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Headline News: November 30 - December 1, 2005

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Hurricane Center

Happy Holidays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra

Video of Contractors Shooting Iraqi Civilians
(More WAR CRIMES Bush and Blair
should be convicted for!
This is not war - this is MURDER!
Bush and Blair are SICK BASTARDS!)

if the link above will not play -try this one

The Flame of Atrocity

Convoy of Death
Why have US television stations refused
to broadcast this documentary?

Another Video and it is Worse
if the link above will not play -try this one


Xmas Greetings with Equality in Mind

Does she or doesn't she?
Abortion - the Great Divide
Or the Great Christian Hoax

CIA Linked to Hariri Attack

A Syrian prisoner, considered an Al-Qaeda member, revealed that the CIA forced him to involve Syria in the assassination of former Lebanese Premier Rafic Hariri. The [prisoner's] lawyer also added that his client is afraid of being killed by the CIA and has been moved to different cells four times.

As HiddenMysteries Warned on Oct 13, 2005
Oh Syria Don't' fall into the trap
Syria is falling into a trap being set for her
by America's legal minds.

The truth hurts
Why John Howard needs the sedition laws

"Well, look at this business about George Bush telling Tony Blair he wanted to bomb the al-Jazeera headquarters in Qatar", Old said, scratching the fur behind his ear. "Clearly, Bush wasn't talking about bombing al-Jazeera from the air, after all, Qatar is an ally of the US and you can't openly bomb your allies. He was talking about a false-flag operation - using a huge car bomb probably - and blaming it on al-Qaeda. That's the sort of nasty truth the sedition laws are designed to suppress. Just writing about something like that could get you seven years, because drawing attention to ugly facts about our allies will have a tendency to 'aid the enemy'."

The Bush Administration's "Noble Lies"

Cheney provided the president with information and advice that favored war while suppressing intelligence that might have led the president to reach a different conclusion.

HiddenMysteries told its readers this on Nov. 19, 2005!
Here's what you should be worried about
What if Bush really is telling the truth…?

This hidden hand, this shadow government, this cabal is capable of grooming the worst possible choice for president and manipulating the election process to guarantee that Bush won. Now this cabal has control of the executive branch and has enough power to manipulate and persuade a majority of the 535 members of Congress. The cabal is controlling and manipulating Congress too. With total control of the Executive Branch, the cabal will be appointing the justices to the Supreme Court too, and the Federal Reserve Chairman.

Abramoff Sought Bush Officials' Aid
in Indian-Tribe Fee Dispute
(More Bush Cronies Looking at Jail)


The Renaissance of Cooperative Democracy

Fox News, MSNBC devoted scant miniscule coverage to initial aftermath of
GOP Bush Buddy Rep. Cunningham's guilty pleas, resignation

ABC paid little attention to Rep. Cunningham's GOP affiliation
(It requires an immoral permissive culture at the highest levels
that allows such widespread corruption to grow)

Passport proposal runs into roadblock

Former weapons inspector claims WMD
never the issue in Iraq

Hospitals Come Under Siege

No wonder al-Jazeera was a target

Some in Congress want to know how four
9/11 hijackers were identified before 9/11
… while others in Congress don't want to know at all

Marines Quiet About Brutal New Weapon

The California Secretary of State has invited Black Box Voting
to hack away at some Diebold voting systems
(They should let an 8 Year Old Chinese student try it!)

Police used woman as target practice
(Are the Police begging for MOB justice to return?)

Crooks covet justice databases

Foreign powers are main cyberthreat

Tax Paid Right-Wing Rock
In a Public School Near You?
(Pushing the Immoral GOP agenda with all its Frauds)

So many lives lost, due to abortion

What can 'Brownie' do for you?

Through illegal campaign moneys and election frauds

Greetings, American crusader infidel dogs
by Abu Musab al-Sarcastic

Behind Enemy Lines
In Republican Like Me, journalist Harmon Leon infiltrates
the Red (State) Menace to find out what makes conservatives
so dang kooky

GOP and BUSH = Global Hot Air

Labor's Lost Story

The Formerly Great Writ
Goodbye, habeas corpus. Hello, executive detention.

States abstain from federal sex ed money

National security whistleblowers boycott
upcoming hearing

Shake and Bake an Iraqi
(says Rumsfeld-Cheney?)

With Detainees, We're Training Terrorists

Al Franken Overrules Antonin Scalia

In Baghdad, Awaiting the Ghosts
of 1,001 Nights of Bush's War

Sickened G.I. Fights for Vets

Of Darwinism and Social Darwinism

Bush Resigns
(not without taking Cheney he doesn't!)

Carpe Diem, Progressives


Oil is too valuable to burn

When Democrats Ask For Money

Syria wants UN report changed after tortured witness recants

Tim Spicer's License to Kill Iraqi Motorists
Aegis Defense Services
randomly shoot up innocent Iraqis
(Vigilante Justice is all that will stop this!)

To Heal or To Patch?
Military Mental Health Workers in Iraq

Cow Bombs in Costa Rica: Only a Matter of Time?

Dishonest and Reprehensible?
Corporate newspapers and television reporters relayed
another administration lie from
Master Orwellian War Pig Dick Cheney

Bush's Fascist Valhalla

The expanded powers of the Pentagon were presented in a proposal by a presidential commission headed by Lawrence Silberman and former Senator Charles Robb, two members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the 9-11 "whitewash" commission. The CFR, a 4,000-member amalgam of elites from the military, industry and media, was the driving force behind the Iraq war, as well as, enthusiastic advocates of the national security state. Their recommendations will allow the military to assume the traditional role of law enforcement and by giving it the authority to 'carry out domestic criminal investigations and clandestine operations against potential threats inside the United States.'

Watchdog group wants probe of
Focus on Family's tax status

Gambling with Values and Morals
The real story here is that Ralph Reed used
social conservatives for his own corporate ends

RepubliCONs look for ways
to reverse declining fortunes
(NO Bid Contracts didn't let them steal enough?
They couldn't money launder enough with Abramoff and DeLay?)

Making the Earth Our Heaven and Our Home

USA executes its citizens every ten days

Scotsman miraculously cured of AIDS likely to be a hoax

WAR ON THE MEDIA: 'Don't Bomb Us'
(Oh Lordy Please Assassinate GOP FOX NEWS)

The United States of Amorality

A Little Warmed Over Hypocrisy.

Which Came First-
the Dumbing Down of the Presidency
or the Dumbing Down of the Electorate?

What would Jesus do?
Bush still relies on misled Christian support
(Pancake Pat? Parsley Salad? and all their ilk?)

Protecting Planted Items and the White House
Major Media Outlets Need Investigative Help

Ted Turner says Iraq 'no better off'
after U.S.-led war

Their Levees and Our Levees -
- photos you have to see.

Starving The Beast

A primary goal of many Republicans is to "starve the beast" of federal government, the theory being that states and private enterprise, better equipped to respond to local needs than Washington ever could be, will at the very least take up the slack. So let's give credit where credit is due. I don't know how things are going in Fairfax County, Va., or Prince George's County, Md., but here in East Baton Rouge Parish, La., the beast is dead.

When Bush travels south,
people give him the traditional Brooklyn raspberry

In spite of his denials, the US president continues to make "contingency" plans for the overthrow of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Democracy attacked ...
sovereignty, elections, accountability
and the rule of law

The senior military officers who attended a recent meeting of the Andean Pact held under the auspices and at the expense of the US military emerged with big grins (the bribes)… from the meeting singing the virtues of "cooperative sovereignty."

There is no such thing.

Is FOX FIXED NEWS' Hume incapable of reading?

Does he assumes his viewers are equally incapable? The article is a (dare I say it?) fair & balanced look at the start of the holiday shopping season.

US Trained Iraqis to Torture

Bush Tries to Dupe Mexican Immigrants

US Uses Incendiary Weapons in Iraq

US Obstructs Elections in Venezuela

Venezuelan Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel asserted that the US was involved with maneuvers against elections there. The Venezuelan vice president pointed out "all rights are respected except conspiracies"

President Speaks to Air Force in Tucson

President Bush yesterday addressed a hand picked cadre of crack airmen at a small, undisclosed hangar on Davis-Monthan Air force base in Tucson Arizona. Topics included the issue of border security, and his controversial proposals for what amounts to amnesty for illegal immigrants. He also used the occasion to announce one of the largest retraining and reassignment projects in US military history.

US Interrogator Confirms Routine Iraq Torture

Here's a story that will disappear until bloggers start talking about it. Only PBS Frontline and Democracy Now! have dared to interview U.S. interrogator Tony Lagouranis, who reports widespread torture and abuse throughout Iraq.

Gifts Illegal Bribes Rep. Convict Cunningham
Admitted Receiving

Demoncrat Dorgan being snared
by Abramoff investigation
(GOP in Dem Clothing?)

War Pimp Alert:
Iran making long-range missiles, Straw:

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw Tuesday told the House of Commons that it was an "incontrovertible" fact that Iran was developing long-range missiles. He told MPs that he believed that Iran was "at the very least developing options for a nuclear weapons programme"

Yea and Iraq has WMD!

Costly Withdrawal Is the Price To Be Paid
for a Foolish War

Nowhere to run

After what has been described as the most foolish war in over 2,000 years, is there a way out of Iraq for President Bush

Truth: A Weapon of Mass Instruction

Weapons of mass destruction? I'm still looking for them, and if you find any give me a call so we can justify our presence in Iraq. We started the war based on a lie, and we'll finish it based on a lie. I say this because I am currently serving with a logistics headquarters in the Anbar province, between the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. I am not fooled by the constant fabrication of "democracy" and "freedom" touted by our leadership at home and overseas.

US Soldiers Danced Around Dead Iraqi Civilians

Grinning US soldiers were dancing around bodies of Iraqi civilians killed during a US-led onslaught on the western city of Haditha

Bush's Bloody Strategy for Victory

We're beginning to see the outlines of Bush's military strategy in Iraq. It's not withdrawal. Don't kid yourself. Bush intends to prevail. While he may, under domestic pressure, bring 10,000 or 20,000 or even 50,000 troops home, he has no intention of ending this war.

We are not alone: WE are the majority!

Among the peace movement in the West, there are a lot of false ideas and viewpoints about the Iraqi resistance. It's about time that these viewpoints are corrected. The media have successfully mixed up the 'Salvador Option' with actions of the Iraqi resistance, and the views that the average person in the West has, are totally biased. Three billion dollars out of the 87 billion dollar Pentagon budget for 2004 was meant to create militias and for covert operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's our task to correct this distorted vision

Public Humiliation and Official Secrets
The "Bomb Al Jazeera" Documents Trial

When Lord Goldsmith, the British attorney general, pounced on the Daily Mirror tabloid newspaper last week, threatening it and the rest of the media with the nation's Official Secrets Act, he was accused of imposing censorship to save prime minister Tony Blair, and his master George W Bush, from embarrassment. This was likely the intention, but the result could become not a savior, but the ultimate confirmation of Bush's bomb-crazed reckless folly.

Abortion debate makes Republicans
fear for votes

A Newsweek poll this month found that 58 per cent of voters thought abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

(For the GOP its all about money and power
- not anything principled)

"Riding with the Bad Boys";
the rise of Iraqi death squads

The death squads are in fact just one part of a three-pronged strategy to crush the resistance and establish Iraq as a corporate-colony of American energy giants. The other phase of the operation involves the systematic decimation of Sunni cities.

On the term ‘insurgent' nowadays

"Insurgent" has turned to mean it's exact opposite, those collaborating with the puppet government. The intention of this is of clear, to hijack the 'Glamour' of the Resistance, give a false picture (as if they had won them to their side) to the outside world, and make a distinction between the 'good' and 'bad' insurgents (according to the wishes of the new owners)


CPT: Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

Four members of the Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) in Baghdad have been abducted and taken hostage recently. This event is horribly dismaying for me, as I've known embers of CPT since before I ever ventured to Iraq.

Ancient Roman Anchors Found in Israel

Episkopi Bay may be strewn with ancient shipwrecks

Prehistoric settlements found in Greece

The long road from 1128..Canongate

Bush's Can't-Lose Reversal
Wednesday's speech will set the agenda for withdrawal from Iraq.

Brace yourself for a mind-bog of sheer cynicism. The discombobulation begins Wednesday, when President George W. Bush is expected to proclaim, in a major speech at the U.S. Naval Academy, that the Iraqi security forces—which only a few months ago were said to have just one battalion capable of fighting on its own—have suddenly made uncanny progress in combat readiness. Expect soon after (if not during the speech itself) the thing that Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have, just this month, denounced as near-treason—a timetable for withdrawal of American troops.

Cheney accused on prisoner abuse

Col Lawrence Wilkerson accused Mr Cheney of ignoring a decision by President Bush on the treatment of prisoners in the war on terror. Asked by the BBC's Today if Mr Cheney could be accused of war crimes, he said: "It's an interesting question." "Certainly it is a domestic crime to advocate terror," he added. "And I would suspect, for whatever it's worth, it's an international crime as well."

Al-Jazeera consults lawyers over Bush memo

Doha-based broadcaster, which derives the majority of its funding from a $100m grant from the emir of Qatar, would not drop its calls for the memo, in which Mr Bush is alleged to have suggested bombing the Arab station's headquarters, to be published

Shabaa Farms to become officially Lebanese

Shabaa Farms is to be officially ceded to Lebanon, Syria's foreign minister said. This is indeed important. It means Israel can now withdraw from the territory, which will take the issue away from Hizbullah, undermining its rational for maintaining an independent militia.

Statement on the visit to Venezuela
by members of the US Congress

Spanish arms sale to Chavez:
Venezuelan F-16s bad;
Chilean F-16s good

Reich became privy to a planned 2002 coup to overthrow the Chavez government and then enormously embarrassed the Bush administration by allowing it to be one of the first hemispheric governments to recognize the coup regime for the 48 hours that it was in power.

Prosecutors say California GOP CONVICT bribery case
is far from over

Washington vs Latin American democracy

Feds to Fund Controversial School Surveillance

The US Department of Justice is quietly enticing school districts to implement controversial technologies that monitor and track students.

Air Force Charges
Florida Clean-up Firms with Violations

Two Florida environmental clean-up companies stand accused of utilizing undocumented immigrant workers at an Air Force base, as well as exposing them and the surrounding community to asbestos and other environmental contaminants.

US conjures up Iraqi cataclysms
to delay retreat
The suggestion that a jihadist takeover in Iraq
would follow a US withdrawal verges on preposterous.

Ridin' The Bus With Deborah

When Deborah Davis hit the news, I got hit as well – right in the pit of my stomach where terror hides, and panic lurks.. 'Oh God', I mumbled, 'It's happening again.' And just exactly what had Deborah done to get this emotionally detached old lady into such a replay of emotions left over from 1938 Nazi Germany? It was the gut-wrenching realization that the Nazi Police State in which I was raised has come back to roost – in the United States.

BBC Newsspeak – 'Credible sources'

The Iraq war and Nuremberg precedent

Some of the benefits of 'Liberation'

Pentagon Black Ops:
Abducting Peacemakers in Iraq

Bush's Deadly Dance with Islamic Theocrats

Human rights organizations in the country have hundreds of cases of disappearances on their lists -- as well as assassinations, torture of every sort, and an endless raft of human rights violations


still there 11-30-05!
Cursed by CBN GOP
Pat Robertson

still there 11-30-05!
Cursed by FOX GOP
Bill O'Reilly

Ahwazi refugees overlooked by government

The World's Most Dangerous Man
It's George W. Bush

Brave New Numbers
Manipulating the Bosnia Dead

Bush: No Iraq pullout without victory

'CIA knows more than 'we're able to say' about'

U.S. Military Stages Media Offensive in Iraq

More Than a 'Mistake' on Iraq

Rumsfeld suppresses 'insurgent'
(Or it took him this long to figure it out?)

A frightening "Strategy for Israel"

The basic premises of the plan are these: In order to survive Israel must become an imperial regional power and must also ensure the break-up of all Arab countries so that the region may be carved up into small ineffectual states unequipped to stand up to Israeli military might.

Nuremberg: not a mindset for "the powerful"

Nuremberg! After World War II the most notable, but unsuccessful, defense for the vanquished Germans -- and the civilian population at large -- was one of simply following orders . . ."That they did not question authority." It is self-evident that Americans question authority even less, having surrendered their rights as citizens of a participative democracy under the guise of patriotism. Horrifying . . . and sad!

When the "light" in "Enlightenment" goes out

"Ethics." Antonyms: Tom DeLay, et al. Before his indictment, House Majority Leader DeLay vociferously and with bare-knuckles enforced his intention to bring what he called the "biblical worldview" into American politics. Apparently that "biblical worldview" did not include ethics. This is not surprising. Ethics were not part of the theocratic regimes that ruled Europe during the Dark Ages, but torture was.

Shameful Milestone for the U.S.
The 1,000th Execution

U.S. Black "Ops" in Portugal?

Bush the Dupe?

The president is of course not the most intelligent man to ever occupy the Oval Office. In debates or news conferences, in any unrehearsed unscripted situation, he is inarticulate, repetitious, incoherent, unfocused, lost, fourth-grade, apparently brain-fried. He famously avoids reading newspapers, has a poor memory for details, is unable to grasp nuance, mistrusts science and embraces religious fundamentalism. On the other hand, he is surrounded by people who are highly intelligent and sophisticated, and he has been uncommonly dependent upon them---especially Cheney and his neocon Machiavellian amoral warmongering staff.

Saddam Hussein trial:
a grotesque display of imperial justice

One earthquake could leave two-thirds of
Californians without drinking water

Death squads, Devastation
and the Corporate Media

Abramoff Bought Hastert for Casino Influence
House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., accepted $21,500 bribe
before supporting Abramoff's tribe in a casino squabble.

Hannity & Colmes Does
Another Report On Government Waste And
Still Hasn't Talked About The Missing Billions In Iraq

Hannity Gets His Facts Wrong Again.
Why Is The Truth Under Siege At FOX News?

New Titles
November 2005

Headline News: November 29-30, 2005

Happy Holidays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra

Video of Contractors Shooting Iraqi Civilians
(More WAR CRIMES Bush and Blair
should be convicted for!
This is not war - this is MURDER!
Bush and Blair are SICK BASTARDS!)

if the link above will not play -try this one

The Flame of Atrocity

Convoy of Death
Why have US television stations refused
to broadcast this documentary?

Another Video and it is Worse
if the link above will not play -try this one


Moyers Has His Say
(Common Sense - NOT a GOP quality)

Judge-Accusers, labeled "Domestic Terrorists",
Facing Unlimited Jailing

Cheney Threatens America

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

US military fatalities jump 130 - unexplained

Testimony from Rove's former assistant may solidify case that he misled leak inquiry

Live Peace......... Be Peace

Demonize to Colonize

It Is NOT Our "National Security"
And These Are NOT Our Representatives

Buying A Judgeship

10 Reasons Why I Am No Longer Proud
to be an American

Timing Entwined War Vote

Use of Chemical in Iraq Ignites Debate
Critics say civilians died in incendiary attacks.
U.S. asserts white phosphorus was only used on insurgents.
(It's not supposed to be used on humans AT ALL!)

U.S. Farmers Use Pesticide Despite Treaty

Bush's Burgeoning Body Count

Let's Go Kill Us Some Innocent Iraqis
and Make Us a "Trophy Video", too.

Meet The Orwellian Consultants

The Challenge and the Fear of Becoming Enlightened

Politicians' Silence on Iraq Speaks Volumes

Give Thanks, Look Forward

Running Scared

Who is Saddam Hussein ?:

While we are fed the sensationalism on every news channel of the Saddam Hussein Trial, it would certainly be honorable to insert some truth and clarity in our coverage

Hussein Argues With Judge as Kangaroo Court
Trial Resumes in Baghdad

Warmongering Satanic Neocons Floated Idea
of Bombing Al Jazeera Before


Where is the Iraq war headed next?

US Dagger Aimed at Syria Based on LIES!
Are YOU Suprised that BUSH would LIE?

Syrian witness says Hariri's son forced him to lie

The illusion of phased withdrawal

A Journey That Ended in Anguish
Col. Ted Westhusing, a military ethicist who volunteered
to go to Iraq, was upset by what he saw.

His apparent suicide raises questions Westhusing seemed especially upset by one conclusion he had reached: that traditional military values such as duty, honor and country had been replaced by profit motives in Iraq, where the U.S. had come to rely heavily on contractors for jobs once done by the military.

The ties that tangle Iraq and Iran

EU May Suspend Nations With Secret US Prisons

Storm Clouds Gathering
Scandal could take in at least a dozen in Congress

Supreme Court rejects FBI linguist's appeal
(Kangaroo Court Ratifies Illegal Acts
Official Oppression of a Whistleblower)

The Ali Mohamed-FBI Bungle

ImpeachPAC Announces
First Congressional Endorsement

Web Sites Offer Private Cell Phone Information

How our governments use terrorism to control us

The coming storm:
Jack Abramoff's bipartisan sleaze

The Berlin Wall, Panama and Iraq

A criminal process

Pardon my confusion

Thousands without power in Germany

Buying Congress

The Price of Oil
The Persian Gulf is home to the largest reserves of oil
and the largest reserves of unrest.

The Less You Know: Black Sites
Eastern Europe's only had democracies for a few years,
and now they're helping us subvert our own.

Talk Don't Run
We're a scant 1,050 days from Election Day 2008,
so there's no reason not to talk about it.

Spring Cloning
The President parades babies on national television
to show they shouldn't be exploited

You never hear about the laws
Tom DeLay doesn't break, like cattle-rustling...

Ethics Class
It's a new and improved government!
Now with ethics!

The pretty missing white girl syndrome
(Anybody want to listen to Aruba Coverage
even one more time from FOX FIXED Propaganda NEWS?)

Remember Afghanistan?
The News Hounds, HiddenMysteries Truthseekers,
And Their Readers Do,
Looks Like Fox Is Finally Taking Notice

Fox Guest Says Arabs "Accept & Expect" Torture
I couldn't believe my ears.
Fox News is a poison in our midst.

Another One Bites The Dust

Look Who's Calling Them "Holiday Trees" Now!
Can You Say "Hypocrite?"

O'Reilly: American Businesses
Should Kneel and Thank Jesus
O'Reilly Glorifies the Commercialization of Xmas!

Mystery of Woodward's Three Sources

The European Union's anti-terror plans:
lift the secrecy

Sinn Féin's hundredth birthday

Bush's misleading statements on Iraq
(All of them? You'd need a encyclopedic volume)

How Ruling Powers Distort Morality
So That It Does Not Restrain Them

Wielding Authority

Russia must minimize USA's influence in Central Asia

International specialists forecast black future for US dollar in 2006

Young pedophile convicted of murder
and sentenced to 22 years in prison

Racism in Russia: BBC blames Putin
(Ignoring the racism of Brits shooting Iraqis at random?)

Rev. Pat Robertson:

Dead End or No End in Sight?

Venezuela scuttles visit by congressmen

Venezuela officials kept their
(Republican Rep. Henry Hyde and Democrat Rep. Tom Lantos)
U.S. Air Force jet on the tarmac for an hour
without allowing them to disembark

Chavez denounces good and bad terrorism

Venezuela launches eradication of extreme poverty
and social exclusion in Falcon State
(War on Poverty and Hunger? What a novel Idea!)

Intelligent Design?
Noam Chomsky

Venezuela Asks Europe to Stand Up to US

Iraq-Al Qaeda Links Yet to Be Found

Scientists discover Neolithic wine-making

Oldest Western Map Discovered

Ancient prison cells unearthed in Tiberias dig

Archaeologists surprised to discover
ancient horse skeletons in Jaffa dig

Scientists Probe Lewis & Clark Encampment

Staring into the Dark
Research investigates insomnia drugs

Fire and ice caught on camera
Volcano on Antarctic island flips its lid.

Loud noises 'bad for the heart'

Earth-Moon Observations From Venus Express

Peaks Of Eternal Light Point To Lunar Ice Sites

Shakeup Of Reptile Family Tree

Reveals Surprising Genetic Relationships

Rice to seek to defuse prison scandal in Europe

Bush Antiterror Plans Irk Big Business

Dirty Bomb Redux

Communists and Fascism take Miami

Standing Tall Against McCarthy

War Crimes Within War Crimes

Sunnis Accuse Iraqi Military of
Kidnappings and Slayings

Abuse of prisoners in Iraq widespread

The Abramoff affair: Corruption scandal threatens
Republican control of US Congress

The Abramoff affair: Snapshots from
an empire of corruption

The Civil War has already begun

Bush unwilling to rein in the racists in his ranks

President chooses politics over principle
Sure, the president may not be a bigot,
but if you stand on bigots' shoulders,
what does that make you?

Bush in China: Giving lie to his
"Freedom Agenda"

The Hunt for Hercules N8183J

Whistleblower! - US Interrogator
Confirms Routine Iraq Torture

SOHO Watches Solar Coronal Mass Ejection

Mars Rovers Just Keeps Going And Going

Dione's Icy Surface Revealed At Carthage Linea

Earth From Space:
Aircraft Contrails Over The United States

The Little Piggies Who Tell You
To Support Our Troops.

Earthquake shakes Vallejo
2.3 magnitude 'micro quake' scares locals

Tired of commuting,
4 Saudi teachers marry driver

Hails Canada's Government Toppled due to corruption
While Ignoring the Corruption of the GOP

Saddam's Iranian Victims
Demonizes Saddam's use of mustard gas
While praising Bush's use of Torture, Genocide,
Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus!
FOX NEWS - The GOP Propaganda Machine

So speaks the wounded raging bull

The Beginning of the End

Is Bush Set to Do an About-Face
on His Misguided "Stay the Course" Policy

If Dems Win 2006 Elections,
Will Bush/Cheney Resign to Make Hastert President?

The Independent Media, the GAO report
and "Invisible Ballots"

Let's do it like they do on the Discovery channel

New Hampshire abortion law
goes before Supreme Court

Bush's patriotism smear

Bush vows to 'protect' borders
(Bush has done nothing in 6 years,
except appoint incompetents to office,
including the INS, Border Patrol, ad nauseum)

CIA "Prisoner" Planes Landed 55 Times in Canada

U.S. criticized over China currency report

The FBI plays Big Brother


still there 11-29-05!
Cursed by CBN GOP Pat Robertson

still there 11-29-05!
Cursed by FOX GOP Bill O'Reilly

None Dare Call It Censorship

No More Cheap Subsidies,
Russia Tells Pro-Western Countries

Blair blitzes around EU
in bid to save British face

Blair May Raise U.K. Retirement Age

Spain and Italy accused of causing UK energy crisis

Severe Weather Ravages Europe

Rome Officials on `Alert'
as Tiber Threatens to Flood Banks

Secret CIA jails deepens US/EU divide

French restaurateurs take to streets
to demand reduction in sit-down tax

President Chávez:
Spain succeeded in countering US outrage

Fourth Freezing Day Without Power
for 65,000 Germans

Clark, Hussein Defender, May Put U.S. on Trial

Venezuela, Spain sign military deal worth $2 bln

Petition for DNA tests
on US Marines in rape case denied

GM's $437M plant in India, hiring 4,000
General Motors Cuts 30,000 Jobs In US
(It's Time NOT TO BUY GM!)

Israeli professor of military history says
" Bush deserves to be impeached" :

For misleading the American people, and launching the most foolish war since Emperor Augustus in 9 B.C sent his legions into Germany and lost them, Bush deserves to be impeached and, once he has been removed from office, put on trial along with the rest of the president's men. If convicted, they'll have plenty of time to mull over their sins.

As we lecture other nations on freedom:

US blocked experts from attending Cuba conference: As recently as March 2004, John Bolton, then-undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, told the US Congress in written testimony that Cuba "remains a terrorist and (biological weapons) threat to the United States."

Over-the-Counter Arthritis Drug
Might Help Against MS

Squinting While Staring At A Computer Monitor
Causes Dry Eye

Mother Nature Leaves a Storm
of Mental Health Concerns

Height Loss:
Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

Genetic research done in China we never hear about

Headline News: November 28-29, 2005

Happy Holidays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra

A video appearing to show private security guards
in Baghdad randomly shooting Iraqi civilians
has sparked two investigations after it
was posted on the Internet

Video of Contractors Shooting Iraqi Civilians
(More WAR CRIMES Bush and Blair
should be convicted for!
This is not war - this is MURDER!
Bush and Blair are SICK BASTARDS!)

if the link above will not play -try this one

Private Security Crews Add to Fear in Baghdad

The Flame of Atrocity

Convoy of Death
Why have US television stations refused
to broadcast this documentary?


'President Bush's war, not America's war'

Video exposes bullying in Britain's Royal Marines

N.Korea says CNN execution image fabricated
(CNN, MSNBC, and FOX FIXED NEWS fabricated WMD news for Iraq!)

The Grave Threat Is the Bush Administration

The Kangaroo Court is Now in Session
The images are being broadcast by
U.S. company Court TV with a 30-minute delay
to allow officials to censor the footage.
(No Public Trial! Secret Proceedings!)

History Proves That Israel
Will Kill US Military Personnel

No More Evasions

Cheney Led Cheerleaders of Iraq Invasion

The Income Gap Grows

"The Rebel Jesus"

American's Shameful Shift on Torture

Battling Wal-Mart

The Decline -and Fall?- of Washington Journalism

Iraq, Lies and Foolish, Deadly Pride

CIA Flight Probes Make Governments Squirm

Selective Intelligence, Selective Memory

Fascism then. Fascism now?


Kerala challenges
Coca-Cola's bottling operations

To burn children by phosphorus - this is civilized?
(These are war crimes - Convict Bush-Cheney and ilk)

All disquiet on West Wing front
Aides: W must right ship

Wartime Secrets

The Author of Liberty
Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy

Torture, American-Style

Isolating Cheney?
The White House change of mind on Padilla is another sign
of the deepening rifts in the administration
over detainees' rights

Doubts grow over US Afghan strategy
(What strategy? It's a Bush Operation!)

Russia starts purchasing flying tanks
The technical abilities of the flying tank surprised
Defense Minister of Russia, Sergei Ivanov

Anticipating a Terrorist Attack on Congress

Just six days after canceling one PTSD review,
the VA 'sneaks in' another
Culture of secrecy makes agency
designed to help veterans their biggest foe

For Sen. X, D-N.J., the Line Forms To the Left

The United States is ripe for a major change.
The Bush regime is collapsing
from its own arrogance, greed and stupidity.
What will replace it? And will we the people
have any say in the matter? How can we prepare ourselves?

Ohio Scandals May Give Democrats a Lift

Olive oil's heart effect located

Tom DeLay and the GOP:
Milking the system to live high on the hog

Another GOP Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy
(These are the ones endorsed by CBN & FOX!)

America: the capital of punishment

DNA spells freedom more often

US vs. Latin America - No Neutral Corner

Cheney's Lies Will Bring Him Down

Artificial zero-point-radiation (ZPR)
provides clues to the technologies of
creating artificial universes with micro big bangs

A European breakthrough in
renewable clean energy in abundance
may change the earth forever

Angular Momentum in Electromagnetic Pulse
allows mind-to-mind communication

Colombia Jilts US FTA for Venezuela

Is Bush Administration Above Law?

Depends on what the definition of "imminent" is

Just to email the idiot you have to pay
$4.95 a month or $49.95 a year.

Resentful, isolated failures like
George W. Bush and his factotum Vicente Fox

'Puppy' Fox's servility to Washington
is detrimental to the Mexican people

If Hugo Chavez is all that bad
why doesn't USA stop importing Venezuela's oil?

Bush would create a war elsewhere ...
the next logical victim: Venezuela!

The real war ... are you happy profiting
from someone else's misery?



Interview with Scott Ritter

He Dared to Challenge Power and the Official Consensus

Ludicrous al-Qaeda Plot to Kill Saddam Judge

Selling the biggest lie of them all – Capitalism

The only WMD in Iraq are US soldiers

Parents of slain Danish soldier sue Prime Minister


Iraq: A Criminal Process
Carpet bombing, cluster bombs and napalm against Iraqi civilians

Hussein set to argue Iraq isn't sovereign

"We Have Torture Conducted On Our Own Soldiers,
Right Here In America, At Fort Lewis"

In Iraq, like Vietnam, it's the beginning of the end

US reveals blueprint for Iraq pullout

The White House has announced its plans to withdraw from Iraq, saying that a blueprint advocated last week by a Democratic senator was "remarkably similar" to its own.

Anti-war lawyers' group wants U.S. President
tried on torture charges

Fallujah; a city remains captive

International lawyers to boost Saddam defence team

George W. Bush Denies Secret Plot to Bomb
Al-Jazeera, CBS, NPR, and CNN

A latter-day Gog and Magog?

Adam Smith's Economic Case Against Imperialism

Scooter's Motive
We're getting closer to the truth

Al-Jazeera, Serbia, and Liberal Amnesia
When killing journalists was permissible
(I've been wondering when someone
would remember Clinton's atrocity!
I had a Greek friend working at Serbian TV
when Clinton bombed the building and killed him)

Bush's Expanding 'Fallen Legion'

US may use planes as substitute for troops in Iraq

Unravel scandal? It's rough just to get one record

US Military Denies Running
Secret Kosovo Detention Center
(In GOP doublespeak -
War means Peace and Denies means Lies)

Convicted War Criminal Kissinger
says Pulling US troops would lead to 'disaster'
(Why listen to the old fart?)

Saddam on trial: Ten reasons
justice may will not be served

Police who shot Brazilian on Tube 'to escape charges'
(No Justice - Just-Them!)

Arabic press anger at al-Jazeera 'plot'

Chavez applauds Spain for 'resisting' US on arms

White Phosphorus, Fallujah And Unreported Atrocities

China's Katrina flows toward Beijing

FBI agent expected to take stand in Chinese spy case

Blair's revenge on 90-day rebels is childish spite

Why Blair and Brown ignore what they don't want to see

TV passion runs high
as charity head calls for arrests
"dawn raids" by immigration officers
"inhumane, disgusting and barbaric"

French Socialist Party congress backs government repression

Is the EU now attempting to regulate the internet
via broadcasting legislation?

Denmark shows no tolerance over
Tempo magazine's cartoon

Norwegian Expansion of Bush Policy:
All Children Left Behind

US Report Calls on Israel to Begin Nuclear Disarmament

Expert questions US motive in advocating democracy in Syria

Democracy suddenly real, vital, violent in Egypt

The battling beasts of the new Middle East

Internet use is limited in Cuba, which blames U.S.

U.S. Border Patrol:
'Made in Mexico' Uniforms Unfitting for Agents
(Another NON-ISSUE brought to national prominence
to keep your attention off Iraq, GOP Conspiracy and Fraud,
Lies from Bush Administration
Brought to you by Propaganda News
Fair and Balanced - even their slogan is a LIE)

Christmas Under Attack:
A Manufactured Crisis
(Another NON-ISSUE brought to national prominence
to keep your attention off Iraq, GOP Conspiracy and Fraud,
Lies from Bush Administration
Brought to you by Propaganda News
Fair and Balanced - even their slogan is a LIE)

Fox News Sunday 11/27/05 pollsters Doug Schoen and Whit Ayres, discussing what can and should be done to help Bush's poll numbers. Predictably, neither suggested that Bush come clean with the American people about his conduct and incompetence during his first term and beg forgiveness, then resign. They did, however, suggest some postures he could take and some topics to keep hammering to keep our minds off the bad trends all around us.

How Presidents Use the Term "Democracy"
as a Marketing Tool

Can you really imagine Venezuelan troops
landing on the Florida Keys?

FIXED NEWS lineup of
On the Record with Greta Van Susteren
and the encore of The O'Reilly Factor
are down 36 percent.

The Chosen Judge

Burying College Grads in Debt

Xtian Schools sue to get
ludicrous, inaccurate, lies-based curriculum accredited

Intelligent Design or Pure Evolution?

Beggars can be choosers

Cuba's internationalist humanitarian aid

The Woodward Scandal Should Not Blow Over

Military trial of David Hicks and other
Guantánamo prisoners deferred

Australia: "Welfare to work" Bill
will enforce cheap labour

False Frames

Bush Owns the OSP and the Broken Iraqi Pottery

Pharma's Poisoned Generation

US Otto (FOURTH?) Reich calls Eva Golinger
an "agent" of the Chavez government...

Newest Terror Assassinations

The Jews And The Concentration Camps:
A Factual Appraisal By The Red Cross.

Attacking Whistleblowers, Skeptics &
Those Who Know Too Much

What Is Behind The Tide Of Historians Being Arrested?

L.A. hospitals send patients to skid row
(CONpassionate CONservatism at work)

The Trials of Ernst Zundel
"God have mercy on mankind!"

God Speaks out against U.S. Supreme Court
God denies justice exists within

Headline News: November 27-28, 2005

CIA approves torture of POW's
Rodreguez approves CIA tortures
US Lawyers Front for CIA

CIA Company Chart

Iranian president calls for
war crimes charges on US

The people of Venezuela are lucky to have him.
says US citizen about Chavez after receiving oil

Massive quake hits eastern China

Nationalists take aim at NGOs
'plotting' to destabilise Russia
(US should consider this too! The GOP is an NGO)

Putin Stands By Tough NGO Bill

An Iran Trap?

'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors
shooting up Iraqi drivers

Abuse of human rights in Iraq is as bad now
as it was under Saddam Hussein, if not worse

Iraq Sunni clerics urge U.S. boycott

Rumsfeld's Al-Jazeera outburst

So what have they got to hide?
Official secrets, lies, and the truth
about the assault on Fallujah

Growing bored of the carnage …
as crime of the century unfolds

Europe protests CIA activity on its soil

Britain opposes Bolton Moron tactic on UN reform

In Terror Cases, Administration Sets Own Rules

An Arab-American Priest,

Depleted Uranium, and Iraq

You've watched the war, now play the game
(This is OKAY? approved by the GOP obviously--
while Liberal Teacher under investigation for being liberal)

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark
apparently to aid in Saddam's defense

Canning reform
neoconservatives in Washington about face,
seeing democracy in the Middle East as
not such a good idea after all

So what have they got to hide?
Official secrets, lies, and the
truth about the assault on Fallujah

Large military operation in Iraq expected

Independent, investigating media:
facing bomb and virus epidemics

I'll Tell You How You'd Feel!
You'd Feel Like an Iraqi!

Anti-Iraq War Monument Unveiled
at Bush's Hometown

Violence against occupation opponents
continues in lead-up to Iraq election

The leak that revealed Bush's deep obsession
with al-Jazeera

After Hurricane Katrina's deluge

China defies India, US, EU joint stand
on arms embargo to Nepal
China starts sending huge arms shipment to Nepal

Expanding earth's inner core and shrinking liquid outer core
reason for electromagnetic imbalance during polar reversal

Fox: Low Prices Cover a Multitude of Wal-Mart Sins

1,000 Days: Time to Unravel the Gordian Knot of Iraq

Blizzard traps 1,000 on moor

Strong quake hits Iran

Abuse of detainees creates chance for Taliban

Teacher under investigation for alleged liberalism

U.S. has plans for Canada oil sands

Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity

14 arrested exposing CIA torture flights
(Whistle Blowers arrested for revealing CIA War Crimes
while the CIA told the world no such thing happened?)

Bush urges Americans to help quake victims
(Yea the same Bush GOP bunch that is
cutting aid to Katrina, Wilma, Rita victims
and cutting education funding, food stamps,
school breakfasts/lunches, welfare, etc.
Why is there not a no bid contract for Halliburton to go help?
Why has the GOP-RNC not donated one thin dime
from the billions they have swindled
through DeLay, Abramoff, Reed, Burns, Ney?)

Journalist 'gagged after Kremlin story blocked'

President Hu underscores innovation of Marxism

Al-Jazeera seeks 'US bomb' talks

Spain-Venezuela arms deal nears

China earthquake
Hundreds of thousands sleeping outdoors

Chinese Officials Sought to Hide Toxic Spill
Local Journalists Expose Efforts to Cover Up

McCartney's solo boycott of China

Deal or disaster in Hong Kong, says Blair

Blair's slow, embarrassing death by a thousand leaks

Memo reveals Blair's clash with Bush

Bush plot to bomb al-Jazeera is a conspiracy theory,
says Blair

The proof that not everything is a conspiracy

Brown fury: 'Number 10 betrayed me on pensions'

UK is threatened with an ‘energy timebomb'

Study Adam Smith to solve crisis, Chirac told

Prime minister plans to draw 'the final shape of Israel'

Israel Gradually Occupies Eastern Jerusalem

American Jews Lobby against Israel

Tomorrow Never Comes

Israel Hinders Use of Palestinian International Dialing Code

Saudi Arabia Accused of 'Hate Literature'
Distribution in U.S.


Negotiating with Terrorists:
Chavez Shows the Way!

VENEZUELA: Evidence of US involvement in bombing

A key witness in the trial of those charged over the assassination of Venezuelan state prosecutor Danilo Anderson has identified FBI and CIA agents as being involved in planning his death.

Chavez seeing to Cuba's revival

Snow, rain bring gloom to Pakistan quake zone

JAXA space probe to start journey home
after asteroid landing

Senate pressured to hold hearings on ET

Einstein's respectful heretic
João Magueijo says the speed of light isn't constant,
but he's not trying to be rude

Teen UK: A generation sitting on a
mental health time bomb

Fifty babies a year are alive after abortion

Math + science = innovation,
but US lags in the equation
(Because schools spend 20 times more money
on football, basketball, soccer, and other sports,
instead of education)

British warship sunk during war with US
may hold lost treasures of White House

Dutch Prince doll with Nazi uniform goes on sale

Miss Penitentiary crowned in Brazil

First Samples of Prehistoric Flint Stones Discovered in Iran

Archaeologists say rain eroding Acropolis foundations

3 million girls still undergo genital cutting

Snowstorm hits Europe
Deaths and injuries, snarled traffic

"Du Bist Deutschland"
(You Are Germany)

Palestinian Lawyer Calls on PNA to Support
His Lawsuit Against Sharon and Bush

Iran's Rafsanjani: U.S. must leave Iraq after elections

U-enrichment, new red line in Iran N-showdown

Britain claims proof against Iran
(and they claimed that against Iraq too
crying WOLF again)

Bono sent to Venezuela to seal arms deal

Sex-abuse scandal shocks Brazil's Catholics

US Backed Peru President Toledo
Has Only 13% Support New Poll Shows

Fire forces closure of Brazil's nuclear power stations

Coca Legalization Leads in Bolivian Race

Cuba Persists in Fight Against Drug-trafficking

US Blockade of Cuba Classified Unlawful by SELA


Chavez's TV drama touches off Fox fight

Good-Bye and Good Riddance to Vicente Fox

An Architect Cuts Corners, and Shakes Japan's Faith

Japanese hotels close over architect's cost-cutting

Big bang shakes up Dryden area

Mysterious 'booms' rattle homes

Strong earthquake rattles Greek island of Crete

Comoros volcano spews ash over capital

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 rocks southern Philippine city

Scientists declare age of moon: 4,527 years or so

Triangle's fabled allure shows no sign of vanishing

Cranberries may help prevent cavities

Olive-Oil based Herbal extract may treat prostate cancer

Illinois scientists closing in on renewable energy source

Britain Gives Approval to Torture

The Compassion of FEMA

Dumbing Down the Audience

Just A Slow Turning From The Inside Out

America is Caught in a Conflict Between Science and God

Toward True National Insurance

Trimmings for the Poor

Troops Who Burned Taliban Face Discipline
(Yea, they will have to skip one meal)

The Genocidal Imagination of Christopher Hitchens

US War Crimes List Keeps Growing

Lost Legs, Burned Faces and White House Lies
What Are They Dying For?

Torture and the Empire:

Who We Are

The Greatest Strategic Disaster in American History


The long march of Dick Cheney

Innocent Man in the Hell of Guantánamo

The Deadly Shot

CIA Whitewashing Torture
Statements by Goss Contradict U.S. Law and Practice

Terror suspects should be prosecuted not tortured

Survival Of The Flimsiest

The so-called 'Intelligent Design' debate is just the latest, most watered-down version of anti-evolutionists' attempts to sneak God into the classroom.

Laughing stock of Katrina makes disaster his business

We Declare War on the Liars
Who Call Themselves Public Servants

For Once,
Let's Talk Some Sense About Abortion

The Debate of Evolution vs Intelligent Design.

We Declare War on the Christian Right

CIA under scrutiny

The Spoils of War

Of Mice and Men
Rodent Trials Show Biotech is Squeaky Unclean

Bush the Dupe?

US vs. Latin America -- No Neutral Corner

Capitalism Has Been Tried and it just Doesn't Work

The FEMA Scheme-a;
Or, The Unrepentant Consultant

Indonesia freed of arms sales embargo
owing to US-run hypocritical policies

Europe in Uproar Over CIA Operations

Prophecy Today- The Unholy Trinity
The beast, the dragon and the false prophet

Beware The Desperation USA Scenario

Democracy is surefire winner ahead
of Venezuela's December 4 elections

Declare victory, go away:
Washington spin doctors caught
in own web of deceit

Bash a Rival, Distract the Viewer
(FOX the News with NO INTEGRITY)

Fidel Castro Links Socialism and Economy

President Bush Nearly Addresses
Sheehan Protest Group


Researchers to look into Victorian historical 'truths'

French and Canadians to Explore
Iran's Mazandaran Caves

The "Legitimate" Use of
Napalm and Phosphorus in Iraq

145 feared dead as heavy rains flood S. India

Scatterbrained? You Need a Thought Bouncer

Mysterious Ocean Sound Identified

Dead Sea Is Dying

Headline News: November 26-27, 2005

Click Maps for Larger View
Hurricane Center

The Flame of Atrocity


Letter To Judy

Watching Chris Matthews (MSNBC) grin
while an American "hero" talked about
stealing the possessions of Iraqi citizens
made me sick beyond words.
(Matthews is complicit in the war crime!
Did he notify authorities of the Crimes?
or promote and praise the crimes?)

Bush & Co. Must Stop Their Pouting

Iraq's 'Year Zero'.
Pol Pot visits Mesapotamia.

Downing Street Delusions

Is Bush lying about his lies?

15,000 hepatitis cases reported in Baghdad neighborhood

The Plastic Turkey President

Murtha and the Demented Neocon Political Constellation

Scholars Threatened By Australian Anti-Terror Laws

Thanksgiving at Camp Casey

Declare victory, go away:
Washington spin doctors caught in own web of deceit

Colombia's President tells Chavez Frias:
FTAA best deal to access US markets

Congressional Theater, Media Illusions
and Controlling the Debate

The implications of Bush's diplomatic debacle in Asia

Next week, U.S. likely will execute 1,000th

prisoner since 1977

United States' disinformation campaign
against Venezuela continues...

The American people do have a true friend
in Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Frias!
Both Robertson and Carriles are Venezuela's 'Evil Doers'

No stopping 'El Presidente'

"Now is the time to not allow our hands to be idle
or our souls to rest until we
save humanity."
- President Hugo Chavez Frias

United States Prepares For 'Catastrophic Event'
US Justice Department Orders
New Crackdown on Journalists
and Dissenting American Citizens

End of the Ashkenazi era

Syria claims US forces suffered 11 casualties
in a Syrian-US clash

More deadly blasts shatter Iraqi cities
Death toll for week passes 200
as dozens die in Mahmoudiya, Hillah

Stifling Criticism Does Nothing to Help Soldiers

The GOP Religious Right's Agenda

The GOP Religious Right's Agenda

Thanking an Indian Leader

The Cost of Bush Will Be Huge, Lasting

Alito's Artless Dodges

In the End, Torture Hurts Us

Hunger is Africa's Natural Disaster

The US Knows It Will Have To
Talk To the Iraqi Resistance

Carving up Our Economic Pie
1 piece of chocolate to the worker and 362 to the CEO

Mainstream journalism is the voice
of rampant power

Doubts Now Surround Account of Snipers
Amid New Orleans Chaos

Video: Secrets of the CIA

U.S. Poor Expected to Bear Brunt of Budget-Cutting Measures
(Elite Compassionate CONServative GOPs
rape the poor again)

The morally-challenged right wing

Dick Cheney's shadow play

(Here's Who to BOYCOTT!
Business Supporting DeLay's Criminal Conspiracy)

Delay's Legal Expense Trust Contributions

Americans are Tuning Out the World

Nuking Iran Without the Dachshund"

The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons."

Wag the Dog -- just a few days ago this report below!

Prominent Conservative Leader:
Government in Hands of Psychopaths
May stage terror attacks

Cheney: Slipped His Moorings

A Desert Called Peace

Outing Brewster Jennings

Defense hawk Dicks says he
now sees war as a mistake

Democratic Lawmaker Lament Iraq War Vote

Success in Iraq?

Point to Ponder?
US Military can win any War
They cannot win an Occupation!
It's not in the American nature to OCCUPY

Rev. Pat Robertson:
Dead end or no end in sight?

Liars on parade

The death of civility

Memo to Jack Murtha

Marriage and politics

Lessons learned

Bush administration plays to religious right
in delaying contraceptive approval
(or paying the Devil his Due!)

Lawmakers Under Scrutiny in Probe of Lobbyist
Ney and DeLay Among the Members of Congress
Said to Be a Focus of Abramoff Investigation

Abramoff probe broader than thought

Abramoff Probe May Threaten Leading Republicans

Ney's Actions Are Disturbing

Abramoff allies implicated
in ever-widening investigations

House Republican upheaval?

GOP CONrad Burns part of lobbyist probe
Burns has received $150,000
in contributions from Abramoff

Putting the con in conservative

The Bush Family's Terrorist

Qaradawi denounces Bush style of freedom

George Bush,
Intergalactic Warmonger

Bush's TVA board nominees are big political donors
None of the five business people nominated by President Bush
to the Tennessee Valley Authority's board of directors
has experience with utilities or environmental conservation.
(Sounds like another Enron fiasco brewing)

GOP adding federal benefits to business,
curtailing states rights

Bush's Anti-Labor Relations Board

Patriot Act filibuster threatened



Outfoxed examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know.

(It's time to OUT FOX!
All Sane People (non-GOPs ) should deny
any interviews with a propaganda organ)

FOX News Contributor Mike Gallagher
Laughs At Inhumane Treatment Of Turkeys
(Another CONpassionate CONservative)

The Secret City

Scanlon, Abramoff 'Backroom Guy,'
Points Probers at DeLay, Ney

Scanlon Plea May Help Prosecutors
Clear Constitutional Hurdle

Guantánamo inmate says US
told him to spy on al-Jazeera

Wal-Mart hires lobbyists, bribes leaders,
to prevent employees from getting health care

Australia Post 'punishes protesters'

Daniel Ellsberg Arrested Near Bush's Ranch

Lawsuit Filed By Pair Removed From Bush Visit

The whimsical venom of Dick Cheney

Is there a black and white to right and wrong?

Ladies and Gentlemen:
The American Economy Has Left the Building

Syria accuses US of launching lethal raids
over its borders

'George Bush was lost in Beijing'


Michael Brown tries again

US ran Guantanamo-style prison in Kosovo

Questions Bob Woodward has not answered

Abramoff used DeLay to fund anti-intifada militia

Will America self-destruct?

I believe we are close to meltdown in this country. Our society is divided as never before, pitting Republicans against Democrats, liberals agains conservatives, right against left. At the center of all this is George W. Bush and his Iraq war, a war based on deception of the American people, Congress and our allies. Is there a way out? That remains to be seen. In a strong society, there should always be a way out but I'm not so sure the America we have today is all that strong. It remains to be seen and I'm not sure I want to see the outcome. ~ journalist Doug Thompson


Princess Diana's death still remains a mystery
(or a coverup!)

The Administration "re-wronging" History

The exponentially increasing number of earthquakes

Extraterrestrial UFOs experience zero electrical pollution

Extraterrestrial advanced alien signatures with true
three-dimensional, sub-surface imaging with
atomic resolution and chemical specificity

Can Asteroid Toutatis go out of orbit
and hit the earth in 2012?

Jackie Chan calls for united Asian stand
to break American dominance on movies

Satellites may aid ''CIA prisons'' probe

Seven-Up Taken Down:
Bottler Pleads Guilty to 12 Counts of Water Pollution

Ancient Coins found in Iceland

Rosetta stone

Indictment or intimidation? Syria

Fury over gagging threat 'to spare Bush's blushes'

Last frontier of free speech

Ancient Mountain City Discovered in Liaoning

Bus stop an execution site … 1500 years ago

Roman calçada road discovered in Santa Catarina

Building the clash of civilizations
The Protestant churches and the
US game in the Arab world

Those Who Are Not with Us Are against Us

Hariri Assassination:
No more need for evidence against Syria?

Our unconscious minds know the truth:
the war is lost. We must get out
PHONEY WAR describes the period of unreal peace

Axis for Peace: The founding of an
international movement
against world domination

Reuters participates in a
propaganda campaign against Iran

Riots in France:
satisfaction of the warmongering press


There is a cyclical nature to the universe and there is global warming. But unfortunately there is a supreme ignorance that effects both politicians and the religious in understanding , so the politicians refuse to consider global warming, and the religious are convinced it is God coming against the French Quarter because Gays were going to have a party there.

Let me show you the comment that was made by an Alabama State Senator:

Alabama State Senator: Hurricanes Were 'Judgment of God' on Sin

(RNS) Hurricane Katrina and other storms that battered the Gulf Coast were God's judgment on sin, according to Alabama state Sen. Hank Erwin, a Republican from Montevallo.

"New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast have always been known for gambling, sin and wickedness," Erwin wrote this week in a column he distributes to news outlets. "It is the kind of behavior that ultimately brings the judgment of God."

Now of course the fact that the French Quarter was the only part of New Orleans that escaped the damage was not mentioned. No damage has occurred in Las Vegas . And yet people like this with this kind of mentality get elected and reason plays no part in their life style.


Other Christians said it was Gods punishment for abortion. The Muslims said it was Gods punishment for Iraq. The Jews said it was Gods punishment because the US pressured Israel President Sharon to move the Jewish settlements out of Gaza.

We look at all of these ideas and we laugh a bit, but it becomes terribly serious when we realize that all of these people make up large voting blocks or national enemies and we are the ones who cannot find a rationale discussion to be had about the problems simply because all of these people must first defend their religious beliefs or their country.

Right or wrong has no relevance. Belief and faith are all that count and the world is degenerating into a nightmare right before our eyes.

Bill Donahue -

Anti-cancer Compound In Beer Gaining Interest

Staring into the Dark
Research investigates insomnia drugs

Bush Ordered White House Ethics Training

Method grows vessels from one's own cells

Getting Close to Nature Is Good for You

People not aware of harmful effects of painkillers

Legal flap over secret sex video

World's biggest grid seeks secrets of the universe

US Navy Submarine Makes First Launch
Of Underwater Glider

Found! Turtle from dinosaur age

Chemicals may suppress boys' hormones

This is Bush's Liberation, Democracy, and Freedom?
All Carnage under the US Flag and Christian Banner
These people will hate the U.S. forever
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Headline News: November 25-26, 2005

Scenes From A Bush Thanksgiving
Dubya Pouts, Cheney Scowls,
No One Brings Pie
and Why is Rove Looking at Barb That Way?

Thanksgiving and More Taking

Bush Wanted al Jazeera Gone
and He Wanted it Then

Drowning the Hard Questions:
A Nova Special

The Fall of the One-Party Empire

Cheney's Trouble with Truth

Padilla Case Tests the Patriot Act

Secret CIA Prisons:
Picking up Where the Soviets Left Off

Jihadist Iraq Just Won't Happen

Proud Bush Supporter
Job Applications Pending
FEMA Director
all rejected
Over Qualified

Chile mummies possibly done in by arsenic

Ancient tools at High Desert site
go back 135,000 years

Discovery of Ancient Residences in Dahaneh-Gholaman

Gaullist officials stoke up racism
to justify state of emergency

Phantom Fury revisited

Web Alternative
Indian writer Vandana Shiva has called for an
"insurrection of subjugated knowledge".

Getting away with murder

One in six women suffers from domestic violence

Sunni tribal leader and his sons shot dead.

Toward a 21st Century Socialism
How to Think About War and Peace


On the Road to Rock Bottom

How Many More People Will Die?

In Chile, they are going to destroy a glacier
in order to exploit gold

Celebrating Gluttony While Children Starve

Doubts grow over US Afghan strategy
(What Strategy? There is no comprehensible strategy)

How a Town Became a Terror Hub
Belgian Haven Seen At Heart of Network

Jordan's pro-U.S. stances fueling terror attacks

Press Freedom or Freedom to Bomb the Press?
The Bush Plan to Bomb Al-Jazeera

The Price of Freedom

Happy Thanksgiving, Jose Padilla

Cash transfer to Kurds raises questions

White House 'double-crossed' Blair,
says Plame husband

Blix: I was smeared by the Pentagon

Jose Padilla's Dirty Secret

Uzbekistan refuses airspace to NATO

Peace is not 'shalom' and
'Shalom' is not Sharon

Bribe plea cites Israeli deal
One alleged bribe cited in the plea involved Foxcom

Abramoff Probe May Threaten
Leading RepubliCONs as It Expands

Vanunu on his 2 day arrest:
"they want the Israel public to regard me as a terrorist"

Defying US, Chavez pushes for Spanish military deal

What is there about NO!
that does Bush not understand?

Killing us softly

Thanksgiving and Marginal Utility

Pakistan earthquake:
A tragedy the world forgot

US,UK asked to explain Jazeera memo

One million Afghans use drugs

Report drops Fallujah bombshell

Prism of prejudice

Point to Ponder?
Most Presidents and True Statesmen
In a time of turmoil like the one
the RepubliKlans have pushed us into
would have attended services at
an Islamic Mosque -- did Bush?
(Bush is a racist)

The United States Needs Bridges,
Not Walls

Israel 'putting chance of peace
over Jerusalem at risk'

China's toxic river poisons water
in Russian Far East

Pinochet Indicted for Humanity Crimes

JAXA Says Probe Touched Down On Asteroid

Good Look at Dione

Early Earth Had Continents

Einstein's Cosmological Constant Predicts Dark Energy

Scientist faults Bush's stem-cell policy

Record ice core reveals Earth's ancient atmosphere

Holographic-memory discs may put DVDs to shame


CO2 'highest for 650,000 years'

Stunning photo previews the death of our Sun

Homeopathy helps 70% of patients
with chronic diseases, 6 year study

Were Drugs or Disease the Muse
Behind These Famous Artists?

Cranberries are good for your teeth

Role of melatonin in cancer treatment is looking compelling

Guatemalans scan secret-police files

Chávez the Bush baiter

Insurgents Attack Balloons at Macy's Parade,
Injuring Two

Jessica Simpson Reveals Split With Nick Lachey
Was Over Saddam Hussein

Torture and Extrajudicial Killings in Iraq
(Even the headline stinks of Bush-Cheney)

Accelerated rise in sea levels blamed on global warming

Utah Lawyer Hospitalized After
Being Targeted by Homeland Security

U.S. to Shut Base in Italy That Aids Nuclear Subs
(because Italy won't 'fall in' line with Bush agenda?)

Pat Robertson Retracts God's Wrath Statement
on Dover, Pennsylvania School Board?

Four years of twists
Tribe's investment ties it to major political scandal

Tom, Jack and Ralph: one ungodly alliance

I took Cheney in my hands like this
Then DeLay, then Abramoff, then...

A Feast of Scandal
We have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving

Beginning of the End

3 Americans Dying Every Day in Iraq

Thanksgiving in the CIA's Secret Prisons
Detainees Responsible for Terror Attacks
Get Bare Minimum to Ensure They Stay Alive
(Warning Propaganda Slant from ABC:
Presumed Guilty but
Charges have not been filed,
no Court, no Jury)

Why Reward Failure?

Dirty Bummer
Why the White House should make its case
against Jose Padilla, but won't

American Ziggurats
Something Borrowed
(or Empire-on-the-Sly, CIA-Style)

A News Revolution Has Begun
"insurrection of subjugated knowledge."

Sorry, Mr. President, we won't shut up

Bush: Congress Shouldn't Have Trusted Rice?
(NOTE: Bush Propaganda Organ Fox News
Martin Frost the author is a decent politician from Dallas)

UK press gags news outlets over minutes
of meeting discussing al Jazeera bombing

Al-Jazeera asks if it's a target

Iraqi detainees tell of torture

Iran calls for US exit from Iraq

Germany poised to check on secret CIA flights

Allies warn US over CIA's secret jails

Spain acted legally in allowing CIA flights

MI5 'given secret prisons data'

Torture claims 'forced US to cut terror charges'

The Bush administration decided not to charge Jose Padilla with planning to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb" in a US city because the evidence against him was extracted using torture

Group of Utah Religious Leaders
Endorses Anti-torture Bill

US Clergy face prison after protesting use of torture

Bush Faces Dual Challenges on Iraq

Families go to court to demand public inquiry on Iraq war

Syria says 400 Mossad agents in Lebanon
(and is there any wonder about who
masterminded and pulled off the assassination?)

Bush's FEMA Arrives in New Orleans

Syria airs frustration with UN probe

Iran: A-bomb data available on Net

The United States and European Union said the pages showed Iran's atomic ambitions may include a nuclear arsenal but "The information contained in one-and-a-half pages is simple and non-sophisticated information which could be found in (public) literature and on the Internet

Russia beset by foreign spies

'Papa Dick and the Grand Fear Machine'

What the Puritans Fled...
Thanksgiving Torture

Secrecy gag prompted by fear of
new Blair-Bush revelations

Attack Dogs
just how far off the
"is there no end to this madness?" meter is Bush?

We Give Thanks for our Freedom
Hiram Myers, 74, was hauled off by armed officials
for the heinous crime of sitting in a
county-owned ditch in Crawford, Texas
(Bush Illegally Jails Dissidents)

First Light
In Washington's corridors of power,
the rule of the Lie has held sway for so long

Chavez's cheap oil for US poor angers Washington

Venezuela shows new economic face

US Protecting Terrorist,
Says Venezuelan Foreign Minister

Point man Cheney viewed as liability

Al-Jazeera demands probe of alleged U.S. bomb plot

US freezes Mugabe's assets

'War on terror' tactics pull US into a legal minefield

US in move that may bar foreign researchers

Hidden Agenda Behind US Interest in Hariri Murder

Putin Stands By Tough NGO Bill

Business anger at Blair reaches the 'tipping point'

Secret British document accuses Israel

U.K. Official Charged Over Al-Jazeera Leak

CIA continues to use EU airports
to carry terror suspects

A new Iraq is forming in Syria


Call for sanctions on Israel as West Bank and Gaza
suffer at their hands

Iran rips Europe for abusing Muslim minorities' rights

Peruvian Congress acts like US Congress

Mexico, U.S. struggle to finish big telescope

U.S. gave 'blueprint' on nuclear facilities

Comoros volcano spews ash over capital

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 rocks southern Philippine city

Scientists, be on guard ...
ET might be a malicious hacker

Former Canadian Minister Of Defence
Asks Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings
On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations

2,000-Year-Old Seed Sprouts,
Sapling Is Thriving

Scientists discover singing iceberg in Antarctica

Britons branded cocaine kings of Europe

Pulp mill devastates swans' sanctuary in Chile

Borat responds to Kazakh legal threat

Police Arrest 'Spiderman' In Houston

Americans must fight Bush and
work for peace with our friends in Venezuela

The question now is,
will Bush rescue his amigos from jail?

Ohio's Diebold Debacle:
New machines call election results into question

The Rip-Off of Iraq's Oil Wealth

Iraq Report: It's About the Oil
'Crude Designs' reveals bonanza for the oil industry

Grapevie Whine - Oh Those Frenchies!

A First-Hand Impression of the Venezuelan Opposition

American capillary vision and inventions of democracy
Behind the closed doors in White House anything
and everything even the God's Will
can get a good deal of twists and turns

China set to conquer space,
build orbital station and lunar base

Deferred Prosecutions
'Almost Too Good to Be True'

Simpsons row heads to
European Court of Human Rights

Man pulls truck with penis

Helmets deflect seagull attacks

Cheating hubby exposed by parrot

Cleaners 'hoovered cash from slot machines'

Anti Santa campaign launched

Sperm donor must pay Child Support

Naked Fla. Man Shocked In Genitals By Taser

A British judge was forced to abandon a blackmail trial
because of a smelly juror.

Coupon Misprints Could Cost Casino Millions

Stop Stealing our "Fucking" signs!

Anal Bleaching?

Wing-Clipped NASA to Launch
Wal-Mart Budget Spacecraft

Bush Files For Chapter 11
Moral Bankruptcy Protection

Bush and Cheney Issue
"Reasons to be Cheerful" Iraq Checklist

Headline News: November 24-25, 2005

Almost Scary:
Proof of Propaganda
Democracy in Peril

Here's what you should be worried about
What if Bush really is telling the truth…?

Religio-Facism: The Insidious Corruption
of Corporate Capitalism, Nation States and
Institutional Religion on Natural Social Evolution


First Thanksgiving
was in Texas!

Bush critics get goon treatment

Bolton’s Push Has the UN Fighting Itself

Commuting By Bus In Denver?
Papers, Please.

US denies 'plot' to bomb Arabic news station
UK suppresses Freedom of the Press and threatens
criminal charges for revealing documents proving
US 'plot' to bomb Arabic news station

Qatar shock at al-Jazeera bombing report
(Bush Lies!
If you're against U.S. you're the enemy!
If you're for U.S. you're the enemy!
If you're neutral to the U.S. you're the enemy!
If you're an ally to the U.S. you're the enemy!
That's the REAL Bush - Cheney truth)

I'll go to jail to print the truth about Bush and al-Jazeera

They Kill Journalists, Don’t They?

Fury over gagging threat
'to spare Bush's blushes'

CIA found no links between Saddam and Osama
(Maybe Cheney found the link in one of Libby's torrid sex novels?)

Alaska Would Be More at Home in Russia

Scotland braces itself for blizzards
(Pat Robertson rejoices in coming misery, God's Will?)

Point to Ponder?
If the US can't even stop illegal email spam
How could it possibly stop terrorism?

Blair branded

'Bush's lapdog'

Blair stands firm on 'amnesty' for IRA fugitives

UK troops tied to Iraq 'for decades'
(They've been there since 1900?)

Children of the Republic

Why chronic noise gets taken to heart

Riot police seize protesters blocking shipment
of French nuclear waste

Israel launches airstrikes inside Lebanon
(Israel trying to pull Syria into a war?)

That Salvation Army Brand
(Screw the Salvation Army
The Xtian Solidiers - The Crusaders!
If they won't hire or allow non-Xtian help
they don't need non-Xtian donations!)

Parachutist blown off course evades Hezbollah capture

Israel still abuses the 'no partner' myth

Bush is not a Likudnik

U.S. Whining again about Syria of Delaying Death Probe
(Is this ANY business of the United States?
It's a Lebanon-Syria Matter)

US blasted for selling Indonesia arms

Protesters Arrested Near Bush's Ranch
(TwoFaced Bush preaches Tolerance to Dissent abroad
While the hypocrite jails dissenters at home!)

Scientists study how to steer storms

A 17-year-old in Cape Canaveral was arrested
after he beat, spray-painted, shocked and tried to set
another teen on fire during a 30-minute torture session
(Bush and Cheney say it's all right - It's Legal!)

Shoes Made Specifically For Sneaking Across Border

Nasal Spray Arouses Women's
Desire To Have Sex In Minutes
(uh - I'll buy a case!)

Mormon Mesa: UFO Hot Bed

North Korea compares
George W. Bush to Hitler

Time for U.S. to leave Korea

U.S. adopts exit-with-honour strategy
Washington faces growing realization that political realities have shifted
(The troops already have honor -
It's the Bush-Blair Conspiracy that history will dishonor)

A bitch-slap for Cheney

Blair 'double crossed by Bush aides over Iraq'

CIA operatives could be prosecuted `in absentia'

CIA prisoner plane landed in Finland

Evo Morales charges USA
with asking Bolivia for license to kill

Chavez embarrasses Bush with cheap fuel for US poor

US warns Spain over arms sales to Venezuela

Chavez says Venezuela will continue arms deal with Spain

Bolivia-MAS: Get Back Missiles from US

UN convinced US hiding truth about Guantanamo

Anti-Castro crusaders face weapons charges

US Marines given more time
to respond to rape allegation

America's dirty secret haunts Subic Bay

India must do U-turn on N-Iran

The Zarqawi Dilemma

Beyond That Memo:
Bush Wanted al-Jazeera Gone

Lesser Neocons of L'Affaire Plame

Bush: The Lord North of Today

Tenn. Office Linked to CIA Renditions

Indictment of Jose Padilla:
another chapter in Bush’s war on democratic rights

20,000 demonstrate against US military torture training center

Ain't no free speech allowed in Dubya's America

Press groups seek answers on Jazeera memo

NYT: spinning the Iraq war lies


From WMD in Iraq to nuclear program of Iran
The USA has no cause to go sticking its nose
into affairs which are none of its business

Young women have no notion of
sexual risks that jobs abroad pose

Venezuela´s Chavez Has US in a Tizzy

Most disgusting professions:
semen-washers and manure inspectors

Faithful Flock To See Weeping Jesus Statue

Tears Of Blood Called Miracle By Catholic Faithful

Magicians to re-enact miracles of Jesus

Columbia Theological Seminary to Examine
'The Strange New World of the Bible'

Pat Robertson's
Preyers, Forecast, Condemnations

5.2 earthquake recorded in Unimak Island region

Mt. St. Helens Rockfall Plumes Draw Notice

More bird flu cases found in B.C.

Two months of heavy rains leave 83 killed in Colombia

AIDS discriminates no races and nationalities

River of poison flows into Chinese city

Russia mulls state of emergency after
China blast poisons river

Bird flu kills 250 swans in Russia

Two more suspected avian flu deaths
in Indonesia and Vietnam

In Arctic, evidence for global warming mounts

Warning Over Falling River Levels

No end in sight for AIDS pandemic

Deadly H5N1 bird flu virus found again in Romania

Bird Flu Found in Canada,
But NOT the Asian Form

Vets worried by disease outbreak

Strong quake shakes southern Japan

Sierra Glaciers Disappearing at Alarming Rate

Outbreak of algae prompts warning

Neurologist warns of mad cow disease

Indonesia Struck by 6.5 Earthquake Off Sumatra

New report predicts huge losses if earthquake strikes

AIDS toll soars past 25 million

Thank ya sweet Jeeeezus for all the
suffering, death, carnage, and destruction
you bring to humanity

By the way O Lord
Dover is still on the map!
and Chavez is giving to the poor!
Please assassinate him.

This season there are a lot of people in need
They will be doing without
The children suffer seeing the difference
between the haves and the have nots
Give to a NON-Christian Charity this season so
most of your donation will get to the ones in need!
United Way is one fine choice

Thanksgiving: Holidays on the Taxes of Evil

Tax Cuts are a Real Turkey for the Economy

Terror Against the Biosphere

Without Bold Action America Will Relive
the Influenza Pandemic of 1918

State Comptroller: Sharon transferred millions to
defense establishment without authorization

Dissing Fitzgerald & Prosecutorial Politics

How to Deal With Fundamentalists?
Islam, the State, and Freedom of Religion In Malaysia

IFJ Accuses US Over
Killing of Al-Jazeera Journalist in Baghdad:
'It Could be Murder.'

NYT: spinning the Iraq war lies

Woodward's definition of "journalism"?
Reporting Bush administration falsehoods
as "their point of view"

John Murtha: An Eagle Amid the Turkeys

Fox Says Al Qaeda is

"Certainly" Going to Try and Strike this Weekend

Prominent Conservative Leader:
Government in Hands of Psychopaths
May stage terror attacks

Gonzales on Padilla

The Damage Wrought by Katrina

Thanksgiving Delayed
Texas High Court Blesses Excellence and Inequality

An Occupation Worth Applauding
Celebrate Un-Thanksgiving


Bush's Reckless attack on the Bill of Rights

Pharma To RepubliCONS - Time To Pay Up Again

The Handwriting on the Wall
For Bush, and how about the rest of us?
mene, mene, tekel, upharsin

While We Were Sleeping
Where Was the Media Between Invasion and Murtha?
Networks Gave Vietnam War Twice the Minutes Iraq Gets;
Baghdad Bureaus Cut Back;
Amanpour: 'Patronizing'

Jose Padilla Is Still a "Dirty Bomber"
(Even though not charged with any such crime! FOXNEWSLIES)

Why Does FOX News Hate
The United States Constitution?

London Daily Mirror Reports Secret Memo
Reveals Bush Wanted to Bomb Al-Jazeera HQ
- FOX and Friends Crew Dubious
(So What Else Is New?)
(Turn off FOX - Send them to the underfunded unemployment line
and underfunded food stamp program)

The con man and his peers
Like all con men, Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX)
can’t stop trying to con his way to freedom.

Big Tobacco and Government: Hand in Hand

An Orchard Full of Bad Apples

Six Indicted For Hurricane Katrina Fraud


Exterminism and the World
in the Wake of Katrina

Why Tony Poodle Blair must be forced
to face a public inquiry into the Iraq war

Mick Jagger joins the bash-Blair bandwagon

Former Secretary of State Henry RepubliCON Kissinger,
NeoCONservative RepubliCON Richard Perle,
former diplomat RepubliCON Richard Burt,
former RepubliCON Illinois Gov. Jim Thompson
Forced to Leave Hollinger Board

It's no secret: CIA scouting for recruits

Good Drugs
Researchers discovered that chemicals from marijuana
rejuvenate an area of the brain linked with learning.

Andrea Mitchell's Prime Time Lies

The Darwin exhibition frightening off corporate sponsors
(We need a list of these so we know who NOT to buy from!)

Through a glass, darkly

Bordering autonomy

How pre-war Iraq intelligence was cooked

Bush Thinks Bigger Government Will Solve All Problems
The Failure of Nation-Building in Bosnia and Iraq

Iraq link to 9/11 debunked within days,
but report remains unseen beyond White House

The whimsical venom of Dick Cheney
Cheney, our man without human heart

Not A Penny More

The Real Tragedy of Bush & Cheney's Iraq Lies:
Americans Are Turned Off to Fighting Terrorism

Troop Cuts After 12/15?
What a Line of Bull!
It's Stealth Escalation

Bob Woodward and the Media Liars
The American corporate media is comprised
of political operatives for the Bush administration.

GOP loses an asset: 'purple' Democrats

Interro-gate - Torture R US

Argentine Beef

The Secret History of Rum
Bacardi has the GOP in its pocket

Woodward's definition of "journalism"?
Reporting Bush administration falsehoods
as "their point of view"

This November
Remember Fallujah

Life Goes On in Fallujah's Rubble

Death Squads!
DEATH SQUADS wearing police and ING uniform;
driving four wheel vehicles that used by the
high-ranking officials continue their work
in targeting the Sunnis
(Call Saddam out of Retirement! He was right all along)

The real war
How will you behave in your last battle?

The Puppet Masters in Iraq

Archaeologists find 4,500-year-old
fortune-telling instruments

North Korea situation grim as US and partners
canceled a project to construct two light-water
nuclear reactors for North Korea

"Ambassador of Guantanamo and
Abu Ghraib jailers and torturers"
(US Ambassador Eduardo Aguirre) displayed his imperial arrogance
and told Spanish authorities how to conduct
their political relations with sovereign countries

Patriotism doesn't rule out disagreeing with leaders

Why do the Bush administration and its backers constantly insist that the only way to be patriotic is to march in lockstep with their beliefs and ideals? This is not true patriotism, just as pseudo-Christians like Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell are not the true followers of Christ's teachings.

Nepal Boy Called Reincarnation of Buddha

You've got to know when to fold

A Failed Presidency?

No Thanks to Thanksgiving

From Hurricane To Homelessness

Thanksgiving Mystery: Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?

Damming the World Bank

The heroes of Hate City

Identified in new court documents as "Representative No. 1," Republican Rep. Bob Ney (news, bio, voting record) of Ohio has become the poster boy in the Jack Abramoff bribery probe, a beneficiary of trips, tickets and campaign donations, allegedly in exchange for official acts.
(Another GOP Criminal of the Religious Right!)

Bush's Spin Machine

The Woodward Cover-Up

The Incredible Lying BushCo
This just in: More irrefutable proof that Dubya's
is the slimiest administration in 100 years

Bush Lies: Saddam & 9/11:
A Smoking Gun And A Warm Body

How Ragtag Insurgents Beat the
World's Sole Superpower

Cheney: US never had burden of proof
"We never had the burden of proof," he said,
adding that it had been up to Iraqi president Saddam Hussein
to prove to the world that he
didn't have such weapons.
(AssWipe Cheney KNOWS you can't prove a negative!)

Why did the Bush Administration Hold
Jose Padilla for 3 Years as an Enemy Combatant?
No Mention of al Qaeda or Plot to Attack U.S. in Indictment
(You can't prove a negative!
You can't prove you are not or did not!
The other side must prove you did something....)

Savaging the Law in the Padilla Case

Iraq’s economic divide

Russian parliament condemns US
use of phosphorus bombs in Iraq

A plague on both their houses

Britain to press US for answers on CIA 'terror camps'

Democrats Take on Murtha
It takes a village to wage a needless, immoral war

Who's the Boss?

Iran Has Nuke Warheads! Not

Redeployment Is Not Withdrawal

Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Kept From Hill Panel

A Close Call for al-Jazeera?

Habeas Corpses
Torturing people to death is not a serious way
to wage war on terrorism

Cheney's White Flag
(or Bloody US Flag)

Schmidt in war of words
Rookie lawmaker's 'coward' remarks ricochet

Lied about war provokes RepubliKLANs
to Vote PRO-WAR over and over again!

Administration heads off legal showdown
over executive powers

Director for Torture

Bush Financed Illuminati based Sumate warns people
to keep close watch on electoral process

The Crisis Papers: Extreme Bush ...
the Good, Bad & Ugly

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson:
'The ineptitude' of the United States government

Highest-ranking US official's ignorance
of Latin America is basis for concern
(He's another BUSH BROWNIE - Ignorant Crony
Perhaps it's not
official's ignorance - but - official ignorance?)


It is a stroke out of the 40's, but the saying went,
"As General Motors goes,
so goes the nation."

LatAm Economists Condemn US Blockade

Bush Klan Cashing in on Iraq War

Electricity and Wages Hiked in Cuba

Bolivian presidential candidate, Evo Morales, has called to put President Eduardo Rodriguez on trial for high treason for handing over Bolivian missiles to the United States

US tells Syria to stop
delaying Hariri murder probe
(But the US didn't stop the Crimes of DeLay!)

U.S. seen vulnerable to space 'pulse' attack
(NEO-CON and GOP Klan raise the fear flag
again to see if we salute their lies again)

But cuts in welfare to US citizens
It's time to think seriously of secession

Despair in Louisiana
(But more AID for Israel!)

U.S. Racing the Clock to Find Alternate Fuels

Republican Unity Frays as Lawmakers RepubliKLAN LawBreakers
Brace for Closer U.S. Election Fights

Venezuela Gives US Cheap Oil Deal

GM job cuts will devastate North American cities

Study documents exploitation in Indian call centres

AD: "Fool Me Once"

The Biggest Scandal In Congress In Over A Century

Dysfunctional democracy

Has Washington gone insane?

Muckraker: What's yours is mine

When bullying is not enough,
try disinformation

Venezuela as the success of defiance

Were my captors worse
than the Guantánamo jailers?

Up close: the reality of Iraq's hidden war

Growing corruption scandal threatens
to engulf RepubliKlans

Taliban Ambassador Speech in the USA - March 10, 2001

Israeli Troops teargas West Bank pupils
(and We are Sending Israel money to do this!)

Legal gag on Bush-Blair war row

Torture advocate, Liar, and War Criminal
Rummy Lectures the Chinese

Cheney's False Choices

No Space At The Table

The School of Barack

Paper Says Bush Talked of Bombing Arab TV Network

'Miracle Fruit' Yields Sweets for Dieters

Breastfeeding appears to reduce diabetes risk
(Oh honey... cure my diabetes)

Venezuela To Buy $500 Million Argentinian Debt

The theft of Iraqi oil wealth

Argonne Scientists Make Permanent Magnets
Longer-Lasting and More Powerful

'George Bush' indicted in Australia

Abramoff Used DeLay to Fund Anti-Intifada Militia
(Kick their asses to their Torture Facilities
in Guantanamo)

Colin Powell's Uncle Tom's Former Chief of Staff Col. Wilkerson
on Prewar Intel, Murder and Torture

Padilla indictment avoids high court showdown
No 'dirty bomb' charges filed against suspect
held illegally for three years

Behind the phosphorus clouds are war crimes
within war crimes

Sleepwalking through slaughter:
on the western media's concealment of
crimes against humanity

"I Wish Every American Could See This for Him/Herself"

Nuremberg's lessons for Guantanamo

Angry Women Are Watching Wal-Mart

What To Do For Peace Now

Argentina: Tomb of the FTAA

No Home for the Holidays:
Stop Evictions of Katrina Evacuees

The Masking of a Conservative

The End Of The War

Karen Hughes opens the U.S. to even more charges of hypocrisy

Try Bringing Democracy to Folks on Capitol Hill

The necropolis in Ossetia not popular
with tourists because of spooky tales

President Putin stakes high on Russian gold

Big oil has crude designs on Iraq wealth

The Battle Against Fraud

Thatcher 'threatened to nuke Argentina'

The Enduring JFK Mystery

Two Ejected From Bush Event File Federal Suit

Cheney Tries to Raise the Stakes

Sony BMG Sued Over CD Spyware

John Murtha: An Eagle Amid the Turkeys

Letting Go of Hope

Oil For Bronx Poor is a Foreign Gift
Santa Claus, make way for Santa Chavez

Chickens, Hawks and a Turkey Called Iraq

Republicans Steal Thanksgiving

Detained in Prison by Doubletalk
Have you noticed how our free and independent major media
use the same bureaucratese,
both in print and television?

Worse than Watergate?
The Mother of All Constitutional Crises

Justice Deficit America's Grossest Domestic Product

Professor Sees Iraq War as Tragedy

Pesticides for Dinner

Tax Cuts are a Real Turkey for the Economy

Unacceptable Mold Levels Found in New Orleans Air

Bring Democracy to Congress
(should we bring it to Congress like we did to Iraq?)

Getting Out: Our Strategic Interest

Iraqis are faking their deaths,
says US Air Force commander
(Must be a BUSH Brownie!)

Alito against
"one person, one vote"

opposed 1960 voting rights

Alito needs to shed his Klan CAP

State of Jeb has abortion blocked
(Judge Makes Law from the Bench!
He should be imprisoned for ruling on non-existent law)

House OKs budget bill cutting $50 billion in aid
Medicaid, food stamps, student loans take a hit

Indians seek land resolution

Tomlinson broke law, turning PBS into Fox Lite
... but so what?

Falwell, other charlatans threaten lawsuits over Christmas

Reality vs. media

No Way Out for Bush and Co.

Another day in Baghdad A&E
What happens to the victims of Baghdad's countless bombings?
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad meets the doctors who battle to save them

CIA Veterans Condemn Torture

Hide & go secret

Point to Ponder?
The US Troops won the War in Iraq
They are losing the Occupation of Iraq
No shame in that.. Occupation is not in the American psyche

Bangladesh terror leader's tape
reveals jihad training at

Saudi university

(So why war with
Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Iran?)

Advanced electron synchrotrons ready to
crack the barrier of hyperdimension -
what is out there in the parallel universe?

Advanced extraterrestrial type IV alien civilizations
use gravitational radiation to create
Big Bangs in the Hyperspace

Hunger kills '6m children a year'
(A Real Valid Verfiable Holocaust!)

Call To Arms To All Artists

Deep Impact: How Americans Feel Living
Under this Bush Presidency

Earthquakes maintain stability on planet Earth
(WHAT?!!! Pat Robertson says God makes them for us sinners)

The Party of Lies, Swift-Boating the Truth

George Plays Dumb as Dick Plays Dirty.
Welcome Back, Karl

Skull and Bones Secret Society.. George Bush left of clock

Silver spoons and rusted wrenches

Rare seal bearing Jesus image found in Tiberias

Scientists Trying to ID Frozen Airman

CT tells mummy's secret:
Preservation no accident

Homo erectus ate crunchy food


America prediscovered

Mass grave yields Mayan secrets

'Exceptional find' of Iron Age warrior

Why only plumbing can prevent the fall of Rome

(Free 67 Page PDF Book)

Archaeologists find western world's oldest map

White phosphorous round hits Bush ... Finally

Veterans sign on to Support Congressman Murtha
Murtha said, "The future of our country is at risk.
We cannot continue on the present course."

Torture Under the

Philosophical Guidance of Cheney

Ba'ath refuses talks with
U.S. Occupation government parading
as a soveriegn Iraq government

The War Didn't Go Wrong;
It's Always Been Wrong

Rep. Murtha a Hero,
Bush and Cheney Are Lying Cowards

We don't need no terrorism

Spinning the News: Fallujah

Saddam's Lawyer: Iranian Intelligence is
Threatening and has Murdered our Colleagues

Political Upset in Israel:
Labor Leader To Follow Rabin

I always wondered where Reed

got those designer threads,
since Jesus said to give your
tailoring money to the poor.

Who's the monkey now?

Abramoff funneled $4 million to Ralph Reed
(a worshipper of Pat Robertson)

War Criminal Cheney to Headline
Criminal Conspiracy DeLay Fundraiser
(Thicker than Thieves!)

Republican Toilet Paper

Democrat Toilet Paper

Reversing the Systemic Collapse

The Department of Homeland Security
has found hundreds of illegal immigrants working at
U.S. Army bases, customs warehouses and defense

Wispy Terrain on Dione

Why is Moondust So Clingy?

Early Earth Wasn't So Hellish

More Einstein Rings Discovered

Spirit Sees a Martian Lunar Eclipse

Close-Up on Pandora

View Of The 'East Basin' From Husband Hill

Was Einstein'S "Biggest Blunder" A Stellar Success?


The electrical person without a body sees without eyes and hears without ears. We have done this test many times where if you close your eyes and picture the house you lived in as a small child you can see it.

Listen within yourself and you can hear the voice of someone you know very well such as your mother.

Of course those sights and sounds are available to the electro person only if it has previously had a body and stored those electrical impulses. The electro person does not see anything new per se. When you are in meditation and you see things in the dark you are seeing those things you have seen in previous experiences in a body.

A physical body is a requirement for an electro person in the same way that dirt is necessary for a plant or water is necessary for a fish. The electro person constantly seeks a body so as to experience the physical realms. It is instinctive.


The problem that we have encountered in religion is that the physical body is restricted from pleasure which is the very purpose the physical body exists. Pleasure whether it be sexual, whether it be food, entertainment, or love, is the purpose the body exists.

Unfortunately the world has fallen for the depraved teachings of religion which has resulted in the body experiencing hate and fear which has then resulted not in pleasure but in pain, sickness and death.

So the electrical person does not need a body to see and hear things that it has seen and heard when it had a body. Those things are stored. Thus people who have died and no longer have a body still have the ability to see and hear the things stored within their data base which is you and me.

When they bring forth you and me in the non physical state, and when we enter the non physical state in what we call dreams we may encounter one another and often do.

Bill Donahue -

China saves corpus of Buddhist scriptures

Bill Would Create Agency Exempt from
Freedom of Information Act

Sunnis Complain of Random Arrests, Torture

New Anti-Insurgency Tactic has Gained
Wide Appeal in Iraq

Leaving Baghdad

Sleepwalking through slaughter:
on the western media's concealment of crimes against humanity

Iraq Bushevik Puppet Leaders Want American Troops Out and "Understand" Why "Insurgents" are Killing Our Soldiers. Whoa! We are Into Dangerous Psychotic Territory with the Busheviks.

US State Department chief for the western hemisphere affairs, Thomas A. Shannon spoke November 17 before the Committee on International Relations of the US House of Representatives to further a scheme to defame and destroy the public image and reputation of the Venezuelan government so that US aggressions against Venezuela will enjoy, in the future, a deceitful cloak of justification.

The Hypocrisy of Mr. Cheney

Out of Iraq and into Afghanistan. Gulp


First Genocide, Then Lie About It

Chronology of Bush Administration FALSE Claim
that Iraq Attempted to Obtain Uranium from Niger (2001-2003)

Obama Calls on Bush To Admit Iraq Errors

Congressional Democrats Murtha, Biden, Ried,
Pelosi, and Others Rushed To Hospital
(Ordered by Frist? To an HCA Bank
- I mean hospital)

Bush Policies Spread Terrorism

Mexico’s Fox Woos Washington at Great Cost

Bush Appointed AssWipe Shannon
Parrots Bush's Ignorance of Venezuela and Latin America
Calls for intereference and coups

Fossil discovery in Three Gorges
may change human origin history

Highly Educated More Prone To Parkinsons Disease
(Bush, Frist, Cheney, Delay, Pat Robertson are safe then)

Headline News: November 22-23, 2005

Click Maps for Larger View
Hurricane Center

Almost Scary:
Proof of Propaganda
Democracy in Peril

Here's what you should be worried about
What if Bush really is telling the truth…?

Religio-Facism: The Insidious Corruption
of Corporate Capitalism, Nation States and
Institutional Religion on Natural Social Evolution


Two Faced Torturer Slams War Critics,
Praises Murtha

John Murtha's Position

Getting Out of Iraq

Eyes on Occupying US Troops
in Paraguay as Bolivian Election Nears

The Notion of the 'Jewish State' as an
'Apartheid Regime' is a Liberal-Zionist One

The Congressional Millionaires Club

Higgs’ Bazooms

Che's Second Coming?

Ending the Occupation

Dick Cheney Rated X by CNN?

Cheney showed road to torture: Powell's ex-aide

A gutless, draft-dodging coward
named Dick Cheney

Cheney advocated U.S. torture

Dick Cheney's Creepy Name Game
He must have "the creeps."

Dick Cheney and the "Big Lie"

1963: Kennedy shot dead in Dallas

The Cheney factor

It’s time Cheney steps down

Prince Dubya's flaws

The abortion thing

Hurricane Helper


CIA Whitewashing Torture

FBI Warns of E-Mail About Surveillance

CIA and FBI Plan to Assassinate Hugo Chávez

US Court Finds Firms Guilty Of Selling
Secret Missile Technology To India

Loss of face for Bush in China

US Secretary of State Con Rice said that Washington was complaining "vociferously" to Beijing after Chinese authorities took forceful steps to keep dissidents and activists out of sight during Bush’s visit here. (and just what did US military and police forces do in NYC during the GOPs Religious Right Preyer Meeting and Conspiracy Convention in 2004? US is 2-faced, double-standarding, and hypocritical)

Bush fails to woo Hu on trade concessions

'Blair talked Bush out of bombing' TV station in Qatar
(Pushing freedom of press again?)

Britain about to be blasted by snow, sleet and hail
(Pat Robertson's Preyers Answered)

On Common Ground with Bush
Bill Clinton's Hypocrisies on Iraq

George Bush
When are you going to tell the truth
to the people of the United States?

A De-Classified Report from the
US Department of Defense calls
White Phosphorous "CHEMICAL WEAPONS"

Chemical hypocrisy

Anti-American sentiment in Latin America
worse than it has been in decades

Crawford windbag had no intention of going
nose to nose with Venezuelan nemesis

Defiant Venezuelans march to
support Chavez against Bush's 'puppy' Fox


United States indeed has military
contingency plans aimed against Venezuela

Thousands in Massachusetts To Get Cheaper Oil
(Leave it to a Socialist to care for US poor
as BUSH and GOPs leave them to freeze)

Venezuelan Legislator Says
Anderson Murder Suspect Tried to Bribe Judge

US Interests INTERFERENCE and Bolivian Elections:
Demonizing Morales, Jeopardizing Stability

A Tale of Two Venezuelan Suburbs

'Boom' Precedes Earthquake In South Carolina
(Pat Robertson's God Speaks - Right Pat?)

Midwest States Most at Risk
From a Devastating Earthquake
Have Done Little to Prepare
(Bush to appoint
niece Noelle Bush to head FEMA)

Profs urge earthquake readiness

Danish scientists cut fuel price in half
with liquid from straw

2006 -- Bush's Accountability Year

U.S. put ex-con in charge of cash for rebuilding of Iraq
(Not Noelle Bush!
Robert Stein received "bribes, kickbacks and gratuities
amounting to at least $200,000 per month
More of those Christian Right Terrorist GOPs)

Robert Fisk; The Great War For Civilization

German spies under fire over Syria case

Germans get militant over Xmas bonus

Sharon 'eyeing final borders';
Netanyahu: he's a dictator

Militants open fire on posts in Israel

Was US press in 'coma' during drive
to war with Iraq?
(No they were whores for war!)

Venezuela's Chavez Looking to
Change the Face of Latin American Politics

Kirchner Shows Solidarity With Chavez

From Haiti to Bolivia: U.S. Gov't Money
Backs Enemies of the People

The people of southern Ecuador and their leaders are mobilizing to march towards Quito where they will demand more resources for the region, a Constitutional Assembly and the nationalization of natural resources.

An Exclusive Look at
Guantanamo Bay's Detention Center"

I'm afraid what General Hood has said is belied by what the Bush administration has specifically authorized and they use all of the euphemistic terms for extraordinary interrogation techniques which are just abusive."

The Moral Importance of Clemency

The Failure of Nation-Building in Bosnia and Iraq

Ever-Evolving Excuses for War

Muddling Through
Washington's failure to forge a constructive
Sino-American partnership could prove costly

Peace Too Important to Be Left to
Pols and Pundits

War Criminal and Torturer Cheney's Meeting with the 3

The three were pushing for regulations on the treatment of American military prisoners, including a contentious ban on "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." The vice president wanted the provision pulled from a huge military spending bill. The senators would not budge.

Iraqi Leaders Condemn Use of Terrorism,
but Uphold Right of Resistance

Bio-terror strike 'is inevitable'
(Paid Pundit raises the FEAR flag just when the
People in the US are demanding end of war
How Fu****g Convenient!)

Iraq's oil: The spoils of war

Opening the Door to Debate,
and Then Shutting It

Iraqi leaders demand timetable
for troop withdrawal

US army confirms accidentally killed civilians
"But these tragedies only happen because
Zarqawi and his thugs are out there"
(Not so fast asswipe....
Zarqawi didn't MURDER them!
The US Commander in Chief did - BUSH!)

Quakers continue protest against Torture School
The former School of the Americas is linked to
human rights abuses in Latin America

Operation Saddam - America's Propaganda War

CIA's 'Torture Taxi'

The War Is Over ... Except For the Dying

Teach Our Children Well

Heading Toward the 'Dark Side'

White People! Don't Just Cast a Vote; Sell It

Sue Burmeister, a Republican and author
of the state's Jim Crow voter law

No Sex, But Plenty of Lies and Videotape

Economic Apartheid in America

Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas

Mexico's President Fox and Free Trade (FTAA)
... What makes him keep going?

Wishing I were a Venezuelan doctor
with a President who really cares!

Venezuela studying the feasibility of
building gas pipeline to Argentina

Chavez Frias wants to put a forgotten
8th star on Venezuelan flag

Anti-American sentiment in Latin America
worse than it has been in decades

NAM Creates News Network

Kirchner-Chavez Summit Boosts LatAm Integration

Posada’s benefactor arrested

What Planet Are Dick Morris And Sean Hannity On?
They Think The Iraq War Is Just Mah-velous
Thanks To Our Visionary President, George W. Bush

Hannity Gets His Facts Wrong Again.
What's His Problem With The Truth?
(He's A GOP Religious Right LIAR!)

Pity the poor white people
who cling to racist fears

News Outlet (Not FOX Propaganda Organ) Exposes
CIA Interrogation Techniques as Torture

Labor Group’s Database Tracks Outsourcing, Violations

Youth 'Treatment' Facilities,
'Tough Love' Takes Brutal (Torturous) Forms
(Those GOP Christians love to beat people)

Legitimacy of UN Summit called into question
by Tunisian government harassment

Amir Peretz:
The next drama in the Land of Milk and Honey

Woman GI takes stand against war:
Katherine Jashinski's courage to resist

Torture Treatment

Chavez Pushes Petro-Diplomacy

«War on Terror» bred terror

There's Got To Be A Better Way To Run A Country

Earth to John McCain -- The Israelis Use Torture

US exaggerated claims on WMD

Show us (more than) the money

Is Bush’s War on Terrorism in Iraq a War Crime?

Venezuela Releases Blueprint On Africa

Threat of federal charges
against DeLay grows

G.M. to Cut 30,000 Jobs
(GOPs are really building a sound economy!
States of Michigan and Diebold soon to be Banana States)

Nuremberg and the legacy of law

Murtha And The Colonels

Bush's base is abandoning him
(Cause they're being indicted?)

Will the real George W.

please stand up?

Republicans' Evening at the Improv
War is 'serious business', says Bush:
thank goodness for the comic relief

of Republican talking points

Chavez and Morales vs. America's Corporatocracy
Champions of the poor and oppressed are,
by default, fierce opponents
of the plutocracy in Washington DC

US Interfering in Bolivian Campaign

2012 - alien visitation from the Hyperspace
becomes public event

Molecular imaging and nano-technology used
to understand the extraterrestrial
origin of terminal diseases – Cancer, Avian Flu, HIV

Accelerated time dimension
a natural time machine

US special services torture thousands
of innocent people worldwide
Innocent journalists, diplomats and tourists
are still being tortured in US-run concentration camps

Mysterious bogs pose lethal danger
to Russian mushroom-pickers
Bogs can hide more than one monster
inside its limitless vastness

Feds ramp up spying on
journalists and other Americans

Spat exposes GOP insensitivity to vets

Republican Policies and
Evangelical Right Wing Extremists

Are Closing 9 GM Plants


That's one of the ten commandments. But what does it mean ?

When you use God to try and justify yourself as being something that you are not ?

What ?

You say you're Born Again, and a follower of Jesus. If that was true you would be a pacifist.

But instead you attack and kill thousands of people who never did anything to you.

You kill thousands for a reason which is proven to be wrong.

You use the Lords Name to get votes from millions of people .

But there is a penalty. There is a price to pay when you use the Lords name in vain.

Bill Donahue -

And the collector has arrived

Rabbi Yoffie's Nazi Gaffe
Vs. Pat Robertson's Gaffes

Fox Says GM Layoffs Will Make Life
"Better for Everyone Involved"


What the US does to prisoners

DU vet: 'My days are numbered'

Artist's Work Depicts Criticism of
Rightg Wing Terrorist Televangelist Pat Robertson

With Beezlebub on our Side

An old, ugly, mean trick
Bushies, attempting to silence war critics, resort to intimidation

Low Bush Approval Ratings Save Taxpayers
Millions This Election Year

Time is Accelerating, Study Finds

DeLay's Attorneys Want Charges Dismissed
(Write to Every Pol in Texas and scream NO-NO-NO!)

The Day the People’s March Began

Ohio Vote Theft, Now and Forever

Does your pastor lie to you?

Bush & Cheney Look Tired, Old and Feeble.
Their Leadership is Pathetic.

6,644 are still missing after Katrina

When a man has sex with a new woman
the amount of his sperm triples

Power tends to corrupt;
absolute power corrupts absolutely

White House Releases
Approved Debate Topics For Iraq War

George W. Bush Blames Cleaning Lady
For Failures in Iraq

Bush Refuses to Pardon
The National Turkeys Democracy and Freedom

Headline News: November 21-22, 2005

Prominent Conservative Leader:
Government in Hands of Psychopaths
May stage terror attacks

Bush People Have Cranked Up

the Ol' Fog Machine

A Message for Bush, GOPs, Religious Right Wingnuts,
War Chicken Hawks, Torturers, Extremist Right Propagandists,
Bill O'Reilly and ilk, Pat Robertson and ilk -- etc

They Don't Know Jack

Kent State Redux?

Labor Party votes to quit PM Sharon's government

Alito document spurs clash over
future of women's rights

Protesters target Wal-Mart:
Birth control advocates lambast retailer's
snub of morning after pill
(Wal-Mart knows what's best for YOU?)

Effect of Bush's Iraq Lies
Could Linger for Years

Bush Message:
You Were Wrong to Trust Us


What We Lost

The Champ Meets the Chump
Funny, I didn't know we were being "led"
by Saddam Hussein

My Blood Boils for Robin
House approved
"the largest cuts to federal student loan programs in U.S. history."
(not ONE CENT cut from Israel so-called aid)

US Corporate Excess Under Fire
as Unions Go On the Attack

One War Lost, Another to Go

Frontline police of new Iraq
are waging secret war of vengeance
(It's worse for Iraq now than under Saddam!
Thanks to liars like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld...
99% of the GOP!)

Corruption Inquiry Threatens to Ensnare Lawmakers

U.S.A, Inc.

A Black Mark for Media

Doctors may battle Bush over Medicare cuts

Joe Hill: The Man Who Didn't Die

UN aid operation needs urgent funding and scale-up
Hundreds of thousands of people out in the cold
(Thank Ya Jeeeeezus! preys Pat Robertson)

Re-Reading Wittgenstein To Grok Now

How Much Longer Will The War Last

Cold Porridge, The Morning After

The Politics Of No Choice

Impeachment Is Just Another Word,
For Nothing Left To Lose

When The Going Gets Tough...
The Tough Go To Asia

'End the war' chorus that Bush can’t control

Door thwarts quick exit for Dumb-bell Dubya

Dubya's hard line on Iraq ain't selling

Spat exposes GOP insensitivity to vets

Failed ideas, failed policies

Republicans Refuse to Honor Springsteen

Rumsfeld Says Iraq Troop Levels Must Be Maintained
(Crying wolf and LYING again!)

Willie Pete and the Theo-logicians of Empire

Democratic Hawks:
The Avian Flu of the Antiwar Movement

Better Working Conditions Lead to Better Economy

The Downing Street Memo is only the beginning
of the proof we were all lied to.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

US government, calls for Regime Change in Syria
"Diplomatically if Possible by Force is Necessary"
(Oil Pipeline through Syria for must be reaching critical mass
for Cheney's Oil Executive Controllers.
God Bless Oil)

Religious Right WingNut Falwell fighting for holy holiday
He'll sue, boycott groups he sees as muzzling Christmas
(Happy Hannakah ASS-WIPE!)

Searching for Journalistic Integrity

Hugo Chavez and

the Crawford Madman

The Day America Died

We cannot escape our destimy and it is divine

Chavez Delivers. Venezuela Will Ship 12 Million Gallons
of Home Heating Oil to 45,000 Low Income Families
in Massachusetts Next Month
(Bush Will Kick about that many hurricane victims
out into the cold on Dec 1!)

Did Texas execute an innocent man?

The Secret City: Part I

The Secret City: Part II

Ohio's Electric Boogaloo
(The State of Diebold)

We must be prepared for invasion -Chavez

Citgo to begin selling cheap oil to poor
in Boston, New York
(GOPs cut
food stamps, school lunches, school breakfasts, medicare
How F**king Compassionate!)

Before the Fall

War on the horizon
Mark your calendars: Israel, Hamas on a collision course

The messy stuff of race, genes, disease
Sociologist worries geneticists are moving too fast
as they focus on nature, not nurture.

A giant window into space
Telescope being built by Northrop Grumman is expected
to give scientists answers about the formation of the universe.

Viagra may be useful for serious lung disease

A SENIOR cop is in a holy mess with bosses after
dressing up as a woman and insisting he is a goddess.

A Rush to Executions
(In a GOP ruthless world)

Withdrawal Is Not Retreat

It's the Same Old Business
When It Comes to Immigrants

What I Knew Before the Invasion

Is Vice President Dick Cheney Losing It?

Liberté, Egalité, And 'Trash'?

Germany: A Government
That Will Not Govern

Central Bankers Declare War on European Nations

Cuba Urges Immediate Aid to Pakistan

Eastern Europeans Demand Release of Cuban Five

Indians are now prime target of Taliban and Al-Queda

China not willing to listen to Bush's lecture on anything
no compromise on Taiwan: China to Bush

Like in China, Central/South America,
India faces peasant up rise

Bush's Numbers Falling?
Forget About Plame and WMD's.
It's All About Terror! Terror! Terror!

The First Thanksgiving:
Prelude to Genocide

Friday Night Congress: What Was That?

What will we do after Bush goes to jail?

America's Corporatocracy Says "No MAS"


Does it really Pay to Work in America?

Bush Ends Asia Tour With Stop in Mongolia

Bush Administration: "We did not lie about Iraq,
we were just stupid."

United States indeed has military contingency plans
aimed against Venezuela

The FBI and CIA can not be allowed to stand
above the law in the Anderson trial

US State Department's Thomas Shannon
is ignorant of Venezuelan politics
(What else do you expect from a Bush GOP Brownie)

No wonder Vicente Fox is coming out on
the short-end of the FTAA argument

USA ought to help Chavez instead of doing
the bidding of Wall Street gangsters

Washington has gone into hiding,
leaving Vicente Fox to twist in the wind

Chavez wants Venezuelan oil tankers
going to places other than the USA

Imminent threats to the health of US cash cows
throughout Latin America

Must energetically reject this gross,
cynical intrusion into Venezuela's affairs

Washington will not find Venezuela unarmed
if it does the crazy thing...

The best we can do at this time is to pray
for peace and survival of mankind

The 21st Century Nazis Are Here

Silent exodus leaves 500,000 Iraqi refugees
in Syria in need of protection and aid

The Advocate

The Salvadoran Option II

A Constitutional Referendum that Wasn’t

Saddam defence says ready to attend Nov. 28 hearing

Urgent! Urgent! Breaking news.
The blood thirsty US army thugs
attack a girls school in Mosul

Urgent! Urgent! Breaking news :
The blood thirsty US invaders execute,
in cold blood, civilians in the streets.

Northern Australia rocked by earthquake
(Pat Robertson Preys - God Answers?)

India unwilling to vote against Iran

Musharraf's 'peace offering' to India
made in all "earnestness"

"I will not pour more oil on the fire ... we withdrew our Ambassador at the Mexican government's request ... we are not interested in prolonging the conflict, we would prefer to let things cool ... time is wise."

Activists blast U.S. on ILLEGAL detentions

Cuba Calls For United Front To Confront
Western Media Influence Propaganda Organs

Why Latin America Detests Uncle Sam
As Venezuela's Hugo Chávez notes,
the U.S. can't end poverty on its own soil,
so lecturing neighbouring nations
reeks of arrogance and hypocrisy

Lebanon Rejects Any Attempt to Harm Syria

Syria Says NNN Will Help To Counter
Western Media Propaganda

67 cities call for U.S. Iraq pullout

US Muslims not involved in aiding terrorism:
Senate probe report

CIA "unique" methods not torture
(Put this Bush Brownie on the other end of that
'unique' method and then tell us about it!)

$60B Tax-Cut Bill Faces Bush Veto Threat
(Because it includes a tax against Daddy, Cheney, etc....)

Jesus, Meet Evolution

Hate Crimes in Prison

Abortion: Trouble in Numbers?

GM to Cut 30,000 Jobs, Close 9 Plants

'It's Likely That [Indicted Lobbyist] Abramoff
Has Lots Of Dirt On Tom DeLay'…

Murtha Is Right
The Democratic Party "leadership" is wrong

Can a Nuclear Strike on Iran Be Prevented?
Or will the world allow it to happen?

Plame, Pakistan, a Nuclear Turkey,
and the Neocons

We Must Hold the Scoundrels Accountable

Shame on Congress

Detroit 'Sleeper Cell' Prosecutor Faces Probe
Grand Jury Considering Indictment for Misconduct

Tales of the Garrison State

Under U.S. Design, Iraq's New Army
Looks a Good Deal Like the Old One

Torture allegations don't help U.S. image in Iraq

Buchanan said the United States had no evidence
that Syria was involved in the
infiltration of insurgents in Iraq.

Rumsfeld: Talks Under Way on Torture Ban
Torture is a CRIME at any time
any venue any jurisdiction)

Saddam's Defense Team Demands Protection
(To return to US Kangaroo Court)

UK's deadly legacy: the cluster bomb

The cluster bomb: How it works

Capital and Interest

Proof The Administration Manipulated Intelligence

A million martyrs await the call

Scoreboard: Indicted Zionists & Sell-Outs
(Interesting Line up! but left out Pancake Pat Robertson)

Israeli banks profit from Holocaust


Up to 3,000 foreign insurgents may be fighting in Iraq,
but they remain a small part
of the overall rebellion, a US military analyst has suggested.

New revelations of US military use of
white phosphorus in Iraq

Why SUMATE is needed more in the United States
than in Venezuela...
(SUMATE a subsidiary of GOP, Inc.)

CITGO declares US$380 million dividend
payable to Venezuela

Thanksgiving Day Dropped;
"Hate Day" Probable Replacement

White House used 'gossip' to build case for war

Is the Iraq War Shaping up as Another
Assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand?
one incident led to a conflagration that
totally rearranged world powers

Give Thanks No More;
It’s Time for a National Day of Atonement

Jewish leaders oppose Alito nomination

Headline News: November 19-20, 2005

Click Maps for Larger View
Hurricane Center

Almost Scary:
Proof of Propaganda
Democracy in Peril

Here's what you should be worried about
What if Bush really is telling the truth…?

Prominent Conservative Leader:
Government in Hands of Psychopaths
May stage terror attacks

Guantánamo: the United States’s torture

Wonder if Bush
Would Desire Torture

If he'd been a victim to it?

Lawyer may testify against Abramoff
Plea deal comes after allegations of defrauding clients
(and all the Bush's horses and all the Bush's men
can't ever make the Religious Right GOP clean again)

U.S. facing isolation over Iraq war

News report details CIA's harsh
interrogation TORTURE techniques

Texas Republicans Wrapped Up
in Abramoff Pay-To-Play Scandal
(You can bet Bush ain't clean HERE!)

Congress Helps Self to
$3,100 Pay Raise


House votes to cut
$700 mln in food stamps

Poodle Blair declares war on the UK?

Iran defends nuclear program in U.S. newspaper ad

Fidel Castro ratifies his trust that Cuba
can build the fairest society in the world

Venezuela to Sell Cheap Oil to U.S. Poor
(While GOPs cut relief to Hurricane Victims
and applaud lying oil tycoons
for keeping oil prices high)

"What could be more bigoted than
to claim that you have a monopoly on God?"

I watched US use 'shake and bake'

Big names back Libby

Bush aide says Iraq withdrawal bad for Israel
(Who Cares? It's good for the US!)

Stop Playing Politics,
Get the Troops Out Now

Group says DuPont hid dangers of coating
Former company researcher says
information was known in 1987

Justifying or Just-a-lying?

Withdrawal From Iraq Is the ONLY Way
Our Soldiers Will NOT Have Died In Vain

Bill O'Reilly: The Crown Prince of
Soggy Satire Strikes Again!


Hannity's Hissy Fit Over Murtha And Iraq

Sean Hannity: All Hate, All The Time

Fox News (Bush Propagand Organ)
Goes to War Against Troop Pull-out

O'Reilly's Radio Factor Dumped in Denver

Fox Partakes in Using False Information
to Exonerate Lewis Libby

A Radio Talk Show Host's Logic

Venezuela: better ties with US "difficult"
under Bush administration

The Dirty War:
Torture and mutilation used on Iraqi 'insurgents'

Alito's record has feminists

ready for battle

Did you read about the Torture house?

Intelligence Authorities and Mafias
Run the Iraqi Secret Detention Camps

Tim Collins trained troops
to fight with white phosphorus

The under occupation various governments,
are held responsible for the shed of
Iraqi blood, and punishment will be their lot

Marchers In Caracas Back Chavez
In Spat With Mexico's Fox

Indigenous Protests Against
US Trade Pact Continue In Ecuador
(No nation of integrity wants to deal with
double dealing lying US administration)

Possible US Attack Against Islamic Republic of Iran
(By Madman Bush and Genocidal Cheney)

Venezuela: US May Attack

US to attack Syria

Nanotechnologies take a grip on modern science

US defiant on UN snub

Prisoner flights using Romania

CIA aircraft linked to Newfoundland

U.S. Backs Squeezing Oil From a Stone

UK is accused over 'torture flights'

Germans say informant US used
to justify war in Iraq was unreliable
(Fools at White House thrown a Curveball)

Nuclear whistleblower tells reporters
he entered West Bank to see 'Palestinian ghettos'

Minister of Waqf and Religious Affairs holds Israel
Responsible for Cracks of Wall of Jerusalem City

The rise of Bush’s new enemy

Security adviser Hadley, TRAITOR
named as source in CIA scandal

Douglas J. Feith, engaged in illegal or inappropriate
intelligence activities before the Iraq war

Didn't the U.S. install a democracy in Vietnam
once upon a time...?

US House of Representatives approves
$50 billion in social cuts
(Didn't shave even one penny of so-called aid to Israel?)

All we need is to have Pat Robertson
curse our town.

Arnold wants China annexed


All of the Bush administration's junkyard dogs are out on the attack, feigning righteous indignation that anyone would suggest that they manipulated the intelligence and misled the American people. Of course, that is exactly what they did

More Wheels Spin Off Iraq Policy

House Overwhelmingly Rejects Resolution for
Immediate Iraq Troop Pullout
(Congressmen better get ready for
regime changes in November 2006)

That Iraq Feeling Comes to Syria

GOP calls for ethics investigation into Iraq war critic

Syria welcomes election of Amir Peretz
as leader of Israel's Labor party
Damascus believes official can become
a negotiating partner

U.S. nuclear weapons labs are drawing up plans
for new atomic bombs.
(Why is Iran not demanding investigation
and a total ban on US development of nuclear weapons?)

Neo-con Perle wants to cut friendly ties
with Saudi Arabia
(New Enemy- New War -
Bloodthirsty Satanist Hawks dripping
with Iraqi blood want more!)

M(3)urder Will Out!

Before the Fall

Brainless Orlando SubHuman COP Charged In

Violent Beating Of Homeless Man
at Baptist Church in the
Compassionate Conservative State of Jeb Bush,
Homeless man possibly Brain Damaged in beating
(But I guess the PIG made the Baptists happy!
That's what Jesus would do- Right Pat?)

"Deferred Success" is new term for failure
(Bush will be using this one for his Iraq failure)

Come on, Democratic Party,
"Stand With The People"

The Art of Not Wanting to Know
A Reminder from Abroad

Setting The Record Straight
by Bill Moyers

Break Up Cheney's Criminal Cabal

White House Plays Chicken with a War Hero

Cheney Picks a Fight With a Marine

Dirty Talk: Homeland Security Insecurities

Propaganda nightmare of chemical hypocrisy

Condi Rice's Disdain for the Civil Rights Movement

'What's eating Dick Cheney?'

Dying For Israel’s Oil Pipeline

A Massive Pipeline From Mosul To Haifa
(Notice: Syria is in the way)

British-trained police in Iraq
'killed prisoners with drills'
(Spreading that Christianity again)

Wasting Fallujah

A Pathetic Congress

Pentagon investigators (who work for BUSH) have referred allegations of abuse in how the Halliburton Company (who work for BUSH) was awarded a contract for work in Iraq to the Justice Department (who work for BUSH)

US military again hides its casualty figure ?

Bush Lectures China on Religious Freedom
While Cheney Dreams of Torture

Mugging Democrats on the House Floor

What If George Met Jesus


A Policy of Deceit

No More Band of Brothers B.S.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Girly Man

Frist & Kyl, bitches...

Car bombs kill 48 in Iraq;
Bush says war on track
(If that's on track then what's derailed?
Bush Incompetent!)

A Media Monster Is Eating the Dems
(Bush Propaganda Organs won't give

fair access to opposition views!)

Iraq war problems point finger at US media,
as well as US politicians

Persistent institutional racism not only made recovery
from Hurricane Katrina more difficult,
it created the conditions that allowed
the horrors to happen.

The battle is join'd:
Bush the Lesser goes to war

Obsessed with ambition and unburdened by conscience

An Andean Crisis of Democracy

Iraq fraud arrests expose criminality of US occupation

Political conflict intensifies over Bush’s Iraq war lies


More on Al Qaeda -- the database

Bush is a Genocidal Madman

United States and assassin George W. Bush
meddling in Venezuela's affairs

Lady Liberty is being replaced by the
glow of depleted uranium munitions

This is the perverse politics
we are dealing with here in America...

Dangerous Bush rhetoric that
could spark a(nother) bloody US war!

Chavez isn't stupid, Mr. Brownfield ...
he hopes that you don't sleep at night

Rules of Engagement

Hillary in the Holy Land

Does Using The Word 'Propaganda' Help Corporations?

Intersecting Economies

Libby's Blame Game

Driving America Off Oil

Lobbyist Probe Sparks Senate Fireworks

Moments of Zen

Weakened Update
Reports on the Iraq war four times a year?
It's like a report card if you went to Fiasco Jr. High.
Cheney Proven to Be a Jackass

Tortured men look like 'Holocaust victims'
(Cheney Likes this Method too!)

Right Wing Cowards Who Cut and Run
When Staying the course means betraying troops and nation

Congress's Budget is
hypocritical, immoral, and irresponsible

Sorry, George,
I'm In the Majority
...from Michael Moore

George W. Bush:
An Improvised Explosive Device
Shattering Military Families

Venezuela: US May Attack

Cuban Docs Earn Pakistani Trust

'Let Iraqis Stand Up for Iraq'
People who have not served in the military
should not attack Rep. John Murtha
(That leaves out 99% of the White House
and 99.9% of GOPs)

The revolution this time

US Marines Used Thermobaric Weapons in Iraq

Refugees, The Forgotten Iraqis
(As in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida!)

Poor Iraqis face struggle for survival

A whisper of optimism?

An encyclical:
Failure to see a mission accomplished
by Pope Phosphorous the White

Former CIA director accuses Cheney
of overseeing torture in Iraq, Afghanistan

U.S.–Arab Relations Broken After Iraq War

Foreign Network at Front of CIA's Terror Fight

Suicide bomb attacks on Iraq mosques kill 67

Al Qaeda Transforms

Save Pakistan from 'donor fatigue'

Senators Oppose Extending Patriot Act

Stung over Iraq, White House takes offensive
(Pat Robertson calling for assassination of Liberals?)

Blame-throwing Bush tries to burn Democrats

It's just stuff. Or is it?

No one is safe from spook assassins,
Chavez is doing all he can to watch his back
(Keep an Eye on that Religious NUT Pancake Robertson)

Venezuelan courts have been anything
but docile during Chavez' tenure

Psycho-babbling Bush ridicules requests
for proper investigations of CIA activities

A wonderful opportunity for the
opposition's 'defenders of democracy'
(That leave's out Pat Robertson and his Bush Administration)

Retired US Ambassador:
What Chavez Frias is doing is castrating the OAS
(Maybe it needs CASTRATING?
If it's devolved into another US controlled Organization,
like the UN?)

In Defense of Lying

Lying About Lies About Lying

U.S. State Dept. told «lies» with «disinformation»

The Man Who Sold the War
Meet John Rendon,
Bush's general Goebbel in the propaganda war

Who Are They Trying to Kid?
Most Everybody Knows Bush Lied.
Bush/Cheney Subterfuge Then and Now

"Here's, here's the bottom line on this for every American and everybody in the world, nobody knows for sure, all right? We don't know what [Saddam Hussein] has. We think he has 8,500 liters of anthrax. But let's see. But there's a doubt on both sides. And I said on my program, if, if the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it's clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush Administration again, all right? But I'm giving my government the benefit of the doubt ... If he has 8,500 liters of anthrax that he's not going to give up, even though the United Nations demanded that he do that, we are doing the right thing. If he doesn't have any weapons, then we are doing the wrong thing. So, we'll see."
Propagandist Bill O'Reilly ~ March 18, 2003

"Well, my analysis was wrong and I'm sorry. Absolutely. You know. And I'm not pleased about it. ... Yeah, I just said it. What do you want me to do? Go over and kiss the camera? All right. I was wrong. I'm not pleased about it at all. And I think all Americans should be concerned about this. ... I am much more skeptical of the Bush administration now than I, I was at that time. Absolutely."
Propagandist Bill O'Reilly ~ Feb. 10, 2004

Called on terrorists to attack San Francisco
Sold America on an Illegal War!
Still backing the Bush Illegal War!
Still spreading hate world wide!
Still punditing propaganda for Bush!


Intel Op al-Zarqawi

Voice Talent Issues Correction

The fear game, our latest sensation

And now Syria in the cross hairs

House of Horrors...

Mehlis's Murky Past; US and Israeli Proxies
Pushing the Next Neo-Con War
Faking the Case Against Syria

"Black Sites" / Black Deeds

Body Politics

How the Pentagon
Justifies Phosphorous Bombs on Fallujah
In Post Saddam Iraq, There are No Civilians
(The same way all US Citizens are
'rebels' = enemy combatants)

(There will be no justice in this


Fitzgerald sees new grand jury proceedings

Washington Post Explains How the
Nazi-Created CIA Protects Us

White House blamed for Iraq abuses

'A Conspiracy So Vast…'
The Plame plot thickens…

Rehashing the Intelligence

Phosphorus 'may have killed' in Iraq

Ignoring the Facts

Outsourcing torture
Media’s acquiescence abetted un-American policy

Lawmakers Lead Efforts to Ban Prison Abuse


genocide style

Hawkish Cheney renews attack but attracts only flak

Iraq war of words heats up

Iraq 'may ask for Australian pullout'

Australian Soldiers Won't
Leave Iraq Prematurely, Downer Says
(Good name for a murdering hawk- he's a downer)


Army to Halt Call-Ups of Inactive Soldiers

Army, Marine Corps recall
18,000 body armor vests
(Same ones Rumsfeld supplied?)

Too cozy a relationship between the
military and the defense industry.

Two charged 'over Iraq memo leak'
(State Terrorism allows State Terrorists to attack Whistleblowers)

Nuclear whistleblower Vanunu
nabbed at checkpoint near J'lem
(State Terrorists to attack Whistleblowers)

Top CIA Official Met With Kadafi in Libya

US Soldier Found Guilty of
Molesting 10-Year-Old in Okinawa
Will Receive No Jail Time

'Civil Rights,'

Bush style

Thousands Rally to Demand Closure of Controversial
US Army School of Americas This Weekend

Attack of the Cronies

Pulling A Nixon On Us?

Stonewalling Plan B

When Boys Will be Jarheads

House GOP Seeks Quick Veto of Iraq Pullout

Anti-war Sentiment Adds Fuel to Protest

Bush's War on the Press

Rahm, Please Tell Us:
How Many More Must Die for It to Be
"The Right Time?"

Two Wise Men Break Ranks Over Iraq

A Thousand Tipping Points

Let the Iraq Families Speak

Ghosts of Vietnam and Watergate:
Proving Worse as Facts Emerge

Liberal Firings

Your Birthright, Up For Grabs

Why Amtrak Should Backtrack

Why We Should
De-Couple Health Care From Employment

Bush in 'Nosedive' as Murtha Urges Iraq Retreat

In South Korea,
Another Blow to Bush's Efforts in Iraq

Watergate Hero Shame Over White House Leak

"We believe [Saddam Hussein] has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons."
Liar Dick Cheney ~ March 16, 2003

"I don't believe anyone that I know in the administration ever said that Iraq had nuclear weapons."
Liar Donald Rumsfeld ~ May 14, 2003

At Events Across U.S.,
Thousands Take Issue with Wal-Mart

Research Dispels Bush Claims
That Tax Cuts Create Jobs

Our Monsters In Iraq

Body Politics

Operation Saddam - America's Propaganda War

Torturers? Who, us?

Brave New Bobcat World

The Day America Died

American Christian Fundamentalist Leader
Calls For Global War
(When is Homeland Security going to put a stop
to these religious NUTS inciting terrorism?
Or is it just another hypocrite beaurocracy
of the Robertson-Bush Regime?)


U.S. orders arrest of former
Jerusalem Post owner Conrad Black

Capitol Hillbillies: Bridge to disaster

Too many lies, too few secrets

Bush's betrayal

The Secret City

'Dead man' talking


Strikes Multiply Amid Increase In Labor Fights

Money for Napalm but not for Food Stamps

United Nations Accuses
United States of Human Rights Violations
Americans Threaten To Withdraw From World Body
Americans Retreat Into Isolationism

Canada's Martin Faces Defeat

"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans.
We couldn't do it, but God did."

Rep. Richard H. Baker [R-Louisiana]
Sept. 10, 2005

Child abuse not illegal in Israel
(Shades of the Talmud)

Arab Daily Warns Israel about
Helping Jordan Fight Terror

Arafat aide claims Israel killed
Palestinian leader with ear poison

Ha'aretz Stonewalls In Attempt to
Escape From Correcting Errors

Cuba, Venezuela and the United States

Careful With Syria

Villages evacuated as Colombian volcano eruption looms

US pledges 35 million dollars
in financial aid to Paraguay in 2006
(Translation = Military Buildup)

Oil Crisis Heats up Bolivia Again

US Israel Relations
Storm clouds ahead

Humanity in Critical Moment, Fidel Castro

US Wants UN Off Gitmo

World Info Summit Rejects Blockade

S Korea Rails against Bush and APEC

Cuba considering making bird flu vaccine

Australian defense figure caught up in US spy affair

Democracy in Japan weaker than Bush claims

Baker and Cheney:
A Tale of Two Republicans
Shed a tear for what the Grand Old Party now embraces

Sleazy GOP Attack Machine
Kicks Into High Gear to
Tear Down and Smear John Murtha

There IS no plausible goal in Iraq
but to get the US OUT!
profanity warning

Admit It: The US Has Been Defeated in Iraq

Delay's Aide Scanlon
Charged With Conspiracy to Defraud

Tropical Storm Gamma Forms Off Central America

Will California send Diebold packing?
(Diebold has a home inthe State of Diebold
(Used to be Ohio))

A Bush 'secret' exposed

A dispute over funding for the state Department of Juvenile Justice showed what one lawmaker called 'a dirty little secret' in how state agency budgets are controlled by the governor's office.

Abramoff lobbying partner agrees
to testify against Abramoff

Vatican Official Refutes Intelligent Design
(Pat Robertson to prey for assassination of the Pope
and Volcanic Eruption of Vatican City)

Intelligence Chair Wants to Declassify Iraq Document

War critics spineless, says Chickenhawk Cheney -
- With 5 deferments during the Vietnam war,
Dickless Cheney accused Democrats of
dishonesty and lacking "backbone."

Pat Robertson Endorsed
GOP Screws Poor, Sick, Farmers, and College Students
to Pay for Its
Stupid Tax Refund/Iraq War Debacle

Lawmakers pressured Interior
while taking donations from Abramoff tribes

GOP Hypocrite of the Week -- Samuel Alito, Jr.
He didn't fudge anything on
his Supreme Court application.
But now it's his hypocrisy
that's as clear as his right-wing agenda.

(A course in Stupid 101)

The CIA's Secret Budget

Our Monsters In Iraq

Evidence of cosmic antimatter reveals existence
of advanced alien civilization within our galaxy

Antimatter life forms – advanced intelligent alien civilizations
in the physical universe totally invisible to our
terrestrial technologies

Beamed microwave energy driven miniature
silent unmanned military strike and disappear vehicle
- reverse engineered UFO propagation, navigation and stealth

Saddam beaten up -
left with a minor bruise to the forehead

On the Joys and Risks
of Living Authentically in the Empire

Sustainable, Free-Range Farms and Other Tall Tales
Factory Farming’s Not the Problem -
- It's Animal Farming

A GOP Scrooge Xmas
(Praise the Lord and pass the pancakes Pat!)
New War On The Poor to Accommodate the Wealthiest 0.2%

Brent Scowcroft Talks Turkey
Sibel Edmonds Fights Fascism

God Indicted in Absentia on
Bird Flu Related Terrorism Charges

USA Patriot Act To Ease Deficit With
Pay-Per-View "Candid Americams"

CDs that can damage computers sold in Canada

Bob Woodward Exposes More

White House Links to Valerie Plame Leaker

Vice President Dick Cheney Makes
Campaign Stop For Grimm Reaper
(Pat Robertson? what's he running for?)

House GOP Seeks Quick Vote on Plan
to Recall John Murtha To Active Duty In Iraq

Russian prisoner wins lottery ticket
for a week of pleasure in London

CITGO to Begin Discounted
Heating Oil Distribution to Poor U.S. Communities

Russia wins economic battle with USA
launching Blue Stream natural gas project

USA plans to deploy ABM base in Poland to control Europe
(like it is CONTROLLING Iraq, Afghanistan?)

What are you going to do now, Mr. Bush?
"We used to have one reactionary dictator.
Now we have tens of them springing up"

Phony Theory, False Conflict

Headline News: November 18-19, 2005

Click Maps for Larger View
Hurricane Center

A New Federal War on Dissent?

Leading House Democrat
Urges Withdrawal From Iraq
"It is Time to Bring Them Home"

Murtha in Full

American President Breaks Back of
Massive Israeli Mossad Operation in United States,
Horrific Retribution Feared

Conrad Black, Ex-Hollinger Chief, Indicted for Fraud

War Crimes Committed
Against U.S. Military Personnel, June 8, 1967

Iraqi says he was held with hundreds in secret jail

Historian Charged With Denying Holocaust

Indian Nuclear Deal With US
Turns Faustian Bargain

Libby Indictment May Open Door
to Broader Iraq War Deceptions

Due Process at Guantanamo

It's Not Just Judy

On war, Senate flexes muscle

National Security Adviser was Woodward's source

Among Insurgents in Iraq,
Few Foreigners Are Found

'Next Year in Baghdad'
An unrepentant Ahmad Chalabi celebrates
his return with his neocon pals

Bush backs Cheney:
says Democratic questioning not patriotic but "irresponsible"
(or if BUSH is telling the truth (cough)
then WHO lied to him?)

Pentagon spending 'unsustainable'

Perpetrators of Ancient War Crime Sought
Mayan Ruins Hold Site Where Royal Family Was Slain

The 'No Exit' Strategy

UK confirms using white phosphorous in Falujah

Incendiary weapons: The big white lie

Iraq probes US phosphorus weapons

Iraqi Rift Grows After Discovery of Prison

Discovery of abused Iraqi prisoners
sparks outrage

U.S. raid of torture facility appears
as aim to encourage Sunnis

Afghanistan insurgence growing stronger

'Treason' rises in Africa

White House blamed for Iraq abuses

Bush’s counteroffensive on Iraqi WMD
A new wave of lies and intimidation

Stop violations of the right to health care in Iraq

Europeans Probe Secret CIA Flights

DeLay, Hastert, 31 Other Politicians Paid-Off
By Indicted Lobbyist Abramoff
To Help Block His Clients’ Rival Casino…

Turf Wars

Thomas Paine and Intelligent Design

Police Still Harassing New Orleans Relief Workers

What To Do About Bird Flu


War of Words in France

Twisting the American Dream

Documents Show Nixon Deception on Cambodia

Torture photos fuel scandal of secret Iraqi jail

Torture Photos gathered from contacts in Iraq

'Torture prison is tip of the iceberg'

White House blamed for Iraq abuses

Torture photos fuel scandal of secret Iraqi jail

Saddam 'punched by court clerks'

Program Nixed in 2001 Could Have
Curbed Gulf Coast Damage

Rights Groups Assail Senate Compromise on Detainees

Job Creation, Quality at Historic Low, Think Tank Finds

High Court Dodges Cases on Felony Voting,
Police Interrogations

Son of the scoundrel: The sequel
Bush returns to the well, calling critics traitors

About Iraq on the Record

Tootling merrily along
Cronyism still runs rampant,
even in wake of Katrina fiasco

Students, parents rebuff US military recruiters

CIA interrogation techniques—a history

What We Know Now

Driving America Off Oil

Dirty Libby

Criticism of Voting Law Was Overruled
Justice Dept. Backed Georgia Measure
Despite Fears of Discrimination
(Ya gotta be right and white to vote!)

Massive Cosmic Blasts Hit Southern Hemisphere
as Weather Chaos Envelopes Entire Globe,
World's Scientists Concern Over Anomalous
Solar System 'Object' Grows

Propaganda nightmare of chemical hypocrisy

And Omri's father remains silent

More Inquiries Into Frist Finances Sought

Truly misplaced priorities
GOP won't face underlying issues of leak

Frist Inoculates Drug Makers for
Any Vaccine Liability After
Industry Won bought Him Senate

President Bush excels at creating fiction

Clarke under fire as Briton
is sent to US on terror charges

U.K. Pound Drops to 23-Month Low

Happy days are here again in a global culture
dumbed down to diminished expectations.

Iran Now Says Satellite Can Spy on Israel

Peaceful use of N-energy,
Iran inalienable right

Eyes on US Troops in Paraguay as Bolivian Election Nears

"I don't believe in the arguments being put forth by the Secretary of Defense or the Embassy in Asuncion," said Jorge Ramon de la Quintana, a former Bolivian military officer and current political analyst. "The military presence in Paraguay reflects a series of perceived threats by U.S. Southern Command…this is the return of the Domino Theory."

U.S. airman gets suspended term
for molesting 10-year-old girl

Decaffeinated coffee may cause heart problems

Secret government UFO file unveiled

Genes can be 'changed' by foods

Oral sex linked to cancer
(Monika better get to the doctor!)

Canada Post investigation turns up 75,000 letters

Lawmakers Acted on Heels of
Abramoff Gifts (bribes and payoffs
They should all go to jail)

Even Republicans no longer trust Bush

A torturous debate

The Insidious Corruption of Corporate Capitalism, Nation States
and Institutional Religion on Natural Social Evolution

Rhetoric and Reality;
an audacious double standard

Bobcats in Brave, New World

The United States of Torture

Glamour, unknown phenomenon for USSR,
conquers present-day Russia

Miracle Observed in Iraqi Torture Facility

Bush On Strike From Carlyle Group
For Longer Vacations, Shorter Working Hours

Fox's 'Bin' O'Reilly:
Absurd as bombing East LA
and calling it fighting crime!

American Christian Fundamentalist Leader
Calls For Global War

British MP: US Army Is Defeated in Iraq



Media Lies regarding the Use of
White Phosphorus Bombs

Bob Woodward Collaborated
With the Bush Team to Lie to America

Discovery of abused Iraqi prisoners sparks outrage

Phosphorus Tale Burns Pentagon

Imagine: Torture and the Geneva Conventions

Democrats to Push for Vote on Torture Ban
Detainee policy could spark division among Republicans

Dick Cheney: War Profiteer

A Hero of Guantánamo
As the Camp Delta hunger strikers grow weaker,
the US Senate is denying them justice

Ludendorff, Not Lincoln
Bush's White House is Dismissive of History,
Yet Increasingly Desperate to Rewrite It

Germ Warfare:
The Second Front of
Scooter Libby, Judy Miller and Dick Cheney

So's Your Mother

If You're For Torture, You Are a Torturer

Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With
Cheney Task Force

The Media Monster That's Eating the Dems

The New York Times, Nuclear Weapons and Iran:
Stupidity, Laziness or Déjà vu All Over Again?

'Intelligent Design' is Not About Science,
It's About Putting God Into the Classroom

My Fellow Americans:
A Letter to America

GAO Blasts Pentagon Spending
A U.S. Congress report finds that the
Pentagon’s acquisition system is broken

Guard shows no remorse over Iraq bunker prisoners

U.S. Congress and change of course in Iraq

Democrats Have Evidence
That The Bush Administration Deliberately
Manipulated Pre-war Intelligence

It Is Time To Bring Them Home

Bush can't handle the truth

World at tipping point; oil peak arrives

Ask the HMO Physician

Cop gets four months in jail
for 'assault' that left suspect dead
(Doublespeak Translation:
Murdering Cop will serve no time in Jail for Murder!)

Police used 'dum dum' bullets
(illegal weaponry) to kill de Menezes

Kay Quall was 14 when she learned
never to trust a cop
(Rapist Psycopath Cop Still on the job with GUN and BADGE!)

Tucson officer violates probation

Edmonton Officer Receives Slap on Wrist
for Targeting Journalist

Texas Cop Molests Children
(Might serve NO TIME!)


An 18-year Topeka police officer was arrested Thursday afternoon and charged with 144 offenses that included perjury, falsifying evidence, official misconduct, perjury, theft and promoting obscenity.

Bush's DoJ Fights Racism -
- Against White Men

Thank you from Hell

Tom DeLay Quotes
(More Stupid than BUSH!)

Cheney's 'Dark Arts'
Vice president exposed as being above the law,
just like the commander in chief
The architect of a secret war on our Constitution

White Phosphorus, Caged Lions, Peeling Skin

And Another Thing, You Donkey Heads
Cheney falls way down the rabbit hole over Democrats' dissent
(Put this GOP on a Roller Coaster!)

More evidence of US dirty war in Iraq

Right-wing smear campaign against
antiwar vet Jimmy Massey

Desperation on the Precipice of Disaster

Pentagon agrees to probe Feith's role in Iraq intel
(To Rubber Stamp Bush's Feith-Based Horrors?)

Robert Parry Catches Bush Lying ...
... over and over and over and over ...

Bush's Betrayal of History

House Democrats Defeat Spending Bill

In Challenging War's Critics,
Administration Tinkers with Truth

Reid: We Need Answers and a Way Forward in Iraq,
Not Another Cheney Attack Speech

The End of News?

Friend of Abramoff Testifies (LIES) on Their Ties

Headline News: November 17-18, 2005

Hurricane Center

Prominent Conservative Leader:
Government in Hands of Psychopaths
May stage terror attacks

Sony's Copyright Overreach

The consumer-electronics giant has unleashed a firestorm by including a covert program on music CDs that leaves PC users prey to viruses. Stewart Baker, an Assistant Secretary at the Homeland Security Dept., picked up the ball and ran with it. On Nov. 10, he gave Sony a public finger-wagging for undermining computer security measures: "It's very important to remember that it's your intellectual property -- it's not your computer," he said. (Any source or website placing spyware on your computer can be SUED! by YOU.. the computer owner. Bush somehow accidently hired someone in his administration with a head on his shoulders and with common sense!)

U.S. has detained 83,000 in war on terror

CIA Leaks Google Shares
(Why is a government agency using
taxpayer money to buy stock?
Does that allow them 'off the books' operations?)

A curse called U.S. democracy

Perfect storm sits over White House

American charged with Iraq bribes
(More GOP Relgious Right Criminal Activity
Religious Right in bed with the Money Changers!)

Bush Tries to Deceive Us About Deceiving Us

US appears oblivious to the grim facts

U.S. Envoy Denies Venezuela Plots

U.N. claims U.S. social system violates human rights

Feds' Net-wiretap order set to kick in

China to vaccinate all 14 billion of its birds

China intolerant to US interference

France at the Brink

UK moves to forge coalition to fight
in southern Afghanistan after US pullback

'Mafia' gangs 'inside UK banks'

Home Office approves cannabis-based MS drug

Tony Blair Faces Sudden Political Death

Le Pen: France is Under Invasion

Turkey and Denmark clash over press freedom

Tormented 'war children' take Norway to court

How the CIA Uses the Press

Nixon-era papers show worry about
Israel nuke ambitions

The dwindling sands in Sharon's hourglass

Laptop scenario, US-Israel ploy against Iran

Female Socialist Leads Chile's Presidential Race

Pope Benedict XVI pays homage to Castro

Emergency Humanitarian Aid Encouraged by Cuba before the UN

Republicans get steamed over rice trade with Cuba

Uruguay's Workers Decry
Cuba-Stubbing Treaty Signed with US

Cuba, China sign agreement to improve environment

Bill Frist is Bad,
Ergo Republicans Love Him!
Willy had a strange penchant for routinely
adopting cats from local shelters
so he could experiment on them and kill them.
(Endorsed by Pat Robertson too!)

Mexico wants end of war of words with Venezuela

Dispute with Venezuela plays into
Mexican presidential race

Mexican Party Blames Fox for Venezuela Crisis

Shop owner beats Coca Cola,

prompts largest Mexican antitrust rulings

Protests 'biggest in Australian history'

Workers' message is loud and clear

Howard shrugs off IR protests

Rumsfeld protesters vow to step up

Police estimate over 100,000 at IR rally in Melbourne
(Unions say 200,000)

Indonesia threatens to seize oil field from Exxon Mobil Corp

Creating a Right-Wing Nation, State by State
Goals: "rolling back civil rights,
challenging government restrictions on corporate pollution,"
"limiting government regulations of commerce
privatizing public services."

Feminism Is a Failure, and Other Myths

Debunking Prewar Intelligence Falsehoods

A (Tax) Cut Below

Did FDA Play Politics With Plan B?

Same Old Liar!

Hagel Defends Criticisms of Iraq Policy
Administration Calls Statements by Democrats Harmful to War Effort

The Big Lie Technique

A Conversation with Dr. Moron

The GOP Religious Right Goal and Doctrine

Tide Turning in GOP Senators' War View
Bipartisan Amendment Is Rebuff to Bush

Calling For Truth and Dignity
in the Nation's Conduct

Thrill of the Kill:
The Other Tragedy in Iraq

America, The Naive
Listen to the President's Soothing Words, and
Ignore Those Who Disturb Your Rest.

New Orleans' Racial Divide:
An Unnatural Disaster

Interesting Times, Dangerous Times

Bush's Unpopularity Is Good News for the World

It's The Skepticism, Stupid:
How the Media Can Restore Credibility

Another Duel In Credibility Gulch

Ignore the Man Behind That Memo

Blair Should Stop Playing Fall Guy in
Rumsfeld's War Games

Nation Needs a More Affordable Health Care System

Journalists Avoiding the Real Libby Story

Spaniard Calls C.I.A. Plane Case 'Very Serious'

Probe Finds Broadcast Chief Broke Law, Played Politics
(It's by CRIMINAL activity that the
GOP Religious Right Fundamentalists
intend to take over the United States and
enslave us to their
'special' brand of hypocrisy Christianity)

Evidence Mounts That Bush Wants New Wars

We Do Torture

Marines Quiet About Brutal New Weapon

Not guilty.
The Israeli captain who put
17 bullets into a Palestinian schoolgirl
(No Justice for Palestinian People!)

Finances Bleak at Pension Agency
As More Big Employers Stumble, Obligations Pile Up

Uproar at Threat to Kill Extremist Sympathisers

Ariadne 2005

Driving the dollar up, the euro down

Supreme Court stabs another GOP knife
into US democracy by upholding ex-felon vote ban

How a Spending Cut Became an Increase
Republicans Want Even More Deficit Spending

The Cairo Peace Process

The Moderates' Integrity Test

A War For Karl

Alito's Smoking Gun

Big Oil may face a $5 billion levy

Advocacy groups sue over new Medicare plan

CIA camps row heats up in Europe

Christmas rendition

The revolution this time

Health care in America:
An ongoing, massive con game

Evidence Mounts That Bush Wants New Wars

Holocaust denier deported from US

US troops 'starve Iraqi citizens'

Who profited from Amman bombings?
Israelis were evacuated hours before the attack

Doctors question Guantanamo ethics

Sacramento City Council Votes for
Withdrawal From Iraq
(Bill O'Reilly to Invite Al-Quaeda To Nuke Sacramento?)

In a Battle of Wits, Iraq's Insurgency Mastermind
Stays a Step Ahead of U.S.

Australia: 500,000 workers demonstrate
against Howard’s industrial legislation

The U.S. Senate votes "no confidence" in defeat

A Tramcar named Oppression

Prosecutors Seek More of DeLay's Records

New Disclosure Could Prolong Inquiry on Leak

Bush's con job

The idiocy of defending torture

Believe in God but teach evolution

When in trouble, head for China

The Debate About Factory Takeovers
Venezuelan Workers Manage Idle Factories Themselves

Hope is for the Weak:
The Challenge of a Broken World

The Turning Point?

Rulers Who Inhabit an Amoral World:

The Rejection of All Restraint

Gulf Coast Slaves

Mind control experiments for controlling mass populations

Extraterrestrial communication
in invisible electromagnetic spectrum
anatomy of mind to mind communication

Electromagnetic flux control by altering time dimension
and spatial manipulation of other dimensions

Intelligent alien extraterrestrial UFOs
unmanned, self-maintaining, super smart, robotized under stealth

Electromagnetic propulsion and plasma dynamics laboratories
report terrestrial implementation of technologies
that can challenge extraterrestrial UFOs

Dark matter intelligent alien civilizations
at the outer edge of the solar system

Extraterrestrial UFOs
repairing, degrading and melting earth’s mantle?

India and Israel forge ahead with
joint scientific research and development

Cuba Demands Non-Elite Info Society

Cities Knock US Blockade of Cuba

US Ends Help to Katrina Refugees
(Bush LIED again)

Venezuela Congress Backs Chavez on OAS

Time for Mr. Bush to stop blaming
Intelligence Community for his failures
(Intelligence - Bush: Never had Any - Didn't Use Any)

Terrorists 'R' Us

Desperate Bush Attack Dogs

Accentuate the Right’s Descent

What Could Be More Moderate
Than To Be Progressive?

Can Rahm Emanuel Save the Democrats?

The Woodward Bombshell is a Disaster
for the White House

Asteroid Apophis 500 meters in diameter
to ram into Earth in 2029

"I Rove-bot"

Bush Administration tries to sell Iraq war
(on E-BAY?)

Star Wars Missle Test Fails: Hymen Hurt

Club Abu Ghraib? US Military Unprepared
For Flood of Iraqi War Tourists!

A wonderful opportunity for the
opposition's 'defenders of democracy'

US Southern Command:
Venezuela is guilty of radical populism
and therefore a legitimate target

Argentinean Ambassador to Venezuela:
Fox tried to lord it over summit members
(Be Nice to FOX!
He was only reading the script Bush gave him!
It will cost him his presidency of Mexico)

Chronic, sadistic liars' negative statements
about Chavez and Venezuela
(Must be talking about the
They only say nice things about thier poodles.... right Blair?)

Venezuelan delegation to visit Tehran
to see Iranian companies' capabilities

New Tribes missions have three months
from today to leave Venezuela

Headlines - Justify My Gov

The High Cost of Low Price Trailer

The CIA'S 'secret' prisons in Afghanistan

The BBC, of course!

Believe 9-11 Was an Inside Job? Leave the Country!
(Swanson frozen food heir, Tucker Carlson
Joins the Ranks of Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson
Religious Right Terrorists)

Conventional Terror...

Mogadishu on the Tigris:
The Reality of Bush's Iraq

Ex-detainee says torture widespread in Iraq bunker

Amman Radisson Owned by Palestinians

Bomb trigger

White Phosphorus

Lying, the Administration, and Congress

Intelligent Evolution...Versus Me

Historic New Orleans battlefield fights Katrina damage

Siraf, a Legendary Ancient Port

Indian art thought lost rediscovered
in upstate New York

Excavated Village Unlocks Mystery
of Tribe's Economy

US military’s apparent lack of concern for the
monuments of Samarra has already attracted criticism this year

Scientists propose theory of time perception

The strange case of supernatural water

No pork ban in Ancient Egypt

Overpopulation: Partying as the iceberg looms

Scientists find a key to bird flu


Vietnamese scientists decode gene of bird flu virus

Pin the Tail on the Eco-Disaster

'Glowing' Meat Alarms Aussies

Fla. Lifeguard Drives Over Sunbather's Head

American inventor patents
space-time bending spaceship

Polygamy on the rise in Norway

Nature’s Nuclear Reactor

UK lakes and rivers recovering from acid rain

Three Million Bees Discovered In Backyard Shed

God's Wrath Sinner's Forecast

Pat's God has determined that due to sin
these people and animals must suffer,
whether they were the sinners or not
and irregardless of what Jesus really said!

Storm front heads east after spawning twisters

China confirms two human cases of bird flu

Rain, Slides Spark Chaos in Norway

Second big quake reported off Japan

Thousands in the dark as storm hits Europe

Mystery illness strikes 182 in Canadian school, baffles doctors

Did this man work for
Pat Robertson and CBN?

China detects first human bird-flu case

China to vaccinate all 14 billion of its birds against bird flu

Avian Flu Pandemic Threatens World

Volcano forces Colombia evacuation

New Zealand Earthquake Swarm Continues

Disappearance of plankton causes
unprecedented collapse in sea and bird life
off western US coast

'Intersex' Fish Found Off California Coast

Over 50 birds die in British quarantine from bird flu

Legionnaires' disease outbreak hits Australia

Mysterious fever claims 8 lives in India

Strong 7.2 quake shakes northern Japan

Headline News: November 16-17, 2005

The Bushification of John McCain

O’Reilly Resorts To McCarthyism,

Plans To Publish Online Enemies List
(I hope we make it!)

Dems To Keep Pressure On GOP During Recess...
"If They Think By Adjourning
We Are Going To Leave, They're Wrong"...

Another Song and Dance

From the GOP - A Pat Robertson CBN Organization

House Dems Trying To Force Vote
On Withdrawing Troops From Iraq Immediately...

Time to Target Wal-Mart

It's Obstruction Time

A White House document shows that executives from big oil companies met with Vice President Cheney's energy task force in 2001 -- something long suspected by environmentalists but denied as recently as last week by industry officials testifying before Congress.

Arrested Development

Our Man Cheney

Jailing Texas Politicians Would Cut Crime Rate

Amman Bombings: More Suspicious Details

Suspected torture centre found in Iraq

Former U.S. Army Interrogator Describes
the Harsh Techniques He Used in Iraq,
Detainee Abuse by Marines and Navy Seals
and Why 'Torture is the Worst Possible Thing We Could Do'

Senate Republicans Block Iraq Timetable

US Senate votes to require progress reports on Iraq

Iraqi Chalabi meets CoCONspirators Cheney, Rumsfeld

EU says states could face sanctions for CIA jails

Bulgaria informs allies over Iraq withdrawal plans

US faces threat on Manas air base

Peru's No. 2 wants to cut Japan ties

UN decries brutal conditions and
absence of justice in Iraqi-run jails
(These are under the authority of the US Occupation)

Iraqi Official Probes Torture Allegations
(or Whitewashing US Torture Practices
under 'puppet' Police and Jails)

Saddam defence lawyer flees Iraq
(Star Chamber To Continue anyway)

Afghanistan: The War With No End

Bush Policies Seen as Destabilizing for Asia

San Francisco, where citizens not only fly rainbow flags, but march in the hundreds of thousands in support of sexual diversity. The enlightened citizens of the City by the Bay don't cower under the threats of money-grubbing, headline-chasing televangelists.

Shell Ordered to Stop Wasteful, Poisonous
'Gas Flaring' in Nigeria

The US Used Chemical Weapons in Iraq
- And Then Lied About It
Now we know napalm and phosphorus bombs
have been dropped on Iraqis,
why have the hawks failed to speak out?

Reagan to Sparta:
25 Years of Camouflage Conservatism

Senators Snowe and Collins Must Work
to Defeat Alito's Supreme Court Nomination

When Presidents Lie
American public shouldn't be surprised by
unraveling justification for war


Unethical actions in Guantanamo Bay
can't be justified

Father of Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee
has message for Rumsfeld

The Global Struggle Against Torture:
Guantanamo Bay, Bagram and beyond

US Given Ultimatum on Guantanamo Inspection

Iraqi government started punishing provinces
who rejected the constitution

End of Justice in Australia

Answers about the Bush regime's conduct
are buried at the World Bank

So typically Ugly American, thankfully a minority ...
take Bush, for starters!

The Senators' Rebellion

In Praise of 'Virtual States'

Republicans Cut and Run from Iraq and Bush
(They created the BUSH monster!
They can go to jail with him!)

What Are They Cooking Up
in the White House?


The Revision Thing
Democrats made a key mistake when they voted
for the Iraq War: They trusted the president.

Bush's Rewriting of History

Exposed: The Carlyle Group

Sorry Jimmy, This IS the 'Real America'

Here we go again:
Hugo Chávez allegedly an 'anti-Semite'!
They must be at their wits end!

Putting judges on trial -- literally

Pat Robertson Puppet and
Ex-Chief of Public TV Violated Federal Law

Children at risk of sexual exploitation in EU
(and White House, and US, and Churches, and Schools)

Russian girl dying of horrible tumors
to be operated on in Israel

Peruvian desert still keeps the mystery
of its Nasca lines

Bush Gang Swore Saddam
Was Behind 9/11 In Lawsuit

Lt. Bush Heads the GOP Hero-Wannabe Unit

Torture -- Spare Me The Tough Talk

Administration Thinks Abuse Sounds Better
Than Torture

Prisoners of the Senate
(Occupation - Reconstruction - it's all the same thing)

Flouting the Constitution:
Right to Challenge Detention is Central to U.S. Law

Scott Ritter Tells the Complete Story Why We're in Iraq
It Begins with the CIA's Conspiracy to Undermine the UN
and Overthrow Saddam Hussein

Bad mistakes from US media,
bad news for Bush

Rewriting history, Mr Bush? ... As I was saying ...

US sweep of arrests after Iraq invasion
leads to few convictions

US detains Iraqis in mass arrests
(They used to call it Auschwitz)

White House Iraq Group Must be Investigated

Toxic Truths from the Iraqi Battlefront

Former Iraqi Detainees Allege Torture by U.S. Troops
Men Say Repeated Beatings, Mock Execution,
Sexual Humiliation Were Prevalent

Italians Protest US Burning of Iraqis
(and Bush says turn the oven up 7 times hotter)

Witnessing first-hand the atrocities carried out by the US military in the invasion and occupation of Iraq, Private First Class Joshua Key decided to desert the US Army rather than face redeployment in the criminal war

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?

Spanish police expose more CIA links
to secret flights of detainees

Iraqi PM: Detainees Apparently Starved and Tortured

U.S. troops threw us into lion cages
(It's that Compassionate Christian Bullsh*t)

House Committee to Examine Tax Cuts

Free Speech at Issue in Wisconsin Right to Life Ad Case

Measures to Undercut 'Terrorism'
Stunt Charities' Fundraising

Peeling the Smokies

Beyond Wal-Mart

I Was Wrong, but So Were You
Parsing Bush's new mantra.

The Real Face of The

U.S. Occupation Of Iraq

9/11 body attacks White House

Competition: Destroyer of character

Sharon's son guilty in funds scandal

Lines of control shift like sands in the desert

Arab League comes back strong
after an extended slumber

The terrorist bombings in Jordan
A byproduct of US aggression

Australian government rams through parliament
draconian new workplace laws


Impeachment in Seven Reasons

Stupid or lying?
Republican tax cuts continue to be pad for the economy

It won't work this time
Bush's latest speech won't garner support

Anxious working class is largely overlooked by Congress
Both parties are out of touch with needs of middle class America

Israeli regime acquits "Captain R" -
of 'confirming kill' of Gaza girl

Venezuela's Chavez has the guts to say it as it is …
Fox is a traitor to his people

United States keeps 'diplomatic' silence
over Mexican-Venezuelan tiff
(The US Caused IT! on Purpose!
Divide and Conquer)

Chavez Frias ashamed and angry over crime
against Cuban medical personnel

Maria Corina Machado will probably be convicted
for treason, sedition and fraud

Born and raised in the United States of Nazi America...

There are no people living in the streets of Cuba ...
and they are right!

Mexico's ultimatum is a senseless aggression

CIA Prison Debate Moves to EU

Bush Admin Must Explain Iraq Lies

Cuba Looks at Law and Families

An Open Letter to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Bush Team Has Good Reason To Worry

Rediscovered Testimony Given by CIA Director in 2001
Suggests Manipulation of Pre-war Intelligence

The Devolution of Intelligent Design

Attorney General Phill Kline,
Bush's Kind of Guy

More than 13,000 being held by coalition in Iraqi prisons;
Less than 2% have been convicted


The Tragic Consequences Of Unregulated Free Trade
Piece-By-Piece, The Strongest Corporations Take Over Everything

Pat Robertson Blows ID's Cover:
'Intelligent Design' Isn't about Science But
about Putting God into the Classroom

What Those Evangelistic Right Wing GOPs really want
Brainwashing Religion into Children.... at Taxpayer Expense!

According to sources close to Mr. Robertson, the representatives were concerned that Robertson was "going to blow the lid off the whole 'intelligent design isn't creationism' conspiracy".

Bush Again Channels Goerring in
Tirade against Iraq war detractors

Not Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose-
-It's The Whole Ball of Wax

Has GWB's spending spree so far cost YOU PERSONALLY
more than your annual salary?

Decoding Mr. Bush's Denials

Robert Fisk criticises rise of patriot journalism in US

Russia and Uzbekistan join efforts
to repulse external aggression from USA

Bulgarian doctors at trial in Libya for spreading AIDS

Jordanian suicide bomber takes revenge
for her brothers killed by US soldiers in Iraq

Baby girl was born holding her heart in her hand

Scientists discover frozen mummy,
which kills those who shatter its peace

Bush Approval Lowest Ever.
White House Remains Delusional

Republican Leaders
Schwarzenegger and Bush Meet in China
(Peddling for Votes?)

George W. Bush Blames Democrats
for his Failure in Iraq

George W. Bush Reveals Avian Flu is
Iraqi Al Qaeda Plot

More Good News From Iraq:
American Torture Chambers
Much Better than Saddam's

George W. Bush Tries Out
New Five Syllable Word for Terror

Bush runs, but can't hide, from failures

Prince Dubya's pathetic posturings

Bush flees country,(again)

hoping to leave troubles behind

Dubya's Asian carvinal

He's back! Cheney emerges from the shadows

The Al-Zarqawi 11/9 Amman Bombings:
More Holes in the Official Story

US Navy Seals/Prisoners Photos
(Evidence of the WAR CRIMES)

Fox News Propagandist and
Hate Monger Bill O'Reilly
Offers San Francisco to
Terrorists -- for the Taking!

Bill O'Reilly openly invited
an al Qaeda attack on the city of San Francisco.
So where's the righteous public outrage?
(What's the difference between this and
the statement to wipe Israel off the map?)

Just So You'll Know about those
Pundits calling for
War, Draft, School Recruiting!

Bill O'Reilly, O'Reilly Factor -
FOX News Propagandist
- Bush Puppet -
No military service.

Sean Hannity, Hannity & Colmes host, O'Reilly Puppet
No military service.

Rush Limbaugh, Radio talk show host, Drug addict
No military service.

Ann Coulter, writer & commentator, transvestite?
No military service.

Michael Savage, Radio talk show host, Fool
No military service.

Bill O'Reilly's Letter
To The Citizens of New Orleans

Vibrating Bill

Bill O'Reilly - A Con Man?

O’Reilly cover-up

Bill O'Reilly Calls Teenagers "Dumb"

O'REILLY: Have you been in combat Colonel?
PUCKETT: Me? No, sir, I have not.
O'REILLY: How 'bout you, Colonel?

O'REILLY: So you know what we're talkin' about. "Cause I was in combat and when you are there your adrenalin is flying through your ears.

Bill O'Reilly Suggests We Blow Up
Failed Iraqi Bomber

Bill O'Reilly MISInformation

Fibbing It Up at Fox

Bill O'Reilly's Racist Distortion of History

Headline News: November 15-16, 2005

The Ghosts of Veterans Past
Haunt a President

Bush Fires Back at Critics
(Like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum)

In Guantanemo; everything is permissible

A curse called U.S. democracy

Iran backs Syria
in face of mounting U.S. pressure

We all know that it is right, when you tell a lie,
if it promotes the Christian cause!

Darkness Over Empire

Nonviolence on Veterans Day?

Enemies of Democracy

The Magic Words

Dover Bitch Robertson

Uzbekistan's highest court found
15 men guilty of an Islamist terrorist plot
a trial condemned by the United States as unfair.
(And what about FAIR trials for kidnappees
in Guantanemo Torture Camp?
Two Face - Double Standard Hypocrites)

'We've Seen the Inner Workings
and Felt the Consequences':
Iraq War Vet Pat Resta Speaks Out About
the War and Occupation

Opposition to Sharon in Canada
(Keep the war criminal out of Canada)

So many secrets, so few shredders

Burn in hell, Mr. President

Not the kind of welcome to Iraq the U.S. expected

Bush Team Has Good Reason To Worry

Did Al-Zarqawi Really Bomb Amman?

Fallujah Revisited

Hillary in the Holy Land

Other Parties? Whoops!

Mr. Bush, Meet Mr. Taft

Yellowcake to 'Plamegate'

Blast rocks downtown Karachi

Did Israel have Prior Knowledge
of the Amman 11/9 Terror Attacks?

FDA broke its own rules

Corporate Media and Amman Bombings:
Nothing Here, Move On


The Corporate Media's threat to Freedom

The Jordan river of lies

CIA Accused of Using Airport in Mallorca

U.S.-Iraqi Assault Meets Resistance Near Syrian Border

The fog of war: white phosphorus,

Fallujah and some burning questions

'I treated people who had their skin melted'

Iraqis say soldiers threw them in lions’ den
Businessmen were detained by U.S. forces
American soldiers threw them into a cage of lions
in a Baghdad palace, as part of a
terrifying interrogation in 2003
(God Bless Torture, Right Pat? Right George?)

The Iraqi army and multinational forces
violated international law during military operations
in western Iraq last month by arresting doctors
and occupying medical facilities, a U.N. report said Monday
(But the UN was deafly silent when the US bombed
and occupied hospitals and schools?)

US atomic expert doubts report
of Iran weapons work

Prepare for Peak Oil Now

Scientists have discovered sexually altered fish
(Pat Robertson tells fish they have defiled
most holy Xtian Symbol)

UN Warns of Human Rights Violations in Iraq
(no shit Sherlock)

"They hate us, .. and they hate freedom."

Iraqi Sunnis Slam Targeted Crackdowns

The New al-Qaeda:
More Dangerous Than the Old Version

US on Sidelines as Latin American Voters
Prepare to Redraw Continent
Elections likely to bring new alliances and governments
that defy old ideological labels

This Isn't The Real America

Losing Habeas Corpus -
"A More Dangerous Engine of Arbitrary Government"

Cheney Is on the Way Out!

The World Is Made of Nations, Not Markets

Central Bankers Declare War on European Nations

Bush, Rice off to Asia

Chalabi Meets with Rice and Others in DC

Evolution, Ecology and 'Malignant Design'

A Time to Change:
The Media Debates masturbates Itself

An Unconstitutional Amendment

Rigged: Senate Fails Public,
Gives Oil Moguls Red-Carpet Treatment
(or Senate Kisses Oily Asses)

Bush Rewrites History
To Criticize His Anti-war Critics

The Sun's Not Yellow, It's Chicken:
Why Torture Makes Perfect Sense to the

U.S. calls medics to Iraq police detention center
Scores of detainees found in poor health

Iraqi police went further, telling CNN that many detainees in the Baghdad building "had obviously endured torture" and were "detained in poor health conditions."

Torture’s out. Now they call it abuse

CIA Accused of Using Airport in Mallorca

Secretive firm helps U.S. wage information war abroad

Philanthropy versus Government Welfare

Free Trade, Free Guns

Spain Looks Into C.I.A.'s Handling of Detainees

Target Wal-Mart

Investigators boinked 22-year-old criminal justice major
before assigning her to work as undercover stripper

Mug shots released to press ...
except mug shots of cops

Riot at C-Mart

How Did Saddam Hussein Become a Grave Threat?

The Persistence of Racism
The Ghosts of Japan's Past

IDF choppers in service of drug cartel
(and Israel gets $14million per day from the US?!!!)

Bush faces crisis...

'Do you really want to hurt me?
Bush: Yes, we do.'

The Staggeringly Impossible Results
of Ohio's '05 Election

Race and colonialism

The Making of the Arab Menace

Avoiding the big questions in Iraq

The President Betrayed Us

Even US Allies HATE BUSH!

Champions of Democracy Are Wrong

Doing Unto Others as They Did Unto Us

Answer to the judge:
The ticking bomb and the license to torture

Al-Qaeda tightens its grip in Iraq

Bush’s counteroffensive on Iraqi WMD

When presidents lie

Religious right sabotages success story

Mordechai Vanunu:
'Having the atomic bomb is what has allowed Israel
to fearlessly carry out its apartheid policy'

Venezuela's Foreign Ministry:
Mexico's ultimatum is a senseless aggression

Venezuelan Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guard
launch operation

US GOP leaders are really somethin' else!

What kind of lunatics are they?

Venezuela has nothing to gain
from the Andean Community of Nations

Americans appear foolish, dim-witted,
cowardly and morally bankrupt...

Venezuela: Socialism without the use
of any reformist fig-leaves

Australian Venezuela Bolivarian Solidarity Network
calling for support

Israeli Mossad establishing
Trinidad & Tobago base against Venezuela

King has more friends in West than at home

Where are you….here are we?

Bush Close to Bombing Syria

Is Bush China Competent?

Corporate Media’s threat to Freedom

Hope is for the Weak:
The Challenge of a Broken World

Can we face reality?
It's a very painful sight


Leaks Can Be Good
Secret Government Sucks

Confused gods, suicide bombers and heaven,
or democracy tutorials for dummies

Mysterious Antarctica
may be the home of the oldest civilization

Porn DVDs available in Welsh toilets

Japanese ladies obsessed with toilet sounds

Brief Insight in the History of the Most Delicate Paper

New Moscow toilets strike imagination
with luxury and no water

Fox News Propagandist and
Hate Monger Bill O'Reilly
Offers San Francisco to
Terrorists -- for the Taking!

Bill O'Reilly openly invited
an al Qaeda attack on the city of San Francisco.
So where's the righteous public outrage?
(What's the difference between this and
the statement to wipe Israel off the map?)

God Denies Ever Speaking

To Pat Robertson

The loony wrath of Pat Robertson

I don't remember Christian leaders
being mean-spirited when I was a kid

Heeere's Pat!


Rev. Robertson turns intelligent design
into a near universal threat

Profit Pat Robertson Says about Planned Parenthood
"It is teaching kids to fornicate, teaching people to have adultery,
every kind of bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism-everything
that the Bible condemns." "The 700 Club," 4/9/91
(and I thought It was
Religious-Right Pat Robertson-endorsed
Lynn Cheney and Scooter Libby teaching people this in
their enlightening Textbooks on the subjects!!!)

Let me be the first to nominate Pat Robertson
as America's answer to Chicken Little

Smack me harder darling!
I am going to church!

Christian Coalition leader Criminal Ralph Body Bag Reed
says he influenced effort to shut casinos.

God's Pat Problem

Pat Robertson Endorses a Criminal,
a Public Records Destroyer
and a Drug Abusing 'Christian'
Robertson "should stay out of our town"

The likes of Pat Robertson are nothing new in America. President James Madison dealt with many like Robertson when Madison said, "Experience witnesseth that ecclesiastical establishments, instead of maintaining the purity and efficacy of religion, have had a contrary operation. During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution" (James Madison, A Memorial and Remonstrance, addressed to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, 1785).

Pat Robertson Vaporized By Apophis Asteroid

Home School Movement Needs Metal Detectors,
Says Pat Robertson

Robertson's take on evolution
The Constitution of our great country provides
for keeping religions separate from government.
Pat obviously does not believe in the Constitution.

Did voters turn Dover into a God-free zone?

God Denies Links to Pat Robertson

Bunkshooter Robertson silly, pathetic

Theory of Dumb Design May Explain
Pat Robertson Televangelist's Brain,
Mouth Eludes Other Theories, Experts Say

Pancake Pat - Norfolk, Virginia
At least a few of us who share his hometown
see him for what he is — a self-righteous bigot

The sanctimonious televangelist is wrong

theologically, biblically and anthropologically.
Three strikes. He's out.

Dover PA Destroyed by God's Wrath
Over Intelligent Design Vote

God's Wrath Sinner's Forecast

Strong Earthquake Shakes Northern Japan
(Clearing out the Sinners before Pat's Henchman (BUSH)
for God gets there?)

Indonesia's president confirms seven deaths from bird flu

Climate change could spread Black Death plague
(Pat's God working Overtime to eradicate the suffering sinners)

New Tropical Depression Forms In Atlantic
(God strikes the Caribbean Sinners Again! - Right Pat?)

Australia headed for hottest year on record
(Getting those sinners ready with a taste of Hell Pat?)

Mammals at greater risk as bird flu strain mutates
(Can't say that around Pat Robertson!
His God will wipe you off the face of the earth
to even 'hint' at something scientific
Man is a mammal according to science)

Baby tests positive for bird flu in Thailand

Bird flu spreads to 10 provinces of Vietnam
(Ahh remember the War as God gets even)

Massive Eel-grass die-off in US threatens crab population
(Crabs come from fornicating...
wipe out crabs then you'll get rid of fornication!
- Religious critical thinking)

Red Tide Bloom Discovered Off Florida Coast
(and the Rivers Turn to Blood- right Pat?
Oooops forgot about that infallibility crap
-- it really has to be blood!)

Mysterious Disease Hits Fish In New York River
(God's war on Fish!
He never did forgive that one that PUKED out Jonah?)

Headline News: November 14-15, 2005

UN's Mehlis report discredited ::
International espionage over Syria?

Detainees Deserve Court Trials
Without Haebus Corpus the Innocent stay imprisoned!

"I Was Tortured"
By Sister Dianna Ortiz, OSU

Sister Ortiz relates her personal experiences and tell us that U.S. personnel were present in interrogation and torture rooms,” in Guatemala in 1989 when she was kidnapped, taken to a secret prison and repeatedly raped and tortured by troops commanded by General Hector Gramajo (a CIA asset and graduate of the U.S. Army School of the Americas).

CIA hid evidence of Iraqi detainee's
torture and murder

US refuses to rule out use of torture


And why it should never be one

Wall Street Journal defends torture

'We Do Not Torture' and Other Funny Stories

Bush's prison powers 'worrying'

Hypocrite two-faced double-dealing Bush
to Sign Bill Demanding Nepal End Torture,
Give UN Access to Detainees
(and what about Guantanemo?)

The Debate Over Torture

US GOP President's Latest Scandals
of Leaks and Torture are Turning him into a
Modern GOP McCarthy

Policymakers on torture take note -
- remember Pinochet

Iraq War Vets Detail
Calamitous Torture Blowback

Doctors get a look at Guantanemo
Many tour participants not convinced
coercive interrogations are necessary
(Warning: Propaganda Organ?
Coercive Interrogations?

Who They Are
The double standard that underlies our torture policies.

US Torture Documents

Haunted by "The Iceman"

Right to Trial Imperiled by Senate Vote

European courts may challenge US terror renditions

Torture suspect trying to stay in U.S.
(Again the US is TwoFaced in dealing with Terrorists)

George Bush:
"We don't torture. We outsource."

Iraq: Partial Failure of a Propaganda Plan

Bush Defends War for Millionth Time

U.S. Army Smashes Records as
Young Republicans Rush to Enlist

Theory of Dumb Design May Explain
Pat Robertson Televangelist's Brain,
Mouth Eludes Other Theories, Experts Say

Scanlon, Abramoff, Rove and The Republican Strategy
'Bring out the Whackos'

Chavez to Fox: Don't mess with me

Mexico to sever Venezuela diplomatic ties
(Where the US intervenes - accusations and instability begins)

The U.S. "intelligence failure" and Iraq's UAVs

Negligence in the '93 World Trade Center Bombing

Every branch of the American government is awash in
corporate money in sums so vast as to boggle the mind.

Don't Blame the Italians
They didn't forge the Niger uranium documents

An Economist's Case Against an
Interventionist Foreign Policy

Confessions of a Repentant War Supporter

Spinning Like a Broken Record
Or, George W. back on the offensive

Cambodia All Over Again?

Avoiding the big questions in Iraq
It's time that we start to seriously address how to
pull out of this hopeless mess of a war

Scared Maria Corina Machado ...
(Venezuelan Illegally Took Money from Bush
to force a coup in Venezuela)

"If you can't do the time, baby, don't do the crime..."

Victims Challenge Police Use of
Controversial ‘DNA Dragnets’

An Iraq exit strategy, progressivism,
and the incorporation of the imperialist lexicon

Rats and sinking ships

George W. Bush, such a lightweight president
that he doesn't can't even read,
is accusing others of rewriting history.

Kuwait's biggest field starts to run out of oil

The Mossad Has Been Behind These Pipeline Bombings

How the public relations industry
sold the Gulf War to the US, the mother of all clients

Survivors of the Pakistani earthquake left to die of cold
(Thank you Profit Robertson, CBN, 700 Club
for Faith Based NOTHING!)

In Jordan, Methodical Madness

The Summit of Salamanca and the
Struggle against Terrorism

Media Tangled in Lobbyist Case
Press Freedoms Debated After Wiretapping of Call to Reporter

Bush’s counteroffensive on Iraqi WMD

Secrecy Is Infectious:
Bill Would Shield Biomedical Research
GOP Religious Right Sen. Richard Burr's cure
for infectious-disease outbreaks and dangerous bioterrorism agents
includes a big dose of government secrecy.
(Beware when GOVERNMENT wants everything 'SECRET')

Terror For Export
(FOX News Propagandist and
Religious NUT Bill O'Reilly is BUYING!)

The other cloud on Republican horizon
GOP leaders and activists are beleaguered
by alleged ties to indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Twilight of the gods

On Conspiracy


Radioactive Tank No. 9 Comes Limping Home

Al-Qa'ida video threatens Queen
(They haven't forgotten Diana either!)

The American Body Politic Laid Low
Washington (George) led the way in political rhetoric.
Now Washington (DC) leads the way in
crises and scandals

The Worst Speech of Bush's Presidency

White House whitewashes Lewis Libby Indictment
(as it whitewashes all its sepulchres)

What about the UAVs Mr. Bush?

President's Policies Earned Him Scorn
on Latin America Trip

The Purple Prose of 'Scooter'

This Time, Alito, It's Personal

Status and Syntax:
Who Controls? Who's Controlled?

How Bush Defiled Veterans Day

Police Harassment of
New Orleans Relief Workers Escalating

Even before he got to Mar de Plata, known as the 'happy city' by Argentines, US President George Bush knew his time was going to be anything but happy at the Summit of the Americas meeting. He arrived with more than 2000 US agents, and a plan to use one puppet president to avoid stirring another president. Instead, he was forced to leave with his tail between his legs.

Rice, Sharon, Blast Iran for Threat to Israel
(But its okay for O'Reilly to wipe out San Franscisco
or Sharon to 'sink Iran into the sea'
or Profit Robertson to assassinate Hugo Chavez
or for Rumsfeld to 'replace' Assad)

The vice that dooms Bush

America's future shame

BUSH Administration gaffs leave us
all in a world of worry

Libby case shouldn't downplay roots of Arab rage

Speculation on Libby's motives in leak

Librarians Show Guts By Refusing To Shhh!

The American Psyche Is Taking
A Thorough Beating

The Incubator Lie

Falluja 'the Prison', One Year Later

Experts see Israeli, US links in Jordan blasts
and Lebanon murder

Meshuggah over Iraq and Israel stories

White Phosphorous, Daisy cutters, Depleted Uranium,
Thermobaric bombs, Clusterbombs, Napalm...
The US uses WMD against civilians.

"The Level Known To Cause Death"

Right Wing Cowards Killing Americans,
Destroying Families

Enemies of Democracy



Bush's Speech Only Reminds Us that
His Lies Led to the Death of 2,000 GI's.
Bush Didn't Come Clean about the Iraq War.


US Now 'Crating' Prisoners In Dog-Sized Cages

The Senate agrees to Imprisonment without Charges

Bodies found in Iraq town after US offensive

The War At Home: New Orleans,
Public Housing, and the "Chilean Option"

Family members say
Saddam's top lieutenant is still alive

Baathist Web site says
Saddam lieutenant 'is alive and well'

Black-ops in Turkish Kurdistan

Fierce battles in Baghdad!

Amman Bombings:
Corporate Media Revises Script

The Bird Flu is Real --
And You're On Your Own

Civil Rights Focus Shift Roils Staff At Justice

U.S. Orders College to Drop
Fellowships For Minorities

The Iraq Deception

Defending the indefensible

Fallujah, Lies, and Banned Weapons

habeas corpus ad subjiciendum: not anymore!

Is America above the Geneva Conventions?

Inquiries into CIA killing of detainee suggest coverup

Grand Daddy Neocon Shoots Messenger
It will take a Second American Revolution to repair the damage
the cardboard cut-out Bush, the rapture-crazed Christian Zionists,
and the Zionist neocons have inflicted on this country

Radioactive Bush
(Let the Nuclear Fallout descend
on all GOPs and supporting DEMs)

Frist Sells Soul To The Devil
(Devil Sells Soul To Frist?)

Right on the run
(Right has the runs?)

Blair faces new inquiry into Iraq war

The Ghosts of Viet Nam Haunt a President
A Protester Contemplates Veteran's Day

Russian Naval Fleet in Indian Ocean
Blocked By US Forces While Pursuing
Israeli Merchant Vessel
Muslim Violence Increases Around the World

U.S. envoy urges Vatican on biotech crops
(Oh yea, another real Jesus issue!)

Unique relief from asthma deep underground

Brazil introduces flex-fuel minicar

Scientists seek Stone Age links to
worst sounds in the world


Western Leaders Express Concern Over
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

New evidence of Iran
(blah blah blah - yawn - yawn
If the US and Israel can have nukes -
why can't Iran, North Korea,

Iran rejects U.S. claim on atomic weapons work

Now on the GOP agenda!

Bush forces planning new Pearl Harbors, new 9/11s,
in face of mounting worldwide outrage and opposition

Brigham Young professor thinks bombs,
not planes, toppled World Trade Center

U.S. has chance of avoiding ethnic conflict

FBI Hunkered in The Bunker

Race to save frozen clues to life in space

Phantom energy may fuel universe-eating wormhole

Hawking's cosmological riff

Hitler's dosshouse saved as warning to future generations

Earth’s Other Moon

It’s not a Blair police state we need fear,
it’s his state police

Riots erupt in French city's core

"Islam is now a European religion"

Bush Carries to China A Delicate Failed Diplomacy
U.S. Criticism Muted on Democracy, Human Rights

Slumping along together:
Blair follows Bush again

Blair faces fresh ID card rebellion

IBM calls for global identity management solution

It's Jihad, Not Joblessness,
Causing Rioting in France

Israel no longer partner for peace

The world’s silence over Israel’s Abu Ghraibs

Iran's armtwisting begins: fix Vienna mistake or else

Syria, West must avoid showdown

Tanks used against indigenous communities in Colombia
More than 500 Troops and Tanks attack
defenseless communities in El Japio, Cauca (Colombia).
(This is right out of the playbook of the US Military!
Exactly what the US did to the Indigenous People in the US
and the oppression continues)

Bush vs. Chavez
The Imperial President and the Bolivarian Democrat

Monroe Doctrine and Venezuela

Talking To The Dead

If you hear something absolutely bizarre from someone whose credibility is beyond question. If you hear something that is impossible from someone whose credibility is beyond question. If the person is absolutely trustworthy and considered to be of the highest caliber and yet what that person tells you is beyond belief, what do you do?

This is a true story. A man attended a séance where he says a person who had been dead for some years materialized in front of him. The person who came back from the dead was flesh and bone and this witness actually took the dead persons pulse.

Is that bizarre or what ? Of course is seems to be utter nonsense. But if I tell you about the witness and you would trust his credibility, what then. The witness is the late Sir. William Crookes of England.

William Crookes was born on 17 June, 1832 in London. He studied at the Royal College of Chemistry and became one of the most important scientists of the XIX century, both in the field of Physics and in Chemistry. He combined private experimental research with business. He also edited several photographic and scientific journals. Having inherited a large fortune from his father, he devoted himself from 1856 entirely to scientific work of various kinds at his private laboratory in London. In 1861, he discovered the metallic chemical element thallium. This led him indirectly to the invention of the radiometer in 1875. He later developed a vacuum tube (the precursor of the X-ray tube). His studies of cathode rays were fundamental in the development of atomic physics. He was knighted in 1897 and received the Order of Merit in 1910. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Society, becoming its president between 1913 and 1915.

It would be hard to judge such a person as a kook. Just before he died, Sir William Crookes addressed parliament and said, 'I have been criticized for 30 years because of my experiments in the spiritual world, well I am here to say that I will not retract one word.' Of course Sir William Crookes was set upon by the religious leaders of the day as well as the scientific community. He was asked' are you trying to tell us that it is possible for a dead person to come back from the dead as a flesh and blood person'?.

William Crookes answer is a classic. He said, 'I did not say it was possible, I said it happened.'

This is a most amazing story that all of us would have to say is nonsense except the witness to it is the most prestigious scientist of the 19th century.
Bill Donahue -

Makes you think doesn’t it ?

Chavez Restyles Venezuela With
'21st-Century Socialism'

VENEZUELA: Foot soldiers of the revolution

Mexico uses U.S. to avoid change

Thousands of S Koreans protest against APEC

Muslims denied presumption of innocence

Cuba's UN Victory Spotlighted in International Media

Power madness is not limited to the

likes of Saddam or Osama Bin Laden

Morgue delivers another blow to families of Katrina's victims
Sloppy record-keeping and procedures upset relatives
seeking facts about how kin died
(Obviously Yale Educated Morticians of Bush Quality)

Our lesson as we go forth in this world ...
is that 'we' are the world!

Rest assured that Chavez seeks peace ...
not war ...
with the United States
(Be Careful..
The US demands your Sovereignty for Peace!)

Like Chavez, they've been chosen
by history, morality and the grace of God

Exporting to the Andes:
EDC view of Chavez' policies ...
from surprising source

Hands Off Venezuela UK Conference:
International solidarity advances

USA hails Summit of the Americas
as a big victory for free trade
(Bush Spinmeisters are really working overtime
to come up with this BS!)

State Power & Conservative Ideology

Pentagon Papers' Ellsberg Sees a New War, Same Lies
Critic of Vietnam conflict, 1971 whistleblower
says 'history is repeating itself' in Iraq

Students Rebuffing Military Recruiters
More High Schoolers in State Opt Out of Lists

Jordanian Soldiers Aided Attacks

1,100 lawyers leave Saddam defense team
(US Kangaroo Court falling apart)

US tackles Syria on human rights
(as the US denies rights to Guantanemo prisoners)

Mideast Democracy Summit Ends in Rancor

CHILE: Conflict Over Andean Glaciers Heats Up

The Universe is Only Pretending
Like a Hologram, the Universe Merely Appears
to Have Three Spatial Dimensions

French Ghettos, Police Violence and Racism

CIA and FBI Plan to Assassinate Hugo Chávez

Al-Qaida: UK queen is enemy of Islam

French police turn on Chirac as officer jailed

Cheney is Going Down, Down, Down

Next generation Advanced Magnetospheric
Fast Plasma Propulsion –
our civilization’s first challenge to extraterrestrial UFOs

Christian Yoga Is Growing Fitness Craze

Islamic anti-western uprising in Pakistan?

US Harboring More Venezuelan Murderers

South Koreans in the Thousands
Protest Bush Presence
(Bush has alienated most US historic allies!
The world still hates imperialism, colonialism, and occupation)

US Offensive Makes Life Hell for Iraqi People

Water builds the heat in Europe

Neocon Conspiracy against the Muslim World

Let them eat Merde

40 years after the US managed to throw Cuba out of the Organisation of American States, another US president was trying to neutralise another Latin spokesman and hero. Forty years ago it was Che Guevara, leading the Cuban delegation as Minister of Economics, who told the Americans that their mini-globalisation project, then called Alianza para Progreso, Alliance for progress, would not work.

When the US Army’s own inspections disproved
the 'WMD argument', Bush and Tony Blair
immediately rewrote history again.

Fox News Propagandist and
Hate Monger Bill O'Reilly
Offers San Francisco to
Terrorists -- for the Taking!

Bill O'Reilly openly invited
an al Qaeda attack on the city of San Francisco.
So where's the righteous public outrage?
(What's the difference between this and
the statement to wipe Israel off the map?)

Smack me harder darling!
I am going to church!

Christian Coalition leader Criminal Ralph Body Bag Reed
says he influenced effort to shut casinos.

God's Pat Problem

Pat Robertson Endorses a Criminal,
a Public Records Destroyer
and a Drug Abusing 'Christian'
Robertson "should stay out of our town"

God Denies Links to Pat Robertson

Bunkshooter Robertson silly, pathetic

Theory of Dumb Design May Explain
Pat Robertson Televangelist's Brain,
Mouth Eludes Other Theories, Experts Say

Pancake Pat - Norfolk, Virginia
At least a few of us who share his hometown
see him for what he is — a self-righteous bigot

The sanctimonious televangelist is wrong

theologically, biblically and anthropologically.
Three strikes. He's out.

It's so over for Dover

We hate wasting even an inch of space on this piffle, but the Rev. Pat Robertson whipped himself into another Sinners-In-the-Hands-of-An-Angry-God frenzy last week.

After Tuesday's election, he scolded Dover, Pa., where voters ousted eight school board members who had ordered teachers to tell students about intelligent design. Evidently punching the wrong chad at the polls can get you into a heap of trouble with Robertson's version of the Almighty.

"If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God, you just rejected him from your city," proclaimed Robertson, perhaps confusing the supreme being with a former FEMA director. Maybe someone could bottle up Robertson's bluster and sell it as a disaster movie - "Category Pat: The End of the World."

Dover PA Destroyed by God's Wrath
Over Intelligent Design Vote

God's Wrath Sinner's Forecast

US Tornado Caught On Video
(Watch Pat's God's Wrath Blow by Blow
as He Destroys the Lives of more Poor People!)

Tornadoes hit central US
(Pat's God hits Iowa because of San Francisco's sins?
Right Pat? - Just like he destroyed New Orleans
because of Ellen Degeneres?)

Frightening odds on a new tsunami
(God's Holy Jihad against the poor sinners?)

(Hey Pat!
God's Really teaching them Scot's a Lesson!
God declaring Plaid a Sin?)

Expert says signs,
history point to bird-flu pandemic
(or Biblical Prophecy says Profit Pancake Pat)

Death of 30 cats in China not linked to bird flu
(God has a new devious wrath a brewing- correct Pat?)

Polio Fears Raised In Canada
(Don't be afraid! Rejoice! God's plan to Suffer the Little Children!)

China has its own version of bird flu drug
(Wrathful God pouring out his punishments on China
- They aren't God's Capitalists!)

Another inter-tropical weather trough

brings heavy rains to Venezuela
(God answers Pat's preyers)

The politics of (GOD'S?) pandemics

Doctors baffled as HIV man ‘cures’ himself
(Pat's God is furious over this!
Which city will he bring suffering on?)

Highly contagious canine flu virus spreading
(God's revenge on bitches?)

Thailand confirms new bird flu case
(Those Hindoo and Boodhist Sinners!)

Indonesia Suspects Bird Flu Killed Woman
(God's start his loving elimination of women
They ate the apple!)

Headline News: November 13-14, 2005

FBI Whistleblower Runs for Congress
"This was a lied-into war that is a quagmire now"

Coleen Rowley

Brainwashed VFW Troopers
try to remove Maine peace flags

Senate demands report on "CIA prisons"

Democrats Back to their old posture already
Democrats sell out our rights, democracy, constitution

Cheney Leaks Again
(He must have a bladder problem?)

Power Über Alles

A Legal US Nuclear Attack Against Iran
The real reason for the IAEA Iran resolution
Which LIAR will fire off the NUKE?)

Phase II: Loaded For Bear

Second-Term Blues and the War

Zarqawi group seen expanding its fight

Washington Post says
Bush and Administration not truthful

President Bush and his national security adviser have answered critics of the Iraq war in recent days with a two-pronged argument: that Congress saw the same intelligence the administration did before the war, and that independent commissions have determined that the administration did not misrepresent the intelligence.
Neither assertion is wholly accurate

The Rest of Us Call It LYING!

Were the early Christians warmongers like too many Christians are today? Did they idolize the Caesars like some Christians idolize President Bush? Did they make signs that said "the emperor" similar to the ones we see on cars today that refer to Bush as "the president"? Did they make apologies for the Roman Empire like some Christian apologists make for the U.S. Empire? Did they venerate the institution of the military like many Christians do today?

Wal-Mart begins Advertising Campaign in Churches

Avoiding Everyday Toxins

Bottler to Pay $1 Million
for Pollution of 2 Rivers

US: Bad Reception

Company under fire won Katrina contracts

Meet the New Interrogators: Lockheed Martin

Govt Flu Plans Assailed as
Inadequate, Pro-corporate

Dover and Pat Robertson, Topeka and the Wizards of ID
(I would pray to Darwin,
before I'd call on Pat's God for anything!
He's not a follower of Jesus for sure!)

Another foul chapter in the history of
The New York Times closes with Miller's departure

Bush forces planning new Pearl Harbors,
new 9/11s, in face of mounting
worldwide outrage and opposition

Rove is far from off the hook

Dick Cheney’s day of reckoning

Congress Votes for Huge (Domestic and Foreign Corporate) Welfare
Spending Increase Budget Re-Corn-Cilliation

The Debate of Evolution vs Intelligent Design

When Shame Doesn't Seem Enough

For Once, Let's Talk Some Sense About Abortion

Declaration of War on the Christian Right

Declaration of War on the Liars
Who Call Themselves Public Servants

War on veterans
A Veterans Day opinion from Disabled American Veterans

Far right French wingnut proposes allowing
French citizenship only for those "who are worthy of it"

Far right Australian wingnuts propose
stripping Australian citizenship from those
"who do not embrace Australian values"

Far right American wingnuts propose ending
birthright citizenship, building separation wall

MPs may have given the prime minister a bloody nose,
but they knocked freedom out for the count.

Follow the drugs: US shown the way

Bringing Out the Dead
The press has been minimising the death toll in Iraq

"Give Us an 'H'!"
Hypocrisy Watch

Political language ... is designed to make lies
sound truthful and murder respectable,
and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
– George Orwell

The impact of Devastating WMDs

US Soldiers in St. Louis Admit to
Rape and Murder in Iraq

U.S. forces 'shake and bake' Iraqi civilians!

US Senate moves to ban court review
of Guantánamo detentions

Bush administration retreats from probe of veterans’ benefits

The death knell for the neoliberal system?

Europeans do not want to refer Iran to UN Security Council

Truth and lies about Japan

Keep Praying
How long, O Lord?

Bush lied to Dems and withheld key information

Senator Graham Pulls A FAST ONE
To Abort Habeas Corpus

"The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgement of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist."

Winston Churchill
November 21, 1943

Casualties in Iraq
The Human Cost of Occupation

The Deadly Doughnut

Has American Democracy died an
electronic death in Ohio 2005's referenda defeats?

How depressing, corrupt, unlawful and tragically absurd
the administration's world view actually is

Emergency Closed Session
of Senate Launches `Cheneygate'

That Warm Feeling

This may make me a bad person, but I get a warm feeling in the center of my soul when I watch right-wing maniacs freak out in frustration and lose their so-called minds. It just makes me smile.

Bush Ignores UN Vote against Cuba Blockade

Car Bomb Rocks Baghdad

Amman Bombings:
Corporate Media Revises Script

A Step in the Right Direction?
Rep. McGovern's Withdrawal Resolution


First Periodical Report of Monitoring
Net of Human Rights in Iraq
Crimes of War and Crimes Against Humanity

"Over 8,100 soldiers killed by bombs"

Who died, and who didn't, in Jordan

"In Iraq, we are the violence"

What does the US murderers army inject Iraqis with?

US Soldiers Accused Of Burning Taliban Alive

Media Disinformation and
Death Squads in Occupied Iraq

BBC and Fallujah: War Crimes and Media Lies
Media coverup of crimes against humanity


The more we open ourselves to each other, the more we see how close we really are. I was reading the small book called " Islam ,by Ahmed Hulusi.". On Page 55 he says, " Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time." As I read that I was thinking how I considered the possibility that UFO's were from inner space and not outer space. They exist but can only be seen by those whose brain waves rise to a higher frequency. This sometimes happens all by itself. Ahmed Hulusi presents Islam in a most interesting and enlightening way. We truly are all one. ~Bill Donahue -

Scientists find ‘Goliath’ inscribed on pottery

DNA shows first Europeans were hunters not farmers

Politically Strategic Impeachment

The Colossi of Memnon

Unearthed bones likely a Timucuan

Archeologists Find Ancient Burial Mounds

US accuses blah blah blah
(Doesn't matter who - US is always accusing someone
- when the fault and blame lies in D.C.)

US drives a wedge between Russia, Iran
(More Divide and Conquer BS)

CIA accused of kidnapping
(Nothing new there?)

U.S. reactors helpless against air attack

US wants to deploy spy planes in Kyrgyzstan

Hedge fund threat to boycott US over new SEC rules

Russia, Venezuela strengthening relations

The Hillary Clinton of Azerbaijan

Martial Law

Blair's head on the block as the rebels sharpen axe

Blair, Bush, Chirac: in power, but in paralysis

Revealed: UK wartime torture camp

Al-Qaida in Iraq threatens to attack Israel

Pakistan to Recognize Israel on Condition

Israel protests Hitler praise in Indian schoolbooks
(When did the illegal state of Israel
get any authority over textbooks in India?)

Saudi Arabia agrees to end economic boycotts of Israel

Rice Tells Syria to Release Political Prisoners
(What a damned hypocrite!
Tell the US to release its million+ political prisoners!)

Peru Rules out Energy Integration Without Bolivia

Cuba and Venezuela Supported in Brazil

Russia urges U.S. to lift sanctions from Cuba

Venezuela Criticizes US Embargo Against Cuba

U.S. sends 34 from capsized speedboat back to Cuba

US Denies Visa for Cuban Scientist
to Attend Award Ceremony

The Mexican government said Friday that Venezuela must give a satisfactory explanation for President Hugo Chávez's biting criticism of Vicente Fox, or it will take "appropriate steps." (Everywhere BUSH visits - Unrest Begins! - Keep the monkey home)

Philippine govt denies allowing US marines
accused of rape to leave

Buddha’s finger bone placed on display
(That's more than they've ever found of Jesus?)

Pollution turns Jordan River into 'sewage canal'

Scientists teach worms to learn
(There's hope for those Religious Right GOPs yet!)

Record-Setting Iceberg Broken Up

Mate sought for sex-starved giraffe
(Scooter Libby Volunteers!)

Will sauerkraut save world?
Will meteor fragments destroy it?

Appeals Court Says Girl Can Have Abortion
Without Telling Parents

Newly discovered species named for lemur fan Cleese

U.N. Food Expert Condemns U.S. Tactics in Iraq

Inaccuracies in Bush's Defense of Lead-Up to War
Congress had far less information than White House had

Iraq: The Tunnel at the End of the Light

'Faith Talk' and Tammany Hall

Bush Tries to Gag Critics in Veterans Day Speech

It turns out that when suburban mothers buy American Girl dolls that look and dress exactly like their own little girls, they may unwittingly be purchasing tiny, lesbian partners for their children.

Democrats - Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

A Call to Censure the President

The Real Difference Between America and France

Answer to Bush’s Speech:
It’s our Foreign Policy, Stupid

Bill O'Reilly takes aim at San Francisco
Fox host reportedly said it was OK
for terrorists to target the city

God's Wrath Sinner's Forecast

Bird flu virus in Vietnam mutates says new report
(Pat's God lost that war... REVENGE of GOD!)

Deadly bird flu strain causes immune 'storm'
(Take No Survivors says Pat's God)

Highly contagious canine flu virus spreading
(Humpin dogs raises God's ire? Right Pat?)

Warning issued over Tamiflu drug
(Pat's God attacks flu medicine)

Tamiflu linked to deaths of 2 teens in Japan
(Not a one shall escape Pat's God's Vengence)

Bird flu pandemic threat is real, scientists say
(God's gift to mankind for his sins say's Pat)

Thailand confirms new bird flu case in toddler
(Pat's God does not like Thai Babies)

Japan predicts up to 640,000 bird flu deaths in outbreak
(How does Japan know that? Pat's God might want over a million
Japanese to suffer? Remember Pearl Harbor says God)

Eighth bird flu outbreak in China
(If Pat's God doesn't succeed the 1st time
then try try again?)

Bird flu causes fatal immune reaction says new study
(Pat's God has thing figure out!
Death to all heretics - right Pat?)

Mystery illness keeps US school closed
(Must be teaching science there instead of Pancake Pat's Mythology)

Strange Infant Deaths Reported In US
(Must be from those Gay Marriages- says Pat's God)

Mysterious 'winter fever' hits India, 326 dead since 2002
(Pat's Aryan God Strikes again and again)

Eruption at India's lone active volcano intensifies
(Pat's God will get them Indians one way or another!)

Canada unprepared for impending climate crisis
(Pat's God declares it a sin to be Canadian)

Fungus attacks Norway maples in US
(God protecting Pat the Pancake's US syrup)

Ash tree killing insect still heading east in Canada
(Damn them sinful Asholes! Right Pat?)

Ash Tree-killing beetles spotted in Indiana
(God's Holy Plagues as ordered by Preyin Pat)

Headline News: November 12-13, 2005

An Illegal, Immoral Order’

The Wages of War
Old soldiers know the human price of battle.

"Take a combination of fear, anger, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, loneliness, homesickness," Paul Curtis wrote to a younger brother who wanted to know about war, "and you might approach the feelings a fellow has." Nothing can ease his depression, not even the prospect that the war might end. He is certain that war will "rise again." After all, he writes, "peace will be settled by men who have never known combat and ... hold no dread of another war for they don't know."

Al-Libi’s Tall Tales
A CIA document obtained by NEWSWEEK provides
further evidence that the U.S. intelligence community
had serious doubts about information from a
high-level Qaeda detainee before the Iraq war.

DeLay Team Weighed Misdemeanor Plea to
Save GOP Post
DeLay made what Earle considered
a seriously damaging admission of guilt

Avoiding detection at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
(or Patriot Act Powers given to FBI
working against the Whited Sepluchre House?)

Living in Debt

US Passes New Law Denying
Their Citizens Right To Trial
As Western Educators Begin Advocating
‘Rights’ of Teachers To Have Sex With Students

Everybody does it

Propaganda Can't Hide the Facts

"The only show of unity we have now
in the Republican Party is the belief that the President
has failed the party, the American people and the presidency,"
says a longtime, and angry, GOP strategist.
(Religious Right GOPs that created Bush,
now want so shift their complicity 100% to Bush

Never trust an elephant!)

Incivility breeds threats to democracy

US Secretary of State CONdoleezza Rice has denied reports of a
US-European compromise to grant Iran the right
to continue a limited nuclear programme.
(Incivility breeds threats to democracy?
How can the EU-US GRANT what Iran already has?)

Their Terrorism, and Ours
Napalm is back in style

Cornbread and Roses

War Blurs Lines Between Good, Evil

Paine's Counsel For a
New Time That Tries Men's Souls

War Must End in the Human Heart

White House Spokesman No Help To Media

Zarqawi and Bush Bomb Because We Let Them

Is Bush Against Torture?

Why Torture Should Never Be An Option

ExxonMobil Under the Lights

Islamization in Europe

Church of Scotland Comments on Evils of War
as Remembrance Day Approaches
(I guess the IRS will pull their no-prophet status?
Church DEFIES Pat Robertson and his God!)

Charismatic Evangelism in Belarus Threatened
(or Belarus works to end illiteracy?)

U.S. Report on Religious Freedom in Russia Draws Fire
Catholics and Orthodox Alike Dispute Findings
(TwoFaced US condemns churches for preaching peace!)

US tells Syria to drop conditions
(Yawn Yawn- Con Rice working for War!)

Terror bill chilling for Muslims, Blair warned
(But Bush doesn't condemn Blair for Religious Discrimination?)

French troubles could hit Ireland

Zarqawi Flubs and Kills Israel's Enemies

Israeli Words That Went Unpunished
"If only it would sink into the sea",

U.S.: Assad’s speech 'appalling'
Bush administration criticizes Syrian President Bashar Assad's
speech at Damascus University, during which he offered limited cooperation
with probe into Hariri assassination
(But its' okay for Bush to speak and lie to the entire world about
Iraq, Saddam, WMD, Brownie, Afghanistan, Torture, etc...)

Angry Bashar Slams Lebanese Leaders
(Divide and Conquer
Order out of Chaos
The Hidden Hand at work)

A new phase in the 'Plot against Syria'
(Bush simply wants War and Terror
to boost his Gallup Poll Ratings for the GOP
Tell CONGRESS no more wars!)

Cuba says UN vote dealt Washington political blow

Vietnam to assist Cuba in overcoming US embargo

U.S. Military Eyes Paraguay
Rumors of an American base raise fears
that the United States is there to stay

Anti-foreign military bases delegates in Cuba
offered glimpse of Guantanamo
Guantanamo is "an illegal enclave" and "an illegal prison"

Guatemala Facing Hunger After Hurricane Stan
(They must be pro-science and anti-stupid
for Pat Robertson's God to continue his Wrath?)

Huge number of toilets
urgently needed in Pakistan

Here's One!
Take Cheney and Pat Robertson too!

New Zealand no longer an Ally of the US
says US Ambassador!
(Axis of Evil membership growing!)

Winnebagos of Death

Israel's fear of democracy

Dick Cheney’s day of reckoning

Sixth-term Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) is setting up a
legal defense fund for
indicted criminal Jack Abramoff

Wal-Mart wants to go into the banking business

White House alters official transcript of press conference


Publisher will reissue Libby's
pedophilia and bestiality novel

Methodist Bishops Repent Iraq War 'Complicity'

Student gets $117,500 in website free speech case

Pat Robertson's constipation

Blair has W

on his forehead

Bringing Down the Bully

Ex-police officer sentenced to 3 months
Former Austin policeman touched the
breasts of women in his custody

Lanham officer convicted of fraud

Investigation into troopers was "dropped in error"

Levin Says Newly Declassified Information
Indicates Bush Administration's
Use of Pre-War Intelligence Was Misleading

One. Two. Three. Four---
What the hell are we remembering for?

What political process?

The White Death

Crying Wolf: Media Disinformation
and Death Squads in Occupied Iraq

Saddam was correct

Hinchey Introduces Measure To Obtain
All White House Drafts Of
2003 State of the Union Address
That Contained False Iraq Uranium Claims

Do Not Serve in this War

I just read that 5 US soldiers were killed in Iraq today. Killed for Bush Oil Regime. Useless slaughter for Washington's Lies. Five men will not see their children this Christmas, Five men will not see their parents. All for nothing...

How Much Does Fitzgerald Really Know?
Why Did Libby Lie?

Lifting the Hood
The Prisoners of Abu Ghraib

Astronomers may have discovered
a massive black hole
(Iraqis know her as ConRice)

Star Observed Moving at 1.5 Million mph
(or Bush testing his escape vehicle
when the world tries him for war crimes)

Can Your Pussy Make You Crazy?

FDA wants new warning labels on condoms
(Here Babe, Read this First?)

Swelling wormhole could engulf the universe
(Impeach Bush-Cheney NOW before it happens)

UK faces sperm donor shortage
(Now that's something to worry about?
Less Blairs in the future?)

Do tinfoil helmets really work?

Jailed Man Wins School Board Election

Girl Needs Surgery To Remove
16-Pound Tumor On Face
Mother Begs For Help For Daugther
(No Schiavoists from Frist and DeLay? Jebby?
No Religious Right Compassion?
No Pro-Lifers?
What a bunch of two faced hypocrites!
Medical Help available free in Venezuela and Cuba!)

87-Year-Old Accused Of Sex With Boy

The Anti-Empire Report
Bringing Orwell's Nightmare to Fruition

Bin Laden Sitting In a Cave Laughing

Einstein's Reductive Revolution
E=mc2 and the End of Old Testament Theology

The US of Z

The End of Zionism:
the inconsistency of human rights
with a racially exclusively state

India's Water Future

French Ghettos, Police Violence and Racism

The Bottom of the Oil Barrel

Pumping the Oil Tycoons

We didn't torture the Nazis

German Gloom, Chinese Boom

Everything that needs to be known is now known: The reasons the Bush Administration gave for the American war in Iraq were all falsehoods or deceptions, and every day the US occupation continues deepens the very problems it was supposed to solve. Therefore there can no longer be any doubt: The war--an unprovoked, unnecessary and unlawful invasion that has turned into a colonial-style occupation--is a moral and political catastrophe. As such it is a growing stain on the honor of every American who acquiesces, actively or passively, in its conduct and continuation.

Chalabi's impact on the war
Iraqi leader's role in bolstered intelligence reports
leading up to invasion

Senate Approves Plan to Limit Detainee Access to Courts
(GOPs are out to Destroy all
human and constitutional Rights!)

The Myth of Zarqawi

(Wag the Dog)

U.N. plea for aircraft in Iraq going unanswered

Bush Puppet Hadley Fires Back at Critics
On Justification for War in Iraq

"In his march to war, President Bush exaggerated the threat to the American people," Kennedy said. "It was not subtle. It was not nuanced. It was pure, unadulterated fear-mongering, based on a devious strategy to convince the American people that Saddam's ability to provide nuclear weapons to al Qaeda justified immediate war."

Of course Bush's defending speech today was once again in front of an audience of military personell, who are not allowed to contradict the Commander in Chief, even when they know he is a liar. Bush wouldn't dare open his mouth in front of an audience of regular honest truthseeking Americans. China's Hu's words ring of more truth, than Bush.



President Relies on Forged Letter
in Today's Speech

Are you craving more proclamations from the administration based on forged documents (quite possibly) of their own making? Are you having withdrawals from the Niger document fiasco? Never fear. Today the President cited another forged document, a document probably thought up by some half-ass Arabist in some latter day Office of Special Plans. We already know that the myth of Zarqawi is being used to personalize every attack of every civilian target on more than one continent. The myth of Zawahiri's letter to Zarqawi is now being cited as the main justification for staying the course in Iraq.

White House plans "campaign-style" smears
against anyone who points out Iraq-attack lies

I, liar

George W. Bush gave a nifty little speech in Panama on November 7, 2005. Our bouncing belligerent president was traveling home from his failed mission to Argentina where he was hard pressed to get the leaders of the western hemispheric nations to listen to whatever he had to say about anything. That is one of the inherent problems with being a liar.

Iowan Religious Right GOPs threaten
all US GOPs - Vote like they say or die

The White Death

The Patriots of Guantanamo

Lawyer Calls Charges 'A Cycle Of Nonsense'

Foreign Influence
By Charley Reese

Lest We Forget on Veterans Day:

The Cuts Proposed for Vets by George "AWOL" Bush -- The Bush budget plan slashes benefits for veterans by eliminating funding for state programs that provide veterans with long-term care, more than doubling prescription drug co-payments for some veterans, and requiring them to pay an annual enrollment fee of $250. The Bush plan would also trim nursing home care by $351 million, which would eliminate approximately 5,000 beds in nursing homes run by the Veterans Administration.

Is This the End of Bushism?

'Wake up, Democrats it's a new day'

Oil's Bigwigs Enjoy a Rigged Market

Who Loves Freedom More?

The President Should Be Held Accountable

Rummy's scapegoat
Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski -- former commander at Abu Ghraib
-- says she was hung out to dry by the Pentagon.

Calls for Shift in Iraq Strategy Growing
(But the RIGHT call is still absent..
Come Home)

Kansas School Board Undermines Science Standards
(Just cause Kansas is FLAT
Doesn't mean the whole world is!)

Majority Questions Bush Administration Ethics
in a Time of War and Scandal
(What ethics? He's a Religious Right GOP!)

Budget Package Including
Worst Land Grab in American History

More false flag ops in
France, Belgium & Germany,
with Caribbean next target?

Americans’ leap . . .
from concerned citizenry to apathetic public

They Had Their Chance and Blew It
U.S. Carmakers Regret Their Own Stupidity

Bush Administration: Parade of lies

Cuban doctors happy to serve in Pakistan

The Russian factor

A Pact With the Devil

Prosecutors in Italy file request
to extradite 22 CIA operatives

Operatives say CIA exemption on torture a mistake

"A Felon for Peace"

Don't count on America

The Kashmir earthquake:
Failures on the road to disaster

Answer British Terrorism Bill
with a class-based defence of democratic rights

Judith Miller and the New York Times make a deal

Film documents American use of chemical weapons in Iraq

Venezuelans suffering without electricity, air conditioning ...
in Florida!

US stung: Chavez’ foreign policy is now
going from success to success!

Venezuela Minister Bashes US Blockade of Cuba

Bush Ignores UN Vote against Cuba Blockade

Venezuela's Chavez Calls Mexican President
a 'Puppy of US Empire'

Fighting the FTAA and Bush in Argentina

The United (terrorist) States of America:
One brush suits all citizens?

Last I knew we still had the right to vote
based on our individual beliefs

RNC Chairman Mehlman Flips
Over Electoral Defeats; Blames LaRouche,
in Backhanded Attack on Senator Reid

Bush-Supporting Evangelicals; Abuse Victims?

Bush Administration Dishonors All Veterans
By Committing War Crimes In Iraq

Frist, Hastert go to bat for secret war, secret government

Politically Strategic Impeachment

"Chalabi the Liar" Dishonors American Troops
As the Bush Admin Warmly Welcomes Him

Scanlon, Abramoff, Rove and The Republican Strategy;
'Bring out the Whackos'

U.S. Trade Deficit

Soars to Record Levels

House Budget Measure Is Pulled
Moderates Buck GOP Leadership In Both Chambers


Thus the returns on Election Night have provided liberals with a multiple orgasm moment. For the fascists who run the state GOP there now exists that horrible sinking feeling, the political equivalent of learning that your husband is about to make a movie with Angelina Jolie. Rather than kicking the butts of the public servants, Schwarzenegger got his butt kicked or – as I prefer to think of it – the nurses and their allies fondled Arnold’s breasts against his will.

Physician who told Cheney to go F*ck Himself
Lost his Home in Katrina,
Detained, Cuffed by Cheney's
M-16-carrying Goons

NATO to deploy peacemakers in Caucasus
to oust Russia and encircle Iran

Ancient Egyptians used helicopters and airplanes for battles?

Another Krakatau likely to explode in 140 years

Meditate on This:
Buddhist Tradition Thickens Parts of the Brain

Scientists make turtles become highly professional spies

UFOs close to the surface of the earth can look like
they are covered with strings of pearls
when the electromagnetic pulse is modularized

Magnetosphere of the earth
getting realigned with polar reversal –
extraterrestrial alien influence or
a natural cyclical phenomenon

Beat Your Ticket
Part One — Challenging the System

Beat Your Ticket
Part Two -- Your Day in Traffic Court

What Would Jesus Say to Pat Robertson?
"Thou Shalt Go Fu** Thyself Mr. Robertson"

A theme park for the Holy Land?
(Holy Shit another fu**ing Christian Disneyland!
Jim Bakker has returned? no another idiot! Pat Robertson
Screw the POOR! Let's play in Jesus Land
The MONEYCHANGERS return to Israel!)

Religious Right Theme Park

God's Wrath Sinner's Forecast

Mad Man Pancake Robertson

warns Pennsylvania voters of God's wrath

Scottish Capital to be battered by
80mph gales as massive storm hits UK
(Yea those dress wearing fairies are
gettin the cum uppins from Pat's God)

Pakistan Earthquake Death Toll Soars as
Christian Aid Agencies Plead for Funds
(while Pancake Pat opens Jesusland in Israel)

US School Quarantined After Mystery Illness Strikes
(Pat warned ya bout lerning Science instead of God's Fiction)

Ozone layer above Antarctica one of largest on record,
covering an area more than three times the size of Australia.
(Hell on Earth - right Pat?)

Peacocks found dead under mysterious circumstances in India
(NBCs SINS invoke the vengence of Pat's God)

UK Coastline faces a new enemy - climate change
(yea those coastlines are like
sinful bikini lines.. wipe them out for God!)

Mysterious explosion hits Alabama
(warning - Pat's God at work)

Massive Flooding in UK as torrential rains continue
(Wipe all out for Ellen Degeneres' Sins... Right God -- Pat?)

Australian Flooding Causes Massive Damage
(not enough of them Aussies saved this week
to avoid flooding - Try again next week.. right Pat?)

Huge jellyfish torment fishermen
(Jesus comes back as a jellyfish to bring
God's wrath down-- right Pat?)

Headline News: November 11-12, 2005

Thai baker sells severed legs, hands and heads
(Cheney on his way to Thailand?)

What if Chavez finds the way to do what
Bolivar wanted so many years ago?

Argentina's President defends himself
against Mexican President Fox
(after a Bush visit - wars break out!
You let Bush win with DIVIDE and CONQUER Rule)

Chavez defends Argentina's Kirchner
and gives Mexico's Fox a piece of his mind

Mexican government summons Venezuelan Ambassador
to clarify attacks on Fox

I can and will comment on the silly stuff
that appears in the Washington Post

Greater hope for a healthier society
in Venezuela than in the United States

Looking for enemies,
the United States lacks allies in its own backyard

For Sale: Island with Mysterious Money Pit

Weak Chinese currency to ruin US economy
with cheap imports from China

The imperfection of the monetarist model
Fundamental flaws in the capitalist-monetarist
model place its continuation in question

Saddam Hussein's personal ambitions result
in the largest ecological catastrophe

Patients to live for years with their hearts
depending on wheeled devices

Miami-Dade mastermind Andres Eloy Dielingen
gets 20 years in prison

Raw witness that smashes the one-way mirror
between the west and a continent that is rising...

Jewish World Review:
US should lure, not lecture, Latin business world

American grassroots solidarity with the
Bolivarian process will not tolerate US intervention

Calling Out the Clintons

Just What Does U.S. Get as Consequence of Torture?

Something Happening Here ...

Germ Boys and Yes Men

Bush leaves Ancestor behind in Argentina

GOP Whitewash of Whited Sepulchre
White House Continues

A Crime Without a Name
'Concern' About Election Fraud is Useless Without Guts and Anger

Cheney's Torture Policy Hughes' Worst Nightmare
(The VP is not SUPPOSED to be doing anything?)

Falluja: A Name That Lives in Infamy

America's Dark Secret

How The Christian Left Can Get It Right

Amtrak Derailed

The Rise of America's New Enemy

Volcanoes ruled out for Martian methane

Artificial Tornado Gives Energy New Twist

Vulnerable Venezuela
The Bush Administration and its surrogates launch
another round of attacks on Venezuela's Hugo Chavez

Believe What We Say, Not What We Do

Bush Flies South and Goes
from the Frying Pan into the Fire

US Goliath, an All-Time Loser

British Priest Denounces US Maneuvers
against Cuban Five

Bush Dishonest, Say US People

Flames Still Flaring in France

Who Pays the Bills for the Bush Administration?

Making Killing Kinder – or Not

'Steel curtain' in Iraq
another US war crime

Senate Democrats Seek GOP Stand on Iraq

Some Things You Need to Know
before the World Ends

BBC and Fallujah: War Crimes and Media Lies
Media coverup of crimes against humanity

Is Paris burning or Watt?

Senate Passes Amendment to
End Habeas for Detainees
(The Criminal Lincoln Treasonous Thinking)

CIA leak worries Frist more than prisons
(GOP was caught lying again and they want
to know who told us about their lies)

How the U.S. Helped Create Zarqawi
and the Terror Financing Network

Deep-rooted Voting Irregularities Persist

Congress Urged to Ax Bill Giving
'Free Rides' to Katrina Contractors

Chalabi And AEI: The Sequel

The Ultimate Special Interest

'Smear-and-distract time'

'Heckuva job, Bushie!'

Cheney in the Bunker

Ambassador turns on Blair over Iraq

After eight years in power Tony Blair
hears a new word: Defeat

Pentagon Probes Treatment of 'Able Danger' Officer

US Senate feigns outrage over big oil’s windfall profits

RNC Chairman Mehlman Flips
Over Electoral Defeats; Blames LaRouche

Delphi in Advanced Planning for Shutdown

How LaRouche Brought
Dick Cheney Down

Leadership Failure Continues,
White House Stiffs Gulf States

US opens criminal probe into
New Orleans levee failures

US rejects
Syrian president's remarks on Hariri killing
(US wants pipeline through Syria..
so Syria has to be enemy)

Buddhist stone caves in Afghanistan

Hellenistic tomb found in Macedonia

Big Clay Statuettes Discovered in
Gohar Tepe in Mazandaran

The Kogi's Mirror World

The True Rapture
Awakening from the nightmare

State Power and Conservative Ideology

Smarter Than We Are
Not Fooled By President Bush's Lies

Butch or Bitch in Heat?

Arrogant Wingnut of the Week - Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson Tells PA Town
God Will Punish Them For Their Vote

Pat Robertson Curses Pennsylvania Town

Don't turn to God
Says Pancake Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson is not a follower of Jesus!

Here are the rules:
Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect,
go and sell that thou hast,
and give to the poor,
and thou shalt have treasure in heaven:
and come and follow me.

Pat Robertson has not done this!

He takes advice from the Pancake Salesman!

God's Wrath Sinner's Forecast

Mad Man Pancake Robertson

warns Pennsylvania voters of God's wrath

End Illiteracy in the United States!
Ban CBN and all that ILK from
interfering in education
and from the airwaves
They are by far the largest
embarrasment on the US - even more than BUSH

Massive Flooding in UK as torrential rains continue
(of course the Brits deserve it for their sins
Says God via Pancake Belching Pat)

Australian Flooding Causes Massive Damage
(Being 'Down Under' already puts them
'almost' in hell already! - Right Pat?)

Mysterious fever kills 11 children in India
(Them brown little critters deserve to die
don't they Pat? - awful sinners those little ones -
Jesus said make them suffer- Right Pat?
Jesus loves red, yellow, black, white.. not brown?)

Japanese Encephalitis toll in India reaches 1,047

Scientists hopeful ozone hole will shrink
over Antarctica, 4th largest on record
(God's going to flood the earth - right Pat?
for all the wickedness of mankind)

China reports two new bird flu outbreaks

Thailand reports two new outbreaks of bird flu

First cases of bird flu detected in Gulf region

Saudi Arabian Farmer Blasts Delay
in Identifying Bird Disease

Indonesian teenager suspected to have died of bird flu

Bird flu strain found in Italy

Cause of death of pigeons in Malaysia still a mystery

Mystery death of 171 cattle stuns village in India
(Cow sins must be right up there with man's sins?)

Whooping cough outbreak hits US

Deadly Disease Forces Humane Shelter
To Stop Taking Kittens in US
(We all know how pussy causes sin! Right Pat?)

India's Barren Island Volcano fumes again

Tornado injures 18 people in Canada
(Canadians on their way to hell
thanks to Pat's God's Wrath)

Conservative Right Wing Big Wind Bush Advisor Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson told citizens of a Pennsylvania town that they had rejected God by voting their school board out of office for supporting "intelligent design" and warned them Thursday not to be surprised if disaster struck.

What would we do if
Pancake Roberston were Secretary of the Navy?
The 6000 year old earth is FLAT!

Headline News: November 10-11, 2005

Members of the Organization of American States (OAS)
are gutless and servile when they
face the Bush regime

Venezuela's government will "rigorously prosecute"
anyone trying to destabilize the country

Weird wackiness would have been forgiven;
thefts and crimes forgotten

U.N. Blasts Practice of Outsourcing Torture

Afghanistan: The Next Quagmire?

TORTURER Rumsfeld Can Authorize
Exceptions to New "Humane" Interrogation Directive

Colorado Soldier Founds Anti-War Group

7th Caracas trial judge bans
Súmate leaders from traveling abroad

Súmate's Illuminati Symbol

French interior minister plans to deport foreign rioters

Bahamas Rocked by "Tsunami"

Al-Qaida Links Jordan Bombings to Iraq War

The 'Nation' at War

Suicide bombers in Iraq kill 37

Assad lashes out at Syria critics
"Whatever we do and whatever extent we cooperate,
a month from now they will say Syria did not cooperate,"
he said. "Regardless, we will do our part."

George Does Ethics in the White House

Ahmad Chalabi, WMDs, the CIA,
No Regrets, and Page 108

George W. Bush signs bill to regulate colouredS

America's embarrassment in "backyard"

US tells North Korea to stop reactor now

China Selling WMD to N.Korea: U.S. Committee
(Isn't WMD what the US and Rumsfeld sold to Saddam?)

US official says nuke deal with India is 'special'
(US is two faced - India - Yes : Iran - No)

The CIA's inspector general warned last year
that interrogation procedures approved by the Bush administration
could violate the UN convention against torture

US lays missile smuggling charges

U.S. Criticizes Russia Over Religious Freedom
(at the same time the US is harrassing a church
for it's Pro-Jesus Anti-War message
The US is two-faced and hypocritical)

US censures Pakistan for religious discrimination
(But its okay for the US to discriminate
against NON-Christians in hiring practices!
Two-Faced Janus God Worshipping Bush GOPs)

Panel wants US to get tough on China

China eliminates over 8 mln illiterates during 2001-2004
(Bush created that many new illiterates in the US
Most hired in Bush Administration and GOP offices)

UK warns threatens Syria over UN interviews
(Why is there NO UN investigation into Fallujah?)

Africans not surprised by riots in "racist" France

US warns threatens EU again over arms embargo

France's Youth Battles Also Waged on the Web
Via Internet, Violence Is Incited, Debated, Tracked

US, UK, France, Germany to offer
new nuke offer to Iran


Danish editor tests right to violate Muslim taboos

No conversion of Indian tribes, says Israel

Israeli nabbed in Trinidad and Tobago
Michael Agronov of Tel-Aviv arrested in
Caribbean country for suspicion of involvement
in four terror attacks

Iran condemns the terrorist blasts in Amman

Iraq says bombs are wake-up call to Jordanians
(But Israelis were evacuated hours before the attacks?
Israeli-US complicity in these bombings?)

Iran criticizes ignorance of Israel rights abuses

Syria's Assad accuses US of sabotaging Syria-Iraq ties

Iraq's al-Qaida (US embedded) claims Jordan blasts

Syria Reiterates Commitment to Peace with Israel

U.S.-Cuba diplomatic team reshuffled;
some see tighter sanctions

Fox a "puppy dog" of US
(FOX News is too!)


Is US planning an Iraq-style 'regime change'
in Syria?

Iraqi Civilians Killed by U.S.

New York's Subway Search Program
Earns a Failing Grade

The Last Lie of the Iraq War Exposed

Preaching pacifism is no crime
(It is in the Bush GOP Religious Right Kingdom)

Look Who's Joined the Antiwar Chorus
Military and intelligence officials call for withdrawal

Return Of The Tinker
Ahmed Chalabi is back in town -
- but not to own up to his sins.

Who Had the Real Intel on the War

The Wrong Journalistic Decision

The Gomery Report and Quebec Separatism

A Note to Harry Reid, From 'Bullwinkle'

Powell told senator he'd reveal details
about case for war in Iraq after both left office

Prosecutors: Trial of Saddam Will Continue
With or Without Defense

US soldiers accused of caught Taliban burning again

Is Nigeria The Next Persian Gulf?
(it has OIL doesn't it?)

All the King's Media

Bush Linked To Abramoff Scandal

The Woman Behind Arnold's Defeat

U.S. Journalist Reports On Use Of
White Phosphorous In Fullajah

American officials demand Israel provide explanations for how U.S.-made choppers sold to Israel ended up in service of Columbian drug cartel. Incident may cloud relations between countries. ($14 Million Dollars per day every day from US taxpayers to Israel! We pay them to SCREW US!)

To become an occupier

Can Christianity Gain Freedom from Wicked Pundits?
Liberal Christian Organization Puts Supremacists on Notice

Cuba Policy Isolates White House at UN

This is not only a French crisis

Their Right To Return
The Dispossession Of The Islanders To Create
A Us Base Is An Indictment Of Britain

Don't talk about the war

'Why All The Fuss About Torturing People?'

Bush's failing grade on racial issues
(I'll sit agin with Trent Lott on his Slavation Plantation after Katrina)

"In absolute fairness, Iran should be put before the UN to address any charge. Israel can debate its neighbor side-by-side, face-to-face, equal time. Israel can then tell us why it contravenes scores of UN Resolutions, extra-judicially assassinates political leaders, and has hundreds of nuclear weapons it refuses acknowledge let alone account for."

Fake Al Qaeda
The Phony (Mossad)
Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine

Vulnerable Venezuela
The Bush Administration and its surrogates
launch another round of attacks on
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez

Some kind of manly
Bush administration, dead to morality,
says torture is the American way
(and it is the American way in US prisons)


Fowl Play

Foreign policy? Bush couldn't care less ...
he does what he wants!

Caricom teams up against Venezuela
on Bird Island sovereignty

There are still those who continue
to try to destroy democracy in Venezuela

57 die in explosions at three Jordan hotels

New violence hits France despite emergency laws

Dubya-Cheney ties frayed by scandal

Vice president has spent a year
opposing rules on interrogations TORTURE

Leading Muslim cleric calls on community
in France to be 'calm and reasonable'
Turkey urges immigrants in Europe
to stay away from riots

Bird Flu: A Corporate Bonanza
for the Biotech Industry
Tamiflu, Vistide and the Pentagon Agenda

G. W. B. 's Downhill Scooter Ride
Scooter: key Architect shaping the NeoCon's Protocola.

Twenty Questions About Impeaching
A Vice President

Relief Groups Seek Life-Saving Funds as
Pakistan Quake Toll Soars

Israelis evacuated from Amman hotel
hours before bombings
(What? And non-Jews left to die?)

Neglecting Intelligence, Ignoring Warnings

The Case Against This Monstrous War

The Sleeping Giant Stirs

'We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine; and remember that we are not descended from fearful men. Not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were for the moment unpopular... We can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the result.' Edward R. Murrow - May 9, 1954

“Falluja-The day After” shows the total devastation of the Iraqi town, the corpses of the victims, the mass graves, the exhumation of many corpses by local rescue teams in order to try to recognize some of the victims. The last corpse shown in this video belongs to a 14 year old girl

Sleepwalking to Fascism

San Francisco Bans Military Recuiters In High Schools

Santa Cruz Okays City-run
Medical Marijuana Distribution

"Iraq is free of rape rooms and torture chambers."--President Bush, LIES to Republican National Committee Presidential Gala, Oct. 8, 2003

"Abuse of prisoners was abhorrent and "does not represent the America that I know."--President Bush referring to American rape rooms and torture chambers in Abu Ghraib prison; interviews with two Arab satellite news channels, al-Arabiya and al-Hurra; May 5, 2004.

Inside America's lab of horror

Not without my sister: imagining a moral America in 'Kandahar'

The western Balkan outlook: beyond 2005

The Niger Uranium Deception and the "Plame Affair"

Cruel Distortion: 'We Do Not Torture'?
Is the President Serious?

Israel Used White Phosphorous
Lest We Forget

BBC and Fallujah: War Crimes, Lies and Omertà

The Crimes of Fallujah Revisited

Sweet Dreams for America's Ruling Elite
and their Sycophantic Loyalists

Scooter presents: The indictment circus!

The GOP Takes a Beating

Who would Jesus torture?

Bush's best defense is now incompetence;
without that, he's just a liar

Alfred Hitchcock born again
Bush's avian flu rap is attempt to
blind America with fear

Senators Challenge the White House on Cheney's Role,
Cheney Faction's Crimes

Cheney's Addington Was
Chief Author of U.S. Torture, War Crimes Policy

Electromagnetic radiation of unknown
spectrum and quantum level thermal transfer
form the basis of extraterrestrial stealth
communication through minds

Quantum interactions of
sub-molecular vibrational thermodynamics
show how the Hyperspace can be
colonized at higher dimensions

Mexico Did A Poor Job of
"Dirty Work" for the US

Russian FSB destroys psychotropic
Siberian sect of shamans
Sect members were torturing their disciples
depriving them of daylight, sleep and food
(Sounds just like a US prison)

CIA v. Cheney

A Culture Of Lies

Bush meets Dalai Lama,
ignoring China's objections

White House keeps dossiers on more than
10,000 'political enemies'

Dick Cheney: Sabotaging America

What I saw in Iraq with regards to
White Phosphorus

Japanese develop 'female' android

The High Cost of Free Trade's
Supposedly Low Prices

Caribbean Supports Cuba Vs. US Blockade

South America Hails Cuban Victory at the UN

Offices of Nobel Prizewinner
Adolfo Perez Esquivel Attacked

Information Society: Utopia or Reality?

AIDS Spreading in CentAm

FBI and CIA identified as helping
Plan Venezuelan Prosecutor's Murder


A name that lives in infamy

What a Difference Embedding Makes

Glad You're Against Torture,
So Why'd You Give Israel a Pass?

Pillaging the Gardens of Babylon

Gitmo & Iraq Vet Dave Airharts Speaks Out

US Army Admits Use of
White Phosphorus as Weapon

Dousing the Plame Flames

The Zimbabwean government on Wednesday issued a final warning to US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell, saying "stern" measures would be taken against the envoy if he continued to meddle in the country's internal affairs.

Pat Robertson and Bush
Lose Governor's Race in Virginia

Pat Robertson and Bush
Lose GOP Initiatives in California

Pat Robertson and Bush
Lose Governor's Race in New Jersey

Pat Robertson and Bush
Lose Mayor's Race in Detroit

Pat Robertson and Bush
Lose Mayor's Race in Cincinnati

Pat Robertson and Bush
Lose 'Intelligent-Design' School Board in Penn

Pat Robertson and Bush
Lose 'Marijuana' Ban in Santa Cruz

Congressional Malpractice
US Tortures Inmate to Death In DC

«United States will start bombing Antarctica»

Martial Law in a Nutshell--15 Questions

Bloggers beware! Big brother's watching

Rumsfeld tells Israel:
We'll kick Assad out

'Sex hell' of army spy girl

Central Torture Agency?

Secret military spending gets little oversight

Bush el Libertador?
You’re Having a Laugh!

Oil Executives Face Senate Scrutiny Today
Explanations Sought for Higher Profit

Robert Fisk on Torture:
"We Have Become the Criminals...
We Have No Further Moral Cause to Fight For"

Report Warned on C.I.A.'s Tactics in Interrogation

Torturer Cheney wants to give free rein
to prison interrogators

Libby Establishes a Fund to Help Pay Legal Bills
(See Big Business Rush to Donate!)

Wal-Mart actually gave Tom Delay
money 2 days after he was indicted.
That’s right. Wal-Mart made a $5,000
contribution to support Tom Delay’s corruption.

Delay's Legal Expense Trust Contributions

Justice Dept. Mulls Probe Into CIA Leak

Smear-And-Distract Time

German man to file suit over US 'kidnapping'

Schwarzenegger's Entire Insane GOP Agenda Rejected

Exxon (the DoubleCross) Rejects Punitive Oil Profits Taxes

The Concept of Evil:
Why It's Intellectually Valid and
Politically and Spiritually Important

The Soccer Star and the President

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

Cheney and the Con Man
(or the tale of TWO CON MEN)

The Won't-Be-Bullied Pulpit

A Pasadena cleric cited by the IRS refuses
to surrender 'the very soul of our ministry.'

Reviving Faith in Role of Government

Swift Boat Attack on Bernie Sanders
(WE still call it mudslinging in the gutters)

War Must Be A Local Issue
The victim of a president who is a fake and a fraud
and a shill and a sham and now
is going around with the blind staggers

Saddam's Defense Team Boycotts Trial Over Killings

Bush Effort to Aid Republican Falls Short

US denies LIES ABOUT using
white phosphorus on Iraqi civilians

Army reaches low, fills ranks
12% of recruits in Oct. had lowest acceptable scores
(This means police departments will be running short of new hires?)

Supreme Court Sides with Workers in Wage Case

France and the Burning Embers of Repression

People of the Dome Revisited

Iraq: To End The Occupation, End The Civil War

American Military, Foreign Service and Intelligence
Leadership Say No to the Iraq War

For the Birds

"Repent, America!"

Screech the Theofascists

Get a Clue: Who Had the Real Intel on the War

Parliament hands Blair stinging defeat

President Bush's Walkabout

The Superiority of the American Press is Crumbling

Alito Will Overturn Roe v. Wade

The Atypical Ambassador

Racial Divide Evident in Military

¿Cómo Se Dice 'Spin'?

Compassion's Toll on Society of 'Owners'
Too Poor To Be Sick

How To Confront The Media

Pat Robertson Homophobic Hypocrite

Now what does Jesus say about those natural Eunuchs and about mutilated Eunuchs. Keeping in mind that the natural Eunuchs were the gays or homosexuals of the time.

KJV Matthew 19:12. For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

None of the eunuchs mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures or in any other ancient text prior to Jesus are ever called "born eunuchs," because until about the sixth century BCE nearly all people who were called eunuchs were born that way.


So you can be anti Gay if you wish. That is your right. However, you cannot be anti gay and claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ. As you can see. He did not feel that way. So take your choice, you are a follower of Jesus or you're not.

You certainly have a right to disapprove of the Gay life style. That is your right. But when you approach it from a Christian standpoint you are on shaky ground.

If Jesus says that some are born that way from their mothers womb, and you say that those within the womb are creations of God, that means that those whom you may not approve of are creations of God. So tell him .
Bill Donahue -

Kung Fu Jesus

Kicks Ass in CBN Cartoon

Panic in Paris

$5,000 for loss of wife and son:
how US prices death

Torture, What Torture?


Fallujah – Where is the outrage?

The story the mainstream media won’t tell you

Cheney’s Energy Meetings, Iraq Oil & 9/11

What do Fallujah and Halabja have in Common?

Bush’s Syrian Mass Murder Campaign Inches Forward

November begins with 27 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq
(3 per day in a war that Bush declared he had WON)

Democrats Win Gov. Races in N.J., Va.

Democrats Don't Want Libby to Be Pardoned

U.S. owned and controlled U.N.

extends mandate in Iraq
for another year

Former Serbian "Red Berets" elites forces
are now being employed as
private security personnel in Baghdad.

Nepal parties defy US Intervention
into Nepalese affairs

Top Secret: Status Of Chalabi Inquiry
Few Signs of Progress Emerge in FBI Case
Involving a Possible Leak of U.S. Intelligence

Is it logical that the
Venezuelan petroleum industry belongs to the State?

Mexico says does not seek to “check” Hugo Chavez'

Al-Qaeda's Iraq operation, led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, said it was launching an offensive in the west of Iraq in response to a major US and Iraqi military operation on the Syrian border. "Your brothers in the military branch of Al-Qaeda in the Land of Two Rivers are launching today 'The Conquest of Vengeance' on behalf of the Sunni community in Al-Qaim," the group said in an online statement which could not be independently verified.

Azerbaijan’s unfinished election

Tony Blair and climate change:
a change of heart?

White House Pushes on for Torture Exemption

Drug Lobby Lies to California Voters about Political Backing
(GOP Election Frauds Continue Unabated
against citizens and voters)

Romania Rejects IMF Intervention

"Shallow Throat": Ratchet It Up,
Take 'Em Down

Yes, They Lied

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert are circulating a draft letter calling for a congressional leak investigation into the disclosure of illegal secret US torture centers abroad

Why India-US War Games Cause Wide Concern

Shake-Up of the Republic

Hastert and Frist love treason-leaks,
but are now up in arms over leaks
that show US in violation of Geneva Conventions


Cheney: Rome Burns Nero

Open the Ledeen Dossier!

An enemy of the state

Feds to library record-keeper:
Tell no-one we told you to tell us everything

Protesters arrested for going topless

America without the myths

The President is plainly plastered

State Trooper Sentenced In Groping Case

Third officer leaves force in sex scandal

Ex-officer sentenced to one year for intimidation

Son of Miami Chief Timoney arrested
on drug charges in New York

Founding principle called into question

President Cheney
His office really does run national security.

Bush administration gives management a bad name
'Heckuva Job' Brownie bungled Katrina with impeccable fashion

Portly Republicans squeeze the poor

Rich white men robbing the hungry is hard to stomach


Scores of Sassanid seals discovered at Takht-e Soleiman

U.S. Military Killers

Venezuela's Path

Bush should beware his own Watergate

Senate asks Pentagon to probe
Feith-Based War on Iraq

UN resolution calls on US to repeal
economic embargo on Cuba

Afghan rebel vows to expel US force

US and North Korea face off as nuclear talks open

Pentagon bans torture, use of dogs on prisoners
Charges of abuse lead to directive on
humane treatment of U.S. captives

Annan, US envoy disagree over Syria

Russia may restrict many organizations

A Citizen Militia Breeds a Civil Society

Brown, Straw Recalled to U.K. for Vote on Terror Bill

Ireland extends Catholic Church sex abuse probe

Forget the People's Republic of Scotland,
what we are is the UK's biggest banana republic

EU ready to impose sanctions against Belarus

Cannabis Based Medicine to be Supplied in Spain

CIA gulags - in Poland?

Iran says nuclear offer final chance

Iran says it’s not afraid of Security Council

Syrian PM urges for national unity amid international pressure

Venezuela - U.S. Controlled Colombia tensions escalate

Venezuela Grounds Conspiracy Suspects

US Goliath, an All-Time Loser

Venezuela begins to measure its high-density oil reserves

Iranian Co. to develop oil in Gulf of Venezuela

Bolivian Lawmakers Work amid Concerns

Threats Alleged in Suit Against Chevron

UN to US: Lift Cuban Blockade

Bolton Rebukes UN Vote Against Cuba Embargo for `Irrelevancy'

Venezuela Calls the US Blockade an Act of War against Cuba

Fox, Mouthpiece for Bush, Say Mexicans

Neocons Driving Priuses

Twilight of the Oil Age

An Ounce Of Prevention

The Return of Chalabi
Some Democrats are outraged,
but both parties sired this scamster "liberator"

A Viceroy Departs
The Tyrant of Bosnia Goes Home

North Korea Rushes To Finish Reactor
Increased Plutonium Capacity Could
Enhance Bargaining Position at Talks

A Politically Deflated Bush Faces a Resistant World

No More Blank-Check Wars

Silvio Says Arrivederci

Talking Points Propaganda
The liberals' ridiculous defense of Bill Clinton

'Nine lives' Chalabi resurfaces in Washington

Pillaging the Gardens of Babylon

Iowa peace activists say they have
proof that federal authorities used the
specter of terrorism last year
to investigate local antiwar activities

Nepal Emergency Rule
Is Endangering Democracy, Two Faced U.S. Says

''Washington's Long War and its
Strategy in the Horn of Africa''

Record vote against US Cuba embargo

Normalising genocide

Party For Sale

Get a Clue

France is clinging to an ideal
that's been pickled into dogma

Europe faces 'fear of all things foreign'

Sudan at the head of a global sweep
to mop up world's oil resources

Haiti election supervisors 'quit'

Bush administration's torture fetish under fire

Bush: “We don’t torture”—but don’t put it in writing

US big business is pleased with
Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court

St. Louis: 'urban revitalization' targets the homeless

The United States of America has become
the biggest nuisance on this planet...

Edgar Bronfman/Seagrams Booze owned
World Jewish Congress hypocritical concern
for 'harsh treatment' of Jews in Venezuela

Venezuela looks to me like Uncle Sam's worst nightmare!

The Code of Judicial Conduct requires that a judge
disqualify himself if he has a financial interest
in a party to the case, ''however small."

Turning Back the Clocks One More Time

USA unwilling to regulate North Korean nuclear problem
It was the US administration, which made North Korea
look like a nuclear scarecrow for the whole world

Tibetan and Indian monks still master the art of levitation

Advanced extraterrestrial UFO propagation
based on Superstrings driven Supersymmetric Fluid Dynamics

US military sets laser PHASRs to stun
(New Torture Weapon)

A cure discovered for common learning disability

Research Shows Where the Brain Interprets 'Pitch'

Warning as world faces $17,000bn energy bill

Scientists Develop "Flu Chip"

DNA May Hold Key To Mystery Of Fate Of Billy The Kid

Eastpointe's infamous squirrel-feeding woman threatened suicide and launched a verbal attack against a city attorney when she was arraigned on new criminal charges in 38th District Court last week. Luminita Marinas faces a $500 fine and 90 days in jail if she is convicted on the latest charge relating to her setting out walnuts for squirrels near her home on Kelly at Forest.

Man Jailed for Not Licensing Cat

Is Jesus one of the Tree Huggin Lovers?

Pittsburgh archeologist discovers ancient alphabet in Israel

God's Wrath Sinner's Forecast

Major Earthquake Could Shake Up Arkansas
(Sin? Liberal Clintonistas?)

Barren Island Volcano resumes activity
(God thinks it's barren due to an abortion-- right Pat?)

Sick with shame at quake horrors
(But those evil Islamers defy your God? right Pat?)

Fears of cholera among
Pakistan earthquake survivors
(God's Holy Pestulance?)

DDT Is Only Real Weapon to Combat Malaria
(Devil's DDT to stop Pat's God?)

Scientists Predict Future Arizona Conditions: Hotter and Drier
(Sinful Retirees -- huh Pat?)

Scientists fear Goma volcano will erupt again
(Lot's of unrighteousness on Goma?)

November tornado not rare,
but storm's intensity was
(Why didn't Pat pray this one away?
Too busy preying on other things?)

Employees Overcome By Fumes
(That's God's way of telling those Union folk
to stop asking for fair wages?)

Earthquake jolts northern Pakistan
(God ain't happy with killing only 87,000
Wants to take out some more-- right Pat?)

Gulf of Mexico dolphin deaths reported
(Lesbian Dolphins?)

Bird flu outbreak a potential "disaster"
(not a disaster- God pouring out his
mysterious ways and love- right Pat?)

Earth Headed for Global Warming Catastrophe
(all except CBN-700 Club in Norfolk Virginia?)

Florida reports 24 more manatee deaths
(Rainbow Coalition Manatees)

The new HIV threat
(God's first one didn't do the job - right Pat?)

Scientists' warning over bottle-fed toddlers
(Those little critters are really sinful - Right- Pat?)

Little Ice Age

Earthquake response a 'disgrace'
(So commandeth the Lord - eh Pat?)

Gonorrhea declines; syphilis on increase
(Those sinful divorcees - as opposed to
those loving Christian Divorcees-- right Pat?)

Forests of Michoacán, Mexico disappearing
(HOMO FAG TREES! Right Pat?)

$1,200 wedding of Dogs
(What's God saying about this Pat?)

Cola, not coffee,

linked to blood pressure
(better warn those Sinning Pepsi Mormons)

Headline News: November 9-10, 2005

French rioting spreads to Belgium and Germany

Turkey Accuses Denmark of 'Supporting' Terrorism

Cars torched in Brussels in imitation of France

Bush defends U.S. torture and terror

Iran condemns US spy plane flights

US troops accused of Iraq 'abuse'

Hypocrite US who is guilty of war crimes
charges five Guantanamo detainees with war crimes

Hypocrite US who is holding secret trial in secret prisons
condemns Myanmar over secret trials

Will the US `lose' Latin Ameica?
(Did the Imperial Colonist ever have Latin America?)

Mohamed ElBaradei,
who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize
and heads the International Atomic Energy Agency
searched at US airport

US Military Action Against Syria
Would Lead To Disaster
America is more interested in changing the Damascus regime
(Bush wants another quagmire like Iraq)

Riot in China over 'corrupt' company privatisations

Blair puts leadership on the line
(He found someone that can really lead?)

UK Cabinet ministers 'acted like
political pygmies in Washington'

France declares state of emergency over riots

Leaders fiddle as France burns

He doesn't deserve mockery

Surveillance Society

Let Us Be Patriots

How far should Israel
Go to defend its national survival?

Fatah faction agrees with Iranian President:
Wipe out Israel

Another lawyer in Saddam trial shot dead
(US cannot afford to allow 'real' legal defense)

US Illegally Spying inside Iran

Widespread Iraq violence leaves swath of casualties

SA denies nuclear involvement in Iran
(For Bush, New Evil Enemy, New War)

Iran denies
US and UK Propaganda about
bomb parts coming from its borders

Bush's Iran Policy Falters
(Toyota wins?)

U.S. cutting diplomatic ties with Syria
(Bush wants

Wal-Mart actually gave Tom Delay
money 2 days after he was indicted.
That’s right. Wal-Mart made a $5,000
contribution to support Tom Delay’s corruption.



Paraguay Sounds Alarm on Child Exploitation
(This is US controlled Puppet Paraguay)

Chilean Attack on Bolivia and Peru Possible

Peru's truth commission draws threats
- and the anti-Semites turn out

Venezuela, Caribbean countries at odds over island

Cuba Takes its Case to UN General Assembly

Peace activists gather in Cuba to create group
against foreign military bases

NAFTA failing in Mexico, hurting poor
(as Predicted by US Unions under the 'other' Bush)

Mexico, the meddling neighbor

Lying with intelligence
WHO IN THE White House knew about
DITSUM No. 044-02 and when did they know it?

Border fence won't work

Cuba Hopes for Victory over US Blockade at UN

Japan's whaling program 'breaks international law'

Quake tests Kashmir and the world

3 million still lack shelter in Kashmir
(But Pat Robertson sold some more pancakes?)

Ambassador de Sade
Bush rewarded one of his loyalists
with the ambassadorship to Italy
despite his past as the founder
of a teen torture cult.
(Another of those Pat Roberston GOPs)

Wal-Mart's Tax on Us
Wal-Mart's phenomenal growth is the result of
sweetheart deals and taxpayer subsidies
(not to mention child labor, slave labor,
prison labor, illegal immigrant labor, etc)

Wag the Damascus?

Wider Scope in Prewar Probe Sought
Democrats on Intelligence Panel Want
Right to Question Top Policymakers

Our liberties under siege

The Wall of Shame

Deficits at Home, Welfare Abroad

Authoritative Misinformation
(i.e Propaganda)

Proposed Legislation May Affect
Future of Public-Access Television
(GOP to Suppress Media Opposition)

(GOP Propaganda Organ)
Fox News Is Accused in Bias Suit

Blair Blames France for Iraq War
(He can't blame BUSH? - If'n yur agin us yur the enemee)

Neoconservative disinformation
creates a democracy gap

Weather terror 2: Russia and the rogues

Learning from Fallujah’s agony

Commander In Chic

Paris Is But A Symptom

The Family Values Sideshow

(It's the sheer HYPOCRISY)

GOP closer to breaking up left-leaning
9th Circuit appeals court

Negroponte won't back Cheney on torture
(or running from the War Crimes charges?)

So Iraq Was About the Oil

Heavy Voter Turnout Expected In 2 States
For Legalizing Anti-Gay Discrimination Measures

Democrats plan an assault on GOP’s push for budget vote

The media are minimising
US and British war crimes in Iraq

A PBS documentary names U.S. torture commanders
(Wonder why the GOPS and Pat Robertson are
trying to dismantle and turn PBS into another
Fox-Type Propaganda Organ?)

Depleted Uranium Is WMD

Security officers have started the next genocide

'Steel curtain' in Iraq—another US war crime

'What country was Bush talking about?

Fashion was the priority for Michael Brown

Scientists claim life after death exists

Little-brained big heads of the States

Mummies of Egyptian pharaohs mysteriously
disappear from pyramids

Why are they not in front of their cameras
calling Bush a butcher?

The enduring Bush/Cheney legacy:
one wrong X one wrong = one right.

Pictures of Torture And Sexual Abuse
of Iraqi Prisoners By US-UK Soldiers

Bush's Fourth Empire:
'good for the quality of life' for the Americas!

How do you tell Bush he needs to clean house
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
(Starting in the Oval Office!)

Deception of Nazi-styled psychiatric abuses
by the Bush administration

Arthur Shaw:
Is there a difference between hate
and righteous indignation?

To exclude Otto Reich from 'psychopaths'
will only inflame him worse...

An unmitigated disaster,
G.W. Bush-whacked like a pinata in Latin America

Bush finds fight over free trade --
Miami was a well-orchestrated ambush

Cheney, the Enemy Within

Did Australia use remote viewing with field and signal
intelligence to cature Islamic terrorists?

''Israel to sell 50 spy drones to India''

Fallujah - the hidden massacre
Photo gallery

Incinerating Iraqis:
The Napalm Cover-Up

Using Napalm in Iraq
The Story That Won't Die

The President and His Vice:
Torturers' Puppetmasters

Will the BBC tell the truth about Fallujah?
(or FOX?)

For the love of Israel

Anti-Rural Republican Policies

The Spy Is Out, the Fools Rush In

Believe What We Say, Not What We Do

Evolution in the bible, says Vatican
The fundamentalists want to give a
scientific meaning to words
that had no scientific aim

Evaluations, Cronyism and Pay

Man claims cop threw Koran into garbage

Ultraviolet Haze at Titan

Chinese Company Closed For Selling Land On The Moon

Titan's Rocks Of Ice

Farming That Improves the Environment

Flu pandemic will come and
will cost $800 billion, World Bank report
(Better start printing that money now?)

Vermont To Drop Lawsuit Against FDA
Over Prescription Drug Reimportation
(Giving in to GOP's Pharma Monopoly
and War on American Health)

Studies indicate that Wal-Mart decreases wages
in the communities in which it operates

New Turbine Design May Boost Wind Energy

Wisconsin Governor Vetoes Cloning Ban

Ship Blasted Pirates With Sonic Weapon

Why is Bush a GOP?
Was his salvation and conversion due to a vision
while serving his country in the National Guard's Bar?

Headline News: November 8-9, 2005

Pentagon to Venezuela: Who, Us?

A tale of two generals

Otto Reich is a psychopath …
does that make him a 'special person?'

Iraq Sunni group blasts defense minister

Bush blunders ... US media covers up
on Free Trade, Argentina, Brazil

75% of Argentineans welcomed visit by
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Think this kind of terrorism can't happen in the US?

It Already Has!
April 19, 1993

Waco Museum

U.S. Used
Chemical Weapons In Iraq
Veteran admits:
Bodies melted away before us.

White phosphorous used on the civilian populace:
This is how the US "took" Fallujah.
New napalm formula also used.

Italian Satellite TV to Broadcast
Evidence of US Use of
Chemical Weapons on Civilians

Bush humiliated as Latin American soccer hero
calls him 'human trash'

Deception of Nazi-styled psychiatric abuses
by the Bush administration

Cheney Isolated On Torture

Bush declares: 'We do not torture'

(Then why are you against a law that
makes illegal something you do not do?)

Ten questions and answers, with Dahr Jamail

Ethics for Dummies
Everything they don't know,
they should have learned in kindergarten

You be calm, we'll build

Muslim Warfare Grows As Reports from France, Denmark, England and Thailand Show As Western Nations Continue Crackdowns Against Freedoms

Bush opposition to torture ban is grave error

The US president has lost his way
(or he was born that way- LOST)

ICRC hits US over secret terror detainees

Cheney holds hard line on detainee policy
Vice president wages bureaucratic war against new restrictions

US intelligence chief fails to back Cheney's proposal

China orders bosses down mines

Bitter Blair accepts defeat over plan
to hold terrorism suspects for 90 days
(Is he ready to accept bitter defeat in Iraq?)

Blair was seduced before Iraq war

UK unions want law to ban bullying at work

UK troops who served in Troubles
face charges over 2,000 'unresolved deaths'

Amnesty protests lack of transparency
surrounding military exports

Rioting Spreads to 300 Towns in France

France's shattered image

French riots spread into Paris, 1,300 cars torched

Muslim Riots Break Out in Denmark As Well

Workers oppose U.S. military base in Paraguay

Cuba provides 300 doctors to Pakistan

California health plans send patients to Mexico

Thousands still inaccessible
one month after Pakistan quake

Australia govt accused of security scare campaign
(Watch for Upcoming Reichstag Wag the Dog events)

Cheney Chief-of-Staff Named
as Spy-gate Leaker in 2003

Prewar report doubted Iraq-al Qaeda tie

Top Secret: Status Of Chalabi Inquiry
Few Signs of Progress Emerge in FBI Case
Involving a Possible Leak of U.S. Intelligence

Questions about Chalabi pose dilemma
for Bush administration

Blame It on Rocco
The fall guy takes the hit – but who's really guilty?

Pathologies, Perjuries, and Policies
of the War Party

Another Vietnam coverup

Pressure on Syria 'unacceptable': Iran

Prisoner Accounts Suggest
Detention At Secret Facilities

The Torture Test

Born Agains Worship the GOP Compassionate Religious Right

The End of Arnie's Days

Wal-Mart's 'China Price'

Making Wal-Mart Change Its Ways

The Bible is not all factual

When Cleaner Air Is a Biblical Obligation

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning
All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena
risks losing its tax-exempt status because
of a former rector's remarks in 2004.
(But Pat Robertson spouts his
pro-war - pro-murder - pro-torture - pro-GOP agenda daily
and the IRS is strangely silent?
Official OPPRESSION through
SeLeCtIvE EnFoRcEmEnT !!!)

Vice president lied as White House
sought to defuse leak inquiry

Bush meltdown:
Belated justice or coup d'état?

The Transcultural Trance in France

Now to 'Streamline' King Coal's
Beheading of Appalachia

How Britain failed to check Bush in the run up to war

Alan Greenspan, Egalitarian?

The Wal-Mart 22

Chris Matthews and the Power of Repetition

POW Rights Are Our Rights

Long Day, Interesting People…

New Illegal Trail Rules Critcized

We Americans are like recovering addicts
after a four-year bender

Bush Diplomacy Means Settling for Less

Can the C.I.A. legally kill a prisoner?

The Clerico-Kremlinology of Iran’s Israel Threat

Before Rearming Iraq,
He Sold Shoes and Flowers

Bush sinks in opinion polls,
but Democrats offer no alternative

That whirring sound you hear are the spinmeisters of the Bush administration trying to prettify the outcome of the Mar del Plata Summit of the Americas into something suitable for U.S. public consumption.

U.S., Britain plot 'regime change' in Iran
(Oh shit - More of that
Old Time Religion of the Religious Right!)

Today's NeoCon GOP Religious Right
Approved Dress Code - North and South
J Edgar would have loved this!
For the Bigot with Fashion in Mind

Energy vampires do not need fangs to live
Energy vampires do not realize their harmful qualities

Former Soviet Union republics owe $2 trillion to Russia

European Union turns a blind eye on chaos in France
(What's the EU good for? Absolutely NOTHING!
Just like its parent US - good for nothing)

Why is Bush so unpopular?
(I ges owr childrin steel ain't lernin?)

Congress and the Culture of CRUELTY
Who would Jesus starve?

Rudy Giuliani, Whoring for the GOP

Bush takes veiled swipe at Venezuela's Chavez

Bush in a Hole

Panicked Bush Slinks Away From Chavez

Vice President Lied as White House
Sought to Defuse Leak Inquiry

Persecuted Victimizers, Kids and SpongeBob

The Privatization of America

Cuba Strives to Bust Blockade at UN

Cuba Military Base Event Seeks Peace

Besieged City Welcomes Bush in Panama

Uruguay Thanks Cuba for Free Eye Surgery

IEA Reckons Oil Prices Will Rise

Mexican President Fox Called Irresponsible and Suicidal


Did you know that in 1981 Lynne Cheney wrote a book which is a extremely sexual about hot lesbian lovers as well as prostitution and rape?

Well she did, and its called Sisters.

Now there is really nothing wrong with writing a sex novel. Even one with lesbian sex.

What is wrong is the false front that is put up to Born Again Christians so as to get their votes. How many of the Born Againers know about this?

And someone else very close to Dick Cheney ---- Lewis Scooter Libby :

Scooter went all the way. His book is part pornographic.

In includes just about every sexual perversion you can think of including pedophilia and bestiality.

Consider this passage:

At age ten the madam put the child in a cage with a bear trained to couple with young girls so the girls would be frigid and not fall in love with their patrons. They fed her through the bars and aroused the bear with a stick when it seemed to lose interest.

“At length he walked around to the deer’s head and, reaching into his pants, struggled for a moment and then pulled out his penis. He began to piss in the snow just in front of the deer’s nostrils.” He then said, should I f*** the deer?

The main female character, Yukiko, draws hair on the 'mound' of a little girl. The brothers of a dead samurai have sex with his daughter.

When you look at Scooter Libby's book and then picture the naked bodies of Iraqi prisoners stacked in a pyramid , it begins to make sense as to where all of that perversion really came from.

Vice President Cheney's wife writes a book about Lesbian love and Vice President Cheneys executive assistant writes a sadistic porno novel.

Bill Donahue -

What else can one say?
(Makes Larry Flynt Look Like a Virgin?)

Learn MORE about the Whited Sepulchre's
in the Whited House!

Come on Son, take it like a man
Remember when you were a little boy?

Deconstructing Cheney

Deportation Case is No Model of Justice

Press Owes an Explanation on Iraq War

Bush's Wall of Shame

In New Orleans' Mud,
A Ward Determined Not To Slip Away

Why the State of Ohio Diebold
Needs To Pass Ballot Issues 2, 3, 4 & 5

A Letter To My Fellow (Normal) Americans

Explosion in the Paris Suburbs

Delay's Legal Expense Trust Contributions

See who's giving away YOUR job
and Who paid him to do it

Learning from Fallujah’s agony

India’s new right-to-information laws have drawn first blood -- secret deals involving the World Bank to privatise water supply and sanitation in the Indian capital.

Auto Union Reassures Delphi Workers,
Reaffirms Strike Threat

In the Name of Democracy
American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond

Baghdad's mortuary reels under the weight of killings

Al-Qaeda threatens Iraq mayhem
unless US-led assault halted

Congressional leaders say it's time to get serious about the deficit, so they cut $36-billion in spending on the country's working poor. And then they give the wealthy $70-billion more in tax breaks.

Revision Thing
A history of the Iraq war, told entirely in lies

Supreme Court Agrees to
Hear Case on Military Tribunals
(Whitewashing the Whited Sepuchres)

McCain vows to add torture ban
to all major Senate legislation

Disturbing Questions Raised by Cover-Up Timeline

Teheran 'providing refuge for al-Qaeda terrorists'
(yawn, yawn, yawn.. and Iraq has WMD too)

Kitchen-labor Union Launching
Wal-Mart Workers Association

Device Reduces Drag on Tractor Trailers,
Increases Fuel Efficiency

New Sensor Based on
Human Organ Is No Tin Ear
(Super Spies Coming UP!)

Mixing Stress, Deprivation and Tempting Foods

President Sings Second-Term Blues

Probiotics get a boost
Sellers of 'friendly' bacteria offer evidence to back claims

Prions suspected in milk
Sheep mammaries shown to contain agents
of fatal brain disease.

Prehistoric skull found in dump may be
missing ancestor

'New' science gleans knowledge from
ancient lands and societies

Quantum Chaos During Atom Ionisation

How Brain Pathways Control Body Weight

Many Kiwis confused over their daily bread

Wine Compound Attacks Alzheimer's Agent

Depression raises colorectal cancer risk

Pushing the Limit
Digital communications experts are
zeroing in on the perfect code

The Age of Autism: Amish genes

'Frozen' Methane Beneath Ocean Floor

Code For Motor Neuron Wiring

Genetics Used To Prove Linguistic Theories

Turning Sensation Into Perception

Viral hanky-panky
Anyone who supposes that evolution doesn't happen,
should spare a thought for H5N1,
the virus causing avian flu.
If we're unlucky, this virus will give us a
nasty demonstration of evolution in action

Children don't know what chips are made of

Global warming is too hot to ignore

Russians Steal German Technology For
Iranian, Syrian Missiles

Dragon Eye Protects Troops

ESO Image of Robert's Quartet

Venus, A Planet Of Broken Dreams

Quantum Chaos

Growth Of Greenland Ice Sheet Interior

Desert Could Cover China's Breadbasket In Sand

Volcanic Eruptions Impact Global Sea Level

Riddle of the Hindu relics in the Thames

Archaeologist suspects arson in
Revolutionary-era blaze downtown

French diving archeologists have discovered
the foundation of the ancient lighthouse of Pharos in Alexandria,
the seventh wonder of the world.

Mysterious case of death on the Nile,
4,000 years ago

Dam construction uncovers Sassanid-style
graves near Kermanshah

An inside lens on Maya life

Behind the walls of Cuernavaca

Mystery of Jar Burial in Iran's 'Gohar Tepe'

Landmarks on Titan

Massive B-15A Iceberg Breaks Up

Integrating time, electromagnetic and
gravitational radiation into a virtual tensor

Headline News: November 6-8, 2005

Click Maps for Larger View
Hurricane Center

Pat Robertson's God Strikes Again
Deadly twister rips through southern Indiana

Sunday Morning Severe Storms and Tornadoes
Indiana-Kentucky - Pictures

Dick Cheney:
Vice President for Torture and War
Torture Didn't Start with Abu Ghraib:
The Olson Case

Leadership Failure Continues,
White House Stiffs Gulf States

Protection and the Principle
of National Sovereignty

Delphi in Advanced Planning for Shutdown

The Delphi Case and the
Misuse of Bankruptcy Law

Bush's State-Based Religion
Is a New Fascist Movement

Lebanon Resists
Bush Civil War Provocations

The 'Universal Fascism'
Behind the Cheney Cabal

More protests as Bush arrives in Brazil

Bush is stoking the fires of hatred
'The Next Attack' charts the catalogue of failure made
before, during and after the US-led invasion of Iraq,
the consequences of which are dire

Taxman goes after girl age 12
Daughter becomes embroiled in dad's legal battles
with Revenue Canada

Republicans Still Keeping Secret Evidence
Administration Used Reports
They Knew Were False to Bring US to War

Bush's War on Veterans

The Religious Right and the Democrats
Stand at the Crossroads

One Year After Dubya's Re-selection,

It's Even Worse Than Predicted

Bush administration vows to fight cheap drug legislation
(Protecting his OverPricing Pharma GOP donors)

U.S. Congress earmarks $4 mln for political parties in Russia
(U$ interference into other nation's internal affairs
I'll bet your school system could use that 4 million?)

UN Nuclear Watchdog Satisfied With
Russia-Iran Nuclear Cooperation

China Shutters Prominent Lawyer's Firm
Rights Activist Had Refused to Disavow Letter
Defending Religion, Falun Gong

Unprecedented Parliamentary inquiry into
Blair’s conduct over Iraq

The final whistle for Blair?

Blair Says His Labour Party Facing Crisis
(I thought the crisis WAS Blair?)

Paris intifada
Many Israelis believe France ‘deserves’ ongoing rioting

Schools burn as Paris riots enter 10th night

From Angola Prison to the New Orleans flood

The Forgotten of Africa,
Wasting Away in Jails Without Trial

Prisoners’ children pay a price

Eurabia on the rampage

Demons in the skies of the Gaza Strip
As Israeli Air Force Terrorizes Palestinian Civilians

Iran’s military says ready to counter U.S. assault

Iran confirms IAEA inspections of military facility

Paper warns against US plot prior to Iraqi vote
Iran says U.S. plotting to remove Iraq Shiites from power

Paris riots model for U.S. social unraveling

Why the US Should Follow Rules of War
(The US won't even abide by its own Constitution!)

FTAA Perverse Annexation Plan

Right Wing Ralphie Reed's
Kiss and make up

Che´s Daughter Gives Kudos for Cuba

US Forces Feel the Heat in Iraq

Nicaragua: Bush with Tail between Legs

Fiery Welcome for Bush in Panama Sunday
(i.e. More Protests against Imperialist Emporer Bush)

Vietnam Sues US to Cleanse Agent Orange

Cuba TV Highlights Death of FTAA in Mar Del Plata

Chinese Military Officers Welcomed in Cuba


(Pat Robertson's God Still Killing Paks)
Aftershock jolts Pakistan

Kerry Suspects Election 2004 Was Stolen
(Diebold took the election to the bank!)

The Mysterious Death of Pat Tillman

Revisiting the Dream Memo
The Niger Uranium Forgery of December 2003

Revolt in Paris

Great Britain: Hindus plan protest against stamp

Trinidad police detain Israeli;
may be linked to bombings

Iraqi politicians condemn US offensive

20 Amazing Facts About
Voting in the USA

Property, Privilege, And Oil

Democracy, Let's Bring It Here

The Tenor Of Our Times

The Insurgent Word: Piss Off

Krugman Feels Administration Is Nearing A Train Wreck

The Case For Scottish Independence

You're doin' a Heck of a Job, Dick Cheney

A Chickenhawk Vice-President
Tortures Away America's National Security

Hiding Offshore Assets
Economics Trumps Law in the Neoliberal Gulag

Record numbers in US prisons

The reality of Britain's reliance on torture
Torture means the woman who was raped with a broken bottle,
and died after 10 days of agony

The secret history of America’s 'extraordinary rendition' program.

Tariq Aziz pulls plug on Senate’s Galloway smears

An outcast generation

Bush is single target of multiple complaints

Panama angry over US Poppy Bush's weapons left along canal

Bush rebuked by the hand of God

America Online (AOL): Made in Langley, VA
(Are you paying AOL to be spied on?)

Decades of US dumping chemical arms leave a risky legacy
U.S. chemical weapons found in Delaware driveway pavement

Why are House Republican leaders pushing a budget that, when it comes to our neediest fellow citizens, is a direct assault on ... hard work, personal responsibility and family values?

When Chavez and Bush go head-to-head,
George'll end up looking the fool
(Bush'd look the fool if he went head to head with Charley Manson!)

United States facing gloomy prospects
as policies fail and influence declines

FTAA only helps large US companies
at expense of Latin American workers

Breaking with neoliberal orthodoxy,
gains have been made for poor majority

Debts left unpaid ...
taxes, insurance, power bills ...
600 workers without wages
(a Union Success Story)

Washington D.C. committed to
sending back two alleged assassins for trial

Venezuelan President billed as a
star of the Summit of the Americas

Secrets and Shame

HE0450-2958 a quasar with invisible galaxy made of dark matter
the evidence of advanced extraterrestrial alien colonies
within the physical universe

Quantum thermodynamics – looking at the heart of
nano quantum fluids based advanced
alien civilization in higher dimension

Scientists get the first taste of state of matter in the Hyperspace
Quantum Fluids in a Quantum Vacuum
the essence of a Type IV alien civilization

Bush Doing Corporate Bidding While On The Clock
While pursuing these trade agreements,
Bush is doing the bidding for Pharma,
his party's top campaign contributor.

The Plan is for the United States to rule the world

Interview with an Iraqi Woman and Internal Refugee

Flying Pyramids in Egypt

The Renewal

The Inner Child & the Outer Grown-up

Kill their women and children

Haditha: River Gate… to Hell

What Do You Know --
Bogus Intel Got Us Into Another War

Beneath Spy 'Outing' Lies Story of Lies About Iraq

Don't Cry For Rove When Time Comes

Why We Should Pay War Reparations To Iraq

Shut Down Guantanamo

The Karl and Ken Show
Report Detailing Extent of Tomlinson-Rove
Relationship Under Seal at GOP-Friendly CPB

Adventures of Jack Abramoff -- An Ugly Story

Technical Incompetence Leads to
Crucial Reminder About George W. Bush

Osama: Dead Again

Bush, Cheney, and Powell
Repeatedly Pushed False Evidence To Justify War

The Israeli connection to the
Niger and Congo uranium forgeries

Movies and Dreams...

The Consequences of Covering Up
Washington Post withholds info on
secret prisons at government request

Report Warned Bush Team About Intelligence Doubts

The FBI's Secret Scrutiny
In Hunt for Terrorists,
Bureau Examines Records of Ordinary Americans

Department of Defense reneges
on war-time promises to pay bonuses

The British-Niger connection

Spy story that has enmeshed Bush

Now is the summit of his discontent

Italians: We didn't dupe Bush
(He was a dupe before he got here)

British Terror Suspect Had U.S. Images
(and this makes you a terrorist?
Better get rid of all the White House and Capitol pictures
my son sent me when he visited there?)

US 'alarmed' by possible alliance between
Nepal parties and Maoists
(Oh crap.. New US Enemy.. New US war!)

Fox Propaganda may open Internet Propaganda Company

Ancient Church Found in Armageddon

Iraq war 'fuelled terrorism'

US told to repay Iraq for 'shoddy' work

Rummy's bird flu bonanza

Libby Jewish?

Israeli Ambassador to U.S. suspected of
various financial improprieties
(Must be a GOP Religious Right Israeli?)

U.S. mafia hit squads may again have their ugly hands in the car bombing of Lebanese President. U.S. Intelligence reports were quick to finger Syria, but critics contend the killing was U.S. backed in order to justify a future Syrian invasion.

US$85m '7-star' hotel set for
Baghdad's Green Zone
(No Iraqis Allowed - Whites Only Motel)

United States Issues Further Warning
on 'Impending Internal Crisis',
President and Top Leaders Leave Country
As South American War Fears Grow

GOP Criminal Chalabi Returns
to Court Washington Elite

Cheney urges exception

to torture ban for CIA
(Was Jeeezus an Arab?
Cheney's Delight)

Alqaim October Massacre:
Indiscriminate Killing Zone

Syria and the Gaddafi Gambit

The Republican Nemesis

Senate Rule 21
What Happened Behind Closed Doors

Reputed "Mob Judge" Picked For U.S. Supreme Court!
(Picked by Mob Puppet!)

Laura Bush Doesn't Care
About Black People or Howard University

Iraq: The jewel in the Bush crown

Pakistan President calls bias over inadequate relief

US specialist seeks to discuss
George W. Bush's mental health issues
with Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias

When can citizens of the United States
stop hanging their heads in shame for Bush

George W. Bush has come to epitomize
the reasons for Latinos' hatred

Venezuela between
Jesus Christ and Karl Marx...

Iraq prisoner abuse witnesses 'disappear' in US custody

US Senate Reaffirms Support for

Amendment Banning Torture

Resistance obstructs U.S. colonial project
U.S.-sponsored Iraqi constitution reveals partition plans

Bill Maher & Tony Snow

Continue the Saddam Lies

Lyons: Libby, lies and the casualties of war

U.S. GOP Religious Right NUTS and Warmongers Want
Total Ban of Israel Arms Sales to Venezuela

Should the U.S. Withdraw?
Let the Iraqi People Decide

Kissinger: An Old Dog and New Tricks

Of Course They’re Rioting in Argentina

They Say That a Fish Rots from the Head Down

Where is Ansel Adams When We Need Him?

The Bush Effect:
U.S. Military Involvement in Latin America Rises,
Development and Humanitarian Aid Fall

The Road Out of Iraq

Panicky Bush slinks away from Chavez

Witnesses Describe Ballot Fraud in Nineveh

Rioters shatter Bush's hopes of forging free trade coup

A country in flames…
French cities teeter on the edge of anarchy

Receives Rousing Welcome In Buenos Aires...
Fox News Analysis

The Bush Cult and the Koolaid.

The people who followed Jim Jones trusted and believed in him. They even went to Guayana, where Jim Jones promised to start a new society, just like the Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich, promised to start a new America. Just like the neocons

Serving two masters
"You cannot serve God and money.”

Documents show Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition
Hit Man (Body Bag) Ralph Reed's firm got casino money

Fighting back in the language war

Most small congregation ministers have modest incomes and modest lifestyles. Not so with the TV preachers. Dateline reported that the Reverend Benny Hinn has an income of around $100 million a year, lives in a $10 million home on the ocean in California, owns a private jet and stays in the royal suites of five star hotels.

Faith and Fraud

Trent’s Lotta Thanks to Cheney

for a Good Night’s Sleep

Hurricane Relief for
Mr. Bush's Very Wealthy Friends

Bush Feels Hand of God as Poll Ratings Slump

Spending Inquiry for Top Official on Broadcasting

Black babes lose their African spirit and attraction
in Moscow

Tony Blair government tainted by 'sleaze,'
ex-PM John Major says

The Dynamic Unification of
South America vs. U.S. Foreign Policy
and Global Corporate Empire

Torture: It's the New American Way

The United States of Torture

It's a sad joke whenever you go to a party or a gathering with sharp people present, and the subject of George Bush's intelligence comes up. Everyone laughs rather sadly because everyone in the room is smarter than George Bush, and everyone knows it. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens - it doesn't matter, most people who are somewhat successful in the world are smarter than our president.

The Secrets of the Pat Robertson Attorney
Puppet Lawyer Jay Sekulow

The Bible says: "...the Pharisees and lawyers rejected the counsel of God against themselves... "
Jesus himself said: "Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers."

Someone is a Liar and Hypocrite?
The Bible and Jesus
Pat Robertson and Jay Sekulow

Give up your guns, urges Toronto's top cop

Chavez-Bush rivalry threatens
to overshadow Americas summit
(Threatens? - IT will probably bring life
to the normally boring summit)

Rumsfeld: GITMO hunger strikers on "diet"
(and Rumsfeld gave them vinegar and bile to drink)

Bush, Cheney can't let Libby go to trial
(The Cover Up Continues)

Insurgents' weapons coming from Iran: UK general
(Yawn Yawn Yawn - Same old story
Same old lies - The Coalition has brought in the WMD

Old lies in new bottles

Basque leader sentenced to one year
for slandering Spain's King of Torturers

Why the US will lose

The American empire and big business

A Priest's Confession

Evidence Of Catholic Coverup

13 sex abuse allegations against Galway

Can you really stop time? –
yes you can according to scientists
reverse engineering extraterrestrial technologies

Like mass can be converted into energy,
time can also be converted into energy

Strange underwater sound and a burst of
electromagnetic waves – a new military weapon system
or a new type of extraterrestrial UFO?

A perfect Numerical Quantum Gravity model shows how
extraterrestrial UFOs pass through the Black and Worm holes

The unknown electromagnetic spectrum –
the real clue to extraterrestrial civilizations all around us

Ultra sophisticated resonance grabbing high-frequency radiation
absorbing telescopes see Type IV extraterrestrial
civilizations tapping energy from super massive black holes

Failure to quell rioting creates a crisis for France

UN 'responsible for killing thousands'

Israel to resume involvement in prestigious
U.S. defense project

The Iraqi Army is the Army of liberation

Al-Jazeera Cameraman Detained in Israel

Source of Forged Niger-Iraq
Uranium Documents Identified
(Warning: Report from Bush Propaganda Organ)

Venezuela Threatens to Defy U.S. on Planes
(Warning: Report from Bush Propaganda Organ)

Venezuelans practice repelling U.S. invasion

Tension Increases Between US Puppet Peru and Chile

Marine tells of 'carte blanche' to kill

Bush Faces Showdown with Chavez 'The Kid'

Wrongful incarceration not unusual in Iraq

(Hey Bush?
Does this guy support warrantless no-knock arrests?)

Chirac marks France's darkest secret

Ripples of Global Warming Spread Outward

Why the Dems Need James Carville
to Take a Long, Long Vacation

Iran supports Syria against foreign pressure

The Threat of Hope in Latin America

Fadlallah criticizes West's
biased stances on Iran, Israel nucelar issues

Axis of Hardliners, From Tehran to Washington

Syria and the UN: Another polarizing double standard

Bush's Argentina visit ignites violent protests
(US Hypocrisy Democracy Not Wanted!)

Chávez having propaganda field day at U.S. expense
(Warning this headline is also propaganda-
any one that dares oppose Bush is
painted in derogatory terms)

Battle lines drawn for Americas summit

Respecting Latin America

Secrets and Shame

Ozzie vs. Bush

There Comes A Time

...And that time needs to come sooner rather than later. American politics and social civility have slid into a morass from which they must escape.

Poverty Increases as Incomes Decline

When Prison Rape Begins


Here in Europe, we can fully understand President Chavez's call to "Unidad" against the common enemy of most American states as of the rest of the world, namely the corporatist criminals who have taken over the U.S.A.

Cleaning Up the Coalition Chaos


Summits for the American Countries

Bush bird flu plan includes windfall
for pharmaceuticals giants

The Quiet Occupation

Palestinians barred from al-Aqsa mosque

Chavez Says Americas Summit Will Serve to Bury FTAA

Chavez Fights Poverty, and Succeeds

Venezuela: Fumbling A Pop Up

Fox News Venezuela Coverage:
'Fair and Balanced' Or

Quasi-Official U.S. Government Propaganda?

U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski
accused Republicans of bending to
"the political ambitions of a few"
rather than doing what's right.

Carter: Bush misled on Iraq war

US-Backed Arab TV Network to be Investigated

The GOP Religious Right
Bringing Back that Old Time Religion!

White House Pressured Over Allegations of Torture, Secret Prisons

Bolivian Leader Slams US Campaign

Broadcast Board Member Quits Ahead of Report
(that will bring out his
GOP Radical Religious Right crimes against America)

Italy 'Warned Saddam Intelligence was Bogus'

Morales' victory will give Chavez
two revolutionary presidential allies

Orwell's Oceania and Bush's America:
Coming Together

Cuba Blockade Faces Global Scorn

Cuba Condemns US Plans to Pervert Justice

Grim King George and the Price of Paving Paradise

Quake Victims Brace For Snow

Meet the New Interrogators:
Lockheed Martin
(Eisenhower - a real Republican
warned us of the Military Industrial Complex!)

100,000 in India to protest US military presence

Famous New Zealand statue recovered

Bush's Bad Business Empire
Making the World Unsafe for Microsoft and Mickey Mouse

6 US soldiers charged with gang-raping in Philippines
(More of that GOP Religious Radical Right Agenda!)

Lying's Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Filipinos want U.S. Marines out

US trade deal that purports to create a
"level playing field" is useless

Could the OAS have played a role
in the April 2002 coup in Venezuela?

Men, women and children
met troops on the beach:
"Gringos go home!"

How can Bush address
poverty and job creation at the Americas Summit?

CIA-trained terrorist may be rewarded
with asylum in the United States

Documents will not assuage the fears of Venezuelans

Talk of nothing? -- Little progress expected
on regional trade at summit

Manhunt for Texas killer in third day
(Bush escaped to Argentina?)

Ohio GOP Religious Right congressman subpoenaed
(another Abramoff Consipirator?
Is it true that the name of the State of Ohio
will be changed to the State of Diebold?)

GOP Religious Right Tomlinson under investigation

Scalawag Bush to screw over Virginia
endorsing GOP Religious Right
(Pat Robertson approved) candidate

Religious Right Radicals Tortured and Killed Before

Suspects planned White House bomb
(and this shocks anyone?)

E-Mails Show Ex-Interior Official's Links to Lobbyist
(and another GOP Religious Right Radical Criminal)

Bush Orders Staff to Attend Ethics Briefings
White House Counsel to Give 'Refresher' Course
(Cover UP Training in Disguise for Criminals)

Anatomy of a Disaster

Big Lies and Little Lies

General calls use of 152nd 'inexcusable'
(Your Commander in Chief did it!
yea the STUPID one)

Harmful to National Security

Neocon cabal's dilemmas
(Crimes, Lies, Coverups, Torture?)

Americas summit protest turns violent
(Violence seems to show up wherever BUSH interferes)

Rove inquiry narrows focus

The United States’ 'Disappeared'
The CIA’s Long-Term 'Ghost Detainees'

Red Cross hits US wall over secret terror detainees

The State Eviscerated

The War of the Liberals

Confessions of a Marine

Libby & Nuclear Secrets to China

Fox News Paid for DeLay's Travel: Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) "filed a report with the Clerk of the House of Representatives indicating he received free travel valued at $13,998.55 from Fox News Sunday for 'officially connected travel' on October 1-2, 2005

DeLay Sought to Funnel Money Through Charity
(More of the Religious Right's Pro-Israel Mafia Crimes)

Former Powell aide links
Cheney's office to abuse directives

All Problems Bleed from America’s Wound

Israel and the Neocons

History of the War Machine

Varieties of Imperial Aggression:
The Andean Trade Treaties

The Activist Court & the Neoconservative Agenda

Thought Control and 'Professional' Journalism

Hunger In America Rises By 43 Percent
Over Last Five Years (the BUSH Religious Right Years!)

Fuel's paradise?
Power source that turns physics on its head

Libby's Lying Habit
(or the Religious Right's Brand of Christianity)

Religious Right's Tomlinson's Shady Exit

Senate Approves $10 Billion In Medicare, Medicaid Cuts

U.S. Patients Pay More, Get Less
Than Those in Other Western Nations
(and our Patience is Running Out!)

Hurricane Health Crisis
Largely Unaddressed by Gov’t Plans

Major News Outlets
Neglect to Name Secret Detention Facilities

White House Hardens Stance Against
Home-heating Help
(Enron Pundit Bush wants the poor to suffer even more!)

Groups Charge Senate Failed Public
on Farm Subsidies Vote
(Gotta Pay the Queen of England
Those Corporate Farm Subsidies!)

Seeding the evidentiary trail for the next 9/11?

The Summit of the Americas' free-trade farewell

The Gunpowder Plot: history's present

Kashmir's tragic opportunity

Bush faces Latin fury as popularity sinks at home

Haiti in uproar over American candidate for presidency

Thousands chant 'Get out, Bush!'
(and that was just in Texas!
tens of thousands in Argentina)

The day Emporer George Bush came
face to face with Latin America's revolt

It's the poor that gets the blame
If the budget cuts passed by the US senate on Thursday
are anything to go by, the whole thing will end in tears.
Republicans - disgracefully - targeted most of the cuts
on the elderly and the poor
(It's that Compassion from those GOP Religious Right Radicals
that overwhelms us)

The Case of Jerusalem
- The Holy City

No hero's welcome for Bush
Riots get Americas summit off to a rocky start

Democracy and Oil fight it out for the future of Azerbaijan

The golden legacy that Blair was hoping for
is crumbling by the day

Bush War Policy Is Now in Play

A Palestinian boy carrying a toy gun was shot
and seriously wounded by Israeli troops
on Thursday during clashes in the
northern West Bank town of Jenin

Palestinian with toy gun dies of wounds
(Sharon's Killers not any smarter than Bush's Killers)

An unsafe world for US companies

Bush's Increasing Mental Lapses and
Temper Tantrums Worry White House Aides
(Laura Who?)

Alito big believer in electronic surveillance
(search warrant optional)

Toward A Unified Field Theory of the Fraud?

U.S. Military Wants to Own the Weather

Records expunged for most in tainted drug sting


A police officer has been reprimanded
for forcing a handcuffed woman to walk from a
patrol car to a holding cell with her breast exposed.
(Reprimanded? Why not FIRED? Convicted, Jailed?
No JUSTICE.. Just-Them!)

Two former Hilo Wal-Mart employees have filed a class action lawsuit against all Hawaii Wal-Marts, alleging the company shaved time from its employees time cards from 1997 to 2004

US Labor Department and Wal-Mart’s
secret agreement on child labor

Muckraker: The sum of Alito fears

Archaeologists identify Copernicus’ skull
DNA tests planned to confirm Polish astronomer’s remains

2000-year-old grave in Herad, Farsund - Norway

Scotland's Orkneys tell ancient stories


In peril: The rock images of Africa

Smuggling Ring Used Sotheby's 110 Times

Khajeh mountain, biggest unbaked mud architecture
of Parthian era

5,000-year-old Necklace Unearthed in Henan

5,000-year-old homes shed new light on 'henge people'

Ancient hall 'saved by lottery'

Human bones thought to be Roman

Rembrandt, brain scientist?

What a black hole would look like

Astronomers report catching possible glimmer of first stars

Mercury, the molten metal, poses global hazard to humans

Mars Kicks Up The Dust As It
Makes Closest Approach To Earth

Work Bolsters Life On Mars Theories

Titan: Greenhouse And Anti-Greenhouse

Solving The Mystery Of The Tibetan Plateau

Drugs No Answer to Bird Flu: Experts

Quarantine flu? It won't work
It's impossible to contain virus that spreads explosively

The Avian Flu Fright is Politically Timed
A Public Health Warning and Political Essay
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The Fear Contagion
A Flu Quarantine? No, Sir

Health officials say outbreak is inevitable
and virus would spread quickly

It's Official: Preventing Pandemic Impossible

Bird Flu Blues

Is Avian Flu another Pentagon Hoax?

Current avian flu is even more dangerous
than 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

Doctor Questions Tamiflu's Effectiveness

Experts Recommend New Measures for Bird Flu

Killer flu could hit any time
Any strain of bird flu could trigger a global flu pandemic,
a group of leading scientists warned

Cranberry and oregano make seafood safe to eat

Avian Influenza
The Next Human Influenza Pandemic?

Start building up your Immune system NOW!

Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73
Effective in Trials Again Avian Flu!
Avian Influenza virus
Test Agents: Oreganol P73 Extra Strength Formula
and Oregacyn
Don't Trust the Imitators- Get the ones used in the trials

American Senate Agrees to $4 billion
to prepare for influenza pandemic

Scientists warn of possibility of drug-resistant avian flu

New UN pandemic czar says survival of
"world as we know it" may be at stake

Martial Law as Cure for the Flu

What is the flu pandemic risk?

Which is the dangerous bird flu virus strain, and why?

Could we prevent a flu pandemic?

What is avian influenza?

Headline News: November 4-5, 2005

Smearing Fitzgerald
The neocons' defense:
it isn't perjury, it's a pogrom

Movie Released about Bush and Co.

Stop the Next War Before It Starts

My Weekend With the Wonks
Lots of talk, but no real solutions

A Moral Barometer for America

There's no difference between one's killing
and making decisions that will send others to kill.
It's exactly the same thing, or even worse.
– Golda Meir

Niger Uranium Forgeries:
Excavating a Roman Mystery

House Blocks Democrats' Iraq Resolution
(Religious Right GOPs afraid of the TRUTH
.. the truth will set you free
The lies enslave Iraq)

Wrongful incarceration not unusual in Iraq
(or the USA for that matter!)

Mosques/Islam could be banned
(All Moslems declared Terrorists by Terrorist Howard)

Latin America prepares to 'say no to Bush'

Inquiry into CIA's 'secret European jails'

Senate Permits Oil Drilling in Alaska Refuge
(Christian Religious Right destroys God's Lands)

Okay, litmus tests, Jesus and George W. Bush

Secret CIA Detention Facility Goes Missing

40,000 people march against BUSH
(Connecticutt's Village Idiot- Texas don't want him)

Bush's Boys are Rapists
The Philippines government will investigate and prosecute
to the fullest five U.S. Marines who are
accused of raping a Filipino woman

Hijacked: Business for Social Responsibility

Halliburton Screws Katrina Again

Firms in Gulf Coast Allege Nonpayment

Bush Admits Having a "Bad Week,"
Knocks Back a Few

Jay Sek-u-low, a Pat Robertson Puppet
Is a Liar and False Prophet?
Jay Sekulow, ... cheerfully predicted that ... Harriet Miers...
would never withdraw her name from consideration
"She did the noble thing," Sekulow told the million-plus people
listening to his daily PUPPET radio show on Christian stations last Thursday,
adding, confidentially, "I saw this coming."
(Wolf in Sheep's Clothing)

Is the Republican State Leadership Committee
playing a money-laundering game,
designed to mask the political contributions
of televangelist Pat Robertson and others?
(Time to put Pat the Terrorist behind bars with DeLay!)

Rev. Marion "Pat" Robertson believes he's got the solution. The Christian Broadcast Network honcho and gay-bashing host of the TV 700 Club, claims prayer steered hurricanes away from his Virginia Beach (VA) headquarters. According to Marion "Pat", Hurricanes Felix and Gloria bypassed his flock by personal command.
Jesus said: That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
Someone LIED! Jesus or Pat Robertson?

From the Pulpit: Christian nation

Don't believe me; do your own web investigation on the Coalitions founder Pat Robertson. The problem isn't that religious lunatics want to turn America into a theocracy, although that would be bad enough, it is that anyone can examine the lives of these people and discover that their claim to Christianity is a total farce. Look at their business practices. Look at the ways they have used religion to fleece their followers out of assets. Look at the wealth they have amassed while fleecing their followers. And in the case of Pat Robertson look at his business associations with genocidal dictators in Africa.


Radical clerics NUTS such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson certainly don't have the intellectual status of an Althaus or Hirsch. But they most certainly are influencing political thought as their German counterparts did in the 1930s. They have succeeded in making their version of evangelical Christianity as the official religion of the Republican Party. All other faiths need not apply. They want a theocracy, one volk under one churchified state.

Get Well, America!
Recovering from the conservative plague

Tax churches, oh yeah! Hey, we're long past that ridiculous notion that outfits like Falwell's and Pat Robertson's and Pope Whats'isname's aren't moneymaking concerns. These guys are collecting so much that the only way they can launder it all is to buy politicians. It's high time to acknowledge that freedom--even of religion--isn't free.

This Ain't No Democracy

'None dare call it Treason'

Libby's Brain Fart

If Jesus came back as a Evangelical Talking Head

Hypocritic West balks at backing Democratic revolution
as elections loom in oil-rich state

Red Cross Seeks Access to CIA Prison

Worried Parents Turning to Organic Food

House Refuses to Consider Democratic Measure
Condemning Republicans for Lax Oversight of Iraq War
(GOPs do not want anything resembling something democratic)

First Casualty of War

The Torture Test

McDonald's Labeling Scheme: Not Lovin' It

'Hotel Journalism' Not the Essence of
What's Happening in Iraq

Inside the Bunker
His Administration has Become
Its Own Republic of Fear,
and Bush is a Prisoner to the Right

Bush and Co. Pulled Wool Over Own Eyes

Why I Canceled The New York Times

Abramoff's Last Stand

Challenges to Bush's Iraq Policy Gain Dramatic Momentum

Bush 'Operating Secret Gulag in Eastern Europe'

Planning Ain't Doing

Racism Rising in the Golden State

Italian lawmaker: U.S. told of WMD forgeries
Senator says Bush administration was warned
Iraq documents were fake

Philosopher's Stone

Libby & Nuclear Secrets to China

Bush War Policy Is Now in Play
Democrats renew their criticism as public opposition solidifies,
the body count grows and prewar intelligence
is under a new assault.

The Wrong War

Dick Cheney's Song of America

The Lie Factory

U.S. Wants Total Ban of
Israel Arms Sales to Venezuela
(US starts Sanctions on Venezuela- for what Crime?)

Who Is 'We'?

The Forgotten War in Maysan Province

Stay What Course?
After 2,000 deaths, muddling through is no longer an option

White House uneasy on 'secret' prisons

Iraq focus imperils US,

Iraq calls for former
Saddam regime officers to rejoin army

Liar and Thief Chalabi Launches Election Campaign

In Azerbaijan, a 'necktie' revolt

South Americans' Discontent Portends
a Chilly Reception for Bush
the Arch-Enemy of Freedom

Immigrants Rebuilding Gulf Coast Suffer
'Third World' Conditions

Wealthy Maryland County Looks to Join
Drug Reimportation Rebellion

Iraq Charity Director Sentenced to
22 Years for Nonviolent Crimes
(US Kangaroo Courts Alive and Well)

The Senate’s closed session:
Nothing but a Democratic sham

Liberal Christian organization puts theocrats on notice

Emergency life support for civilians in war zones

Iran and the United States:
a clash of perceptions

Democracy in the Arab world:
the Islamic foundation

The Biggest Show on Earth

Why Would Libby Lie?
(Because he's a GOP Christian Religious Right Radical NUT?)

The Sum of Alito Fears

Alito: The Wolf At The Door

US Supreme Court will decide
whether tea may be sipped

'Can I quit now?'
FEMA chief wrote as Katrina raged

Do they take us for idiots?

Annan is being misled

Seeing Ourselves Through Our Own Black Eyes

The Security Council Resolution
is in Violation of the UN Charter

Solved: the mysteries of the black hole

Water Crisis in Gaza:
How Occupation Affects Palestinians Access to Water

History is Warped

Thanks to Bush,
bad could get worse

Bolton (Bush Butt Buddy) pushes for new Syria resolution

War by remote control

How to arm ourselves
physically and mentally to become invincible

Palestinians 'terrorised' by sonic boom flights

How To Resist Propaganda
(Watch NOTHING on FOX)

Levee materials, techniques questioned
Possible malfeasance on project

Superiority Complex
Why is the vice president deciding how
the U.S. treats foreign detainees

Policies on Terrorism Suspects Come Under Fire

Press Secretary on Trial in the Briefing Room

Varieties of Imperial Aggression:
The Andean Trade Treaties

Thought Control and 'Professional' Journalism

I Can't Wait

Europe tired of following in footsteps of the US space policy

Venezuela: Fumbling A Pop Up

Cuba Condemns US Plans to Pervert Justice

US Ambassador Brownfield takes
Chavez at his word about F-16s
(US demands compliance when US is in default!)

Conspiratorial maggots who want to
feed off the dying corpse of Venezuela

Bush aide's concern about the
status of democracy in Chavez' Venezuela
(But he gives us the Middle Finger
in status of democracy in the US)

It's Bush vs. Chavez as 33 heads of state
meet for Summit of the Americas
(Unlikely Bush will recover from
foot in mouth disease in time for summit)

Bush confronting new troubles
on first trip to Argentina, Brazil and Panama

Anti-globalization protesters have
fiercely opposed the FTAA process

Struggle against FTAA is
"to defend all that we can have and achieve

Rumsfeld Openly Admits
Guantanamo Torture

(Rumsfeld would have beaten and tortured Jesus too?)

Open letter to Patrick Fitzgerald from one-time James Bath
(Dubya's Texas Air National Guard and partner)
business associate

Saadoun al-Dulaimi, women, and children

Israel and the Neocons

Do we have a representative government
in the US?

Drifting towards a Police State

Clueless Democrats and the Bush Casus Belli

Bush gang in crisis

'Three Decades of Absolute Power …
the Story of CEO VP Dick Cheney …
and Iraq'

Bigger fish, deeper water

Kent State Threatens Iraq Veteran

Recruiters in 1970?

The Occupiers are Recoiling: in horror

The Rights of Prisoners and International Law

Thousands rally across US against Bush policies

Another Ethics Brush Fire Flares Along Potomac

White House mum on secret jails

Parents Have 'No Constitutional Right'
To Protect Children From School Sex Surveys
Says US Court

Iran blasts Canada's human rights record

Iraq war: Worse to come

Iran wages war on Hong Kong 'scam'

Cuba Accuses US and EU
of Hypocrisy in Human Rights

Cuban minister expects U.S. embargo win

Tony Blair is running out of true believers

Rabid vampire bats kill 23 people

Bigamist US judge fights bigamy claim

Headline News: November 3-4, 2005

Sony Invades Your Computer!
Opens it up to Hackers!
(Ban Sony from Your Computer, Your Music, Your Life!)

CIA running secret prisons

East Europe 'has secret CIA jails for al-Qaida'

CIA 'has secret terror jails'

A Pennsylvania company is recalling
more than 40 tons of hamburger patties
in 12 states because of possible
E. coli contamination

(Howard Wags the Dog)
Australia fears attacks on two cities
(or Howard Prepares his Own 9-11?)

Key al Qaeda member's escape from Afghani prison
(Bush Admin Not Qualified to do anything right!
Not even pretzels)

Was Saddam 'Bush-whacked?'

Blair Murder of Democracy in Ethiopia
Makes the people REAL MAD!

Destruction of beloved
Baghdad statue emblematic of violence's toll

Depleted Uranium Is Genocide
Blowin' In The Wind

The Security Council Resolution on Syria
is a pretext for the bombing and occupation of Syria
The Resolution is in Violation of the UN Charter
(It's the GOP Christian Right Fundamentalists hijacking the UN)

Digging Deeper:
Why No Conspiracy Count for Libby?

Destroying the Iraqi Memory



US military massacres Iraqi civilians
near Syrian border

Neocon history

Render Unto Caesar: The End of Law

I am confused

Militia ID cards are keys to the city

Halliburton, BP and Russian Black Gold

Denver votes to legalise pot


John Yoo and the Imperial Presidency

Rove's Other Lie

Remember When the GOP Wanted
to Impeach Earl Warren?
Thinking About Impeachment

More Earthquakes and Fireballs
Besiege Eastern American Coastal Regions
as United States Orders Their Citizens
to Prepare For Coming Catastrophic Disasters

Bush Plan to F*** all US Citizens

Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu
(As you get sicker - Torturer gets Richer)

Bush's plan to fight flu
(Is more Bureaucratic BS)

Bush wants Hitler Powers
Some GOP say limit it to Stalin Powers

Preparedness Depends on People
(All the US Government can do is DESTROY
You Prepare for Yourself,
as they declare martial law and
steal your preparations!)

End State-sponsored Torture

(Remember the GOP Religious Right Supports TORTURE!
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Frist, DeLay
would push the thorns in!)

While You Slept
They lied us into war

They Saw It Coming

Scotland's 57,000 homeless hits record number

Syria lashes UN as
US Propaganda Machine goes on Full Attack

Chavez Says He May Send
US-Made Fighter Jets to Cuba, China
(US won't sell him parts -
He can get them reversed engineered!
Still SMARTER than BUSH!)

US Blockade on Cuba is an Act of War

Nebraska to sell products to Cuba

17,000 school children killed in Pakistan earthquake

Worsening weather threatens
more misery for Pakistan quake survivors

Six quakes hit central New Zealand

Delta earthquake could devastate California water system

Remote Galapagos Island Volcano Erupts

Earthquake victims left to die

Is there life on Mars?

Two More Moons Discovered Orbiting Pluto

Earthquake Shakes Parts of Montana, Idaho

Did Life On Earth Originate In Space?

New Study Warns of Total Loss of Arctic Tundra

Pakistan's Invisible Quake Victims

Once More, With Feeling
Toward the Kosovo "Negotiations"

The Other Liars

All the President's Men, the Sequel

So Much for Strict Construction

Trial Could Pit Libby's Interests Against Bush's

US seeks a Syrian

(i.e. Regime Change)

Pentagon: Top al-Qaida Operative Escaped
(Rumsfeld Bought
Made in China Locks from Halliburton)

Congress keeps ducking Niger investigation

Why Americans Don't Care About GiTMO,
and Why They Should

US inspector general for Iraq paints
'grim' picture of reconstruction effort
(But Cheney Wrote Halliburton the Check!)

And what about the Inquisition ?

According to the Encyclopedia Britanica

The medieval Inquisition functioned only in a limited way in northern Europe; it was most employed in northern Italy and southern France. During the Reconquista in Spain, the Catholic powers used it only occasionally; but, after the Muslims had been driven out, the Catholic monarchs of Aragon and Castile determined to enforce religious and political unity and requested a special institution to combat apostate former Jews and Muslims as well as such heretics as the Alumbrados. Thus in 1478 Pope Sixtus IV authorized the Spanish Inquisition.

Again we see the Christians involved physically and warlike in killing and torturing people who believed a different version of God.

And so the history of Christianity speaks of wars and violent cruelty turned against both Jews and Muslims.

But of course, however many people we slaughtered in Jesus name is something that we do not talk about. It is something that we do not consider important. After all they were just Muslims. So we forgot but they did not.
Bill Donahue-

Israeli clampdown amid rise in 'sonic bombs'

'Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951'
- Federal Documents
(Does anyone recall GHW Bush in Dallas
day before JFK assassination?)

Is This the Worst Company in the World?

Rumsfeld Denies UN Rights Experts
Access to Guantanamo Detainees

Mexico Defies Washington on the
International Criminal Court
(Getting Closer to the Bush Mafia?)

Senate Democrats Show Some Spine

Who Knows What Evil Lurks

America's Double Standard on Terrorism

The Imminent Demise of the Republican Party: Part One

The Imminent Demise of the Republican Party: Part Two

Some - But Not Enough - Karma Comes Home

Bush Declares War on America

UN Double Standards Again on Display
With Syria Resolution
(Proves the UN is merely a DC Organ
to force Washington's will on any nation)

Congress Must Investigate Lies, Leaks

Hurricanes Spawn Oil Industry Scams

The war was unjustified, unnecessary and unprovoked.

Bush's Rule of Law
(Fascist Dictator?)

Dying To Escape

United States of America v Rafil A.Dhafir:
Individual Responsibility and Complicity

Carter: White House Manipulated Iraq Intel

It's no good blaming Blair

US Hunger Rates Continue to Rise

To serve evil with honor?
The warrior in a wrongful war

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Arabs should not abandon Syria

Partisan rift in Washington worsens

Paris in flames: the limits of repression

Cheney Circles the Wagons

House bill takes aim
at voters of color
GOP White Elite Christian
Religious Right Majority

How the US destroyed the Black Panther Party
and continues to persecute its veterans

Students from Twin Cities area high schools
walked out of school this morning to protest the war in Iraq

Political lies fool us again
Political fools lie again

Senate Intelligence chairman quietly
'fixed' intelligence

Self-made threat to US oil and security

Israel and the Consequences of 'Uniqueness'

In such a terrorist reality, what could Venezuela
expect from the USA?

Bush aide denies (lies) ties
to fake Iraq-Niger documents

Watching al-Jazeera

Rumsfeld Backs Smith as Spokesman
(Has ties to major propaganda organs)

German minister employs Nazi vocabulary
to describe long-term unemployed

US military massacres Iraqi civilians
near Syrian border

Iraq election to exacerbate slide toward civil war

Ancient Pisan church unearthed

Excitement at Neolithic site find

Scientists Link a Prolific Gene Tree
to the Manchu Conquerors of China

Ancient Burial Ground Discovered in N.Y.

We Don’t Need Them

Wal-Marting Philanthropy

The Ongoing Occupation
Gaza After 'Disengagement'

Russia tests Topol-M missile to subdue USA's $50-billion air defense
The unpredictable flight trajectory of the
Russian missile makes it immune to destruction
Bush informed the Russian administration on
13 December 2001 about the USA's single-handed
pullout from the 1972 START Treaty
(Putin: We gotcha now- hahaha)

Sex is the best entertainment that humans could ever invent

Scientists to invent time machine in near future

Astronauts will land the Moon with spades to dig for helium-3

Italy's Berlusconi takes sudden anti-American turn

Economic Growth is a Home Run in Venezuela

OAS Secretary Doubts Any FTAA Progress
in Mar del Plata

Cuba Accuses US and EU of
Hypocrisy in Human Rights
(Guess what? - Castro is RIGHT!)

Bush Already Buffoon at Americas Summit

(Bush Already Buffoon in USA too!)

US Pentagon contingency planning for
military conflict with Venezuela

Bush likely to encounter a region
less in tune with US priorities

High oil prices? Much easier for USA
to fault the foreigner's "scarecrow"

Venezuelans defend Bolivarian Alternative
for the Americas over US proposal

Speaking of corruption, inefficiency
and the lack of ideological direction

War against poverty that
President Chavez and Venezuela are winning
(Wars against everything else that Bush and US are losing)

Amusing spectacle: Bush lecturing colleagues
on need for fiscal prudence

Celebrating the fall of Chavez
and the return of "democracy" to Venezuela...

Breaking Wind
110 years of sojourning in foreign lands to subdue 'monsters',
America is slowly falling into the yawning chasm
of a collapsing empire.

Shame on you! As the US government puppets attack George Galloway, the UK Member of Parliament for allegedly profiting from the Iraqi Oil for Food Programme, perhaps they ought more properly to widen their campaign for honesty and justice and look more carefully at their own internal affairs. The Carlyle Group, closely connected with the Bush family and Haliburton, not to mention Bechtel Corporation have all profited from the illegal invasion of a sovereign state.

Lessons Lost
During the last 60 years,
we missed several opportunities to
contain the nuclear threat.
It's not too late to learn from our mistakes.

U.S. playing the same lame game in Haiti

Western interests attcked in Iran

Super-conducting Quantum Interference Devices

Energy-momentum tensor for the electromagnetic flux in an extraterrestrial UFO explains the advanced propulsion, navigation and stealth communication systems

Astronomers report catching possible glimmer of first stars

Researchers induce 'sightless vision' in volunteers

'Grocery list' for cancer prevention

Methane Producing Bacteria Found in the Desert

That Neutron Star Should Be a Black Hole

Massive Star Has a Hot Partner

What If We Burn Everything?

Canyons on Dione

Astronomers Get Closest Look Yet
At Milky Way's Mysterious Core

Swiss Re Issues Warning Over Hurricane Claims

Adult Stem Cells May Be Just Remnants Of Evolution

Venus Mission May Hold Surprises

Elite Marine counter-terror unit set up
(Specialists for Torture, Assassinations, Regime Changes, Coups?)

Truckers earning up to $975 a day
say they are tired of waiting to go to work
in Florida's Hurricane Wilma relief efforts

Protests over U.S. navy base

Superconducting Magnet Attracts Molecular Research

Scientists say many myths surround bird flu

Headline News: November 2-3, 2005

US Soldiers kidnapping girls
from orphanages to satisfy their
beastly sexual desires

The Snake Oil Merchants

Who Sold Us A War!!

Iraqi Doctors Beaten and Arrested in
Haditha Hospital
(It's time for the GOP-DEM Warmongers
to go to trial and answer for these crimes!)

Bush Allies Say He's Lost His Way
(and the rest of us say he never had a way
- except the wrong way -)

GM And Ford Report 23% Decline In
October Sales…Slowest In Seven Years…

Chavez Denounces US Pressure at Americas Summit

Perez Esquivel Highlights Solidarity with Cuba and Venezuela

Dangerous New Computer Worm Spreading
Through AOL Instant Messenger...

"This Admin. Manufactured And Manipulated Intelligence
In Order To Sell The War In Iraq"...
"They (Democrats) have no convictions..." says GOP Frist
(The GOP have plenty of convictions coming up!
Libby, Abramoff, Reed, DeLay, Frist?)

Senate 'hijacked,' say Republicans

(but legally --- unlike the indictments
against Frist's butt buddy DeLay
going to trial for illegally transferring
illegal contributions to other GOPs
to hijack Congress, White House,
Texas Legislature, Ohio Legislature, et al)

Kent State Student and Marine Corps Veteran
Remains Defiant, Slams Iraq War

Supreme Court should enforce
Geneva Convention's rules


East Texas in the grip of meth

Mutant chickens clucking for revolution
Government's mishandling of flu will result in
apocalypse, flesh-eating zombies

Danger of US sponsored Nuclear War

Religion and Violence
U.S. encourages "religious fundamentalism"
to counter nationalist & socialist movements

Anti-Semitism and Arabs

Revenge served cold has a bitter aftertaste

Prosecutors push trumped-up charges against
Bush protester, but can’t convince jury

Rich Senators Defeat Minimum-Wage Hike
Congressional Pay Rises While Minimum Stays Same

Former chaplain paints grim picture
of Guantanamo Bay

Rumsfeld 'ordered torture'

Fighting 'terrorism' with prostitutes

Cheney's push for pro-torture bill reveals
modus operandi of Bush regime's criminality

A stand against abuse

'I begged to confess'
William Sampson makes stunning revelations about
his rape and torture by the Saudis

What the GOP

"Treat Them Like Dogs"

Laws for a secret state without any safeguards

Gruesome stories from Guantanamo

The Business of Torture
Outsourcing has been embraced by the CIA

Dishonest Bigoted DeLay Wants
Judge Removed for Possible Bias?

Guantanamo Visit Rules Set by U.S.
Called Unacceptable by UN

Claims 'should be examined'

Russia defends its UN stance on Syria

China cautions against threat of sanctions to Syria

UK academies accused of shunning poor

The financial imbalances of a 'bizarre world'


Iraq Pullout Bad for Israel: Bush’s Aide
(But that's not why Bush said we were in Iraq?
Who lied- Hadley or Bush or Both?)

What's behind Iranian leader's anti-Israel rant

Iran's bluster isn't a bluff

Iran calls for trying Saddam over war crimes

Vice president's new adviser tied to false Iraq info
(Of course --- all the GOP has are liars)

The New York Times Acquits Itself

House Panel OKs School Lunch Funding Cut
(How F***ing Compassionate of those
GOP Religious Right Fundamentalists)

Officers Accused Of Having Sex In Police Car
Sources Say Security Guard Witnessed Act
(The Foxes are in Charge of the Henhouse!
Time to start over?)

Federal cop faces sex charge
The head of immigration and customs in Tampa is
accused of exposing himself to a teenage girl.
(The Foxes are in Charge of the Henhouse!
Time to start over?)

Officer charged with taking bribes
(The Foxes are in Charge of the Henhouse!
Time to start over?)

Police chief faces drug, gun charges
(The Foxes are in Charge of the Henhouse!
Time to start over?)

State police starting to smell
(The Foxes are in Charge of the Henhouse!
Time to start over?)

The Real Reason for Nuking Iran

Why a nuclear attack is on the neocon agenda
(It's a religious right thang - Right Sam Johnson?)

Behind The Mushroom Cloud

Oil is a slippery business

On behalf of God Himself,
I endorse Alito for Supreme Court

Western falsehoods and the roots of Muslim anger

Forging the Case for War
Who was behind the Niger uranium documents?

Military Faces Parental Counterattack

The point of no return

Are We Slow Learners?

A U.S. nightmare? Leftist Indian may lead Bolivia

Cuba Faces US Airwave Attack

Russia set to support UN resolution
on lifting Cuba blockade

Another Snub for the Blockade against Cuba

What the 'Shield' Covered Up

DynCorp Disgrace

DynCorp in Colombia:
Outsourcing the Drug War

DynCorp in Colombia

Democrats Force Senate Into Iraq Meeting

The Shadow Puppet’s Master

Medals for Libby, Rove, and Cheney?

The U.S. Department of TORTURE

The Libby Indictment:
Was It a "Coverup of a Coverup?"

The War Party Is Down, but for How Long?

Clumsy Forgeries, Italian-Style

Reports of Sunni Enthusiasm May Be Premature

New faces, same policies on Bush team

Worst U.S. War Criminals Escape Justice

Is Impeachment the Answer?

Tender Mercenaries:

and Me

Bush-Cheney Traitors Deserve Prison, Impeachment

What's Eating George Bush?
(besides his GOP bar buddies from the Religious Right?)

Pro-War Liberals Frozen in the Headlights

The Coverup Worked

Put George at the Head of a Dreadful List

What Judy Forgot: Your Right to Know

Hersh Winces at Media Protecting
'lying' Sources

What Bush Wants to Hear
A Consideration of John Yoo's
The Powers of War and Peace:
The Constitution and Foreign Affairs After 9/11

Inflating Wages of Fear as Terror War's Deceits Crumble

Experts Say US is Losing War on Terror
(so do the wounded and dying in Iraq)

A New Weapon for Wal-Mart:
A War Room

Mass Argentine Protest Planned for Bush’s Visit

(You Got Him - You Gotta Keep Him! Set Texas Free!)

Electoral Funding Scandals
Expose Cracks in Still-broken System

Campaign Against Wal-Mart
to Heighten in Mid-November

NYC Subway Search Trial Underway

Alaska High Court Finds Against State
in Same-sex Couple Case

Court Upholds Iowa Felon Voting Rights Restoration

Cheney’s Refrain: 'I'm a Believer'

Natural Resource Wealth Belongs to All,
Don't Give It Away for Free
Pombo's Giveaway

The Shrinking Battleground

DeLay Reports Record Funds for Defense

Bush Tax Panel Screws over the Worker... again)

Syria calls for backing of Arab League

No Underlying Crime, Not!

It's the coverup, stupid

Milwaukee Paper Apologizes for
Accepting 'Cooked' WMD Evidence
(When will the Bush admit he LIED? and LIED and LIED?)

The Zuma plot is thickening

Bush names favorite of
Christian Religious Fundamentalist Evangelical Radical
right to Supreme Court

Delphi demands US auto workers accept
poverty wages

Escape from the pickle factory
We're going to need to put our heads together
to get out of this mess

US Democrats urge the Arrogant President Pretzel
to apologize to the nation for his presidency

Please do not support us in condemning Assad, Mr. Bush
Please, really, don't. You're not helping

Scientists to invent time machine in near future

Hypnotizers cure male impotence and enuresis

Why Are They Making New Orleans a Ghost Town?

Time Magazine Finally Covers Peak Oil

Schizophrenia Pandemic, George Bush
and His Fundamentalist God

Don’t Divert: Keep Opposing the Iraq War

Leg Irons for Dickie, Karl and Scooter

Successfully Throwing Sand in the Eyes of the Umpire

Panama: Angry Banana Growers Await Bush

Brazil to Give Bush Fiery Welcome

Cuban Youth Reject US Blockade

Venezuelans Blast US Blockade of Cuba

Cuban FM and NGO´s Deplore US Blockade

World' smallest temple discovered in NW China desert

How a map changed the world
190-year-old view of Britain gave birth to modern geology

New archaeological work at henge site

Those Forgotten Mummies in the Cellar Must Be Cursed

What Bush wants to give each household
in every Middle East Nation (including Israel)
(Accept Jeeezus or we'll shove him up your a**)

Hiding the Gulf of Tonkin Lie

Former soldier wins landmark case over
Gulf War Syndrome

The Halloween Culture

Sweet-n-Sour Neo-Cons

James Dobson Mixes Christianity With Belial

(Don't pay attention to what the book says
I'll tell you what it says!)

Lobbyist indicted in fraud case
Abramoff a key figure in DeLay investigations

Crimes Against Humanity
Religious dogma as a weapon of mass destruction

I Am America's Enemy

Leaked White House Email
Shows Campaign Concerns

Bill and Hillary Clinton:
The Right's Secret Weapons

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said in remarks published on Tuesday he would oppose the use of Iraqi territory as a launchpad for any US military strike on Syria. (Of course he knows who's really the boss over there - those elections were GOP selections)

$7bn strategy to fight pandemic
(a billion here a billion there
soon we'll be talking real money)

Headline News: November 1-2, 2005

More "precision strikes",
more dead Iraqi children who won't be counted

"Iraq is a nation on fire"

Leg-irons for Dickie, Karl and Scooter

By the Rivers of Babylon
Iraqi resistance is not a disorganised act of defiance

Russians Say Volcker Report Based on Forgeries

Just an Accident?
US - Military subdues Losses

A prominent Jewish figure in the US said on Friday that when Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Israel should be wiped off the map, he did not mean the Jews, rather the 'illegal and illegitimate' Zionist movement and an occupying and immoral government.

Ahmadinejad says no trust in West anymore
over nuclear issue

Resisting the Pistons of Empire:
One America for Peace

US says bombs Qaeda house,
Iraqis say 40 dead
"There are no insurgents in this area,
they are all harmless families."

The Bush solution
Illegally Expand the war to Syria and Iran

Why was Mehlis picked?

Alito: It's Gonna Get Ugly

Hitler in Virginia
(and the White House, and Downing Street)

Katrina: Rumors, Lies, and Racist Fantasies

Earth to Bush: Ditch Cheney
How's that for a 'fresh start'?

India Abandons Global Nuclear Disarmament

What Libby's Indictment Means for the Jacobins

US ‘had has no policy’ in place to rebuild Iraq

A Time to Regroup
Bloodied by scandal, setbacks and casualties,
Bush is looking for fresh troops and a new battle plan


(Warning this link to Propaganda Organ of Bush Machine)
U.N. Is Expected to

Pass Measure Pressuring Syria

Two U.S. soldiers charged over
alleged assault of detainees in Afghanistan

Bad For You Too?
How the Iraq War disappointed Israel

The Yes-Man
President Bush sent Porter Goss to the CIA

Iraq reconstruction running low on funds
(Then make Halliburton give them back!)

US unveils new prison torture camp in northern Iraq
(Reconstruction -i.e.Occupation- going strong)

Rumsfeld says lies US is
making progress against Iraq insurgency

Brits pay £500,000 long distance
for Al-Qaeda to Al-Qaeda
(and Blair wants more NUKES?

he can't even find his PHONE!)

Report: Al-Qaeda
Allegedly Engaging In Telemarketing

Is Trident a sensible way to spend £20 billion?
(Not with Blair's long distance bills)

Afghan poll results delayed due to fraud complaints
(of course the GOP is running the elections)

Chávez Party Heavily Favoured in Venezuela

Washington hid damaging damning Vietnam finding

Pentagon Readies
(Probably Illegal) Personnel Rule Changes

Kansas attorney general is Bush's kind of guy
(Another Religious Right GOP Xeroxing Puppet)

The Battle Over Hackett

Bursting Bernanke's Bubble

Court blocks Ga. photo ID requirement

Bush is in ethical meltdown
but all the liberals can do is gloat


Mexican rights group exposes government's
whitewash of student massacres
(As in Kent State Style Democracy?)

UK poverty report draws attention to widening inequalities
(Billions for wars, Millions for Phone Bills, Pittance for the Poor)

The Italian connection

Right-Wing Activist Alito
(Does not mean preserving YOUR RIGHTS

House bill takes aim at voters of color
Measure would keep nonprofits from voter registration

Some principles
GOP Supreme Court machinations give lie
to talk of overriding standards

Chavez Frias says United States has the
biggest fiscal deficit in the world
(Wall Street is Nervous Now!)

If the US does have plans to invade Venezuela,
it’s going to look awfully silly!

Chavez expects "spirited debate"
in Argentina meeting with G. W. Bush
(Is GWB Pat RoberSIN's Assassin?)

Stop Bush administration plans to
bring down democracy in Venezuela!
(or do it the GOP way!
A vote for Gore is a vote for Bush
A vote of Kerry is a vote for Bush

The Supreme Court will make sure!)

Hard to believe that less than three years ago,
Venezuela’s economy was on the floor

Certain that without strong measures
there will sooner rather than later be war

Reading Between the Lines


Rove and Cheney Are Now Caught
in Fitzgerald's Web
Will They Go Down Too

After the Libby Indictment, the Press Is Acquitting Itself

Taxation or Racketeering?


Dark and Garbled Words

The Mass Killings in Indonesia After 40 Years

Iraq and the Laws of War
(Nuremburg on Bush and Conspirators)

Hey Harkavy!

The disaster of Canadian colonialism
(Disaster of all White Colonizations?)

Chavez: Bush Beats Dead Horse with FTA

Bolivia Seeks Way Out of Crisis

Chileans Join Bush Protests in Argentina

Uruguayans Storm Argentina against Bush

Brazilians Bash Bush on Border

Violent Repression of
Western Saharan Independence Protests

Morales: Trouble Brewing in Bolivia

The dangers in Blair’s crisis of credibility

New UK citizenship testing starts

Chocolate, Unchained

Minister to highlight
plight of Irish illegals in US

Israel's nuclear arsenal causes global crisis

Israel is symbol of disrespect for UN

Despite Warnings (and Wisdom),
U.S. Leans on Syria

The face of Kenya's famine

ECUADOR: Elite creates ‘smokescreen’ for FTAA entry

Mexico’s Undiplomatic Diplomats

Japan funds wary of stocks, shift out of U.S.

Australia 'drowning in regulations'

Big Fire Temple Discovered in Kermanshah

Greenhouse effect occurred 5,000 years ago

Tiberias' ancient black basalt structures
in danger of collapse

Archeological Dig Northwest Of Tucson
Uncovers 2,800 Year-Old Settlement

Archaeologists find oldest Chinese dragon totem

Bulgaria's 1st Catacomb Grave Unearthed

Black Earth, Black Archeology, Black Times

Polynesian cemetery unlocks ancient burial secrets

Next generation electromagnetic pulse bombs
and counter measures based on super-radiance –
reverse engineered technologies from extraterrestrial UFOs

Roadside Bombs Kill 7 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Iraqi Cop Moonlighting As Terrorist
Just To Make Ends Meet

George W. Bush's Propaganda War Goes on Trial

George the Brash Hearted
Opening the Floodgates of Military Spending
carries Disastrous Consequences

UN becomes partner in US-UK Crimes

Katrina Keeps On Hurting

The new president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has stacked the agency's offices with White House propagandists and GOP loyalists in a bold-faced effort to carry forward Kenneth Tomlinson's right-wing crusade against public broadcasting. (Oh crap.... PBS going to faith-based BS programming? - Jim Bakker, Tammy Faye, Jimmy Swaggart, 10 foot Jesus Visions?)


Now Covering Libby Indictment for NBC News
(Propaganda Organ!)

Leak Case Prosecutor Raises Questions
That Demand Answers

Noe Freed On $1 Million Bond In Bush Campaign Scandal

U.S. not legally bound to reveal dump sites

Bush fundraisers got $1.2 billion in public funds

Alito Supports Unauthorized Strip Searches: In Doe v. Groody, Alito agued that police officers had not violated constitutional rights when they strip searched a mother and her ten-year-old daughter while carrying out a search warrant that authorized only the search of a man and his home. [Doe v. Groody, 2004]

In case you missed it: Bush and Hitler: What The 'Torture Memos' Reveal: In the Spring of 1941, as Nazi Germany was preparing to invade the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler issued an infamous edict which has become known as the "Commissar Order," to govern the conduct of German armed forces on the Eastern Front. This order provides a largely-unnoticed precedent for the "legal" rationalizations found in a number of hitherto-secret Bush Administration legal memoranda, which have recently come to light.

U.S. Ranks DISMAL 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index
(Propaganda Machinery get A+)

(Italy, Axis of Evil, New Enemy, New War)

The death of American politics

Companies perpetuate child labour in India

The enemy of liberty
The prime minister's bizarre philosophy of freedom
is a recipe for anarchy

How Dubya lost his swagger

Iran: Pluralism Under Construction -
- No Bombs Please

"War isn't healthy for children and other living things"

"Repent, America!" Screech the Theofascists

Aziz: Corporate Media Smearing Galloway


A Living Wage:
No Longer on the Auto Industry’s Agenda

Catholic Church hit by fresh sex abuse shame

Bishop of Derry revealed yesterday that child sex abuse allegations have been made against 26 priests who served in the diocese over the last 50 years.

Lipstick on a Pig:
The Folly of Media Reform

IRAQ: Veteran Peruvian Soldiers and Police
Recruited for Iraq by U.S. Contractors

Europe and Venezuela have cut their exposure
to the insane US debt

Evangelical leaders support Chavez' decision
to expel the US New Tribes Mission

VENEZUELA: World Social Forum ...
'creating peace and justice'

US Attempt to Sanction Syria Fails

Democratic Senators Urge Bush to Apologize for CIA-gate

Latin American Countries Called to Support Guatemala

Bush Plan for Cuba Is to Annex Her


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