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Headline News: October 31, 2005

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Hurricane Center

Happy Halloween

from the GOP Prayer Breakfast
at the White House

The Predators who rule the world

Speaking at a veterans' celebration at Suncreek United Methodist Church in Allen, Texas, on Feb. 19, (Republican Congressman) Johnson told the crowd that he explained his theory to President Bush and Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas) on the porch of the White House one night. Johnson said he told the president that night, 'Syria is the problem. Syria is where those weapons of mass destruction are, in my view. You know, I can fly an F-15, put two nukes on ‘em and I’ll make one pass. We won’t have to worry about Syria anymore.'

The (Christian Church) crowd roared with applause.
(This is a Bush Advisor!)

Fairness and Equality in America:
Self-Evident or Not So Much?

Hard to believe that less than three years ago,
Venezuela’s economy was on the floor

Certain that without strong measures
there will sooner rather than later be war

The United States is now
and always has been a nation of laws ...

Cheney's push for pro-torture bill reveals
modus operandi of Bush regime's criminality

Nepotism, cronyism, brown-nosing and ***-kissing
become the order of the day

The United States continues to filibuster
extradition of CIA-trained terrorist

The Deadliness Below
Weapons of mass destruction thrown into the sea years ago
present danger now - and the Army doesn't know
where they all are

Bush: Treaty Outlawing Torture
Doesn't Apply Beyond US Soil
(What a LIAR!)

The White House Criminal Conspiracy

Bush Administration as Dangerous Now as Before

U.S. (Planned) Blunders Provoke
Burgeoning Civil War

Republican Religious Right Congressman Sam Johnson
said that the United States should
drop a nuclear bomb on Syria
President of Iran Says Israel should be wiped off the map
Why doesn't Syria call for UN expulsion of the US
as Israel is calling for Iran's expulsion?

Knocking on Cheney's Door

The Watergate Parallel

When Religion is a Litmus Test

White House Halts Royal Visit to New Orleans
to 'Save Face'

Arab League sees ''the end of the foreign occupation''
as a necessary prerequisite to progress in Iraq

Canada - More Dangerous To USA Than Mexico

(Warning: From Dangerous Propaganda Organ)

Katrina didn't do it, but with a fall in house prices,
America could be blown off course
(It's been off course since 1861)


World Markets on Brink of Total Collapse

as Hedge Fund System 'Broken',
United States Coup-Forces Counter
Israeli Nuclear Bomb Smuggling Ring

US signals the future for British television

Damage has already been done to Tony Blair
(Downing Street Memos? THE LIE!)

Blair playing to Israeli gallery

The new colour of British racism

Bermuda Premier heaps scorn on the UK

Libya seeks damages for Italy colonisation
(WOW think how much the US will owe Hawaii
or Texas!)

Iran fires Britain, France, and Germany ambassadors

Two U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan charged with assault

Bahrain formally demands probe into Gitmo torture

Israel cuts Gaza electricity

Iranian press defiant over Israel

Arab-European League defends
Iranian president's remarks on Israel

Musharraf hails Iran`s support

Anti-US platform unites Iraqi political parties

The rejection generation

Israel slams Annan's planned visit to Iran

Syria accuses US of launching lethal raids over its borders

Iran unites to destroy Israel
over a million demonstrate

Saudi Arabia Pledges To Support Syria

Book on Wahabi sect is banned in Egypt

Mass Execution as Public Policy

Mighty Amazon close to running out of water

Wind of change blows through
Cuba's relations with America

5.9 intensity aftershock rocks Pakistan

India's foreign policy compromised
New Delhi will be a "big loser" if steps
are not taken to repair ties with Teheran

The New Translation of the
Religious Right's Sermon on the Mount

And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, the GOP came unto him: And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

Blessed are they that cause others to mourn

Blessed are the rich and the corporations:

Blessed are the cowards that make others suffer:

Blessed are they which cause others to hunger and thirst

Blessed are the torturers, murderers, assassins:

Blessed are the false in heart, the liars and perjurers:

Blessed are the warmongers:

Blessed are you that have persecuted others for religious rights' sake:

Blessed are ye, who speak all manner of evil against others falsely, for religious rights' sake.

Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in Exxon, Chevron, Halliburton, and all their subsidiaries: for so persecuted you the innocents as did your predecessors which were before you.

The Dream

of Religious Right NUT
GOP Sam Johnson

WARNING of repercussions on US-Philippine relations, former President Fidel V. Ramos last night challenged the United States to explain a US Embassy report linking him to a supposed planned coup against President Macapagal-Arroyo.

World's earliest observatory discovered in China

Never surf a tsunami, California town says

Secret UFO weapon development programs
– the next phase of deadly cold war

Molecular beam epitaxy in presence of
high intensity electromagnetic flux shows signs
of virtual materials confirming the
presence of extra dimensions

Tilting earth slightly to create
earthquakes, hurricanes, asteroid strike manipulating magnetosphere
– reverse engineered extraterrestrial technologies

Greek Farmer Reports UFO Landing
Classic silver disk visits Classical Greece

Vitamin A Reduces Infant Deaths from Measles

Iraq conflict and aftermath has cost Britain
3.1 billion pounds

Japan urged to give reparations to war sex slaves

A-bomb victims stage rally in Hiroshima
against U.S. nuclear warship
(Pat RobertSIN says bomb the ingrates?)

How the 'IoS' broke the story of the ambassador
and the fake uranium claim

Militia boasts of role in Sabra massacre

Karl's great escape:
Did Rove rat on Scooter?

'If I were Cheney I'd be sweating a little'

Cheney's Cheney

Katrina, Conservative Myth-Making and the Media

An ugly turn toward torture

Hey NY Times:

Go to Hell You Criminal Bastards!

Karl Rove: Last-Minute Evidence

Bush's Crimes and Wounds, Deeper Than
He or Neo-Cons Want to Admit

Bay SOS 'was written in blood'

BBC News: Lancet Report too old to mention!!!


Experts Scoff at Terror WMD Threat

US jails doctor for Iraq charity fraud

The Libby Indictment
Beginning of the End? Watergate 2005?
Gotterdammerung for the Bushies?

Writing in an Age of Terror

Pentagon Admits to 26,000 Iraqi Victims Since 2004
(They know there are thousands more
they don't admit to)

Mayors of the World to Express Solidarity with Cuba

What Does Torture at Guantanamo Mean to You?

Bush under pressure for clean-up as
CIA scandal takes its toll

U.N. council divided over Syria resolution

Shall We All Say Amen ?

We have been taught to say Amen at the end of every prayer. We are also taught that we should only consider teachings from our particular Christian group. We should never consider foreign religions or strange god. In Egyptian mythology Amun is the ram headed God. He is the King of all Gods. Great temples were built for his worship. Amun was also known as Amen. So everytime Christians end their prayers with the word Amen, they are paying homage to the Egyptian ram headed God. The Sun God. ~ Bill Donahue -

Can I get an Amen please ?

Quarantine flu? It won't work
It's impossible to contain virus that spreads explosively

Drugs No Answer to Bird Flu: Experts

The Avian Flu Fright is Politically Timed
A Public Health Warning and Political Essay
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The Fear Contagion
A Flu Quarantine? No, Sir

Health officials say outbreak is inevitable
and virus would spread quickly

It's Official: Preventing Pandemic Impossible

Bird Flu Blues

Current avian flu is even more dangerous
than 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

Doctor Questions Tamiflu's Effectiveness

Experts Recommend New Measures for Bird Flu

Killer flu could hit any time
Any strain of bird flu could trigger a global flu pandemic,
a group of leading scientists warned

Cranberry and oregano make seafood safe to eat

Avian Influenza
The Next Human Influenza Pandemic?

Start building up your Immune system NOW!

Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73
Effective in Trials Again Avian Flu!
Avian Influenza virus
Test Agents: Oreganol P73 Extra Strength Formula
and Oregacyn
Don't Trust the Imitators- Get the ones used in the trials

American Senate Agrees to $4 billion
to prepare for influenza pandemic

Scientists warn of possibility of drug-resistant avian flu

New UN pandemic czar says survival of
"world as we know it" may be at stake

Martial Law as Cure for the Flu

What is the flu pandemic risk?

Which is the dangerous bird flu virus strain, and why?

Could we prevent a flu pandemic?

What is avian influenza?

Headline News: October 30-31, 2005

That Oh-So-Natural Fruity Feeling

Aryan Jihad

and the Elephant in America's Living Room

Science Groups Withhold Papers From Kansas
In Rebuke Of Anti-Evolution Standards…

New Orleans Voices


GOP Religious Right
Version of FREE ENERGY

Our 27 Months of Hell
by Joseph C. Wilson IV

'I Don't Recall'
Lawyer for Former Top Cheney Aide Signals
Possible Failure-to-Remember Defense
(The rest of us call it LYING)

Jack-Ass Rubber Stamping
Democrats Intensify Criticism of War,
Seek White House Probe
(Too Little - Too Late -
Americans don't want you Dems either)

Pressure Grows on Bush
as Libby Charged with Lying to Grand Jury

Stop Oil Company Price Gouging

Indicting America
by Scott Ritter

One Indictment For a Thousand Crimes

The 2,000 Dead Aren't The Only Victims

Fitzgerald Threw a Softball

Karen Hughes' pitiful performance in
Indonesia Visit Underscores
Bush Administration’s PR Problems

Primer on the Death Penalty

The Cabal's First Casualty:
Scooter Libby Indicted, Resigns;
Cheney in Trouble

Smoking Guns and Red Herrings
What Should We Expect Now that Fitzgerald
Has Announced the Indictment of Lewis "Scooter" Libby?

Luxurious house with golden elevators to be built in Moscow

Boriska, indigo boy from Mars,
predicts mammoth catastrophes in 2009

Government for and by the dead
All over the globe, our leaders seem to be
suffering from a severe bout of infantilism
As someone who has to look at the eviscerated corpses,
I can only shake my head in disbelief

Forging the Case for War
Who was behind the Niger uranium documents?

Bush faces his Watergate

The Nucleus of the Scandal

Historic Opportunity

Fitzgerald says Libby lied repeatedly
(Suprised? Downing Street Memos, WMD, Yellowcake!)

Berlusconi says warned Bush against Iraq war
(see them run - moving away from lying GOPs)

FaithBased Religious Right
(Stamp out religious stupidity
Is it a hate crime to deny a thirsty person water
due to YOUR religious beliefs? FaithBase GOPs Think So!
I guess Jesus really meant 'F*** em'?)

Stain on the White House
(Not the one Clinton left on the carpet!)

Welcome to

ARGENTINA: Double Standards on Pulp Mills?

Philippines urged to stop killing of human rights defenders

When the high ranking Arab employee "lies"
in the process of executing US state department orders!
(Does this sound like INSURGENTS? Absolutely NOT!
These are Iraqis refusing to bow down
to BUSH and his PUPPETS)

NGOs – a soft target in Afghanistan
(or get your sorry Faith Based Christian BS
out of our country! Take your military with you)

Ask President Bush to Support Strengthening
the UN Emergency Reserve Fund
(hahahahah what a joke - Ask Bush?
He still can't figure out Katrina aid)

Remember Make Poverty History, anyone?
(Faith Based has turned the cheek away from the poor
- It's only there protect the RICH from the POOR)

The new National Intelligence Strategy

of the United States:
Towards an even more dangerous

international security apparatus

The Iran-Israel cold war

'Young, Angry and Muslim'

A New York man claims in a $5 million lawsuit
that the senior pastor of his church tricked him
into marriage counseling to be with the man's wife.
(Never TRUST a 'preacher!)

DSM Sequel: Roots of a Scandal

Bush shows he cares about black people
in touching tribute to "Rosa Park"
American President literally does not know her name.
(Those Damned KKK GOP Religious Right
Ivory Towers Get in the Way?)

Energy companies announce record profits
amidst soaring prices for RAPING US consumers

Ibero-American summit criticises CONDEMNS US policy


A Republican Congressman was recently speaking at a church in Texas. His name is Sam Johnson and he was speaking at a Christian Church in Texas. He said that the United States should drop a nuclear bomb on Syria and the Christian audience jumped to their feet and roared with applause. Between their affection for dropping bombs on other people and for molesting children, Christianity has established itself as the true anti-Christ.
Bill Donahue -

Genocidal, Murderous
Christian GOP
Sam Johnson
In medicine he'd be called a quack
In 'real' religion he's a HYPOCRITE


The War Crimes Act of 1996:
Bush, Rumsfeld could be indicted under US law

The War Crimes Act of 1996, a federal statute set forth at 18 U.S.C. § 2441, makes it a federal crime for any U.S. national, whether military or civilian, to violate the Geneva Convention by engaging in murder, torture, or inhuman treatment. The statute applies not only to those who carry out the acts, but also to those who ORDER IT, know about it, or fail to take steps to stop it. The statute applies to everyone, no matter how high and mighty. 18 U.S.C. § 2441 has no statute of limitations, which means that a war crimes complaint can be filed at any time.

We're Not Defending Freedom

Letting the White House Walk?

India submits to the Bush doctrine?

Aziz denies naming British MP in oil probe

Galloway Allegation 'Based On Lies'

Watergate-style money laundering indictments
stoke Ohio's stolen election fires

Pentagon Plans Iran Attack Over Oil
Euro Marker By Christmas 2005
Broad Parameters Over Pentagon Plans To Invade Iran
By Christmas 2005 Have Remained In Place

Endless sunset
While you were, ah, distracted,

Congress was quietly renewing every
major provision of the Patriot Act.


Apostles of Perpetual Psychosis
It's high time somebody called these
Christo-Fascist bullies out

'You Do the Dying, We'll Do the Talking'

Malevolent Hegemony

What Patrick Fitzgerald didn't say
and the Media didn't ask

Axis of Pragmatism
Let's start with the Axis of Liars.

Iran President's speech threatening Israel

Canada's Crimes Against Haiti

Using high intensity electromagnetic fields
to change the earth’s crust for oil and gas exploration
– alien technology in human hands -
reason for excessive earthquakes?

Who really ambushed the Shiite fighters in Baghdad?
Sunni insurgents or some entity (U.S.?)
who wants an Iraqi civil war now?

Lebanese militant group
Hezbollah stand behind Syria

Fears over transplant DNA mix-ups

Dutch Float Homes Above Flooding

Lack Of Sex Could Be A Signpost To Extinction
(I'm working against extinction as often as possible!)

Change of time with respect to time
– the complex parallel time dimensions define
how extraterrestrial type IV civilization
make time travel possible

Worker Takeovers Recover
Venezuelan Sovereignty from the US,
Says Chavez
(bad, bad, bad, Chavez
- You said the 'S' word! to the U.S. -
oppressors of Sovereignty!
Pat RobertSIN will be praying for another God Kill?)

US Anti-Terror Crusade Hypocritical

US People Will Force Iraq Withdrawal

Cuban Battle of Ideas Sweeps World

Cuba Fights Exclusion with Culture

BBC drama to tell Saddam Hussein's story
(Propaganda Sweeps Week BEFORE the Trial
- How FAIR!)

What if Saddam Hussein returns to power?
When the impossible becomes possible

Alert against fresh spell of heavy rains
in West Bengal

Solving extremely complex mathematical problems
using electromagnetic waves of special frequency from mind
– a signature of advanced civilization


An ex-FBI informant pleaded guilty to
concocting a fake story about a national drug ring
and bilking the government for expense money

A North Carolina Baptist pastor has resigned
after the majority of his congregation rejected
his anti-abortion preaching and
support for President Bush
(Holy Moses the Awakening has Begun)

Enron jury selection starts next week

Comets Hit Early Americans

Apart from vomitoriums and orgies,
what did the Romans do for us?
(Gave us Christianity?)

Mysterious mummy lays in Geology Hall

The Book of Revelation is a Greek Mythological document complete with reference to the white sky horse which is Pegasus. The advent of Hubble showing pictures of strange cosmic sights that have Biblical connections including Eta Carina draws one closer to this Greek Myth called Revelation in an effort to find the direction to that is about to enter our lives. The stage is set with the great religions drawing swords against each other especially in the seat of the Old Testament location namely Iraq. Of course one has to be wary of reaching conclusions on symbolic writings because in so many instances the words can be reasonably attached to almost any period of time. But there are things contained that one can take to ones self at any time. Let me show you. Last week we spent some time looking at the four horses of the apocalypse from the book of revelation. The opening of the first seal allows us to see the first of the four horses. When that first seal is opened inside of you there comes forth what we know as the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. This is the electrical regeneration of our physical nature.
Bill Donahue -

Headline News: October 29-30, 2005


US poor set to lose food stamps
(Pat Robertson Endorsed GOPpers - Chief of the Hypocrites)

Beta upgraded to hurricane
(Pat's God pouring out wrath on Nicaragau
What terrible sins have they committed Pat?)

Governor: Berlin Wall Should Be Built
Along Entire Mexico Border

Cheney and Bush Praise Libby
(GOP adoration of Criminals and Terrorists)
Bush says Libby entitled to due process and a fair trial
(More Hypocrisy from the GOP Religious Right - Ask Jose Padilla
see My Way of the Cross article above!)

India's Capital Rocked by Blasts,
Killing 35, Injuring Hundreds
(Did Pat Robertson's God order this one - Like He did 9-11?)

77 killed after Indian train derails in floodwaters
(Pat Robertson's God attacks India again!
Killing all sin in His path of wrath?)

54 children feared dead in India
over strange disease
(Pat Robertson's God
Getting Rid of those Sinners!)

Quake rattles Caribbean Islands, Venezuela
(Pat Robertson's God Going after Chavez?
He's the BIG SINNER against Pat's God!
Chavez's SINS against Pat's God:

Educating the Illiterate Masses
Putting his people to work
Giving toys away FOR FREE to children
Feeding the poor in his country
Giving away FREE medical care to his 'continent'
Repairing lands raped by corporate abuse
Offering help to victims of Pat's God's Vengence
Putting Humanity above Corporate interests
Refusing to ratify Bush's two wars
Refusing to believe GOP Propaganda

That's enough of Pat's God's sins to send him to hell!)

Strange Odor Throughout New York City
Concerns Officials
(Is Pat Robertson on the air waves there?)

Geologists Report Undersea Volcano
Off Northern Mexico Coast
(Pat Robertson's God preparing another wrath!
Must be the fish have sinned too?)

US to cut aid to Mexico and 11 other Latin America nations
over International Court dispute
(Bush and Robertson's
Axis of Evil Grows by leaps and bounds!
Latin American Invasion Imminent?
over their refusal to ratify US War Crimes)

Chevron's CONdom Rice Calls
for an End to Current Mideast Violence
(Okay Yankee Boys! Follow her advice!
Get out of Iraq, Come Home!
Stop your part in the MidEast violence
Your children need you here more
than we need Bush ill-gotten oil)

"During our time, we have been able to close
10 U.S. Forward Operating Bases,
therefore reducing coalition force presence"
(What? What a LIE!
There's more US soldiers there now than
'when we won the war'
{that was another lie})

True Jews hate Israel:
Iran's Jewish MP

lawyers say: Rove is 'Official A.(ss?)'

Itchy Scalp? You gonna die!

F***ing Stupid Religious beliefs
trump hurricane relief
(Stamp out religious stupidity)

Home repossession orders soar by 66 per cent in UK
(But Blair can afford Trident Nuke Missles!)

Warped Passages, Unraveling the
Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions

The subconscious of anti-Semitism

True Confessions

Pat RobertSIN is not a follower of Jesus!

Here are the rules:
Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect,
go and sell that thou hast,
and give to the poor,
and thou shalt have treasure in heaven:
and come and follow me.

Pat RobertSIN has not done this!

Pat RobertSIN LIES!

Pat says: Hurricanes and 9-11 were God's Wrath on a Sinful America
Jesus said: That ye may be the children of your Father
which is in heaven:
for he maketh his sun to rise on
the evil and on the good,
and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Pat RobertSIN LIED!

The End is Coming!

The end of modern Christianity will come to an end
when the sheeple that have been
drinking of the polluted waters of the preachers
actually start reading and understanding 'the Book.'

L Savage

Cheney Adviser Resigns After Indictment

Libby is quiet force who helped shape absured Iraq policy

US House rejects effort to stop military base closings
(But they're building new ones all over the world!)

Exxon faces flak on reporting highest profits in US history
(False Profits! from the False Prophets
of the GOP Religious Right)

U.S. stocks plunge
(except Exxon - the DoubleCross)

Ms. Condi Rice's old employer, Chevron, is having its financial balls
squeezed hard by Chavez

Rainforest Scandal in Ecuador
Rice's Chevron Won't Clean Up Its MESS!

Rice's Chevron
has history of environmental destruction

Rice's Chevron Inc.
Plant Explosions and Worker Safety
Illegal Air Pollution
Hazardous Waste Violations

Rice's ChevronTexaco Toxic Legacy

Ad Campaign Warns Rice's Chevron of Texaco’s
Billion-Dollar Liability for Dumping in Rainforest

Big oil groups implicated in oil-for-food scandal
ChevronTexaco! - British Petroleum! - Shell!
(All Corporate Thieves! - Revoke their Corporate Charters!)

Amazon Watch Says Chevron
Hiding Massive Liability in Ecuador

Indigenous group alleges collusion between
ChevronTexaco and Ecuadorian Army officer

Over 1,000 Exxon workers got bogus flu shots

Russia says oil-for-food probe used fake documents
(As in Nigerian Yellocake?)

China is determined to fill its own rice bowl
(How horrid! How UnDemocratic! How UnCapitalist!
How UnChristian--Trying to feed its OWN hungry people)

We will use force,
(and LIES, and Faked Documents, Faulty Intel, Propaganda, More LIES)
Blair warns Iranians

Iraq’s civilians paid a higher price

(While in the meantime - at golf Bush got a 4 under par)

Open warfare in Cabinet shows PM is losing his grip
(Cabinet or Psychiatrist?)

Chirac threatens to veto WTO talks over farm aid

Sex confessions of 'living saint' shock France
(Not Jimmy Swaggart - He's in French Louisiana)

Libya cut off in Italy protest

It wasn't always like this

Syria Should Not Act "Heroic" To Please Others

Pat Robertson As Shill For Big Oil

Oil for Prophets
Lost in the controversy over Pat Robertson's
call to assassinate a foreign leader is the reverend's role in the oil business
(H Y P O C R I T E)

False Prophet Pat Robertson's Money Scam

Pat Robertson's Full of Gas


Cenco Electric Co., is owned by televangelist Pat Robertson

Mexico becomes 100th nation to ratify global court

Cuba Demands Freedom of Five
before the Ibero-American Court

Tropical Storm Beta spares Colombian island
storm headed to Nicaragua

German scientists slam ignorance about bird flu

NASA tracks asteroid

The Mystery of the Green Menace


Couple Says Fish Bone Bears Jesus Image
(Jesus was ET?)


Saddam and al-Zarqawi:
Strangers in the Night

Iraq: If This Wasn't So Sad, It Would Be Funny
Today it was announced that an agreement concerning the
siege of Fallujah has been reached. The United States Forces
will pull back and an Iraqi force led by former generals of
Saddam Hussein will move in and provide security.
In other words the forces that we started the war to remove,
are being put back in charge by us.
Let the guy out of jail and let's go home. It's bizarre
Bill Donahue -

Keep Investigating, Fitz

Future Perfect

In the Name of Justice
(Not in the US - It's JustUS)

Images of (US Orchestrated) El Salvador
carnage reprised in light of Iraq war

Hell in Gitmo

Hariri Reportedly Assassinated To Make Way
For Large US Air Base In Lebanon

The Reconciliation Game is for Saving
the Occupier & his Criminals Operatives .
Beware of it & Beware of those
playing the Double side Game

Cheney Chief of Staff Faces
5 Felony Counts;
Indictment Text

Katrina Survivors are Losing the Battle

The Criminalization of Criminals

No Truth Or Justice In Doing It All The American Way

Rove Unmasked

The Spin Doctor Is Ill

George and Bashar:
Not Exactly Two Chips Off The Old Block

Journalism Judy-Style at The Washington Post

Environmental Exploitation as National Policy

Humiliated Bush Forced to Retreat
(He's humiliated every person in the US)

Is the United States Becoming Hostile to Science?
(The Fools in the Religious Right Hope So)

Bush hydra re-grows a head
Libby's replacement is a 'hard core neocon.'

Are U.S. tactics destroying terrorists -
- or merely creating more?

Smoking Guns and Red Herrings

Libby: The War Party's Kamikaze
Why did Scooter lie – and so badly?

Condi's True Confessions

Treasonous liars and warmongering murderers

The Weird Men Behind George W Bush's War

Culture of Collusion

Christian Zionism:
Dispensationalism And The
Roots Of Sectarian Theology

The Bush Administration's Dual Loyalties

Now they see us as we are

Another Bush GOP pundit charged with Crimes
(Today Ohio's Noe - Tommorrow Ohio's Diebold?)

House Panel Approves Medicaid Cuts
(Billions to Kill, Maim, Torture - Pittance for the rest of us)

Activists Deride Ford over Fuel Inefficiency,

Senate Rejects Emergency Home-heating Fund Boost
(Billions to Kill, Maim, Torture - Pittance for the rest of us)

Court Rejects Warrantless Cell Phone Tap

Second Strike for Georgia Voter ID Law

Med School Profs Attack Consumer Drug Marketing

Powerful Government Accounting Office report
confirms key 2004 stolen election findings
(GOP Religious Right FRAUD)

Miller Lite:
not a timely brew for the times . . .
The New York Times, that is!

(A GOP Propaganda Organ)

Republican Endorses Unspeakable Terror
Cheney Wants More U.S. Torture
(Those Religious Right GOPs again)

Dick And Don's Cabal

What To Expect Next

Washing their hands of the sick and poor
(Billions to Kill, Maim, Torture - Pittance for the rest of us)

Open Season On America's Seniors
(Billions to Kill, Maim, Torture - Pittance for the rest of us)

Memo: Do Not Work At Wal-Mart

Marijuana not a major cancer risk

Detainees medically abused at Guantanamo
Prisoners force-fed in deliberately
painful, cruel manner

(They're Back! This time called Religious Right, GOP)

Padilla Takes His Case to Supreme Court

Bush calls Iran and Syria 'outlaw regimes'

US Assures Israel That Syria And Iran Are Next

Israel: Sharon stirs up conflict with Syria and Iran

One Ring to Bind Them All
Is the US Really Against Torture?

Scooter Meet José Padilla
Suddenly, Bush Embraces Right of Fair Trials

Vice President Cheney is the Man Who

Unleashed Torture and Promoted it
Within Our Military and Our Intelligence Service

Another document, dripping with blood,
surfaces in House of Death case

Tax protester Irwin Schiff guilty on 13 counts

How many more milestones will Americans tolerate?

We Have Been Warned

Russians carry out genocide
of the newly born Chechen children

Rumsfeld ordered torture

U.S./Israeli Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Power outages, gas lines, hunger,
fuel Floridians’ anger after Hurricane Wilma

The financial imbalances of a 'bizarre world'

Canada: ex-indépendantiste premier
calls for intensified assault on working class

In Their Own (Hypocritic) Words:
Republicans on Perjury & Obstruction of Justice

Ukraine dumps nuclear wastes
and chemical poisons at Russia's borders

USA develops gigantic airships
to spy on Chinese and Iranian submarines

When the US State Department orders
Amr Musa to visit occupied Iraq

Treasonous liars and warmongering murderers

Scapegoated, Exploited and Preyed Upon
Victims of a Wave of Anti-Immigrant Violence

The Agnew Factor
Clearing the Impeachment Path

Parliament Declares Venezuela Free of Illiteracy

Declaration of Faro Defies Racism and Intolerance

Venezuelan indigenous groups support
expulsion of New Tribes evangelicals

Bible translators were mining national resources
and spying for the CIA

Gravity variance as space-time curvature facilitates
sending a probe through a Black Hole
– alien expertise to handle impossible

EU researchers working with Sanofi-Aventis SA
have developed a human vaccine for the H7N1 bird flu virus

New find in northern Iran may be ancient musical instrument

Clovis speakers discuss
man's origins in the United States

How the brain tells time

Violent dreams may hint at why dreaming evolved

Frying garlic and onions is
certain to awaken taste buds

Heavy drinking may dampen sex life

Galapagos: Exploring these unique volcanic islands

Amateur Observers Are Seeing Double

When Did the Earth's Core Separate from its Shell?

Prometheus' Ripples in the Rings

View Mars at Its Best Saturday

The Human Brain Seen as Master of Time

Ghost Town Busters

Meteorites may have caused ancient lava

GAO: NASA still has accounting problems: -- NASA's inability to balance its checkbook by tens of millions could hurt the space agency's chances to return to the moon by 2018, federal auditors said. (Will the 2.6 trillion missing at the Pentagon stop them from starting more wars?)

Device For Preventing Battlefield Friendly Fire

Charting The Path Of The Deadly Ebola

Mangroves Shielded Communities Against Tsunami

Dual Life of Mother-of-Pearl

Are Over-the-Counter Cold Medicines
Safe for Your Heart?

Math Learning Disorder Is Common

Mississippi Attorney General Files Lawsuit
Against 86 Pharmaceutical Companies
Over Alleged Medicaid Fraud

Treatment of men with ED improves
women's sexual function and satisfaction
(Straight up information here?)

US health care cuts are costing lives
(Billions to Kill, Maim, Torture - Pittance for the rest of us)

Headline News: October 28-29, 2005

'Manipulated' Hurricane Makes Mexico Pay Dearly
For Challenging United States
US Military Preparations for South American Invasion Continue

Tropical Storm Beta gathering force off Nicaragua
(That God's answer for them challenging
US Occupation and Supremacy in Nicaragua?
Right Pat Robertson?)

Bush's woes go beyond possible indictments

U.S. Treasuries soar as market frets over GM fate

International Call for United Nations Investigation
of Killing of Defense Lawyer in
Trial of Saddam Hussein

Miers withdraws Supreme Court nomination
Bush accepts decision 'reluctantly'

Boot Yahoo


"Israel is dependent on the United States as no country is on a friendly power . . ." wrote Henry Kissinger in the 1980s. "It takes a special kind of heroism to turn total dependence into defiance, to insist on support as a matter of right than as a favour."

Sex and the Single Nominee

All the President’s Men

Thinking the Unthinkable:
Opening Up Negotiations With the Iraqi Resistance

"We are witnessing the criminalization
of conservative politics." - Tom DeLay
(No we are witnessing the indictment of criminals
who have cheated America time and time again)

Big Bush Donor Indicted,
Suspected Of Laundering Illegal Funds
To Bush-Cheney 2004 Campaign...

Cheney, Libby Withheld Key Docs From Senate Intel.
Committee In Its Pre-War Intel. Investigation...
(Martha Stewart went to jail for lying?)

Buzz about a Karl plea as probers close in
(Praise the Lord and pass the pretzels,
right Pat Robertson?)

Oil-food report 'implicates 2,200 firms'
(Wonder how many were firms supporting Religious Right GOPs?
Inquiring minds want to know)

Jury Faults Port Authority in '93 WTC Bomb
(God's wrath for being New Yorkers?
What's God say Pat?)

U.S. spends itself into mess

Three solitudes:
Canada, Mexico and the U.S. are drifting apart.
(They FINALLY recognize the lies and hypocrisy
of the GOP Bush Religious Right?)

Navy says it will base nuclear carrier in Japan
(with missles aimed at Tokyo no doubt)

OILWARS: The open book that is
Petroleos de Venezuela

Petrocaribe: The 'destabilizing factor'
for large US multi-national corporations

On Hold…
All dressed up, and nowhere to go – yet

A Time for Reconsideration

Condi's True Confessions

Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities
has the power to make you commit injustices.
– Voltaire

Rethinking Failed Policies

UK Refusenik Deserves Our Support

Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers
To Senate Intelligence Panel

White House Plans to Deflect
If top aides are indicted in the CIA leak case,
the administration strategy is to keep its distance.
(hahahahaha It didn't work for Nixon either!)

Rove, Libby Prepare for Possible Indictments

Aide to Cheney Appears Likely to Be Indicted;

Rove Under Scrutiny
(Warning: Link to Bush Propaganda Organ)

US forces in Iraq reach 161,000, highest level of the war
(for a war we already won? -- hahaha more Bush Lies)

When Patriots Dissent
Surprise: Standing up to the PATRIOT Act can be good politics

Scott Ritter and Seymour Hersh:
Iraq Confidential
Iraq is a nation on fire

Italian Media Reveals U.S. Officials Met With
Italian Intelligence Officials To Discuss
Fake Documents Citing Niger Nuke Sales to Iraq

A motorist was mailed a picture of his car speeding through an automated radar post in Plano,Texas. A $40 speeding ticket was enclosed. Being cute, he sent the police department a picture of $40. The police responded with another mailed photo of handcuffs.

Blair hints at military action after
Iran's 'disgraceful' taunt
(Let's not mention all the lies that Blair,
Bush, and Sharon have hurled at Iran!)

The Death of an Iraqi Prisoner
(Religious Right Thing- Pat's God willed it so)

Public would reject new Tridents
if they knew huge costs

Now That Base Shut Down,
US Considers Uzbekistan Sanctions for Massacre
(It's the HYPOCRISY!
CONservative GOP Religious Right Hypocrisy)

Belarussian KGB warns of Western "intervention"
(Another God Ordained Regime Change Bush/Robertson?)

Coverage of Americans Wounded in Iraq War
Leaves US Media Hurting

Rich Nations are Accused

of Giving 'Nothing'

Perhaps the real reason that
U.S. Style Federal Unionist Pork Barrel Democracy
will never work in an Islamic culture
is that they abhor pork?

The Grand Inquisitor for the Bush regime
is aching for a shot at The Empire’s ultimate heretic

Dr. James Luther Adams, my ethics professor at Harvard Divinity School, told us that when we were his age, he was then close to 80, we would all be fighting the "Christian fascists."

God is sending it to me, me, me, only me -
adfhu dar dww, wa wa ah sha leee ma,
His official Holy Hit List!
Send a donation of $100.00 for your
anointed copy of God's Hit List for Assassination

Political obscenity in ex-Cardinal Castillo's disgraceful "democratic" background - In April 2002 Castillo, the holy man, plotted with the CIA, the contemptible, to massacre dozens of peaceful protesters to provide a pretext to overthrow democracy in Venezuela and to impose a dictatorship under the bourgeois Pedro Carmona

United States continues inconsistent attitude
in manipulation of terrorism

U.S. passport plan called a threat ban to tourism

Bush administration seeks legal sanction for torture

(Praise the Lord and pass the pancakes, Pat Roberton!)

Russia Vows to Do All to Block Syria Sanctions

Russia to expand cooperation with Iran

Russian Investment in U.S. in 2005 Exceeds $1Bln

Hu goes to the Hermit Kingdom

China, Russia Oppose U.S. Threat
to Punish Syria Over Hariri

China is not to blame for rises in oil prices

The subconscious of anti-Semitism

Is China really a threat?

The anatomy of a scandal that threatens Bush's legacy

The Blair law that could send his wife to prison

France's Chirac schedules surprise meeting
with son of slain Lebanese leader

Chirac's corrupt aides are convicted
(Will Bush's corrupt aides be convicted?)

Israel: 'War to bitter end'

Israel: Remove Iran from U.N.
(Here's a better idea! Remove both of them!)

Iraqi Sunnis demand US troop withdrawal

Assad vows to try those linked with Hariri killing

Venezuela sentences Colombian conspirators

A rapid warm-up for the Northwest

Orbital Evolution of Asteroid Itokawa

'Start of life' gene discovered

Genetic map that could unlock secrets of human life

Possible Identity For Mysterious Frozen Airman

Scientists find minable rare-earth deposit in Argentina

Raiders of the Lost Pool

Woman Fired For Missing Work
After Seeing Husband Off To War

Flemish wife calls spouse "lazy" and gets arrested

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Real George W. Bush

Why Harriet Went Down

Katrina: The Movement

New Orleans’ Levee Board Chief Quits
Amid Questions Of No-Bid Contracts To Relatives…

School Orders Students To Take Down Blogs…

Worse than Watergate

The Hypocritical NBA Dress Code

Iraq by the Numbers

Dresden – Budapest – Tbilisi – Baku
A short report on wars, freedom, and oil

Tortuous wait in leak probe
strains edgy Washington

Bush's October Surprise

To plunder, to slaughter, to steal,
these things they misname empire;
and where they make a desert,
they call it peace.
– Calgacus

The strange saga of Cheney and the "nuclear threat"
Why did the veep suddenly lose interest
in the evidence?

The Vice President's war on Saddam

The missing charge at Saddam's trial

I call 'regime change' on you

A Capitalist Peace?

Papers, Ignoring Pentagon Plea,
Mark 2,000th U.S. Death in Iraq

A Deadly Surge
The fatality rate for American troops shot up
more than a year ago,
and no political or military advance
has been able to slow it.

Bated Breath and a Shortage of Loose Lips
CIA Leak Case Has Capital In Animated Suspense

A new Sunni strategy in Iraq
After failing to defeat Iraq's charter,
Sunni Arab parties merge -
with an anti-US agenda.

The New Sunni Jihad:
'A Time for Politics'

Sadr, Sunnis join hands to contest polls

Arab League opposes Syria sanctions over Hariri

Hariri son rejects Syria sanctions

Syria battles to stave off sanctions

Israel still in control of Gaza, says envoy

U.S., Japan agree to move Okinawa air base

French anti-terror bill ignites controversy

Serb discusses 1999 downing of stealth

George W Bush: home alone

Mirror images in the Congo:
sexual violence and conflict

Democratic failure:
festering lilies smell worse than weeds

The Supreme Council for
Evangelical Christian Purity in America

More fake war propaganda

The Scandal isn't the Leak, But the Illegal War

"Peak oil" determined to strike inside U.S.:
Yet another memo that Bush didn't can't read

Fabricated Links?
A CIA report casts new doubt on links
between Iraq and Al Qaeda

North Korea Sends a 'Message to the World'

US approves $280 mln missile sale to Taiwan

US to train Taiwanese fighter pilots

'French troops used excessive force in Ivory Coast'

Out of Iraq, Now

Will the Bush Administration Implode?

A message for my ignorant Bush
'mene mene tekel upharsin'

Join Us In A
"Show The War, Tell The Truth"

They Profit While the Hungry Die
U.S. agribusinesses and shippers reap a windfall
from America's emergency food-aid policy.
And Congress won't stop it.

The Sacrifice of Others

Impeachable Offense
Why must justice for a monumental crime grasp at straws?

The Loss of Utopia

The Battle for New Orleans:
Only a Real Movement Can Win This War

Cheney Looms Large in Latest Twist
of CIA Leak Drama

Fat? Over 40?
Don't Bother Applying for a Wal-Mart Job

'Plame-gate' & Myth of the Renegade Aide

Where is the Grand Inquisitor When You Need Him?

The Former Head of Abu Ghraib,
Admits She Broke the Geneva Conventions:
Says the Blame "Goes All the Way to The Top"

The Epic Crime That Dares Not Speak Its Name
At the Nuremberg trial of the Nazi leadership, counts one and two,
"Conspiracy to wage aggressive war and waging aggressive war",
refer to "the common plan or conspiracy".

House Passes Bill Discouraging Voter Outreach

Wal-Mart Exec. Sought to Cut Benefits,
Discourage Disabled Labor

House Patriot Act Renewal Provision
Would Expand Death Penalty

Delphi Goes Back on Word to Workers

Bush Promises to Restore Wage Protections
for Gulf Coast Workers
Bowing to pressure from organized labor, politicians and others

Court Finds in Favor of Pollution Reporting Rules

The AIDS virus: Made in the USA?

Airports Restricting Competition for Internet Access
Should Cities Be Allowed to Block Your Airwave Access?

The Fitzgerald Spinmeisters

The Wages Of Victory

Open Season On America's Seniors

The Cabal's Italian Branch

Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue

The Niger Forgeries

"Artists and Bureaucrats"

'We don't need al-Qaida'

We Don't Want a Hanoi Hilton

Education Apartheid Lives On

Making up history

Hariri assassination coverage gives readers
the hole story

Iran-Contra II?
Fresh scrutiny on a rogue Pentagon operation

Italian Faces Pre-War Intelligence Probe

Dick at the Heart of Darkness

The problem isn't just Judith Miller
Stenographic, shoddy journalism goes deeper than one reporter

Venezuela Denounces US Two-Faced Attitude toward Terrorism

FBI Sets Up Permanent Office in Paraguay, 8th in Latin America
(Your Tax Dollars at Work? Domestic Intel Org in Oversea Operations?)

Chavez should not be assassinated
but Rove and Libby should

Bible translators were
mining national resources and spying for the CIA
(Remember the Jonestown Cult - slave mining for God)

There's No Glory or Honor in Iraq

United States continues inconsistent attitude in manipulation of terrorism

Venezuela discusses feasibility of peaceful nuclear program

One of the leading researchers of the Institute of Oriental Studies of Russian Academy of Science Vladimir Isaev talks about the possibility of US attacking Syria

Modern hackers ready to attack global security systems

People eating genetically modified food
may have rat-short lifespan

The world is insecure against biological hazard

Adopting female logic is the only way-out for men to survive
The world based upon the rational male logic had exhausted its potential

The death of the poet of communism,
Vladimir Mayakovsky, remains mysterious

Russian woman tries to sell her daughter for internal organs

USA to interfere into political conflicts of
former Soviet republics

Little-known European state to trouble quiet 'Old Europe'

Woman falls into the basement while having shower

Police officer dresses as a sexy housewife
to save woman from burglars

Inquiring minds need to know that…

Ecstatic India finds that India-US nuke deal may never materialize – doubtful skeptics of US Congress must amend American. law before the deal can be completed

Four-dimensional volume-holographic microscope reveals aliens life forms that are normally invisible in traditional methods – extraterrestrial life in forms unimaginable to us?

Controlling the gravitational radiation of Black Hole
an achievement that makes an
alien civilization colonize the Hyperspace

Analysis of dark energy through modeling
and inversion of 3-D gravity tensor field
reveals extraterrestrial influence
on gravitational radiation

Music to the ears of hearing impaired

Now, an inflatable ''building in a bag''
for 1100 pounds only!

Now, a bioelectronic sensor to read bad breath!

''Men have Viagra, now women have this''

All your 'base' are belong to Google

Confused about the CIA leak case? Start here.

Iraqi civilians paid a higher price

'125 Indian companies made
illegal payments to Saddam'

Blair: Making Life Difficult for Average Iranians
(Blair: Making Life Difficult for Average Brits too)

Iraqi Vote Lights The Fuse

Still looking for the "lesser evil;"
As Bush flounders, Liberal Left left leaderless

Toll 'a sign of US failure'

The Bells Ring In US;
the Hearts Hear In Iraq

Saddam Hussein lawyers ask for safety guarantee

Exxon Mobil Posts New Record for Profit

(Obviously the recipient of GOP PORK!)

The University of California at Berkley has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. This new element has been tentatively named "Administratium". Administratium has 1 neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 111 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by a force called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

Since Administratium has no electrons, it is inert. However, it can be detected because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Administratium causes one reaction to take over 4 days to complete when it would normally take less than a second. Administratium has a normal half-life of 3 years; it does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons and assistant deputy neutrons exchange places.

In fact, Administratium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization causes some morons to become neutrons forming isodopes. This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to speculate that Administratium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as "Critical Morass." You'll know it when you see it.
- Author Unknown

Headline News: October 27-28, 2005

United States Prepares For
Mass Bird Flu Vaccinations, Quarantines
Requests November to January 'Standby'
For 150,000 NATO Troops for North American Duty

73% of US lacks confidence in leaders

US, France, UK circulates resolution
propaganda against Syria

(Wag the Dog Report
Forget about Iraq, Afghanistan-
Go back to sleep America)

US to initiate WTO action against China over piracy

U.S. Passports to Receive Electronic Identification

Many more years of bloodshed in store for US soldiers
(How many more will Bush kill?)

The newest U.S. strategy:
Iraqis kill each other instead of the Marines
(Divide and Conquer!)

Russia says will defend Syria against UN sanctions

Russia, China looking to form 'NATO of the East'?
(All the players aligning up for Bush's WW3?)

Russia Rising as Energy Superpower on U.S. Demand

Fresh bird flu outbreak in China

WHO confirms new bird flu outbreak in central China

China ready to help India crush Maoists

Background to Betrayal
Behind the CIA leak investigation

The Quiet Occupation

Who Are We to Pick Syria's President?
Could someone recommend one for us?

Dozens of Abu Ghraibs?

Yellowcake Dossier Not the Work of the CIA
''Pollari went to the White House to offer his truth on Iraq"

Two-Thirds of Americans Say Bush Wrong on Iraq
(The other third says he's wrong on everything)

Bush’s Foreign-Aid Fraud

Able Danger warned of attack on USS Cole

Bush Says War in Iraq Isn't Cause of Rising Terrorism
(Bush also said there was WMD in Iraq!)

Bushies take aim at probe

White House Sidesteps Cheney Questions

Italian Faces Pre-War Intelligence Probe

Pentagon nominee aims for more positive Iraq stories
(New Round of Propaganda)

Iraqi reconstruction faltering
(Reconstruction is a propaganda term for CONtinued Occupation)

License to Abuse Would Put CIA Above the Law

Negotiators on Torture Bill Feel Heat
(Real Humans need to call these congress people
and tell them how they better vote

(NOTICE: This link from Propaganda Machine for GOPs)
Tighter Oversight of F.B.I. Is Urged After Investigation Lapses

FBI infractions since 9/11 raise civil liberty concerns

Toy, Cookie Are Mistaken for Bomb Parts
(another Bush fiasco, Dr. Watson)

Sleuths Crack Tracking Code Discovered in Color Printers

PoWs from Korean War still held after 52 years

The ties between disaster aid and politics

U.S. inroads into South America raise alarm
(Especially for South Americans! - another occupation?)

Lift the siege of Gaza

Blair faces revolt over new round of terrorism law

Blair fell out of love with the EU long ago

Report documents abuse by Ireland clergy

U.K. Lords Defeat Blair Over Plan to Stiffen Hatred Laws

France refuses to cut French farmers subsidy

If Israel has nukes,
why can’t the rest?

Spy vs. Spy; Espianouge in the Pentagon

There Is A Message:
Where Is The Messenger?

Security Council 'split on Syria'

Peru Rumbles with Strikes

Terrorist in US, Cuba Denounces at UN

Cuba Expects Great Support for Battle against Blockade

Vevchani’s Magical Mystery Church Continues to Puzzle

US accounts for 43% of global pharmaceutical sales

Why are we taking so many pills?
Marketers have convinced many that
there's a drug for just about everything

The real price of gold
It weighs 1oz. It costs £1,000.
And it creates 30 tons of toxic waste

Russian scientists cautious about genetically modified food

Single blast of ultrasound destroys cancer cells

(Here's a Crock of Shit!)
Australia plans law to gag parents in child terror cases
(Is Howard utterly insane?)

Venezuela to adjust relations with countries signing free trade agreements with USA: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias has called on regional countries to show some dignity in free trade negotiations with the USA and to reflect on the effects such an agreement will have on its citizens.

Russia could help Venezuela make
Kalashnikovs, AK-103s in Venezuela

Chavez Frias: technocracy must be banned from CVG

What did media seek to hide
in their mad dash for the Chavez jugular?

Venezuelan Government and
Employers Federation Agree to Do Business

Building Socialism in Venezuela

Iraqi Constitution Adopted Despite
Two-Third Rejection in Sunni Provinces !

The "Reality Mode" Community Strikes Back

Mr. "Bring 'em on"

100,000s Pay for the Imperial Ambitions of a Few

There is a Conspiracy for Liquidating the
Defense Team of the Former President

Saddam lawyers in protest action

PBS film documents Rumsfeld’s role in authorizing torture

"I think the Constitution,
is an American Constitution,
just like the Iraqi Interim Government
is an American Government."

...ABC is calling the deaths the price of progress. I wonder if the people at ABC head office would view it as progress if they had to drink infested water, or walk through sewage in their neighborhoods, or dodge bullets from the trigger-happy.

Old whine, new bottle

Assassinations in Lebanon;
Pipelines in Haifa

The REAL REASON the US wants to Invade SYRIA!

The Anti-Syria Scam

Syria in the Imperialist Crosshairs

Has Syria been 'Blixed'?

Casualties Of A War A World Away

For Whom They Toll

Casualty of War:
No Peace at the Pioneer Press

(Another GOP Propaganda Organ)

The Burgh, Downsizing

We Will Not Pay for Killing

A Little Story About Pat Robertson,
Wolf Blitzer, and David Corn

Even with $250 billion spent squandered,
the Bush administration remains stubbornly committed
to occupying Iraq.

Missing the Katrina Moment

A Fake End to Fake News
An act designed to end government propaganda
is altered to the PR industry's approval.
(Bend over America, they screw us again)

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the U.S. government to provide medical records on Guantanamo prisoners who are being force-fed while on a hunger strike and to notify their lawyers about forced feedings.

Why Bush Is Unimpeachable
Cracks Appear in the Constitution

Plamegate: Worse than Watergate

How Ruling Powers Distort Morality
So That It Does Not Restrain Them

TV Images Don't Bring Change

China: Time for Grassroots Diplomacy,
Not WTO Expansion

Faith Should Be Personal,

Not Presidential

Mocking Parks's Legacy

Katrina Survivors Refuse to Be Forgotten

Only US Seeks to Justify Abuse

Americans' Anger May Threaten
GOP Control of Congress

US Representative Jim McGovern
to Introduce Bill Ending Funding for Iraq War

What Reagan Started, Bush Is Finishing

We Burn Corpses, Don't We?
War Crimes in Afghanistan

Demand The Truth

Vice President

for Torture

Legalized Torture, Reloaded

Recently released information on toxic chemicals found in fish in the Mississippi River appears to vindicate the findings of a state researcher who has been effectively silenced about the issue by her employers.

New York Firefighters to Sue over
9/11-related Disability Decision

Environmental Triple Threat
Moving Forward in House

Mapping out catastrophe

Let the Market Decide How Much Polluters Owe
The Pollution Trade

Emancipate The Think Tanks

CIA leak illustrates
selective use of intelligence on Iraq
(The US version of the Downing Street Memo?)

Thomas Friedman and Iraq: A bad case of amnesia

Iraq referendum produces a divisive and illegitimate result

US colleges and universities increase tuition again

King Tut Drank Red Wine

Eastern Zhou grave pit unearthed in Luoyang

Divers unveil exquisite treasure
pulled from depths of Java Sea

Headline News: October 26-27, 2005

The Blair Leading the Blind in Iraq

(Reading the Script the Bush handlers prepared for him)

Fear and rumours grip Birmingham
(Yes Blair is still PM)

The Anti-Syria Scam

Russia's emerging patriotic liberalism

Her Act of Courage
Changed a Nation

Rosa Parks, civil rights heroine, is dead

What Rosa Parks Gave America


US losing sway over China

Torrential rain storms continue their attack
on Caracas and coastal areas
(Thank the Lord..
God is punishing that Chavez:
says Pancake Huckster Pat Robertson?)

Former Abu Ghraib General:
Torture Is Continuing;
Order Came From Very Top
(The VERY top is BUSH - Commander in Chief)

Iraqi girls claim kidnapping by US soldiers
(Spoils of War? It's a Religious Right Belief!)

16 Year Old Anti-War Protester
Arrested In Palm Harbor, Florida
(But ProWar Assassin Advocate Pat Robertson Still Free?
Guns without Brains LIE about teen)

Saddam's defense team wants to put Bush on trial
(So does half the US)

LeVine on Playing the Chaos Card
in the Middle East

We, the People vs. Zionism

White House Orders Satirical Paper

'The Onion' to Stop Using Presidential Seal

Bush Refuses to Give Miers Material to U.S. Senate
(Then Impeach the Monkey!)

U.S. military death toll in Iraq reaches 2,000
(Bush may address the problem after his golf game,
fishing weekend, guitar practice, Crawford vacation - or NOT)

Guess what.
The enemy is in Washington DC,
not Iraq.

(Warning: This Link is to a Suspect
Bush Propaganda Machine)

Exception Sought in Detainee Abuse Ban

Bush/Cheney/Rummy want TORTURE Rights
(More of that Religious Right CRAP)

(Warning: This Link is to a Suspect
Bush Propaganda Machine)

Senators in G.O.P. Voice New Doubt on Court Choice
(Actually they are saying
Who, How, What, Why, the F*** is this?
NYT Whitehouses the Bush Propaganda)

Age discrimination rampant in UK workplaces
(What do you expect?
The Religious Right is now controlling the world)

Amid Public Support,
Syria Exposes "Loopholes" in UN Report

Iraq Charter Ratified, Sunnis Cry Foul

The Unbelievable Fixed
Iraq Referendum Results

Terror laws will apply to animal rights lobby

UK lawmaker rejects new US accusations over Iraq
(Iran has WMD - WMD - WMD - WMD says Bush)

Galloway tells senator
'put up or shut up' over oil cash

Former UN Weapons Inspector:
Don't Rule Out Staged Government Terror
(HiddenMysteries readers haven't!
Their brains still work)

In Your Face Destruction of the Constitution

Alert As Gales Sweep Across UK
(Pat Robertson blames it on sinning Brits?)

France says too early for sanctions against Syria

AIPAC lobbyists summon
Israeli diplomats to give testimony
(AIPAC = Tom DeLay's Funding)

Al-Aqsa Brigades calls for attacks on Israel

Big hitters in deadly game
that might have defeated Machiavelli

Crackdown on police perjury was never implemented
(You have to be a LIAR to be a cop!
You have to pretend to have a brain too)

Rape victim couldn't get 'morning after' pill
(Thanks to the Criminals and Bastards in the Religious Right)

Diabetes drug rushed toward approval kills twice as many people

Firm that produced illegal Medicare propaganda
gets contract to "educate" seniors on prescription drug plan

Dummy up!

The UltraCONservative
Religious Elitist Right

A Despicable Culture of our Horrid Past

(Usually by the abusing Parson/Deacon)
Secret Jail
An Inquisition
Secret Kangaroo Court
Forced Confession
Death by beheading, burning, hanging
How can any one with even half a brain
think that TORTURE is Justice or Justifiable?
Don't Let the GOP Return the US to this!

The 'synagogue of satan' refers to Christians

Nagaland Baptist Churches
Nagas take to prayer in wake of quake alert
(Naga(s) is the Serpent...
These Christians are still seduced by the Serpent?)

Christian Culture is built on a Pagan base

Aggressive Christianity:
Combining the Bible and the Gun

Traditional Christianity:
Responsible for Human Misery?

Adolf Hitler's Positive Christianity

Bertrand Russell on Anti-Blasphemy Laws
and Religious Privilege

Society is Worse off when God is on Its Side

Ralph 'Body Bag' Reed Pushes
for Gambling in Churches

The Abramoff/ 'Body Bag' Reed Emails

Ralph 'Body Bag' Reed, staged news, and more.

'Christianity is not a religion'
(This has got to be the most illiterate editorial I've ever read.
Obviously the author has never read a history book
or the Treaty of Tripoli
or the views of Christianity by Paul, James, John, Benjamin
Such intellectual poverty, overt religious brainwashing,
and still no education)

Protest, debate illustrate irrelevancy of Christianity

Christianity is a cult,
and 'God' is a convenient illusion

The UltraCONservative
GOP Religious Elitist Right

A Despicable Culture of our Horrid Past

Secret Jail
An Inquisition
Secret Kangaroo Court
Extreme Inhuman and Inhumane Torture
Forced Confession
Death by burning, hanging, dragging
How can any one with even half a brain
think that TORTURE is Justice or Justifiable?
Don't Let the GOP Return the US to this!

Strange Rumblings at the Center of our Galaxy

Did Ancient Israel Exist?

The US Navy: lost in space?

Venus and Earth: Worlds Apart

Mars confounds crash site search

Archaeological sites are discovered near
new dual carriageway in Republic
Medieval farm is among major finds

Noam Chomsky On The Spontaneous
Invention Of Language

Steven Pinker On Why We Have Language

They want to overthrow science

'Intelligent Design Belittles God,' Says Priest

Records show violations in FBI secret operations

The 4 Billion Year Crime

Syria is being Set Up to Fail:
A Leaked Letter from Washington

Still Think Bush Is Doing a Great Job?
It's Not Your Fault!

The chief scientific adviser has become
a government spin doctor

Israel acting as if disengagement never happened

Memo to NY Times editors:
(The GOP Religious Right Wing Propaganda Machine)
Cabals are important -- the e-mails don't lie

Influx Of Religious Zionists Needed
To Prevent Future Disengagements
(They can have all of ours!
including Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed)

(Warning: This Link is to a Suspect
Bush Propaganda Machine)

U.S. Envoy Criticizes Israel on Gaza Restrictions

US computer game touches Iran's atomic nerve

How Britain Botched the Iran Standoff

Brain drain from UK is

'worst in the world'
(That's rather obvious -
See what was left they had to chose for a PM)

Rocket fired at Saudi Arabia from Yemen

LDS Church reassigns missionaries in Venezuela
(Well-Brigham Young University = CIA School)

Cuba demonstrates its high degree of preparation
for confronting nature’s adversities
(Bush can play guitar!)

Hurricane Wilma Stopped Blowing,
But Still Flooding Havana
(Pat Roberston says:
God's wrath for being a Communist?)

US Blockade Hampers UN Cooperation with Cuba

Australia emerges biggest "brain drain" culprit

Álvaro Uribe’s gift: Colombia’s mafia goes legit

Pakistan investigates volcano reports in quake zone;
hundreds arrested for taking relief
(Pat Roberston says:
God's wrath for being a Muslim?)

Red tide poisoning Gulf of Mexico beaches
(Pat Roberston says:
God's wrath for being a Bisexual?)

3.3 million people have already been
left homeless by the quake
(Pat Roberston says:
Praise the Lord! God's wrath for being poor?)

Jesus said: Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

Pat Robertson says God is mean and destroys lands and kills people due to sins these people may not even be guilty of. Pat says New Orleans was destroyed because Ellen Degeneres was chosen to host an awards show.

One of these guys Lied - You pick

Post Office, Courthouse Workers Treated
After Mysterious Itching And Rash Breaks Out
(Pat Roberston says:
God's wrath for being a Presbyterian?)

Weather pattern is uncommon,
Unusual climate pattern affects lake
(Pat Roberston says:
God's wrath for being a Liberal?)

Volcano erupts on Galapagos island
(Pat Roberston says:
God's wrath for being a South American?)

Now, earthquake resistant mobile houses
(Pat Robertson: Mad -
This is upsetting God's Plan for Death and Destruction
of the Human Race)

Pat Robertson: Insane Madman
With Bizarre, Dangerous Delusions
One of the world's truly great assholes.

'This is God's power and he sent this thing to warn us
... we needed a shock.'
-- Pat Robertson, on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001
So it wasn't Muslim Jihadists -
It was the Christian GOD that destroyed the twin towers!
So sayeth GOD through is mouthpiece Pat?

Mystery of plane's disappearance in 1968 still unsolved

Mysterious 'thin layers'
of plankton float in Island waters

Return of the Dead from Ancient Persia

The flesh-eaters of India

The Man Who Would Murder Death
(Pat Roberston: Who does he think he is? GOD?)

Diana murdered over Palestinian support

Genetic trigger behind schizophrenia discovered

Super-soldiers may get brain-chip

Keeping bingo halls safe from terrorists
(Most Bingo halls are in CHURCHES
Protecting the Religious Right CRAP with tax money)

US starts Venezuela invasion?

Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition at the Washington Convention Center was all that an orgy of self-congratulation can be. Contractors galore, beltway bandits, luncheons, awards, howitzers, all topped off with a speech by Dick Cheney.

Attorney Jailed After Appearing In Court Drunk
(He couldn't pass the BAR?)

Rebel officers and Colombian paramilitaries
sentenced for (US attempted?) assassination plot

Wilma versus Katrina and Rita:
Who would YOU want in charge?

US Democrats also showing
unrestrained hostility to President Hugo Chavez Frias

Christians should publicly disavow Robertson;
(So should NON-Christians)
brings religion into disrepute

President Hugo Chavez riding high with a
whopping 77% approval rating
(Bush getting 27%? if you count the military)

President Hugo Chavez says USA
is eyeing Venezuela's rich oil fields

CIA finally fed up with George W. Bush
and the amateurs around him

Bush Duped the Entire World, Says UN Official

The Nostradamus prophecies popular in every century

Russia and USA need to love each other a little bit more
(WHY? Ya want the world to hate Russia too?)

Japan requires withdrawal of US army base
due to sex crime committed in 1995
(Tell the US to get the hell out of Japan!
Haven't you been occupied long enough?)

Wilma's damage affects 6 million people in Florida

British press gets anti-Russian
(Blair has to keep the idle British mind OFF of
Iraq, Afghanistan, Bush Lies, Blair Lies, Iran, Syria, North Korea)

Some Americans flee from major hurricanes,
others chase after tornadoes

Mr. Galloway
May Go to Washington, Again

(Only politician with balls in two nations)

Civil war is a U.S. option in Iraq
(Wellll - The Occupier Holds ALL the Cards)

Fraud and Corruption
In this referendum we vote "No"
but the result appeared "Yes"
(Welcome to so-called FREE elections
GOP Religious Right Style!)

Friedman on Iraq—the 'thinking'
behind the New York Times’s debacle

US military suppresses information on
death of contractors in Iraq

The CIA set them up

Iraqi interior ministry (i.e. is the US Occupiers) accused
of assassinating defence lawyer in Hussein trial
(So the nations of earth should treat Iraq and the US
to an equal dose of sanctions, threats, bombings, etc.
that they gave Syria!)

Where the Hell Is YOUR Proof?

Syria: The Next Iraq

Improvised Iraqi weapons
deadly to USA occupation forces
(what else would they use weapons for?)

National Security Adviser Hadley Used
Faulty Niger Intelligence
Rejected By CIA To Support Iraq War...

Top Nine Plamegate Lies
(or what BUSH told us to say)

What Part of 'Global Warming' Don't We Get?

The Triumph and Tragedy of Rosa Parks

Blessed Stubbornness

Critics on Iraq Policy
Come Out of the Woodwork Too Late

The UN's Last Winter in Kosovo

Fixing and Forging

Frustrated Scowcroft Assails Neocons, Cheney

Total Disconnect On Iraq Realities

Dumb, but smart Feith
"Seldom in my life," said Wilkerson,
"have I met a dumber man."
Wilkerson was Powell's most trusted adviser
for almost 16 years.

Analysis finds 21 homicides among deaths
of U.S. prisoners overseas

Iraq draft constitution approved, officials say
(US authored, US elected, US enforced)

Bush calls CIA leak case 'very serious'
(for what? his credibility for sure!)

Frist memo blames spending on terrorism
(trying to make a name for himself?
before his indictiment?)

Contract leaves Pentagon
with poorly armored cars
(That's the Cheney-Rummy Way)

U.S. Operatives Killed Detainees
During Interrogations in Afghanistan and Iraq

Marshall Islands
Nuclear compensation sought

Desperate Squatters A 'Huge Problem'
(They weren't squatting until the Occupiers
destroyed their homes, city, culture, way of life)

Confession allowed in alleged plot to kill Bush
Federal judge rules prosecutors
can use statement despite torture claim
(A GOP ProTorture Religious Right Bush Appointed Judge?)

Abuses in Afghanistan 'totally unacceptable', says U.N.
(Abuses in U.S. 'totally unacceptable', says

"Good Night, and Good Luck"

Joe McCarthy Rides Again
Today one substitutes
"terrorists" for "communists."

Palestine: Mapping Out Catastrophe

Seoul seeks short cuts
to unification of peninsula

Rice Warns N. Korea on New Nuclear Demands
(She's NO Rosa Parks!)

2000 Too Many

Karl's New War

The Business Climate Hoax
President Bush just can't leave bad enough alone

The White House Cabal

Gun Industry Buys Bulletproof Political Protection

When Will the Times Apologize?

Pre-Emptive War Against Patrick Fitzgerald
(that's the GOP Religious Right Way!
See Delay's attack on District Attorney Searle)

Finding Justice In Charity

The Limits of Bush's Mind
(Very LIMITED - Turning to MUSH)

The Game is Not Life

U.S. News, Harvard, British Petroleum
Ban Reporters from First Amendment Room
(What a bunch of F***ing HYPOCRITES!
Have the Religious Right GOPs gone too far?)

US Judge Sets December Date to
Execute Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
(A judge that loves Bush and Pat Robertson's killing tirades)

Bush in PR Blitz Amid Leak Probe
(Go ahead GOPs - open mouth - insert foot)

On Syria, the NYT Still Doesn't Get It
(they got it.. just what the
Religious Right GOPs told them to say)

Condom Rice and Syrian Regime Change

Bush Nominees for Labor Safety Slots
Have Questionable Records
(All Bush nominees have questionable records
most have criminal records - or soon will have)

Pharmacists May Be Refusing
to Fill Emergency Contraception Orders
(Religious Right NUTS denying Rights to the rest of us)

No 'Kiss and Tell' Big Brother in Kansas?
(Do you want Religious Right GOPs
between your childrens legs?)

Diagnosis For America
(2 Brain Vitamins and a big glass of Common Sense?)

Deficit Chickens

US MILITARY says it will
retain forces in Iraq after Bush goes
(Isn't this up to Civil Authority? i.e. Congress?
the US states are Occupied too!)

Florida Medicaid privatization plan approved
Major step in destruction of entitlement program

Australia: Damning report on the
illegal deportation of Vivian Alvarez

Dissent suppressed at Oxford Union

Après Rove le Déluge

SS Katrina Sinks Bush

Shootout At Pooh Corner

Couples share sex problems and solutions

New Digs Decoding Mexico's "Pyramids of Fire"

Iron Age 'industrial estate' uncovered in Inverness

King Tu Duc’s tomb to be explored

Turmeric: a hot topic in fighting disease

Male circumcision reduces HIV risk by 60%

Five ways to a healthy heart

Cook dies of pig disease
(Could spread to Congress with all their pork?)

Hayabusa Movie of Asteroid Itokawa's rotation

IceCube - One hole done, 79 more to go

Spirit Begins Downhill Drive

Aging researchers sued

Color perception: Not in beholder's eye

Middle-aged use alternative medicine

Men's bladder problems increase with age

Plants redesigned to live in outer space

New medical imaging method proposed

HGH illegal as anti-aging treatment

Even 'failed stars' form planets

Facial Expressions Reveal
How The Body Reacts To Stress

Biotech Cotton 8: Bugs 0

Physicists Sign Petition to Oppose
U.S. Policy on Nuclear Attack

What They Saw:
Reseachers Describe Katrina's Damage

Fractions, Probabilities and the Pythagorean Theorem, Oh My!

Periods affect women's brains
(No SHIT says the male that's been
on the receiving end of this one!)

Schizophrenia - Delusion without illusion

New Invention Will Convert Waste to Active Carbon

"Temporary Poverty" May Pose Health Risk

Avoid Bush Administration's
Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder

U.S. Governors May Pay the Price for Medicaid Reform

Majority of Employees Surveyed
Say They Frequently Go to Work Ill, USA

Evolution - How to get a head

Genetics - Measuring natural selection on humans

Is good sleep a new 'vital sign'?

Women, kids and Australia's mental health crisis

Novel protein in St. John's Wort
found to suppress HIV-1 gene expression

Headline News: October 25-26, 2005

US prison population largest in world
(Prison Populations Verify KKK-GOP Success)

Pressure-triggered bombs worry U.S. forces
(Then LEAVE!)

Wind of change in US blows dust off nuclear facilities

U.S. widens effort against North Korea
Seeks to curb flights carrying arms technology
(More US Interference)

The US is militarily exhausted by Iraq and Afghanistan,
and can hardly pick a fight with Syria

Russia also won Cold War

The "Nuremberg defence".

Steel prices are falling, China is the cause
(The same way the UK destroyed
US Steel Industry with steel subsidies?)

China 'betrayed'

Blair faces new charge of cronyism
(Just Iike his Puppet Master Bush)

Iraqis back attack on troops

'We cannot hide. EU must accept globalisation
or we are nothing'
(New singer - same old song)

Berlusconi Succeeds at Undoing 'Revolution'
Italian Leader's Critics Fear Return of Corruption, Inefficiency

Europe is hanging by a thread

Disasters: The Media and Israel's Government

Is recognition of Israel unethical?

3 huge bombs blow up near Baghdad hotel

Power of Nationalism:
Why Iran is not Iraq.

Fidel Castro Says Cuba
Protects its People and Helps Others

People at Risk from Wilma and Alpha Evacuated in Cuba

Fidel Castro Offers Medical Assistance
to Mexican Hurricane Victims

Red planet to burn night sky

No absolution for Sharon

Volcano erupts on Galapagos island

Leaking Anthrax Vial Arrives At Lab

Your brain's sex can make you ill

Are all the elements actually discovered?

Christian group wants to 'redeem' US states
(GOP Idealogist Threatens Subversion of Constitution
Just like Pat Robertson - Ralph Reed!)

Young Singers Spread Racist Hate
(Just like Pat Robertson - Ralph Reed!)

Religious Right at GOP Convention

Coulter Admits She's
'Not a Big Fan of the First Amendment'
(Just like Pat Robertson - Ralph Reed!)

Billionaires R Us

Resisting Hillary

Raiders of the Lost Arctic

Arnold's Very Special Election

Let Justice Be Done
Though the heavens fall…

Gang fight:
How Cheney Vice Pres Halliburton and his tight-knit team
launched the Iraq war

Fate of Iraqi charter in balance

Media, Democrats Complicit in Rush to War

Putting the Plame Case in Perspective

Whistleblower Has Elite Interests
Running Scared

Disinformation in the Terror War

Torture in Iraq
(Business as Usual?)

Bull's-Eyes on a Generic Nation

Grieving Iraq family sees no end to 'rivers of blood'

Rebellion Creeping Through Caucasus

Bushies Feeling the Boss' Wrath

Climate Change 'Could Ruin Drive to Eradicate Poverty'

Weaponsgate is a Media Scandal
elite journalism is on trial

One Step Forward (But Two Back)
in the Fight Against Fake News

GOP Politics As Usual Unacceptable

Is Anyone Responsible for Iraq's Disaster?

The ILEA: A New School of Assassins?

Tens of Thousands of Syrians Protest U.N. Probe

War Protest Has Captive Audience

Kosovo: the end of the beginning

Brazil’s gun law: another brick in the wall

Tax Reform Panel Says:
Cut Mortgage Tax Deduction

See No Evil
How American businesses collaborate
with China’s repressive government

Syria: The Next Iraq

An Unholy Alliance?
A TIME investigation shows the lobbyist now at the
center of a federal probe had a good friend
eager to open doors at the White House:
Religious Right CONservative Terrorist 'Body Bag' Ralph Reed

Letters Show Frist Notified Of Stocks in 'Blind' Trusts
Documents Contradict Comments Prove Frist LIED on Holdings
(More GOP Religious Right Whited Sepulchres)

The matrix: SUDAN

George Bush’s Propaganda Exposed
Somewhere Joseph Goebbels is smiling.
His tactics are alive and well.
The Nazi leader's spirit has been
reincarnated within the BushRove regime.

A JUDGE has ruled that excluding black pupils
at three times the rate of white children
is not racist.

Salivate, Citizen
Hate to break this to you,
but you are brainwashed;

Washington drools over UN report to threaten Syria

Rigging accusations surround Iraq referendum result
(What did they expect from a GOP Rigged Election?
An honest supreme court?)

New Republican Gag Rule for Non-Profits
Set for Passage Next Week
(GOP protecting its Crimes)

Cronies and code words
Bush's choice of a nobody has everybody up in arms

Stem cells to be received from abortive material

Oil, Gas Nationalization
Key Election Issue in Bolivia

Kirchner Strengthens Leadership in Argentina

Ecuador Hesitant over FTA with US

Katrina casts light on the other poor

Karl and Scooter's Excellent Adventure

Freud, Zionism, and Vienna

Constitution Referendum:
Too Democratic to be American!!

Just another Iraqi Town
Sectarian Cleansing Threatens Iraqi’s Future

The Return of the King
(Iraqi LIAR backed by US LIARS for Iraq PM
Where is that WMD)


Capitalism for Dummies

Voting in Afghanistan:
Warlords, Jihadis, and Iranian Agents

The Scariest Costume

Bush and God -- The View from Abroad
people over there wonder
how we can be so dumb

Mr. Bush, This Is Pro-Life?

Cheney Told Aide of C.I.A. Officer

Cheney aide passed Plame's name to Libby

Kosovo seeks freedom
West Can No Longer Place Conditions on
Our Independence
(Be Careful : There's a Mad Man in Washington D.C.)

Bush Crisis Proves Need for Honest Media

Blair’s New Tune on Iran

Now They Tell Us
Why didn't Bush's foreign-policy critics speak out a year ago?

World for many Baghdad residents
has shrunk to inner sanctum of home

C.I.A. to Avoid Charges in Most Prisoner Deaths

IRAQ: Basra incident exposes
the real foreign terrorists

Poverty Main Challenge for Kirchner
after Election Victory

Republicans Scurry to Put Finger
in White House Scandal Dyke

U.S. Continues to Block
Venezuelan Defense Development

Papal Envoy to Venezuela Says
Cardinal’s Politics do not Represent Church

Venezuela’s War of Religion

Evangelicals in Venezuela:
Robertson Only the Latest Controversy

SNAP – SuperNova Acceleration Probe
ready to study dark energy may reveal
first sign of advanced intelligent extraterrestrial
type III and above civilizations

Type IV extraterrestrial civilizations in
five-dimensional space-time model with one 3-branes
and an infinite extra dimension
- the gravity of escaping matter

Traveling thousand times
faster than light manipulating time backwards –
a technology reverse engineered from the
advanced extraterrestrial civilizations

Al-Qaeda stealing radioactive material
from Colombia?

Misleading Perspective

Expectations For A Final Theory?

Spirit Begins Downhill Drive

Scientists Discover Secret Behind
Human Red Blood Cell's Amazing Flexibility

Recent Landslides In La Conchita, California
Belong To Much Larger Prehistoric Slide

Delving Deeper Into The Machinery Of Cocaine Addiction

Brain 'buffer' may control premenstrual moods

Space elevators stuck on the first floor

Cornell Finds Natural Selection in Humans

Plant Wounds Trigger Bacteria

Breakthrough in Predicting Sediment Metal Toxicity

Health Cost Disparity Partly Due to Physician Behavior

New Orleans After Katrina -
- What Urban Myths Say about U.S
most reports of criminal mayhem reported by government officials
and press alike in Katrina's aftermath
never actually occurred

Why Weasel Words are Gobbledygook

'A virtual Katrina' of deaths every week in US
due to racial health gap

The car that makes its own fuel

Toe Bones Reveal World's Earliest Shoe-Wearers

Y chromosomes reveal founding father
Did conquest and concubines spread
one man's genes across Asia?

Eyes of Two Mummies Restored in California Lab

Iron Age skeleton found on isle

Self-Portraits by Invisible People

Behind Gold's Glitter:
Torn Lands and Pointed Questions

Cornell President Condemns Teaching
Intelligent Design as Science

A Tribe Split by Nuclear Waste

Tale From the Crypt
Or, How to Get a Head in Politics Without Really Trying

Ancient whale temple in central province to be revived

Suicide verdict on road bridge hanging

Experts excavate oldest worked metal in Europe

Headline News: October 24-25, 2005

White House braces for scandal

Lame Duck Presidency

Iran backs Syria after scorching UN report

Iran accuses tells the truth about US of war-mongering

The Mahdi Has Come!

Zawahri urges aid for Pakistan quake victims
(Alleged Terrorist Seeks Aid for Victims
Known Terrorist Bush Kills more in Iraq)

Imposing 'Imperial Democracy'
How can attacking a sovereign nation bring 'democracy' and 'freedom?'
Washington, a rich history of imposing puppet leaders

Syria: Washington setting aim
Just few days ago we saw the Iraqi people waiting to know
the fate of their former leader Saddam Hussein,
the first Arab leader in history to stand trial.
But there’s another Arab leader’s fate that's being threatened,
it’s the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad-
It seems that history repeats itself.
(The GOP Religious Right Christian Crusades CONtinue)

The new U.S. 'Oil Imperialism'
Washington rejects all accusations that it invaded Iraq for oil,
but the bitter fact is that Washington policy researchers
were asked to settle plans to privatize Iraq's oil wealth
since the invasion occurrence in 2003.

A Natural Inspiration

Jewish terrorists attack Al Aqsa mosque

Even before Hariri's murder, Syria was marked
as a preferred target by the Bush administration
and as an inseparable component of the axis of evil.

AT long last it has come,
the day of reckoning for the American economy.

Britain’s economic woes are intensifying

Lights could be going out all over Britain

France's economic 'model' is showing signs of stress

EU economy continues to languish

Continuing gloom about the German economy

'NK Invites ElBaradei for Pressure on US'

U.S. starts retreating from lofty Iraq goals

Strategy for pullout outguns democracy

Democracy in action?

Lee denounces China as `slave state'
(Been to New Orleans lately?)

Blair and the boy David bring us the politics of cowardice

Kiss your Democracy Goodbye
(But Did You Ever Have One?)

SCOTLAND is facing its harshest winter in 10 years

Tony Blair promotes elitism and leaves less able
pupils from poorer families languishing in inferior schools
(Yo sure he ain't a RepubiCON?)

Is Tony Blair an MI5 agent?
(No wonder Intelligence has fallen!)

Transsexual insists on going to women's jail

Switzerland goes in search of better press

U.S. hides the death of 4 Halliburton contractors in Iraq

The occupation forces are carrying out
covert terror attacks

U.S. soldiers cleaned their boots with Qur’an pages

Iran charges, 'smokescreen for UK plight in Iraq'

Moving On To Syria In The Endless War

US backed authored Ecuadorean Report
alleges rebels trained in Venezuela

India Jails Pakistani Children Who
While Playing Crossed Border
(India Selling out to GOP CONpassion)

Melting Ice Floods Land in the Arctic Region

Hugo Chavez is not yet
a household name throughout the United States...

Americans must start protesting the
Bush regime's international terrorism

Chavez has succeeded in
redefining the debate in Latin America

United States intelligence (?)
report claims guerrilla training in Caracas...
(Remember those intelligence report LIES about WMD!)

Alleged guerrillas trainees have no weapons,
no identity and don't do anything

Frightening: Bush holds the codes

to the United States' nuclear arsenal...

US immigration judge won't reopen the case
of two former Venezuelan officers

Venezuelan government reacts to fresh allegations
from Miami-based (Pro-Bush - Anti-Castro puppet and front) IAPA

Venezuelan computer hacker sentenced
to 7 months for USAF intrusion
(It's that easy under Bush? Feel Safer Now?)

US is hoping that Venezuela won't
be able to defend itself when they invade

United States' goal is the total
amalgamation of North and South America
(Manifest Destiny under Monroe Doctrine - Faith Based US BS)

Soup Of The Evening, Beautiful Soup

The democracy of fifth century Athens and all its shining achievements ended with Athenian defeat in the Peloponnesian War. At the start of the war Pericles warned his fellow citizens not to try to expand their empire, but a defeat in the expansionist Sicilian Expedition destroyed the Athenian navy and led eventually to the end of the democracy. Empire seems to be a hard temptation for democracies to resist. American history is a history of aggressive expansion and empire building. Now empire building has led to the end of our own democracy.

President Hugo Chavez Frias trying to break
capitalism's pernicious model

Eyewitnesses to a revolution:
Venezuela is making great gains in healthcare

Venezuela's Embassy in Washington D.C. has announced that the
Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
in New Orleans has reopened

In what can only be described as yet another
blackbag effort from the
Bush administration's disinformation team

Better Off Without Him

(This Link is Pure Propaganda from the
Bush-Robertson Religious Right CONservative GOP Terrorists
From a FORMER - NOTE: FORMER - also means FIRED
FORMER? How many years ago?)

Chavez Regime Hides Terror Lieutenant - Seeks A-Bomb

Can You Super-Size a Sulzberger?
The New York Times is not just the nation’s paper of record.
It’s a policy making institute and a major power player.
It’s an ideological think tank with a
huge printing press and an arsenal of high profile
editorial writers like
Thomas Friedman of the American Likud Party and
William Safire -- a ghost writer for Ariel Sharon.


When one gets consumed in the theories of religious people we almost get to the point of having to acknowledge that storms are not a very natural part of nature but attacks against evil people organized by some invisible God who is aligned with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell or the Ayatollah.
Bill Donahue -

Stomping on To Syria

Iraqis Support Attacking Occupation Troops

Fast Car - Shadows On A Lonesome Road

One victory, another ongoing struggle
Campus military recruiters in hot water

Throwing Miller and Libby Overboard is Not Enough

CIA Escapes With Impunity

Over Prisoner Deaths

Basra incident exposes the real foreign terrorists

Iraqi bar association urges boycott of Saddam court
(Kangaroo Suits don't fit Iraqi Lawyers?
They fit in the UK and US!)

Bush the Strategist
(One more bottle of beer on the wall
Bush National Anthem)

Will the French Indict Cheney?

Gassing Iraqis: Karen Hughes Tells a Big Lie
(She's trained by the best!

(Wag the Dog Warning - Link from NY Times)
Leak case puts spotlight back on war rationale

Iraqis support attacks on British troops

A senior army UK officer serving in Iraq,
who voiced concerns over a lack of
armoured vehicles for his men, has resigned.
(HE Must have more brain cells than Bush-Blair-Howard combined!)

The United Corporate States of America

The American Experiment, Really?
What do we stand for?

Greed, materialism under the cloak of faux spirituality, global domination through violent coercion, militarism at home and abroad, abject inequality, the sacredness of private property, neo-liberal zealotry, religious bigotry, obscene consumerism, instant gratification, environmental mayhem, dismal racism, and the sempiternal money, money, money, money, money, money, money. In a nutshell, this is what America stands for at this stage of human history -- the myriad concerned citizens and do-gooders notwithstanding.

U.S.: Zarqawi's Terror Network Growing
(2 nations invaded and destroyed
over 150,00 troops in Iraq...
500 billion dollars wasted so far
and the Terror Network is GROWING?

(Wag the Dog Warning - Link from NY Times)
Iraqi Constitution Vote Split on Ethnic and Sect Lines;

Election Panel Reports No Major Fraud
(Must have been Lieutenants committing the fraud?)

The Condi and Jack Show
(Disgusting Foreign Relations!)

Labour's war on terror is failing
(So is the war on Terror by GOPs!)

SCOTTISH police are to launch an investigation into CIA
'torture flights' which fly in and out of
Glasgow and Prestwick airports, ferrying
kidnapped war on terror suspects around the world.

Fitzgerald Expands Probe to Prewar Intel

(Wag the Dog Warning - Link from NY Times)
Powerful Ears Still Turning to Adviser

(Wag the Dog Warning - Link from NY Times)
The Washington Secret Often Isn't

Crime Scene Investigation
(Good Read.. Good Article)

Avoiding Global Bio-Apartheid
We need to avoid a pandemic scenario where the
wealthy foot bill to cordon off the infected.

Israel and Palestine and America

Saddam Trial Won't Hide Bush's Historic Mistakes
Propaganda seeping from whole exercise undermine its validity

God, Iraq and the Power of the President's PR Propaganda
The worrying rise and rise of Karen Hughes,
George W Bush's 'ambassador for public diplomacy'
and the woman behind the throne

A (True) Conservative Case for Exiting Iraq
(Truth from a CONservative? no way! maybe?)

Outing CIA Agents

Another Iraq War Legacy:
Badly Wounded U.S. Troops
(and Bush and Rummy will
allow them to pay their own medical bills!
How CONpassionate!)

Jewish Terrorist Abramoff Sought Help From
Religious Right Terrorist 'Body Bag' Ralph Reed
(Reed was trained by International Terrorist Pat Robertson
What happened to RICO?
This used to be called CONspiracy)

Another Bush Advsior In Trouble:
Religious Right Robertson Pundit Body Bag Ralph Reed

How Many Ways Can Bush & Co. Bilk Taxpayers?

Body Bag Terrorist Ralph Reed,
staged news, and more
(Liar and Hypocrite -
Praise the Lord -
pass the offering plate -
Business as usual -
Right Pat Robertson?)

Stick a fork in Ralph Reed
He’s done. The ever-charming Christian kingmaker
turned political candidate, Ralph Reed’s
race for lieutenant governor in Georgia is over.
(Will he bring his OWN body bag?)

Stealth, secrecy are Reed's calling cards
(Just another Religious Right GOP WHORE)

Microsoft Corp. is paying social
Ultraconservative Religious Right GOP NeoCON Pimp
Ralph GReed $20,000 a month as a consultant

GOP Religious Right Hypocrite

'Body Bag' Reed Took Gaming Money

Crazy Cleric strikes again!
Pat Robertson the Christian evangelist
who is George Bush's very own
mad mullah

More From Unintelligent Designed Genodical Terrorist Pat Robertson

"It is interesting, that termites don't build things, and the great builders of our nation almost to a man have been Christians, because Christians have the desire to build something. He is motivated by love of man and God, so he builds. The people who have come into (our) institutions (today) are primarily termites. They are into destroying institutions that have been built by Christians, whether it is universities, governments, our own traditions, that we have.... The termites are in charge now, and that is not the way it ought to be, and the time has arrived for a godly fumigation."--Pat Robertson, New York Magazine

This guy is advising the White House!

Virginia's Hidden Money
Democrats suspect that the RSLC is concealing
huge "pass-through" donations from Pancake Assassin Pat Robertson

No atheists or agnostics need apply
for the Supreme Court
(Something like an atheist might bring back fairness)

Saddam is Determined That the
West Will Join Him in the Dock
(Looming Trials for Rumsfeld, GHW Bush, GW Bush, and many more?)

Pentagon Program Costing
Taxpayers Millions in Inflated Prices
(More BUSH Incompetency!
"I knows it's a budget, it has numbers on it.")

Huge majority of Iraqis want coalition to go
(Huge majority of the WORLD wants coalition to go)

The ploy of the Iraqi referendum
American power elite has been very proficient in this type of manipulation

Theocracy. Hypocrisy. Plutocracy.
(CONservative Religious Right NeoCONs)

The Dark Side
Let's not delude ourselves.
Torture, atrocity and massacre have long
characterized American military operations.
Some may add American labor relations, too.

To Hell In A Hand Basket
Perhaps, all people aren't hell,
just some people,
just those who advocate War and Violence
to solve international or domestic conflict

What Have We Become? Not Better!
A Zombie Nation

Societies need secrecy and stealth in order to oppress and cheat. They must slink along like vipers at midnight and carry off and feed on the most unprotected and defenseless. The armies of the world are robotic and insane, mostly, and increasingly seem to embody a very tangible form of the death wish. Hurricane Katrina, Abu Ghraib, Camp Gitmo, plans for mini-nukes and Creationism in schools -- this is not a happy society.

U.S.: A Psychological Profile
[Personal & Confidential]

The Best Of Times

President George W. Bush is the worst president in my long lifetime, and probably the worst in American history. A list of his sins of commission and omission would fill an encyclopedia -- mass murder in the shape of an immoral war, an embrace of torture, delusions of empire, financial meltdown, massive corruption, misfeasance and malfeasance, the attempted trashing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, environmental destruction, and lies, lies, lies.

The Corporate-Owned Ivory Tower: An Omen
Corporate-think and corporate-talk are taking over
higher education in these United States.
Free, critical discussions about the
world of ideas are soon to be over.
The Establishment has set its foot down.
The Man walks amongst us.

Depravity Of The Leaders, Obedience Of The Citizens
What has happened in the U.S. over the past
several years is to my mind's eye an updated recreation of the
German people's fall into Hitler's Nazi nightmare.

The Terms Of My Surrender...

Meanwhile, in an Undisclosed Location …

Medicare Mess - Prognosis perplexing
(Another Bush GOP affair, Dr. Watson)

Pakistani nukes in Myanmar as
Mayanmar prepares for nuke test?
The possible Al-Queda, North Korea and Chinese connection!

Venezuela getting ready to confront United States
with military training of left-wing groups in
Ecuador and six other Latin American countries

Russia and China stand against allowing
United States politicizing UN debate on Syria
and repeat what happened in case of Iraq –
UN showdown evident between
West and Russia-China block

Bush exaggerated LIED ABOUT foiled terror plots against US

Analyzing dark matter and
other exotic virtual matters of the Hyperspace using
Advanced Digital Computed Axial Tomography

Sending a probe to other universes through
artificial wormholes stabilized with exotic matter
– advanced alien technologies in human hands

Strange electromagnetic radiation of unknown
high frequency coming from outer edge
of the universe and Black Holes
controls human minds?

Magnetic Nanoparticles Assembled Into Long Chains

Ultrafast Lasers Take 'Snapshots' As Atoms Collide

How Is A Rocket Like A Guitar?

Mental illness and gene mutation studied

Tiny Worms Paving Way For Better Anesthetics

Your Brain Cells May 'Know' More
Than You Let On By Your Behavior

Source of money hidden from voters
(Corporate and Religious Right
Hidden Takeover of American Governments)

Afghan journalist sentenced for story
(Obviously U.S. Installed Democracy at work)

A Nazi war criminal's contribution to medicine
is being slowly written out of the medical record.
(History Revisionists at work - Heil Zundel)

AN image of a Roman gladiator wearing
only a G-string has been dug
from the bed of the River Tees

Ancient roman navy soldier surfaces

Timeline Of Cyprus

Archaeologists may excavate Pasargadae’s Tall-e Takht

Long-lost Musasir Temple discovered in W. Azarbaijan

Cremona digs confirm Tacitus story

Suicide Among Youth –
Which Mental Disorders Are Responsible?

Kentucky AG Files Lawsuit Over
Medicare Rx Benefit 'Clawback' Provision

US Senate Finance Committee GOPs Agree
To $10B in Cuts to Medicaid, Medicare
(Trillions for War,
Billions for GOP Corporations,
Millions for Religious Right
pittance for the people)

We really are governed by emotions

New therapy for
inflammatory bowel flare-ups
(Impeach HIM!)

Kansas AG Says Child Sexual Assault Inquiry
Not Limited to Abortion Clinics,
Investigating Records of Live Births

World's poorest children missing out
on child survival strategies

US Congress blocked opportunity
to make food aid more effective
(Trillions for War,
Billions for GOP Corporations,
Millions for Religious Right
pittance for the people)

'Design' Vs. Darwin
(What if Science Organizations started suing Churches
for Equal Time and demanding Evolution be taught side by side
in all religious education?)

Headline News: October 23-24, 2005

Who Is Scooter Libby?

The Weapons of Misperceptions


New Low in Treachery

Condi Lies With the Great Ones

Despite Repression,
Students Protest Bush Visit to Panama

Saddam’s Mock Trial

France Orders Positive Spin on Colonialism

Escorting Judy to the Gallows

GAO Report Finds Flaws in Electronic Voting

(Making a Dangerous Career Move
Under the NeoCON Religious Right Regime)

US Diplomat Points to Neocon Ideology
Behind Actions in Iraq

Miers family received 'excessive' sum in land case
(More of the so-called Religious Right Ethics
Definately a GOP qualification to RULE over us peons)

Fearful lawyers threaten boycott of Saddam trial
(Move this Trial to the Hague or Nuremburg!)

U.S. Military Investigates WhiteWash
Burning Of Taliban Bodies

Disasters Are Us

Deadly Hurricane Wilma Ravages Mexico Resorts

The Struggle to Restore the Dignity of Labor

US Soldiers Don't Get a Free Lunch Either

Blix Says US Misled Itself and The World on Iraq

The Olive Harvest

The Republican/religious right wing must be stopped.

Bird Flu Brings Out Double Standards on Drug Patents

Strike for Peace

Wal-Marting Philanthropy
(Buying Faith-Based Loyalty and Influence)

Desperation Deal at GM

Times Reporter Entangled in Leak Case
Had Unusual Relationship with Military, Iraqi Group

The Dangerously Incomplete Hariri Report

Security personnel hired by
Sutter California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco
physically attacked 200 striking
Sutter Hospital workers and their supporters.
(This IS Bush Democracy
as ordered by his Masters
UltraCONservative Religious Right Wing GOPs)

US auto union goes to court against its own members
(Treason is Treason
No Matter what Court or White House condones it)

Living in a Fascist State

Judith Miller:

Centerfold for the presstitutes

Is it the weather or government terror?

Theofascists and America’s shadow government,
the Council for National Policy

The Fuhkarthey insurgents

Sacrificing liberty for security:
The new American way?

The Rev. Rod Parsley and the Rev. Russell Johnson
are key players in the effort to wrest control
of the GOP from so-called Party moderates.
(Wake UP OHIO - Don't let them turn us into a THEOCRACY)

The Invisible Earthquake

Invading Iran: Who Is to Stop Them?

What to Do Now? Here Are a Few Ideas

Open Letter to President Bush on Harriet Miers
by Ralph Nader

Come on, people - at least stop denying the sky is blue

A Constitutional Disaster

Real Men Go to Tehran

Columnist Has the Glass-House Problem

The Covert Kingdom
Thy Will be Done, on Earth as it is in Texas

Using Bankruptcy Court to Trim Labor Rights

Welcome to Faith-Based America
(and all their BS)

A Foreign Policy of Free-Floating Belligerence

Katrina: How Quickly They Forget

New Republican Gag Rule for Non-Profits
Set for Passage Next Week

Big Tobacco Jets Delay To Court…

US will prevail in war on terror
(says Terrorist Bush)

Rogue Syrians must be held to account, says US
(While Rogue Americans Roam Free
Threatening Nations at Peace)

Prosecutor in AIPAC affair is named new U.S. deputy AG

US envoy overstates Iraqi gassing deaths
(Bush mouthpiece, Karen Hughes, propagandizing in Indonesia)

Army helps with surveillance mission along southern border

A Palpable Silence at the White House
Few Ready to Face Effects of Leak Case
(Silence is Golden)

Blair’s New Tune on Iran
(Singin' a new Bush song
Does anyone remember the Downing Street Memos?
Wag the Dog)

Palestinians denied material to test bird flu
(More of that CONpassiate CONservative Crap)

The real Saudi Arabia

Britain feels the wrath of Iran

Iran will not give in to US bullying

Referendum crisis looms in Iraq

Iran 'has proof' of British role in bombings
(I don't hear the US calling for a regime change in UK?)

Attack Syria? Invade Iran? By what Constitution?

Furor over names deleted from UN Hariri report
(Shades of the Warren Commission!
Maybe a UN investigation into the JFK assassination
would finally shed some light?
Should make GHW Bush REAL nervous)

New Zealand city cut off by floods

US Congress cracks down on freedom of speech in Russia
Limitless freedom of speech does not exist in the USA at all
(Dear Putin, We Call it GOP Hypocrisy)

Sorry, Judy... Everybody Didn't Get it Wrong on WMD

Rice and the Bunker Buster Redesigners

16 Fatal Words
Chickens Come Home to Roost on Cheney

GOP candidate gets caught lying through his teeth
(That's normal in the Religious Right-
See Tom DeLay)

Marching Miller to the Gallows
(We don't do that in the United States!
OOOPs forget there was a regime change
and the Christian Conservative GOPs endorse it
Right Pat Robertson?!!!)

The Show Trial of the Century
(Staged by GOP, FOX, and the CONservative Right)

Syria blames UN for fabricating report on Rafik Hariri's assassination

George Bush is the hub of an
Axis of Evil centred on Washington

Exact number of languages on planet Earth remains unknown
Majority of researchers believe that language appeared
half a million of years ago

(Oh God - Punish these infidels with
Your Blessed Hurricanes, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes
They won't take Your Infallible word
that the earth is only 6,000 years old)

Inquiring minds need to know that…
The payment Nike gave to Michael Jordan
exceeds the payments the company made
to all of its workers in Malaysia.
(Ain't God Great!
says CONpassionate CONservative Religious Right GOP)

Tropical Storm Alpha forms in Caribbean

Yellow fever kills 8 in Venezuela
(God's Wrath Again Pat Robertson?)

Is it a volcano emitting ash, smoke in Kashmir?

Strong earthquake rocks east Greece

Scientists fear collapsing ice shelves will hasten higher sea levels

Over 27% of Europeans have mental health troubles
(They should run that MENTAL TEST on the
White House, Congress, and the Federal Judiciary!)

Imam blames cable TV for earthquake
(This kind of thinking is utterly insane!
Isn't that right Pat Roberston?)

Dead man gets parking ticket from Australian cops
(and this mental illness is going to enforce
Draconian Terror Laws?)

Where have all the phonies gone?
Missing the good old GOP

Invading Iran:
If they want it, they'll take it

Things ain't what they used to be

The Anti-Empire Report
Some things you need to know before the world ends

US troops fighting losing battle for Sunni triangle

Karen Hughes' Magical Misery Tour

Israeli leaders call for regime change
in Syria after assassination report

Israel instructs America its Puppet Bush to attack Iran and Syria

Iraq Is Bush's Tar Baby

Research reveals the secrets of lions
locked up in the Tower of London

Gaza's ancient history uncovered

Stone Age Cemetery,
Artifacts Unearthed in Sahara

Ophelia's scouring revealed items from
Queen Anne's Revenge ship

Two new temples found in Tell Mardikh

Ancient Ritual Cauldron Unearthed in Bulgaria

Scientists Detect 'Milky Sea' Phenomena
Since the 17th century, "milky seas" have been
associated more commonly with
maritime folklore than scientific knowledge.
They are mentioned in the Jules Verne classic
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Teams Test Archimedes' Death Ray

Coup d'etat arrest warrant issued against former
Venezuelan Chief Justice Cecilia Sosa Gomez

Oh Syria:
Don't' fall into the trap

the Stockholm Syndrome,
and Psychological Warfare

The United States - Guilty of State Terrorism

Ultraconservative Christian fundamentalist New Tribes
linked to Ultraconservative Christian fundamentalist
Hate Monger and International Terrorist
Pat Robertson

World needs to hear Iran's "message of hope"


Let me tell you something that takes the question from the 1900’s of life beyond here, and brings it into the realm of science today. There is a phenomena which is fact called quantum entanglement. You cannot explain life after death without understanding things such as quantum entanglement . There is no way to discuss it other then looking at proven realities. Quantum entanglement is this : It's possible to prepare two particles – P and Q, say – in such a way that they're intimately related, like quantum twins. Let's separate P and Q, and send them as far apart as we like. They're still both in the indeterminate state. Now let's measure P, and say we discover it's in state 0. Instantaneously, this means that particle Q, which may be light-years away on the other side of the universe, instantly assumes the opposite state – it's now definitely spinning as a 1. Entanglement has been known theoretically for decades, but it's only recently been proven by experiment.
Bill Donahue -

Headline News: October 22-23, 2005

Scott Ritter on the Untold Story
of the Intelligence Conspiracy to Undermine
the UN and Overthrow Saddam Hussein

'Constitutional Crisis' as United States Leaders
Plan Military Response to Expected Indictments
of Top Leaders and Israel Blamed

Varying Wilma Models Confound Forecasters

Aide Says FEMA Ignored Warnings

Coming Soon to a Church Near You
(BS Movie based on BS Ultraconservative Fundamentalist Dogma)

Oil Prices Edge Higher Due to Wilma BUSH

Bird flu reaches Britain

It's Not up to the Court

'Inadequate, Insufficient And Insulting'
(That's our BUSH!)

Nato responds to 'Berlin aircraft' call

Saddam trial lawyer found shot dead

Arrogant Criminal
DeLay also said there was "zero" chance
he would go to jail in the case.

No disaster for oil firms

We are not running out of oil or natural gas,
at least not in the near future.
But rising demand and political roadblocks
have made supplies of oil, gas and gasoline scarce.

Venezuela: On the eve of yet another
United States attempted military coup?

Vision and Voice

Preserving Kosovo's Separate Peace

The Strongman's Story

A Long Overdue Frog-March

Compassion For the Few

Case For WTC Tower Demolition Revealed
Theologian Says Controlled Demolition
is Now a Fact, Not a Theory

Mordechai Vanunu Interviewed

Iraqi Resistance
Torch's Iraq's Main Oil Pipeline
(So what are 160,000 US troops and
who knows how many Halliburton employees doing?
It was US Troops setting off car bombs in Baghdad!)

Fox News Channel's political agenda
is coming to a local television station near you.
GOP overt operative and Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes
(Ultraconservative Fundamentalist Christian NeoCON
Bush Pundit and LIAR about WMD)
the architect of the right-wing dominance of cable news,
is now remaking 35 local television stations -
- broadcasting to nearly 40 percent of America’s homes -
- in Fox News Channel’s image.
(That would be BUSH Propaganda disguised as NEWS
- includes DoubleSpeak)

Oil, Empire And Israel -
Why We Went To Iraq

Will Saddam Trial Reveal Deep, Dark Secrets About U.S.?
the U.S. was funding and supporting him

New York Times an Israeli Spy Nest?

Miers and Bush: Pro-Death

Media at a Huge Crossroads,
25 Years After Reagan's Triumph

Uncharted Waters?
Bush's Leaky Boat Edges Nearer to the Rocks

'Raging Granny' Gets Marine Recruitment Letter

Revealed: the True Devastation of the Rainforest

Talking About Testicles and Toughness,
Instead of Actually Having Those Things

Chickens Come Home to Roost on Cheney

The Most Important Criminal Case in American History

Corrupt, Incompetent and 'Off Center'

Peace Prize Rebuffs U.S. Stand on War

Name That War

Awakening America - Before It's Too Late

Inequality in America: Version 2.0

Indiscriminate discrimination - everyone suffers equally

America’s Asian Empire:
Aggression, A-Bombs and Other Atrocities

Despite Opposition,
Lawmakers Push Limits to Defendants’ Rights

Breaking the Monopoly
Tanzania Producing Its Own Anti-AIDS Drugs

Paying For Their Mistakes

Bush OK's ending Medicaid coverage for poor patients
with expensive diseases

More riot gear rushed to Iraq, Afghanistan

Pentagon refuses to pay promised bonus
for Nat'l Guard and Reserves who re-enlisted

Chopping down a grand old tree

The gospel according to Bush & Cheney

Syria blasts 'biased' report

'Flop sweat'

Serious Lapses Taint Probes of Detainee Deaths

Psychological Warfare in Afghanistan
Atrocities committed under US Command

Former Powell aide attacks 'cowboy' Bush

When White House spin spins out of control

Invading Iran: Who Is to Stop Them?

Terror alerts conveniently timed

Brzezinski attacks Bush’s 'suicidal statecraft'

CIA Leak Queries Look at
Disclosure Of Classified Data

The occupation and robbery of a nation occurs
under the illusion of freeing its citizens
from brutal oppression.
– Ramman Kenoun

Bush Critic Became Target of Libby

Silver Kills ALL Viruses, Study Finds

Judith Miller is Unnamed Woman in
AIPAC Spy Ring Indictment

Diana's True Cause
Of Death Sealed For 100 Years

'I Will Eat Your Dollars'

Suddenly, it's a vast left-wing conspiracy
I'VE BEEN waiting for quite a while now for conservatives
to come up with a theory to explain why large chunks
of the Republican Party are, or soon will be, under indictment.
The argument I've been anticipating has finally arrived

On Trial: Clear case of hypocrisy

Inevitable: a wave of preemptive attacks on
special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald and his
expected prosecutions

Operation Latin American Freedom
(It's Occupation by the U.S. in Disguise)

Former UK Minister Urges Parliament to Veto Wars

US Blockade on Cuba Returns to UN Agenda

Cuba under the US Planned 'Peaceful Transition'
(Occupation -- then Annexation - that's the plan)

World War II Airman Found Frozen in Glacier

Terracotta army may be guarding buried treasure

Very compact particle accelerators reverse engineered
from very advanced extraterrestrial UFOs provide
means for interfacing with hyper-dimensional space

A solution for energy crisis - reverse engineering
Electromagnetic Zero-Point Radiation from advanced
extraterrestrial civilizations for unlimited energy source

NASA'S Spitzer Finds Failed Stars May
Succeed in Planet Business

Family Says Deceased Psychic
Writes From Beyond the Grave

Cracks Or Cryovolcanoes?
Surface Geology Creates Clouds On Titan

An ancient map of Rome that's surprisingly up to date


'Intelligent Design' scorned by Scientists

US regime plans to invade Venezuela for oil

US regime secretly taken over by neocon cabal

Muslim women in science

Mars Once Had Plate Tectonics

Ionic chemicals could replace solvents

Alterations in Brain Circuitry Caused by Cocaine

Will the Prince of Darkness Go Down?

Violence in Iraq - Conspiracy to destroy Iraq

Iran: 'We have proof UK bombed us'

Amnesty Blames Israel for Arab Abuse of Women

Water fix?
Israel puts faith in huge desalination plant

Britain feels the wrath of Iran

Japan exudes optimism as Detroit hunkers down
(Hmmm Who really won WW2?
Bush Regime writes the final chapter
of lost American Industry)

Former Powell Aide Says
Bush Policy Is Run by 'Cabal'

Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal
hijacked US foreign policy

Stifling Neo-Crazy Media Sycophants


The problem that we have encountered in religion is that the physical body is restricted from pleasure which is the very purpose the physical body exists. Pleasure whether it be sexual, whether it be food, entertainment, or love, is the purpose the body exists. Unfortunately the world has fallen for the depraved teachings of religion which has resulted in the body experiencing hate and fear which has then resulted not in pleasure but in pain, sickness and death. So the electrical person does not need a body to see and hear things that it has seen and heard when it had a body. Those things are stored. Thus people who have died and no longer have a body still have the ability to see and hear the things stored within their data base which is you and me. When they bring forth you and me in the non physical state, and when we enter the non physical state in what we call dreams we may encounter one another and often do. - Bill Donahue -

Security & Terrorism
Old Bush vs. new

Dropping the Bomb

As the casualty count rises,
an 'Iraq syndrome' emerges

Saddam trial:
whose 'demons' are they anyway?

Faster, Please!

Incompetent Bush Crony Karen Hughes
(Embarrases us all)

Two Years Later,
U.S. Still Can't Keep the Lights On

Lebanon president rejects UN inquiry

A web of truth
Whistle-blower or troublemaker,
Bunny Greenhouse isn’t backing down
(Bunny for President!)

Colonel Finally Saw Whites of Their Eyes

US seeking world domination

US goodwill envoy propagandist Karen Hughes
said that if American soldiers had desecrated bodies
in Afghanistan they would be punished
just like those guilty of torture and sexual humiliation
at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.
(Oh so NOTHING will happen to Bush and Rumsfeld)

Satisfaction with U.S. Congress Plummets to 29%
(right to the bottom with BUSH!
Time for a Regime Change?)

Headline News: October 21-22, 2005

Death Watch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
(or Bush Drunk Again! Pass the Pretzels)

Syria: Another Scapegoat?

Washington's wasteful patronage of the Republic of Korea

Bush credibility haunts Rice testimony

Queen Rice Paddy says that King BUSH
does NOT need Congress to approve WAR!
(Did YOU elect an emporer or a president?)

Bush backs away from timetable for
setting up Palestinian state
(i.e. Sharon pulled the Puppet's strings)

Lawyer for Hussein co-defendant kidnapped
(The one that went public and told the world
it was fixed and unfair?)

Rush to fix trial glitches
(Not the hypocritical GOP pundit and
Drug Addict Limbaugh
The Verb Rush)

Plame plans to sue White House officials

''Syria and indeed Iran must decide whether they wish
to side with the cause of war or
with the cause of peace," Rice told senators.
(Stop the HONEY WAGON!
Syria and Iran CHOSE peace!
They did not go to war against Iraq.
The U.S. GOP UltraCONservative Christian Fundamentalist NeoCONS
CHOSE War ---
not Peace!)

Secret Service Records Prompted Key Miller Testimony

Cheney, CIA Long at Odds

Good Samaritan or Strategic Calculator?

The War in Iraq is Not a "Loose End"

Grandmas Knew Iraq Score Early

Bill Bennett, Bob Bennett and the Criminal Element

Attack Syria? Invade Iran? By What Constitution?

Letter To Karen Hughes:
Why Your is Mission Doomed to Fail

The Bush Nemesis:
U.S. Rightwingers Still Not Satisfied With President

With Military Aid Response,
Bush is Again Up To No Good

Big Business and the Patriot Act

Tall Boys in the Dead of Night

The Flu Pandemic

The Massive

Flight 77 Is What Really Ties Zakheim To 9/11

Powell Aide Blasts
Rice-Cheney-Rumsfeld 'Cabal'

A VHeadline reader in Virginia tipped-off
AP about Robertson's assassination threat!

Oh God Kill Him
Kill them All!
They won't believe Your World is Flat!

Chavez Frias and Chirac set up mechanisms
of dialogue to overcome concrete obstacles

Demonizing Chavez exacerbates
hemispherical contempt for US policies
(The GOP knows not the Path of the Peacemaker!)

MST Representative Visits Venezuela,
Sees Country in Transformation

Venezuela Increases Spending Social Programs
and Balances Budget

The whole world should take precaution
not to get infected by the USA 'flu'

President Hugo Chavez Frias meets
Friends of Bolivarian Revolution in Paris

Chevron and Discovery Channel launch
learning centers in Venezuela

Let's Fix This Mess

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the
truth and falsehood in an open market
is a nation that is afraid of its people.
– John F. Kennedy

Was Plame Outed by a Foreign Spy?
The Larry Franklin-Plame connection

Interval of Uncertainty

Playing Politics as Quake Toll Rises

Playing Into the Insurgents' Hands
Our self-defeating presence in Iraq

Don't Play Innocent, Democrats

Iraq Is Deadliest Beat for Reporters Since WWII

Does democracy lead to the end of terrorism?
(NO! Remember the Terrorist Acts
against Waco and Ruby Ridge!
in a so-called democracy)

Silence at White House

Bush says focused on job not 'background noise'
(Liar! Trying to figure out how to avoid
War Crimes Trial against yourself?)

Rice said yesterday that it was always the Bush administration's
intent to redesign the Middle East after the September 11 attacks
(Was this pompous ass elected to redesign the Middle East?
This moron can't even manage the CIA!
Time to pull in the reigns on Treason!)

It might be fun to see
George W. Bush's key political adviser, Karl Rove,
"frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs."
(Can you take Terrorist Pat Robertson too?)

Lawmakers blast US Army delay
in fielding Humvees

Wars leave National Guard short on critical equipment

U.S. presses Israel to halt Venezuelan plane upgrade
(by What RIGHT? by What AUTHORITY?)

Syria: Israel turning U.S. against us

Leading Historian Says U.S. 'Empire' To Fail
(But you don't hear Pat Robertson telling
Fundamentalist GOPs this truth)

Why only Saddam? Try them all!
The US was the only country that voted
against a UN Security Council statement in 1986
condemning the mustard gas attacks by Iraq
on the Iranian forces! The US also allowed
its companies to export chemicals to Iraq,
which used them on humans.
(Now you know the Rest of the Story
GHW Bush and GW Bush could share the noose!)

Props and Puppets

War in Iraq may be fuelling global insecurity,
Canadian spy chief warns
(He must be reading the articles
posted here on

MI5 'acts on facts gained under torture'

Chavez Warns if U.S. Invades, Oil Goes Up

Secrets, Evasions and Classified Reports

The Fix Is In
(The Kangaroo is hopping)

Five Years On,
'Faith-based Initiative' Still Ambiguous
(Atrocious is a better definition)

Investigation of Gov’t Whistleblower Office Purges Underway,

Bush teleconference on bird flu was staged, too

(They don't let the DUMMY out on his own too often)

Israel's Secret Hand in Iraq Inspections

2.6 Trillion Missing from Pentagon prior to 9/11
Testimony before the House Appropriations Committee
The financial systems of the department are so snarled up
that we can't account for
some $2.6 trillion in transactions that exist

Operation Desert Fraud How Keith Idema marketed his imaginary Afghan war.

U.S government told other governments
about Afghan invasion IN JUNE!
India in anti-Taliban military plan
India and Iran will "facilitate" the planned
US-Russia hostilities against the Taliban.

Why torture is OK
(Remember Waco!
It was terrorism and torture
against men, women and children on April 19, 1993)

If Iraq is a democracy,
why can't it vote to kick the U.S. out?

A Bait-and-Switch Charity
The Scandalous History of the Red Cross

The Second Coming of George W. Bush:

The Messiah of the 21st Century

Saddam: 'I do not respond to this so-called court'

Whither the rule of law?
GOP uses Clintonian tactics to evade justice

Mummification becomes popular
as a way of becoming immortal

Did life start in Mars as recent as last year
extraterrestrial experiments or human hands
behind the phenomenon?

Existence of extra dimensions
finally the truth is coming out

Active Galaxy Nuclei 50 million light years away
is the lighted highway for most advanced type
IV extraterrestrial advanced alien civilization

Americans trying to limit India’s nuke arsenal

Violent dreams may hint at why dreaming evolved

Planets Could Be Common Around Brown Dwarfs

Middle Latitude Clouds on Titan Are Familiar

Where is Everybody?

Stronger Than Steel, Harder Than Diamonds

Stormy Weather:
Titan's Engimatic Cloud Band Is Convective

Breakup Of Glaciers Raising Sea Level Concern

NASA's Spirit Rover Descends From Martian Hilltop

Craters in Planets and Moons Not What They Seemed

Yale scientists announce two discoveries

Quantum dots may become next light bulb

HIV Mortality In India Drops With Introduction
Of Generic Antiretroviral Therapy

Japan creates the world's fastest electric sedan

An 'Evildoer' by Any Other Name:
How Labels Shape Attitudes Toward Violence

Report condemns capital punishment


Human beings are two parts. The physical part that was created by our mothers and fathers, and the inner light part which entered into our bodies as they were still inside the womb. It is the light which is the God part that animates the body. Consider our bodies as the bulb and the inner energy as the light within the bulb. Then ask yourself. When you throw away a burned out bulb, do you throw the light away with it.? Of course not. And is it not true, that when you connect a new bulb the same light returns ? Bill Donahue -


Oil guru says crude price could hit $190 this winter

Gag Order Lifted On Canadian Torture Charges
Against Bush

U.S. Auto Sales Plunge, Sign of Bad Times

Leaked emails expose US hurricane chaos
(Utter Incompetence)

ID cards not authoritarian - Blair

USA desperate to shift blame for Iraqi mess on Syria and Iran
(Of course the US had nothing to do with it : right Rice?
Ocean Front Property in Arizona)

The center of the Axis of Evil located in Washington
George Bush is the hub of an Axis of Evil centred on Washington
(Well yea! He's a member of the
GOP Ultraconservative Christian Right Neocon Religion
that's breaking all the commandments!)

Lonely transsexual Russian man wants to become pregnant

Little marten terrorizes big trade center in Russia

Briber eats his own bribe when he realizes he is being arrested

GOP Ultraconservative Christian Right Neocon Deputy
Pulls Gun On Slow Golfers
(It's a Bush Christian Thang)

Health inequalities in US kill 84,000
(Didn't Chavez already tell us this?)

US inflation measure hits 25-year high
keeps awarding jobs and contracts to)

Four years and billions later, U.S. remains unprepared
(See above!)

US says China expanding nuclear strike capability
(Rumsfeld demands China's military secrets?
New Enemy - New Nukes - New War!
GOP Ultraconservative Christian Right Neocons DROOLING)

US Troops Remove Bolivian Air Defense Missiles
In 'Illegal Operation'

U.S. Sending Financial Crimes Advisor to Paraguay
(and BUSH claimed that the US
was only there for Humanitarian purposes

Rights group critical of both Cuba, U.S.
(Rights are what the
GOP Ultraconservative Christian Right Neocons
say they are! Right Bush? Right Rice?)

Are Jews Smarter?

A catchy disease
never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity

Israel Preparing for the next war

Headline News: October 20-21, 2005

Click Maps for Larger View
Hurricane Center

Hurricane Wilma
now 'extremely dangerous' (1 am Central Time)
Category 4 storm has top sustained winds of 150 mph

Oh Syria:
Don't' fall into the trap

the Stockholm Syndrome,
and Psychological Warfare

The United States - Guilty of State Terrorism

World needs to hear Iran's "message of hope"

Rice won't rule out ILLEGAL armed action against Syria, Iran

US planning invasion, says Chavez

Serious US Interference in Bolivia

With George Bush in the White House,
there's no chance of better US relations

US private contractors scheming to oust Chavez?
(CIA is the Company -
Operatives are Contractors
Read Between the Lines)

Americans have more to fear from Bush
than Venezuela's President Chavez

Venezuela's UN Ambassador:
US blockade is a perversion in international relations!

Venezuela defends its right to develop
nuclear energy for peaceful purposes...

Conacuid: Plan Colombia causes destruction in Venezuela

Venezuela: Oil companies are making payments
on US$3 billion in back taxes

True Christian Americans detest
the tactics of Bush and Robertson;
applaud the desire of Chavez for a just society
based on ALL of Christianity's teachings

If there are no conflicts, let's invent them. If there is no pretext for intervention, let's create imaginary ones. When challenged, let's seek exculpation by vehement denial or preposterous excuses. To add legitimacy to subterfuge, let's unfurl a lofty banner -- democracy and human rights -- not in their original context but as expedient slogans in the pursuit of hegemonic interests. Anything to keep the war engine running and stockholders smiling.

Gag Order Lifted On Canadian Torture Charges Against Bush

Former CIA Analyst:
Government May Be Manufacturing Fake Terrorism

The Anti-Empire Report
Some things you need to know before the world ends

Dick Cheney's Covert Action

The Costs of War at Walter Reed

Iraq: The Unseen Dead

An important and an urgent statement
The Arab Baath Socialist Party

Iraq's 'constitution'
Illegitimate, imposed, fraudulent and reactionary

Hubble Telescope Turns to Moon
and Sees Possible Oxygen Source

Wilma Expected to Regain Strength as It Nears Florida

Army Investigates Burning Of Taliban Corpses In Afghanistan

DeLay Ordered to Texas for Booking

Arrest warrant issued for DeLay

U.N. Urges More Aid for Quake's Homeless

Death toll reaches 79,000 as quake zone awaits aid

Rice: Direct Diplomatic Contact With Iran Possible
(Because of Bush and Rice History of LIES?)

There were also hints in her testimony of
mounting American impatience with countries around the world
unwilling to support Iraq financially and politically
(Why should other countries pay for Bush's War?)

Miers' answers "insufficient"

The government has proven it has no plan
for disaster relief -- not in Louisiana,
not in L.A. or New York, not anywhere.

A former police chief espouses his controversial
views on drug laws -- namely, that we shouldn't have any.

Meet the Fundies

The Soul of New Fast Food

Playing Politics as Quake Toll Rises

Cheney's Chickens Come Home to Roost

Exposed Agendas
U.S. Envoy's Unwitting Revelations

'Do You Think He's Dead, Mom?'

Peace Is Not Impossible

It's the Nukes, Stupid
We went to war over WMDs.
Funny how everyone seems to have forgotten about that.

The Fitzgerald probe reminds us:
Whatever happened to Pat Roberts' Phase II intelligence report?

Secrets, Evasions and Classified Reports

Cheney cabal hijacked US foreign policy

Crossing the Cabal

Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been
His Source In Leak Case

Rice won't rule out troops in Iraq in 10 years
(A Martin Luther King she's NOT)

How the GOP Gets Its Way

Former governor who oversaw destruction
of ancient Buddhas
is elected to Afghan parliament

Hussein Trial Put Off Amid Doubts About Fairness

Stealing Votes in Iraq?
Allegations of ballot-stuffing may have irreversibly
tainted the outcome in Sunni eyes

Iran has foiled an attempt by "British spies"
to blow up it largest oil refinery
in the southwestern city of Abadan

Iranian justice minister chided the United States on Wednesday for its role in putting Saddam Hussein on trial, claiming that Washington wanted to forget that it sold weapons to the former Iraqi leader during his eight-year war with Tehran.

Calls for UN sanctions on Syria
(Demonization by US is working)

Sudan preserves site of U.S. attack

Nigerian leader says U.S. policy against Islam

Miller Time

Hard Questions About the Big Easy

What America Needs Now:
A Prophetic Social Movement that
Speaks Moral Truth to Amoral Power
(Where are the Elijah's of Christendom?)

Corporate Piracy Runs Amok
(GOPs have BIG grins on faces though)

Fixing the U.S. by Making the Chinese Into Debtors

An Attack on American Girl
(Pat Robertson Ilk attacks Dolls)

Bioneers Offer Eco-Education to Thousands

Iraq: Fears for Journalist Carroll

'Road Apartheid' in West Bank

Stiffed by U.S., UN Asks
Groups to Report on U.S. Rights Violations

Rise of the 'Patriotic Journalist'

Defence lawyer calls trial 'pure theatre'

Freedom's Just Another Word for
Blowing up Buddhas and Killing People

Affront to Civil Liberties

Tom Delay's Arrest Warrant

The occupiers' trial

The New War On The Poor

Sharing The Airwaves

Taxpayer Money Used Wrongly to
Enrich Corrupt People
The Bechtel Bonanza

Politicians Prefer Corporate Welfare Handouts,
Not Assisting the Starving

Adding Another Lock to Our Closet of Tortured Skeletons

Haiti, Imperialism, and the Treachery of Liberals

What the US “War On Terror” is Really About

Cuba, We Need You

The Illusion of Normality

Why a Water Crisis Exists in Gaza

Four Cuban Provinces on Hurricane Alert

Nicaraguan Law Freezes Constitutional Reforms
(US is meddling agains)

Six-fingered cursed androgyne swills vodka

Rumsfeld warns China over military expansion
(Whilst he builds up the largest military power on earth?)

Oil guru says crude price could hit $190 this winter

Virginia man accused in Bush assassination plot
describes Saudi torture

Labour fury as Dictator Blair fails to
guarantee Trident vote

ID cards not authoritarian LIES Blair

UK shares suffer biggest fall for 17 months
(Blair intends to sink with the Bush Ship)

France, US work to mend ties
(By collectively demonizing and terrorizing Syrians?)

Demolishing the Myths of the Propaganda War Against Israel

Japan to Cut Medical Insurance for Elderly to Reduce Costs
(They must have BUSH advisors over there too!)

India slams US over 'breach of faith' charge
(We warned ya bout crawling in bed with Bush)

WHO Warns to Expect
Over 7 Million Bird Flu Deaths

Drugs No Answer to Bird Flu: Experts

The Avian Flu Fright is Politically Timed
A Public Health Warning and Political Essay
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The Fear Contagion
A Flu Quarantine? No, Sir

Health officials say outbreak is inevitable
and virus would spread quickly

It's Official: Preventing Pandemic Impossible

Tamiflu-resistant bird flu found in Vietnam

Bird Flu Blues

Current avian flu is even more dangerous
than 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

Doctor Questions Tamiflu's Effectiveness

Experts Recommend New Measures for Bird Flu

United States Military Leaders in Chaos
Terrorists Targeting US Center For Disease Control
American University Escape With Secret Documents
1918 Spanish Flu Virus Samples

Killer flu could hit any time
Any strain of bird flu could trigger a global flu pandemic,
a group of leading scientists warned

Cranberry and oregano make seafood safe to eat

Avian Influenza The Next Human Influenza Pandemic?

Start building up your Immune system NOW!

Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73
Effective in Trials Again Avian Flu!
Avian Influenza virus
Test Agents: Oreganol P73 Extra Strength Formula
and Oregacyn
Don't Trust the Imitators- Get the ones used in the trials

American Senate Agrees to $4 billion
to prepare for influenza pandemic

Scientists warn of possibility of drug-resistant avian flu

Indonesia Urges International Action on Bird Flu

New UN pandemic czar says survival of
"world as we know it" may be at stake

Martial Law as Cure for the Flu

Headline News: October 19-20, 2005

The Final Solution
in Iraq

The Iraq Constitution:
And They Call This Victory?
(We call it the largest WMD ever)

The Fourth Estate and the Warfare State

"Only Two Percent!" For Bush?

Falsified Bush Biography
Found on State Department Website
(Approved by Harriet Miers?)

CIA Leak Prosecutor Focuses On Libby

UN Hariri probe to name Assad relative
(Brother in Law wants to be No 1 in Syria?
or works for the CIA?)

A Year Later, Goss's CIA Is Still in Turmoil
Spy Unit Continues to Lose Personnel
(Because Bush can only put Cronies in positions
that require expertise, training, and experience?
Spies see the fallout on the horizon from this
Illegal Administration and War? Bailing out now?
or they can't do their job with White House leaks and treason?)

US Auditors Say Violence
in Iraq Hinders Reconstruction
(Such genius in Government Since Bush Took Office!
A five year old could have told them this)

In its latest report on Iraq,
the Government Accountability Office (GAO)
[the independent investigative arm of Congress]
says it is unclear how U.S. efforts are
helping Iraqis obtain clean water, reliable electricity
or competent health care
(Can't much of this help in the States either)


Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved?
The Fitzgerald/Plame investigation goes in a new direction

Faith-Based War

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." Thomas Jefferson

Exposed Agendas
U.S. Envoy's Unwitting Revelations

A Town Without Pity
Who'll be the next to jump ship?

Deconstructing Nation Building
The results are in and the record isn’t good

CIA leak case spotlights Bush tactics

Leak Shines Light on White House

White House informant?
Defense lawyers say an insider has been
helping in CIA leak investigation

Rove cancels appearances before conservatives

Fitzgerald's List of Witnesses
Bush: Early Summer, 2004 (did not testify under oath)
Cheney: Early summer, 2004 (did not testify under oath)

Saddam in bulletproof cage during trial

I am not a Crook!
Bush is your Genocidal Terrorist

Saddam 'Buoyant' on Eve of Trial

The entire proceeding is a farce.
We did not receive any official documents until September 25

Legal lynching of Saddam Hussein begins in Iraq
(Kangaroos have arrived - Faux Trial Begins)

Hungarian Tanks Leave for Iraq

Donald Rumsfeld Warns Wags the Dog and threatens
Iran Not to 'Overplay Hand'

Anyone Paying Attention?
Why is Rumsfeld handling PR
that is the duty of the State Department?
Condi not doing the job right?
Bush picked another loser?

Guantanamo General balked at torture
Brig. Gen. Rick Baccus was removed as
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, commander in 2002 for
refusing to use tougher interrogation tactics

Damascus denies 'secret US deal'

'torture by proxy'

Iran police defuse bridge bomb in oil-rich province
Judiciary implicates 'foreign states' in unrest
(US-UK Regime Change Starting?)

Rumsfeld's one-man boycott of China over US spy plane
(Yea, Right.. No one believe this!
Wag the Dog some more)

Guatemalans wary of military aid
(It's an oxymoron - military aid?)

U.S. lawyers say Israel tortured alleged Hamas man

The Iraq War Runs Through It
Beyond the Miller-Libby game: People died

Poverty Campaigners Take On War Spending
(Billions for War - Pittance for Suffering)

Good Night, and Good Luck" -
- Joe McCarthy Rides Again

A Peaceful Kick to the Groin

Bush, Torture... and No Referee

Bush, Torture... and No Referee
- Free Poster -

CON Rice set to defend US policy
on Iraq to lawmakers
(How can you possibly defend TORTURE?)

Juan Cole on George Bush's Iraq

New Orleans: school staff face massive cuts in jobs, benefits

Australian government launches major assault
on workers’ conditions and rights
(Using the Bush-GOP Handbook Down Under)

Fake Al Qaeda
The Phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine

Does Al Qaeda exist?
Does Osama?

Every Washington scam has its memory lapses

Iraq: The Trail of Disinformation

On the precipice in Iraq

Gephardt on Iraq: "I was wrong"
(Up for Re-Election?)


(Bush's Tour to Iraq to Talk to Soldiers
Where's the fake turkey?
Oh-- Condi Rice-a-Roni is in the UK)

Bill O'Reilly's Racist Distortion of History
(O'Reilly a History Revisionist!
Perhaps he should share a jail cell with Zundel
Watch the ADL become deaf and dumb on this one)

Merle Haggard: "Let's Get Out of Iraq"

A Primer for Recent Haitian History
The Sorrows of Haiti

Human Trafficing
Young Lives For Sale

Grandmothers Arrested at Iraq War Protest

Two Baltimore tunnels closed in uncorroborated threat
(Says uncorroborated sources from White House?
Uncorroborated = Lack of intelligence, evidence, proof
Wag the Dog Some More)

In a Trail of Tears Threat Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said his department aims without exception to expel all those who enter the United States illegally. Just more racism...

Bubonic plague found in Colorado
(Wonder if the US 'remade' this one, like the 1918 Killer Flu?)

Are we going to war with Iran?

Money for Nothing

The Anti-Empire Report
Portrait of Schizo Americanus

Proof Bush Fixed The Facts

Under Attack: Free Speech on Campus

A Brooklyn man has filed a lawsuit against the funeral home
where his father's organs were
allegedly harvested for sale

So, Farewell Then, Joschka Fischer
The German America needs most leaves politics.

Extra-Judicial Execution in Jenin

NGO Monitor should not be taken seriously

Cheney resignation rumors fly

Case Against Cheney

Justice and Jail Getting Closer?

Cheney aide cooperating with CIA outing probe

Cheney's Office Is A Focus in Leak Case

Memos Show FEMA's Internal Chaos
(All of a sudden Mainstream Media is Bashing GOP Pundits!
Remember Waco - Remember Ruby Ridge
Remember THEY sold the Illegal War on Iraq

Spike Lee to blame US government in new Katrina film

Fake letter, (Fake Leader) real trouble?

Indeed, the US is the world largest banana republic

... what an honor.
Bush got the bananas and he's eatin' them
... without even peeling 'em.

Lord Steyn, who retired last month as a judge
sitting in the UK's highest court, described the
invasion of Iraq as "military folly"

Strong aftershocks rock quake-shattered Kashmir

Musharraf launches fresh appeal for global help
(US slaughters more Civilians in Iraq
Billions for murder - pittance for suffering
Operation Blessing doesn't even mention this major disaster)

200,000 tents direly needed as chilly winter looms

Haifa University spreads the message of fear
and hatred towards Palestinians

Massive Underwater Landslide Reported Off California Coast
Volcanic Activity Increases in American Northwest
Worlds Oceans Continue Heating at Record Pace
Methane Level Rise Continues Unabated

Pat Roberston Sinner's Forecast

Get Ready for God's Wrath
You Sodom and Gomorrahs!

Tropical Storm Wilma gains strength in Caribbean

New Orleans mayor warns
Tropical Storm Wilma could force another evacuation

Tropical Storm Wilma Steadily Strengthening
And Beginning To Drift Westward

Hurricane Wilma blamed for 10 deaths in Haiti

Geologists say 'bulge' may turn into volcano
100 square miles of Oregon terrain rising 1.4 inches each year

Possible Volcano Eruption in El Salvador

Possible Volcano Eruption in Vanuatu

Volcano erupts in PNG’s West New Britain

Intense showers pound Inland Valley

Pair of late-night quakes rattle valley

Earthquake rocks southern Peru

Wilma set to become intense hurricane

Three earth tremors shake western Turkey

Earthquake measuring 4.9 shook coastal cities
in Southern California Sunday afternoon

Earthquake Shakes Tall Buildings in Tokyo

Three Alaska volcanoes showing signs of unrest

Santa Ana Volcano Eruption, El Salvador

Pakistan's "Fist of God" Earthquake

Western Greece rattled by earthquake


South Asia earthquake

Eruption of dormant WNB volcano

Disease threatens Guatemalan mudslide survivors

'Everything could be eaten by the volcano again'

Map shows Mars 'earthquakes'

Repent! Give your money to me
at Operation Belching.
Buy God's Pancakes
to avoid disaster!

Space mission to uncover the real Venus

Why Congressional Democrats Support the War
(Hypocrites! Overweight Elephants and Dumb Jackasses
Time to Think SECESSION!)

Pro-War Votes May Haunt Democrats
(Everyone that Voted YES
Should be put on Patrol in Fallujah)

The nurses were sentenced to death by a firing squad, sparking cries of foul from Bulgaria and its allies the United States and the European Union. The medics' confessions, which were extracted with torture, is the only evidence proving their guilt. (Funny how TORTURE confessions are invalid when NOT performed by the US Terrorist Coalition)

DeLay politics crimes may carry heavy price
(How DeLay violated Texas Law)

Green Says He Needs Dirty Tom DeLay Money
to Defeat Governor Doyle

Tropical Storm Wilma gains strength in Caribbean

New Orleans mayor warns
Tropical Storm Wilma could force another evacuation

Tropical Storm Wilma Steadily Strengthening
And Beginning To Drift Westward

Hurricane Wilma blamed for 10 deaths in Haiti

"Bush defends criminals,"
"Bush supports terrorism," and
"Bulgarian nurses are criminals and terrorists."

Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has assembled
evidence showing Cheney's long-running feud
with the CIA contributed to Plame's unmasking

Mugabe likens Bush and Blair to fascists
(Mugabe finally tells a TRUTH!)

Why Rumsfeld is visiting a strengthening China
(To see if Threats and Arm Twisting works in South Asia?)

'Elections' and other Deceptions in Iraq



New Orleans hospital deaths inquiry widens
(Doctors,Nurses, Patients Left Behind
Chose the only humane path left to them
Since BUSH, FEMA, and Governor of Louisana left them all to die)

President of Zimbabwe Compares Bush to Hitler
(Perhaps it's is Reincarnation)

All the world knows than the government of the United States of America has planned ... among other things ... to penetration of these lands under the guise of religious missions in almost the same way they did to take possession of the ancient kingdom of Hawaii.

Good-bye American Dream.
Hello to the American Nightmares of Social Darwinism,
overt imperialism, unconcealed tyranny,
and relentless state terrorism

Officials unaware of reporter's special status
(or Miller is LYING? Not unusual for a GOP Pundit)

Hawks on the Way Out at Washington Times?
(Moonies Flip on Bush? Turn to Peace?
The Fat Lady ain'ta singing yet)

Hands Off Pakistan
Blaming the wrong country for Afghanistan's woes

Venezuela’s 'Demonstration Effect':
Defying Globalization’s Logic
(Upsets Bush that a Black/Indian/Hispanic man
is Smarter than he is)

Beans for Oil? That's a Deal!
(Chavez is only using the long forgotten doctrine
Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you.
Bush should keep his
mouth shut, pay attention and learn something!)

Governments use national animosities,
foreign wars and the glamour of empire-making,
in order to...divert rising sentiment
against domestic abuses.
– J. R. Hobson (Remember Waco, Ruby Ridge,

Washington on Tenterhooks Over Leak Case
(Meathooks might be better
sorry fell back momentarily into my Christian upbringin)

Last night's BBC Newsnight programme reported the deaths of 70 "Iraqi militants" in US air raids on the western Iraqi city of Ramadi. The item lasted just nine seconds. This included three seconds of scepticism from an Iraqi doctor who reported that in fact civilians were amongst the dead. Viewers' attention was then rapidly diverted elsewhere; a familiar pattern of mainstream news coverage.

A Statement on the Democracy
of the Arabists in Occupied Iraq
(or a Declaration of Independence)

Do Not Kill Our Children
(Don't say that! You'll make Pat Robertson call for more!
It's a Christian Thang)

US and Britain interfere in our domestic affairs and
bring about what they call regime change
"The North American empire" is threatening
"all life on the planet."

The Zimbabwe government said it sent a letter of protest to the U.S. embassy over what it called "a calculated disregard of the rules governing relations between states ... clearly intended to provoke an unwarranted diplomatic incident."

Massachusetts Dam on Swollen River Deteriorates
(Just Like the Levees in New Orleans!
Bush can't manage, govern, or eat pretzels
without screwing up)

Saddam trial judges
were secretly trained in Britain
and NO JURY)

Big cuts in defense programs seen looming
(But offense gets billions-trillions)

Bush Crises Raise Criticism of
Chief of Staff's Management
(Typical Mild White Washing of the
White House mistakes and crimes
from the GOP News)

Saddam Trial Unlikely to Meet
International Legal Standards, Warn Experts
(You can bet in Vegas on this one!
See the movie Nuremburg!
There will be NO FAIR TRIAL)

Saddam trial will close "dark chapter" in Iraq
(and start the darkest chapter in International Justice)

Rice, Blair Agree CONspire to Tactics on Iran
(Conspiring to Terrorize a Nation at Peace
That has NOT threatened the US or UK lands or people)

Britain-Iran Tensions Escalate Over Bombing Accusations
(It's already planned!
Iran is playing the US-UK game by the US-UK rules
War is of course 'the only answer' for Christian nations)

Iran summons British diplomat over Iraq allegations
(Appealing to Common Sense will not work with Warlords Bush-Blair)

Iran must return to talks threatens the AntiChrist US BUSH

Israeli Court Backs Berlin Wall Mentality
(Now You See Who the Communists really are)

Agency charged with spending oversight in Iraq left country
(Bush can't account for 140 billion dollars)

Hariri probe raises stakes for Syria's Assad, Lebanon
(Typical Propaganda slanted News -
using GOP buzzwords 'regime' , 'pariah state'
- all intended to demonize Syria)

US Needs Strong Military Presence In Asia
(GOP Showing its evil designs for world occupation)

Britain in new push for EU-wide anti-terror measures
(or Exporting State inspired faith based terrorism)

Anger over Mugabe tirade in Rome
(But the NEWS? doesn't call CONdi Rice's accusations, without proof,
against Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela a tirade.)

Kuwait PM rejects call to allow political parties
(No democracy here, but a Bush Puppet Regime
doesn't have to have one)

US military massacres dozens in wake of Iraq referendum
(Pancake Pat Robertson must be happy over this one)

Moral Hysteria and the Persecution of Difference
(History of Christianity and its Crimes in the US)

Why Can't the Left
Face the Stolen Elections of 2004 & 2008?

Distrust of U.N. Shows How Little We Remember

40 Years of Living Dangerously
(Democracy Not Important if that REGIME
supports Bush and the U.S.)

Catholic High School Teacher Forced Out over Flag
(Bow down you slaves before My God -- the US Flag of Bush)

The Tarnish of Torture

If there were a new law
an International Law
That all governments had to obey
and this law stated the capitol city
of any government
would be nuclear bombed if that government
performed, allowed, condoned, or ignored
any act of terrorism or torture
against any prisoner under its authority or jurisdiction
How Long would it take for Washington D.C.
to empty out and become a ghost town?

Refco collapse in US poses some troubling questions
(Bush may be the author of the
greatest economic collapse in world history)

Judith Miller and the New York Times
GOP accomplices in a war based on lies

Bush's War on Workers in the US
(Eliminate the Unions)

License to Torture
(Bush wants to be the Evangelicals Inquistion Pope)

When Journalists Join the Cover-ups
(and every Pro-War reporter, journalist and media reported
and supported the Bush Lies, the 'government sources'
without investigation or evidence.
This is Yellow Journalism - Rag Reporting at its worse)

Venezuela to Expel U.S. Evangelical Group
(Well those Evangelical types
want to assassinate their President, Right Pat?)


Saddam's rights 'violated'

Your printer really is spying on you

Dump the database

Repopulating New Orleans at Any Cost

With millions of Americans displaced, injured or dead in the disaster's aftermath, America watched modern conservative ideology -- less government, lower taxes, a strong defense -- crumble

Further rises in the cost of gas could kill
thousands of small-town economies across America
(Bush will Play the Guitar while they burn)

Bush Marks Disgraces Ramadan at White House
(Should give the GOP Christians something to gripe about though)

Immigration: Is Bush Fenced In?
(Wag the Dog! Take your attention off Iraq, Iran, Syria)

New world order set to test US's competitiveness
(U.S. workers and businesses Suffer from
Failed and Foolish Trade Policies of the U.S.)

'U.S. admits Iran’s nuclear right'
(and they have the Right without interference
from the US and its Terrorist Coalition)

Culture clash pits U.S. against traditional allies like Canada

US slowdown may 'feel like recession'
(There's no 'feel like' about it)

News Analysis: U.S. tones down hopes for Iraq
(i.e. the U.S. is being defeated at every turn)

Putin's Arab-Israeli Peace Drive Welcome in Middle East

Russia calls British reports of Syria
long-range missiles 'nonsense, lunacy'
(Of course Blair and Bush are Liars)

World watching if China
charts path to open society - Rumsfeld
(What a Hypocrite! from one that is destroying open society in the U.S.)

Chinese Doctor gives bone marrow to save US girl

New wave of death threatens quake villages
(Likened to Sodom and Gomorrah Pancake Pat?)

Settler population grows as Communist Sharon grabs
more West Bank land than he returned in Gaza

Doctor: Get trim for better sex


Sexuality: Reclaiming the Erotic
Spiritual Sex: Beyond the Physical

Sex as a Divine Experience

U.S. Economy: Producer Prices Increase
By Most in 15 Years

The BUSH U.S. is NOT the
Savior of the World
that the GOP and FOX present

Libya Rejects US
Syria rejects US
Cuba rejects US
Russia rejects US
Uzbekistan rejects US
China rejects US
India rejects US
Fatah rejects US
Japan rejects US
Athens rejects US
Hamas rejects US
WTO Rejects US
Yemen rejects US
Fadlallah rejects US
Mugabe rejects US
DPRK rejects US
EU rejects US
NAFTA rejects US
Venezuela Rejects US
Israel rejects US
Canada Rejects US
Lula rejects US
Burma Rejects US
Italy rejects US
Kuwait rejects US
France rejects US
Sudan rejects US
MAS rejects US
Afghanistan rejects US
Pakistan rejects US
Eritrea rejects US
Turkey Rejects US
Taiwan Rejects US
Bosnia Rejects US
Hurriyat rejects US
Viet Nam rejects US
Brazil Rejects US
Finland rejects US
Myanmar rejects US
UN Rejects US
Zambia rejects US
Lebanon rejects US
BJP rejects US
Jordan rejects US
Germany rejects US
Mandela rejects US
Riyadh rejects US
Palestinian Council rejects US
Dhaka rejects US
Uganda rejects US
Sweden rejects US
Haiti rejects US
South Korea Rejects US
Sri Lanka Rejects US
Mexico rejects US
Malaysia rejects US
Cambodia rejects US
Qatar Rejects US
New Zealand rejects US
Slovenia's rejects US
Panama rejects US
Norway rejects US
South Africa rejects US
Belize rejects US
Cyprus rejects US
Singapore rejects US
France rejects US

Perhaps it is OverDue
for the US to stop meddling
in other nation's affairs!
They Don't Like US

Venezuela citizens train to fight U.S.
(This is Terrorist Fear in Venezuela!
caused by Pat Robertson's Christian Right GOP Warmongers)

Brazil in talks with Venezuela
on nuclear energy assistance

The terrorist United States of America
is the lone warmonger of the world

THE banner glued to the door of the polling station read:
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no
to the Iranian-Zionist Constitution

Are British troops at breaking point in Iraq?
(Let Blair the Liar Spend a Year in Basra)

Blair is a disaster for our country
IT’S about time that Tony Blair packed his
suitcase, guitar, wife and spin doctors
and got the removal van to take him
to fairytale land where he belongs.
(Take BUSH with HIM!)

Backlash at Blair over Trident nuke plan
(Where Massive WMD is stored - UK-US)

'Israel using AIDS against us'

South America goes nationalist with its oil and gas
(Excellent Idea!
Remove the Bandit Profit Prophets of Corporatism
from all necessities of life)

Telesur: TV threat to US influence?
(Is Voice of America a Threat
to Venezuelan Influence?
US should NOT be involved in other nations affairs)

UN Warns That Aid to Pakistan
is a Most Complex Operation

Cuba under the US Planned Peaceful Transition
(US wants to invade, colonize, and annex
it like it did to Hawaii)

Blockade of Cuba Punishes People in the US

US Fundamentalist Mission Denounced in Venezuela
(Evangelistic Cult violating Laws)

Health Care? Ask Cuba

US Denial Of Iraqi War Hero To Visit Sick Son In Cuba
Prompts Cuba To Allow Son To Travel To US
(Ain't the Christian Fundamentalist GOP so Compassionate!)

Tropical Storm Expected to Become Intense Hurricane

Will Brazil, Russia, India, China Be Superpowers?
(Filling the Void as BUSH destroys the USA?)

Nuclear Agency Warns on Lagos Mystery Gas

The incompetence of the U.S. government’s policy in Iraq was demonstrated by this weekend’s referendum on the Iraqi Constitution. The Constitution, written by the Shi’a and Kurds, has passed, over the objections of many Sunnis. Yet it symbolizes one of the U.S. government’s biggest errors in Iraq: confusing democracy with liberty.

True Christian Americans detest the tactics of Bush and Robertson; applaud the desire of Chavez for a just society based on ALL of Christianity's teachings
(You wouldn't be suggesting a Christianity without Liars and Hypocrites? Never seen it in my lifetime!)

Isturiz declares the
(Caracas) Capital District free from illiteracy
(Mr. Isturiz, we're working on it in D.C. - next Election 2008?
3/4 of Congress, all of White House,

Venezuelan and Galician governments sign cooperation agreements
(US just threatens other nations under BUSH)

Iran readies to suspend NPT additional protocol

US-led occupation of Iraq
(Remember it's a Christian Thing)

The American-led invasion has taken Iraq
back one hundred years in just two years

Prime Time Propaganda

Let Us Pray -- For Bush Relief

New tissue 'grown within minutes'

The Price of Cheap Beef:
Disease, Deforestation, Slavery and Murder

Air pollution cuts male birth rate

Map shows Mars 'earthquakes'

Casualties of the Bush administration

Cassini's Closeup View of Dione

Scientists Propose Paradigm Shift
In Robotic Space Exploration

VLT Images Reveal the Surroundings
Of A Super-massive Black Hole

Oil Prices Jump On Fresh US Hurricane Threat

Homeland Security Mismanaging
U.S. Cybersecurity Risks
(MisManaged Like everything Else Bush has done)

Coast Guard Modify Search-and-Rescue Plane

No Winter by 2105?
New Study Offers Grim Forecast for U.S.

Scientists find tracks of swimming dinosaur
Creature apparently walked into sea that once covered Wyoming

Panama Rejects Jungle Highway
Due to Eco, Culture Concerns

Battle Over the Darién Gap

Ancient Roman town of Claterna uncovered

Archaeologists to excavate prehistoric sites in Isfahan Province

Helen of Troy, described in the epic poem
The Iliad, was based on a real woman

Chinese Archaeologists Find Ancient Tombs

Pesticides affecting male population

Bayou Towns Still Fending for Selves
After Rita’s Floods

America’s Income Gap Continues to Grow

Employer-funded Health Insurance Continues to Drop

National Parks Seeking Corporate Sponsorship
(Billions for War though!
Bush sellout of what little US culture there is)

The Mansion Subsidy

STEM CELL RESEARCH: The headlines have made it around the world. South Korean scientists have extracted stem cells from cloned embryos. The next step will be in using these stem cells to cure things such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, spinal paralysis and obviously much more. In the United States the current administration has put a heavy obstructive hand upon science and taken us back to the dark ages. Here we see what South Korean scientists have done, and we realize that American scientists have not done this because of this government. Can you imagine how much closer we would be to a cure for Alzheimer's and diabetes and the rest if our scientists had been left alone to pursue the healing process. In this country the religious radicals who were the cause of the middle ages becoming the dark ages, have caused the government to obstruct stem cell research claiming that the human embryo is a baby. A human being. That is like saying that a wheel is a car, or a wing is a plane, or a transistor is a television set. A wheel only becomes a car when all the parts are assembled, a wing becomes a plane when all the parts are assembled, and a transistor becomes a television set when all the parts are assembled. In the same way, an embryo becomes a human being only when all the parts are assembled. And so because of the dark ages religious mentality that has run amuck in this country we have to turn our healing hopes away from the great scientists of the United States. Those who suffer the terrible diseases listed above will have to turn attention and their healing hopes to the scientists of South Korea. This kind of religious interference in the realm of scientific healing is a most graphic example of the dark ages, born again. - Bill Donahue

Headline News: October 18-19, 2005

US "private military contractors" already in-country
to "deal with" Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias...

USA and opposition kooks
can't grasp what Chavez tells them ... in good faith!
(Must Read Article - Very Good)


(Fair Elections in Iraq? You gotta be joking!
The US Remains as the Insurgency..
HiddenMysteries told you the US
had to be responsible for Stolen Cars going to Iraq
Did your son or daughter fight, or die for this crap?)

'extraordinary rendition'
(Read What BUSH wants to continue!
and why DeLay's GOP Puppets
are watering down the NO TORTURE LAW!)

"It's all over Iraq, The infantry units are
torturing people in their homes.
They would smash people's feet with the back of an axhead.
They would break bones, ribs.
(Damn ain't it great to be in a Christian Nation
under the Rule of a Christian Commandant
Endorsed by Christian Televangelists!)
(Give me the devil any day)

War moves to Syria
(Bush not satisfied with failure
on 2 fronts - 3 including Louisiana)


70 Poll stations not opened
Western Iraq bombed to smitherins right before election
1/3 of Iraqis not allowed to vote
Most did not get to read what they were voting on
US caught car bombing in Baghdad
Baghdad power turned off
Elections are held under the GUNs of Occupiers
Counting ballots by candlelight
CONstitution guaranteed to destroy Iraq nation/people/culture
CONstitution Fraud - Election Fraud
Welcome a New State of the Union?


Washington, predictably, hails Iraq BUSH constitution vote

WHIG: Not Even a Radar Blip

Curious numbers in Ninevah
(or will Miracles never Cease?)

Fresh CONtinuing Terrorist US war crime

Iraqis: Civilians Killed in U.S. Bombing

According to the FBI, common property criminals
in the United States are 'terrorists and insurgents'
and will be dealt with in standard Bush fashion-
abducted and thrown in a
stateside Gitmo gulag
where the Constitution and Bill of Rights are null and void.
(This is what Fundamentalist Christian Televangelists Endorsed)

Sunnis Cry Foul
(So did Gore and Kerry
But there's the GOP Court to ratify the crimes)

Some Sunnis are suspicious of election results
(As are ALL non-coalition nations
and all PRO Iraqi people are
suspicious of US so-called elections)

Saddam's lawyer accuses US
of not allowing prepartion for case
(Saddam will get US Just-US)

Bush Calls Iraq Vote a Milestone
for Democracy in Middle East
(We call it a MillStone
that will put Iraq under the thumb of the US
for a hundred years- or till the oil is gone)

US global influence is waning
(You must be one of THEM! - Joseph McCarthy)

U.S. Consumer Spending May Slump in a 'Cold, Dark' Winter
(No spending won't slump!
The US, the Oil Companies, the Power Companies
will get every cent of the money)

Dollar extends losses on downbeat
(The Dollar is FaithBased -- People losing Faith!)

Trade negotiations going badly for U.S.
(World is beginning to see the light of the
US Just-US Treaties that the US will not obey)

Russia faces spreading threat from insurgents
(With the U.S., U.K., Australia at its fences
You can place a bet on insurgents into Russia)

A Monarchist Solution for Russia
(Here come the Tsars)

Russia defies Washington over Iran ties
(i.e. they don't believe the LIES of the CON Rice and Bush)

The US does not expect Taiwan to match China's military modernization efforts, but wants to see outlays that show firm resolve and slow the increasing cross-strait military imbalance. (The US want Taiwan to support the US Military Industrial Complex!)

We'll bring Iran into line,
insist Blair and Rice
(Had your bowl of Blair & Rice today?
Yea and its as bad as those Pat Robertson Pancakes!)

Hypocrite Blair like his twin Hypocrite Bush
(But Iran can't have Nuclear Power Plants?)

Israel could only treat six percent of citizens
(and you can place another bet today
the Palestinians won't get any of it)

Two former CIA officials argued that
American and Israeli policies were
devastating Palestinian communities
(The TRUTH Riles Jewish group)

Israel fears foreign Islamists recruiting in Gaza

Israel in secret talks with Muslim nations

Preventing a Fourth Reich

From Suharto to Iraq: Nothing Has Changed

100 Days of Denial

The 'Muslim community': a European invention

A historian who argues that violence is less important
to al-Qaida than ethics
(Shhhhh! Ethics is a 4 letter word in the GOP)

United Kingdom: to use "torture evidence"
in courts is to accept the unacceptable

Unqualified niece of Bush friend gets
Committee's OK to run U.S. border security
It's just another BUSH disaster waiting to happen

Cop faced 57 complaints alleging
89 on-the-job offenses over nine years
before being fired
(U.S. Justice is really for Just-Them Cops)

Your TV On NeoCON Spin Cycle

50 False News Stories By
Bush Propaganda Machine
A Strategy of Lies: How the White House Fed
the Public a Steady Diet of Falsehoods

Teaching the Constitution in a Post-Democratic America

What the US Has in Store for Iran

Why the Children in Iraq Make No Sound
When They Fall

Iran says arrested British agent for twin bombings
(Once again.. you know who the insurgents are!
The Terrorist Coalition)

Syria fails to respond to autopsy request
(but Syria has not recieved a request!
It's still in Bush's pocket?)

Iraq voting is illegal:
the coming invasion of Venezuela too

Brazil president: Hunger is top WMD
(The ONLY reason for Hunger in the World
is War, its Costs, its using up resources)

Political Murder in Puerto Rico
(Remember Waco!)

Blockade Against Cuba Affects European Companies

US urged to end economic blockade on Cuba

Texas-Mexico border security plan needs rethinking
(Mexicans have been coming in and going out of Texas since 1836
The ONLY problem on the Border is the United States!
Think Secession)

Earthquake Jolts Japan
(oh those sinning Japanese!)

Earthquake death toll reaches 54,000
(Pancake Patty what sin is responsible for this one?
The sin of proseltyzing and false prophets?)

Two aftershocks rock Pakistan today
(Must have been some left-over sins after the Big One?
Have another constipating pancake)

4.9 earthquake shakes Southern California
(of course we know what Pancake Huckster
thinks of those sinful Californians)

Three earth tremors shake western Turkey
(Praise Jeeeezus,
God is busy today eliminating sin - Right Pat?)

Moderate quake jolts Indonesia's Nias
(Oh Looord, send some pancakes to these sinners)

Wands and wine for imprisoned pagans
(Go git 'em Pat!
That's worse than killing 40 Iraq innocent civilians today,
which your God and your GOP puppet approves of)

Mysterious Grave Found in Gohar Tepe

Planetoid discovery sets off scientific feud

Behind our backs the US neocons and their abject collaborators in England's armed forces, via the PNAC's 'Banking Establishment' in London are busy with the next invasion.

Chavez Frias gets chance to visit
Simon Bolivar's mythical Monte Sacro in Rome

'Toys for the Kids' appeal aims to
bring smiles Venezuela's poor children...
(What is Bush giving US kids? The FINGER!)

The drama of our time: two terrorists and a lush?

Chavez Frias' greatness will be legendary
if he does not become arrogant

In a corporatist fascist US
Now no question that televangelist Pat Robertson
is a front man for G.W. Bush!

The World’s currency of choice
Today the answer would be 'none.'

Venezuela’s poverty rate expected to drop to
35% by end 2005 ... down from 47%

Cuban Congressional Leaders Denounce
US Plans to Annex Cuba

A Blockade of Food: A Disdain for Life
(Genocide by War Crimes of the US
If there's a military blockade- Its War Crimes)

Venezuela Moves toward Eradication of Illiteracy
(No wonder Chavez
is making Bush (the king of illiteracy) Mad!)

US Bombs the hell out of Ramadi

Rumsfeld Heads for China
(Hope they Keep Him for War Crimes!)

Persistent Pro-Semitism

D.C. Press Co-Opted By War Lies

All God, All the Time

Judith Miller, the Fourth Estate and the Warfare State

Partisan Way Syndrome

Halliburton's New Low in Treachery

George Bush Gives Up
The evidence of his surrender is all around

ANOTHER Crony in Charge of Protecting Us From Killer Flu

All The News That's Fit To Spin?

The Mindless American:

A Tragedy In The Making

GAS Bill Wouldn't Lower Prices,
Just Raise Profits
(Did you expect anything else from
GOP Conservative Christians?)

Bush Is in No Hurry on Katrina Recovery
The president's go-slow approach is called a recipe for chaos
(GuitarZan-Bush puts his
head in the sand -
again and again)

Head Start Can Make Hiring Decisions Based on Religion,
Says U.S. House
(Time to Start OVER! Think Secession!)

CIA, White House Play Iraq Blame Game

Iraq to audit vote amid fraud allegations
'Unusually high' turnout sparks suspicion
in constitutional referendum
(well Bush has never done anything right!)

Iraqi Vote - Worst Possible Outcome

Rice accuses Damascus of
'stirring up difficulties in Palestinian camps' in Lebanon
(without proof, just mouthy propaganda)

Professor Of Death
(this is BULLSHIT- Time can find this man
Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence (oxymoron)
and all the other four letter words can't?)

Reporters Want Endorsement of Rove,
But McClellan Not Biting
(Go to Pancake Robertson..
He'll endorse the worst of slime
for Jeeeezus)

Good Americans -
- Democracy's Grave Diggers?

Killed Bill Resurfacing as Eased Energy Regulation

Bush Puppet Bolton:
UN Security Council Won't Expand

Military strategy in Iraq: What is it?
Congress presses Bush and the Pentagon
for a clearer articulation of their vision.
(There is NO VISION -
Rape the land, rape the people, get the OIL and vacate)

Katrina uncovers the forgotten queues
at America's soup kitchens
Community leaders fear Washington will soon
forget the poor millions
(Bush already has!)

Rice enlists support
threatens and utters the Bush propaganda LIES

for Syria, Iran showdowns

Weapons of Mass Deception

Invaders brutally torture civilians of Nalchik

The War Propaganda Timing Was a Fraud, Too

The Slings and Arrows of
George W. Bush's Outrageous Fortune

Bush and Big Oil = Making A Killing This Winter

'Moslem Terrorism' Is Fabricated By Intel Agencies
Australians were devastatingly overwhelmed last week to find out that probably 88 Australians were massacred in Bali (as Joe Vialls suggested), just to create anti-Moslem hysteria among the Australian public in order to support sending Australian troops to Bush's Iraq war.

Afghan election staffers fired for fraud
(Bush will replace his fraudsters asap)

Russian banker and his family brutally assassinated
(Sounds like Russians are fed up with
corporate crime at the people's expense too)

Earth's rotation can lead to the Deluge

Moscow starts special anti-sex operation

One-Fifth of Human Genes Have Been Patented in US
(Time for Secession! Think about it)

Challenge to Bush in new stem-cell breakthrough

Alarm raised over light surgery risks

PSYCHIATRIC patients at a government hospital in Mpumalanga
are being caged like animals in dingy seclusion chambers
that resemble jail cells

Desert mysteries
Dinah Gardner visits ancient caves and
experiences the mysteries of the Gobi by camel

Half-century in mental asylum a mistake..

Matter Swirling into a Supermassive Black Hole

Mid-Latitude Glaciers on Mars

"Live" Images From Mars

Harnessing Flea Power To Create Near-Perfect Rubber

Scripps Researchers Rediscover
Elusive Site Of Exploding Volcanic Rocks

Snakehead Fish Invade Potomac River and Tributaries

High-dose radiation zaps prostate cancer

Wildfires may accelerate coastline retreat

Hepatitis-C virus stopped from multiplying

Sea lilies caught creeping away from trouble

UNESCO filter 'removes deadly arsenic from water'

Professor Says Today's Vampires
Are More About Style than Gore

Winged Man must fly from Pasargadae to safe haven

Experts unearth an Iona of the east

Finding The "Lord God Bird"

For Mountain People, Moss Is a Cash Crop

Headline News: October 17-18, 2005

Seven members of the California Army National Guard
have been sentenced to prison or hard labor
for abusing detainees in Iraq
(Who allowed it? Who ordered it?
The Commander in Chief of the Military
should answer for War Crimes
He's also the Beer Can Coward of the National Guard
DeLay's House Puppets are trying to
[This TORTURE happens at
US police stations and US prisons
from sea to shining sea too!]

One of George W. Bush's TORTURE victim's story

Ministers at war over Iraq abuse claims
(The Tony & George Show Scrambling
to Coverup, Protect and Legitimize
their War Crimes of TORTURE)

Blair Approval Drops Significantly in Britain
(perhaps they'll drop till both
Bush and Blair are Behind Bars
at Abu Ghraib)

British and US citizens are arrested on suspicion
of arms smuggling in the Afghan capital, Kabul
(Welcome to the OTHER OCCUPATION!)

Iraq envoy's tell-all memoir blocked
(Freedom of Press Denied by Dictator Tony Blair
Get it to hiddenmysteries! We'll get it to print!)

'Flame' Plame Blame Game

What Game Theory Can Tell Us
About Terrorism

Israel, Iran, and the US:
Nuclear War, Here We Come

U.S. Attorney General linked to cover-up in
House of Death mass murder
(Another Chapter in the saga - All the President's Men
Cowards, Criminals, and Christians)

Bush's illegal war based on lies
must be ended now

Theocratizing FEMA and pregnancy
(Faith Basing - Identical to Free Basing?)

Funny it isn't; fascism it is

Multimedia Manuel for Leaders of the
New World Order

Scary George rides again

CON Rice warns Iran over Iraq bomb attacks
(But the CON is oddly silent about the
US and UK Bomb attacks in Iraq. HYPOCRISY)

Coverage of the Plame affair has been tainted
by the press's cosy duet with the White House

It's Bush-Cheney, Not Rove-Libby

BUSH Signals a
Longer, Broader Iraq Conflict

Crime and Corruption in New Orleans
(Typical of EVERY village, town, city, metopolis in the US)

The White House set up, without announcement,
a group to market a war in Iraq in August 2002,
seven months before the March 2003 invasion

Extremists Fill Aid Chasm After Quake
(Why are Humanitarians called Extremists?
You can find it in the definition of Racism)

A third of the population was
deprived of the opportunity to vote
(the FIX is IN! Right Jeb?)

Aziz 'won't speak against Saddam'
(Loyalty, Integrity, Righteousness?)

Suicide 100 percent

Deep Plame

Democracy and Human Rights Records in Iraq

Miller's Confession;
wading through the BS for a grain of truth

Pen-for-hire and the real conspirators

What Awaits Samira?

Iraq voting is illegal:
the coming invasion of Venezuela

Iraq refusenikLoyal Honest Briton faces RAF court martial

It’s getting funnier: Zarqawi's 'barber' captured
(We call it grasping at straws
and Media Disneyland)

Mr. Bush the Iraqis know your tricks
(and NO we don't want Operation Blessing
with Constipating Pancakes)

I Definitely Felt Betrayed
Have a Pat Pancake?)

Bush Feared 'Looking Weak' on Iraq
(The Beer Can Conqueror of the National Guard
is not weak! He's a moron)

Nothing New Going On Here

POW Abuse by the US

The need for the White House to produce a
fantasy picture of Iraq is
because it dare not admit that it has engineered one of the
greatest disasters in American history.

Washington has never wavered in it's
determination to topple Saddam and control Iraqi oil
(and its commitment to torture the Iraqi people)

Fake al-Qaeda Letters and
the Kayfabe of Islamic Terrorism
(More of that non-existent BUSH INTELLIGENCE)

There is a growing awareness among the Iraqi population
that the occupation forces
are behind the attacks on civilians.

From Chaos to Conscience to Peace

International Commission of Inquiry
on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by
the Bush Administration of the United States
(Do include his Holy War advisers!
like assassin Pancake Hustlers)

Dividing Iraq has been an old Israeli dream.

(i.e. NO Fair Trial! That's the U.S. Just-us System)

Religion and Violence
U.S. encourages "religious fundamentalism"
to counter nationalist & socialist movements
(Miracles, Missionaries, Mayhem, and Murder
The GOP Christian Agenda..

Five minutes after the arrival of the Iraqi puppet police on the scene a large force of US troops showed up and surrounded the area. They put the two Americans in one of their Humvees and drove away at high speed to the astonishment of the residents of the area.

We've been having more than the usual power outages.
Government officials were saying
'power problems', 'overload', etc. for the last two days
and then suddenly changed their minds today and
claimed it was 'sabotage'.

A covert team of U.S., Israeli, right-wing Phalangist Lebanese, and paid Syrian provocateurs have attempted to cover up their role in carrying out car bombings of Lebanese politicians by assassinating Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan
(as we told you here at HiddenMysteries - The U.S. set up Assad to demonize him. Assassination? I smell Pancakes... and Televangelists)

An unwinnable war in Iraq
(There's NO WAR in IRAQ! No one declared war.
There's only an illegal, immoral, detestable,

US talks tough about repressive Myanmar junta
Myanmar talks tough about repressive US junta

US offer on farm subsidies falls on stony ground
Long live the Queen and her
US and EUROPEAN Farm Subsidies)

U.S. Pacific commander urges
Taiwan to boost defense
(and support the US Military Industrial Complex)

US peddles Iran Nuclear Disinformation

The unofficial history of America

Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism

How a Lobbyist Stacked the Deck

Are You one of THEM?
Joseph McCarthy

Bush hailed the vote as yet another 'milestone'
in the US effort to install a client state in Iraq.
'We're making progress toward an ally that
will join us in the war on terror,' he declared.
(What Drug is HE ON?
Does he believe his own propaganda?)

Los Angeles: city of the stars
becomes US homeless capital

Oh, oh! Don't you hate it when your lies come back and bite you on the ass? The insurgents aren't using Iranian technology. They are using IRA technology initially supplied by the British government itself in a botched intelligence operation!

Truth behind annual US terror alert:
anonymous e-mail & innocent NRI
(US Creating Terror in Allied Nations
To continue justification of illegal invasions)

Bush to Blair: First Iraq, then Saudi
(US-UK plan to invade Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
The Wars for British Petroleum - a US-UK Corp.)

Joseph Wilson, a former US ambassador, claimed that her identity had been intentionally leaked by the administration in retribution against him for accusing the president of twisting prewar intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
(More of that GOP Christian Crap and Coverups - Pass the pancakes)

Vice President's role in outing of CIA agent Treason

Each province counts its votes
then sends ballots to Baghdad
(Where the US is Car Bombing the city
and turning off the lights)

The Fear Contagion
A Flu Quarantine? No, Sir

The Silence of Writers

We have brought torture, cluster bombs, depleted uranium,
innumerable acts of random murder, misery and degradation
to the Iraqi people and call it
'bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East
(and the US-UK plan on bringing it to
Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, North Korea,
Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Haiti, Ecuador,
Paraguay, Brazil, Mynamar, Louisiana, Texas
and countless others)

Chinese walls go up as
US-UK owned British Petroleum
tries to move in
(reclaiming the British Empire?)

US presses for overhaul of INTERFERING in China's financial markets

UK mulls rape charges against men who pay for sex
(Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel to
Rape Men of their Money
to pay for the UK's Illegal wars!
Pass another Pancake Pat)

Judges liken terror laws to Nazi Germany
(Then the judges must be some of THEM! - Joseph McCarthy)

Blair warns terrorizes Labour against far-left shift

Albanian hell for family the UK rejected
(That's the Fundamentalist Christian Way!)

CON. Rice (If I only had a Clue) will host UK Strawman (If I only had a brain) in the United States for a three-day, staged-manage tour with political overtones propaganda. Rice announced heavyweight talks with Straw on bolstering international support spreading the lies about for their hard line against Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Whistleblower paid £2m as Balfour settles US action
(Downfall of Modern Civilization - The Corporation)

Schroeder, Chirac call for more socially just Europe
(Then those two must be some of THEM! - Joseph McCarthy)

EU 'cherry picking' from rules
the voters rejected
(This is the reality of Democracy

UN slams Norway for violations
of the rights of children, Sami minority,
women, homeless etc.
(This is the reality of Democracy

Powerful storms in the north of Sweden

Israel confesses to CAUGHT in its crimes

The United States has asked Israel
to keep out of efforts to bring pressure to bear on Syria,
and to leave things to Washington's devices.

Israel abandons refugees from 'village of traitors'
(Israel - The MOST RACIST nation in the world
Becoming more CHRISTIAN everyday
Pass the pancakes Pat)

Israel receives 300 anti-terror terrorizing torture dogs from US
(These dogs are NOT the Austrians,
who inhabit the real Promise Land
Right Edgar Bronfman?)

Heim's patients underwent surgery without anesthesia to test their endurance to pain; others were injected with poison, lethal drugs and benzene, while observed them and timed their deaths with a watch. Hundreds of prisoners were murdered in this fashion. (STOP the torture of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanemo, and the U.S.! Stop the Inquisition! Stop the Holocaust in the Middle East! Am I correct Sharon? History, YOUR history, proves it is WRONG!)

Iran refuses to return to full nuclear suspension
(or F*** Off BUSH?)

Sunnis voting "no"
fear for Iraq

The United States was concerned over Iran possessing
nuclear weapons as it had
"links with terrorist groups," CON Rice said
(So do YOU CON Rice -
Your links to terrorist groups are undeniable
See that? It's easy.. You just SAY IT --
without a shred of evidence or proof

U.S. To Block Sale of Spanish
Transport Aircraft to Venezuela
(If I were Spain - I'd tell the U.S. to F*** Off!)
(Spain must be some of THEM! - Joseph McCarthy)

The power of oil is growing
South American nationalism rises as supply tightens

South and Central American Indigenous groups criticize
US mining industry at conference
(but BUSH don't give a DAMN!)

US urged to end economic blockade on Cuba

Tropical depression forms near Cuba

US boosts patrols; number halted is highest in decade
(US wants to starve the Cubans or Drown them!)

Cuban child being smuggled to U.S. drowns in boat chase

Cuba protests US 'propaganda' against Castro
(Goebbels, I mean BUSH says Who Cares?)

Chavez uses Spain summit to attack US
(Chavez did not attack the U.S.!
He told the TRUTH
ON second thought Chavez attacked the US with TRUTH)

Rumsfeld Says Nicaraguan PUPPET Government
Will Destroy Missiles As Promised

Rivers Overflowing in Mexico
(Pancake Pat - What sin did they commit?)

Earthquake Jolts Japan
(Pancake Pat - What sin did they commit?)

Perverted Principle in Japan

Government's earthquake aid failure fuels calls for holy war
(and where was Operation Blessing?
Missing in Action..
No Photo OP available to use in Pancake Push?)

had to eat humble pie
There was one set of organisations that provided
help swiftly and effectively:
the Islamic religious groups
(NOT the Faith-Based Pancakers!)

Washington's political partner here, President Pervez Musharraf, is being widely condemned for his government's unpreparedness for a disaster.
Pakistan's political partner here, President George W. Bush, is being widely condemned for his government's unpreparedness for a disaster.

UN relief chief concerned about colossal
'disaster within disaster'
(Faith Basers offer Pancake Batter for solution?)

Rain pounds earthquake survivors
(More of them Gays causing this Pat?)

Rahimullah Yusufzai:
Let the Cuban doctors come to Pakistan!

40,000 Pregnant Women at Risk
Following Massive Earthquake in Pakistan
guess they mean only white American Christian babies)

Strong quake hits New Zealand
(Oh these sinful people!
Bless them with pancakes Pat!)

Australia to double size of intelligence agency
(IQ in agency to fall 50 points using US model of Intelligence)

Earthquake Shakes Tall Buildings in Tokyo
(More Sin - More Sin - More Sin - More Sin - More Sin
Pass the Syrup Pat)

It's Official: Preventing Pandemic Impossible
(God says NO Way to escape His Wrath Now
Unless You buy more Pancakes)

Doctor Questions Tamiflu's Effectiveness

Officials concerned about threat from new citrus disease
(Caused by Abortioning Oranges Pat?)

Trout stocking deaths a mystery
Thousands of fish die when placed in lakes
(God is pouring out His Wrath for
permissive Lesbianism in the Trout population
Operaton Belching sending Pancakes to Witness to Trouters)

Scientists uncover tricks used by viruses
(Missionaries? CIA? Bible Frauds? Tithes? Propaganda? Operation Blesspat?
- oh sorry - they meant the health kind)

Heart disease 'cure' on trial

More bas-reliefs of goddesses discovered in western Iran

Food Additive Potentially Deadly To Pets
(Humans too!)

Cat Born With 2 Tongues
(Symbol of GOP found in Cat...
result of cross-breeding?)

(Hiding under Twisted Illegal Logic
GOP Christians deny Abortion to Female prisoner
UnConstitutional actions by Matt Blunt-
son of Roy Blunt [DeLay's House Majority Puppet Replacement]
- Both involved in receiving money laundered funds from DeLay)

Judge orders prisoner delivered to abortion clinic

Enron prosecutors deny
Lay's, Skilling's allegations of misconduct
(Taking the DeLay Approach - Condemn the Prosecutor?
GOP Liars are doing everything to avoid JURY TRIALS)

Woman faces $4K in fines over $1.16 tax bill
(Cruel and Unusual Punishments in the US

Texas Professor finds two-headed rattlesnake
(send it back to Crawford, Texas where it belongs?)

Beware the "Augmented" McCain Amendment!
(GOP Christian Fundamentalists and Tom DeLay Puppets
watering down the NO TORTURE LAW!)

Al-Qaeda’s Barber of Baghdad
(So how is it with 140,000 US Occupation Forces
that Al-Qaeda can come and go
in Baghdad to get haircuts? Do they get manicures too?)

My Four Hours Testifying
in the Federal Grand Jury Room
(and I can't remember the MOST important thing)

Harrier destroyed by Afghan rocket
Next April more than 3,500 British troops will be deployed into
the south of Afghanistan to launch operations against drug barons.

IRA bombs killed eight British soldiers in Iraq
(Double Propaganda! IRA and IRAN?
Fine Print: the UK furnished the blueprints)

Syrian minister errs during eulogy
(What reason would Syria have to assassinate its own
Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan,
especially AFTER he testified to the
UN commission investigating Lebanon's
ex-Premier Rafik Hariri's assassination?
Syria is being set up!
And right after Washington tells Israel to butt out
that DC will take care of the Syrian Problem)(The Final Solution?)

UN investigator seeks to extend death probes to Syria.
In reaction to the domestic and international outcry that followed the murder, Syria withdrew its troops from Lebanon in April, and said that it had also pulled out all of its security agents. However, there have been a number of deadly bombings and attempted murders of anti-Syrian figures since then, and the government fears that more might be in the offing.
(and the U.S. is now in Lebanon.. and bombings increase!)

A Yemeni businessman was released from prison
after paying blood money for killing
an Iraqi related to Saddam Hussein
(An answer to prayer! Pat Roberston's Assassination Prayers)

EU sneaks in charter by back door
(This is the reality of Democracy

After 'NY Times' Probe:
Keller Must Fire Miller, and Apologize to Readers

Army Recruitment Woes - and the Four-Letter Explanation

1918 Flu Virus, Dracula, A-Bomb

Presidential Chat: Staging Democracy
(Whitewashing Democracy - as in the White House)

Torture in the Name of Jesus
You certainly wouldn't want to criticize
God's anointed leader on Earth, would you?
I guess that explains the deafening silence
of the president's minions when it comes to torture.
President Bush has said, time and again,
that he does not support torture.
But as is his wont, his deeds make a liar of him.
(Ye shall know them by their fruits?)
(pass the strawberry syrup Pat)

Bush's Obscene Performance
(Being elected once, twice?)

Prophetic Words: Armies are Easily Broken
Early fall two years ago, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld
was still running victory laps and the words of his boss,
President Bush, were still ringing: 'Bring 'em on!'
Sadly, those two were, and still are, in charge.
(This was Operation Blessing?)

Torture and Misery in the Name of Freedom

Bush Has Dug Himself into a Hole,
and He Just Can't Leave That Shovel Alone

Pat Robertson is a political retard
who can’t tell the difference between
the anarchists and the Log Cabin Republicans

License to Torture

(Bush and the GOP Christian RIGHT but WRONG)

Total Victory

Keeping the Light on Injustice

Bush's Flim-Flam on Faith


New Orleans Can Give New Life
to the Cooperative Movement

Things Pfc. Lynndie England (Military Scapegoat) Should
Wonder About in Prison

UN Warns of Dwindling Respect for Rule of Law
(DWINDLING? The GOP and BUSH have none)

Privatizing Social Security Would Drive
Millions (MORE) Below Poverty Line

Candian Government and U.S. Government
Torture Invalid Man in Hospital

Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose

Fallacy of Western Democracy Exposed
(This is the reality of Democracy

Cayman Islands Braces for Tropical Storm
(Operation Belching Pancake will Deliver
the SIN committed - from God to Pat - any day now)

'What is the 'character' of Bush administration?'
(Lies, Hypocrisy, Crimes, Torture, to name a few!)

Intelligence agencies are revealing that US private military contractors, active in Colombia "under various contract umbrellas, including counter-narcotics and counter-insurgency" are building up to yet another attempted coup d'etat against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez. (Are Operation Belching Pancake and Bush behind this crime? Of course!)

Special Air Service had been ordered to carry out
surveillance operations against several members
of the Iraqi police, who were believed to be
responsible for torturing prisoners
(and these would be US-UK Trained Police?
Did Blair clear this report with Bush?
Two faced - Forked Tongued - Doublespeak Hypocrites)

Iran Accuse British Agents for Khuzestan Bomb Blasts
The British Embassy rejected these accusations
(After Blair's LIES on WMD -
I believe the Iranian story!)

Something Wicked This Way Comes... For the unaware, those who rely on mainstream/corporate media for their “news”, Plamegate is a two year investigation into the leaking of a covert CIA operative’s identity to the press. The prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, has been doggedly trying to unravel so much corruption that all the talking heads can do is wonder who is going to be indicted. The fact remains though that the indictments have to be coming within the next two weeks. The term for the special prosecutor expires at the end of this month and we can be sure that Bush will not renew this investigation.

The Hangover of Colonial Violence

The burning Bush
It was reported that Tony Blair and George Bush
had prayed together, it was scandalous.
It could have been more embarrassing only
if they'd been caught playing soggy biscuit.

Iraqi republic will - explicitly - not be Arab

Amazonas Governor signs expulsion order vs. New Tribes

Venezuela will be incorporated into the
Southern Common Market

Venezuela is meeting the Millennium Goals
(Is the United States?)

VA Seeks to Punish Iraq War Veterans

Iraq & New Orleans
The ABCs of Police Lawlessness

Dining With the Rhinos

President of Mali Arrives in Cuba

Venezuela Boots US Religious Interlopers

Nicaraguan Press Headlines Rejection of US Blockade of Cuba
(Even the Puppet Regimes HEAR from the People)

US Blockade Hinders Restoration of
Hemingway Home in Havana

7.0-magnitude earthquake struck offshore
in the East China Sea near Taiwan
(What did God tell ya Pat?
Gays? Lezzies? Aborshun? FALSE PROPHETS? Whited Sepulchres?)

CON Rice: Criticism of Miers Is Unfounded
(So were you two's lies about WMD!)

President Bush is a lot more like
President Clinton than most people realize.
( B O T H     L I A R S ! )

In a carefully crafted and disgraceful
form of devious propaganda,
the Bush administration has tried to create
the false appearance that everything is
going wonderfully in Iraq.
(Hey us common folk still call it LYING!)

Bush may claim to be Christian,
but his actions speak louder than words
(The GOP CONpassionate CONservative RepubliCON!
Real Christians have bought into another False Prophet
and the FALSE PROPHETS that endorsed them)

Anatomy of Zero Point Energy

Extraterrestrial UFOs can separate time dimension
from 3-D spatial of the Physical Universe

New Advances for Liquid-Fueled Rockets

Comets Seem to Be Icy Dirtballs

Spiral Galaxy NGC 2403

Spitzer's Stunning Portrait of Andromeda

Stars Form Near the Heart of the Milky Way

Rare historic coins discovered in Egyptian mountain


Iraqi archaeologists criticize proposed charter

Dig uncovers past of Cherokee in North Carolina
Evidence grows that Trail of Tears extends into western counties

Fertile Goddesses Unveiled in Haft Tepe

Fusion reactors can tap unlimited energy from the
Hyper-dimensional parallel Universes

Drugging The Wildlife:
Prozac, Birth Control Seeping Into Waterways…
The fish were males but had eggs growing inside their testes

Search for America's "Lost Colony" Gets New Boost

Archaeologists to Probe Under Fort Clatsop

Ancient temple unearthed in Peru

Headline News: October 16-17, 2005

Iran bomb blasts leave two dead
(US or British Occupation Forces Responsible?)

I Voted YES!
Bush Made Sure of it!

Baghdad Blackout Caused by Sabotage
(and just where were those Occupation Forces
assigned to protect the utilities?)

US starving out Iraqi civilians is inhumane, says UN
(BUT that's the Christian Way!
Ask Pancake Pat Robertson)

'War Crimes'
Portfolio against United States President,
Vice President and Defense Secretary
Opened By International Committee of the Red Cross
Charging ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

70 ballot stations have not open
(Must be those Black Population areas?
That's the GOP Way!)

Adverts cannot gloss over cracks in Iraq
(as the US Manipulates the Election and the Iraqis)

Israeli Prison Service troops disguised as Arabs
incited Palestinian youths to throwing stones
at Israel Defense Forces troops
(Just like the US and Brits are doing in Iraq)

We Voted YES!

Money for Nothing
Billions of dollars have disappeared,
gone to bribe Iraqis and line
contractors’ pockets.

Referendum Will Change Little

Let's Not Imitate the British

Cuban Farmers Fumigate Bush Plan
if Bush´s plan were implemented on the island,
65,000 Cuban farmers would immediately lose their lands,
as well as 301,000 workers associated to
land production associations and
341,000 from urban agriculture.
(Stay out of our Internal Affairs U.S.!)

Year 2005 Way Too Hot, Scientists Say

New Tribes issue measured response
seeking Chaz Method solution
(Don't put it past the CIA to have infiltrated
New Tribes with Spies!)

Russia, US clash on Iran nuclear 'rights'
(Russia demands Evidence
Rice Provided Belief
Faith Based Bullshit)

I voted YES!

Marijuana May Grow Neurons in the Brain


Technology Helps Unravel Archaeological Mysteries

Companies like Halliburton are importing 'third country nationals' -- and putting them to work in horrible conditions -- to fulfill their U.S. government contracts.

Harriet Miers' deep loyalty blind obligatory adoration
to George Bush could lead to her making dangerous
interpretations of the Constitution.

Al Qaeda Letter Urges Zarqawi
To 'Send Greetings To' Himself…
(Bush Boys Bungle 'planted' evidence again)

I Voted YES!

Two Republican officials were convicted of illegally eavesdropping on Democratic Party conference calls in 2003, the state Republican organization paid $750,000 to Democratic legislators to settle a lawsuit. (No such thing as an honest CONservative NeoCON Fundamentlist RepubliCON)

DeLay Uses Website to Attack Smear Prosecutor
(DeLay Using Money Laundered Funds to attack Prosecutor?)

Unconditional war can no longer lead to unconditional victory.
It can no longer serve to settle disputes...
can no longer be of concern
to great powers alone.
– John F. Kennedy

Bonkers Bolton the Peacemaker

Casualties of the Bush Administration

The Broken Constitution
More eyewitnesses to U.S. torture of detainees
pierce the Bush administration's cover-up

I Voted YES!

Judy Miller and the neocons
Arrogance, poor editing, and getting too close to her sources
-- not ideology -- led to her fall.

Roger L. Simon has a problem with my call for
Fitzgerald to indict Michael "P-2" Ledeen as a conspirator
in the forging of the Niger uranium documents.

The Troops Don’t Support the Constitution

America offers 'Gaddafi deal'
to bring Syria in from the cold
(Bush End-Run Around to Interfere
in another sovereign nation's internal affairs)

U.S. signals a return to
solving issues Intefering in the Balkans

Battalion commander pays his respects, apologizes
to Iraqis whose civilian relatives have been killed
by anonymous GIs in passing patrols and convoys
(This is not a war but a U.S. Terrorist Regime Out of Control
aimlessly killing civilians for sport)

I've Voted YES!
So did everyone at this Ballot Box!

Reporter Files Harrowing Account
After Stint With Iraqi Military

WMD: US mum over Bush’s reported
comments about Riyadh, Islamabad
(Bush's Goal of 100% Total Control of all Arab Nations Uncovered
as he attempts to create a 'greater' 'greater' 'greater' Israel?)

Plea is likely in bribery at SOCom
(More Crimes Sponsered by the GOP
More evidence that 'Intelligent' design is a false theory
at least in NeoCON CONservative RepubliCON Circles)

Senators want to know why BUSH CONTROLLED Pentagon
ended an inquiry of SOCom

Saddam's trial a double-edged sword
for the United States
(Since the U.S. Furnished the
Chemical and Bio Weapons to Saddam
in a Genocide Attempt against Iran!)

I Voted YES!
Where's my candy?

Iran in 18-year weapons plan
(accuses the U.S. - but offers no evidence of proof
Similar to a Federal Court Hearing in the US)

Israel says Syria regime change in world's interest
(Israel regime change would be in world's interest)
(U.S. regime change would be in world's interest)

Colombia army accused of cover-up
(The U.S. controlled Colombian Army)

US-Central America Security Deal Fails
(GOOD! Keep the U.S. out of South America's Affairs)

U.S. envoy urges Venezuela to reconsider decision
to expel American missionaries
(Christian Evangelical Fool Pancake Hustling Pat Roberston
calls for Chavez Assassination, then Christian Evangelical Missionaries
Suspected of Spying
The U.S. would Jail the Whole Bunch
if they had done this to BUSH!)

Welcome to the Occupation

I Voted YES!
And so did 140,000 troopers

US Evangelical Spies
(It's a part of their belief system...
for when I am in Rome I act as a Roman,
and when I am in Israel I act as a Jew,
to win many- St Paul
Spying is Inherent to Christian Beliefs)

It's anti-racism that was failed,
not multiculturalism that failed

What's the Difference between the KKK and the GOP?
Both are White Christian Fundamentalists
Both are Conservatives
Both are Racist
There is no Difference

Beginning Of The End For The GOP
(Now that will call for a CELEBRATION!)

Summit backs Cuba against US

'The Emperor doesn't disclose:
Why the fight against fake news continues'

I Voted YES!

Taking Iraq Apart

Hugo Chávez and the Politics Humanity of Race

Chinese workers at a company in Israel
have been forced to agree not to have sex
with or marry Israelis as a condition of getting a job.
(Israel, the culture of racism,
used and exploited as policy....)

Revving up the China threat
(The other one's are failing Bush)

If Bush's Brain is removed, it's gonna hurt.
(Nothing but Pancake Batter there anyway - Right Pat?)

Pentagon Channel Stirs Controversy for
Allegedly Staging Events
(This is why we trust Chavez' and Assad's words over Bush!
The U.S. has Staged the events
in the Middle East, South America -
It's all WAG THE DOG!)

I Voted YES!
Now where's the Clean Diapers?

Let’s Drink to the Slobbering Classes
A sordid tale of work release, hyenas and liberal weakness

Preview of Abu Ghraib in New Orleans


White House

Supreme Court


Military - Pentagon

Halliburton - U.S. Corporations

Archaeologists dig the dirt on rare medieval farm find

Ancient relic is 'once in a lifetime' finding

The holy month of Ramadan

Biblical palace found (?) near Old City

I Voted YES!
Drugs prove it

Russia mourns victims of Nalchik terrorist attack

Russia's new X-555 cruise missile has put an end to the
USA's monopoly in usage of
high-precision long-range missiles

Man undresses in Moscow parks to rob women

India ready to bring generic version
of bird flu drug to market in early 2006

The dynamics of Hyperspace –
the driving force of Type IV Alien civilization
that makes them dominate the Universes and Hyperspace

Advanced navigation and propulsion systems
go next generation reverse engineering
advanced extraterrestrial UFOs

I Removed the Handcuffs
So She could vote YES!

More rain forecast for flooded U.S. states

No CIA infiltration into
Venezuelan missionary group says LIES US

For Bush, it's from bad to worse
(Who cares about BUSH?
For the rest of us it's gone
from bad to worse BECAUSE of Bush)

Rumsfeld to make key trip toINTERFERE IN China next week

US governor to hold nuclear talks with North Korea
(Bush sends DEMOCRAT to N. Korea
Must have run out of honest GOPs)

Venezuela promises cheap oil to poor Chicagoans
(When did Bush do this for YOU?)

Blair: 'Keep the faith'
(more Faith-Based Bullshit)

China's President Hu Calls for Currency Stability
(Rebuffs Bush interference in China's Economy)

God Told us to Vote YES!
(Need any Pancakes?)

Steinmeier is thought to be a "gray eminence" of the German Government. All the German special services are subordinate to him. He is a real conductor of "special relations" with Russia; he does not like the USA; he resurrects the "Great Germany"…
(This should set Bush on NOTICE!)

UK propaganda campaign against palm oil

U.K.: Highest Court to Rule on Torture Evidence

Blair to clarify position of British troops towards Iran
(Blair to Iran: Leave the Car Bombing to us?)

Israel Denies LIES ABOUT Spying on US

Afghanistan recognising Israel
(the Trouble Maker of the Middle East)

Our Bootiful Minds voted YES!

Israeli Arabs treated like
the enemy in their own country

Chinese VP stresses Iran's nuclear right

Iran Vows not to Concede Nuclear Right

Rice meets allies to build Iran pressure
(But days of arm-twisting by US doomed
Due to dishonest GOPs, Dishonoring Treaties, Constant Interference)

Egypt warns against Israel’s nukes singularity

Speaking to (Bare Breast Sensitive) Barbara Walters,
Saudis' new king said he-- (blah blah blah.. rest of US scripted answers).

US Drug Fight Merely a Ruse
(It has been the ways and means of
US spying on Central and South America)

Internet co. rattles Japan's media

I Voted YES!

Australia accused of rushing shoot-to-kill terror laws

Care for a tasty cloneburger?

Eat chilli to help you sleep

Rembrandt, brain scientist?

Cradled By Destruction

Lady In Red: Andromeda Galaxy Shines
In Spitzer's Eyes

All No Votes were Car Bombed
By Iraqi, Syrian, Iranian, British, U.S. Insurgents

The Next Generation Blue Marble

Link Between Tropical Warming
And Greenhouse Gases Stronger Than Ever

Investigators Search for Canadian Lake Monster

Ichthyosaur bones found off U.K. coast

Warmer Seas, Wetter Air Make Harder Rains

I Voted YES!
and counted the YES Ballots!

Wetness-defying Water?
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Group
Discovers A Paradox: Hydrophobic H2O

Curcumin Halts Spread of Breast Cancer in Mice

Medicare Elimination of Essential Drugs Will Affect Elderly

African Spider Craves Human Blood
(Don't tell Bush - He'll import them to Iraq and Louisiana)

The Movie in Your Head
Is consciousness a seamless experience or a string of fleeting images,
like frames of a movie? The emerging answer will determine
whether the way we perceive the world is illusory

Was there ever any doubt?

Headline News: October 15-16, 2005

Iraqi Constitutional Election Today!

Guaranteed to be a Winner!
Brought to you by an illegal Invader
and an Occupation Army

Downing Street initially denied that
any meeting had taken place, it was later forced
to issue a "clarification," saying that the two had been involved in
"private discussions".

The occupation of Iraq,
by American colonialism,
is a crime against humanity

Overcrowded prisons, inmates stuck in their cells
for 23 hours a day, prisoners spending nights
in police stations
(Human Rights Abuses - Degradation - Inhumane Treatment)

See Yankee in picture?
Making SURE the Vote is YES

Bush "wanted to go beyond Iraq
in dealing with WMD proliferation, mentioning in particular
Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea and Pakistan," the daily said.
(Moslem, Arab Allies Targeted by BUSH!
It is a Christian Crusades!)

Nobel winner Pinter rages against U.S. arrogance;
calls Blair 'deluded idiot'
(As do most Britons!)

The Bush gang thinks that Rove is
too smart for special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald

Nafta Frays as the U.S. gives it the Just-Us treatment
(NAFTA ignored like all other treaties the U.S. EVER made in 229 years)

US Slaps $300 Million Penalty on Samsung Electronics
(Okay - So who gets the $300 Million?)

Pentagon, FBI spying activities will be free of operational control
(and Congress fiddles while Rome burns)

Northeast States Endure 8th Day of Rain
(Pancake Patty will Probably say this is God's Wrath on Blue States)

Iraq and the Laws of War

(A Nazi Facsist Commonwealth)

Murderous Middle East Intrigues

Iraqi Politics Main Dish on Iftar Tables

Man of Peace: Harold Pinter

How to constitute a civil war

Taking Iraq Apart

US Attorney Brought In Over
Armstrong Williams' Illegal 'Covert Propaganda'…

Newly released audit shows FEC
questioned ARMPAC's practices

Prosecutor Subpoenas DeLay Phone Records

The Nexus of Politics and Terror

In the last three years there had been about 13 similar coincidences - a political downturn for the administration, followed by a 'terror event' - a change in alert status, an arrest, a warning.

Fungus May Be Having Sex Among Us

Deadly Ecosystem ... In Your Pillow

Baghdad Blackout Caused by Sabotage
(Where were the Brits when this happened?)

Torture and Misery in the Name of Freedom

Squeezing the Have-Nots

Greater Role for Military?
Call Out the Posse (Comitatus)

How To Endure Disaster Fatigue

What's Happening Out of Camera Range?

George Mason Student Busted for Anti-Recruiting
(and Bush says there's no racism under his dictatorship - LIAR)

Squeezing the Have-Nots

Iraqis to vote on neo-colonial constitution

Oppose Blair’s police-state measures

What is in Blair’s anti-terror bill?

Ohio Delphi workers denounce company plan
to halve wages and slash jobs

At least 2,225 individuals convicted of crimes they committed as juveniles are currently serving life terms without parole in American prisons, according to a joint report released Tuesday by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. This figure compares with a total of 12 prisoners in the rest of the world combined who were given the same sentence as children.

World's hedge funds face crisis as
Refco suspends trading

Bird Flu Outbreak Reported In Columbia
Iran Reports Mass Bird Deaths
Influenza Reported In Florida
Global Pandemic Rampage Continues

Polio Outbreak Occurs Among Amish Families In Minnesota
(This is God's Wrath due to the rampant immorality
among the Amish and the Amish Children - Right Pat?)

Subtype Of Bird Flu Discovered In Texas
Thousands Of Birds Killed In Successful Containment Effort

BUSH Pundits to bring in US political consultants
in attempt to win Venezuelan elections

I trust God speaks through me. GW BUSH
(Then God needs a language tutor and a Psychiatrist)

What cruel despot decrees that his subjects will speak words not their own, that they will blindly obey the injunctions of his self-anointed envoys, tremble at their admonitions, mouth off supplications and jeremiads and recite words of indebtedness and veneration, all repeated ad nauseam, day after day, to a God who never shows his face, never bares his heart, never sheds a tear, never says he's sorry, a God who grants life and, with it, the fear of death? But God upon whom we turn for comfort, whose indulgence we seek for our offenses and whose wrath we invoke against our enemies, turns a stone visage to human misery and a deaf ear to our most heart-rending cries.

American theocracy
paranoid and repressive, vindictive and bloodthirsty?

This is Vote?
Smells like shit to me

U.K. Pound Heads for Sixth Week of Declines
(UK Economy Under Blair tied to the demise of US Economy
not very smart!)

City anger at cost of 'Blair's booze bill'

U.S. blocked food aid sent from Britain
(This article PROVES the INSANITY of the US Federal Government)

Dutch police seal off prime minister’s office
(When will these world leaders figure it out?
The PEOPLE of the WORLD are MAD as HELL

Norway's coalition to pull troops from Iraq

'Israel must concentrate on Arab media'
(It would help if you'd mix a little truth in with it occasionally)

Mehlis has no evidence against Syria
(Why was the US so quick to accuse Syria of an assassination?
That is what the U.S. would do or did?
You can bet the U.S. pulled something off here to antagonize Syria
and attempt to turn world opinion against a neutral nation)

Preparations are underway for renewed US militarization and intervention in Latin America. ...the US government is using the threat of terrorism as an excuse for military operations aimed at destabilizing leftist movements and governments and securing natural resources such as oil and gas.

U.S. eyeing Venezuela's nuke plans
(US is creating Propaganda to Demonize Chavez!)

Venezuela VP Defends Missionary Expulsion
We have intelligence reports that some of them are CIA
(Hope they didn't depend on US intelligence
Perhaps he's getting rid of the insurgents?)

Venezuela’s health care revolution
(Must be evil to put people FIRST
before the Pharmaceuticals, the Hospitals, the Insurance Companies,
and Frist's Hospital Corporations of America!)

US Backed Ecuador ousted leader 'to return',
try to regain power

Peru Machu Picchu mudslides strand 3,200 tourists
(What did they do to deserve this from Pat Robertson's God?)

Cuban government goes to the Internet to fight U.S. embargo

Cardinal says Castro told him pope welcome to visit Cuba

China’s Economic Invasion of Mexico:
A Threat to the U.S. or an Opportunity for Mexico?

Texas sheriff slams lax federal border security
(Be sure and read:Oh Syria:
Don't' fall into the trap- near top of page)

Mexico wary of rights violations on U.S. border

U.S. Details Aid Packages for Guatemala/Mexico Flood Victims
(The U.S. Pitiful Performance - Trillions for WAR - pittance for suffering)

Japan says deal expected on moving US troops

Special report: Death stench in Pakistan

Forgotten village trapped behind a wall of rock

A Bipartisan Brothel With a Revolving Door

Where's that Ballot Box?
Occupation Soldiers said it was over here!

Heeding the Law of the Land

Voters said to hunt for polling sites in west Iraq
(You didn't expect the Occupation Army
to have a FAIR Election did you?)

Powerful Sunni Group Urges Iraqis to Reject New Charter

U.S. gives up on upgrading missile defense
(Or they've moved over to Missile Offensive Weapons?)

Thatcher reveals her doubts over basis for Iraq war

Iraq Insurgents Attack Sunni Party Office
(or was it those British Undercover Insurgents?)

Iraqis ready to vote, US troops tell Bush
(Occupation Army tells the Occupation President!
Guns Loaded - Vote assured
Obviously not an Iraqi election..
It's a U.S. Election - Jeb Bush style)

Elusive enemy in battle of nerves with British forces
(British army fighting ghosts.. of course ghosts supplied by Iran
Wag the Dog - Wag the Dog)

I won't take part in this mockery as long as I live.
The occupier writes for us and invites us to vote for it
(Iraqi's Opinion of the US imposed Constitution over Iraq)

White House Schill Scott McClellan Says
Helen Thomas Opposes 'War on Terrorism'
(She MUST be one of THEM, says Joseph McCarthy)

Colombia on alert for rebel election offensive
(This piece is pure Washington DC propaganda!
Same old tired rhetoric used against
Iraq, Syria, Iran, Venezuela!
Marxist insurgents? - Are they Colombians?)

Britain urges EU to invest in military reform
(WHY? Because the UK has spent all the Brits money!)

Saddam's trial may be televised
(Roman coliseum - Public Execution - Feed him to the Lions)

Army misses fiscal 2005 recruiting goals
(Sign up and Die Today?)

This is Freedom? This is Democracy?
I rather stay home and cook pork for Israelis

Iraqi detainees kick off vote on constitution
(Read: Occupation, the Stockholm Syndrome,
and Psychological Warfare - near top of page)

US keen to display political progress in Iraq vote
(Because there really isn't any! Wag the Dog)

Bush Approval Rating seeking to match Bush IQ level)

Jitters at the White House Over the Leak Inquiry
(Hmmm? I haven't heard the Voice of God
Through Pancake Hustler Roberston
calling for the assassination of a traitor?
O GOD? Where art thou?)

Bush Seen Increasingly as a Failed President
(SEEN AS? The Facts Prove It!)

Iraq: Why it’s right to say 'I told you so'

I voted NO!
and the soldiers didn't catch me

California Public Employees Oppose
'Paycheck Protection' Proposition
(Fascism Diguised as Democracy)

Politics Trumping Service for Nat'l Parks Employees
(Fascism Diguised as Democracy)

Court Halts New York Lending Inequity Investigation
(Bush's Federal Courts Back
Federal Banks Illegal Banking Practices)

States have no authority to enforce the Fair Housing Act

Criminal Arrogance = Bush Arrogance

I'm voting NO!
I don't want any more of your friggin propaganda!

The Fallen Legion
(Legion - name of demons cast into swine)

Iraq is a country people paralysed by fear.

For Injured U.S. Troops, 'Financial Friendly Fire'
(Bush and Rummy say F*** You to injured soldiers)

Get Ready for G W Bush’s Next Big Rape

Iraq Referendum on Constitution:
Illegal Legislation

Marijuana can relieve depression

Marijuana may spur new brain cells

Scientists identify Tourette's gene

Scientists develop cancer nanobomb

Mysterious 'half-animal, half-plant' marine microbe discovered

Librarian finds £1.5m Beethoven score
in seminary's basement

Deadly flatulence:

how to excrete without risk in space?

Greek Cave Puzzles Archaeologists

Ancient anthropoid origins discovered in Africa

'I saw a fireball!'

Comets: more dust than ice

Muslim view of Jesus: a prophet respected, revered

I wanted to vote NO.
But the soldier made me vote YES

Outrage after airline ejects blind passengers from jet
(Christian Compassionate Conservatism Invades England)

Deputies Suspended For Eating Inmate's Candy
(They should be charged with THEFT and JAILED!
You and I would be)

Teacher Accused Of Oral Sex On Her 9-Year-Old Student

First day of school for aspiring Vatican exorcists
(Will they Use their Learning on the White House?)

Should have known that Bastard Bush
Would put the Constitution and Ballots in English

Al-Assad's talk about "treason" and
"international court" accelerate defining responsibilities

Syrian PM denies US allegations on Iraq

Russian Rejects Bids to Isolate Syria

Wary Eyes Cast on Iraqi Kurds

Israel says regime change in Syria in world’s interest
(Israel as does the U.S. needs to leave Syria alone
and mind their own business)

America offers 'Gaddafi deal' to bring Syria in from the cold

Americans Should Fast, Muslim Cleric Urges
(Might not be good for Pat Robertson's Pancake Sales?)

Former Illinois Governor George Ryan for the
2006 Nobel Peace Prize

Germany: Grand Coalition under Chancellor Merkel
A government in defiance of the voters’ will

Headline News: October 14-15, 2005


It don't mean a thing
if their phones don't ring

Sleepwalking into slavery?

Al-Qaeda and the Dubious Confederacy of Evil

Saddam expects to prove innocence

Stuck In Baghdad? Yeah, Right
Don't believe what you hear from the
White House and the Pentagon.
We can leave Iraq anytime we please.

Better Off Without Him?
Christian fundamentalists claim religion is associated
with lower rates of violence, teen pregnancy and divorce.
A new study says they couldn't be more wrong.

The Evolution of Environmental Activism

Chavez kicks out U.S. evilangelists for 'spying'

Syrian leader denies role in Lebanese death
(Don't deny-- MAKE 'EM PROVE IT!)

Suvivor's Guide to the Energy Crisis

A Rush Toward
(U.S. Style) Democracy Could Trigger Civil War

Putin signs bill on oil price increase

Political Appointees Re-Write
Commerce Department Report On
Offshore Outsourcing;
Original Analysis Is Missing From Final Version

Russia has agreed to reconsider a
Syrian request for an advanced medium-range rocket.

Plight of Palestinian refugees
increased since occupation of Iraq

Saddam to claim sovereign immunity

Blair's own watchdog tells him to
rethink anti-terror law

UK escalating war of words against Iran
(It's a 2 fold planned war of words!
UK vs Iran
US vs Syria)

U.K. Troops May Have to Go Without Equipment

Warnings of further UK flooding

France wants justice done in Hariri probe

30 000 waiting to enter EU

Schroeder quits government,
blasts U.S., Britain

Stargazing bug seizes the imagination in Iran

Linking Iran's economy to nuclear issue incorrect

Army to fight Amazonian drought

Cuba-Blockade: Bush´s Annexation Plan
(Illegal, Immoral, Manifest Destiny Raises it Ugly Head)

Disaster has a name: capitalism

Washington...has become an alien city-state
that rules America, and much of the rest of the world,
in the way that Rome ruled the Roman Empire.
– Richard Maybury

Mr. Bush Goes to Tikrit (Sort of)

US Subverting Democracy in the Name of Democracy

THE stock market closed sharply lower today
despite lifting in the afternoon, after US markets overnight
fell to their lowest finish in five months.

We and the Constitution

We have brought torture and misery
in the name of freedom

Vice President's role in outing of CIA agent under examination,
sources close to prosecutor say

A little known cabal of administration hawks known as the White House Iraq Group (WHIG), came together in August 2002 to publicize the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. WHIG was founded by Bush chief of staff Andrew Card and operated out of the Vice President’s office.

Ex-US Marine Asks Iraqis for Forgiveness

A Taste For Torture

Fog facts

A Referendum for Disaster

Drug Use Soars in Iraq

The Young Chickenhawks

Miers and the Right (WRONG)

"We are ready for any unforeseen

event that may or may not occur."
(GW Bush 9/22/97)

Bush Teleconference With Soldiers Staged

DeLay's home, campaign phone records subpoenaed

Uranium Fallout
Coverage of the Plame affair has been tainted
by the press's cosy duet with the White

Colombian Abortion Law Campaign is
Undermined by Washington
(U.S. Yankee Bastards GO HOME!)

Iraq has Descended into Anarchy
(Under the Bush/Blair Oligarchy !)

Dobson explanation falls short, critics charge
(i.e. means Dobson is Lying)

N.Y. Times 'frustrated' by Miller story

U.S. soldier opens fire on fellow troops
(Now that's one way to insure ya don't got to Iraq!)

CIA director to manage all human spying
(Oh shit -- !! I smell another J Edgar!)

Syria clear of Hariri killing

Can Attacks on Oil Facilities

lead to Peace?

Growing 'Iraqification' of New Orleans

We need to be told

Guantanamo : When winning is easy

"War On Terror" Revisited

Dutch court blocks Egyptian's extradition to US: A Dutch court blocked the extradition to the United States on Wednesday of a man with Dutch and Egyptian nationality suspected of links to al Qaeda, citing insufficient guarantees over the suspect's basic rights.

Many killed in southern Russia clash

Danny Ayalon, Spy?
I'm shocked – shocked!

Just a Chance

Guantanamo Process as a Public Danger

World may have to live with nuclear Iran -US study

National Clandestine Service

85-Year-Old Seattle Woman Recruited By Marines

UK lawyer joins Saddam's defence

Iran sitting pretty as 'main winner' in war on Iraq

A Killing's Aftershocks Shake Syria's Elite

Saudi sees Iraq constitution tilting power to Iran

Departing German Chancellor Schroeder

Takes Swipe at Bush
(Try again? Use Pretzels)

Sami Rasouli Returns Home To Iraq
To Help His People

George Bush last week denounced Syria and its ally, Iran,
as "outlaw regimes" conniving with
"Islamo-fascist terrorists" to foment
international instability
(Demand BUSH Prove IT!
You can prove that the US is fomenting international instability)

Iran's heritage deserves respect from America and Europe

This law won't fight terror - it is an incitement to terrorism
(If the Britons let this stand
Welcome to The Blair Dictatorship)

Pipelineistan's Biggest Game Begins

Impeachment, Now and Then

Global report on policing and human rights

Human Rights Groups Challenge Life Sentences for Kids

Briefs Filed in First Roberts Court Abortion Rights Case

Wisconsin University Art Censorship Spurs Speech Debate

Bush Plays The Faith Card

The Next Great Theft?

Democratic Party's Urge to Lose

U.S. Reduces Protection of Waters, Wetlands

Naked and helpless
Workers watch as pensions disappear

The pseudo and the science
Religious right tries to claim
'March of the Penguins'
in culture war

White House, Congress press plans
for major cuts in social programs

Australia: high oil prices provoking
protests and discontent

Social inequality reaches new heights in California

Presbyterians Speak Out:
A Call to Say No to Torture

US trade deficit widens as energy costs rise

GAO Says FDA Plan B Rejection Political, Not Medical

SEC Issues Subpoena To Frist

FEMA keeps evacuee data secret,
hinders search for survivors

New Orleans hospital staff "
debated euthanizing patients"

Records show church's decades of patience
with pedophile priests,
while victims were ignored

Breast-fondling cop quits;
he was on full $53k salary
during 16-months in jail

Genetically Engineered Organisms
Out of Control in Romania
Ex-Monsanto director speaks out

(GEO Out of Control in U.S. Too)

All of us are being fatally poisoned

Ex-cop ex-con gets probation
for possession of a gallon of
methamphetaminey liquidl

Looting charge against 71-year-old
Baptist deaconess defies credulity, witnesses,
but ... she is blackl

Serious doubts expressed about the usefulness
of Iberian America Summit

Derisive stereo-typical braggarts
who may do well as heroes in Spaghetti westerns

Dealing with a "latrine" like the IAPA,
you've got to be very, very careful!

The jury of public opinion should be allowed to say
of Venezuela: "Not guilty!"

In response to increased US aggression,
Venezuela is reorienting its military strategy towards
arming and preparing the entire population for imperialist attack.

The Second Coming of George W. Bush:

'The Messiah' of the 21st century

Has Venezuela's Hugo Chavez been sponsoring death squads
... as USA has?

Robertson should submit PROOF
to substantiate his claims/allegations...
(Pancake retort: Oh no! God told me to tell ya that!
You gotta trust me because I get the word from GOD)

Yeah, Chavez is one of 'em.
Can you believe it?
He can't do miracles...

Venezuela's Chavez hands over 1.65 million acres
to 15 indigenous communities
(Has Bush returned that much of Georgia back over to the Cherokees?)

Venezuelan Health Minister:
team in action to monitor migratory birds and avian flu

Defense Ministry orders investigation into
GN Anti-Drugs Command top brass

Venezuelan indigenous groups to run new Indigenist Institute

Chavez government may boost state spending next year
to a record Bs.119 trillion

El Salvador President says he did not refuse
Venezuelan humanitarian aid

Sunni party's Fallujah branch hit by explosion
(Where were the Insurgent British Troops Located?)

Industrialized Greed Produces Pandemics

US war-planners assign $445 billion
for defense despite huge economic problems
(all the money they want - from your pocket and mine)

Pseudo-Christ promises to raise
the Beslan school kids from the dead

Pancake Salesman DECLARES:

"Satan has gone! God has just healed somebody! A hernia has been healed! Several people are being healed of hemorrhoids and varicose veins! People with flat feet! God is doing just great things to you!"
(Not any more ABSURD than this!)

Voting Rights, Human Rights

Questions of Character
(No questions here... No Character There)

Who Will Be Indicted, and When?

Cuba Denounces US Radio and TV Aggression

Venezuela Accuses: US Drug Fight Merely a Ruse
(It Always has Been!)

US Army Seiges Western Iraq
(Must have been those Vote NO provinces)

Recurring Scandals Have Bush Administration Reeling

Katrina and Mitch, Siblings of Negligence

Almost 100 percent of Russians infected
with cancer bacterium

Russian oligarchs ready to pay millions for huge penises

Columbian woman dies four times
(Holy Jeezus Raised from the Dead!)

Waterlogged Guatemalans Slam President Berger

Internet Forum Produces Extensive
Rejection of Blockade on Cuba

Bush's Credibility


Salamanca Summit Supports Cuba

Salamanca Summit Wants Posada in Venezuela

Advanced extraterrestrial UFOs from Type IV civilizations used artificial global warming to trigger extinction of most terrestrial life forms 250 million years back


You have spent your life listening to people tell you that you have to be saved and that you have to make sure of your salvation so that you can spend eternity in heaven. It is absolutely impossible for you to be saved. The reason that you cannot be saved is because you are totally a creation of the earth. There is no God or universe that had anything to do with who and what you are.


You were solely created by a union of your mother and father. Only their exact chromosomes could interact to make you. If they changed their mind at the last minute and decided to marry someone else you would never have been born. There are people who live on this earth and they thank God for giving them life. God did not give them life. They have life because someone forgot to wear a condom. Someone forgot to add correctly and missed the time of ovulation. It was a mistake. There are people who are alive today because they were created by a rape. Violence against a person led to a creation of another and they thank God for giving them life. Human bodies are created by other human bodies. They are engineered and structured as to what they will be by chromosomes, genetics. The color of the skin, the color of the eyes, the shape of the nose. The diseases they will probably get are all engineered inside of them before they ever see the light of day.
Bill Donahue -

(I can't believe that Daddy made him President)
(I can't believe Grandpa made him President)
(I can't believe my father-in-law made him President)

Government by Temper Tantrum

GM in Grave Danger: Delphi Chief

Another World Is Possible

Christian Right's piece of the 'Promised Land'
Israel offers evangelical Christians land near
Sea of Galilee to solidify support and boost tourism
(Evangelicals go home to Galilee!)

Hey, I thought this is what you wanted! The Apocalypse, the final chapter, the moment when all you righteous ones are vacuumed into Heaven to hang out for eternity with Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson while the rest of us are left to broil in our own terrible sin-filled juices!

Three years after police arrested Frank L. Robinson
on a drug warrant and threw him in jail,
they admit they were looking for a
different guy with the same name

No person who publicly advocates
cold-blooded murder for political reasons
can claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Musings Of King George

King Saul and President Bush

Headline News: October 13-14, 2005

Bush also repeated U.S. warnings to Syria
that it should do more to stop foreign fighters
from crossing its border into Iraq.

A toy called Assad

Damascus slams Arab role

Syria ready to punish 'traitors' in Hariri murder

The Avian Flu Fright is Politically Timed
A Public Health Warning and Political Essay
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The Horowitz Videos

The Horowitz Books

Operation 'Latin American Freedom'

Latin America's long economic failure
sparks desire for change

Thugs hired by Zulia landowner attack
Yukpa and Wayuu indians
(Sounds Very much like the US mentality
towards its indigenous citizens!)

Chavez Frias is nobody's puppet and knows what he wants

Media Ministry official says it's too early to modify media law
(Sounds just like the same rules the US imposes on cable TV here?)

Senate Republican Torture Masters

"Mess O Potamia":
Exposing The Lies Of The Bush Administration

The Big Fix

Hunger For Natural Gas

An Endless Cycle of Good Deeds

Monkey Business and Moral Panic

Venezuela confiscates six farms used for

It's fair to say that the President Hugo Chavez
is democratic, revolutionary, and anti-imperialist.

A Mountain Tsunami in Kashmir

My mental faculties remained in suspended animation
while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups.
This is typical with everyone in the military.
– General Smedley Butler (USMC, Ret.)

CIA review faults prewar plans

Israeli envoy to U.S. accuses Syria of harboring terror groups
(Go Home Israel! You've caused enough trouble in this hemisphere)

Syria warns 'gates of hell will open' if U.S. attacks
(Don't fall for it Assad, Syria! You are being set up by Israel and DC!)

"Why is it so necessary to write
a new constitution for Iraq now?"

Beyond Miller: Rove And Cheney

THE British Army expressed 'regret' last night
for its controversial raid on an Iraqi police station
(Dictator Blair Wags the Dog at Iran to blame Iran)

Danish PM faces Iraq war lawsuit

Former French UN ambassador held over Iraq oil-for-food

"There is no longer Syrian interference in Lebanon at all"

Haiti Rules U.S. Citizen Can Seek Office
(Wonder now who pulls the strings of the Haitian Puppet Government?)

Hailu Shewal said the vote
"marked the destruction of the democratic process in Ethiopia".

Britain accuses Iran of running training camps for bombers
(Ruff Ruff, Bark Bark, Wag the Dog some more!)

America Has 2,000 Young Offenders Serving Life Terms in Jail

The End Of The Trust-Me Presidency?

Director Of Censored Intelligence

The Vanishing Middle

A Prize And A Plea

The death squads of Iraq

Do You Remember the Downing Street Memos?

From Iraq, soldier seeks war's end

United States Military Leaders in Chaos
Terrorists Targeting US Center For Disease Control
American University Escape With Secret Documents
1918 Spanish Flu Virus Samples

Bolton bars Darfur briefing
(I Smell US Coverup?)

Please Don’t Support My Troop

It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear. – General Douglas MacArthur

Here come the TAXES
Bush wants YOU to pay for his war follies

Feds Accuse Nation’s Largest Laundry Firm of
Unfair Labor Practices

Hawai'i Ordered to Obey Environmental Regs on Bioengineered Algae

Premier sends Ottawa a reminder ...Oil is all ours!

U.S. keeps Spy Nation out of new fighter-jet development program

A panel appointed by U.S. President George W. Bush backs
limiting tax breaks for housing and health care

Bush's advisers have other ideas, including a flat tax
(Wasn't this Liberal Jerry Brown's Idea?)

'If the U.S. doesn't respect NAFTA,
it does lend urgency for Canadians to diversify exports'
(Been telling you that the US is nothing but a Hypocrite)

Torture Advocate Conducting Illegal War
sees "no improvement" in China's human rights record

U.S. violating international law by jailing
thousands of juveniles to life without parole
(Ain't it great to live in this God Forsaken Christian Nation?)

Putin demands laws on free medical aid

Taiwan Won't Give Up Oilfield Sought by China, Japan

Flooding chaos across the UK
(Is that Blair in the stream?)

TONY Blair Becoming the British Dictator yesterday threatened to impose "summary justice" on people accused of offences including terrorism, organised crime and neighbourhood yobbery. Claiming that the criminal justice system was "passing through a watershed," the Prime Minister suggested a radical and far-reaching shift in legal practice, hinting that many traditional legal protections could be swept away.

British Dictator Blair,
Like his counterpart, connected at the hip Bush
defends extending detention without charge
Refusal of Basic Legal Due Process

UK taxpayers lose billions to errors, fraud and crap
(Check Blair's Bank Holdings Lately?)

Many French Are Dissatisfied with Politicians
as are
Americans, Canadians, Iraqis, Palestinians,
Israelites, Texans, Mexicans, Nicaraguans,
Colombians, Pervians, Bolivians, Germans,
British, Irish, Scots, Russians,
and beat goes on

France criticizes US plan to cut agriculture subsidies
(Conservative imposed Nafta haunting Conservatives today)

Israelis sharpening swords for strike on Iran

UN official:
Israel impeding human rights work in PA areas

'Israel is choking its scientists'
(Same as the US is choking its scientists!
US still controlled by those Conservatives that did not evolve properly)

Syrian interior minister commits suicide

Growing Controversy in Ecuador over Bill to Boost Production

Peru's ex-PM gets 4 years in jail for corruption

Cuba Sends Doctors to Guatemala and Offers Them to Pakistan

Cuba exemplifies success for womens emancipation

France demands Cuba release political prisoners

Guatemala homeless toll at 200,000

Death Toll Could Reach 2,000 in Guatemala

Life Still Miserable for 2.5 Million Pakistanis

Japan returns stolen monument to South Korea

U.S., Japan seek resolution to military base feud
(How about US Yankee GO HOME!)

Strong earthquake jolts Indonesia's Aceh

Mystery US ship near Zambo

Three Alaska volcanoes showing signs of unrest

President Bush has announced his feelings that "Intelligent Design" should be taught in public schools. This is to appease his religious followers. Unfortunately they all have made a serious error. Intelligent Design is already being taught in all public schools. It is called evolution. God chose evolution as his creative technique so that each species would be able to adapt over long periods of time to natural changes. Evolution is a very intelligent design.
~ Bill Donahue -

A month of rainfall deluges the North Englanf in 24 hours

10 Dead In US East Coast Flooding

Global warning that we should heed

Mystery fumes envelope Lagos

Mystery stink hits Cardiff Bay

Emergency managers in Oregon
are preparing for the worst

Martial Law as Cure for the Flu

Scientists renew efforts to clone tassie tiger

The Mysterious Origin and Supply of Oil

Mystery still surrounds Earth’s oil supply

The Origins of Oil and Petroleum

The Unnecessary Energy Crisis:
How to Solve It Quickly

Seeing red might be a warning sign

Strange Plant Strangling NJ Lake

Two new species of tomato discovered

Dark Matter:
Invisible, Mysterious and Perhaps Nonexistent

Scientists seek access to fresh embryos

Banks' illness remains a mystery

Visitors flock to see image of dead priest

Stolen Florida Jet Found in Georgia
(Osama did it?
and Homeland Security proves incompetent
again and again and again and again and again and again)

Rare 10-Foot Python Attacks Farmer's Poultry
(Obviously Not Afraid of Bird Flu)

Scared by corpse, burglar phones police

Rain, hail and fatal diseases hamper rescue efforts
in quake-stricken Pakistan

Ten-year-old Indian boy has 25 fingers

Zombie girl regains memory

A language of dehumanization
(One that Bush and Pat Robertson know all too well)

Impeachment, Now and Then

Bush claims new 'milestone' mill-stone in the occupation
Sham constitution in Iraq

Is This a "Moral" Man?

Creationism, "God" and Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson
(a.k.a Assassin Pancake Hustler)

The Bunker Mentality:
"The Babe" and the Catholic Church

An Introduction to American StupidSpeak

If Evilangelical Pancake Hustler Pat Roberston
wants to Kill Chavez
He should send Chavez some of those
God-awful Constipating Pancakes
That and some of Robertson's Hot Air
should kill anyone

'I have spent my whole life on borders drawn after WWI… All the countries created then are artificial. They don’t work. We are very happy to help. We send them weapons… there is a constant stream of pain, injustice and slaughter.'

Iraq invasion breeds terrorists

Why Bin Laden Roams Free

Truth Is The Enemy

Israel citing 'security' to limit Palestinian rights

Libby Did Not Tell Grand Jury About Key Conversation

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's took a
$105,000 donation from the insurance industry
the same day he vetoed a bill the group opposed.

Why this is no time for compassion fatigue

Three Suicides in Special Forces Unit Raise Questions
(That they are fighting for a LIE?)

Need to kill a virus? Use a big hammer.

Bush's Dream for New Orleans becoming a Reality

The 'Broader Conspiracy':
What We Already Know
About the White House Iraq Group

Using War as an Excuse for More War

What Iraqis Really Think About The Occupation

Giving Democracy The Bird

Bush Asks Congress for Martial Law

Return of a Real Hero For Black America

Character' Vanishes From Public Discourse

Neocons Upfront With Sexism

Don't Be Duped by Bottled Water

How Dick Cheney's Top Aide
'Scooter' Libby Misled Federal Prosecutors
in the CIA Leak Case

To the Arab League we say...

Saddam expects to prove innocence


Syrian leader denies role in Lebanese death

Text of Proposed Iraqi Constitution

Chavez kicks out U.S. evangelists for 'spying'

CIA says Bush ignored prewar forecasts

S. Korea Wants to Regain Military Control
(More U.S. Bastard Yankees GO HOME!)

An American in chains
(More US violating human rights!)

US Troops Fights an Invisible Enemy in Afghanistan
(US has nothing BUT invisible enemies)

Plans to lock up terror suspects
without charge provoke outcry
(Dictator Blair following Dictator Bush Lead)

U.S. wants to push ocean boundaries to limit terror threat
(US Expansionism right into the oceans)

Letters reveal police cover-up over Menezes shooting

A Conservative Foreign Policy

A New York State of Mind

Making the Middle East Safe for What?

Fear and loathing in militia hell

Recruiting in the Schools
No Lie Left Untried

Good News, or Urban Legends?

FAIR condemns Parade Magazine's Smear

It’s Just Cops on the NWO Beat

The True Mysteries, Not Celebrities, of Kabbalah

Winged Goddesses Flew over Iran

Finding a Lost Emperor in a Clay Pot

Bones of dismembered warriors
unearthed at ancient Tul Talesh

The ancient village of Skara Brae

Camden tool could be 5,000 years old

Life's Building Blocks

are Common in Space

Yahoo has agreed to bar chat rooms that promote sex
between minors and adults
(Why did they allow them in the 1st place?)

Vehicles used to enforce South African apartheid
Now used by US in Iraq!

Opportunity Backs Out Of Potentially Sticky Situation

Proposed U Of Colorado Observatory
Could Image Continents On Exo-Solar Planets

Atoms Under Control

The Tropics Play A More Active Role Than
Was Thought In Controlling The Earth's Climate

Authorities shut Lagos schools
as mystery fumes envelope city

Liquid That Lies Beneath The Surface

US Says Ball In Iran's Court Over Nuclear Talks

Rumsfeld urges interfering in Central American nations
to coordinate security efforts

A Quest to See a Black Hole's Shadow

Newfound Dinosaur Forces Rethink on
Emergence of Raptors

Insect's Amazing 'Rubber' Made in Lab

Gastric bypass may cause hypoglycemia

New antibiotic offers hope for resistance

Vanadium Appears To Play Role
In Speeding Recovery From Infections

'Draconian' measures needed to stamp out polio

Ancient noodle rewrites history

Modern Day Noodle Rewrites History Too!

Minorities Bear Environmental Burden

Tepee Buttes Geology, Diamond Exploration Refined

Protein Is Required for Human Chromosome Production

Incas' secret world untangled

Odd man's odd home now facing extinction

'Secrets' unearths more 'Da Vinci' theories

There are more than 10,000 wrecks lying on the bottom of the great lakes

Turkey: From Failed Reforms
to a Modern Jihad Genocide

Headline News: October 12-13, 2005

How the Zarqawi myth was made in America

the woman i was

Death Toll Rises for Military Reservists

Tip On NYC Subway Threat A Hoax…
(AS noted on this site from day one of the Wag the Dog Scare Tactic
Wonder if this was torture intel?
Torture intel NOT RELIABLE)

Labor Plays Hardball

Kashmiri Separatists Dispense Quake Aid

Centaurs appeared after copulation between humans and animals

Peruvian Farmers Move to End Terminator Seeds

Breaking the Bank:
The Rightwing Road to America's Privatized Future

Pension Programs Must Be Funded

Anti-Bush in the Afterlife

Shine Life on Dark Stain of U.S. Prisoner Abuse

No Place For Propaganda
The World Trade Center Site is not the Space for an
Ideological Museum About US Love of Freedom

There's No Such Thing as a Peaceful Nuke

Bush Suddenly Wakes Up To Threat of Avian Flu
(He must have waken up coughing and sneezing)

President created terror mess he describes

Nuke pills not ready despite '03 deadline

Danish Prime Minister sued for breach of Constitution

Israeli Arabs meet U.N. rep

Scott Ritter - ex of the US Marine Corps and former chief
UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq - was unequivocal.
Plans for an attack on Iran are being drawn up
and acted upon 'right now….as we speak'.

Colonialism in the 21st Century:
Our Ally, the state of Israel
(Part 1)

Colonialism in the 21st Century:
our ally the state of Israel
(part 2)

How To End The War

Empowered by Victory, Tomato Pickers Look to New Season

Federal Workers Win Again in DHS Court Challenge

Do feds secretly control the states'
Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)?

The neocons' unfettered access to America's secrets

New Whistleblower Needed To Oust Bush Administration

Katrina, Iraq, And The Absence Of Values

The Insurgent Word: Genocide

Bush's Fantasy Foreign Policy

Pat Robertson's
Christian Coalition teeters on insolvency
(but Pat has Billions stashed away)

Bush Supporter
Christian Coalition head molested
three family members, family says
(Will Pat Robertson's Legacy Rival
the Pedofile Crimes of the Catholic Church?)

Local Christian Coalition Official Did Molest,
Family Members Tell 'The Oregonian'

Anti-Abortion Extremist Loses Appeal
on Child Molestation Charges

O'Reilly again warns that same-sex marriage
could lead to calls for nuptials with goats

Mayor James E. West, a Republican foe of gay rights
acknowledged he "had relations with adult men."

Reverend Stephen White, infamous for preaching against
homosexuality and sexual promiscuity at Yale
solicited sex from a teenage boy

Philip Giordano, the former Waterbury mayor
convicted of violating the civil rights of two girls
he sexually abused

Ex-wife of GOP Senate candidate alleged sex club forays

Sexual battery complaint against
"Defense of Marriage" Republican

"When you grow up on a farm in Georgia,
your first girlfriend is a mule."
Conservative Christian Republican Norsely

These are Conservative Christians and Bush Supporters
The Debauchery, Lawlessness, and Immorality pervading America
does not come from
Abortion, Feminism, Homosexuality, or teaching Evolution
It is coming from those you trust the most... The CLERGY
Those self-annointed Men and Women of God
and the people they endorsed to rule over us
This is your Christian Coalitions, your Silent Majority,
your Focus on the Family, and all similar ilk
who are indeed 'whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones'


The situation as it occurs when religious people molest children, is that the children say nothing, because they are warned that what they are doing is for God, and as long as they say nothing they will be rewarded. Of course when the children become adult they are more prone not to believe that, yet it is still hard because the priest is so highly revered, and the family is deeply entrenched in the tradition of the church. But did something cosmically happen that caused this to break wide open and expose the institution and its leaders, and bring such shame upon them?
Bill Donahue -

Glory road
10.8 million dollars of YOUR MONEY
go to Support Pat Robertson!

Unfortunately, religious extremists like Pat Robertson and the terrorists comprising the Bush regime have juxtaposed Christianity as the "good" against the "evil" Islamic faith. They have used this false dichotomy to whip uneducated and uninformed Americans (like Bush?) into a furor against the Arab world

Pat Robertson's Connection to Jack Abramoff! Abramoff's campaign manager was a radical rightwinger named Grover Norquist, and the two of them recruited a zealous younger activist to carry out their orders, Ralph Reed. Reed required College Republicans to recite a speech from the movie Patton, replacing the word "Nazis" with "Democrats": "The Democrats are the enemy. Wade into them. Spill their blood! Shoot them in the belly!" Norquist was the first to point out the political potential of evangelical churches to Reed, imagining that they could be turned into Republican clubhouses. During the week of the first President Bush's inauguration, Reed encountered Pat Robertson, the rightwing televangelist, who recruited him on the spot to run the Christian Coalition. "I want to be invisible," Reed explained. "I do guerrilla warfare. I paint my face and travel at night. You don't know it's over until you're in a body bag. You don't know until election night."
This is not calling for assassination, as Pat the Pancake and Body Bag Reed would do!

Fundamental Questions For Fundamentalists

President Bush hears The Lord's Word
and this is what we get.

Dems must expose GOP
A vote for Bush meant a vote for
Christian fundamentalism and some of its shadiest leaders.

Bush family’s dirty little secret:
President’s oil companies funded by Bin Laden family
There exist to this day an Arab-Texas connection.
Khalid bin Mahfouz, financier of both
George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden,
still maintains a palatial estate in Houston, TX.
Mochtar Riady, [is] the godfather of the
wealthy Indonesian family with close ties to the
Chinese communists, Bill Clinton and evangelist Pat Robertson.

Jay Sekulow, counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, said last week in an interview with Pat Robertson that the Miers nomination represented "a big opportunity for those of us who . . . share an evangelical faith in Christianity to see someone with our positions put on the court."
Jesus said 'WOE TO YOU LAWYERS!"
Pat Robertson, finances and endorses them?
Jesus or Pat is a liar and a hypocrite
Who do you choose?

A virulent strain of conservatism

One of the latest well financed inquisitions to slither out of Pandora’s Box is the Center for Consumer Freedom’s attack on PETA, People for the Ethical treatment of Animals. That’s “'ethical treatment' -ethics- something the leaders of the evangelical Christian Right and their political hero Tom DeLay seem to know absolutely nothing about.

Yoga, Wicked Infants, Evil Equality,
Good Torture and Arnold

Grand Old Problem:
Biology, Boorishness and Bush
Does Bush have Asperger Syndrome?
Has his substance abuse returned?

The Crime of "Unauthorized Reproduction"
New law will require marriage as a
legal condition of motherhood
(Communists in China pale in comparison
to Communist Republicans in Indiana!)

Pancake Salesman DECLARES:

"Satan has gone! God has just healed somebody! A hernia has been healed! Several people are being healed of hemorrhoids and varicose veins! People with flat feet! God is doing just great things to you!"

Afghan editor jailed for saying that
beating women half to death is bad
(and this is the BUSH installed regime!)

Judges decide what science -- if any -- a jury hears

Cop who broke woman's arm,
cost city $835k settlement,
and filed false report is fired ...
two years later
Never leave home without your video camera!)

ACLU sues to force investigation
into New Orleans jail's abandonment of prisoners
(More of that Compassionate Conservative action!
Torture is GOOD attitude?)

British Columbia teachers defy anti-strike law, court rulings

Frist Accumulated Stock Outside Trusts

Libby Did Not Tell Grand Jury About Key Conversation

DeLay’s Dirty (Baker’s) Dozen

Democracy Hypocrisy:
Bush Praises Saudi Arabia’s New King

The congressional hearing turned into a
mini-festival of anti-Venezuela propaganda.
Only US haters of Venezuela were invited
to testify by the subcommittee.

A Mean and Unholy Ditch
The Sleep of Reason Amid Wild Dogs and Gin

Clone-Generated Milk, Meat May Be Approved

Questions and Answers on CIA Leak Case

Senior U.S. intelligence officials call a letter from al Qaeda's No. 2 man to its leader in Iraq "chilling" because of how "calm, clear and well argued" it is in urging preparation for a U.S. departure from Iraq.
(Quite the departure from the ravings of rhetorical lunacy originating in Washington, DC)

Guatemala: Over 1,000 killed in the aftermath of Hurricane Stan

Melanie Phillips:
Confusion of Religion, Race and Politics

Gaza and Mr. Bush

Down with the Workers

Depleted Uranium Is WMD

Democrats Still Around?

Not with our oil

Americans Favor Bush's Impeachment
If He Lied about Iraq
(He did!)

Friday morning, Dwyer, 29, was arrested in El Paso, Texas, after a three-hour standoff in which he fired a 9-millimeter handgun in his apartment. Dwyer's family says he's suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and that he's fallen through the cracks of the Army mental health system since he returned two years ago to Fort Bliss, Texas, from his tour of duty as a medic in Iraq.

Army Spc. Joseph Dwyer carrying a terrified,
half-naked Iraqi child to safety
in March of 2003

It is the 25th winter in Iraq
under wars, sanctions and occupation.

Traumatised young Iraqis turn increasingly to hard drugs

Demoralization grips Iraq war’s ideological architects
(Not to mention, MURDER, MAHEM, TORTURE?!!!)

Egypt prepares new probe of mystery pyramid shafts

Peking Man, still missing and missed

Divers raise anchor of Mary Rose

Low tide reveals lost city find

Tiny chinless wonders threaten anthropology rift

Ancient Tablets Unearthed In Sivas

Ancient skeleton unearthed with
bull-horn pendant at Gohar-Tappeh

Greek archaeologists unravel 1,400-year-old grave tragedy

Viagra helps out endangered species

scientists say no evidence exists that
therapod dinosaurs evolved into birds

Amazon Rainforest Suffers Worst Drought in Decades

Microorganisms in ice supports idea of life on Mars

Tea for strength
Health findings make familiar drink a hot sip

Probing the Digital Depths of Earth

Erection problems may signal heart disease

Heart failure may cause impaired cooling

NASA's Experimental Sailplane Soars Like A Bird

Biologic Treatments for Psoriasis

Stem cell heart cure to be tested

Scans show how HIV attacks brain

More Flores 'Hobbits' described

Millions 'will flee degradation'

Middle East and North Africa 'ideal for solar power'

Preventing HIV: controversial research must go ahead

Tropical Storm Vince Heads toward Portugal

Sexual abuse and symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Embryonic stem cells can kill cancer cells

Exploiting Katrina to Protect Against Food Terrorism

Brownian Motion Under the Microscope

EU Risk Assessment Examines Zinc, Serves as Model for Future

Haunted Maryland 2005

Violent video games lead to brain activity
characteristic of aggression, MSU researcher shows

Tiny bubbles a storehouse of knowledge

New 'hobbit' bones bolster separate species claim

Tiny Humans Hunted Tiny Elephants?

Anthropologists Uncover Ancient Jawbone

Reminding New York of Its Hidden History
The city was a capital for slavery --
and it embraced it in an almost casual manner

Dreams prepare your emotions

Venezuela Warns: Bush Is the True Atomic Threat

US Disqualified by Cuba in Fight against Terrorism
The US government does not have the morality to speak of
human rights, or democracy, or of a duty against terrorism,"
affirmed Cuba

Chile and Bolivia Engage in Delicate Bilateral Agenda

False Alarm in New York Subways
Makes Authorities Look Bad

Secret Government Team Fights to Negate Nuclear Threat

Beaten New Orleans Man Revisits Scene

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land,
it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
– James Madison

Update on the Global War On Terror

The DeLay affair: Payoff time in Washington

Torture is a blight on America’s image

Taysir Alluni: A reporter behind bars

The Iraqi judges who will try Saddam Hussein
and seven members of his deposed government
have received special training from
American, British and Australian experts
(Right--- the FIX is on! Fairness, Justice? NO!)

Influencing your world by your words

The 'Iraq' Business
Is Iraq an Artificial Construction?

"Imminent terror attack" on NYC subway according to
"expert opinion"

Iran: Friend or Foe?

Rummy's Blackmail Ring

‘Lungs Of The World’ Collapsing As Brazil Declares ‘State of Emergency’ After Global Weather Chaos Dries Up Amazon River, China’s ‘Mother River’ Dying As United States Hands Control Of Bird Flu Pandemic Over To Military

Farmer eaten by own animals

Civil War Brewing In The White House...

Democracy: The God That Failed

Empire's Endgame
Finishing the Balkans Interventions

Torture, the GOP, and the Religious Right

A Lose-Lose Referendum?

Conservatives and exiles desert war campaign

Al-Qaida No. 2: Get Set to Fill Iraq Void

27-year reserve veteran wrangles with Army over
unexpected discharge in midst of medical treatment
(Does this not make you want to
sign up for a stint in the U.S. Army?)

Voices of Iraq: Baghdadis tell their stories

IDF to ask High Court to review ban
on 'human shield' practice
(They too want to use children in their wars!)

UNICEF Bombs Smurfs to Highlight Plight

Enough already

The emperor wears no mental clothes

Democracy efforts in China met with fists

A beggar at Sharon's red light

The Law Most Likely to Kill You

Homeland Security to be lead in flu crisis
(The same people that brought you
INCOMPETENCE with Katrina)

Punished for saving lives
(More of the CONpassionate ChristCON CONservatism)

Solar system's unusual structure suggests
existence of extraterrestrial civilizations

50,000 light-years away a massive starquake cracked
a Neutron Star with burst of radiation –
Hyperspace suction force manifests power
by which earthquake is generated

Islamic militants kill Hindus
taking advantage of Kashmir earthquake

Counter-terror steps, violate human rights
in UK, US, Iraq – UN expert

Headline News: October 11-12, 2005

Waco Reprise
Remember we're talking Leviathan here,
a raging reptile drunk on the
blood of its victims

The U.S. Jack Booted Thugs in Iraq
Are the same illegal
Jack Booted Thugs operating in the U.S.
All Guns and Night Sticks but NO BRAINS
Police physically attack the press in the U.S.
and deny Constitutional Rights
This is no longer America

Will Iran Be Next?

America's War for Global Domination

The president's real goal in Iraq

In U.S., Work is Taxed More Than Everything Else
Work Hard, Earn Less?

The outrage of the week
GOP stands up for U.S. right to torture

CIA executives revealed
contingency plot to overthrow
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias

Belgian Doctors Bill U.S. for Treating Iraqi Girl

Bush showcases progress in New Orleans

New Orleans beating victim denies he was drunk
(Racial Profiling..
If you're black on Bourbon Street
You Must be a Drunk!)

Lance Schilling, S.M. Smith and Robert Evangelist
(No BRAIN Cops!
and one is an Evangelist.. like Pat Robertson?)

These COPS got caught in the act...
Protect yourself from POLICE ABUSE
This goes on in every city in the USA --
These simply got caught -- by the camera

Cheney's Counterproductive Policy
Toward Terrorists
(Towards Humanity!)

The Public Torture of Robert Davis
Live from New Orleans: Abu Ghraib!


Gaffney’s Gripe

Liberal Hopes Ebb in Post-Storm Poverty Debate

Developing Nations Blast U.N. for Appeasing U.S.

Industrialized Greed Produces Pandemics

New Orleans: Leaving the Poor Behind Again!

Down the Rabbit Hole of Supply Side Economics:
The Death of the Virtual Economy and the Middle Class

Religion May Be Dangerous to Our Health

Connected at the Roots?
Judith Miller, “Scooter” Libby, and the June Notes

Al Qaeda's Golden Opportunity

Can a Man Become President?
Real men are not towel snapping bullies like President Bush,
whose target is the poor and those least able
to defend themselves.

The Troops Don’t Support the Constitution

Dust off the Nuremberg Files

A Basic History of Zionism and its Relation to Judaism

A Snake Oil President

A *Real* Contract With America

Alleged Rove secret riles senators

The quintessential false dichotomy

How Long Can This Go On?
George W. Bush is a natural born liar.
He lied us into a war,
and now he is lying to keep us there.

Doing Bush's Bidding

Condi May Be Bush's Expediency Council

Basra governor: British threatening vote

"We can either have democracy in this country or
we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few,
but we can't have both."
– Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

Death Toll Rises for Military Reservists

US ‘seeks new Syrian leader'
(US Bully Interfering in Syrian Affairs
This is ILLEGAL!)

Secular Bloc Says New Iraq Parties
Worse Than Saddam
(i.e. Bush is worse than Saddam)

Guantanamo detainee says guards enjoyed torture
(Was the guard's last name BUSH? Rumsfeld? Cheney?)

Iraq rebuilding slows as U.S. money for projects dries up
(Impossible.. Bush raised $600.00 through PayPal!
Bush Destroyed Iraq - Make him pay for it!)

Ex-Iraqi Officials Sought in $1B Theft
(These are more of Bush Administration Appointees!
Must have taken Democracy lessons from
Frist, DeLay, and Abramoff)

NYC Subway Still on Alert,
but Threat Called Doubtful Wag the Dog

Mothers' anger at inquest delay
(How do you say OOOPS politely? Bush Lied!)

Yemen Tells US: Stay Out of Our Internal Affairs
(Bush seems to be getting that message
more and more and more lately
Yemen Joins the Axis of Evil?
That designation becoming a badge of honor!)

Rove Scandal:
New Mysteries, New Props, New Legal Theories
(New Lies, New Lies, New Lies, New Lies, New Lies, New Lies, New Lies)

Robert Fisk addresses Sydney audience on
history, journalism and Iraq

Hung Over in the End Times
If liberal society is to survive the rise of the Godwacks,
we need to start by calling them what they are

The Genocide and War Crimes Case
against General Tommy Franks in Brussels

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest...
and there is nothing to fear from them,
then he is always stirring up some war
– Plato

Ever Wonder What 2,000 Dead Soldiers Look Like?

Oil matters ...
The oil proceeds were, and still are,

under the total control of the occupation

Ethnic cleansing in the New Iraq

Senator Levin Loses Mind
(Must have been watching the
Christian Broadcasting Network)

Jailing Iraqi Journalists:
The Pentagon is silent as U.S. military imprisons

The Labyrinth of Iraq

Right wing radio tool Glen Beck
(a Follower of Robertson Christianity?
What ever happened to the Hate Crime Laws?)

Power always thinks it has a great soul
and vast views beyond the
comprehension of the weak...
– John Adams

Bush's Veil Over History

Are We on Course or Trapped in a Swamp?

War in Iraq is Really All About Soil and Oil

A Chaplain's Test of Faith
As the Army's Case Against Muslim James Yee Collapsed,
His Own World Was Crumbling, Too

TV evangelist and Pharisee renews Chavez attacks
and Calls Ghadafi a Terrorist

Jesus said: Blessed are the Peacemakers
Pat Robertson says: Assassinate Chavez
One of them is a Hypocrite -- who do you choose?

As usual, God is being unjustly blamed for tragedies
that are the consequence in large part of human failure.
(or Pat Robertson just wants to Keep
those Operation Blessing monies
close to heart and his wallet?)

Lost in Iraq, Without a Map

Junking Science

Why Bill Bennett is Stupid, But Not Racist
(or Perhaps Both?)

A Doozie of a Recession

Lobbyists Advise Katrina Relief
A Senate bill includes billions of dollars in
projects for clients of 'experienced experts.'

Boulis Investigation Dredges Up Big Names
US authorities charge alleged gangsters with murder,
probe lobbyist connections
DeLay, Abramoff, Flannigan, Bush, Kidan, Moscatiello, Gotti, Ferrari, Fiorillo

Sunni-Shiite Religious War in Iraq Feared Instigated?

It is a highly addictive drug,
but governments everywhere encourage its use

There's was a Religion inspired murder/assassination
recorded in the New Testament
The Pat Robertsons of that era also called for murder
The Clergy inspired the masses
and the cry went out "crucify him"
Do you continue to let the
"whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones"
inspire you?

Suffering the Wrath of Gods

Iraq's Conflict is Fueling a Bitter Mideast Split

'I'm going to go on the lam,' Wilson told Corporate Crime Reporter today. 'I realize I have to go to jail. I’m quite willing to do that. But Warren Andersen - who jumped bail 13 years ago - needs to go to jail too. I’m going to stay out to expose the inequality - corporate executives don’t go to jail for high crimes and little citizens go to jail for misdemeanors.'

Venezuela labels Robertson 'insane'
(we AGREE!)

Eating fish may slow down onset of dementia
(More Fish Pat Robertson?
Maybe your pancakes cause dementia)

Israeli Occupation Force
Employs Lethal Force,
Leave Youths to Bleed to Death
(Just following the lead and example of Pat Robertson?)

Venezuela calls Pat Robertson's claim of
Chavez sent bin Laden money crazy
(Usually the Guilty person is the one
pointing fingers at someone else!
Perhaps a liberal investigation of
CBN, Pharisee Roberston, and Operation Blessing is overdue)

Would you add a few more greenbacks to the collection plate?

Ay! Mr. Robertson ...
I wouldn't like to be in your shoes before God's court...

Pat Robertson needs head examined
(All you'll find is Pancake Batter!)

End of the world?
Not likely, scientists say
Recent spate of natural disasters horrifying, but normal

About Robertson's comments, Trenberth said that he "thinks its part of the general [socio-political] climate that seems to exists in the country today, fostered partly perhaps by this administration and their lack of credence to science."

Right Here the Bible says only 6000 years
Right here in Genesis! Flat Earth 6000 years old

Bush, Pat Robertson & 'Operation Blessing'

I do not even know what this country is anymore ...
but I will not call it a democracy.

I have never seen an able-bodied Mexican
seeking handouts while
holding a piece of cardboard quoting Jesus.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez ...
showing the US who's master

Eyes window to stroke risk

Can't sleep? Eat chillies!

Scientists found tantalizing hints of oil in seabed samples just 200 miles from the North Pole. All told, one quarter of the world's undiscovered oil and gas resources lies in the Arctic, according to the United States Geological Survey. Wonder why the US won't sign Kyoto?

The Trouble with Authority

We Can’t Let "It" Happen Here

Drug Rehab For George

Anti-Iranian Hysteria

Desperate struggle to reach earthquake survivors
as toll hits 30,000

Iraqi violence hits new peak for British troops

African migrants 'left to die' in desert
(Europe's Racism Matches Bush's Racism)

Snarls from right wing greet Bush's nominee
Miers hammered for mediocrity and ideological unreliability

American exceptionalism tested by real-world crises

In praise of nepotism?

"The War on Terror" -- in Translation

No Will, No Backbone
Washington's War Dems

I, Bagman: The Story of Colin Powell
(Uncle Tom figured out he was Uncle Tom
Too bad a bright man fell for Bush Christianism)

George Bush and the Four Horsemen

America 'faces worst disaster in its history'
(George W. Bush Jr!)

US televangelist says Venezuela threatens US with nuke
(Pharisee Robertson Needs to Clean the
Terrorist Skeletons from his own Billionaire closet
and Stick to hustling pancakes)

Corporate Bankruptcies Rise 20%
Before U.S. Limits Take Effect

Frog could be AIDS saviour

Cloned beef already primed and ready to eat

Toxin exposure may cause rise in asthma

Human sexual identity is studied

Adaptive Optics Produces Ultrasharp Images Of Sunspot

Spin Structure of Protons and Neutrons

Archaeologists unearth ancient pregnant rhino

History lies in the silt of Tyre

Ancient Art of Africa, at Risk

Five ancient inscriptions unearthed at Haft-Tappeh

North Korea vows to crush potential U.S. attack
in celebrations of party anniversary

Tight security in New York, plotter may be in US
(Merely a scare- fear inducing headline)

China village democracy skin deep
(But the same Identical manuvers are happening in
UK, Australia, and of course the United States of Oppression)

Three million people affected by floods in China

Global warming drying China's 'mother river'

Drought haunts 2m people in South China

Blair 'hate crime' claim being investigated
(Pharisee Robertson's Hate Crime Ignored)

Blair remains defiant over detention of terror suspects
(Does he want to torture them like Bush would?)

Israel prepares for possible outbreak of bird flu

Iran dismisses as 'lies'
latest U.S. charges on nuclear program
(U.S. Lies? Remember WMD - Remember Waco)

Iran 'treated worse than North Korea'

Why only Iran must quit nukes?
(Why not Israel?, Why not the USA?)

Iraq's fate hangs on a yes or no
(No it doesn't! what Gibberish!
The Cradle of Civilization has been around
many thousands of years
The USA only about 229 years)

(WOW! and the Bush can't even fix a levee)

Syria 'fed up' with US's public bashing
(Come on Assad - Syria - You are being set up!
by the USA to be a War Target)

Venezuela seeks to buy medium-size
nuclear reactor from Argentina
(Uh Oh... Coming Soon - More BS from
Pat the Pharisee Robertson over this one)

The awakening struggle in Bolivia
Positive political change in Bolivia requires
the United States to be hands-off.
(Be careful Bolivia. You'll be added to Bush's Axis of Evil)

Brazil Fights Oil Prices With Alcohol
(US causes high oil prices with WARS
The only alcohol in Washington DC is served with Pretzels)

The United States Must Stop The Embargo Against Cuba

Cuba Denounces Years of US Terrorist Activities
Before UN Commission

'Welcome to Cuba where journalists have no rights'
(Have these guys been to New Orleans lately,
where journalists have no rights?)

Devastation Continues to Overwhelm Guatemala

2.5 million are in need of shelter

Freezing quake survivors wait for help

Pakistan quake survivors angry at lack of help

Militants' training camps wiped out

Iraq snubs Australia, buys U.S. wheat
(Huh? US is the OCCUPATION FORCE - They bought the wheat)

Deadly virus blamed on fungi offspring

Scientists create GM mosquitoes to fight malaria

Canada's oil sands may yield trillions of barrels of crude

Oldest Hieroglyphs Discovered in China’s Ningxia

FBI Considers Relaxing Hiring Policy For Former Drug Users
(or FBI crawls into bed with the CIA?
Now they can hire some of the Bush Clan!)

CNN gives a law-breaker Pharisee Terrorist a podium...

Chavez cites Catholic Church encyclicals
to defend war on landed estates

Now the United States has a
republican monopoly of power and greed...

What caused earthquake in
three different parts of the world
on the same day

Wedding rings reduce male power and develop impotence

Russian scientists pick up the trail of dinosaurs

Export of freedom and democracy
brings only crisis to former Soviet States


Karaoke Night in George Bush’s America --
Another Visit to Burt’s Tavern

NASA Finds INTELLIGENT life on Mars

Another Virgin Birth
Only This One's Real

Well its happened folks. Scientists in Japan have successfully combined two female unfertilized eggs which resulted in the birth of a mouse with no male genetic involvement at all. The mouse was generated from two unfertilized eggs and its birth has demonstrated for the first time that it is possible for mammals to be born by the "virgin birth" phenomenon of parthenogenesis. So for those who wish to take the Bible literally, all of a sudden the idea of virgin birth is no big deal since it has now been accomplished by a mouse. Unless maybe the Holy Spirit is a mouse and the way things are going, one never knows. Imagine that, a virgin mouse. Not only do we have the Virgin Mary but now we also have the Virgin Minnie. Stay tuned. Think what this will do for lesbians. I told you , Uranus turns everything upside down. Now do you believe ? Bill Donahue -

Is it a bird or a plane or a UFO?

Secrets of the deep may hold key to life on other planets

Python, gator clash raises questions

I shot the big cat

Coming to learn of a forbidden history

Muna never knew she was Palestinian. Living with her family in the Arab town of Shfaram in northern Israel, she grew up unaware of her Arab heritage. A warm and vivacious character, Muna recalled that, "as a child I hated the Arabs, as that is what we were taught - we were told that the Arabs had started all the wars"!

The Giza Blueprints

The Old Equator

Illumination of Lunar North Pole

The Watery Part of the Sky

Crusades: Myth and Realities

Founding document of mathematics published
in digital form for the first time

Secularists meet in London to defy rise in religion

Some of the Most Dangerous and Polluted Minds in America
(including tranny Coulter - Spewing out Incitement to Hate)

Early indication of bird flu becoming a human flu

Lessons from the 1918 Flu

The Monster At Our Door:
The Global Threat Of Avian Flu

Headline News: October 10-11, 2005

Police form a 'looting squad' to patrol New Orleans
(Only one problem.. Many Cops are the Looters!)

Miers was co-managing partner of Locke, Liddell & Sapp, the firm was involved in a $30 million investment scam for which Miers' firm had to pony up $22 million to settle an investor suit that the firm aided in defrauding the investors. All this happened on Harriet Miers' watch.
Pat Robertson endorses Miers and misleads his blind faith followers: "You don't get to head a law firm of 270 tough fighting litigators without being good."
Jesus said, 'Woe to you lawyers also! For you load men with burdens that are difficult to carry, and you yourselves won't even lift one finger to help carry those burdens.'

Pat Robertson: Disasters point to 2nd Coming
(If Jeezus doesn't show - does that make the
Billionaire Pancake Hustler
a False Prophet and Liar?)

Gringo, Go Home!

Forestry in Chile and the
Myth of the Trickledown Theory

Up Against Power Itself

U.S. Military in Paraguay
Prepares To 'Spread Democracy'
(Please DON'T - No More Bloodshed)

The Whistleblower and Harriet Miers

The Faith-Based President Defrocked

The Maker of US Policy

Violence Leads Only to More Violence

Indictment Choices For the CIA Leak

"As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Musselmen; and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."
Treaty of Tripoli. Article 11; 4 November, 1796

Goss Making Waves with Changes at CIA

San Diego: Activists' Homes Raided by FBI
(Jack Booted Thugs)

The Cancer Agents of the FBI

With nothing much better to do and an unlimited budget to burn, the FBI is turning its mighty inquisitorial arsenal on environmental groups across the country. Even now the feds are scouring green outfits from Moscow, Idaho to Cancer Alley Parish, Louisiana, looking to round up bands of eco-terrorists, the Osama Bin Ladens of the American outback.

Making sense of why the Americans
are in Iraq and Afghanistan

Tell Us Who Fabricated the Iraq Evidence

A Kick in the Shin?

The Dark Cloud of Democracy

How Many More Will Die Before We Cry 'Enough'?

It's hard to listen to George W. Bush
and not think about the Wizard of Oz
(Missing - Brain, Heart, Courage - Kind of like WMD?)

Bringing the War Home
We're fighting them over there – and over here, too

US weighed military strikes in Syria
(More Illegal State Terrorism Considered)

Dangers in Damascus
If the United States turns up the heat,
it risks getting burned.

Earthquake brings rivals together
India and pakistan cooperate in rescue effort as israel offers aid

Military Powers at Home
Seen as Unnecessary, Political

Do You Feel Any Safer?
Fear as blowback

Washington Democrats: No Will, No Backbone

Protesters of Iraq war are trying
to call attention to its human toll

Case of the Missing Notebook

The Foreign Policy of the Old Right

Tenet's Revenge
Porter Goss can't afford to rattle any more skeletons at the CIA.

Saddam Hussein could be executed
before the Iraqi Special Tribunal finishes
charging him with all his alleged crimes
(Bush don't want him around telling Americans
about all the US under the table deals)

Don't let superpowers steer UN atomic policy

Arroyo threatens liberties

American Debacle
by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Some 60 years ago Arnold Toynbee concluded, in his monumental "Study of History," that the ultimate cause of imperial collapse was "suicidal statecraft." Sadly for George W. Bush's place in history and - much more important - ominously for America's future, that adroit phrase increasingly seems applicable to the policies pursued by the United States since the cataclysm of 9/11

Millions of innocent men, women and children,
since the introduction of Christianity,
have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned;
yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity.
-Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

Leopold leaves a lasting legacy

Stop Globalization -- I want to get off

When Justices Should Legislate : President Bush loves magic words and invokes them with the alacrity of a tribal chief eager to keep the local volcano from acting up. Traditional values. Compassionate conservatism. War on terror. They spring from his lips, usually with no more harm than the whistle of an annoying co-worker in the next cubicle.

Latin Nations Rejecting Condemning
US-Led Reforms Orders and Demands

If only the Constitution were read by the White House
half as often as polls,
someone might catch the phrase "declaration of war"
and read on to learn that only Congress
has the power to declare war.

Far-Right Politicians Give Christians a Bad Name

Intervention is the Death of Productivity

Wasn’t Jesus A Liberal?

Wasn't Jesus a Liberal?
Part Two

He did ride Triumphant
into Jerusalem on a Donkey
Not an Elephant!

They [the clergy] believe that any portion of power confided to me,
will be exerted in opposition to their schemes.
And they believe rightly; for I have sworn upon the altar of god,
eternal hostility against every form of tyranny
over the mind of man.
But this is all they have to fear from me:
and enough, too, in their opinion.
-Thomas Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Rush, Sept. 23, 1800

The Axis Enemy Series: Which Rogue Nation?

Driving on the Bones of God
You and I may get smoked,
but the fat cats will dine on peacock tongues

George Bush's "Holy War on Terror"

America's greatest enemy ...

What is beyond the looking glass?

The US unwittingly helped al-Qa'ida
turn a small-time jihadist into a nightmare

Robertson's senility apparent
(Apparent for over 50 years!)

(Billionaire Bible Bashing Pancake Salesman
Among America's Idiots Advising Bush!)

Ambassador tells Teheran that Venezuela
will not waiver supports for mullahs

US Plan to Protect Anti-Cuba Terrorists

Italians March Against Conservative Government

History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people
maintaining a free civil government.
This marks the lowest grade of ignorance
of which their civil as well as religious leaders
will always avail themselves for their own purposes.
-Thomas Jefferson to Alexander von Humboldt, Dec. 6, 1813.

US Blocks Cuban Scientists

Corrupt, inept officials abuse US$11 bln
(Chinese officials turn RepubliCON?)

Insider lifts veil of secrecy surrounding Forbidden City

China to offer $6 mln aid to quake-hit Pakistan

Guatemalan village buried; Hurricane kills 508

Did this man call for
the assassination of JFK?

Andritsa Cave's chamber of secrets

Napoleon 'not killed'

A belated rescue of Cambodia's past

Cambridge University Professor Paul Cartledge
Discusses Parthenon in Lecture
He Maintains That Parthenon Sculptures in British Museum
Should be Returned to Greece

A 6,000-year Dales story of ritual and cannibalism...

The whole history of these books [the Gospels] is so defective and doubtful that it seems vain to attempt minute enquiry into it: and such tricks have been played with their text, and with the texts of other books relating to them, that we have a right, from that cause, to entertain much doubt what parts of them are genuine. In the New Testament there is internal evidence that parts of it have proceeded from an extraordinary man; and that other parts are of the fabric of very inferior minds. It is as easy to separate those parts, as to pick out diamonds from dunghills.
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Adams, January 24, 1814

Hans Bethe spent a lifetime designing
nuclear bombs and warning against them ...

Vaccine failure could lead to flu pandemic

Smarter on Drugs
We recoil at the idea of people taking drugs
to enhance their intelligence. But why?

Genes determine sweet dreams

Ready meals harm nation's health

From pears to apples:
women's new shape puts them at risk

Our latest weapon against malaria:
a mosquito with glowing testicles

The mental block
(or corporate brainwashing)

Chinese Benefit From Booming Space Technology

Spirit Preparing For Robotic Arm Work

Christianity neither is,
nor ever was
a part of the common law.
-Thomas Jefferson,
letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper,
February 10, 1814

Brain area 'more than just motor'

Salmonella and your pet rodent

Eight aftershocks follow massive quake

Blair gives green light to new nuclear power plants
(Nuke Plants okay for UK, but not for Iran?)

Bush White House crisis deepens:
The contradictions of the Miers nomination

Australian government instigates move to jail journalists
(US beats them on Bourbon Street)

Bush's Terrifying Terror Speech

US scientists deliberately set up Russian X-ray girl to fail in the tests
(Edgar Cayce Reincarnated?)

Rains in East flood homes, wreck roads
Three fatalities are blamed on the storm
that deluged numerous states
(Wonder how God is explaining this one
to Pat Robertson and Bush?
Think God will blame it on Liberals this time?)

With U.S. mediation interference, Shiite Muslim and Kurdish officials negotiated with Sunni Arab leaders Sunday over possible last-minute additions to Iraq's proposed constitution, trying to win Sunni support ahead of next weekend's crucial referendum. (But will the Iraqi people (or those the US allows to vote) get to read it?)

Hurricane Vince Forms In Far Eastern Atlantic

West powerless as old foes prepare to resume battle

Susan Bell Looks Back on a Shameful Secret History

GM Crop 'Ruins Fields for 15 Years'

Fisk: War a failure of human spirit

Question with boldness even the existence of a god;
because if there be one he must approve of the
homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear.
-Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Peter Carr, August 10, 1787

Iran says nuclear warhead allegations a 'lie'

The Showdown with Iran


Nameless Dread:
The Function of Fear in a Controlled Society

US War on Domestic Dissent

Apocalypse -
The Dance Everybody Seems to Be Doing

I Want a Theocratic Nation!

What do televangelist Pat Robertson
and a ruthless dictator have in common?
Diamonds, for one thing

The God Biz

According to Robertson,
the threat is so serious that people who believe in
space aliens should be put to death by stoning -
- according to "God's word."

Among the sayings and discourses imputed to him [Jesus] by his biographers, I find many passages of fine imagination, correct morality, and of the most lovely benevolence; and others again of so much ignorance, so much absurdity, so much untruth, charlatanism, and imposture, as to pronounce it impossible that such contradictions should have proceeded from the same being.
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Short, April 13, 1820

Christian Broadcasting Network

Thanks For the Warning!

20th Century Brainwashing

When Good People Do Nothing

Impact of armed conflict on children
Wars against children

The Genius of Rana Ghassan
The Want, Will, and Hopes of Palestinians

The Secret of Light

China airlifts 49-member rescue team to
quake-hit areas in Pakistan

Nicaragua: From Sandino to Chavez

Jose Padilla and the Death of Personal Liberty

I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can,
only as one who has seen its
brutality, its futility, its stupidity.
– Dwight D. Eisenhower
The Last Honorable Republican

From Whoremonger

Clinton's Bed

Clinton's Crimes

To Horrormonger

Bush's Bed

Bush's Crimes


Headline News: October 9-10, 2005

NYC Terror Plot Uncorroborated
(Wag the Dog)

Torture became Policy
(When Bush Became President)

'Anti-Americanism' Simmering Inside US

Making way for 'constitution'
New U.S. offensives in Iraq

Iraq Constitution Lays Ground for Oilfield Sell-Off
(Guess whose there to buy? Halliburton?)

Sunni Arabs: Say no to Iraq charter

Take a walk
A Citizen Of Mosul

More reasons to vote 'NO'

Audacity with Mendacity: A Bush Trademark

Sunnis bury dumped bodies,
blame Shiite death squads

Truth is the enemy

Webmaster For Site With
Iraqi Corpse Pics Accused Of Obscenity
(Freedom of Press reserved
only for those that panhandle Bush's Bullshit
and make believe the U.S. is always right because it has a Christian God
FOX, CNN, et al)


Why’s Iraq’s constitution illegal?
(Because it is forced on them by a foreign occupying power?)

Is This the Death of America?

The Maker of US Policy
What a Stroke of LuckThat God's Advice to George Bush
Fits So Neatly Alongside US National Interests

Does God Speak to Bush?

The Senate Draws a Line

A Tale of Two Cities:
New Orleans is Our Baghdad

DeLay's Conduct Speaks Louder
Than His Defender's Words

Bush's Crony Capitalism:
Unaccountable, Unauditable & Out of Control

Court Rejects EPA Air Pollution Revision

US Lawyer at Heart of Torture Debate
Quits Race for Deputy Attorney General

GlaxoSmithKline Misled FDA, Doctors and Patients
with Faulty Asthma Drug Study

Botswana ethnic cleansing 'reaches final stage'

Cops you won't see on TV's Cops
Ex-cop who ran anti-predator website
gets probation for making kiddie porn
(Would you or I get probation for being a

Weather War?
New evidence suggests US & Russia are embroiled
in an illegal race to harness the power of
hurricanes & earthquakes

Hung Over in the End Times
If liberal society is to survive the rise of the Godwacks,
we need to start by calling them what they are

US Operation in Iraq Concludes
without Expected Results

Both Cubans and US Citizens Are Blockaded

The Drama of Sub-Saharan Immigrants

21 Administration Officials
Involved In Plame Leak

The cast of administration characters with known
connections to the outing of an undercover CIA agent:

Karl Rove
I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby
Condoleezza Rice
Stephen Hadley
Andrew Card
Alberto Gonzales
Mary Matalin
Ari Fleischer
Susan Ralston
Israel Hernandez
John Hannah
Scott McClellan
Dan Bartlett
Claire Buchan
Catherine Martin
Colin Powell
Karen Hughes
Adam Levine
Bob Joseph
Vice President Dick Cheney
President George W. Bush

Nobel Prize-winner Demands Release of Cuban Five

Huge mudslide kills 1,400 in Guatemalan village

Quake Kills More Than 18,000 in South Asia

Shared Fantasies of Bush and al Qaeda?

Zoellick warns Brazil not to pursue sanctions
(Bush's South America Bully Zoe)

Race To Save Lives In Central America

Guatemala Floods Kill At Least 500

British A.G. won't back 90-day detentions

Building on an ancient capital -
Scratch the surface of old Nicosia
can uncover more than you bargained for

The other Egypt

New cultural relics of ancient Loulan city found

Goldsmith challenges Blair over terror laws

Guatemalan govt says 508 dead,
1,400 missing in tropical storm

Tropical Storm Watch Issued for Bermuda


We have churches in the USA on every street corner. They march against abortion and against gay rights which is their right. But they also march with the American flag and sing patriotic songs when this country decides to drop bombs on peoples homes. They scream about ending abortion but they are very silent when it comes to demanding that their government end poverty. They want a Supreme Court justice that will end abortion but they are not interested in one that will end poverty. And yet it was the Lord Jesus Christ who they profess to follow who said. Matthew 19:21. Jesus said unto him, If you want to be perfect, go and sell what you have , and give to the poor, and then you shall have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. Mark 10:17 There came one running, and asked him, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life? Then Jesus said to him, You lack one thing: Sell whatever you have, and give to the poor, and come, and follow me. When have you ever heard a born again Christian talking about salvation and connecting it with taking care of the poor. They claim they inherit eternal life by saying a prayer and believing a teaching. But they never say that it is necessary to end poverty. Bill Donahue -

They march against Gays
but they never march against poverty.

Europe sends a probe to solve riddle of Venus

Coffee Aims to Keep Anti-Oxidants In

Child patients starve in Turkey's mental hospitals

Early Earth Had Toxic Oceans

Large Craters on Dione

Titan's Enigmatic Infrared-Bright Spot Is Surface Make-Up

Plan Warns Of Up To 1.9 Million US Dead In Flu Epidemic

Who's Afraid Of A Solar Flare?

British Intelligence Report Shows
Scale Of 'Nuclear Supermarket'

Teacher Asked to be Excused from Presenting 'Intelligent Design'

Duped and Clueless: How Easily We Fool Ourselves

New clues to nerve regeneration

ESA satellite fails, falls into ocean

Injured Soldiers Bring Home Rare Infection

Breakthrough in organic solar

Unlocking the organic composition of ancient asteroids

Mother Nature’s Weapon of Mass Destruction?
Red Leaves

Bugs expose underground carbon traffic system
10 times more important than fossil fuel burning

Robotic Surgery to Successfully Treat Prostate Cancer

Russian Office Workers Find Mercury in Candy

Over 350 Children Poisoned in Ukraine

Israel offers Pakistan aid after Kashmir quake that killed thousands

Like a cat that tortures a lizard it found in the yard, first plucking its tail, then tearing off a leg before finally boring with it, seems to be U.S. President George W. Bush's attitude toward Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Bush pledges help for South Asian quake victims


DIA wants to Spy on US Citizens

Canada Threatens US with Energy Flow Interruption
(Canada foolishly expected the US to abide by a Treaty
In Spite of Historical Record - The Trail of Tears)

Delphi Corp.,
the nation's largest auto-parts company, filed for bankruptcy
(Financial Tremors before the Earthquake on Wall Street?)

Bush's expansionism leaving U.S. exposed
(Manifest Destiny - Unconstitutional Then - Unconstitutional Now)

Archimedes Death Ray

George W. Bush is not a defender of the constitution
because he hasn’t read it and doesn’t understand what
it means to defend and uphold something.

Miers is the wrong pick

Deaths of 2,000 birds in Turkey heighten flu fears

Towards a new Europe - but what is it for?

Israel To New York: Don't Bend To Terrorism

Israel Agrees to Additional Concessions to the PA

Israeli occupation forces arrested 19 civilians
and Israeli peace activists
(Sounds like Washington D.C. - The Leviathan Beast Incarnate)

Israel threatens the region; Janati

Iran condoles over killer quake in Southern Asia

Bombings: confusion and contradiction over Iran’s alleged role

Iran's Stocks Plunge

Blair's honesty over Iran charges in doubt

Why Syria and Turkey?

Coup against King Cotton?
Brazil leading charge to break U.S. subsidies
(NAFTA Installed by 1st Moron Bush
Against wishes of the American People
Liar Clinton Signed NAFTA
2nd Bush Moron Won't abide by it!
Maybe it was a bad idea all along!)

Brazil Cardinal Laments Protestant Growth

VENEZUELA: Justice for indigenous people 'for the first time'
(Maybe Someday in the U.S.?)

Iran, Venezuela to build cement plant in Monagas

The Other Gitmo: Where's the Outrage?
(Time for OAS to Investigate BOTH Gitmos?)

Cuba denounces crimes of imperialists

Venezuela to revamp Cuban oil refinery

The Mexican border

Resurrecting a Killer Flu

More TV, radio channels turn to all-Jesus format
(The Brainwashing of America Continues
The Illiterates of Christianity attempt to take over the world)

Aerial photography sheds light on Kublai Khan's capital

Villagers "adopt" ancient tea trees in Yunnan

Our country is now geared to an arms economy
bred in an artificially induced
psychosis of war hysteria
and an incessant propaganda of fear.
– General Douglas MacArthur (Prophet?)

UK forces 'destabilising Basra'

Democracy's Power Fades as Iraq Panacea
Some officials doubt the White House view that
political progress can end the insurgency.
Acrimony reigns as referendum nears.

Iraqi police 'linked to ethnic cleansing'
(This is the US hired, trained, maintained Iraqi Police!
All hail the occupation)

Saddam Hussein may never come to trial
(US can't afford to have the TRUTH come out!)

Saddam confident of clearing his name
when he faces trial judges

Saddams lost life on the Riviera

Saddam: Witnesses for the prosecution

Yemen rebukes US envoy in democracy row
(US determined to destabilize and terrorize the Middle East)

Arabs want Europe to shun refugees
(Terrorism Card Used
Political Dissent Quashed)

MI5 unmasks covert arms programmes
(How Convenient and Just in Time to Drag UK into Iran War too!)

Nations Hail Project to Destroy Nuke Fuel

Colombian President Scrambling in Fight to Run Again
(Another South American US Puppet regime in trouble?)

In a dramatic rebuff to President George Bush, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the man who dared to tell the Americans that the main plank of the US argument for waging war on Iraq was based on a lie.

Millions of Iraqis are expected to go to the polls
on Saturday to vote on a constitution they have never seen
(As predicted and warned here at

The wealth of the west was built on Africa's exploitation
(Not 100% - they exploited the Indigenous Americans too!
Still are! ask Abramoff)

Jack Abramoff
The friend Tom DeLay can't shake.

Abramoff also directed tribes to donate to several obscure foundations that appear to have no connection to Indian concerns, including a think tank in Rehoboth Beach, Del., set up by Scanlon.

Tyco Exec:
Abramoff Claimed Ties to Administration

President George W. Bush withdrew the nomination of Timothy Flanigan as U.S. deputy attorney general a day after the Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled a new hearing to investigate the Tyco International Ltd. lawyer's ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff. (Bush having trouble finding a RepubliCON clean enough to appoint to anything, other than federal prison?)

Culture of Corruption

DeLay, Rove, Safavian,Abramoff and Frist
Showcase Prison Tats

Republicans came to power pledging--in their own words--to drain the swamp of special interests in Washington and restore integrity to the White House and the Congress. Instead, President Bush's second term is mired in potential scandal and demonstrable incompetence. The reputation of the president as a strong, effective leader has eroded, leaving him susceptible to the second-term collapse that has been the fate of so many presidents. Indeed, at this point, Bush's second term could hardly look worse.

Safavian is charged with obstructing Abramoff investigation

DeLay, Blunt Traded Secret Donations
(Let's send them to Guantanemo! Government Terrorists)

DeLay-Blunt chronology

Arrests made for murder with ties to Abramoff
Victim was involved in business dispute
with lobbyist when he was killed

Consultants Tied To DeLay Ally
Jack Abramoff
Charged With Murder…

Three suspects arrested in killing of businessman tied to Abramoff

OK, why can't DeLay

get his story straight?

"Our rough estimates say more than 30,000 people
have died in the earthquake in Kashmir"

Rhetoric and reality in the
business of getting rid of black people

An Oily Religious Dream

The recruiters are doing little more
than what George W. Bush did.
They both invent reasons to persuade us to kill and die.

A Central Pillar of Iraq Policy Crumbling

An American in chains
James Yee entered Guantanamo
as a patriotic US officer and Muslim chaplain.
He ended up in shackles, branded a spy.
This is his disturbing story

Dealing misery and death from the back of the tiger in Haiti
(Another US Occupation?)

Puppets, Policies and Priorities

Guilty until proven innocent by DNA

Appeals court rejects jury selection plan
(Sure don't want to inject even a 'sense'
of fairness and justice
Not in America anyway)

Viva Venezuela, the world leader
in the promotion of human dignity

As key details leak, insiders expect
investor spotlight on Venezuelan mining

The Bush administration has a long history
of being untruthful

Lunatic fringe, the mysterious emissaries
and a veiled warning

The terrorist United States of America
is the lone warmonger of the world

Headline News: October 8-9, 2005

Fear stalks the streets of Belfast

UK firms 'admit £130bn pensions gap'

'…uncomfortable to be a Jew in Britain.'

Bush says radicals want Iraq for empire
(That's what the Freethinkers and Truthseekers
in the U.S. have been saying all along!
We can finally agree with Bush.
The Conservative Christian Radicals
that have infiltrated the RepubliCONs
want Iraq for their American Empire)

China floods force nearly 300,000 to flee homes

China predicts trade surplus to triple to US$100b this year

Major crude reserves discovered on Sakhalin shelf

Putin Will Try To Keep U.S. Military out of Tajikistan

Europe and Japan cannot again repair US deficits

Debate Over 'Going It Alone' Reaches Critical Stage

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias:
A series of Myths & Facts!

Egypt Shakes Its Finger; Lulavs to Suffer for It

DeLay’s Downfall Likely May Mar Pro-Israel Clout

Quake kills hundreds in India, Pakistan

Condoleezza Rice dumps Uzbekistan

Americans wish to buy Vladimir Lenin's body

Scientists are about to unravel the main mystery of the brain

Bunker-days with Reichsfuehrer George

War without Borders

CNN Continues the 9/11 Cover Up!

Italian journalist posing as migrant
reports abuse at detention camp
· Reporter says he was forced to sit in sewage
· Other inmates stripped naked and slapped

"Being sucked up into Bush's reality is like stepping out of the shower, soap in your eyes and, as you fumble for a towel, the phone jangles. Someone rings the front doorbell while simultaneously beating on the door -- someone else is pounding on the back door, shouting incoherently. It is the witching hour and you are home alone. The dog is barking wildly, the cat is yowling while scratching frantically on the screen. In a panic, you race to the window, and fall back in shock. The entire landscape is exploding in a massive fireworks display. You can see shadowy figures moving furtively across your lawn, and you wonder briefly what they are doing, but they disappear into the flashing lights and noise."

Iraq is on the brink of civil war,
Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa said,
a week before the country holds a landmark referendum
on a draft constitution. "The situation is so tense there is a threat
looming in the air about civil war that
could erupt at any moment, although
some people would say that it is already there"

The shame of it all
Open letter from NDN president
reviews Washington's culture of corruption

Miers supporters hypocritical on religion
Roberts' faith was immaterial,
but Miers' faith is a selling point?

Massive Antipode Earthquakes in Asia and Americas
Intensify Earth Core Instability

Strongest earthquake in area during last 100 years

UK sends aid teams to Asian quake

EU Offers Emergency Assistance After
Deadly Earthquake in Asia

Blair's honesty over Iran charges in doubt

Venezuela to send aid to hurricane-hit Central America

Villages wiped out in Pakistan

State will drain Lake Perris by 27 feet,
citing earthquake fears


Biggest recorded earthquake was brewing for four centuries

Wonder bra that stopped a bullet

London To Get Sexual 'Theme Park'

Abbas Demands that Israel Stop Building in Judea and Samaria

Galloway and the Stampeding of Arab Jews


Israel mulls letting PA buy arms

The Police State Is Closer Than You Think

FBI Penetrated; Again!

The War to End All Wars
That Started Them All

Staying or Leaving

Saving Face

Iraqi Interim Govt Ministers Face Corruption Charges
(Guess they took Democracy lessons from DeLay, Frist, etc.)

Subway Terror Warning Emanated From Iraq
(How Convenient.. Great Timing -
for Bush's War Drum Speech)

Three Arrested in Iraq Over NY Subway 'Plot'
(Watch the NeoCONS attempt to justify torture with this)

U.S. Wants More Robust Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan
(or BUSH wants HIS War Theories imposed on NATO)

Israel starts building security zone around Gaza

President Bush's Major Speech:
Doing the 9/11 Time Warp Again

Kuwait eases attitude toward Israel, is slated to lift boycott

Iraqi PM defends Iran against fresh allegations

No More Illusions
Americans used to dream of building a strong, unified, pluralistic Iraq.
Now the possibilities are a very loose federation,
or violent disintegration.

US cites evidence of bomb smuggling from Iran
(What about the bomb smuggling from the US?)

The Bush administration said it is not considering any
upgrade of diplomatic contacts with Iran.

(Not Me! I Want WAR!)


Terrorist Bush, Terrorist Blair tighten screws on
Syria and Iran for alleged terror support

Venezuela to send aid to hurricane-hit Central America

Peru's 'dancer upstairs' gets 20 years for helping rebel

Cuba and Venezuela:
cooperation projects worth more than $800 million

Cuba pays homage to fugitive Puerto Rican
independence activist recently killed MURDERED by FBI

US lawmakers flay India for human rights abuse

Rumsfeld to skip Japan in Asian tour
amid stalemate over U.S. bases

Japan eases A-bomb payout rules

Japan renounced war in its
1947 constitution imposed by the United States

Brazen air-gun attacks shock 'safe' Japan
(Arriving just in time to support Japan
Anti-Terror-Anti-rights laws)

The Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta is crashing.

Korea Alarmed Over Bird Flu

Amazon River at lowest level in 36 years in Peru

Syria wants to close its Iraqi border to Islamic militants, but American troops are doing nothing on the other side to stop the flow of fighters, President Bashar Assad was quoted as saying on Friday. "They (Americans) have no patrols at the border, not a single American or Iraqi on their side of the border," Assad told the pan-Arab newspaper Al Hayat. "We cannot control the border from one side."
(Sort of feel like you're being set up Assad? -
That's the US way... the way they set up Saddam, Milosevic, etc.)

Ex-Marine Says He Committed Atrocities

(So has this Ex-Guardsman)

Covert support of violence will return to haunt us
Unless we hold our government to account for
murderous foreign policy, the innocent
will continue to pay the price

PRESIDENT George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair acted much like Nazi war criminals in ordering the invasion of Iraq, the United Nations' former chief weapons inspector to the country said overnight.

Colorado senator Allard,
another Christian Crusading Torture Advocate
All Hail the Inquisition!

Forty-six states plus the District of Columbia -- covering 96 percent of the area and 99 percent of the population of the continental United States -- are eligible to receive Hurricane Katrina-related emergency or disaster funds from the federal government.

U.K. terror proposals branded 'unlawful'

CIA's Goss says US must overcome language deficit
(but 1st let's find a President that can speak English fluently)

A BLIND woman has baffled scientists
by apparently proving that she can
distinguish colours by touch

Mother's milk improves in long-term nursing

'Aspirin lowers mouth cancer risk'

Australia's ancient oceans: toxic and purple

Woman Booted Off Plane Over T-Shirt

The First Assembly of God Church has a
Fear Factor ministry that had youths
swallowing live goldfish
(What a bunch of gibberish from a bunch of holy rollers)

Brazil psychic seeks $25 mln US reward for Saddam
(Pay UP Dummy Rummy!
Don't forget to pay for US troops protective gear either)

Firefighters intentionally allowed
a man's mobile home to burn
(Depraved Indifference!)

250,000 flooded vehicles could hit the market
(Unless Bush exports them to Iraq for
more fake insurgent car bombs)

Room 18 -- we called that the gladiator room.

Detroit City Council invites Venezuela to discuss energy aid

Withdrawal of Venezuelan funds from
US$ securities is a wonderful first step!

NED uses US taxpayer money to subversively
fund and instigate regime change
(More Bona-Fide Born-Again Bullshit?)

Spain Asserts Right to Try Genocide Crimes Committed Abroad
(How do you file against the US?)

Mexican Brothers Live Torture, Court Nightmare
(Okay by Bush!)

US Fouls Cuban Baseball Players

Visa Denial to Cuban Baseball Team
Earns Avalanche of Criticism

In an extraordinary declaration of the brutality
Bush White House declares torture vital
(As the U.S. did at Waco, Texas - April 19, 1993)

Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
(Another example of U.S. Terrorism)

Iraqi pharmacists attack
(and so do Iraqi Killer Tomatoes?)

Democratic Party USA: Still Around?

Has the Age of Chaos Begun?


Huge change in Iraq

Destroying "rebuilt" bridges

How the US Erase Women’s Rights in Iraq
(The US Erases Rights Everywhere - Long Live the IMPire)

Thousands flee US insurgency on Haditha

Bush Rounds Up the Western Iraq Insurgents
Next torture? To make them confess?

The Nazi Nine
The U.S. Senators who voted for torture:

Allard (R-CO)
Bond (R-MO)
Coburn (R-OK)
Cochran (R-MS)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Roberts (R-KS)
Sessions (R-AL)
Stevens (R-AK)

Ask not for whom the war crimes tribunal asks,

it asks for you.

We call upon the international society to demand that these families are given the chance to leave before the city is devastated. People who stay behind are not necessarily fighters. They simply could not move.

United States Supreme Court Decisions
Regarding Military Occupation
and Martial Law


Bush to America: I know better!

Green activists voiced outrage after the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, saying the IAEA had helped military nuclear proliferation by encouraging civilian nuclear power.

Senators Point to New Orleans Health Risks
(But Like Bush... don't get their hands dirty)

Nestlé Defies Boycotters and 'Ethical Shoppers'

US Officials Brace for Decisions in CIA Leak Case

I have a slogan for the Bush administration: "D'oh!"

The Bush administration and its industry pals are using the hurricane disasters to target the Arctic Refuge and offshore drilling, and get even richer in the bargain.

Israel: We Didn't Know
Franklin Was Spying for Us
(Ocean Front Property in Arizona)

FBI Examines Computers in Cheney's Office
(Why don't they rip them out
and destroy them in the process?
Like they would if it were you or me?)

A Cruel Nationalism

Karl Rove's

Moment of Truth?

The numbers game: death, media, and the public

The war on Iraq:
Conceived in Israel

Israel to U.S.: Now deal with Syria and Iran

Bush stepped up his rhetoric against Iran and Syria, saying any government that chose to be an "ally of terror" was an "enemy of civilisation".

It's Imperialism, Stupid
Noam Chomsky

The Manipulation of Fear

How can the US ever win, when Iraqi children die like this?

"Mess O Potamia":
Exposing The Lies Of The Bush Administration

The Nature of Anti-Americanism is Changing
And it is Fifteen Minutes to Midnight

From frozen Alaska to the lab:
a virus 39,000 times more virulent than flu
(Bush Plans for the Middle East?)

From Petro-theism to Empire-theism

Daniel Ortega:
The Washington Post's Target of the Week

Sun's shadow shakes Earth causing
volcano eruptions and earthquakes

Scientists around the globe work hard on
creation of anti-AIDS and anti-cancer vaccines

Putin will be there for you...
even when you go to the toilet

Hurrican Stan Pics
(Not Just New Orleans anymore)

New Stone Henge found on cape Ritiy, Baikal

US Army in Iraq Occupies 7 Mosques
in Ramadi and Turns Them into Barracks
(And Bush says it's not Christian Jihad!
Liar! The Crusades 2005)


From 210AD to 276 AD a person born in Iran existed by the name of Mani. He founded one of the major ancient religions called Manichaeism. The most striking principle of Manichee theology is its dualism.. The universe is considered a battlefield for control between an evil material god, and a good spiritual god. Christians recognized the evil god in Satan but could not accept the idea that Satan had as much power as God. Christians held that Satan, unlike God, is a created being. The term Manichaeistic is often used to describe any religion with a similar concept of struggle between good and evil. The Manichees made every effort to include all known religious traditions in their faith. As a result, they preserved many apocryphal Christian works, such as the Acts Of Thomas, that otherwise would have been lost. Mani was eager to describe himself as a "disciple of Jesus Christ", but the orthodox church rejected him as a heretic.
Bill Donahue ~

Hasani blames Iran for murders of Shiite clerics
(US pitting its enemies against each other?)

Blundering Into Syria?
The Triumph of Ideology Over Reality
(or the Triumph of US Idiotology)

"Is this the House of a Banana Republic?"

Democracy is is DEAD!
House of a Banana Republic In Action!
(GOP Criminals running Rampant through your MONEY)

The Plame Case:
How About Focusing on the Real Issues?

Government Accused of Death Squads in Iraq

How the US military liberated Iraqis...

Open Letter to Amnesty International on the Iraqi Constitution

Edging Towards Disaster with Iran

Vermont to Leahy: Mess with Texas

How Do We Cover Penguins and the Politics of Denial?

What Liberals Don't Get About Supreme Court Nominees

How Born-Again George Became a Man on a Mission

Lie, Destroy, Kill, Murder, Maim, Torture
Make Humanity Suffer for Me!

Bush and 'God'

Pros and Cons, and Our National Agenda

The Danger is Still Very Near

A Mess of George Bush's Own Making

A $3.9-Billion First Strike

11 Hurt in Plastics Plant Explosion
Cause of accident at Formosa facility in South Texas is unknown

New American Law
The Case of Dr. Dhafir

Walker discovers 5,000-year-old log path on moor

The Left-Wing Gatekeepers of the
American Anti-Israeli Occupation Movement

A Horrid Reality

Nicaragua: From Sandino to Chavez

Poor, White and Pissed
A Guide to the White Trash Planet for Urban Liberals

EPA Research Head Comes With Tight Corporate Ties

Court OKs Religious Hiring Bias by Federally Backed Charities
(Oh thank ya Jeezus... )

Feds Go After Two Companies Over Dead Ditch Workers

Katrina’s Displaced Move to Defend New Orleans
from Elite Visionaries

Intel ready to provide Internet via power lines in India

Alien civilization in Hyperspace shows its
strength and capabilities through a black hole
at the center of the Andromeda galaxy –
stars race at 1000 Km per second!

Terrestrial & Extraterrestrial Intelligence


They're here, maybe
UFO buffs say soil samples and video prove
ETs walk among us

Dulce and Other Underground Bases

Dr S R Rao today called for preservation
of underwater cultural heritage,
particularly the Dwarka city,
believed to have been built by Lord Krishna

Conference to explore the social construction of ignorance

'Choice blindness' and how we fool ourselves
Didn't get what you want? You might not even notice


7,450 families, NOW refugees,
displaced by US attacks

Half A Million Hurricane Victims Still Need Housing

US set to reconsider agricultural subsidies

Katrina Contracts Will Be Reopened
No-Bid Deals Questioned on Hill
(Holy Moses - Is Congress finding some backbone?
The Jury is still out - wait and see)

The ranking Democrats on three House committees called Thursday for an outside investigator to determine why a prosecutor in Guam was demoted in 2002 after opening a criminal investigation of Jack Abramoff, the Washington lobbyist now at the center of a federal corruption investigation.

Abuse: Systematic And Chronic

'Moot court'

'The big picture'

Washington Insider: Subway Alert Is
Fake Terror To Distract From Indictments

Four Afghan police killed accidentally MURDERED
by US in south Afghanistan

The conquest of Southwest Asia

Al-Qaeda's Next Generation: Less Visible and More Lethal

Bush responds to political crisis
with lies and new war threats
with lies and new war threats
with lies and new war threats
with lies and new war threats
with lies and new war threats
with lies and new war threats

Restrictive bankruptcy bill to remain in place
for Hurricane Katrina victims

Parts supplier threatens bankruptcy, plant closings
Delphi demands unprecedented wage cuts from US auto workers
(Anyone paying attention to the tremors?
They precede the quakes!)

Black leaders listen to a thrilling speech by Bush
How Bush is Clearing out New Orleans
for the White Plantation Owners?

The Inevitable Consequence when Religion Rules










Headline News: October7-8, 2005

Click for Larger View

the Stockholm Syndrome,
and Psychological Warfare

The United States - Guilty of State Terrorism

G.O.P.S. and G.O.P.S.
and G.O.P.S. and G.O.P.S.
and G.O.P.S. and G.O.P.S.
of Criminals

Bush's Satanic Verses
He hears God – or does he?

US 'lacks moral authority' in Iraq

Beaten Saudi TV Host Flees To France
(These are the guys that the Bush Mafia is in bed with)

U.S. Obtains Treatise By Bin Laden Deputy
(How Friggin' convenient!? - Right after his 'go get em' war cry?
How many times is he going to use this propaganda stunt?
How many times will we fall for it?)

How do you stop Osama bin Laden?

World not ready for flu pandemic

Extraordinary Solar and Lunar Eclipses during Islam Holy Month Signals Total World War As Muslim Faithful Await the Mahdi and United States Prepares for Final Battle for Survival

Tremors felt on Wall Street

Brussels and Paris trade insults over economic policy

The logic of racism in the age of US imperialism

Setting Iran up for a preemptive strike,
possibly with nukes

The myth of the will of the people

Bush, DeLay and the GOP sociopathocracy

Daniel, rest in peace

Being black, being poor, being female, being gay,
trying to be free, being expendable, being anyone
but white-Republican-Christian- corporate-rich-behind the gates of
Bush's America.

Friday night lights: Game time in Gaza

Birds of a feather play victim together

Behind the veil and beyond the hijab

The Theory of Stupid Design

A campaign finance profile of
President Bush's Supreme Court nominee Harriet E. Miers

High fuel prices to persist says US energy chief

Clean-Air Advocates Criticize GOP Gas Bill

New Terrorist Generation

A Case Of Treason

A Failed Public Diplomat

US Poverty: Chronic Ill, Little Hope for Cure

US’s Zoellick steps intointerferes with
Nicaragua political crisis Internal Affairs

Western-trained, Western-armed, enemies
(or another FAILED US policy)

US back to the drawing board in Afghanistan
(or another FAILED US policy)

The Inherent Contradictions of Forcible Government

Iran has been conducting a major exercise
designed to quell a U.S.-supported insurgency

Zoellick Tries to Thwart U.S. Foes in Nicaragua
(or it's one thing to take a shit in the neighbor's yard
But it's real stupid to step in it yourself)

O'Reilly endorsed assassinating Syrian leader if he
"doesn't help us out
(must be a Christian thing? Faith Based Terrorism!)

Minority Firms Receive Fewer Katrina Clean-up Contracts
(What did you expect from the GOP?)

Plan to Sell Nat’l Parks to Energy Industry
(Another GOP Money Making Scheme)

Court Denies Bail for Former Tyco Execs

The Revolution Wasn't
Serbia, Five Years Later

US officials brace for decisions in CIA leak case

Senate Supports Interrogation Limits

Iran not interfering in Iraq-Iraqi prime minister

Anthrax Investigation Grows Old

Pentagon's first investigation into the money
at MacDill was full of errors Manure

U.S. Threatens to Shun Nicaraguan Business
if President Is Ousted
(US State Terrorism in Action)

US warns of 'creeping coup' in Nicaragua
(not unlike the Coup the US pulled under Reagon in Nicaragua?
More US Propaganda)

"We believe that the insurgents will try to make a surge in their attacks inside Baghdad because of its value in trying to convince the people that this government cannot protect them and also in terms of trying to make the results of the election illegitimate"
(Like the US insurgents' attack on a town of 2000 with 1000 US soldiers.. No.. the Iraq government can't protect them from the real insurgents!)

The Outsourcing of Food

Fire me, I'm a Jew
(More Faith Based Hypocrisy from the White House)

God told me to invade Iraq,

Bush tells Palestinian ministers
(Then I'm Going God-Shopping.. this one sucks)

'The greatest discovery of all time'
The chances are there's life out there,
but any messages could be
thousands of years old and indecipherable.

Medicine Shop Casts a Spell on Visitors

Police Nab Another Ghost Hunter At Insane Asylum
(The White House?)

Python Tries to Eat Alligator, Explodes
(In home state of Reptilian RepubliCON Jeb)

A New Mexico man sued the Air Force claiming
the Air Force Academy illegally imposed
Christianity on others at the school.
(So that's how Jeezus did it? huh?)

Inside the Trial of Saddam Hussein
Senor and his FOX News investigative team
received unprecedented access
as they went behind the scenes of the upcoming trial
(The Propaganda FIX is on! FOX has arrived)

What we Cannot Do Ourselves,
we Cannot Understand in Others

Telling the Truth About Aboriginal History

Neolithic agricultural community’s daily life
shown in amazing detail in dig at ancient site
Well-preserved settlement in Kastoria, northern Greece,
dating 7,500 years ago
illuminates the characteristics
of rural life of the times

Right Here the Bible says only 6000 years
Right here in Genesis! Flat Earth 6000 years old

Eleventh quake jolts northern Ethiopia,
triggers another volcano eruption

What White RepubliCON
Faith-Based CONpassionate NeoCON CONservative
GOP Christian Fundamentalists Really FEAR!

Saddam's protocol chief a fraud?

Every day the news is horrible,
every day Bush damages America more

The real insurgency, and the fake one

George Bush’s “Major Speech” Resets the Terror Trap!
Will America Take the Bait?

Race, Lies and New Orleans

Rove Said to Testify in CIA Leak Case

New York subway under specific threat: mayor

Four Years Into Afghan Campaign,
Perils Abound

Dutch FM says with hindsight
invasion of Iraq was 'maybe not wise'
(We here at HiddenMysteries said it with FORESIGHT)

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell,
a retired Army general, joined 28 other retired senior military officers
in endorsing the McCain-Graham amendment.

Business Groups Want to Limit Patriot Act
(When Big Business fickles on BUSH - The US is in dire straits)

When Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, Iran's fundamentalist president
(Conservative Rag Slant..
They never say the U.S.'s Fundamentalist President!
We DO!)

Lebanon has launched a military build-up along the Syrian border
(Didn't take the US very long to infiltrate Lebanon's Government)

Dems' Strategy on Iraq:
Hit the Gas When You Can See the Cliff Up Ahead

A Nation Buffeted by Loss Seeks to Find its Voice

Shame On Them, Shame On Us

Crony Contractors Clean Up On Katrina

Do corporations deserve First Amendment protection?
(No - no - and Hell NO!)

Slain Puerto Rican Rebel Didn't Have to Die

Wal-Mart Turns in Student’s Anti-Bush Photo,
Secret Service Investigates Him
(Teacher teaches Bill of Rights -
Walmart, Cops, and Secret Service deny rights

In the tone of Ralph Kramden - To the Moon (or farther) Walmart!

Dissent Isn’t Taken Lightly Down Under
(Kangaroo President wants Kingdom)

Pop Goes the Real Estate Bubble

A toxic mix of money and power
has sustained Republicans for a generation.
Sidney Blumenthal exposes a corrupt system
approaching legal nemesis.

Michael Ray Aquino caper:
'Controlled leak' gone wrong?

"Why can't I own Canadians?"

Flim-flam and hoo-hah
Executive branch scandals, and investigations thereof,
reach new level of corruption

Ed Asner
Speaking out on the far right's misuse of power

Iraq war costs could hit $570 billion

US increases to 152,000 troops for Iraq referendum
(Guaranteeing the Results are US Results)

Bush repeats threat to veto torture curb

(Don't Spoil his Fundamentalist Inquisitor Fun
God told him to do this too?)

Chemical Weapons, Nuclear War
What's at stake in a war on Iran

Pat Tillman, Our Hero

Ousting Assad without a backup plan

U.S. Seeks Support for Baghdad
(Supporting Baghdad is not the problem - BUSH IS)

North Korea Insists on Reactor From U.S.

Venezuela's tax authority on Thursday ordered
the temporary closure of the local offices of
IBM and Microsoft for alleged tax irregularities.

Unrest, violence continue in Haiti
(Another Vassal Government installed by D.C.)

The United States will finance a study examining options
for linking the Gaza Strip and the West Bank via Israel.
(Why is the U.S. paying for this?
Israel already gets 14 million every day from U.S.)

Stabilize the Middle East
Remove WMD and NUKES from
Israel, UK, Australia, US

United States forces cannot win in Iraq,
but neither can they retreat in disarray.
So what next?

Breaking the silence:
the Catholic Church in Argentina
and the 'dirty war'

Carpetbagger companies clean up after Katrina

Giving them the old Reverse Orwell?

Why are Democrats so dumb?

The Discrepancy Between Missing People
and Confirmed Fatalities in Mississippi
by Dr. Ben "Go Fu*k Yourself Cheney" Marble

Just the tip of a corrupt iceberg

Bush White House declares torture vital
to US security policy
White House spokesman Scott McClellan confirmed that Bush would veto
the entire appropriation bill rather than
have his power to order torture restricted.
(IS he just a sadistic Born Again
like his heroes Pat Roberston, Falwell, O'Reilly?)

Does Miers signal Bush desperation?
Shocked by Katrina, Bush tries to avoid nomination battle

Arnold is all talk, no action
Schwarzenegger proves to be more action figure than action hero

Repeal bankruptcy law for all Americans, not just victims
Katrina victims join the long line for compassionate conservatism

British provocation in Basra

The Onion Eater

When Bush Comes To Shove

Doing the Right Wing's Dirty Work

The Predators of New Orleans

Climate change and pollution are killing millions

The Iraqis Right to be Free

Female Gambler Skeleton Comes out of Grave

Families of Terrorism Victims
Demand Justice from the US
(So do US citizens - We don't get Justice in the US)

Bush seizes on flu threat to press for martial law power

Leading Indian daily calls for suppression
of strikes and unions

Documentary on Cuban Five Screening in Canada

What's that Bright Spot on Titan?

Amazingly Sharp Image of a Sunspot

It Takes Three Smithsonian Observatories
to Decipher One Mystery Object

New hope offered for brain rehabilitation

Gene found that controls rhythmic events

Study: Vaccine prevents cervical cancer

Penguins’ pooping power scoops Ig Nobel prize

Unfair cancer care across Europe

Generating Hope

The Da Vinci Glow

Is Cloned Food Destined for Our Tables?

Toronto's mystery illness is legionnaires' disease


The people of the earth have abused nature terribly. Animal cruelty including extreme cruelty in the slaughter process for food is rampant. Well now it is time for an accounting. We hear of mad cow disease from cattle, sars from cats, bird flu from fowl. The planet is on the verge of experiencing a plague that is the direct responsibility of those who have demonstrated abuse towards nature and cruelty to animals, including those we consume. If the greed which controls our actions continues to manifest itself in violence and cruelty towards nature and animals , then the warning nature has given to all of us will be followed by a horror that no one will be able to stop. That horror is not Armageddon. That horror is disease. Disease brought down upon all of us by the cruelty we place on the very animals we depend on for our survival. It has begun. Now will be learn from it and change our ways ?
Bill Donahue ~

Headline News: October 6-7, 2005

Only in a theocracy do they have the right to
elevate the notion of sin to a
political slogan to be imposed on others.
(Bury the GOP with Righteousness, Emit, Truth)

Martial Law:

It’s for the Birds

Saddam's former number two urges escalation of insurgency

Death Squads And Diplomacy

Unwinnable War

Iraq’s constitutional referendum makes a
mockery of democracy

Bush delivering
'major Wag the Dog speech' on Iraq, terrorism

Satan Cheney warns of 'decades of war'

US official admits spying for Israel
(The U.S. sends 14 million dollars a day
to Israel to spend it to spy on the U.S.
I went to school BEFORE No child left behind
and this is just plain stupid)

against Bush Crony Official

When Judges Become Criminals
Irwin Schiff Exposes DOJ & USDC Crimes
Government Conspires To Secure His Conviction

(Bush Plants Spy INSIDE the White House)

Senate votes to restrict treatment of detainees
Bush rebuffed in 90-9 vote to bar
'cruel, inhuman or degrading' treatment
(CONpassionate Christian CONservative NeoCON RepubliCON BUSH
Opposes Humane Treatment
The Senate Found Testicles!)

U.S. Senate Blocks Base Payment To Uzbekistan
(Uzbekistan saw the reality of Bush Lies)

Venezuela moves $30.4 billion in foreign reserves
out of U.S. government securities

Israeli high court bans use of 'human shields'
(Bush in tears over loss of sadistic treatment?)

UK: Iran responsible for death of British soldiers in Iraq
(Wag the Dog - Bloodthirsty Blair wants Iran too)

How Chirac 'ordered' his own secret, secret service

Chirac urges French govt to listen to its people

US will hit Syria with sanctions, says orders Israel

Threats leave no room for nuclear talks, says Iran

Tropical Storm Stan : State of Emergency in Salvador

Fears mount as US opens new military installation in Paraguay

Euro rallies vs. dollar on ECB speculation
Venezuela bank shift sets dollar's lower course Thursday

US warns millions in aid at risk
if Nicaragua ousts president
(US attempting to keep it's puppet regime and
Nicaragua under US control
It matters not what the Nicaraguans want!)

Venezuela reaffirms support to Iran on nuclear issue

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday
his government will manufacture "Bolivarian computers"
affordable to all Venezuelans
(Has Bush done that for his citizens?
Remember New Orleans)

Japan Seeks to Amend Pacifist Constitution
(We want to WAR too?)

US teeters on the edge

"Eerie" Discoveries about Flu

Earthquake strikes the South Pacific island of Tonga

Earthquake Rattles Three Argentine Provinces

US Suffers More Casualties in Iraq

Barbados: A Crime without Punishment

Satellites solve mystery of deep-space blasts

GAS shortages could lead to power cuts
which would cripple industry this winter

Bin Laden to surface
after new attack on US soil: ex-CIA expert

Watch out for the Hindenburg Omen

Irish Billboards of Gambling Jesus Pulled
(Just when Jesus was beginning to be FUN)


But It's My Own Country!

Student Brutalized by Cops

Al Arabiya New Channel views captivity of its
Baghdad reporter Majed Hamid by US forces in Iraq

U.S. soldier describes more abuses in Iraq

Night And Fog Revisited
Is Harriet Miers a Closet Sadist?

Martial Law and the Avian Flu Pandemic

Trial of Saddam likely to be postponed
(Waiting on Howard to ship the Kangaroo for court?)

Wanted a leader for America

Soldiers Shouldn’t Serve as Police Officers

Abort Every White Baby!

(Bush tries to distance himself
From Bennett? no.. New Orleans!)

Carpooling with Adolf Eichmann
Dark mutterings from the sidelines on
Prozac cookies and our disturbing sort of sanity

Breaking the Silence ... Bilderberg exposed!

US Ambassador Brownfield fails to deliver on
GN-narco-trafficking links
(Another Pile of US Lies?)

White House terrorist rhetoric seen
building up to military intervention?

President allocates 330 billion bolivares
to integral community projects
(Maybe the Vassal Queen of Louisiana
should look to Venezuela for help -- not D.C.?)

Brits and USA accuse
GN officers of protecting narco-traffickers
(Propaganda War against Venezuela Continues
by Wag the Doggers in DC)

You see ... for some ... it seems a "terrorist"
is in the eye of the beholder

US-style terrorism:
You’re continuing to pour gasoline on the fire, George!

Noriega's Latin American policy ...
a disservice to the United States of America

Disabled Children at Mercy of US Blockade

Latin America Living a New Era, Chavez Says

Cuba Regards Perpetuation of Colonialism an Ignominy
(and Castro is RIGHT!)

US Invades Fasting Iraqi Muslims

Nicaraguans Term US Message Blunt and Imperial
(US wants to maintain Control
over its Vassal government in Nicaraqua
ILLEGALLY installed by CONservative Ronny Reagon)

From the party that brought you
The Illegal Federal War against the South,
Occupation, and Reconstruction
You Get the Modern Versions
The Illegal War against Afghanistan,
Occupation, and Reconstruction
The Illegal War against Iraq,
Occupation, and Reconstruction

Coming SOON!
The Illegal War against Iran,
Occupation, and Reconstruction
The Illegal War against Syria,
Occupation, and Reconstruction
The Illegal War against North Korea,
Occupation, and Reconstruction
The Illegal War against Venezuela,
Occupation, and Reconstruction

And Many More!
From the CONpassionate, CONservative, RepubliCONs
Ain't it a Grand Old Party?
Havin' Fun Yet?

U.S. Envoy Goes to Nicaragua to Back Embattled Leader
(Vassal Puppet Government Supported by the Empire)

Iraqi journalists routinely jailed by U.S. forces

Who Feeds DeLay?
Special Interests? $1,158,354

Thomas Dale DeLay
Against the Peace and Dignity of the State

DeLay's Legal Costs?

Hurricanes Destroyed 109 Oil Platforms

Hurricane Katrina threatens to expand the deficit,
which may make it a 'big challenge' for Bush
to push through changes to the tax code
(Katrina is a drop in the bucket compared to
the amount of money sent to Israel or
spent on Afghanistan/Iraq Illegal wars)

Brownback had said he wants more on the president's second go-round --
something approaching solid evidence that the nominee
would be a foe of abortion and gay rights
(and this is Freedom? This is GOP slavery)

Claims of cronyism force Bush to defend
choice for Supreme Court
(HE certainly did not use experience?!)

Too Chicken To Pay?

Bush Jr.'s Skeleton Closet

Omar Deghayes is a British resident who has been
tortured by U.S. guards at Guantanamo Bay,
suffering violent sexual assaults,
near drowning and
an attack in which he was blinded.

And Bush Does Not Want
or Oversight
on His Sadistic Pleasures

Legitimacy of reciprocal violence

Catholic Church no longer swears
by truth of the Bible
(Pope should know--- they WROTE it!
Will Pat Robertson call for a pope assassination?)

Bill would relax rules against
secret military police spying on Americans

Centers for Disease Control censoring flu data

For scissor-stabbing death of transgendered woman:
Four years in prison in ArnieLand

Indiana Lawmakers Seek to Ban,
Control Assisted Impregnation
(Obviously Impotent Lawmakers with little D****)

Law Would Place DNA of Innocent Arrestees
in National Database
(More F*** You from the US Impotent Invertabrate CONgress)

Supreme Court Permits DC to Sue Gun Manufacturers

A Tale of Two Lives Destroyed by Abu Ghraib

Night And Fog Revisited

5 Years After Milosevic, Problems Remain
(just like Milosevic said?)

The Republican Nemesis

Reports on Psychochemical Weapons

Crime and Punishment

"BZ Psychochemical War Agents"

Inside the BP Investigation

All the President's Women

CBS's One-Sided DeLay Discussion
All-Republican panel discusses a "Republican problem."

President Bush signaled on Tuesday that he would
most likely reject any requests from the Senate
for documents written by Harriet E. Miers

Bush's "Cynical Conservatism"

New Orleans Gets a Dose of Freedom

The Dumbing-Down of the U.S. Army

Their God Is Bigger Than Our God
Gosh, we haven't heard much from God lately, have we?
I'm wondering why that is.

An Unrealistic Mission in Iraq

Christian Soldier on the High Court

Beyond the (In)Security State
Where Fear Can't Take Us

Arrogance in the Face of Disaster
The Bush Administration’s Refusal of
Cuba’s Offer for Medical Assistance
Following Hurricane Katrina

Will Harriet Miers Vote to
Overturn Bush’s Conspiracy Conviction?

The Wall Street Journal,
owned by the billion-dollar Dow Jones Corporation,
receives a $5 million taxpayer subsidy

Bennett Put his Mouth Where His GOP Party Is
(As Racist as they are White!)

Wonder where the KKK went? Into the GOP?

CONgress Seeks to Cut Food Aid for Poor

Republican Party Caught in the Middle of
Tom Delay's Web of Corruption
(Nothing's Changed -- Watergate 2005)

Media Reform Groups Call for
Prosecution of White House Propaganda Crimes

Entergy says Rita may cost up to $550M
Utility company says it will try to recover expenses
through insurance coverage and federal aid.

Rita takes toll on East Texas timber

Rita's Ecologic Damage Worse than Feared

Rita compounds agriculture industry losses

Bird flu reminds scientists of virus that killed 50m people


It all started back in ancient Egypt in the cult of Osiris. Osiris body was cut into 14 parts which greatly disturbed his wife Isis. Isis searched and managed to find 13 parts. The one part she could not find was Osiris’ penis. At that time phallic worship (the male sexual organ) was very big and so Isis had a monument made of Osiris’ penis and order that copies be made and placed on all of the temples in the area. Today in our churches, the altar is the head of the body and the part where the congregation sits is called the “nave”. That part of the physical anatomy is the 'navel'. And of course to complete the church anatomy we have placed right where Isis directed, a tribute to the erect penis of Osiris. The steeple. From this point on when you look at a church steeple it will never be the same.
Bill Donahue ~

India on threshold of a pestilential decade

America or the Empire
Bush's Final Choice

USA expects another storm, Tammy

Crying icons perplex both Catholic and Orthodox clergymen

Earth to stretch sideways and then turn into a cold star

Scientists recreate virus that killed millions
(Bush's Next Middle East Suprise?)

Circadian Rythms

Empathy comes from our own bodies

Neural stem cells are long-lived

Ped Med: In praise of breakfast

1918 killer flu 'came from birds'

Sandia Treatment System That Removes
Arsenic from Water

Treasured Map Lures Geologists to Buffalo

Satellite Solves Mystery of Cosmic Explosions

A New Angle on Flowers:
Fish Are Players in Pollination

New Study Examines Patients’ Sexual Harassment of Nurses

Middle School Girls Catching Up to Boys in Delinquency

Fossils Reveal Two New Species of Flying Reptiles

The pyramid savers

Scholars call on president to
save ancient academic city of Jondishapur

Ancient Warriors Surrender in Kharand Cemetery

Yukos scandal continues with new raids and new charges

FBI agents arrested an employee from the team of
US Vice President Dick Cheney

Strange egg-shaped skulls uncovered all over the world mystify scientists

NATO Sending Afghanistan Troops, Snubbing US
(Don't Let them Fool You....
The US can't win and wants out!
Move is to save face)

Roots of Terrorism Against Cuba: The Case of CANF

Cuba is a warm and caring hand of solidarity

Posada Carriles: Undocumented alien or VIP guest?

Einstein and the Revolution of Physics

Iraq’s constitutional referendum
makes a mockery of democracy

Martial Law and the advent of the Supreme Executive

Zero Point Energy
the integrated consciousness that make the Hyperspace

UFO-spotters tell tales of the extra-terrestrial

Basic Facts on the "Helms-Burton Act"

The Torricelli Law is sanctioned

Tracking the Torricelli Bill

Mystery Ocean Glow Confirmed in Satellite Photos

Bedrock Under Amazon River
Sinks 3 Inches During Floods

The Intelligent Design movement is orchestrated by the
Center for Science and Culture (CSC),
a subdivision of the Discovery Institute,
a CONservative Christian think tank.
The CSC strategy for countering evolution is twofold:
challenge its soundness as a scientific theory,
then replace it with ID.

Astronauts onboard the International Space Station
have been observing electric blue
"noctilucent" clouds from Earth-orbit.

Getting the Monkey off Darwin's Back

Critical Thinking About Energy
The Case for Decentralized Generation of Electricity

Judge Roberts on Trial

The Movie in Your Head

The Magic Flutes

Headline News: October 5-6, 2005

Basra Shadowlands

Destroying What Is Left of the U.S. Supreme Court
(That's been the GOP goal all along)

Bush's Dilemma

What the Gruesome Images Say

An Earlier Empire's War on Iraq

U.S., Russia discuss nuclear secrets case

Study Maps Russia's Resurgence

US 'aiming at Syria regime change'

IMF Rebuffs U.S. Treasury on China -- Bravo!

As the US lowers the nuclear threshold,
debate is stifled
(King George and Jesters approve
PreEmptive NUCLEAR Wars
Invertabrate Congress Fiddles)

US to sell $2.1 bn worth arms to Saudi Arabia

China plans to build super-efficient N-reactors

After alchol, its cocaine in UK
(How else would one tolerate Tony Blair's lies?)

Strike chaos brings France to standstill

The ‘unstoppable’ wave

Government with no agenda

US, Israel provoking tensions

Army takes control of Iran nukes
(Typical CONservative take here -
Perhaps Iran is making a defensive move
due to threats by Israel and the U.S.!
Seems like that would be a prudent thing to do?)

If Iran went nuclear...
It’s the last thing India needs in an already nasty neighbourhood

Blockade of Cuba Takes Its Toll

Bolivia on the brink

Thousands join fasting Brazil bishop in protest

Gulf of Mexico oil refineries need 2-4 wks to return to normal

Yes, Venezuela Is Reducing Poverty

India calls for total elimination of N-weapons

Suspected bird flu patients double in Indonesia

Australia's Lend Lease closes
1.2 bln usd US military homes deal

West Pointers, Where Are You?

Real Bills, Phony Wealth

If oil was the question, war wasn't the answer

Scientists predict more,
intense Atlantic hurricanes in October

Earthquake rocks Indonesia's Aceh province

The mystery of the Moon

Green Tea May Protect Brain From Alzheimer's Disease

Scientists hopes to breed bird flu free chickens

Astronomers Decipher Nature of Mysterious Object

US Policymakers Despair of Iraqi Army

Caligula's Horse and the Emperor Dubya's Supreme Court

Gitmo's Shame

We Will Not Be Intimidated


Iraq and Oil-for-Food: The Real Story

A Doozie of a Recession

Put the Hammer Down
Mr. DeLay and ethical lapses are not
unfamiliar dance partners. They go together like Chaplin
and jerky film.

Our Kurdish Problem
The Kurds are "cleansing" their domain –
and provoking a civil war in Iraq

Iran wants unconditional nuclear talks with EU

The Missing Apology

Let's get to the top of Abu Ghraib

White House Losing Ground on Prisoner Treatment

From DaNang to Tal Afar, Bring 'Em Home

Ret. Army General William Odom:
U.S. Should "Cut and Run" From Iraq

U.S. governors oppose Bush on military's relief role
(Vassals oppose Emporer's Army
PreEmptive Strike on Florida?
Your either with us or you're the enemy)

Draconian new law, aimed at crushing resistance

There were no international terrorists in Iraq until we went in.
It was we who gave the perfect conditions in which
Al Qaeda could thrive.
– Robin Cook

Israeli offensive in Gaza targets Hamas

(No more recess for this terrorist!)

Home heating costs to break records in US

Shameful, Anti-American Law

The price of mental health

New Reports of Prisoner Abuse in Louisiana

President Threatens to Veto Defense Bill
Over Detainee Language, Again
(Okay let him! Get some Balls Congress!)

Unplugging Clear Channel


Abu Ghraib:

Business as Usual

UN condemns Iraq charter change

(What happened to the WMD LIES Investigation?)

Election monitors throw out bid to favour Yes side

US opposes Iraq constitution referendum change
(yea right!!!?)

The Floating Corpse of New Orleans

Eased Out of the Big Easy

Bill Bennett's Abortion Fantasies

Bolton's Schoolyard-Level Diplomacy

Clinton Redux

A Crony for the Court

Prisoner Abuse: Investigation Aims Far Too Low

A Flood of Fraud

Venezuela: Another World Is Possible

Passionate About our Racism

Bolton Agitates Audience

How Rotten Are These Guys?

Can Bush Be Ousted?

Viewing Terrorism through a Different Lens

Should Landless Taxpayers Subsidize Landowners?

The unification of church and state
Bush nominee Miers is Texas conservative,
fundamentalist Christian

Tom DeLay's House of Shame
Congress has always had its share of extremists.
But the DeLay era is the first time
the fringe has ever been in charge.

Grover and Jack's Long Adventure

Science v. Ideology: A Breach in the Levees

N.Orleans lays off 3000
(so much for U.S. relief!
Let's send another trillion to Israel instead)

Bush wants military to keep order in bird flu pandemic scenario
(Maybe it will hit White House and Congress first?
Then watch them fish-tail)

Hurricane Stan kills 66 in Central America

Micro-plane able to spy out terrorists

Tabare Vazquez may oust top military commanders
after weeks of unsuccessful search for the remains of people
detained and disappeared in military grounds

Bid to boost breastfeeding

(With insincere apology to Barbara Walters)

Beans and soya beat lung cancer

This Laser Trick's a Quantum Leap

Gamma-Ray Burst Mystery Unraveled

Afterglow of Supernova Remnant N132D

What's in that Dust Cloud?

Health of the Great Barrier Reef from Space

Pathological liars

found to have brain abnormalities

What you need to view an extraterrestrial UFO?

Ancient Peruvians loved their spuds

America might be able to know deep secrets of
Russian nukes as Switzerland intends to extradite former
Russian Atomic Energy Minister Yevgeny Adamov to US

Pakistan President Musharraf
fooled Americans like no one before?

Brothers fined for keeping 'pet ghost'

Lunch with mother-in-law sparks divorce bid
(That would do it for me!)

Iceman can't stand the heat

Desert Glass

Scientists Send Submersibles to Lost City

Big, black, bad and invisible

RNA researcher investigated

Kill Kill Kill

The Age of Autism: A whole-body illness

A Space Station View On Giant Lightning

Driving on the Bones of God
You and I may get smoked, but the fat cats will dine on peacock tongues

Questions and Answers on CIA Leak Case

Balaguer said he regarded the US blockade of Cuba
as genocide, and emphasized its extra-territorial character.

Cuba´s Top Legislator Denounces
Case of Terrorist as Sham
(Did you expect honor, integrity, truth? from Bush? From U.S.?)

Latin American dignity and autonomy,
renewed and revitalized by Hugo Chavez

Why should Venezuela pay any attention to the
United States of America?
(No Law says they have too?)

United States' running a trade deficit that averages
two billion dollars a day!

5000-year-old Couple burial found in Mazandaran, Iran

A necklace and pendants made
15,500 years ago have been discovered

Right Here the Bible says only 6000 years
Right here in Genesis! Flat Earth 6000 years old

Traitorous Networking

Samsung executives convicted
(U.S. Corporate Culture Evident in Korea)

Venezuala to develop civil nuclear program
(Jest like the one in the U.S.)


The origin of the word Israel is quite interesting and takes all of our Judeo Christian heritage back to a deep connection with ancient Egypt.

The word Israel is made up of three ancient forms IS RA EL.

When we define each part we find the deep truth.

IS Female---- I·sis-- n. Mythology. An ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, the sister and wife of Osiris.

RA Male---- Ra --n. Mythology. The ancient Egyptian sun god, the supreme deity represented as a man with the head of a hawk crowned with a solar disk and uraeus.

EL GOD---- the Hebrew term el also became an equivalent to the English term god, as in the verse: "Who is like unto Thee, O Lord, among the gods" (Exodus 15:11), in which elim (the plural of el) is used as gods.

There is Israel. The female and male that is within all living things that together equal God. Or as Jesus put it, the Kingdom of God Is Within You.
Bill Donahue -

The Real FBI X-Files

Project Echelon
A Real X-File

The Real UK X-Files

Headline News: October 4-5, 2005

US Middle Eastern Wars May Last for Several Years

How America tiptoed into the torture chamber

Dems/Iraq = Bush/Vietnam = AWOL

The cost of the lies

and the price of truth


All the Iraqis are terrorists until the occupation authorities prove otherwise!! Every Iraqi mother could not sleep the night; she stays worrying until the morning; fearing of the after midnight unwelcomed visitors. There are continuous raids, especially at nights, every where in Iraq. American forces and Iraqi National Guards have the right to enter any house without asking permission. We are being ruling by the American Terrorism Act.

Abu Ghraib guard tells of worse abuse

South Korea Leader Hints At Ending US Control Over Army

Leaked Report Alleges Safety Problems At
British Nuclear Plant

50,000 Displaced By Ethiopian Volcano Eruption
Government Responds Quickly to aid the Displaced
(Be damn glad it ain't Bush and FEMA!)

The biggest secret projects - reverse engineering
extraterrestrial advanced stealth technologies from UFOs

The Hidden Door

Indian remote viewers see illegal re-routing of
international telephone calls – massive investigations
against major telecoms started

Confident Hitler’s secret nuke missiles failed in World War II

Iran scraps Gas deal with India after India votes against Iran

Yep, the breaking news as of 6pm est is that DeLay's been indicted on a second count of money laundering. And the worst part of it for the increasingly lonely camp of DeLay supporters is that it comes from a totally different Grand Jury...

Shia-Kurdish pact at risk over Kirkuk

Think again . . . give chaos a chance

Empowering the UN, Destroying US Sovereignty

Time to Fire Karl Rove and 'Scooter' Libby
(And the Morons that hired them!)

How the Antiwar Was Won
The ghosts of Vietnam haunting the Iraq war are also
lurking over the movement against it.

The indefatigable insurgency

Pleading Incompetence

War is a way of shattering to pieces...
materials which might otherwise be used
to make the masses
too comfortable and...too intelligent.
– George Orwell

US troops in Afghanistan could come under British control

Yemen court acquits Iraqis of spying, bombing plot

U.S.: Colombia Should Fumigate Coca
(U.S. Should Fumigate its own Bushes)

Labour elected thanks to hostility to Conservatives

Will Israel Start World War Three?


FEMA, Capitalism,

and Karl Marx's Crystal Ball

Why I No Longer Support The Military!
They Have Betrayed Us!

The Crude (OIL) Truth about the War in Iraq

Bush Dunnit

Clueless Americans on Democracy

Biological Warfare Against Bush Opponents?

King Dick and Cardinal Scooter

The Iraqis Right to be Free

S. Korea -- An IRAQI Perspective

GOP Silent on Race Trash Talk
(Plantation mentality of the GOP)

Palestinian police storm into Gaza parliament

Sunni anger at Iraq vote change
(Ya didn't really expect it to be fair? With the US involved?)

Dems' Non-Ideological Case Against Harriet Miers

If Progressives Can Win in Utah, They Can Win Anywhere
In the most unlikely places in middle America
opposition to bigotry and the
war in Iraq are commonplace

Growing Gulf Between Rich and Rest of US

How Not to Win the War on Terror
(Bushy is pretty good at it already)

The corporate media seem determined
to trivialize the widespread evidence of
overwhelming Republican corruption and criminality

Fool Shortage? Unfortunately, Not in Georgia
(No shortage in D.C. either!)

Republicans Endanger the Endangered Species Act
(and anything else they touch!)

DeLay Relying on a Campaign of Lies
(That's his expertise: LYING!)

Secret Paper Links Thatcher to Freebies Probe

Monitors Find Significant Fraud in Afghan Elections
(and the U.S. was there? Remember Florida and Bush)

Right-Wing Peanut Gallery Hits Miers Hard

Military Presence at Career Forum Sparks Student Protests

USDA Tries to Shield Identity of
Big Subsidy Recipients
Who Got Nearly $1 Billion from Taxpayers

Healthcare Crisis Goes Untreated,
but the Cancer Is Spreading

Ike Was Right About War Machine

How the world was duped:
the race to invade Iraq

US Immigration Policy Shift Causes Record Deaths

Senate May Roll Back Oversight of State Judiciary
(RepubliCONS want to limit DUE PROCESS)

Immigration Tops Federal Prosecution List Under Bush

The militarisation of the United States’s energy policy
is distorting the country’s democracy and damaging its standing in the world

Hurricanes and the Moral Purpose of Government
(Don't say the word moral..
it might be considered an attack on the White House
-- or DeLay)

Put the Hammer down
DeLay indictment caps a bad September for Republicans
(DeLay brought bad government for all of us)

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., wants to overturn a century of
constitutional consensus that grants citizenship
to all who are born in the United States,
regardless of their parents' immigration status.
(Vote RepubliCON!
Working against all humanity for the Corporations)

US calls for UN arrest of Charles Taylor

US industry shrugs off hurricane damage

Is Bush the anti-Christ?

U.S. Presses Russia to Halt Trade
In Nuclear Technology With Iran

No Support For Bush Military-Disaster Plan

U.S. push nears Syria border

US launches new offensive in western Iraq

Minutemen watch U.S.-Canada border

Russia says Afghan (U.S.) drug trade major threat

Massive Fireballs Continuing Hitting North America Atmosphere

Russia to discuss joining Iran pipeline project

Russia and post-Soviet states to challenge USA's global dictatorship

China Evacuates 13,000 from Rising Floodwaters
(Bush lets the poor ones die)

Taiwan protests to Google about China province reference

1 million expected to protest in France

Hundreds of commercial flights cancelled
amid widespread strikes in France

Israelis leave Sinai en masse

Israel urges ultra-Orthodox Jews to work

Israel allows 20 food trucks into Gaza

Be ready to face consequences: Iran to US

Pipeline blast halts gas from Iran to Turkey

Protests target British Embassy in Tehran

Cuban Blockade: An Old Infamy

Tropical Storm Stan heads for Mexico's Gulf coast

Japan ships uranium-contaminated soil to U.S. for disposal
CNIC criticized the move, saying that
"countries which are unable to handle
their own radioactive waste
are not qualified to produce such waste."

Attack in Australia inevitable, says police chief

War for Oil? Possibly

E. coli outbreak has FDA warning of certain salads

World's potatoes originated in Peru

Catfish deaths befuddle officials

Where have all the fish gone?

New horrors from the school cafeteria

Russia May Refuse to Return U.S. Astronaut
to Earth Free of Charge

Kofi and the Scandal Pimps

Bushie and Harriet

Hurricanes Rain on Bush's Tax Cut Parade

DeLay Is Indicted Again; Charges Are Graver

Army Moves to Recruit More High School Dropouts
(so they can communicate with their Commander in Chief?)

Behind barbed wire in Guantanamo

Asia’s Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq

Remember The Memo
As the noose tightens at the White House,
the State Department memo may be the
key piece of Plame evidence.

Europe Learns, America Provokes

Our cash -- it's a national security issue

Foreign workers may form a
big part of Gulf Coast reconstruction.

Stop the blame game?
Administration still trying to avoid Katrina responsibility

DeLay's new machine
Will reformers inside GOP use indictment as rallying cry?
(It is too late, too little and too lame - bury the GOP!)

Congress shows no fiscal discipline
GOP decides to put Katrina on the credit card


In case anyone thought Harriet Miers wasn't a corporate-shill-in-White-House-clothing, take a gander at how Miers did her best Ken Lay impression while heading a major Texas corporate law firm.

Disappointed, Depressed and Demoralized

Grand Jury Indicts DeLay on New Charge
(Can you spell M O N E Y -- L A U N D E R I N G ?
D E L A Y -- Can!
It also spells LIFE IN PRISON!)

Who picked David Dreier?

Hulshof puts DeLay funds into charity
(No honor among thieves!
Hulshof is guilty of recieving
illegal money laundered funds!)

The 79-year-old former Premier is said
to have met Congressman Tom DeLay in Britain
while he was on a suspected favours-for-freebies scam.

Despite the Republican congressional leadership's
best efforts to the contrary,
funding has been restored for public broadcasting.
(At least one media source that is not FOX FAUX MENTALITY)

When Terrorism Outlaws Democracy
Australians Lose Rights for Ten Years
(Criminal Pundit Howard Happy)


The Occupation of New Orleans

Back to the Ancient Future
Chewing Raw Grubs with the 'Nutcracker Man'

In Praise of Holy Madness

Chavez invites private business sectors to join in economic boom

Migratory Problems Are Not Solved by Walls and Hunters

Venezuelans Tortured by Posada Carriles Present their Suits

Italian Lawyer Demands Release of Cuban Five

Cultural catastrophe: ancient tepes plowed in Susa

New Research on Indigenous Peoples in Cuba

12 Things that Science Can't Explain
...But That Happen Anyway

Trying to explain the 'unexplained'

Academic throws light on 40-year-old UFO mystery


Arguments Against the Hoax Theory
of Crop Circles

Dealing with pumpkin haters

Scary living for India's ghost man

Angry Ghost Caught On TV?

Ancient outpost marks time
North of Baghdad stands Hatra,
once a crossroads and now a largely
forgotten keeper of the past.

Money, not Christianity, behind
abbey's rejection of 'Da Vinci Code'

Composer Cracks Musical Code
Embedded in Rossyln Chapel Ceiling

Astrophoto: Annular Eclipse

Our Three-Brane Existence

Spirit Reaches True Summit

A thousand years ago, Mayan civilization collapsed.
Today, a Space Age "situation room"
in Panama is helping Central Americans avoid
mistakes that doomed the Maya.

Satellite to provide new test of global warming threat

Satellite set to survey Earth's poles
Orbiting radar will measure how fast ice is melting.

Video in the News:
Eclipse Makes "Ring of Fire" in Sky

The World in a Glass:
Six Drinks That Changed History

Headline News: October 3-4, 2005

New Titles
October 2005

Bush chooses ally for high court
(Moronic President Chooses another appointee
with No Experience whatsoever)

Thousands of civilians flee military offensive
near Syrian border

Iraqi Government Totters
US Goes it alone Against Mighty Sadah
British Leave Basra Base

Oh Baghdad, my sweet …

The "ugly American" is schizophrenic

Donald Rumsfeld continued his bloody onslaught on civilian enclaves
this weekend by laying siege to the Iraqi city of Sadah.
A town of 2,000 desperately poor residents

Student who was Maced By Police is Now
Banned from Campus!
The officer who put Charles in a headlock
and sprayed mace in his face, is also
the Advisor to the College Republicans

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my understanding that Venezuela has offered assistance to the victims of the recent hurricanes in the United States. It is also my understanding that the current government of the United States has refused this assistance. I am the head of a dissident political movement in Texas that is opposed to US hegemony and I have personally been displaced and have lost nearly everything due to the hurricane which struck Texas. Due to my status as the leader of this movement the US government has denied me assistance. My story is not unique. I have spoken with hundreds and know of thousands of others who have experienced this form of US discrimination.

It is a time like this that proves that the United States has misplaced priorities. The can spends billions on destroying the sovereign nation of Iraq and millions to support a coup attempt in Venezuela but cannot care for those that they claim are subject to their rule.

I appreciate the stance that Venezuela has taken as a world leader on the issues of foreign policy and sovereingty and I welcome the assistance of Venezuela in Texas' time of hardship. I would like to offer our groups assistance to distribute whatever aid you find that your country is gracious to give. As I have been personally affected by this hurricane and by the indifference of the United States government to the suffering of it's most vulnerable citizens.

Daniel Miller
Republic of Texas Interim Government

Dual Occupations, Dual Jeopardy"

"Israel is the largest recipient of U.S financial aid in the world, receiving a staggering $14 million per day for the last 25 years," Zeese noted. Yet while it has given Israel more aid than it has to the entire continent of Africa, the U.S. does not control the relationship. In fact, the reverse is true, Zeese claimed, with Israeli leaders often in the driver's seat.

Bush Moves to Block Torture Probe
(Perhaps another Nuremburg Trial is in order?)

U.S. soldiers get off easy for crimes against Iraqis
Army officials found some of the missing items
in the soldiers' possession and they
admitted to robbing houses under the guise
of looking for illegal weapons,
the Army dismissed the charges

Elusive Terror Mastermind on the Loose

Constitution Conversations...

Bush's choice: America or the empire

High oil prices met with global outrage

The U.S. government for the first time is spending
federal dollars to promote the USA abroad
(Why would any foreigner want to come here to be
treated, abused and tortured like they do criminals?)

Typhoon, quake leave Taiwan shaken, stirred

Row over Blair aide's nuclear 'joke'

Lady Thatcher embroiled in US corruption probe
(Why don't they 'go git her' like they did Noreiga?)

UK jobless to rise above one million next year
(Thank you Tony Blair and GW Bush)

Processed foods? Read this, France says

Is Israel planning Iran strike?
(Is Israel to start WW3?)

Earthquake registering 4.3 shakes Israel

Israel seeks support abroad for blocking Hamas in PA elections
(Israel wants us to approve their ELECTION FRAUD)

Iran will give unforgettable lesson to Israel
if it ventures into targeting nuclear sites

'Assad insists that Syria and Iran will not be intimidated'

2nd quake jolts Peru

'KGB revelations biggest scandal in India'

India loses political credibility in anti-Iran vote

Migrants welcome - unless they're from the Middle East

Venezuela to Invest in Refineries in Brazil and Argentina

Seismologist installs measuring instruments at earthquake cluster site

Quake jolts Central California

Salem Apartment Building Mystery

Something Stinks in America

Turning a Deaf Ear
Hughes Seems Clueless on a Listening Tour of Middle East

The Falklands: A Lesson for America in Iraq

The Last Thing Iraq Needs Now is the
Passing of its Draft Constitution
The West has embraced a radical pro-Iranian elite
and created a festering wound with the Sunnis

Translator Caught in Web

Foreign Women Refuse to Ignore War
As the Republican Party looks like it's crumbling,
it must be miserable being a GOP member these days

Rogue Soldiers or Rogue President?
Scapegoating Small-Fry

Indicting the President's Policies

Dems: Seriously Hapless

The Dark Side of Faith
Too much religion may be a dangerous thing.

The Post-Katrina Leadership Gap

DeLay's Critics are Numerous, So He Sees a Conspiracy
(no not really... he's trying to DeLay his Jail Time)

United States Dissident Senator Targeted In Assassination
Bombing Attempt In Oklahoma,
Covert US Military Force Kills Attackers


A criminal conspiracy

Iraq war 'DeLayed' Katrina relief effort, inquiry finds

Times reporter tried to cut earlier CIA leak deal

Troops 'Sweep' Through Lawless Iraq Cities
(What a propaganda piece... 'cities'? of 2000 poverty suffering residents?)

Bush speech to crank up Iraq message

In a report chronicling the killing of an estimated 15,000 men, women and children by insurgents, the organisation insists that international law applies equally to US-led forces as well as those claiming to resist foreign occupation. “The armed conflict in Iraq is regulated by the 1949 Geneva Conventions and customary international laws,” says the report, Iraq: Insurgent Groups Responsible for War Crimes.

What's Wrong With Cutting and Running?

Last One to Leave, Please Turn on the Lights

Bush Misreads History
(of course he misreads everything)

The FBI's counterterrorism unit has launched a broad investigation of US-based theft rings after discovering that some of the vehicles used in deadly car bombings in Iraq, including attacks that killed US troops and Iraqi civilians, were probably stolen in the United States, according to senior government officials.

"The British have turned into terrorists," Fahed Jaber, a trader, said. "They have become Americans. Before, they were our friends; now we see them as occupiers."

Prosecutor in Plame Case May Seek Conspiracy Charges

Role of Rove, Libby in CIA Leak Case Clearer

Britain in the dock for human rights failures
after more than 100 'guilty' judgements filed
(and they accused Saddam?)

The U.K. Government hopes to persuade the
European Court of Human Rights
to overturn a ruling that prevents it
expelling foreign terror suspects.

Accused contractor may have left Afghanistan

Source to Stephanopoulos:
President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

Israelis won't testify in AIPAC trial

Taxpayers Forced to Pay Their Own Exploiters
Oil Refineries: Rigging the Profits

Keep the Internet Free from Monopoly
What is Community Internet?

Congressional Pork-Barrel Spending
Left New Orleans Vulnerable
The Dangers of the Iron Triangle

William Bennett's 'hypothetica' on racial genocide
(CONservitive RepubliCON show his true colors)

Behind the DeLay indictment:
vicious infighting within the US ruling elite

A Republic of Pickle Vendors
The devil does not live in the American heartland,
he just shits here

Particle colliders show the first clue
to breaking into the anatomy of Hyperspace

Archaeologists stumble on brickworks of ancient Rome

Dark chocolate helps diarrhea

Deadly bacteria detected in US capital during anti-war march

One Symptom No Longer a Clear Sign of Child Abuse

Fried Food and Fatter Kids

Gulf Wracked By Katrina's Latest Legacy
Disease, Poisons, Mold

La. coast no longer as nature intended

U.S. probes 'green cards for sex'

Pathological liars

found to have brain abnormalities

There's a stark difference in the way the U.S. confronted an oil crisis when Democrats were in control, compared to the way it has now that Republicans dominate.

California Cops Go To Pot

Paying For Rumsfeld's Mistakes

For the one-zillionth time, of the 15 cases Ronnie Earle has brought against politicians over the years, 12 were against Democrats. Earle was so aggressive in going after corrupt Democrats, the Republicans never even put up a candidate against him all during the '80s.

Hostage Mom Exposes Drug War Double Standard

Who is Judy Miller Kidding?

The Greatest Strategic Disaster in US History

Mr George W. Bush has already found that it
exhausted his mental powers to be transformed from
a New Englander into a born-again Texan

Knowing Nothing of God and Failing in Public
It is by now well established in the minds of religious Americans
that George W. Bush has been doing the work of God.
(Since GWB is a failure then it stands to reason that God is a failure)

For some time, now, Messrs. Bush and Blair and their coterie of sycophantic neophytes, have burbled on about the "new democracy" in Iraq having been successfully established - a laughable proposition were it not such a deadly one.

Darfur: What is going on?

Physicist discovers a formula of laughter

Exchanging the Kingdom of God for American mationalism: 'Robertson's call to implement this vision by assassinating a foreign head of state should not invalidate the metaphor any more than repeated fatwahs by Muslim fanatics calling for jihad against western civilization should invalidate the positive principles of Islam."

Chavez has done more for Venezuela' poor
than USA would ever give him credit for

Why the unity and integration of Latin America
is an issue of life or death...

USA needs a President just like
Venezuela's Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias...

What hope for gringos who still wait for
Bush to capture Osama dead or alive?

We see only too well how a liberal civilization
cares for the least of its brethren

Evangelicals in Venezuela:
Robertson only the latest controversy...

Political Crisis in Nicaragua Worsens
(U.S. Installed Government in Trouble?)

... AND WIN!

Headline News: October 2-3, 2005

Biometric Technologies in Domestic and Foreign Policy

Lawyer Points Out Absurdities in Hussein's Legal Defense

Mantra politics

Red Ink for Sulzberger and Judith Miller

The CIA Leak Case:
The Bush spinmeisters' Kabuki dance with Patrick Fitzgerald

Occupied New Orleans

and Homegrown Resistance

A Government of War Criminals
A Press of Agents Provocateurs
A Bureaucracy of Foreign Spies

Opening Up Jewish Eyes

A Broken Covenant
The War in Iraq

Detainees Choose Death Over Barbarism
Hunger Strike at Gitmo

U.S. troops launch 'Operation Iron Fist'

Snake Oil

Colonials and Indians

Rape and Resistance

CNBC’s Ron Insana Propaganda Exposed on Live Radio

Bushco Gets Away With Another Crime

US prepares to Launch War on Iran
In Solidarity with the People of Iran and Iraq

Why not Torture Judith Miller?

Bird Flu Outbreaks Reported In United States and Canada,
Toronto Hospitals Begin Quarantine Lockdown
as Canadian and American Authorities Order News Blackout,
Bio-Virus Released In Washington D.C.

Chirac condemns Corsica explosion

Riot police storm ports in Corsica, southeast France to expel striking workers

US opposes India-Iran gas pipeline

Arabs fail in Israel nuclear denunciation
(Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - US-Israel CONTROLLED)

U.S. Generals Now See Virtues of a Smaller Troop Presence in Iraq

Talabani: Al-Jaafari violating accord

US attacks al-Qa'ida base as splits grow
over new Iraq constitution

Atta known to Pentagon before 9/11

Iran denies report of oil threat

Torture of Iraqis was for
'stress relief',
say US soldiers

Immoral Majority

Army morale and recruitment are suffering because troops
are seen as "guilty by association"
with Prime Minister Tony's Blair's decision to invade Iraq

Magazine ad "unleashes hell" for Boeing and Bell

How Big is the Insurgency in Iraq?

Is Time Running Out For Iran?

Bush considers changes to Posse Comitatus Act
Both right and left wary of giving domestic police power to military

Over 3 million barrels a day in U.S. oil refining capacity remain offline

Man Group, the world's biggest listed hedge fund company, is facing a contempt of court action in the US over allegations that it helped to hide $175m (£100m) in losses at a fund run by Philadelphia Alternative Asset Management.

210,000 Evacuated Due to Typhoon

Typhoon heads for China after lashing Taiwan

Is the Human Mind Responsible for Earth Changes?

Time running out as Taiwan wrings hands over US arms

China is simply too busy getting rich to worry about democracy

No Israelis in Gaza. No Jobs, Either

Israeli Tourists in Egypt Threatened with Kidnapping

President Bush and his top aides are weighing new steps against Syria

Hurricane Otis Sparks Flooding in Mexico

Tropical Storm Stan

Earthquake Rattles the Rockies

Two Powerful Eclipses Super-Charge October

Vaccinate pigs not humans

Taxpayers foot bill for disabled Danes' visits to prostitutes

Two-headed turtle found in Havana, Cuba
(Probably a CIA Spy?)

Hurricanes, global warming, and global politics

CIA-inspired opposition anti-Chavez propaganda
disinformation has negatively affected
honest gold mining investors...

The weight of 'world public opinion'
may be key in keeping the neoCONS at bay

United States simply has too much to hide
for justice to be served...

Chevron inaugurates high school complex for
500+ students in western Zulia

We also have the Internet so we can talk
to people who don't know the truth...

Stop this foreign policy of helping others ...
look good right now in Venezuela

How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There?
A TIME inquiry finds that at top positions in some vital government agencies,
the Bush Administration is putting connections before experience

Since 1989, DeLay's political committees have funneled more than $5 million
into the campaigns of GOP congressional candidates.

Abu Ghraib demonstrates top leaders' immunity

Military created Abu Ghraib scapegoat

UFO & Saucer-shaped clouds photographed in France, 09-29-05

UFOs Reported in Northeastern China


UFOs: Biggest Cover-up in History

Type IV alien civilizations manipulating the Hyperspace
that contain our Physical Universe

Hurricanes’ wrath raises cosmic questions

Phoenix, Arizona Triangle & Glowing Object

Forest of Mystery

Einstein‘s papers influenced recent research
on the big bang and black holes

Vivid View of Spongy Hyperion

Cosmic expansion is not to blame for expanding waistlines

Antisemitism is a Racism totally contrary to Islam

Bretons speak up to save their dying language

The real purpose behind Global Warming

Wake Up Call Energy THE Of Future

Scientists believe open water in summer
has become key to declining arctic ice

FDNY chaplain resigns after remarks about 9/11 conspiracy theory

Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group

Dream Symbols - Circle, Ring

A Defense Department ANALyst charged with passing government secrets
to two employees of an influential pro-Israel lobbying group
plans to plead guilty at a hearing next week

Colonel blames Blair over Iraq 'catastrophe'

Bombers didn't need al-Qaeda

Cycle of revenge threatens nation
Sunni, Shiite attacks fuel fear of civil war

Guardsman who died had doubted Iraq effort

Shades of FEMA's Brown in Bush Pick

Christianity and the Demise of America

The White House or the jailhouse for Bill Frist?

Poor, White and Pissed
A Guide to the White Trash Planet for Urban Liberals

New York Is Even More Vulnerable to Hurricanes Than New Orleans

San Juan River Crisis Worsens

Ample evidence that United States engages in the
systematic torture of prisoners

Concerned Americans should send
a gift bottle of Bourbon to the White House

Three separate international treaties oblige USA
to extradite Luis Posada Carriles

Democracy-at gun-point in a nation embroiled
with ethnic and religious tensions

Goddess statues discovered on Crete

'Planet Xena' has a sidekick: Gabrielle

Secret report reveals catalogue of blunders at Sellafield

Device detects nanogram-sized explosives

NASA Takes Giant Step Toward Finding Earth-Like Planets

Future of Big Hurricanes Looms

Red alert as volcano in El Salvador expels lava, ash

Theologian says intelligent design is religion

Brown told FEMA computers were inadequate

Mars Doubles In Brightness
The red planet, already intense, is about to get much brighter.

Astronauts onboard the International Space Station
have been observing electric blue
"noctilucent" clouds from Earth-orbit.

Playgrounds of the Self

Thinking about Telepathy

Headline News: October 1-2, 2005

Did Jeezus tell him to break the law too?

Today, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) ruled that the Bush Department of Education illegally used taxpayer dollars to fund a covert propaganda campaign, aimed at boosting the image of the President's education agenda.

US law allows the government to do propaganda
only abroad, not within the country.
(We have told our readers continually that Bush was using Hitler style methods)

Because the Department’s role in the production and distribution of the prepackaged news story is not revealed to the target audience, the prepackaged news story constitutes covert propaganda.

This violated the publicity or propaganda prohibition for fiscal year 2004 because it amounted to covert propaganda. As a result of this violation, the Department also violated the Antideficiency Act, 31 U.S.C. § 1341.

Our case law, including the two recent opinions enclosed, has consistently held that materials produced by or at the direction of the government that fail to identify the government as the source of the materials constitute covert propaganda.

A Skunk cannot change its stripe... remember Watergate!

This is the same bunch of RepubliCON CONservatives
that just hijacked the Supreme Court!

Who and What is the IRS?

Options Exist to Improve EPA’s Ability to Assess Health Risks
and Manage Its Chemical Review Program

WTO Rules Against U.S. On Tax Law

Scandal stalls Bush's second term

DeLay Indictment May Slow Donations
(The GOP has violated the trust by accepting donations
from non-persons (corporations)
and then using them illegally
Campaign laws must be changed to end this economic terrrorism
by corporations against the people of America!)

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute
the office of President of the United States,
and will to the best of my ability,
preserve, protect, and defend the
Constitution of the United States.
(Bush Lied)

One Last Kick at Liberal Dogs -- Just to Hear Them Bark

A Less Fashionable War

Sex and the brain

Liars’ brains make fibbing come naturally

The White House on Friday threatened to veto a $440.2 billion defense spending bill in the Senate because it wasn't enough money for the Pentagon and also warned lawmakers not to add any amendments to regulate the treatment of detainees or set up a commission to probe abuse.

The so-called war against terrorism is unwinnable.

PayPal-ing the war in Iraq
(Let's drain the GOP illegally gotten treasure chest
and rebuild Iraq!)

FBI admits to wiretapping wrong numbers
Patriot Act critics irked by mistakes made during terrorism investigations
(Another Bullshit Lie to Coverup FBI Crimes?)

The Bush administration has postponed punishing
Saudi Arabia for restricting religious freedom
(Bush ain't SAVED them for Jeezus yet?)
(Watch Oil prices jump again in retaliation!)

Home grown Islamists may hit US: FBI chief
(and home grown detainees kidnap victims are held illegally
in prisons and torture camps ignoring the presumption of innocence)

Top-secret Cruise missile information ended up in a second-hand shop after a Royal Navy rating sold Ministry of Defence computers to fund his gambling habit, a court martial was told

Indian police shoot 12 students
(US exports Kent State mentality)

Book on Posada´s Terror Circulates Again

Venezuela Repeats the US Must Fight Terrorism and Extradite Posada
(or Hypocrite Terrorist Nation refuses to extradite terrorist murderer)

El Salvador Arrests Criminal with Ties to Posada Carriles

When Hurricane Katrina approached the richest country on Earth, the president of that country was on a horse checking the fences of his hacienda to make sure the anti- war protestors nearby wouldn´t get close enough to be heard.

Independentist Ojeda Rios was 72 years old and relying on a pacemaker when he was shot by a sniper, one of a terror squad of 300 Fibi agents. He bled to death when the FBI impeded medical attention, according to Dr. Hector Pesquera.
(Puerto Rico Independence from US Occupation Demanded!)

The Nicaraguan National Assembly withdrew immunity from four top officials of President Enrique Bolaños' government and gave documentation to Managua Criminal Court Judge David Rojas, to try them for alleged election fraud.

Landslide in Alaska registers worldwide

Labour Party Traitor Blair tells unions to 'get real'

China seeks to make friends with all world

If Washington and its allies do not stop
Iran's nuclear programmes by force if necessary,
Israel will, three Israeli legislators have warned threatened.
(Who's Controlling the US? Us or Them?)

Israel Turns Gaza Strip into a Big Jail

Israel kills Palestinian boy
(The New Gaza Strip?
Like shooting ducks in a barrell)

Chavez: Venezuela moves reserves to Europe
(Out of the U.S.!)

U.S. military moves in Paraguay spark regional questions

Venezuela Denounces Bush Family Ties with Terrorists
(Cheney, DeLay, Frist, Rumsfeld, Perle, Pat Robertson?)

UN compiling report on US blockade of Cuba

Cuba and South Africa Sign Cooperation Protocol

Fox says U.S. is unfair in ignoring trade ruling
(Not the propaganda spewing FOX NEWS- Mexico's President Fox)

Union of Cuban Journalists President Tubal Paez condemned
the U.S./BUSH/ROBERTSON threat of the assassination of
President Hugo Chavez

The Tsunami that was Katrina

Radar Becomes A Weapon


U.S. Envoy Denies Plan to Invade Venezuela
(and Saddam has WMD too! More Lies?)

Pentagoon ANALyst to plead guilty to leaking information to AIPAC

Big Lies in Bushzarro World

Organized Crime in Washington

Fayyad in Baghdad:
It is no Longer Baghdad

New takeover to make Russia's giant Gazprom
one of world's largest oil and gas corporations

Bird flu: No time for complacency
With a 50 percent death rate in humans,
a pandemic of bird flu would kill
tens of millions of people
(That would be blacks, poor, and elderly in the BUSH US)

Every kind of tea is excellent in its own way

Scientists create images of typical Russian man and woman

The Once and Future Big Enchilada
(Pat Roberston backing DeLay in spite
of indictment and Criminal activity)
(Let it be said.. this indictment follows years of investigation!
This is not an overnight 'get even' political tactic
At least one liberal was not intimidated
by the GOP war machine -- He did not compromise)

More than 1.7 million need aid after US hurricanes
(More than 1.7 million needed aid BEFORE US hurricanes too)

Fashion world phonies hang Moss out to dry
(Corporate Hypocrisy)

(Another RepubliCON shows the GOP's True Colors)
Black Abortions Would Lower Crime
(Reduce Crime by aborting White Conservative Political Moguls)

Massive Outgassing Being Reported In United States
As North American Plate Continues Fracturing,
Tens of Thousands of Micro-Quakes Being Reported In
New Madrid Fault Zone

Pakistani man indicted on arms smuggling charges
(Engine Parts are now ARMS?)
"This case is all about lies,"
Nadim said in a telephone interview.
"Durrani was set up."
(Lies? from the U.S. Government? WMD)

Federation of Journalists calls on US army
to end targeting kidnapping and murdering journalists

Army in Worst Recruiting Slump in Decades
(Close the windows... feels like a DRAFT)


Abu Ghraib: Command Responsibility

The Cheney administration is taking the position
that something is better than nothing
(even when that something is a civil war)

"Gang of goons and his big war chest,
fortunate son he was doubly blessed
Corporate cronies and the chiefs of staff,
bowing to the image of the golden calf

US-Israeli Diplomatic Triumph Over Iran

Brits to Occupy and Oppress Afghans even more

Animal footprints on Iran's Chogha Zanbil bricks

Unique manuscript of Bach's cantata discovered in St.Petersburg

About 1,000 U.S. troops, backed by attack helicopters,
swarmed into a tiny Iraqi village near the Syrian border
Saturday in a new offensive

The United States said on Friday it could slap hefty import duties on notebooks and other school paper supplies from China, India and Indonesia because of allegations of unfair pricing and subsidies.

Pakistan, India may sign two accords:
Bush Attempts to Intimidate and Interfere!

Posse Comitatus: Remembering Why

Bush Is Cooking Up Two More Wars

Do feds secretly control the states'
Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)?

Facing up to the coming energy crisis

Rather was prevented by CBS (subsidiary of Viacom)
from going after the GOP operatives
who doctored the documents

The White House or the jailhouse for Bill Frist?

Unintelligent by design and definition
(Bush, DeLay, Frist, Robertson, Falwell, ad nauseum)

Britain: Education Bill to extend
privatisation profitisation of state schools

George W. Bush substitutes a "cloak of legality"
for the rule of law...

Any reasoning species which is not completely out of its mind, instead of trying very hard to destroy itself, by militarizing the planet and the solar system, by stockpiling tons of deadly WMDs, by now would be shivering in its boots a billion-fold, would declare the planet in emergency, in alert on the degree: bloody red.

You may not meet them among your circle of friends, but there are millions of Americans who fiercely believe we should nuke North Korea and Iran, seize the Middle East’s oil, and replace the U.S. Constitution with the Christian Bible.

Italy Seeks Former U.S. Diplomat in Kidnapping

A Dossier of Civilian Casualties in Iraq

"People demand freedom of speech to make up for
the freedom of thought which they avoid."
~Soren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855)~

Insurgents Mount Attacks on Shiites for Second Day
(Insurgents? or the BRITS?)

Kristol Clear

Bill Kristol, PNAC, 9/11 & The Media

U.S. government 'dysfunctional'
(or EVIL?)

China calls for heightened security
Increased terrorist attacks anticipated
(Is Bush Visiting China?)

War plans set Tokyo at odds with China

US citizen expelled out of China for selling pirated DVDs

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble
Bush is Cooking Up Two New Wars

They Forced My Son to Kill


Before the time of the Crusades, Fatima Portugal was a holy place of pilgrimage for Muslims. The Muslims were driven from Portugal by the Crusades. The Muslim pilgrims would come to Fatima to honor the daughter of Muhammed whose name was Fatima. When the Muslims were driven from Portugal the Catholic Church continued the pilgrim march to Fatima and changed the lady’s name from Fatima to Mary. So now you know the true identity of 'Our Lady Of Fatima'. ~ Bill Donahue

Blood on the shop floor as UK retailers report sales
falling at the fastest rate since records began

Blair warns of tougher economic times ahead
(He should know - Bush and Blair are the cause of it)

The Prime Minister also gave his strongest warning yet
that “traditional civil liberties” would not
stand in the way of new anti-terrorism laws.
(hmmmm reading the Bush Cue Cards?)

EU imposes sanctions on Uzbekistan
(I'll bet they can get all the tea they need from China?)

France is Islamic 'enemy No 1'

Number of Unemployed in Germany over 4.6 Million
(Would this be the Germany the US created after WW2?)

Sharon reaffirms commitment to road map,
dispelling rumours of secret agenda
(Butcher of Children, advisor to Bush, Antagonist of the Middle East)

Israel terrorizing Gazans with sonic booms
(Shades of Waco - Mt. Carmel)

The U.S., a "fuel guzzling country" which consumes 25 percent of the world's oil (with 6 percent of the world's population), has seen a sharp rise in demand in the past two years.

Attack on Iran would rocket oil prices to 400 dollars

Ahmadinejad committed a mistake by making
no distinction between rhetoric and real politics.
(Perhaps he's into governing rather than politics)

US increasing Iraq-style pressure on Iran over its nuclear program

Venezuela's Chávez guarantees South Americans fuel

Brazil warns of climate of fear over tube shoot-to-kill policy

Chile proposes turning CSN into free trade area

Police Repress Anti-US Protest in Bolivia

Undeclared war on Cuba

Cuba says exile ruling belies U.S. anti-terror war
(Actually PROVES the Hypocrisy of the RepubliCONS and Invertabrate Demoncrats)

Betrayal on Iran: Costs of India-US partnership

India-Pakistan Withdraw Troops in Himalaya

No need to panic over petrol price
(says Bush's left testicle)

A Blow Against The Machine
(and the Empirical Empire starts to crumble)

Earthquake off PNG's south coast not expected to cause damage

Earthquake rocks Kuril Islands, Russia

Congresswoman Emerson Calling for Quake Exercise in New Madrid Fault Zone

School With Mystery Illness Evacuated Again

Earthquake in Honduras shakes Belize too!

Brain areas disconnect during deep sleep
(Do we have a sleeping president?)


It is always amazing to me how we justify our evil by talking about the other persons evil. They cut off someone’s head and we stand in horror. We fire a missile and blow off 15 heads at one time and so what. We sing God Bless America. Cutting off a head, or blowing off heads is equally evil. You cannot justify your side's evil simply because you do it high tech and don't actually get blood on your hands. For every head they have cut off, our side has obviously cut off hundreds via our "sophisticated weaponry". It's really sick how we fail to see our evil as we look glaringly at theirs. ~ Bill Donahue

UK team says it may have found island of Odysseus

Scientists Rush to Identify New Species in Melting Arctic

UFO mystery send for Mulder and Scully!

World toilet summit lifts lid on public hygiene
(Put the lid back down!)

100 dead cats in house
(That's a lot of dead pussy!)

Iraqi journalists routinely jailed by U.S. forces

Police Brutality at Counter Recruiting Event
on Holyoke Community College Campus

British Terrorism in Iraq

Washington, Warporn and Wild Wild Weather

War, The American Tsunami

Worsening Storms Compound Legacy of Chemical Waste

Signs of Environmental Hazards Dampen
Katrina Homecoming

Some Immigrants Suffer Doubly After Hurricane Katrina

New reports detailing United States troops’ serial abuse of Iraqi detainees, three soldiers allege that many of the cruel punishments were ordered and approved by superiors and at least partly inspired by the comments of high-ranking administration officials who suggested some detainees had no rights.

'We have been lied to about the war.
I dared to speak the truth'

on Iraq

U.S.-Iran: Here We Go Again

Abu Ghraib as America

Hurricanes’ destruction deepens US farm crisis

The DeLay defense
Troubled speaker attacks prosecutor,
signs defense dream team

The icon of abuse

Neo-Liberal Vs. Socialist Hurricanes

USA and Russia supposedly develop secret meteorological weapons

Putin firmly defends Russia's sovereignty for Kurile Islands,
Japan insists on their return

Roman theatre goddesses unearthed in Crete

Cephalonia suggested as Odysseus’ home

Old human bones found near highway in Pacific County

The federal government's first food pyramid for kids
is as empty as the junk food it ignores.

Fears over climate as Arctic ice melts at record level

NASA wasted millions on routine travel

China given warning on Xinjiang

Fighting For Radar Funds

Tethys's Steep Scarps

The Urgency Of Vision For Space Exploration

Study Casts Doubt On 'Snowball Earth' Theory

Spider Blood Found In 20 Million Year Old Fossil

Bats might be origin of SARS

Health & Medicine: Impact of Hurricanes Katrina/Rita

Spongy moon gets a close-up
Cassini fly-by reveals strange features of Hyperion.

Continental split boosted big mammals
Atmospheric oxygen may account for popularity of placentas.

Metal detectors get shrinking feeling
Tiny prototype promises better military reconnaissance.
(Scientists say they want pure science for science's sake
But turn it over to a Military to use against Humans)

Sun's changes play role in global warming

Intelligent-bleep theory

Was intelligent-design policy rushed through?

Life beyond Earth? Potential solar system sites pop up


Most of Christianity has a problem with people who are Gay. Most of those same Christians are generally found with a Bible in their hand. The most widely read Bible in the world is the King James Bible This Bible was produced by King James 1. He selected those who would transcribe it and do the actual work in its composition. The second fact about Christians and their approach to the Bible is their belief that the Bible is the word of God and those who wrote it were inspired by God. It would seem reasonable then, that if God inspired the people who wrote the Bible , he would have also inspired the person that produced it, which in this case was King James 1. King James 1 was gay. His lover of 14 years was a Frenchman by the name of Esme Stuart. So the next time you pick up a copy of the King James Bible, give some thought to the fact that it is a work of Gay Pride, divinely inspired by God.

Universe Full Of Places To Search

History splits modern Holy Land politics

Understanding the Monkey on Your Back

The Purple Heart

Truth: Doctrine or science?
It's not just a little disconcerting that there is a religiously driven effort
to alter mankind's quest for knowledge,
redirecting it back toward a less enlightened time.

Common beliefs that UFOs propagate with
anti-gravity lift and “known gyroscopic” principles are not correct

Ice age, Polar reversal, super volcanic activities, massive earthquakes, Tsunamis, hurricanes
– we are in the middle of a deadly 11,500 year cycle

Communicating with Extraterrestrial alien UFOs
using 5-D gravity waves – a secret no Government reveals

Breaking the barrier of life and death
– manifestation of Zero Point Energy

Letter shows Met chief tried to block de Menezes inquiry

Menezes police could face trial

US Pulls the Strings Occupation in Haiti

US Congress RepubliCONS Poised to Gut Environmental Laws

Global Warming 'Past the Point of No Return'


The Legal Boundaries of Israel

HUD Chief Foresees a 'Whiter' Big Easy
(True Colors of the RepubliCONS)

Bin Laden's Little Helper

Miller Walks: The Plot Thickens

U.S. Closer to Arctic Oil Drilling
Gas prices after hurricanes used as lever by pro forces

U.S. Paying a Premium to Cover Storm-Damaged Roofs

Fossil Fuels Set to Become Relics

When You Suspect That Your Newspaper is
"Just Not Into You"

I Gave My Copy of the Constitution to a Pro-War Veteran

The Real Threat of Fascism

Freedom Fight

Taking Sleaze to a New Level
DeLay and his successor are symbols of how today's
RepubliCON Party gains, and keeps, power

Tough on Crime? So What?

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