackling global warming, academics have warned.

Fla. Deputy Tasers Boy After Father Attempts Suicide

'Disabled and blind' woman drove home

Ticket Against Jaywalking Chicken Dismissed

Gory U.S. game gets 'harmful' warning

Mom Indicted For Hiring Stripper For Teen

Daughter died from shock of alarm clock

Little boy survives electric shock of 27,000 volts

Energy crisis in Moscow kills 700,000 chickens

Moscow blackout to end up with baby boom

Russia wins military dispute with Georgia

Russian oligarchs' earnings become exposed to the public eye

Headline News: May 29-30, 2005

3rd Party USA

Belgium's Surete agents relieved of their guns:Spies AREN'T Us

The new opiate of the masses

Congressman seeks 100,000 to sign letter
on Downing Street memo inquiry

Short's Bill limits PM's war powers

U.S. Is Set to Test Missile Defenses Aboard Airlines

Iraq becomes Vietnam as America destroys entire villages

Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity

Rice rejects Amnesty report on detainees

"Murio la Verdad"
Infiltrating Bilderberg 2005

The Neocons’ Second Front

Republican Hypocrisy Revealed

White House Wants Search Limits Overturned

Clinton Endorses Tsunami Aid for Sri Lankan Rebels

Politics, Kick-Backs And Harmful Pharms!

The socialist alteration of man


I Used To Be a Neocon

'Eel City' Forms at New Undersea Volcano

U.S. Current Account Deficit may hit $900 billion next year

Voice of the White House

US press takes umbrage at Amnesty‘s ”gulag” charge

Foreign Companies Pay to Influence U.S. Policy
More than $620 million spent lobbying federal government

Federal police official convicted of falsifying records

Man or Machine?

New Chapter In The Valerie Plame Case

Injured Zarqawi has fled Iraq

The extraordinary pleas of Saddam's right-hand man

English priest stops Amazon logging giants in their tracks

Analysts Behind Iraq Intelligence Were Rewarded

Exposed: how cigarette firms target women

Only Israel, Russia willing to sell advanced tech to China

Capitol Hill Corruption: Operation Tennessee Waltz

Chinese company completes purchase of IBM division

Apache County Sheriff indicted on theft and fraud charges

Latest Israeli Prisoner Release Disappoints Palestinians

DUI Charge Sends Oliver Stone to Jail

Viagra causes blindness

US may shift terror policies

Thirst puts ends to standoff

Cracks showing in GOP coalition

AOL Concocts a Mess With Netscape 8.0

Wolf Should Apologize Without DeLay

Qaeda says Zarqawi leading anti-Iraq attacks

Iraqi Forces Target Insurgents; 21 Dead

Further Abuse

Indonesia drug case grips Australia

Why the Probability that You Are
Living in a Matrix is Quite High

The Reality of Mind Control
Victimization in America

Stage set for clashes near Mexican border

Group Calls for More Immigration Patrols

Woof...this dog is god!

Hey Stupid, The New World Order IS About Religion

Two Suspected Israeli Computer Hackers Face Extradition from London

Edgar Cayce Akashic Records

Smile: you're under global surveillance

Federal sting in Houston may have netted the
Walter Mitty of international terrorism

The Rancher's Revenge

Woof...this dog is god!

Woodpecker Wreaks Havoc Attacking Own Image

Common drugs are seeping into our lakes, fish and water supply

High-speed tool lets scientists freeze time
Enhanced images of subatomic particles hold promise for many fields

There is no need to cut your salt intake

When did the U.S. become Brazil?

New pups raise hopes for Mexican wolves

Ark of the Covenant's discovery imminent?

Curiosity leads woman to rare plant discovery

Scientists Challenge Study Citing Benefits of Being Overweight

‘Mysterious disappearances’ on the increase

Leprosy Microbes Lead Scientists to Immune Discovery

Scientists seek to unravel secret world of elephant communication

The most dangerous idea on earth?

UFO Sighted In Olmsted Falls Sky


Pope was investigating Knights Templar before his election

The human guinea-pig who has mastered mind control

Be ready for the big one, NE Arkansas residents told

First-Ever Seattle Heat Warning Issued

Scientists say NW US overdue for giant earthquake

U.N. members debate how to rebuild nations

"The main bioterrorist is nature herself"

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Headline News: May 28, 2005

Sad Saga of Gary Webb

More arms for US's 'friends'

North Korea says U.S. fabricating nuclear test report

Smile: you're under global surveillance


U.S. House Passes $491B Defense Bill
Includes New Money for Iraq War

US media censor uranium weapons stories
Depleted uranium turns to poison gas

Manhunting and Kidnapping of "Terrorists":

The New Age & Devil Worship

Activist shames officials into protecting ID data

What Killed 121 People in Gangcha County in Qinghai China?

Bird Flu Case Fatality Rates Exceed 60% in Qinghai China?

'Father' of Malaysia savages Bush and Blair

News Blackout on Human Bird Flu Deaths in Qinghai China?

Travelers Told To Get Used To Biometric Tests

Holocaust Survivor Leaving US
Sees What's Coming

DREAD Weapon

UK Sweetener Co Admits
Sucralose (Splenda) Is Synthetic

The Plot to Stigmatize "51 Documents" on

Our CRIMINAL 'Justice' System

Coming to a shopping plaza near you:
The First Bank of the People of Canada

IBM and Saddam's favourite bank


'Future' Reviews Human-Machine Connection

Rumsfeld's Press Crackdown


Inquiry finds Koran 'mishandling'

GM's drive to China—will Congress stop it?

New alert over gender bending chemicals

Broward pressures Art Guild to remove
graphic painting of Bush from 'Controversy' exhibit

The last Presidential and first Imperial order

Democrats Force Delay of Bolton Final Vote

A&E doctors call for ban on pointed kitchen knives
Reducing knife crime:
we need to ban the sale of long pointed kitchen knives

US wants to be able to access Britons' ID cards

Missile & remote control systems added to small jets before 9-11;
same parts found at Pentagon

New findings about "junk DNA" may bring some surprises.

Perle Calls for Invasion of Iran

Turmoil as Chirac plots to disregard 'non' vote

Remaking Central Asia

Illegal Alien Murder Of Denver
Police Officer Don Young

Corporate power corrupts,
unregulated corporate power corrupts absolutely.

FBI: "Zündel Had No Links To Terrorism

The Privatisation of Water

New Leads In The Johnny Gosch Case

Holloman Sends More F-117 Stealths To S Korea


Bush: "You Have To Keep Repeating Things
To Catapult The Propaganda"

Why we need free speech online

World Trade Center Planning - As far back as 1976?
The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level
The Twin Towers Created In 1976

No Accountability for Bagram

What's a shy librarian doing on Temple Mount?

USA sends 15 spy planes to North Korean borders

Permanent unrest splits Bolivia

Russia prefers India, not USA in of economic cooperation

Young Russian woman likely to be jailed for being raped
Trying to defend herself against the rapist, the girl incidentally killed the assaulter

Two Japanese soldiers unaware of WWII end
found in the jungle of the Philippines

Safe sex program guilty of boosting sexually transmitted diseases

Ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui can change quality of sex

Man performs act of extreme striptease in the center of Kiev

A growing stake in the biotech crops debate

Gardeners who use pesticides 'have higher Parkinson's risk'

America at War

5 ships ordered to ''surge'' to support war on terror

Report to warn on emergence of China

French in disarray as they admit EU treaty vote is lost

CIA Overseeing 3-Day War Game on Internet

Managed Care (and Everyone Else)
Unprepared for the Next Killer Flu

Capitulation To Nuclear Lobby
A Politics Of Despair

Search On For Clues In Alleged Satanic Pedophile Ring

Singer sues Quebec producer who sexually abused her

Sick Strategies For Senseless Slaughter

Mandatory State TV
BBC - Big Brother Corporation
The BBC - A criminal and fascist Enterprise?

America's Agenda for Global Military Domination

Pentagon Plot

Home's retirees sue Rumsfeld

Brain downloads 'possible by 2050'

Canadian government urged to stop
GE Canola contamination in Japan

Blair defends identity card plan


From Eroticism to the Magic of Love


Magic "Striptease"


The Cow in the Well

Texas Farmer

Green Garden Grass Snakes
can be dangerous.

Headline News: May 26, 2005

Suspicious package was fake foot-long plastic penis

Europe faces up to double rejection of treaty

Tancredo Calls for Border Official to Resign

Italy investigating 186 over child torture site

Common Sense Moves Could Protect Privacy

Powerful Flash Video on Depleted Uranium

Monsanto denies rat research reports on GM corn

Arctic Leaders Appeal Over Global Warming

US fights Iraq fire with street fighters

The pipeline that will change the world

A Matter Of Public Record

Amnesty takes aim at Gitmo

Republican senator urges vote against Bolton

Amnesty likens Guantanamo Bay to 'gulag'

Farrakhan Calls For Delegation Visit To Guantanamo Bay

A Look at Tribunals at Guantanamo Bay

What Really Happened at Guantanamo Bay?

FBI Records Cite Quran Abuse Allegations

Israel sensing shifts in U.S. relationship

FTC is determined to kill Spam Zombies

Voyager One Approaches Interstellar Space

Last of a generation that cared

US, Iraqi Troops Start New Operation in Western Iraq

Car Bomb Explodes in Spain, Injuring 52

Russian defense minister's son to come off clear
after running over elderly lady

Drunken rapist survived after jumping from the fifth floor

Drunk bit off the finger of a woman who tried to save him

Massive blackout paralyzes Moscow

Myths about nuclear terrorism destroyed

FBI: Georgian prime minister was assasinated

The bearer of state secrets returns
after going missing for sixteen months

Patient prosecutes doctors who treated her
brain-growth with leeches

Transplantation of human face to become real in near future

Chernobyl's radiation improves children's immune system

Moscow will host the first in the world history pigball match

Saddam’s magic stone

NASA to put a laser in orbit around the Moon to map its surface


Titan's Face Lifted

Voyager 1 pushes for deep space

X-Ray "Vision" Unlocking Black Hole Mysteries

Meteor theory gets rocky ride from dinosaur expert

Loch Ness's other monster mystery is finally solved

Secrets of the Maya ... unlocked

Solar Fireworks Signal New Space Weather Mystery

Major losses projected for earthquake on
little-known fault under Los Angeles

Psychopaths are born bad, say scientists

Local Woman Spots Image of Jesus In Rusty Sign

Church Sign Says 'Koran Needs To Be Flushed'

Woman faces five charges after
257 cats discovered in rental home

Using a U.S.A. Precedent of Pre-emptive Strikes
North Korea threatened to employ a pre-emptive attack against the US

US fires warning shot over Iran nuclear talks

U.S. Citizens Tortured, Held Illegally
by U.S. Allies in the destruction of Iraq

Syria has halted all links with US military, CIA

Wholegrains reduce heart disease risk by up to 40%

Rare white bison born in B.C.

Child Population Dwindles in San Francisco

One doctor's hunch led to a chilling discovery

For True Healing to Begin, Simply Turn Off Your Western Mind

China facing coal shortage

Pentagon report to portray China as emerging rival

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: May 25, 2005

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Report urges troops sent to border

Syria severs military cooperation with U.S.

Web virus holds computer files ‘hostage’

Records-search plan alarms civil-liberties groups

FBI's powers may become fearsome

The neocon power grab at NSA
and an attempt to stifle the press

The Spoils of War:
Afghanistan's Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade

Homeland Security Weighs Plane Shootdowns

A 571-Page Lie

Star Wars III: Crisis in America

Al Qaeda issues call for vengeance

Relations Fray as Japan Criticizes Chinese Official's Snub

14 U.S. Soldiers Killed in 3 Days in Iraq

US mulling stance on latest Iran bid to join WTO

Transplant Patients Die of Rodent Disease

Premature Ejaculation Drug Passes First Test

President Bush is a Loser

Al Qaeda Strikes Back During 'Operation Squeeze Play'

Red Cross Breaks Silence: Says It Reported Koran Abuses to US

Lost cigarette leads to bizarre accident

Pope's old apartment building goes on eBay

Austrian politician wants to ID dog droppings

Great-grandmother gives birth to twins

Futurologist Predicts Downloaded Brains

Branch from the past discovered in Catskills

A Muslim Conspiracy Theory Keeps Polio Alive

Medical Mystery At SF Police Station
Several Officers Diagnosed With Vertigo

Marine killed by scratch and superbug

Easy check fraud technique draws scrutiny

Colombia to Evacuate Thousands over Volcano Fear

Aussie scientists help find huge planet

Ash plume blown to Saipan, Tinian

Afghanistan left in lurch by U.S.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's chief of staff called the
United States an "ungainly giant" that only
plays by its own rules

Israel comes first, says US politician

Russia and Venezuela will analyze strengthening
of economic relations

Russians Consider Last Emperor’s Legacy

China told by US to revalue money by 10%

China sees no sign of N.Korea nuclear test

Measuring miracles by the percent

A new war between North and South

All You Need is Love: Compassion Sensuality

Graceful Guidelines for Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing from Sexual Abuse

Staying Hot and Sexy in Midlife

Spiritual Sex

Headline News: May 24, 2005

Hacker may have stolen Social Security numbers

Girl, 8, Found Buried Alive in Trash Bin

Small plane violates 'No Fly' zone near Washington

Laura Bush Heckled in Jerusalem

Permanent Ruse for an Indefinite War

U.S. man arrested for offering to sell bomb

U.S. convicts get free Viagra

Sunshine May Ward Off Cancer

Russia reacts coolly to "political games" of the
U.S. Senators and the Baltic presidents

Great Lies of the Amercian free press

Russia's leading news agency decides to make a fortune on Victory Day?

Ukrainian government worst in Europe

Wild bear kills 15-year old boy in Siberia

British men last the longest making love

Man digs up corpse and cooks the body parts

Methodists are converted to the demon drink

China bans meals served on naked women

Police: Woman Uses Ex's Credit Card For Hit

Brooke looks like any other baby girl.
But in fact, she's 12 years old

Psychiatric Association Supports Gay Marriage

'Sarcasm' brain areas discovered

Public called in to solve mystery of vanishing birds

Scientists probe strong tremor in Egoli

Silicon solution could provide long-life battery

Antigravity machine that makes frogs fly

Faced with a choice between market freedom and human life,
governments have chosen to preserve the former

And now we are three ...

The Real Hoax Of George W. Bush

As Climate Shifts,

Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Growing

Chinese re-measure Mount Everest


'no use' for time travel


Lazar Critique


Billy Meier and UFOs in the News

Seeing Forests in the Tree of Life

Desperately Seeking Sasquatch

Hubble gyro shutdown likely to prolong life

Huge Effort Needed to Save Earth's Biodiversity

Major UFO Breakthrough in Brazil

Cheesy feet come up smelling of roses

Your desk, chair are watching you

New Roman wall section uncovered

'Discovery of a lifetime' thrills mayor, archaeologists

Map Reveals Wind Power Potential

Dastardly Data Theft at MCI

Rocky Planets Form Further Away Than Previously Thought

Amateurs Help Discover Extrasolar Planet

Proton Launches DIRECTV Satellite

Cassini Radio Signals Decipher Saturn Ring Structure

Clues To Planet Formation Revealed

Bacteria Eating Away at Otzi the Iceman?

Cannabis compounds blamed for bone loss

Past century sees biodiversity dive

Researchers Find Where Brain Learns to Make Decisions

Hybrid Cars Could Be Made Greener with Solar Power

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Headline News: May 23, 2005

Synthetic Diesel BioFuel

BlueCar Lithium-Metal-Polymer Electric Vehicle

French Electric Vehicle

Palestinian official accuses Israel of trying to undermine Abbas-Bush summit

Karzai demands 'justice' over abuse charge

Blue House pursuing stem cell research consortium

Stem Cell Hope . . .

Sharon: Withdrawal from Gaza Strip will not be Postponed

Jewish and Muslim protesters heckled Laura Bush

Shiite's Aides Meet Sunnis to Ease Tension

EU Expresses Opposition to China Textile Quotas

State feels impact of U.S. measures
Actions pinpoint apparel, currency in effort to
curb China's economic pressure

N. Korea Says It's Watching U.S. Attitude in
Deciding Whether to Return to Nuclear Talks

Leaked Photos Draw Mixed Reaction from Iraqis

Three Romanian Journalists, Guide, Freed in Iraq

Vitamin D and cancer: new research

Good Lord, never again let Georgia ask Russia for anything

The President and the Secretary
Is America doomed to live in the shadow of most paranoid opinions?

North Ossetia fears another Beslan

The largest inter-regional universal industrial exhibition
to take place in Russia's North

Russia's former Nuclear Power Minister Adamov
to be jailed for 60 years over nuclear secrets

Large lake completely disappears in Russian village overnight

Uzbekistan carefully conceals traces of the uprising
from foreign diplomats and reporters

World-famous sci-fi writer cannot go home

Cancer develops due to stress or hostile environment

New Boeing will have a folding tail and its nose will be made in Russia

Doctors attached human eye to a dog

Criminals fled the holding cell through the toilet

U.S. troops will be consolidated in Iraq

Military UFO Records Released:
The Spanish Experience

'Gray' aliens product of past popular imagination

Astronaut says some events are unexplainable

Genesis Six Again!?

Mars Master Plan

Scientists Warn Against Weaponizing Space

Britain's rock map is 're-drawn'

Spaceship guru calls for new vision
Burt Rutan fears NASA won’t be given the right stuff for exploration

History Channel Special Distorts Interviews
to Promote "Alien Agenda"

The Horrifying Mystery of Paul Bennewitz

Exhibit traces influence of Freemasonry

One Mars Orbiter Takes First Photos of Other Orbiters

Sumatran Earthquakes
Uncovers New Mysteries about Workings of Earth

A hidden message from space?

NASA Competition to Get Air from Lunar Soil

New advanced mind control techniques
gives a new flavor to modern warfare

This is the Dawning of the Age of Planet Detection

California quake forecast goes online

Expect Life to be Cold

Smart shoes decide on television time

No green winner in nappy debate

Mother Goddess figurines found in Tamil Nadu

Excavation of ancient desert tombs ends, riddles waiting to answer

800yr-old temple unearthed

NASA science uncovers texts of Trojan Wars, early gospel

"Unearthing of Tse-whit-zen" tells an extraordinary story

Oldest cranial, dental and postcranial fossils
of early modern European humans confirmed

China’s 5,000-Year Old Civilization Is No Bluff
Prehistoric Relics Provides New Evidence

New technology reveals ancient math texts

Cypriots thought to be first Mediterranean winemakers
New finds suggest Cyprus was 1,500 years ahead of neighboring vintners

Petra banquet hall a feast for archaeologists

Earliest European 31,000 years old

Dig near Las Vegas continues to yield fossils

Panonian gladiators

Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer

The truth about McDonald's and children

Nearly 1 in 10 Ga. deaths obesity-related

Enceladus Above Saturn's Rings

Solar Astronomers Getting Better at Predicting Solar Wind

Iran nukes replace old military

Designer Plants On Mars

Particle smasher gets a super-brain

Liver cells 'could beat diabetes'

Warning over gut drugs reliance

Archimedes Manuscript Yields Secrets Under X-ray Gaze

Novel Way Estrogen Affects The Brain

Meteorite momument in Scotland

Sober worm makes up 5 percent of e-mail

Men: How to Keep Sex Alive In Spite of Diabetes

Attack of the Superbugs:
The Spread of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The Fat Connection:
How Excess Body Fat Can Lead To The Onset Of Diabetes

International Alliance To Unlock Secrets Of Egyptian Mummies

Headline News: May 22, 2005

New pictures of Saddam published

Karzai Seeks More Control After Charges Of U.S. Abuse

Bush Condemns S. Korea Stem Cell Advances

'No' and 'yes' camps stage weekend rallies ahead of referendum

Palestinians propose new summit

Sunnis Step Off Political Sidelines

Troops perish in snow

Venezuelans Seek Cuban Exile's Extradition

S Korean cloning scientist says progress will be slow

Operation Matador, Another Offensive Atrocity in Iraq

Secret Anti-Health Supplement Legislation
Being Passed in Aussie Parliament



Steps before All-out War

Plan to Let F.B.I. Track Mail in Terrorism Inquiries

Afghanistan's new jihad targets poppy production


Robot Recreates Human Speech

Afghan prisoners were 'tortured to death' by American guards

New law aims to distance the FDA from the drug industry

Is Mircrosoft Promoting the Reptilian Image in the U.K.?

Reptilian Image

F.D.A. Considers Implant Device for Depression

The unknown unknowns of the Abu Ghraib scandal

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and 9/11
- A Scandal Beyond What Has Been Seen Before

PNAC 101 - Rise of the Neocons

Cyber warfare gets more advanced

Iraq Living Conditions Tragic

More Arrests Made in Case of Bizarre Sex Ring

More Military Kids Die of Child Abuse

Military Recruiters Lie About Dangers In Iraq

Liberals won't bring Canadian oil-for-food angle under microscope

The rape of the rainforest... and the man behind it

US to push for global 'security envelope'

Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997

Where torture and terror rule

Putin Restoring Soviet System Says Former Russian PM

The US's gift to al-Qaeda

As India and China open up,
Latin America slowly closing their doors to
Western Corporate Interests

An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Count down to 2012

An Iraq correspondent in two worlds

Former KGB Operative Reveals
Secrets of Global War for Germs and Viruses

Mass Mercury Poisoning in North West Russia

Belarus becomes likeliest candidate for another bloody revolution

Brutal Details of 2 Afghan Inmates' Deaths

The Secret Life of Ken Page

The Heart of Soul Healing

Kentuckians checking on FBI scrutiny

Outspoken journalist has fingers chopped off

Space pioneer finds NASA dull

Flying Whales, Other Aliens Theorized by Scientists

No billboards in space

Calf Born in N.M. With 5 Legs, 6 Hooves

Brazil police demolish homes by mistake

Who's in charge at the White House?

ACLU asks jail for Tangipahoa school officials

Well -- DUH! - Read this one below about Tangipahoa
Pray for Sex Abuse of Children?

Tangipahoa Church Sex Abuse

Ponchatoula church sex ring

Deputy Accused In Church Child-Sex Ring

Sheriff: church rituals involved cat blood

Sex-crime allegations lead to arrest

Another arrest made in sex with children, animals ring


Tangipahoa School Board adds Christian defense team

Pregnant Ala. Student, Banned From Graduation, Walks Anyway

Trooper: DUI Suspect Tried To Hit On Me

Bob Lazar: The Man Behind Element 115

Mystery deepens as money 'angel' spreads its wings

In 1919, Oregon was the first state to tax gasoline.
This fall, the state will launch the nation's first high-tech experiment
to tax drivers for the miles they travel rather than the gas they buy

Fossil of Ice Age
Texas size armadillo found in Peru

Additional Tectonic Plate Discovered Under Tokyo

Lake disappears, baffling villagers
"I am thinking, well, America has finally got to us,"
said one old woman, as she sat on the ground outside her house.

Astronaut Asks Congress to Investigate Threatening Asteroid

Fatima Bullet May Reveal Second Pope Would-be Killer

Polish IDs mysterious Piano Man

Vampire Fish discovered in the Amazon

Mysterious Illness Outbreak in Oklahoma

Europe's Oldest Script Found in Bulgaria

For Dead Sea, a slow death
Sea’s water level dropping as Jordan River goes dry

Headline News: May 20, 2005

Syria warned on exporting terror

Cowardice in journalism award for Newsweek

Human embryo cloned for first time in Britain

How to Ensure Your Internet Habits are Known Only by You

What's 'American' About the American Israel Public Affairs Committee?

Newsweek Was Right

George Galloway’s Lesson in Speaking Truth to Power

How to Say No to the New World Order

Who would Benefit from a War with Iran?


Celestial Fireworks In The Ancient Sky

Celestial Fireworks In The Ancient Sky - Part 2

A stunning speech by Bill Moyers miraculously
transforms the White House press corps

Give Your DVD Player the Finger

Brazil recovery accelerates Amazon destruction

US Space Weapons, Control Of The World

Wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan

How Many More Lies Will the Media Tell
Before We Stop Them?


Bolton Lied Under Oath; Sought to Punish Analyst

Generals Offer a Sober Outlook on Iraqi War

Ted Turner may have inspired UN 13 Moon Calendar

US rejects ban on women in combat

New Holocaust Begins

Why, it's an ... an alien implant!

Mormon Records Aid Medical Understanding

Two DHS IT projects enter troubled waters

Mexico publishes rules for consular ID cards

India plans IT staff registry

Flight to Brussels and the "Mother of Darkness Castle"

Angry man "delivers the goods" to tsunami victims

Palace to pursue ID system

GOP Aides Say New Patriot Act Obliges Bush
Systematic Destruction of Right against Warrantless Searches
WACO RePlayed

Government backs doctors in right-to-life case

Standing ovation for Galloway


Covering the Achilles Heel of the Soul

Springtime for SEX & GOD

Sexuality: Reclaiming the Erotic
Spiritual Sex: Beyond the Physical

Love, Sexuality and Spirituality
Sexuality is divine and a firm part of spirituality

Spiritual meaning of Oral Sex


for CANCER and other DISEASES


Texas Car Crashes

Marshall Fields

A Texan dies

Get Away from My Deer!

Favorite Texas Tunes


Trip To Texas

A Texas Soldier

A Texas Lawyer

Texas Zodiac and Astrology

Texas Fishin


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Headline News: May 19, 2005

DoD Readies Biometric ID System for U.S. Bases in Iraq

Racist Violence in 15 EU Member States

Medical errors still claiming many lives

Triple Bombing In Burma Leads To CIA Intrigue

USAF seeks space weapon mandate

Arrest of Cuban ex-CIA figure puts Bush in tough political spot

No cajones. No round ones. No eggs.
None of those things between their legs.
Zero. Zip. Nada. Castrati.


Video: Galloway v The US Senate

In quotes: Galloway showdown

Galloway Oil Claims 'Based on Forgery'

Galloway: The man who took on America

British MP Galloway says 'blew away' U.S. committee

Plot to Make the PATRIOT Act Even Worse

U.S. places large bet on pipeline

Scientists Unveil Earthquake Forecast

Marburg virus toll in Angola crosses 300 mark

Ebola outbreak spreads to Congo

Scandal looming in promised $425 million
for Sir Lanka tsunami victims that never arrived?

Fairchild International Corp. Announces Discovery of
Almost Unlimited Inexpensive Natural Gas Substitute

Librarian's brush with FBI shapes her view of the USA Patriot Act

Vanunu Deserves Our Thanks

New Treatments Wow Cancer Doctors

Venezuela Wants Cuban Exile Extradited

Trooper: DUI Suspect Tried To Hit On Me

Ohio Wal-Mart Caters To Amish

Flu Pandemic Unpreparedness - Tamiflu Containment Myth


Freak China snow and sand storm kills 15 explorers

60 years after WW2 - What have we achieved?

US Senate Committee slanders Russian politicians

Anti-Castro Cuban terrorist may obtain "political asylum" in USA

Drivers may earn money for observing the rules

11-year-old child expects a baby in Moscow

The Blame Game

The Reality Gap

Poland to Take “Imminent Measures”
Against Belarus for Diplomat’s Expulsion

Russia, Estonia Sign Border Treaty

Did the Vikings drive natives from the isles?

"Antibiotic" Beer Gave Ancient Africans Health Buzz

Archaeologists uncover scene of human sacrifice

Burnt City’s satellite villages to shed light on ancient lifestyles

New find at Palace of Cyrus the Great in Charkhab

Napoleon's Army Undone by Faulty Buttons?

Religious Statue Illuminates Pope Mystery

A Critic Takes On the Logic of Female Orgasm

Spirit Observing 'Reef'

Like The Famous Doughboy, Nanotubes Give When Poked

Planet Forces its Star's Rotation

Dark Energy Could be a Breakdown of Einstein's Theory

Twin Black Holes Churn at the Heart of M83

Canada's Space Scope Cracks Open A Massive Star

Canada's Space Scope Discovers Star Ringing Out Of Tune

Headline News: May 18, 2005

The Weehawken Five

Air Force Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Arms

Galloway takes on US oil accusers

Media react to blistering hearing

Just who is the 'son of a bitch'?

"Combat terrorism" by causing it
or Reichstag Relived

Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant

Monsanto Dealt Defeat in Attempt to Invade Brazilian Schools

Experts call for common North America border

Cutting back
Low-fat diet may reduce breast cancer recurrence

British politician raps Senate inquiry as 'preposterous'

US takes measures to limit damage of Koran article

Reservist receives 129-day sentence in Iraq abuse case
She also gets a bad-conduct discharge and has her rank reduced

Three Found Dead in House in Idaho;
'Person of Interest,' Two Children Sought

Pesky plant curbs drinkers' urge to binge

China’s Currency System Slammed in New Report


Threat of Bird Flu Pandemic Dominates World Health Assembly

'Superpower behind' Burma blasts

Minutemen return to the border

Merck CEO Resigns as Drug Probe Continues
House Panel Critical Of Vioxx Sales Tactics

CHA set to buy 24 cameras that 'hear' gunfire

Britons formerly held in US camps allege they saw
guards desecrate Koran

Attention All Patriotic Americans!

Myers admits the U.S. failed to kill the Iraqi resistance

Cubans march in 'anti-terror' rally

a story to warm your heart


Another fake document by US government-Forgery

Concrete Is Cold And Hard At Night:
The Children’s Voices

US 'backed illegal Iraqi oil deals'

Coming Sooner Than You Think
The Economic Tsunami

'Zimbabwe Is Happening Here In South Africa'

Russia makes the largest-ever debt payment to Paris Club of Creditors

US dollar takes global rise, euro surrenders

As long as people bury their relatives, the situation will remain quiet

Thousands flee Uzbekistan as the uprising reaches other towns

60,000-year-old mammoth bones uncovered in Russia

Russian people afraid of poverty and low quality life

Russian suicidal chicken hangs itself on a fence

U.N. Security Council: China is against a draft proposal

Brian Nichols! Not guilty?!

Town Makes Gossip A Crime

Harvard to spend $50 million on diversity

Customer Tackles Deer In Wal-Mart

Youngest Students Most Likely to Be Expelled

Hugging Ban Sparks Dispute at Ore. School

Scientists Unleash Robot Horde On Humanity

Phenomenon of the 'magic egg' is cracked by mathematicians

Grocery Store Wars

Mysterious Oil Creates Mess

Rare bird eggs begin incredible journey

U.S. OKs killing of wolves in Gila forest

100 Most Influential People in Ufology Today

Probing the Atmosphere of an Extrasolar Planet


Lake Erie UFO - New Evidence

Google Maps Show Apparent UFOS

Cow Mutilation Investigator Says Truth Is Out There

Plane promises new views of Venus

Wanted: SA UFO spotters

Asking the Right Questions in UFO Research and Exopolitics

OK, I give up: Let the aliens take over

Organics in Titan's Atmosphere

Microbes, Microbes Everywhere

Mysterious sightings in MetroWest skies

Filtering devices put censorship in your hands
It's not right to remove violence, sexual content
just because some people find it morally wrong

Solar Outbursts Protected Early Earth

'First platypus' still intact

Media bad for a woman's body image

Prejudice will get us no closer to peace

Bush dishonors WWII heroes

Tombs uncovered at Peruvian ruins

Archaeologists Unearth Britain's Own Miniature Coliseum

Did the Vikings drive natives from the isles?

Thracian Owner of Gold Mask Axe-Chopped

Unusual bronze coffin unearthed in Lorestan

The Masang Daza tombs

Asteroid Will Zip Past the Earth in 2029

B-15 About to Crash Again

Super Water Kills Bugs Dead

Paralyzed Rats Walk; Humans Next?

Subliminal messages can affect our brains

Cancer, cellphones 'linked'


China warns of danger of melting Everest glaciers

Mobile Phones 'more dangerous' in country

Experimental drug stuns cancer doctors

Food agencies: feeding the world or the corporations?

Hospital's Piano Man Mystery

The Piano Man

Energizing new wars

Jumping Genes And The Red Planet

Rhea's Great White Splat

More hurricanes, storms to batter US

Solar Activity Linked To Whale Strandings

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: May 17, 2005

All About Moonshine and Alcohol

Drug may reduce risk of traveler's diarrhea

Gates Foundation pledges $250 million toward world health issues

Study finds statin drugs combat two common cancers

'Snakehead' human trafficker on trial in New York

Aussie police leave Papua New Guinea after court verdict


RAF Hercules downed by AA fire in Iraq

US scientists push for go-ahead to genetically
modify smallpox virus

Video - Orwell Rolls In His Grave

Conflicting Security Assessments Breed Suspicion of Govt Claims

Tanzania: Black men kill black boy for his skin - sell it for $20

Strangers at the Summit of Life

Afghan threat of holy war

TRIANGLE OF LIFE - Earthquake Safety Information

Anti-U.S. cleric delivers first speech since Najaf clashes,
demanding Americans leave Iraq

Shia and Sunni Iraqis Demand The End of Occupation

The Koran flushing story is TRUE - Newsweek cut a deal

Bilderberg Attendees on Camera

The US and its 'special' dictator

Does the WTO Serve Our Interests?

Court martial of Army conscientious objector delayed;
Army files additional charges against him

Iraqi Resistance hails victory as US ends
“operation matador” retreats from battle zone

Oil-for-Food Benefited Russians

Execution-Style Killings Continue in Iraq

'They shot us like rabbits'

Air travelers stripped bare with X-ray machine

Canada shipbuilding in Shanghai

Philadelphia Lawyer, Who Filed RICO Case Against Bush and Cronies,
Embarks on European Speaking Tour to Spread Word About
Government Complicity in 9/11

Israeli Secret Forces Assist in Uzbekistan Massacres

The Rich Get Richer

State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized

Is globalisation a force for good?

Sacred Geometry

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: May 16, 2005

Are World Wars Orchestrated?
Run-up to World War Three

America Can Be Saved - Bush Must Be Impeached

After fierce battle US troops seize strategic bridge;
Resistance then blows it up.

America's drug plan collapses in chaos

Clarke: back me as leader

Canada's dirty secret

Former Australian Weapons Inspector Turns Whistleblower:
MI6 boss ’tried to sex up’ Iraq study

To establish the Weather Modification Operations
and Research Board, and for other purposes.

Anti-nicotine Vaccine Could Help Smokers Quit Smoking

Radiologists Play Key Role in Child Abuse Cases

Prescription Drugs Cause Sudden Heart Attack Deaths

Iran censures desecration of Quran at Guantanamo Bay

Prisoners detained by the U.S. in Iraq, Afghanistan,
Guantanamo Bay still at risk of torture

PM hits out at reported Quran desecration at Guantanamo Bay

Iranian lawmakers want to resume enriching uranium

Zimbabwe releases, deports mercenaries

Freed coup plot men claim they were duped

Women becoming the bender gender

500 killed and 2,000 wounded in the uprising in Andijan

Uzbek special troops kill dozens of civilians in Andijan

Pedophile maniac brutally kills 5 Russian schoolboys
(after the BUSH visit there?)

Husband sets his alcoholic wife on fire

Repulsed lover files fake terrorist report against his girlfriend

Nature programs poltergeist into every human being

New telescope to explore super-massive black holes

Beware of blood-sucking bugs in your underwear!

Afghan clerics threaten Muslim holy war over Koran

US raids force families into desert

Now wash your hands


U.S. ally in Central Asia in throes of insurrection
(Why is it always an insurrection when its a US ally -- a revolution if a non-ally?)

Uzbekistan: US-backed dictator drowns uprising in blood
(Bush - Teach your children well?)

Russia to react to threats to bases in Georgia – Lavrov.

Santorum curiously moves to legislate weather info

Counter-Coup Begins in United States as
Israel Launches Economic Attack against America
and Closes Its Borders

Massive Pressure Builds upon North American Plate
as Continued Bombardment of Earth’s Atmosphere
by Cosmic Blasts Shake Worlds Weather Systems

A Terrorist Comes Home to Roost

The Iran Crisis in Global Context

Gene study challenges theory of leprosy's origin

Take Two Starfish and Call Me in the Morning

Early African migrants made eastward exit


Rare statue unearthed in Syria
Goddess of Triumph

Ancient mural walls unearthed in Three Gorges area

The Near-Destruction of Giza

Battle for the books of Herculaneum

Priceless antiquities dug up in Iran

Museum curator credited with finding oldest 'steel'

The Soul of Science

Ocean waters yield cancer therapy

Sweet supplements

New drug shown to help control diabetes

New moonlet found between Saturn’s rings

Study Explains Mystery Of Mars Icecaps

Deep Impact Trajectory Maneuver Will
Ensure Impact Visible From Earth

Stars spotted on the edge of a massive black hole

Rapid healing trick falls foul of anti-doping rules

Cliff quivers warn of collapse

Natural Gas Diesel May Cut Smog

NYC Officials Battle Longhorned Beetles

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: May 15, 2005

John Bolton's Yellowcake

The Canadian Corporate Nexus in Haiti

The Bush-Bolton Plan to Bomb Bushehr

US won't declassify documents for trial

Sleazy World of Jeb Bush

Showdown at the U.N. corral

Gagged, But Not Dead

Military Is Consolidating Into Large Installations

Israeli air force to take part in Alberta war games

GANNONGATE - I'm just asking

Bush Administration Vows To Boycott
Hamas Militants Elected in Territories
( so much for Democratic Idealism )

Federally funded pornography in the classrooms of public schools

Pope wants to share power

Garlic And Onion Chemical Helps Kill Cancer Cells

Splicing Human DNA Into the Food Chain
Mommy, Is This a Finger in My Rice Puffs?

Carte Blanche for the Terror Cops
Senate Gives Dept. Homeland Security Power to Waive All Laws

Rumors Flew


Conyers Goes After Gonzales

Did Israel Assassinate Brad Doucette?

Spanish Nazi victims' chief says was never in camp

Insight into Cellular "Consciousness"

UFOs spotted over Melbourne

The Kolbrin Bible

Bohemian Grove: Snuff Films and Kiddie Porn

Russia calls aid groups subversive

Uzbeks Try to Flee Violent Protests

Revealed: how an abortion puts the next baby at risk

US sends new al Qaeda evidence for German 9/11 case

Unmanned drone kills al-Qaida operative

Senate on verge of meltdown

Xbox 360 unveiled

Ethiopians vote heavily in test for democracy

Iraq Used Oil to Pay Russians
(DUHH? Isn't that International Trade?)

China lambastes U.S. trade limits

Strange Coincidence Reunites "Lost" Luggage With Owner

Bartender Who Wouldn't Wear Makeup Gets New Hearing

Twin Sisters Have Babies On Same Day

Hawaii Evicts Woman Living In Lava Tube

The week when hedge funds discovered they can't walk on water

Scientists reveal anxiety 'all in genes'

China confirms foot and mouth disease outbreaks

Fence from grassy knoll up for auction

Scientists suspect pesticides may play role in Parkinson's

Briton named in US blast mystery

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: May 14, 2005

Mountain Of The Gods

Finally A Single Truth

Abu Ghraib Sex-Based Torture Still On

New Study Underscores Pro-Israel Bias in US Media

Military, law enforcement caught in FBI drug sting

How Philosophy Overcomes Tyranny

War by other means

The reluctant empire

Deutsche Bank Faces Sanctions

Tracking People: TV Signals Go Where GPS Can't

'Israel doesn't want calm'


When Data Democratization Verges on Privacy Invasion

China Says US Impeded North Korea Arms Talks

Letting the big fish swim away

Border Patrol told to stand down in Arizona

New US migration laws vex Mexico

Miami Vice

Fears of trade in children as 300 boys disappear

Class Dissection Of Live Dog Outrages Parents, Students

Keeping Hunter Thompson's death alive

Osama's head on ice:
CIA and Bush administration fire up mighty Wurlitzer

Galloway hounded by AIPAC cell within U.S. Congress;
Bolton tied to same cell

Oil for Food: The List Goes On

Unanimous Treason

Indignation Grows in US over British Prewar Documents

The war on paperclips
I worry that I'm turning into a conspiracy theorist

U.S. Army offers shorter enlistment to recruits

The film US TV networks dare not show

Power of Nightmares

More protests over Quran abuse

Demoted general details alleged shoplifting incident

Venezuela asks U.S. to extradite Cuban over bombing

Iraq: In need of legitimacy

Terrorists release thousands of prisoners in Uzbekistan

Sea shelf developments can save the Russian oil industry

The problem of human trafficking and sex slavery disregarded globally

Russian special services use clairvoyants to prevent terrorist acts

Reality TV shows are part of a political project

The quest for extraterrestrial civilizations never stops


All the cool aliens are heading to McMinnville

Bigger than columbus

Pygmy Village Casts Doubt on 'Hobbit' Human

Why, it's an ... an alien implant!

UFO Lands In Virginia Back Yard

It would've stumped Einstein:
the missing-pen-by-the-phone theorem

When humans first left Africa, which way did they go?

Saturn Moon's Bizarre Geography

Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Mayan Wood Architecture

Egyptian Civilisation

“Is there any news of Monsieur de la Pérouse?”

'Original men' of Malaysia tell story of migration

Archaeologist Reads Ancient Seeds for Clues

Scientists Unexpectedly Discover Enols in Flames

Study Reveals Smog Clearing Properties of Atmosphere

Alien Woodwasp, Threat to U.S. Pine Trees, Found in N.Y

Mosaic of Titan's Surface

Titan's Atmosphere is Looking Very Familiar

Cassini Offers Insights Into Titan's Similarities With Earth

New battery said to last decades

Whimpers From The Sun?

Researchers Reveal Secrets Of Snake Flight

Headline News: May 13, 2005

Demise of a Hard-Fighting Squad
Marines Who Survived Ambush Are Killed, Wounded in Blast

Russell Simmons Responds to Abraham Foxman
about the Millions More Movement

MCC wants Foreign Minister Pettigrew
to seek explanation from Israeli Embassy

Gun Rights Important As Free Speech

'Iraq was Invaded to Secure Israel,'
says Senator Hollings, and 'Everybody Knows It.'

"You can change the channel but you cannot change the news."

Iris Scanning To Begin At Orlando International Airport

Wal-Mart crushes union by closing store

Have Scientists Just Proven Bob Lazar Right
on Alien Antigravity Systems?

Lawmaker Hopes to Open Churches to Political Speech

The real scandal of Tom DeLay

Reid Morden spy agency boss when
Air India Flight 182 tapes destroyed

The End Of America
Alert From Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership

Let's face it - the state has lost its mind

Russia Accuses Foreign Agencies of Spying

The End Of Pensions

Is the CIA Behind the Iraqi "Insurgents"--and Global Terrorism?

Kissinger: US supports cross-Straits dialogue

Bush asked to explain UK war memo

The academic ban - Nazi connection


New Evidence : Terror Alerts Were Used As Electoral Weapons

Sophia Stewart is pissed off

Driver fined for 'having a face like a moron'

U.S. army probes why troops go wild in Colombia

Investigators Find Evidence of Voter Fraud

Jewish group ADL urges Mayor Williams to back out of Farrakhan event

Anti-U.S. Riot Turns Deadly in Afghanistan

North Korea nuclear fears deepen

Governments Meet to Eliminate 12 Persistant Organic Pollutants

Pulsating electromagnetic flux can accelerate tectonic plate movements
causing artificial earthquake, landslide and tsunami

Extraterrestrial Federation in 2012 representing 88 star constellations
the world is getting ready for the most spectacular event

California Taps High-Tech Meters
In New Bid to Rein In Energy Use

Larry Flynt: Bush UN nominee won't answer questions
about troubled marriage

U.S. Armed Forces on Guard Everywhere Except
on America's Border

Blind Man Claims Taco Bell Denied Service Over Guide Dog

Wonderland shut by dog illness; N.H. dogs quarantined

Fetal sex behind 'dumb mother' syndrome

Strange denizen of the deep has 24 eyes

Are you at risk of dropping dead?

Officials Fear Spread of Oak Disease

Deer disease could cost New York economy millions

'Oddball rodent' discovered at Laotian market

Micromachines to Produce Propellant and Air on Mars

NASA Developing Space Robots with Human Traits

South African mystery spheres and the Iapetus enigma

Back to the saucers

Scaring Up Paranormal Profits

The Magnetic Personality of Ancient Mars

How to float like a stone

Live Dangerously: Be a Scientist

'Clone Baby' & Raelians

Digs at Al Gubb unearth new info on historic fort

Stockholm's Old Town "300 years older"

An Iron Age fashion disaster,
but worth its weight in gold

Ireland OKs Highway Near Hill of Tara

Archaeologists uncover thousands of artefacts

Macedonia's Megalithic Kokino Observatory Places 4th on NASA List

NASA Tests a Solar Sail

Dione and Tethys

Did Iapetus Consume One of Saturn's Rings?

Genes behind transsexualism possibly found

India Scientists Say Hot Springs Predict Quakes

Russia to Send Iran Nuclear Fuel "By Early 2006"

Thai Royal Oxen Predict Rainy, Productive Year

Atmosphere May Cleanse Itself Better than Previously Thought

Young Canaries Learning Their Song, Freedom Gives Way to Rules

Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion

Role of Dreams in the Evolution of the Human Mind

Sexual selection and the Male:Female Mortality Ratio

Headline News: May 12, 2005

In Stock! Introductory SPECIAL LOW PRICING

Bush’s innocent cuddle and Erasure’s cancellation


A Vision of Terror

Call My Cell
Why GPS tracking is good news for inmates.

Japan Considering Exit Strategy From Iraq

New Invention to Detect Caches of Cash

U.S. Capitol, White House evacuated in plane scare

The Strategy to Defeat the West

The Ultimate War Crime, Killing the Children

Does the Real ID act contain a
Constitution-busting Trojan horse?

Cuba 'plane bomber' was CIA agent

Four suicide attacks kill at least 71

Riots over US Koran 'desecration'

King of Jordan to pardon Iraq's deputy PM
over $300m bank fraud

Terror Suspect's Attorneys Link FBI
to Alleged Torture by Saudis

Iran: threats of Security Council over nuclear plans are "propaganda"

Ridge reveals clashes on alerts

Gaza pullout diverting media gaze

An Addicted Administration

Leading lights die in plane crash

Pregnant woman 'Tasered' by police is convicted

Ex-marine claims nuclear weapons stored at Nfld. base

Two Wars Too Many

Army Admits 220,00 Troops In Iraq & Afghanistan

Missing-children cases fumbled by police nationwide

USA has been using Russia for egocentric purposes for 13 years

Dolphins cure infantile cerebral paralysis best

Israelis to recycle nuclear waste in Chernobyl

Prison inmates are allowed to use mobile phones,
drink booze and take drugs

UP Math prof proves Princeton man wrong

Dogged by a cartoon

Elderly Woman Survives Nine-Story Fall


Senate passes anti-drive-by porn bill

Pit-bull ban may reveal unwarranted prejudice

Despite hurdles, human missions to Mars are in the works

Eccentric Worlds: Strange Orbits Puzzle Astronomers

Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam unexpectedly captured a bright light

Another UFO sighting makes website

Lost asteroid clue to Pioneer puzzle

Reappearing act

Our Journey to the STARS

Mongolian Death Worm Eludes Researchers

Chicken Ticketed For Crossing Road

Town Declares Orgasm Day

Ancient tombs of unknown ethnic group discovered in Mazandaran

Mysterious Illness Closes High School

Mysterious disease-causing fungus lurks in northern soil

US real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years

Polio Outbreak Grows in Yemen, Indonesia

Anti-US Demonstrations Spread in Afghanistan

More than 10,000 people, mostly children, have been suffereing from
flu symptoms during an outbreak in southern China

Azerbaijan Says Russia Obstructing Ceyhan Pipeline Construction

Earliest states possibly in shape 5,000 years ago

Gangrene Felled King Tut

First MARSIS Boom Successfully Deployed

Cassini Finds New Saturn Moon That Makes Waves

Spirit Checking Out Pittsburgh

Map Of Life On Earth Could Be Used On Mars

First-Ever Infrared Flash Challenges Notion Of Nature's Biggest Bang

Scientists Levitate Heaviest Elements With Help From Cold Oxygen

Study ties dementia, obesity in 40s

U.S. Interests Section in Havana

Some Prescription Meds Dangerous For Heart

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: May 11, 2005

United States Institutes New Laws to Control Citizens Movements

An Anonymous Email From An Airline Mechanic

Kofi Annan's black boxes

Karl Schwarz Running For President

Topology of Time

Canada PM faces resignation vote

Florida Mayor: Expand No-Pedophile Zone

Governor of Iraq's Anbar Kidnapped

Federal Agents Seize 1,000 Fake Badges

What Is Depleted Uranium?

Lack of coverage of U.K.-Iraq memo


Oil companies that don't pay taxes must leave Venezuela

Rottach-Egern, Germany
5-8 May 2005

South Americans attack US sanctions against Syria

US media and Iran's nuclear threat

American nabbed with 500 photos of naked Thai boys

On the Edge With Nuclear North Korea

Volcker to Congress:
'Stop Screwing Up My Investigation'

One-Billionth Acre of Biotech Seed Planted

Archaeologists Find 2,000-Year-Old Shoe

Iran nuclear talks near collapse

When your best friend spies on you…

Anybody out there

Did Phoebe Come from the Outer Solar System?

Crater Holden and Uzboi Vallis on Mars

Creation of Black Hole Detected

Hunt for extrasolar planets turns to Earth-size worlds

Angler convinced of UFO sighting

10 Years of Planet Hunting

Man Shoots Mom On Mother's Day

Girl, 8, 'was tortured for being witch'

Russian diplomat's wife survives car accident falling into 80-meter abyss

Addiction to panhandling can bring up to $2,500 of monthly profit

Transplantation of animal organs jeopardizes human civilization

Strong earthquake jolts Indonesia

Manhunt underway for cop accused of murder

Settler jailed without trial

French explorer's shipwreck found

Ancient tombs of unknown ethnic group discovered in Mazandaran

U.K. Excavation May Rewrite U.S. History

Life on the edge of Rome's empire

Group of ancient tombs unearthed in Hebei

Inflation Rate in Parthian Times: Less than One Percent

In The Stars The Message Is In The Photons

Stellar Destruction Made Sol's Future Bright

Gold Nanoparticles May Simplify Cancer Detection

Does The Big Bang Cause Cancer

Swiss ski resort swaddles glacier to stop melting

Superflares Might Have Protected the Early Earth

Shedding Light on Dark Gamma Ray Bursters

Spinning Hyperion

Gay men’s brains respond differently to a male odor

Microbes Yield Secrets Of Survival

Depression Gene May Weaken Mood-regulating Circuit


Twenty Five Years

The Prize Bull

Hot-looking cowgirl


Honkin' the Horn

Sweet Home, Texas

The Candy Machine

The Robot Bartend

Lone Star Beer

Everything in Texas is Big

Vermont Toilets

Texas Logic

Keep Tryin'

Yellow Rose

Texas Gambler

Pissed Off

Important Warning for Texas Cowboys

In Memory

The Doctors

The IRS and the Synagog

Headline News: May 10, 2005

10 reasons why beer is better then religion

US 'torpedoed Kursk nuclear sub'

Blair faces growing chorus to quit

Internet Attack Called Broad and Long Lasting by Investigators

Judge Blocks Ex-Prober From Giving Oil-for-Food Docs to Congress

Dog saves newborn baby left for dead

Spycam Force

Armor issued despite warnings

Rumsfeld's mystery contingency operations

The New Diebold Printers

Ex-FBI translator plans appeal to Supreme Court

Mexico border watch expands


Rumsfeld Meets Saddam: Transcript of Conversation

Time for 101st Fighting Keyboardists to enlist

Blair demands nuclear power to protect high 'living standards'

U.S. funds Syrian opposition for ‘regime change’

Paul Martin's photo-op from Human Tragedy

Bilderberg strikes again

Plans for Civilian Internment:
Stalag 17 American Style

Blair warns against Germany developing a 'victim culture'

U.S. strikes near Syria border

'Administrative Detention' of Yitzhar settler sets dangerous precedent

US Rolls Out Red Carpet For Darfur’s Executioner

Privatizing Social Security: A Final Act of Desperation

Homeland Security bars organizer of Minutemen


George W. Bush: An insult to our collective intelligence

The question of terminology: Liberation and occupation

Scientists invent ointment to treat heart attacks

Evolution backers say opponents have hidden purpose

To conquer Venus, try a plane with a brain

Hyperbole in Media Reports on Asteroids and Impacts

Special Antenna to Probe the Depths of Mars

Mysterious Cancer

US tourism ‘losing billions because of image’

Wrong Woman Buried After Morgue Mixup

Volcano Experts Seek Emergency Alert System

The vanishing flowers of Britain

"Amazing" Discovery at Lake Powell

Polio's Back. Why Now?

U.S. sacrificed nations for "stability," Bush says

President Hu arrives in Moscow

China ravenous — and dangerous

Soviet pride, shame

Commemorating a World War
And starting another one


Rules of Texas

God was missing for 6 days

Midget down in Texas

The Mens Room

Three married guys die

The Pope in Texas

The Reverend John Flapps

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: May 9, 2005

Placing Americans In Danger

God's Mute Church

Bush’s Border Blunder

Technology and Religion

Child mummy kept under wraps while researchers look inside

Ancient piping unearthed at Tang-e Bolaghi

Italian digs unearth ancient Parthian court

Archaeology, Off-Road Vehicles, and the BLM

First Neolithic Site of Gilan Discovered

Myth of Hellish Earth Doused in Water

Preperation For Mission To Pluto And Beyond Continues

Pluto Kin Is A Member Of Saturn Family

The Ring On The Radar Screen

Divining For Lunar Water?

In creation’s first instant, a “melted” reality

Cranberries 'May Be Good for Your Heart'

Elderly patients change face of marijuana users

The illegal meat trade that can bring a deadly virus

Scoop of vanilla . . or vegetable?

The unselfish gene

The Seeds of Civilization

Plan B: Ignore the Science?

Jeepers Creepers, Bionic Peepers

Terror as vengeance

What lies beneath

The mechanics of sedition

Death by a thousand cuts

Global warming plus natural bacteria could release
vast carbon deposits currently stored in Arctic soil

Aliens, Bio-terror, and the Masonic "Dr X."

Unmarked mystery plane spurs wonderment

The beast of Lytham

Jacques de Morgan; An Archaeologist Who Found Oil

The 4th Salt Man is a Young Adult

A glimpse into ancient Egypt

City of Fables Unearths Real Heroes from Roman Era

Jesus Christ In Legal Battle For W.Va. Driver's License

Brazil gives alcoholics the respect they deserve

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Teacher Fired Over Student's Grade

Doctors Traded Viagra For Mob Favors

Maryland regulators step in to boost GASOLINE prices

Stop saving lives ...
it's against health and safety regulations

Warning: Avian flu pandemic looming

Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows

Longest living flower discovered

New invention to detect caches of cash

Real Risks of Antidepressants

Killer Brain Disease Baffles Doctors

Priest suspended over spy claim

Upcoming Military Space Launches of Concern

Crime time for Chinese net users

International Court Hears Anti-war Claims

Democracy, What Democracy? Troops Out Now.

Four Bloody Lies of War, from Havana 1898 to Baghdad 2003

What Will they Say, 30 Years from Now?

Close the Doors of Youth Prisons

Palestinian fury after Sharon freezes prisoner releases

A Tale of Incompetence and Politicization
at America’s Super-Secret Intelligence Agency

Soldier lifts lid on Camp Delta
For the first time, an army insider blows the whistle
on human rights abuses at Guantánamo

Spying on the spyware makers

Name Withheld Pending Notification

The Lethal Science Of Splenda

Freedom slips another notch

Ancient Astronauts

The Present Day

The New World Order is no longer a conspiracy theory;
it is an established fact.

UN nuclear chief says North Korea has close to six nukes

U.S. Kills About 75 in Western Iraq

Wee dram can cut cancer risk

Chronic pain: The enemy within

Call for North Korea to Rejoin Nuclear Talks

North Korean Nuclear Test Would Be "Provocative"

North Korea Again Urged Not to Conduct Nuclear Test

Palestinian Protesters Clash with Israeli Police in East Jerusalem

The CIA Created the Drug Culture

Bankers Are Behind The "Counter" Culture

Headline News: May 8, 2005

Come As You Are
Masturbation 101

End Times Imperialism

Small Oil Company Touts Discovery

Peak Oil Theory vs. Russian-Ukrainian Modern Theory

The Shadow Government

Codex Alimentarius: Big Pharma's Attempt to Subjugate Planet Earth...



Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is (ANOTHER) case of ‘mistaken identity’

China said to reject plan to cut off N.Korea oil

Bush hails Latvia's freedom
(Will he Hail Texas Freedom?)

Lab's Errors Force Review of 150 DNA Cases

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

U.S. to Spend Billions More to Alter Security Systems

The UN is a corrupt body


Speaker Says Bush Knew Of Sept. 11 Plans


WHO Says Pandemic Of 2005 May Have Begun

Labour MPs tell Blair to quit Downing Street

Greek Orthodox archbishop in America visits Rhode Island today

Jerusalem clergy dump patriarch

Germany's far right decries 'cult of guilt'

Soviet Union played a key role in defeating Nazi Germany

Social Security As Welfare

Hain in new push for peace in Ulster

Wild Deer Test Positive For CWD

Secret To Longer Healthier Life Discovered?

New Questions About Real Identity of 9-11 Hijackers

The push for regime change in Iran and a hypocrite pushing

US Totalitarian Tendencies exposed

Indian Capital Is Under Attack Of Bacterial Meningitis

The Council for National Policy:
Selected Member Biographies

Bushy's Welcome in Amsterdam

Romanian MPs pass bill introducing jail terms for

Chinese help Mugabe to bug media in Zimbabwe

Israel seeks PR help for image makeover

Bush Administration Claims Presidential Privilege for LBJ Documents

Dark side of outsourcing revealed
CIA to establish front companies and closer ties
with prominent international firms


Gold & Oil

Headline News: May 7, 2005

New Titles - Recently Published
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Doctors grapple with issue of spiritual treatment

Why don't we just kiss and make up?

Andrew Aaron Weisburd of Internet Haganah: Cyber Terrorist

U.S. beefs up military units in the Pacific

CIA set to move unit to Denver

Eighty-eight members of Congress call on Bush for answers
on secret Iraq plan

Biomass-to-Ethanol Bacteria to be Used in Commercial Plant

Another perception of the
extraterrestrial phenomenon and the Area 51


Chief Rabbi of Israel Confirms End Time Prophecy,
His Family Immediately Jailed as
United States Continues Secret War Against Israel

Wash. Mayor Denies Molesting Boys


Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv against IDF killing of 2 Palestinian teens

US military backs marine
over filmed Falluja mosque shooting

U.S.(Babylon 2) Rejects Idea of Ban on Nuclear Attack

Justice Scalia: “A Living Constitution Doesn’t Exist”

Mother's call gets son in hot water

American Army Guards Beat Afghan Prisoners to Death

George W. Bush: Getting His Orders at Bilderberg?

Memo disputes Bush Iraq claims

Homogenous News
by Erik Fortman

Webs of Power
by Erik Fortman

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

China's nuke know-how made in Canada

Bilderberg Puts Heat on
‘Loose Cannon’ Bush Over Mideast Policy

FPI Asks The White House If Bush Will Be Attending
The Bilderberg Meeting

Bilderberg's secret agenda 2005

The Smoking Gun on White House Deceit

Galloway takes 'safe' Labour seat in anti-war shock win

Blair's Next War

Google trying to patent news ranking by quality

Sharon: World 'Silent' During Holocaust

Turkey Is Gathering Troops Along Southern Border With Iraq

2006 Budget: Biggest Surplus In NYC History

Lifting the Censor's Veil on the Shame of Iraq

Apocalypse Soon

Early Earth not so hellish

Ancient clay tariff certificates discovered at Toll-e Bondu

'Beautiful Mummy' Emerges from Egyptian Sands

Lecture sheds light on different uses of Great Temple of Petra

Meron - an old story may be getting older

Unearthing of skeletons sheds light on legend of saint

Archaeologists uncover ancient Chinese fort

Tantalizing clues in ancient mounds

Indonesia to vaccinate 5 million children against polio outbreak

Is technology making us dumb and dumber?

Bush ends development ban in national forests

'I want to talk to my wife':
coma victim breaks decade of silence

Mars Polar Lander Found?

Plankton Bloom in the Bay of Biscay

Solar Minimum Doesn't Mean a Calm Sun

More Sunlight is Hitting the Earth

Sombrero Galaxy by Spitzer

History of the Earth's Atmosphere Written in Rocks

Awaiting 'Green' Light In China

Earthquakes Can Trigger More Earthquakes

Lost African Lake Spawned Fish Diversity "Beyond Belief"

Latvia spends $4 million on U.S. God visit

Haitian kidnappers required $200,000 to release the Russian hostage

Hitler's ghost was roaming about Europe until 1970

Russian astrologer seeks $310 million
of moral damage compensation from NASA

FCC Fails to Capture the Flag

Kansans tackle evolution 'again'

Headline News: May 6, 2005

Child Poverty In America:
The Homeless Families

The Fake Crisis over Lawsuits:
Who's Paying to Keep the Myths Alive?

The Mystery of Cancer in Alaska

Secret Land Swaps That Taxpayers Help Finance

Beyond Stereotypes:
Globalization's Winners and Losers

Atlantic Evolution: The Missing Links part 1

Atlantic Evolution: The Missing Links part 2

Atlantic Evolution: The Missing Links part 3

A look into WW2 leaders and their bloodlines

Why did Hitler invade Poland ?

Discovery Of People In
The Invisible Part Of The Universe

Robbing the CRADLE Of Civilization

Small blasts hit British consulate in New York

Human babies 'grown in lab'

Land of ‘Murka’
An Inside Look at George W. Bush’s “Murka”

Land of “Murka”
The Fundamentalist Threat

So, Canadian International Development Agency-
-Where's the money?

Pope was investigating Knights Templar before his election

Army Sergeant Arrested As Deserter

Recruiters are ignoring the rules to meet quotas
Misconduct becoming more common as ranks shrink

Proof Bush Fixed The Facts

Congress Gets 'Damaging' Info on Kofi Annan

Hundreds wiped off vote register

9/11 Suspect Claims Pressure to Implicate

The secret Downing Street memo

Bush, Blair and the Osama Tapes
If the Moon could talk, what would it say?

Saturn's Odd Moon Out

Just Say No to Cancer Screenings

Did Life Arrive Before the Solar System Even Formed?

Watching Gamma Rays from the Safety of Earth

Alien Notion

Twelve new moons for Saturn

Innumerable UFO sightings in India and China
future world powers are watched and contacted

Police Called To Church Because
Bald Marines Attend Services

Ineptness becoming the trademark of UK thieves

Revealed - the strange things that thieves steal

Researchers Tested Drugs on Foster Kids

'Stranger Than Strange'

Dinosaur Found in Utah

Deputies report rampage of naked, shocking behavior

Judge Approves Abortion For 13-Year-Old

Russia's former nuclear power minister arrested
in Switzerland for money-laundering

7,000 people killed in biggest shipwreck of WWII

Black peasant of a Russian village fell victim
to nationwide popularity

Russian volley-fire system becomes world's
most efficient weapon of the type

Airline claims damages from airport with birds

Blair May Be Ousted As PM Even if He Wins

Osama bin Laden Attacks Mother’s Day Cards

Interrogators grill al-Qaida chief on bin Laden

'They Wanted Osama Bin Laden's Head in an Icebox'

FBI accuses Pentagon analyst of leaking classified information

Missing Iraq Rebuilding Money Prompts Criminal Probe

New Dinosaur Fossils Show Evolution 'Caught in the Act'

Bush approves demotion of Gen. Karpinski in prison scandal

White House Tries to Allay Russian Anger
Over U.S. Call to Renounce Annexation of Baltics

A sabra at Auschwitz

Bush ‘means test’ would wreck Social Security

Headline News: May 5, 2005

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Introductory Specials!

After 9/11, a Fatal 24/7

2 16yr old girls abducted by Homeland Security

'His authority was extraordinary. He was charming'

US steps up provocations against North Korea

England Oxygen-Deprived at Birth
(and this is the caliber of soldier that Bush sends
to 'liberate' and occupy Iraq?)

Insurgency and suicide bombings accelerating in Iraq and
spreading into Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia

The Electric Universe

Seeing the Universe with Einstein’s Glasses

Anunnaki and the Coming of the "Sacred" Cross

Father of slain soldier plots UK “regime change”

Rep. calls for deeper inquiry into secret Iraq attack plan

Secret REAL ID talks still ongoing

Microphones to catch noisy neighbours

Eatery Offers New 15-Pound Burger

Italian PM accused of editing report on agent's death

After 10 years, brain-damaged Buffalo-area fireman
makes astounding recovery
(Hear that Terry Schiavo?)

Former President Clinton announces initiative
to combat childhood obesity
(Sexual Predator teaching children?)

Michael Schiavo's lawyer's father died in a "heart-wrenching way

Mysterious 'Man of the Sea' Spotted in the Caspian Sea

In farewell speech,
army chief dubs military figures 'snakes'

Evans New CEO of Financial Lobbying Firm

Rift deepens between U.S., Venezuela years after coup

Inside the all-powerful Federal Reserve

Army Misses Recruiting Goal

Fake medications inundate the Russian pharmaceutical market

Russian man lives for 62 years with a bullet in his heart

People live next to deadly poisons being absolutely unaware of them

Football club owner wants to become Jesus Christ

Close encounters on rise as UFOs seize imagination of Chinese

Project Beta and Underground Bases

2,300-Year-Old Mummy Unveiled in Egypt

Reverse engineering more advanced
Depleted Uranium Weapon systems from Extraterrestrial UFOs

The Earth Through Rosetta's Eyes

The unholy trinity of electronic snooping:
Bolton, Negroponte and Hayden

IBM to Cut Up to 13,000 Jobs

Judge Throws Out England's Guilty Plea

U.S. asks for more data on travelers
Full names, birth dates sought to screen fliers

Selling death by euthanasia kits

United States and South Korea Prepare For
Imminent War on Korean Peninsula,
Vast Air Armada Prepares For Invasion

Why Isn't Phil Spector In Jail ?

Pentagon cut and paste

Tucson Border Patrol Chief Orders
Illegal Border Crossing Cover-Up

U.S. Can't Account for $100M Spent in Iraq

Tax Receipts Exceed Treasury Predictions

Welcoming the Nephilim With Open Arms

Impeachment Time: "Facts Were Fixed."

Israeli Spy Ring Busted!

Tony Blair Can't Win

Tony Blair's time is over

Hints of Habitability

Fossils illuminate fish evolution

Vegetation's Red Edge:
A Possible Spectroscopic Biosignature of Extraterrestrial Plants

How ETs Control Abductees?

Swampthings On Mars?

On the Brink of Eternity

The Next Philosophy

FBI Indicts Pentagon Official Accused of Passing Info to Aipac

Could the US military handle another war?

New computer virus spreading quickly

Indonesia Confirms Second Polio Case

Inside sources reveal 23,720 reported/unreported
child molesters on file at Jehovah’s Witness headquarters

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Today's Texas News Headlines

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Headline News: May 4, 2005

Sex Scandal in the White House

Endless Iraq occupation: how many lives per gallon?

Ground zero-zero-zero
Report from the Center of the World, Ecuador

The British Prime Minister:
Only murderers and liars, please

Bankruptcy, prisons and work

Cheney says al Qaeda is still 'very active'

Republican chairman exerts pressure on PBS, alleging biases

A Covenant with Death
by Milton William Cooper

Three Afghan Women Raped, Murdered As Warning

Feds probing alleged mad cow cover-up

Congress May Require Closer Scrutiny to Get a Driver's License


Secret 9/11 Miniseries Planned

America Betrayed
Bush Administration And CIA/FBI Officials Behind The 911 Terror Attacks On America


Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran

U.S. contracting firm accused of bilking millions
and running wild in Iraq

Teachers sue over arrest at Bush rally

Global tax almost a reality

Reconsidering the Patriot Act

Belarusian scientists to create a she-goat using a human gene

To cheat the police women pickled marijuana like cucumbers

Woman files criminal complaint against former
lawmaker for statements about Nazism


The Beginning of Time

Life in the Universe

MSG Causes Most Obesity In US And Canada

Mass Grave with Up to 1,500 Bodies Found in Iraq

Condoleezza Rice has shown no talent as a diplomat,

but she sure can play dirty politics in Washington.

Draft U.S. paper allows commanders to seek preemptive nuke strikes

Wanted for War Crimes Kissinger
warns about the Iranian threat

Viacom paid John McCain $66,000 records show

Buffett fields queries on probes

Is the War On Terrorism Irrelevant

The Israeli origins of Bush II's war

Mind-reading machine knows what you see

Iran vows to pursue nuke technology

Time Warner Loses Workers' Personal Data

Air Force to Probe Intolerance Reports

Laughin' Lynndie was oxygen-deprived at birth

Debt relief - help or hindrance?

Fidel Castro:
"Cuba is committing and will continue to commit
the sin of existing"

People live next to deadly poisons
being absolutely unaware of them

Profound knowledge of animal instincts to help humans
predict horrible natural disasters

U.S. Denies Cuba's Accusation on Terrorist

Republican Infiltration in Gary Allen's Nixon

U.S. War Veterans and American Hypocrisy

Social Security: More American Communism

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: May 3, 2005

Have Bioterrorists Infected Swine in Korea with Human WSN/33?

Zimbabwe fuel and food crisis deepens

Google searches for quality not quantity

Psychiatrist: Heal thyself

More Madness at the Bush News Conference

Chavez Says He Will Not Return to U.S. Until 'Liberated'

Mossad: US Must Invade Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran

Rumsfeld offered to free Saddam: Report

Growing evidence U.S. sending prisoners to torture

Italy media reveals Iraq details

Volcker - Annan U.N. Cronyism

Blair to upgrade Britain's nuclear weapons

School investigation not all it's wrapped up to be

Fall River police handcuff 7-year-old outside his elementary school

Aetna Insurance:
Will the "Cavitat" Case Take The Company Down?...

Star gazers lift eyes to the heavens

Observations of an undetected alien

Wading in Martian Water

Scientists don't know why in the universe things just disappear

The Moot Lectures
Secret Societies in England 1717 - 1911

Red speck is a planet

Remote viewers see Sirius B the nearest dense dead star
getting detached from its orbit and colliding with our
Sun and earth

Micro Quasar black holes provide clue to bending space and time

Two underage girls steal cell phones and
hide them in most intimate places of their bodies

Spate of giant earthquakes feared

Couch potatoes sprout bigger brains watching TV

Man Tries To Pay For Pizza With Pot

Man Offered Steak For Sex

Exoplanet Image Confirmed

Time to Concentrate on Saturn's Rings

In the Stars: Is There Life On Titan?

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Oops...

Beam Me To Mars

'Late to bed, early to rise' increases risk of diabetes

Skin Cancer Alert

Eat ice cream, be happy!

The legacy of

Agent Orange

Global warming 'proof' detected

Focus on Iran

The Role of Dreams in the Evolution of the Human Mind

Animals Laughed Long Before Humans

Israel unveils 'beautiful' Venus

France's New Look at Brazil's Indians

Cave Housed Neanderthals, Humans, Hyenas

Solar Storms, Arctic Winds Swirl
In A Double Dip Cone Of Ozone Loss

Food Fried In Vegetable Oil May Contain Toxic Compound


Former Astronaut Blasts NASA's 'Culture Changes'

Bush faces Republican resistance on Social Security

Commanders Responsible for Abu Ghraib

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

Headline News: May 2, 2005

TGS's has won

the Alien Award from

'The Secrets of Sumer'

Fox News vs. Hugo Chavez

Iraq, the secret US visit, and an angry military chief

White House ''call-boy'' scandal Revisited:
Wither Paul Rodriguez, Ace Reporter?

DHS chief floats idea for collecting private citizens' information

Judge in Moussaoui Case Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report

Arrogant Nation

Israel strongly objects to Russia's plans to deliver armored vehicles to Palestine

Mexican AG Resigns as Fox Backs Down from Electoral Coup

British military chief reveals new legal fears over Iraq war

Blair hit by new leak of secret war plan

Troops' families demand public inquiry into war

Lawman likes eye in sky as monitor

New Title - Now Published in the US
Introductory Special!

Thinking Out Loud...

At Los Alamos, Blogging Their Discontent

Press freedom "has deteriorated since 9/11"

Genetic Mingling Mixes Human, Animal Cells

10,000 Americans Detained as United States Mass Arrests Continue

Beware mistyping Google. Or gurgle

IRAQ: Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies

Defense Department Invokes Geneva Conventions to Withhold Torture Photos

Fallujah: "This is our Guernica"

Confidential German sub plans offered to covert Mountie in coffee shop

Uncle Sam, Auntie S.A.M. WANTS YOU!

Army pair's tactics eyed

FBI: Moussaoui not involved

Over 10,000 demonstrate against 'israel'

Largest Benefit Cuts for the Middle Class in U.S. History


Boolean algebra used to invalidate the official 9/11 account

Syrian president could be toppled- Israeli intel

6 held for stoning woman to death

There's a new flu in town

Iran: 7000-year-old Remains Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge

Massive Rush for Saudi Nationality Applications

Scientists Confirm Earth's Energy Is Out of Balance

Giant planet discovery confirmed

Jailed mum freed after 'murdered son' returns

Report calls for increased volcano monitoring
Nine of the sites thought to be high-threat are in the Cascade Range

British car maker MG Rover to become property of a Russian

The USSR was actively involved in the war in Vietnam 30 years ago

Russian lawyer is fighting Microsoft over domain names

Ukrainian president is reluctant to admit that his trees got stolen

Man steals rubber doll and lingerie from Moscow's sex shop

Italians sexiest, British funniest, Germans rudest!

NASA Confirms Unexplained 'Pull' on Spacecraft

Alien abduction accounts actually allowable

Mars Rover Panorama Shows Vista from 'Lookout' Point

MARSIS set to reveal more from Mars

Prospecting for Lunar Water

Mystery ship may track U.S. Titan rocket

Borneo a 'hotbed' of new species

A Star Like Our Own

Fresh Debate over First Photo of Extrasolar Planet

Revelation! 666 is not the number of the beast
(it's a devilish 616)

New evidence challenges hypothesis of modern human origins

The Madara Horseman

Archaeologists find door 'to the thereafter'

Dark bastion is at center of Battle of Asheville controversy

Archaeologists unearth seals used on Pharaonic desert missions

The tell-tale Pallava stamp

Archeological Vestiges Discovered in Ethiopia

Mycenaean port of Athens found?

Ancient human remains found in mountainous province

Police to 'grow' DNA from samples to trap mother's attacker

Politicians fiddle as the world burns

Food wrap linked to prostate cancer

At last the truth about acupuncture:
it's as good as drugs for treating pain

Near Perfect "Einstein Ring" Discovered

Tithonium Chasma on Mars

Chandra Sees a Bridge Between Stars

Hospital releases deadly spider

History hangs in balance with hospital plans

Hefty costs of care for mentally ill

Old computers run like new with firm's aid

Sea scientists awash with fury over whale deaths

European supercomputer to eavesdrop on stars

North Korea 'could hit US with missiles'

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Today's Texas News Headlines

Texas Music 24 Hours

The Age of Autism: Donald T. and Fritz V

Walker's World: Blair and Saddam's curse

'Nuclear Cowboys' Caused Dounreay 'Disaster' - Claim

Iraq Mayhem as Australia Refuses Hostage Negotiations

Radiating failure
The government faces nuclear fallout

Charges not ruled out for US runaway bride

Violence surges on in Iraq

Police arrest 200 over Cairo attacks

Checkpoint safety under scrutiny

Lonely People May Have Increased Heart Attack Risk

Schoolkids On HIV Drugs After Being Pricked With Needle

FDA gives go-ahead for new diabetes treatment