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Headline News: November 30, 2004


Cuba Turns to Asia for Friends and Capital

Firemen REFUSE to Put Out Fires

The Last Crusade of the Templars

Sri Lanka rebel threat seen as pressure tactic

Sri Lanka enters into pact with Iran

Milk drinking 'linked' to ovarian cancer

Swedish Children for Sale

Statistics about Nutritional deficiency

Nutritional Deficiency and Its Symptoms

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency
A Global Assessment

Can ADHD Result from Nutritional Deficiency?

Killer germs plaguing Phillipines

Not Enough Vaccine,
What Should You Do?

Modern Plague with an Ancient Cure


STRUGGLING into work with a cold
is not an act of dedication but a
short-cut to heart disease

IMF Sponsored "Democracy" in The Ukraine

Kerry’s Silence Indicates Complicity with Vote Fraud

US Begins Fallujah Withdrawal:
Mujahideen Retake The Old City


Pro-Russian Eastern Ukraine Threatens
to Secede if Yushchenko Wins

Class-action suit filed on R.N.C. arrests and Pier 57

Mugabe plans laws to silence critics
Just Like Bush?

Bias Crimes

It's The Bush Wing

Blair ally wanted for questioning over coup


Ex-agent to danish ministers :
you are being monitored


Two helicopters disappear in Russia over three days

Mafia dominates Russian pharmaceutical industry
Russia certainly becoming Americanized!

Russian police to profit from the "beer law"

Bacterial boomerang

Discovery of archaeological remains at Rabat cemetery

Pharaoh's legacy lives on

Gallic war treasure discovered in southern France

Inscribed Bricks Unearthed South of Iran

Archaeologists studying lifestyles of the Achaemenid era

Geophysical operations underway to discover residential area of Persepolis

Taiwan Vulnerable To Chinese Technology Sabotage

"Mass hysteria" is alive and well

Planet-building is messy and violent

Salmonella Uses Hydrogen As An Energy Source

Deadly dust reduces life expectancy

Cemetery excavation reveals gunslinger's grave

Pakistan's Musharraf sees chance
for 'peaceful coexistence' with India

Seven dead as Blackhawk crashes in Texas

The Great Southwest Salt Saga

Stress May Promote Aging of Cells

Headline News: November 29, 2004

'Preventive Action' against US government terrorism

Reasonable Balance, rather than misrepresentation

Venezuela plans to buy Russian arms

Is Venezuela a sufficiently rich nation?

Should it be the Euro or the US$?

Iraq and ancient civilizations

What democracy is really all about!

Viet Nam, Argentina work for closer relations

6.2 Quake kill eight in Costa Rica

A Glimpse at the World: Costa Rica

Mexico blocked USA coup attempt in Venezuela

A revealing melee in Chile

Chile's Sanctioned Torture Policy

Panama and the Philippines economic cooperation

Cuba, Panama resume consular ties

Cuba - Maylasia Work Together

Cuba, Spain Renew Diplomatic Relations

China, Cuba pledge to stick to independent road

1,000-year-old brewery discovered in Peru

Peru won't free U.S. woman


Student to help Honduras

Honduras to raise 17th century galleon

UFOs in the land of the rising sun

Cities Found on the Moon!

Top Secret Black Triangles

Flying Triangle Enigma

Earthquake at Mount St. Helens

Police terrorise Palm Island

Ashcroft vs. MaryJane

Merck short on moral values

188 miners trapped after gas explosion in China

4 men found dead in Tokyo: apparent suicide pact

Japan said seeking British protection in Iraq

PETROBRAS discovers oilfield in Brazil

China to revamp Lhasa's famous Potala Palace square

Venezuela’s Chavez arrives in Tehran

A Real Couch Potato

‘Live Corpse’ kept in Glass Coffin

'Dad' Phones While at His Funeral

'Sex Toy Mayhem At Airport

Man 'cut off his own penis' to spite his wife!


Be NICE to the Waitress!

Please Don't Wee on the Bridge

Locusts Won't Cure Diabetes

Diamonds are Forever

Pup Claims Self Defense

Penis Pumping Judge

Headline News: November 28, 2004

The Never-Ending Search

Webs of Power

Dragon at the Back Door

The Wealth-Transfer Machine

Medici Mystery

The Real Story of the Money-Control Over America

America’s Moloch: The Federal Reserve

Non-Violent Alternatives to Combat the New World Order

Webs of Power: Central Intelligence Agency

Webs of Power: The Federal Reserve

Webs of Power: The Pentagon

Israel the only Mid East Country With WMD

US Rebukes Syrian Proposal to Rid Mid East of WMD’s

Al-Sadr: Hussein (Noriega, Qaddafi, Ayatollah) of the Future

Republicans Love Red China

Bush’s Socialism: New Definition for Obesity, Conservatism

A Mandate for War

American Communism

America's First 3rd Party: The Antimasons

Fannie Mae warns of possible $9 billion loss

India, China and other countries
start dumping US dollar and buy Euro

Government Debt
The Greatest Threat to National Security

Raising the Debt Limit- A Disgrace

Where To From Here?

The Federal Reserve Bunk

Puppet “Iraqi ministry of health” orders Baghdad hospitals
not to admit wounded patients from al-Fallujah.

Judge calls for UK DNA database

Home Office 'linked to discredited claim of al-Qa'ida plot'

Arnie's 'eye in the sky' fuel tax

US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev

Bombshell in Ohio: Proof of Fraud?

Cold War crisis in Ukraine
Control of oil

Military exercise in bar leaves minister red-faced

Fraudster posed as late revolutionary leader

Pistol-packing grannie arrested at Florida airport

100 Russian children poisoned

Let the nobility among us emerge through natural selection

Economic 9/11 Coming?

U.S. Drafts Order for Special Forces

Generals axe Scottish regiments

SLC lawyer: FBI likely knew of Oklahoma bombing plot

'Invisible ink' used at polling stations

U.S. threatens to cut aid over court
Bush Worried?

Two opponents of the US occupation assassinated in Iraq

Tens of Thousands of Votes Lost, Stolen, Miscounted

Why Bush Should be Banned from Canada

'Unusual Weapons' In Fallujah

Zarqawi network appeals for help in first signals of defeat

Annan's Son Took Payments Through 2004

Did Dubbya rig the election?

The mystic power of Color

U.S. Treasuries Fall for a Fifth Week;
Foreign Demand May Wane

U.S. law on duties triggers sanctions

Italy Returns Stolen Obelisk to Ethiopia

Secret Intelligence Source Wars
A Diversion From Main Agenda

No More Excuses: Understanding the Americans

50% of Iraqi Police have Deserted
(The 50 year Occupation)

More Going On In Fallujah Than Simple U.S. Victory

Exploding the 10 percent myth

A specific drug for consciousness?

Reflective, primary, core, extended,
recursive, and minimal consciousness
What do all these new concepts mean?

Kissing in the Kuiper Belt

Something Warm in a Very Dark Place

Medicines from the Wild

Science Wars

Genes and Sex

Lights Out
Can contact sports lower your intelligence?

Love That Dirty Water
(It Can Power Your Home)

Revisiting Steinbeck and The Sea of Cortez

Headline News: November 27, 2004

The Capture of Jerusalem by Saladin

The Wild Canines of Egypt

The Story of the "Description of Egypt"

Vel Worship of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka: Gateway to Other Worlds?

Cosmography Down the Ages

What is a Human Being?

The Green Fingerprint

Magdalene's Lost Legacy
Symbolic Numbers & Sacred Union

BioApocalypse: Emerging Viruses

The Dawn of the Genesis Race


A Commentary on the Emerald Tablet by Rawn Clark

Hortulanus Commentary on the Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes

Farmers brand GE canola a failure

Russian Political Scientist Blames
Polish Conspiracy for Ukraine Election Crisis

Guardsmen say they feel like prisoners

Project Desperation:
Population Control in Kenya

Iran Commander Says US Dead Now Over 10,000
IRGC Commander - US, Israel Not In Position To Attack Iran


Americans admit they hate cellular phones

Army hazing makes two deserters kill police officers and take three hostage

Woman lives happily ever after when
she becomes a muscular man

Most idiotic crimes of the 20th century

Has Genghis' Tomb Been Found?

Genghis Khan's Portrait Found on Ox Horns

Viking map may rewrite US history

CCSU researcher says lost city of Atlantis a myth

Dione's Crisscrossing Streaks

Moon gas could meet earth's future energy demands

Scientists Develop 'Electronic Eye' For The Blind

Cows Could Be Getting Too Much Protein

Mini Generator Has Enough Power To Run Electronics

Visualizing The End Of The Human Genome

Evacuations After Volcanic Island Erupts

Water is not an essential ingredient for Life,
scientists now claim

Dollar hits new low against euro

Equatorial Guinea convicts 22 for coup plot

Computer meltdown baffles the experts

Texas town to test Internet service over power lines

Carbon Storage Comes to Disused Texas Oil Fields

Sri Lanka sends troops to back US-installed regime in Haiti

Sri Lanka enters into Friendship and Cooperation pact with Iran

Sri Lanka army opened fire indiscriminately on a crowd of people

Sri Lanka on the verge of war

Headline News: November 26, 2004


Paintings of The Rennes Le Chateau Mystery


An Egyptian Account of the Battle of Megiddo

How Deep is the Government Oppression - a satyre

From the annals of history ~ Not Yours To Give


What if Everything You Thought You Knew About Aids Was Wrong?


Creating a dynamic life changing effect!

Why Did They Do It?

Precepts of the prefect, the lord Ptah-hotep

The Book of the Dead

Africa generation torn apart by war
Children tortured into fighting

First Texas Fuel Ethanol Plant

You be the judge

‘Moral crisis’

Trafficking slavery in San Antonio

Pentagon analyst in child-sex sting

Shhh, don’t say ‘poverty’

Texas Parks Get Drilled

Russian army squanders money

Brothel for homosexual pedophiles organized in Moscow

The Ukraine crisis is for the Ukrainians to decide

Iran nuclear programme is only for power generation

Four US soldiers were injured by Taliban fighters

Chocolate: the ultimate cough medicine

Oil prices climb in London

Whistleblower earns kudos, fears reprisal

Flu will hit world hard

Human immune system has a potential to battle rabies

Arctic nations agree to fight glacial melting

Afghan bomb kills 2 U.S. soldiers; one is wounded

Black Watch Swoops on 'Millionaires' Row' Houses

Blaze damages Black Watch base in Iraq


Poisoning Solved After Millions Of Years:
Did Death-dealing Cyanobacteria Cause
The Mass Deaths Of Messel?

Cassini Shows Grandeur Of Two Saturn Moons

A 'Repulsive' Protein Guides Blood Vessel Development

Apple A Day Could Help Protect Against Brain-cell Damage
That Triggers Alzheimer's, Parkinsonism

Stone age relics found off coast

Ancient burial pit shows how
Bronze Age Scots prepared for afterlife

Global warming’s other effects on the oceans

Perchlorate contamination mystery in Massachusetts

Detailed View of Dione

Ingredients are There to Make Rocky Planets

A Martian Retrospective

A Decade Of Intense Battle Lies Ahead To Conquer The Moon

Neandertals Beaten by Rivals' Word Skills

Magnetic Beaks Help Birds Navigate

"Brain" in Dish Flies Simulated Fighter Jet

Every Step You Take . . .
Every Move You Make . . .
My GPS Unit Will Be Watching You

Why so many have peanut allergies

Lie-ins keep bed clear of mites

Environmentalists built a giant Christmas tree out of garbage

Treating malaria with herbal medicines

Headline News: November 25, 2004

It's Our Own Fault!
Blind Faith

A Discourse of Coin and Coinage

A Discourse Upon Coins

An Essay on Money and Bullion


Vices Are Not Crimes

Study Says Nation Wastes Nearly Half Its Food

Hiding Place

Utah's Ancient Ones

What Color Is That Sound?

Peacock escapes from his cage and causes sex scandal

A Tale of Two Rivals

Ming Dynasty coffin uncovered

Archaeologists needed in investigation of mass graves

Best Views of Titan and Tethys

Crater Hale on Mars

British scientist asks NASA for helping hand to Mars


Israel rejects Syria's offer to resume peace talks

China, Cuba pledge to stick to independent road

Robots to tackle air pollution

An Intrusive new search

Blair, a traitor and war criminal

United States of Hypocrisy points finger at Vote Fraud in Ukraine

Is the Annexation of Canada part of Bush's Military Agenda?

ID card scheme unveiled by Queen

China, Say Hi To The Eye In The Sky

Economic "Armageddon" Predicted


Secret History of the Credit Card

UN report sounds grim new warning over AIDS

Dr. Roger Leir Discusses Latest Findings

China tells US to put its house in order

Mugabe abandons last freedoms

RFID tags in tires required by 2004

USAF Has Developed Effective Method For Defeating Sylphs

Judge Denies Request for Ohio Recount

Kosovo Liberation Army helps establish "Protectorate" in Haiti

Vast water supplies hidden under N. China desert

China - a Nation rising in peace

Who Is Our Daddy Now?

Get Time and Truly Understand

Headline News: November 24, 2004

A secret inscription said to lead to the
Holy Grail has been unravelled

Human beings possess God's DNA?!

Sun catchers tuned to crank out the juice

Sci-Fi’s “Far Scape”: Individualism Cancelled Despite Outcries


Sudan: America's Despicable Moral Authority

Ron Paul On Guns, Money, and the New World Order

Democracy = Death

Anarchism = Freedom

King George II - Executive Orders, Dictatorial Power

Governmental Necessity: The Consent of the Governed

Mass Offensive Launched South of Baghdad

UN staff in widespread sexual abuse claim

Mega-Millionaire Offers $100,000 Reward For Scientific Proof
WTC Towers Collapsed As Bush Administration Claims

Hawks push deep cuts in forces in Iraq

Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology
to Track Documents

New Report Mass Graves Of US Soldiers

More Than 36 Million Americans Unable
to Purchase Adequate Food

Colombia Deploys 15,000 Troops for Bush

“Big Brother will be soon snooping around your medicine cabinet!”

Russia Looking to Moon and Beyond for Future Space Base in 2020

Cameraman tells details of mosque shooting by Marine

Vatican file shows pope pardoned massacred Knights

Will The Real Mark Kimmitt Please Stand Up?

Bernie Farber of Canadian Jewish Congress
Accuses Brother Jew of Anti-Semitism

The Crushing of Fallujah

Documentary proof of CIA involvement in the
April 2002 coup d'etat against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias

US battle plans begin to unravel

Ex FBI/CIA Agents Ready To Blow
Bush 911 Cover Story

Aliens May Be Preparing Us For Ultimate Encounter

A loud humming noise breaks the silence of night,
causing Ron Cloutier's dogs to bark crazily,
and announces the arrival of
Unidentified Flying Objects in the Girouxville skyline.

Pilot Voices Potential Cause for Florida’s Hurricanes

Dirty Warriors

"Death lovers club": suicide sect in St. Petersburg
welcomes troubled teens

New 'office eye' disease develops from computer and TV screens

Sanitary technicians recommend using newspapers
instead of expensive toilet paper

UN Cites ‘Alarming’ Reports Of Refugees Fleeing Camp In Central Iraq

Smooth or Shameful - Selection 2004
Check out Austin, Travis County, Texas!

Machine Malfunctions In The U.S. Election

Sol Salbe: Israel's Abu Ghraib?

Alamo on the Euphrates

No Right Turn: Ahmed Zaoui Standards Of Evidence

Patriotism Means Occasionally Having To Say You’re Sorry

The Arabs of Israel: Citizens without Citizenship

FDA safety official complains of intimidation over Vioxx

Flood Waters Continue to Rise Across Texas

Sifting through the mystery of JFK's doodles

Chinese consulate protests roundup of restaurant workers

Geriatric who robbed banks for fun dies

Fingerprints In The Sky Explained By 'Beautiful Mathematics'

Testosterone Improves Women's Sex Lives

Precocious Supermassive Black Holes Challenge Theories

New discoveries made at ancient Elamite city of Anshan

Mycenaean tomb found in southern Greece

Amateur archaeologists curse pharoahs' guardian

Evidence of 16th-Century Spanish Fort in Appalachia?

Peru mine threat to water supply

X-43A Rockets Into Oblivion

Tethys Hangs Under Saturn

Supermassive Black Holes Early On

Scientists zeroing in on possible “anti-aging” gene

Saturn's moon Titan may have oceans

SO IT is to be the Big Fear

Without the Moon, there would have been no life on Earth.

Headline News: November 23, 2004

Using the Fine China

Sovereignty! Whose Sovereignty!


Four Attacks on the Rule of Law

How you are controlled in this country by private corporations

What Has Government Done to Our Money?

The Problem of Good and Evil

Russia forgives $8 billion to Iraq

US makers of genetically modified products to conquer Russian market
The influence of genetically modified products on humans has not been studied yet

Sacred process of Iraqi elections

Mystery behind Arafat's death

Russian Teenage Girls Go on Trial in Euthanasia Case

A Wanton Waste of Money, Manpower, Lives

Chocolate ingredient can help cure persistent coughs

Chronic Back Pain Shrinks Brain

Taking Care of Your Back

Texas Woman Charged with Severing Baby's Arms

Heavy rain prompts evacuations in Texas

More rain pounds parts of Texas

President Bush may be heading to Iraq.

Kofi Annan Speech on Rule of Law Pre-empts
Bush, Israeli Addresses to U.N.

Israel's Battle in Fallujah

States sue flu vaccine wholesaler

The Dinosaurs of Arctic Alaska


Scientists Find 178 New Species in Oceans

'Islamophobia' growing in Britain

Saddam’s Legal Team Considering Suing U.S. for War Crimes

'Mps Should Decide When Britain Goes to War'

Britain beset by drunk yobs

Britain's biggest dinosaur roamed the Isle of Wight

The rise of Britain’s super-rich

Britain knew about Equitorial Guinea plot beforehand

Britain to commit 2,000 Soldiers to EU army

Scotland suffers its coldest night in more than a decade

Historic Town of Ayr In Scotland Celebrates 800 Years

A long overdue renovation

Muslim-Jewish Friendship Society to see light in France

Al-Jazeera Reporter Among 10 Al-Qaida Suspects Jailed in Spain

Give Gaza to Egypt

China, Australia sign big new wheat deal

Australia begins talks with China on uranium exports

You Keep Him - Australia Rejects Paedophile

EU to send China positive signal on arms ban

Phillipines, China renew friendship

China-Egypt symposium highlights cooperation

China, Belgium hold seminars to enhance trade ties

China eyes new turf: South America

Start of negotiations for a trade agreement
between China and New Zealand

Brunei, China Boost Health Cooperation

China, Mexico pledge to push forward strategic partnership

Relations between South Korea and China bloom

First Erotic Television Channel to Open in Siberia

Headline News: November 22, 2004

U.S. Selection Day Nov. 2nd

Malnutrition Leads To Low IQ And Later Antisocial Behavior

Were Zoo Workers Infected With Cancer-causing Animal Virus?

Designing An Ultrasensitive 'Optical Nose' For Chemicals

Unusual Material That Contracts When Heated Is Giving Up Its Secrets

Study Assesses Tomato Oil Effect On Prostate

MIT team finds genetic key to high-level thinking

Alternative fuel activist has plan to eliminate oil

Fossil ape may be father of all apes

My crocodile is better than your crocodile
Family Feud Amonst the Reptiles

Tony Blair considering British version of "Patriot Act"

Easter island, fools' paradise

Canadian dig unearths Sinai desert fortress

A scholar and a queen

China allocates budget for protection of 700-year-old Qu'ran


Manichean center discovered in Azarbaijan

6,000 year-old city unearthed in Qom

World's largest DNA lab reports fraud

Let's hope aliens like rock music

Ex-ALP man jailed over child sex

Headline News: November 21, 2004


Legal Tender Status

Jewish Dominance Of America - Facts Are Facts

Israeli Influence-Peddling ...

Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

English Bill of Rights

The Athenian Constitution

Deep, and Deeper We Go

The Hall of Records

The Holographic Universe

The Search for Planet X

Bani Hasan al Shurruq

US Slaughters People At Prayer In Baghdad Mosque

GOP Poised To Repeal Food Labeling Law

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas,
thousands starve to death

Dogs Eating Bodies in the Streets of Fallujah

Speaking Of War Crimes

Rhodes Trust names 32 American students to study at Oxford

PSU telescopes rocket into orbit

The Alternative Reality of George W. Bush

Republican Spin Machine Breaks Down:
George W. Bush is Spitting Mad!

George W. Bush Pardoned Two Turkeys

Should George W. Bush Be Tried For War Crimes?

Fear Is Spread by Body Language

The Great Southwest Salt Saga

X = not a whole lot

Decision point

Rethinking doomsday

New type of habañero born to be mild

Everybody's laid back -- way back --
in Luckenbach, Texas

Texas regulators take on insurance firms

Headline News: November 20, 2004

The First Thanksgiving was in Texas!

The Guide for the Perplexed - Rambam

Muslim Saints and Mystics

A Treatise on Spiritual Wayfaring


Investigation of Causes concerning the Organization of the World

The Faith of Israel

People of Ancient Assyria

Stuffin the Turkeys

CIA prepared to put special agents' lives at higher risk

Boeing interested only in cheap Russian titanium

Russian Orthodox Church to use karaoke and video screens

Russia to launch space mail for extraterrestrial civilizations

Confronting Mobil's Abuse of Acheh

Free speech not under threat: Yeah Right

Government Deluded

Humanitarian access in Darfur 'fast falling apart'

Hearings On Ohio Voting Put 2004 Election In Doubt

The Triumph of Liberalism

Demonstrators Protest APEC Summit

Supercharging the brain

Life in the Second Bush Administration

Archaeologist turns Oregon Ridge of old alive once again

Tudor cannon recovered

Scientists Explore Atomic Mysteries Of Ancient Pigment

It's a Galaxy Eat Galaxy Universe

Tiny Mimas, Huge Saturn

Atacama Desert From Space

Trace Gases Are Key To Halting Global Warming

A Titan of a Mission

US claims to have "solid information" about Iran's WMD
What? Again!

Looted antiques on display, at home China

New England, Texas may face natural gas supply crunch

Man jailed for Texas sex attacks

In Texas, a mouse can kill a deer

Big Brother Bird’s getting fat,
and we’re unhappy.

Headline News: November 19, 2004

African tribal men eat cows' menstrual matter
and grow huge testicles

Russia determined to strengthen its nuclear arsenal

Equatorial Guinea: the hand of London?

(L) Affable Bushes lead acclaim for Clinton

Powell lets secrets on Iran nukes slip

FDA stifled dangerous Vioxx results

High-Tech Jim Crow:
Stealing Ohio's Vote

Texas radio host launches anti-Schwarzenegger campaign

Texas unemployment rises to 5.6 percent

Texas SUV found in Fallujah

Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War

Merci La France: We Will Be Forever Grateful

New View On Tibetan Plateau's Rift Valleys

New Evidence Puts Man In North America 50,000 Years Ago

Polaroid Sunglasses Let Astronomers Take A Closer Look At Black Holes

Ancient Creature Fossilized By The Bacteria That Ate It

Space Elevator? Build it on the Moon First

A new look at the evolution of spite

Arctic Coring Expedition Science Party Announces New Findings

Islamic world needs scientific rebirth

What science can do for Indian society

Pot-pourri: Cannabis Preparations for Pain

Quantum Astronomy: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

How Did the First Stars Form?

New linga found in Quang Ngai province

The Capuchin Cemetery and Catacombs of Palermo

Why babies are abandoned

The universe may be revealing its shape

"Mass hysteria" is alive and well

An orgasm can also enhance love

New linga found in Quang Ngai province

Should Canada indict Bush?

Top Researchers Ask Web Users to Join Science Grid

Fraud Traced to the White House
How California’s energy scam was
inextricably linked to a war for oil scheme




Pfizer's Contraceptive Can Weaken Bones

New C.I.A. Chief Tells Workers to Back Administration Policies

Margaret Hassan execution:
Anatomy of a CIA-DIA-Mossad Counterinsurgency operation?

Zionist Hit Teams To Assassinate Palestinian Leaders


The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

Israel hand seen in Ivorian clash

Oil-for-food scandal widens

GI’s say Fallujah is a disaster and nothing there is in control

FALLUJA: Summarily Executed

Cockpit Video on the Strafing of Civilians in Fallujah

Lawsuit questions 'discovery' of 78,000 absentee votes in Broward

World Leaders Get Huge Vote of ‘No-Confidence’
from their Populations

French try to quash rumours that Israeli agents killed Arafat

Counterinsurgency run amok

American POW’s To Be Executed

Public Extermination Project

Epic financial crisis threatening to engulf both the US and EU

Rare Blood Infection Surfaces in Injured U.S. Soldiers

We were told to fix Ukraine election, say police chiefs

Headline News: November 18, 2004

Scientists Record A Second 'Slow Quake'

Language "trees" provide window into the p

Emergency Protest Against Iraq Occupation

Sound Note Of Optimism In War On Disease

Time Running Out On Sustainable Development

The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy

Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions

To European Friends: Explaining the 2004 Election Disaster

Black Box Voting In The 21st Century
Free Online Book
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5
Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10
Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 13 - Chapter 14

Bush Folly, Campaign 2004 and the Middle East

"The Big Fix 2004"
How To Fix A Presidential Election

Iraq: US Launches Mass Slaughter In Fallujah

Rule By Theft – Reconstructing The Crime

Russia Agrees to Send Troops to Iraq

U.S. Electoral System Flawed — Russian Officials

China ready to occupy US vacuum in Latin America

Britain leads the world in giving out anti-depressants

Lawmaker blames FDA for vaccine shortage

US failed to secure evidence against Saddam Hussein

Europe Reaches The Moon

US develops lethal new viruses

Ancient Sea Reptiles Gave Birth to Live Young

Pink Locusts from North Africa Swarm Through Cairo

Wave Theory and Gender: Why Sex?

Backward Time – Time Paradox and Wave Theory

Exotic Life of Ancient Thrace

Collapsed Canyons on Mars

Magnetic Bubble Could Protect Astronauts on Long Trips

Schoolmaster 'Groomed Vulnerable Boys for Sex'

3 year old Anamarie seized by US authorities
because she was overweight

The processes of the Inquisition

Sexual torture


How High Does The Nation's Debt Go ?

Domicil, Residence & Sovereignty

Expatriation, Sovereignty, National Bunk

Redemption-Strawman Hazard

Copyright Foolishness


The Case for the UFO - M.K. Jessup - VARO Edition

The Mask of Sanity

Headline News: November 17, 2004

U.S. explorer accuses Russia and France of
looting the Titanic wreck

Woman hostage executed

SEC files fraud charges against Conrad Black

Two fraud cases: Conrad Black and Kimberly Rogers

School scraps cross-dressing day in favor of 'Camo Day'

Europe doesn't believe in democracy

Hot dam! Beavers use stolen cash

Media colors

Britons 'funny but drunken' breed

Bush's Guernica: The Executioner's Song

Town Restores Woman's Business License To Sell Vibrating Toy

Politics is weird, news is weirder

Another War?
For Israel's sake

Over a Barrel

Can We Believe in
Both Science and Religion?

Ideas Stolen Right From Nature

NASA Helps To Create Complete Human Genome Map

Kamanin Diaries
Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin : Soviet cosmonaut

The Real Moon Landing Hoax

CIA's National Intelligence Estimate of March 1967

WWII led to looting of ancient artifacts

3,000-year-old Embryo-Like Skeletons Found in Bulgaria

Ancient Iranian site shows Mesopotamia-like civilisation

Climate change 'ruining' Everest

This is Why the US has Re-Elected Bush

Notice of Revocation of Independence

“Come let us reason together…”

Secret Laws

Constitutional Challenges
to the Identification Requirement and Other
Transportation Security Regulations

Doctor Discovers the 'Orgasmatron'

George W. Bush and His “Stupid”
Kool-Aid Drinkin Buddies

Who is the real enemy?

People Are Stupid, Especially Here In Jesusland

The CIA versus Bush

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Britain’s unjust war on junk food

A diet of green vegetables can help women avoid cancer

Teen Death Steers RU-486 Bill to Congress

Medical researchers meet in Mexico to focus on
'forgotten diseases'

Mystery virus strikes HK children

Contrary to what the product promises to do,
the latest Viagra campaign has gone limp

Cuffing Bush and the FBI
A serious setback to the Patriot Act,
despite the victorious Bush's unstinting support

Man who set himself alight outside White House
was Yemeni informant on terrorism

The tale of the Pennsylvania Pants Pooper,
and the Brooklyn man who tried to save him.

How Not to Get Hooked by a ‘Phishing’ Scam

The FBI's Cybercrime Unit says "phishing"
is the hottest scam on the internet right now.

73 year-old prostitute wins right to work

Italy Prepares to Return Prized Ethiopian Obelisk

US homeland security chief to resign

Bush, Blair accused of mangling English

China plans to have over 100 "eyes" in the sky

China launches 21st Antarctic expedition

Oil, Currency and the War on Iraq

Headline News: November 16, 2004

Marine kills injured prisoner in Iraqi mosque

Inquest in Britain says nerve gas death "unlawful"

Heavy computer use tied to glaucoma

Two Top CIA Officials Quit After Clash

Report Says $34M to Reform Texas Elder Care

Supreme Court throws out Texas death sentence

Ex-banker caught in Arizona, returned to Texas

Russian scientists create perpetual space motion machine

"Little Iraq" for Jacque Chirac

Wildlife may protect humans from mercury

Researchers Discover Living Nanoscale

Images Of Uranus Reveal Ring, Atmospheric Fireworks

Domestic Ducks Could Pose A New Avian Influenza Threat

Ivan's damage reveals artifact

Historic Civil War gunship in the muddy Mississippi River

Extracting Water from a Stone

Vegetable Soup Fights Cell Damage

Mars Gullies Likely Formed By Underground Aquifers

Surprising Second Black Hole Found in Milky Way's Center

Massive "Raygun" Fires Up In Megawatt Last Test

Earth Lights Up As Sun Explodes

South Korea : hidden nuclear activities

Mysterious Wake Of Baby Planet

Hubble's Accidental Asteroid Discovery

Mapping the Early Universe in 3 Dimensions

Three Newly Discovered Exoplanets Have Masses Comparable to Neptune's

Building a Cyclotron on a Shoestring

Astronomical diaries of Babylon

Tunnel Vision

Is it a plane?

Biblical Exodus Inscribed on an Ancient Egyptian Stele

Clinton library opens in Little Rock


On the Origins of the Mind

The Old Babylonian Period: Law and History

The Code of Hammurabi (ca. 1780 BCE)

The Laws of the Ancient Persians

Law and the Legal System in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Government and Bureaucracy

Democracy in Ancient India



Web abuzz with vote-rigging tales

US Puppet Government Leading Iraq To Civil War


Chile identifies 35,000 victims of Pinochet

What Do Halliburton, Enron and
Valerie Plame Have in Common?

Israel - Blackmailing America (Again)

Watching Mosul burn

"The Privilege of Running Free Deficits
Belongs To One Nation Alone"

Justified Paranoia: Someone Is Watching

Fifty Organizations Come Together to Denounce “Big Brother”

The Army's long arm

Presbyterian Churches hire private guards after threats

Arafat and Vanunu:
Two Prisoners of War

Purge at the CIA
You will follow the (neocon) party line, comrade

Fort Bragg Troops Train For
Homeland Security Mission

The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire

Headline News: November 15, 2004

UFO's over IRAN 2004

2 killed in shooting at Arafat service

Attempted Assassination Was a Strike at the “Suits”

Texas Plane Crashes at Complex for Elderly

Safety at Hope Creek questioned
Whistle-blower says nuclear plant operator risks catastrophe

Deadline looms on continental defence project
Martin government faces dilemma over proposal to join forces with U.S. military

ISS Is Falling Down — Russian Mission Control

Russia Launches New Generation Space Rocket

Russian Cosmonaut Shargin Wants to Send
Politicians to Space

Former Russian Prosecutor Accuses Putin
of Involvement in Prostitute Video Scandal

Hundreds Protest U.S. Double Standards
for Terrorists at Moscow Embassy


Dutch Violence against Muslims Continues

Europeans talk of ethnic tolerance.
But events in the Netherlands show how
dangerously they are divided

Ion-drive probe ready for lunar injection

Laud of the rings: Saturn images wow scientists

'Ice volcano' on Titan

US Controlled Government in Haiti orders Aristide's arrest

The Pentagon is building its own Internet,
the military's world wide web for the wars of the future.

US War Crimes
Falluja resident tells of trauma

Fallujah situation 'disastrous'

Bush Lies and Paints Rosy Picture of Iraq Situation

November 2nd: Voter Fraud
and Homeland Security Terror Threat "Advisories" in
Ohio and Florida

How Science Abuses Politics

True believers
The 9/11 Truth Movement questions our new day of infamy

hurricanes just before the election

Ancient fossil offers new clues to brown bears past

Denial of water to Iraqi Cities during US assaults

Li(v)e Girls for Bush/Cheney (rated R)

Weapons of Mass Seduction
When Church met State

Fallujah Assault Sparks New Wave of Violence

Harvest failure risk in Great Britain

5,000-Year-Old Artifacts Near Texas Coast

Yaqui ceremonial dancer in Guadalupe raises moths


Texas court teams up with Kazakhstan

A Post-Mortem on Post-Election Post-Mortems:
The Death Knell of White Supremacy

The special relationship has become a national delusion

US to deploy hyper-missiles (WMD)
Anywhere on Earth could be targeted
'within two hours'

As Austin onlookers cheer
Marchers demand an end to executions

Notes From the Imperium
Inactive Reserves to be Activated

California, independent in everything but reality

Welcome to Cascadia

Opening speech of President Milosevic

Cat rapes woman after performing oral sex on her

Secession enthusiasts meet in Middlebury

House of Death is starting to rot

Bush Found His WMD

Crashed Discs 12,000 Years Ago

Tibetan Disks


Absurdities of the Bible by Clarence Darrow

Facing Life Fearlessly by Clarence Darrow

Voltaire by Clarence Darrow

Why I Am An Agnostic by Clarence Darrow

The Truth about Social Security



Brief History of US Military Occupation

Temple monkeys turn violent

Naked man jumps on moving jet

Swiss fined $9400 for feeding pigeons

Duped police help with robbery

4000 in mass jail break

Indonesia 'spied on Australians'

New claim on location of Atlantis

Bhopal 'faces risk of poisoning'

Headline News: November 14, 2004


Beer Guzzling Rampaging Elephants in India

Anti-war protests held in New York

'The Acts France committed against us are acts of war.
France favours the rebels'

France urges creation of Palestinian state

Rapes, atrocities in Côte d'Ivoire, says France

The CIA and Greater Albania

Greater Bulgaria, Macedonia, and the Holocaust

Kosovo’s Nazi Past: The Untold Story

Israel 'dismayed' at Spain's reaction

War crime by Marines?

Iraqi rebels slip away to fight another day

Fight in Fallujah won't mean end of insurgents

Osama gets Islamic approval to nuke U.S.

Charges Dropped Against Woman Accused of Passing
$200 Bill With President Bush's Picture on It

Officer used a 50-thousand-volt shock
to subdue an apparently drunken 12-year-old girl.

Nasa wonder plane finally cleared for take-off …
just as funding is cut

Europe’s First Moon Probe to Enter Lunar Orbit

Superconductors take an odd turn

Vote to Impeach George W. Bush

The good news is that unless George W. Bush is
hoping to provoke Armageddon,
life will go on.

George W. Bush Calls Robertson a Skanky Liar

George W. Bush Is The Most Corrupt President In History


Aula lucis, or, The House of Light

Astrology Theologised

The Emerald Tablet from the Geheime figuren

A Commentary on the Emerald Tablet by Cohn de Toraeke

Salmon's Commentary on the Emerald Tablet

Nubian Pyramids

Sudan: Land of Pyramids

Mysteries under Moscow

An Overview of Black History
The Origin of Man
Free Online Book

Authors Discuss Their New Book - Texans Arise

Why Texas Should be in the United States

Headline News: November 13, 2004

Bush and Blair: Self-righteous insolence

Freezing people die in dormitory fire in Siberia
Company cut electric supplies to the dormitory for considerable debts

Russia's suburbia flooded with ready to explode bombs

Gold and crude reserves to end in Russia in 15 years

Bird Flu: Let's not be complacent

New British TV show suggests watching putrefaction of a corpse

FDA Bans Vioxx And Bextra Critic From Advisory Panel Meeting

U.N.: Prepare for flu pandemic

Democrats ready to confirm defender of torture
as new US attorney general

Fourth blast in 24 hours hits southern Thailand

Texas Secretary of State announces resignation

Texas Firm Recalls Corn Dogs Because of Undeclared Allergen

Five Texans die during brutal week in Iraq

Support for the death penalty remains high
But more Texans think the state has executed innocent people

Food donation refreshing

Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn launched an investigation
into potential fraud and abuse in a foster care system
that spends $4 million a year on mind-altering drugs,
even for children of preschool age.

US has postponed its first military trial against a war-on-terror detainee

U.S.-led postwar government in Iraq awarded business
to two multinational banks fined for violating U.S. sanctions
against Iraq during the regime of ousted dictator
Saddam Hussein

Atlantis Hunt Reveals Structures


Cassini Radar Sees Bright Flow-Like Feature On Titan

New Brain Cells Develop During Alcohol Abstinence

‘Murphy’s Law’ rules outer space
... And NASA still needs to learn how to evade it

Historic site reveals its secrets


Afghanistan wants its
'Dead Sea Scrolls of Buddhism'
back from UK

City in the Clouds

The election is over, more or less

Earth’s Best View of the Universe

Oyster Plan for Toxic Waste

Worst case of state-sponsored vandalism ever inflicted
on Irish cultural heritage

Evergreen Revolution

Science Wars

Why minds are not computers

Beyond Science

Egypt to Test Tutankhamun Mummy for Cause of Death

Headline News: November 12, 2004

Trojan horse spies on Web banking

Israeli Police Arrest Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu

GOP fraud unAmerican...
examples of terror tactics akin to Hitler's fascist tactics

Humans are likely to catch more than one form of mad cow

Insurgents try to break US cordon

How Tony Blair threw George Bush a lifeline

What does Bush's victory mean for Tony Blair?


European scientists envisage robotic village on moon

Arctic thaw could open vast oil and gas region

New MyDoom Attacks May Signal 'Zero Day'
Latest version of worm occurs just as PC vulnerability is discovered.


The Texas Clemency Memos

FBI captures Intel staffer with Texas-sized gun cache

Naked City
Texas Remains Sexless

Spitzer Finds Warmth in Heart of Darkness

Mining the Moon, the Gateway to Mars

The Double Slit Experiment

New Images Reveal Clouds on Planet Uranus

Taking care of Texas means taking care of the land, environment

Rainwater harvesting once common,
needed again to promote conservation

The Fraud of "Sound Science"

The History of Fraud in America

Everburning Lights of Trithemius

Secret Fire

The Virga Aurea - 72 Names

Sagan’s rationale for human spaceflight

The U.S. Child Abuse Industry

History of Lies, Thievery, and Deceit

The Secret History of America
The Greatest Conspiracy On Earth


Skull & Bones Society
A Good Ole Boys Club?

The Japanese Constitution



The War on Children

Our Greatest Gift?

A Message to Remember

The New Nero



Headline News: November 11, 2004

Did Bush fix the elections?

Mind control: The Zombie Effect

Sterilization becomes most popular birth control method

How Do IVF Babies Turn Out?
Fertility specialists confront disturbing evidence.

Heritage Malta has taken up the challenge of
managing unparalleled cultural treasures.

Searching For E.T.: Possibility Of Life On Mars

Tiny Tools Carve Glass

Moas in decline before humans arrived

High doses of vitamin E may hasten death

Spirit Adds Clues About History Of Rocks In Martian Hills

Commanders Pleased with Fallujah Progress

Judge declares Guantanamo tribunal invalid

U.S. ambassador intervened in Halliburton contract

Scientists Find Key to Gene Therapy

Bredesen Announces Plan to Eliminate TennCare

Texas wetlands in danger

U.S. to Move 3 Abu Ghraib Cases to Texas

Texas newborn survives after being tossed from second floor window

Former worker sues unemployment agency

Nevada residents Wednesday to brace for
sharply higher natural gas bills, after state utility regulators
approved a fifth rate increase this year.

Closing The Pyramid


The real fury of Fallujah

Amelia Earhart's Grave Found?

Illegal Immigration And The Minute Man Project

"Iraq War Here to Stay"

What Moral Values?

Give us your trees, your air, your crystal waters

Neither Politics nor Discrimination:
That's the Efficient Credo of Arms Dealer Sheikh Mohammed

Sunni Party Withdraws from Iraq Government

Secret German cult in Chile breaks 43-year spell

Festival of light begins today

Threat from Bioinvaders

Concerns raised over polluted lake

Lifting the Veil

Elements of Law Natural and Politic



So Long, Suckers!

Remember This France!

Elite Controllers & Hidden Agendas

War Against the Mind


Congressman Too Truthful

Caverns, Dungeons, and Labyrinths

'It was an outrage, an obscenity'

In Defence of Africa

It All Started In Waco

Snappy solution to a serious blood shortage

Headline News: November 10, 2004

US Silent as Euro Screams Higher

Dubya's Puppet Allawi closes borders
as Fallujah assault begins

Bush advisor claims climate change conspiracy

U.S. deploys satellite jamming system

Ancient Indian mounds

A Conservative Christian Republican
Demands more Truth from Bush

Rumsfeld: Strike Won't Kill Many Iraqis

A rosary hangs off the barrel of a machine gun

Screams will not be heard

Footprints of Electoral Fraud:
The November 2 Exit Poll Scam

35 US soldiers captured in Fallujah

World Sits By & Watches US Slaughter In Iraq Continue

Belarus Military to Fly the US Skies

President Clinton's Distortion of History

"Substantial Disruption" at The Hague:
Will Slobodan Milosevic be Tried In Absentia?


Blogging As Typing, Not Journalism

The Illuminati Always Win The 'Election'

Fallujah and the Reality of War

CIA role inside the USA greater

The Allied Attempt to Starve Germany in 1919

Aide alleges Israel poisoned Arafat

U.S. had plan to nuke N. Korea

Revealed: secret plan to push'happy' pills

FDA Announces Major Initiatives
for Dietary Supplements

Revealed: motion that could spell Blair's end

The Skull and Bones
Diebold Voting Conspiracy

Where Do We Go From Here?

Egypt a Civilization of Law and Legislation

The Madina Charter

The Contendings of Horus and Seth

Cross, Staff and Plumbline and the Great Pyramid

Earliest Egyptian Chemical Manuscripts

Getting Wasted in Ancient Egypt

The Meaning of the Great Sphinx of Giza

Texans Are Visionaries

Texas Civil War Battle Flag

Headline News: November 9, 2004

Is Our Children Learning?

Bush War Record

U.S. must prove Guantanamo prisoner not a PoW

French troops disperse Ivory Coast protesters

Scientists find Arctic is warming quickly

Texas Memory Unveils Solid-State Disk

'Texas Twit' Wins, Humanity Loses

Japan's Niigata Prefecture hit by strong aftershocks

Earthquake Hits Northern Japan

Recent China protests a possible sign of growing unrest

China totters on the brink of chaos

Hezbollah shows footage of drone it sent over northern Israel

Israel violates Lebanon air space

Hezbollah drone snoops on Israel

Israel’s nukes blocking Mideast peace

Lebanon’s artisans pass down secrets of soaps over the centuries

Stuck in France's orbit:
a depressingly circular history

Still-divided Germany marks end of Cold War

The Satanic Christians of the USA

Americans expose Russian X-ray Girl

Nine lives and one death of Yasser Arafat

Eulogy for America
The epitaph reads:
Born July 4, 1776 - Died November 2, 2004

Half of European bird species in danger

Largest ever field of impact craters uncovered

Bush Stands by Rejection of Kyoto Treaty

Universe started with hiss, not bang

Quantum trick may multiply CD capacity

Giant squid 'taking over world'

Tiny "David" Telescope Finds "Goliath" Planet

Singaporean robot to creep into
Cheops Pyramid in October 2005

Excavated Civil War sub is wonder
Confederate weapon had sophisticated design, engineering

The Moravian Venus

Underwater Archeology in Iran

Digging away at Mayan mystery

Archaeologists may have found what was once
the biggest city in Italy

Oozing Across Titan

Black Hole Preceded Galaxy Bulge

The Pyramid, The Ark, & RA & Draco Alpha

Should the Ant be our National Bird?

'Academic Pedophile Advocates'

'C O N' T R O L - U S A
Know your Congressman's Ways!

Subliminal Advertising
20th Century Brainwashing
by Dr. Lechnar


The Race Scam/Con

Taking the SPIN out of Original Sin


The Bush Family 'Oiligarchy'

Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

Power Plant Pollution has Power to Kill

Vaccine Injury, Homeland Security And Culpability

The Life of Merlin

Mohammedan Law

Possession at Common Law

Forms of Action at Common Law (1909)


Headline News: November 8, 2004

US War Crimes in Fallujah
Bush's butchers blast limbs off baby

Jacques Chirac sent more forces to Ivory Coast

Georgia man commits suicide at Ground Zero

U.S. Troops Enter Fallujah

Pollution May Hasten Hardening of Arteries

A West Texas Girl

Three Evils

A Message From Homeland Security

Health-Care Worker To Jail For Identity Theft

9 French soldiers killed in Ivory Coast bombing

Fact file on Ivory Coast

Yasser Arafat: into the twilight

Yasser Arafat: Dead, dying, comatose ... and chatting

Next Space Race Under Way

Crunch, squelch or splash on Saturn's moon Titan?

Moon, Jupiter, Venus are dancing at dawn

North Carolina E. coli outbreak

The Mind Has No Firewall

Americans Target Of Largest Media
Brainwashing Campaign In History

Thoughts in the Presence of Fear

...or Societalized?

Discovery Is A Step Towards Pollution-free Cars

Researchers Detect Methane On Mars

Ancient Indian remains raise complex issues

Energy challenges face state

Zimbabwe's exiles live 'between danger zones'

Watts From Wastewater:
New Device Produces Power
While Treating Sewage

The Wheel of Health by G. T. WRENCH, M.D.

Coca: Divine Plant of the Incas

Patriot Mythology

The System of Bretton Woods

The Innocent Starve


New World Order - Only a Chip Away

To Alter and Abolish
Secession Movements on the Move

Life On Mars

Mount Rushmore 2005




First Word

The Texas Ten Gallon Hat

Bronfman, Bush, Cheney
Seagrams, Zapata, Brown & Root

Gold and Economic Freedom by Alan Greenspan

Headline News: November 6, 2004

End of the Constitution

Bronfmans - Seagram
Subliminal Programming

A Battlefield from Hell - Desert Storms

Experts claim sleep to be the best indicator of longevity

International mercenaries come to Chechnya to wage war on Russia

US War Crimes in Fallujah

U.S. Poised For Fallujah Assault

Darfur Sliding Toward Anarchy

He's as good a liar as I've seen

Afghan Kidnappers Set Saturday Night Deadline

New Anthrax Vaccine

On Titan, Everything's Organic

Going native in the Alaskan wild

Missile defense system in Alaska deployed despite lack of testing

Ship collides with offshore gas platform near Galveston, Texas

Wild times in Texas

Florida 6-Year-Old Suspended After Bringing Crack To School

Joint Authority 'A Sinn Fein Dream'

Irish priests want church to end mandatory celibacy

The Abbot

France eager to resolve Polynesian political crisis

ETA leader arrested in France

France never hears about Egypt's secret nuclear program

Ancient places, modern dreams, in Libyan town

The Myth of Democracy

Indonesia courts the Dragon

Militants Worldwide Copy Iraq Beheadings

China Hosts World Toilet Summit

'Homesick' Dalai Lama Pines for Tibet,
But China Says It Will Block His Return

San Diego judge says men can sue U.S.

for drugs left in auctioned vehicle

US warns of attacks in Uzbekistan

Biological Process Control

Who is Really Controlling the
U.S. Election & Political Process?

My Country Tis of Thee

In The Days Of The Comet

Paper Money and Tyranny

Balance of power in the Persian Gulf

Written In Belief

The Mirror of Alchemy - Roger Bacon

How Scottish piper stole the show at the Alamo

Lady Liberty in Austin

Headline News: November 5, 2004

Destructive Internet worms appear over PC users' ignorance

Career affects libido

What triggers nicotine dependency? Revealing study

Sperm to the rescue

The size of women's bra always changes

Russia to face chemical catastrophe?!

Only 1,460 days to go

Belarus cracks down on US election

The first artist to portray pubic hair of a naked woman was gay

Bush is basically accused of dictatorship,
whereas Kerry is considered a dweeb

Ivory Coast army and rebels clash

Can children bring peace to Ivory Coast?

Putin Signs Kyoto Protocol

Supercomputer breaks speed record

Convicted spammer gets nine years in jail

Workshop offers look at preserving Texas history

Development Of Working Memory

Food Shortages Threaten Antarctic Wildlife

People Cause More Soil Erosion Than All Natural Processes

Hubble spots triple eclipse on Jupiter

Vioxx heart risks apparent for years

Crops 'widely contaminated' by genetically modified DNA

Master code

Chronicles of Ice

Aerosols 'harm mother and baby'

Where's Nefertiti?

Time to turn back tourist tide in Valley of the Kings

The Lieber Code

Who Was the First President of the United States?

The beast from Bentonville

Oil Prices Rising

Here's the Proof

Legends of Babylon and Egypt
by Leonard W. King

The Origins of Oil and Petroleum



Drug trafficking increased after fall of Taliban

America's New War

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words


Casualties of Corporate Medicine

Susan B. Anthony voted illegally in a federal election

Spirit And Opportunity Still Pack A Full Toolkit 10 Months Later

Presidential Ultimatum

Modern humans made direct contact with a
now-extinct early human species

A Message from Friends of the Earth

Outback drilling yields secrets of early Earth

Valerian was first epilepsy drug

Music and the Brain
What is the secret of music's strange power?

Headline News: November 4, 2004

A Mandate for War
by Erik Fortman

Webs of Power
by Erik Fortman

"Law Of One"

America in Retrograde

Proof of a Slavery System

I Want The Earth Plus 5%


Rate of Wages (1830)

The Economic Policy of Colbert (1899)

It's time to take action

A Whole Lotta Shakin'

We Did It George!

The President Is Reading a Book, - I'm Afraid

Plant's baby formula called 'filthy'

New modern phenomenon of
gadget addiction ruins families

Forensic Contretemps

What Came Before DNA?

Beyond Pluto

Tithonium Chasma on Mars

Pit chains hint at recent marsquakes on red planet

Lonely halo raises questions about dark matter

Eyes on Xanadu

Noah's Cosmic Ark: Preserving DNA on the Moon

The New History of Black Holes:
'Co-evolution' Dramatically Alters Dark Reputation

Stress may sending the brain on
one-way road to depression

Bush leads, Kerry concedes

Bush renews war pledge

Young criminals 'condemned to crime'

Roman beauty secrets revealed in
1,800-year-old tin of make-up

That Canary Island Time Bomb

How did exit polls start avalanche of inaccuracy

Hungary to remove 300 troops

Enough study, now act

Texas woman charged with severing boyfriend's penis

Bin Laden accuses Bush of Iraq quagmire

Iranians chant "Death to America"

"UN Secretary-General Bill Clinton? Say it won't be so"

Bush Boys - 4 More Years of This

Bush's White House Makeover

Power Plant Pollution has Power to Kill

Great Ceasar's Ghost

American Medical Association Achieves Success



Erotic fair to go ahead with sex championship

(Almost) 'Lady Godiva' arrested

Porn boss ponders exile if Bush is re-elected

Texas shines light on its 96-year-old bulb

Bring Back the Buddha

Headline News: November 3, 2004

And the Winner Is --- ?

Bush's New American Eagle

God Wants a Serious Talk
With the Winner of the Election

In Ohio, long lines and lawsuits


Pro-Kerry Bandit Targets North Texas

Ice cream allegedly used by Republicans to bribe voters

Hydrogenics Expands Line of HyPM(R) Fuel Cell Power Modules

QuestAir to Showcase Prototype Hydrogen Purifier at 2004 Fuel Cell

We'll Give Aid Chief to Al-Zarqawi, Kidnappers Threaten

Darwin's Greatest Challenge Tackled:
The Mystery Of Eye Evolution

Research On “Holes” May Unearth
Causes Of Superconductivity

Military Hazards Are Greater For Native Americans,
According To Sociological Research

Innovative 'Chip-Sandwich' Increases
Memory Capacity More Than a Hundredfold

New astronomical results refine the Geological Time Scale

Fragment of Persepolis inscription puzzles experts

Revealing the glories of ancient Mapungubwe

Footprints that never disappear

Mystery behind Roopkund Lake unearthed

Is Goldiggers hiding proof of castle myth?

Indonesia's Lost World:
Shaking Up the Family Tree

Ancient city emerges from the clouds

Experts Prepare Jiroft's 5,000-Year Map

Hurricane unburies beach treasure

Indian Mounds Mystify Excavators

Iron Age horse burial unearthed

40,000-year-old axes unearthed


Cave of John the Baptist Found?


The Lemurian Paradise

A Short History of Lemuria

Who Remembers Lemuria ?


Homeless in Iraq

Corporate News

Looks Like Republicans Did It Again

This is the Enemy

Headline News: November 2, 2004

Texans, If Kerry Should Win--Let's Secede

There will be only one clear winner and that will be Bush

1 Million Kerry Votes Already Stolen

Election 2004:
Giant Douchebag vs. Turd Sandwich

Swedish scientists discovered a fascinating
connection between one's memory and teeth.

Care for a smoke-free cigarette?!

Holocaust victims file $40 billion
class-action suit against the US government

US foreign policy will not change
regardless of the winner

Venezuela's Chavez sweeps to victory
in regional ballot

Experts think gradual strengthening of the ruble
may result in default worse than that of
1998 in Russia

The New Testament Idea of Hell

Sex and Character - Otto Weininger - (1906)

Trade Towers Rescue Hero Files
9-11 RICO Suit

Last Pint in Seattle

Message from the people of Fallujah

Enabling their own March into Fascism

Cover-Up Of 2000 And 2004 Florida Vote Continues

Documents reveal 3-hours missing from electronic vote

Israel: Annan Urges Children Be Shielded From Harm

Congo: UN Civilian Worker Accused Of Child Abuse

Pentagon suppresses details of civilian casualties

Bush Win Would Mean Dark Times


If bin Laden was dead,
Would the U.S. admit it?

Gallipoli for Dummies

Juries - Judges of Fact and Law (1764)

GIs Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets

Tree ring study links warming to drought

How To Shackle
The Corrupt Government Gang

US soldier kidnapped in Iraq

Oak Ridge and the End-Times Prophecy

History of Religion Orientation on Prophets

The Fluoride Factor

The DOE Family Mafia

Pearl River Delta getting photochemical smog


I'll send US broke: bin Laden

Fighting Death Through Hope

FDA labels olive oil good news

Violence Continues in Thailand's Muslim South

I'll send US broke: bin Laden

Crushing the U.S. with an Economic War was
Proposed by Hitler's Advisers during WW-2

Headline News: November 1, 2004

England's Great Happiness
A Dialogue Between CONTENT and COMPLAINT

Of Forutne * Of Usury * Of Plantations * Of Riches by Francis Bacon

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

Government by Frederic Bastiat (1849)

The Rate of Interest by Gustav Cassel (1927)

An Essay on Money & Bullion by Thomas Joplin (1717)

U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq is the only honorable way out

"Death to America!" - Iran lawmakers approve uranium enrichment

Secret Service Busts Internet Organized Crime Ring

Arctic endangered by greenhouse gases

Titan: Where's the Wet Stuff?

Scientists see ‘palaeontology gold rush’

'Weightless Wonder' Makes Final Flight

NASA to relaunch space mission

Defense Lawyers Challenge Gitmo Trials

Dust and 4x4 vehicles threaten global ecology

50 mummies found in the ancient shafts of Egypt.

Scythian remains found in Southern Russia

Bright star: Fresh insight into historic find

Anti-Bush protest in Mexico

Day of the Dead a feast for body, soul

U.S., Canadians Protest Mexico Border Murders

Study Details Dolphin Brain Evolution

Scientists Zero In On Why Time Flows In One Direction

Japan to Lead Government Debt Sales;
France Plans Auctions

'Witches' and Cats Pardoned in Ceremony

Scientists now breeding a £5,000 Genetically Modified cat

Queen to Promote German (Relatives?) Reconciliation

Why Didn't We Attack Sweden?

Invitation to a Degraded World

Pakistanis held in Spain ‘funded Al Qaeda’

China closes 1600 internet cafes

China promotes recycling economy

Red wine slows lung cancer,
white raises risk

Researchers find how stress causes forgetfulness

Beijing to repair Ming Tomb

TV Video May Show Missing Explosives

Immune system in a bottle could help
prevent flu vaccine shortage

Documentary reveals Albanian arms dealer
donated cash to the Kerry campaign

Citizen Grand Jury Indicts Feds
Over Sept. 11 Attacks

Protecting America from bogus toys

Today's Imperialism - Uniquely American


Canada at risk from U.S. malaise

Bush is selling his version of '1984'

Plan B: 'October/November Surprise'

A bloody past surfaces for early Texas Rangers

Halliburton Wins $400 Million Contracts