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Headline News: Sept 30, 2005

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Officials Fear Chaos if Iraqis Vote Down the Constitution
(In comparison to what?
Its Seems Chaos Started there
when BUSH invaded a nation at peace)

Our Imploding President

U.S. has sanctioned torture for too long
(Read the War Records of the U.S. Civil War!)

It is now abundantly clear that in Iraq,
we invaded a country that did not pose an imminent threat to us.

Permanent Occupation
(Just ask the Southern US states about this one!)

AIPAC and Espionage:
Guilty as Hell
Pentagon analyst plea bargains,
threatens to expose Israel's Washington cabal

Public Skeptical About Bush's Democracy Crusade

Miller Freed From Jail,
Libby Was Plame Source
Cheney Chief-of-Staff Named as Spy-gate Leaker
by Justin Raimondo on October 2, 2003!

I think that people want peace so much that one of these days
government had better get out of their way and let them have it.
– Dwight D. Eisenhower

Guard chief: Relief equipment scarce, outdated

Asscroft and other Top Officials Told to Testify in Muslims' Suit
(Another one bites the dust?!!! RepubliCONS)

The US President warned there would be a rise in terrorist attacks in Iraq before next month's vote on a new constitution, but he insisted he had the situation in hand.

U.S. Troops Have to Buy their Own Body Armor?
(That's something the liar recruiters don't tell the children)

The Hammer Gets Hit, Hard

The Financial Storm After the Hurricanes

Saved by the People -- Not by FEMA

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Russia
As Scientists Prepare For Major Earthquake,
American Train Derailed In New Madrid Fault Zone,
Northwestern United States Quake Swarms Continue
as North American Plate Fractures Continue

Incompetence sworn in as chief justice

U.S. border protection chief resigns
(Before the RepubliCON fallout?)

A coordinated campaign by conservative lawmakers and the FBI aims to label environmental protests the newest form of terrorism.

Even before news of his indictment broke, DeLay's closest supporters began mounting a defense: a two-page memo smearing prosecutor Ronnie Earle.

RIGHT-Wing RepubliCON Media Gets Desperate
Business is booming at Air America; so Limbaugh and O' Reilly have started
spreading lies about the network's looming bellyflop.
(Bush Mouthpieces Doing their job -- LYING to the Public!)

In the impoverished, Katrina-ravaged
New Orleans neighborhood of Algiers,
locals are finally getting healthcare -- and hope --
with the birth of a grassroots medical clinic.
(US Still Refusing Cuba's offer of 1500 Doctors -- FOR FREE!)

Perhaps Bush Should be Charged with Hate Crimes against Cuba and Venezuela?

Bush and his cronies have turned
waste, fraud and abuse into national policy.

The Changing Face of Sexual Harrassment
(Is it time to make Sexual Harrassent a Justifiable Homicide?)

'Frog-Marching' Bush to the Hague

Private Lynndie England is the latest low-ranking American soldier to be shackled and "frog-marched" off to prison for committing abuses in Iraq. Yet, the U.S. news media and political leadership continue to shun any suggestion that George W. Bush and other war architects should be held accountable for the bloody fiasco that they launched under false pretenses and without UN sanction. It remains beyond the pale to think that Bush might deserve to be "frog-marched" to the Hague.

Ex-Chad Dictator Indicted in Belgium
(But Bush, Blair, and Howard continue their atrocities unchallenged
Watch the movie with John Travolta 'Nuremburg'
to see how the inner workings of international crime courts
are set up and controlled by the US)

Pentagon dismisses new report on US military torture in Iraq

US to resume Guantánamo trial of David Hicks
(on trumped up charges? 4 years of illegal confinement too)

David Hicks details abuse in Guantánamo Bay

British petroleum, the corporation that loves it's greenwash branding has difficulty hiding some of the environmental crimes it commits. In Western Siberia, it's managed to cover 3780 sq km of the earths surface with crude oil, threatening the livelihoods and the water supply of local residents.

This regime, that of born-agains, born-again Fascists, has won itself enemies around the whole planet. And we should all unite to see this regime into its grave.

Trust, confidence, faith and integrity
have already gone out the window...

Priest "sent packing to Caracas" after
"recurring affair” with NY Village woman

More U.S. credit cards overdue

Russia, with huge oil and gas reserves, enjoys stability

Russia tightens grip on energy industry

Russia prepared to pay entire foreign debt to
Paris Club ahead of schedule

U.S., China fail to reach deal on textiles

Damrey Kills 71 in Asia, Destroys Crops and Property

China strips courts of enforcer role in new reform

Communist China may revive Confucian classics

Justice DeLayed

When banker Elouise Cobell added up the Indian trust money lost, looted, and mismanaged by the U.S. government, the tab came to $176 billion. Now she's here to collect.

Tom DeLay indicted.
It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
I’m deLighted and eLayted.

Iran fury hits UK embassy

Bin Laden Sought Asylum in UK

UK docs told to hold antidepressants for teens

Israel Urges Nations Against Declaration

Israel urges Arab states to drop anti-Israel drive

A Third World Israel

Why Iran isn't a global threat

Iran's tough stance a hit at home

The real message of U.S. pressure on Syria

(Intelligent Design? No Evidence Here!)

Saudi women resent media distortion

Venezuela condemns US ruling against extradition of wanted exile

'Posada Carriles is the Osama Bin Laden of Latin America'

Spotlight on US troops in Paraguay

David Vs. Goliath:
Cuba’s Annual Battle against Washington’s Blockade

Prisoners dying to be released

Cuba Presents Annual Report on US Blockade

Japan finds 870 remains of wartime forced Korean laborers

India voted against Iran under pressure from the U.S.

India, Iran bilateral relations plummet

India’s left parties protest govt’s stand on Iran nuke issue

Sleeper cells feared in Australia

Gold fever heats up in New Zealand

Jakarta police to deploy for "anarchic" fuel protests

Pentagon delays trial of alleged Taliban fighter from Australia


Torture and the "Controversial" Arc of Injustice

Judith Miller released from jail, agrees to testify in leak investigation

Iraq is an Occupied Nation in Revolt
Rhetoric and Reality of War

Manipulating the Public Mind



Media Coverage Disappearing in the Iraq War 'Endgame'

Preparing for War With Iran?
Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter outlines
the Bushies' plan for military domination of the Middle East

Captain Courageous

When Will Rumsfeld Face the Music?

Iraq invasion was 'strategic disaster'

U.S. general says number of capable Iraqi battalions drops to one

Permanent Occupation

The Evil of Torture and the Power of Non-violence

The Swiss cheese Iraqi Constitution ..

Stuffed with Kurdish relish

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

Lame Democrats and Tame Republicans
No Leaders in Congress Against This War

U.S. Forces Raid Homes of Sunni Officials

Brownie's Comic Opera

Race, class, and the devastation of New Orleans

A Category 5 impeachment of Bush and the capitalist system

War is coming to Venezuela ...
and there is nothing you or I can do to stop it!

Hence, beware of capitalist, imperialist wolves,
disguised under red berets!

Swindlers make fortunes on natural disasters in USA
(and that includes FEMA? Insurance Companies? RepubliCONS?)

Schoolboy commits suicide on railway tracks because of his teacher's harassment

Cuban Terror Case Erodes US Credibility
(Whadya' expect from the liars about WMD?)

Kurdish Voting Shenanigans May Tip Referendum

Blair paints Britain as defender of Iraq's fledgling democracy
(Better have a big paintbrush to cover up all the lies)

Bush's Presidency Is Exposed, Crumbling

Media Coverage Disappearing in the Iraq War 'Endgame'
(Due to Military Kidnappings?)

Bush, As Others Before, Escapes Anti-War Protests

Beleaguered Wildlife Beckons Senate Democrats,
"Don't Act Like Invertebrates!"

The trail of sleaze left behind as DeLay has traversed the American political landscape over the past two decades grew so long and so foul that it begged questions about whether any legal action would be sufficient to clean up the mess made by the toxic Texan.

It is also revealing that in an effort to divert attention from the Bush administration's total failure, some leaders tried to shift the blame for Katrina to environmentalists. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., who asked a federal agency to dig up dirt on the environmentalists when it should be focused on helping Katrina's victims, even suggested his intent to make Katrina-related hearings into something of a witch hunt.

When Plenty Becomes None

Washington shields CIA terrorist from prosecution

US and EU-3 make another provocative move against Iran

Bush exempts Saudi Arabia from penalties
for institutionalized slave trade, child rape

Hurricane freed U.S. military's dozens of killer dolphins

Requiem mass for American democracy

SOS to any planet out there that just might care

The Global Labor Threat

Energy Intelligence?


The Bush Nazi Connection

Search 'locates' Homer's Ithaca

Ancient Inscriptions Receive Expert Attention

Forget tougher punishments and hiring more police. The solution to crime and violence is on your plate. Here’s how healthy food can reduce aggressive behaviour.

Cancer researcher sues university
Chemist says Arizona State officials retaliated
after he reported university wrongdoings

Lilly Warns of Suicidal Thoughts With ADHD Drug

Israel will stand by DeLay
(Israel Backs Criminals - Nothing New Here?)

Cash linked to DeLay targeted

Bradley to return money from DeLay's PAC
(Possession of Stolen Goods would land you and me in jail!
But we're not RepubliCON Elites)

Wildfires Rage Across Southern California

Global flu pandemic could kill 150 million

Circles of Light

UFO landing strip gets mayor's support

In a related story, George W. Bush spoke directly to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ last night during a bedtime prayer in which the President asked for guidance. The next morning, Mr. Bush told an invited audience of reporters that Jesus had been "receptive, without making a commitment." "I hope Jesus will put me on the right path" said the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, "I surely want His blessing before embarking on an Armageddon of this importance. However, if He chooses to stand with those who do not wish to see us prosper, countries such as France and every other country not economically or militarily dependent upon us, then we will have to go it alone. I am prepared to do that, without losing one drop of my faith." The President later told members of his staff that Jesus spoke with a "terrific down-home west Texas accent."

Headline News: Sept 29-30, 2005

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The US Has Plans to Invade Iran
Before Bush's Term Ends
(Your land is our land
Your Oil is Our Oil )

Prisoner abuse in Iraq

(I don't see any abuse!)

(Me Either!)

What Noble Cause?
Vietnam Combat Veteran Not Welcome
at Vietnam War Memorial

U.S. Army ends probe on porn site photos of Iraq corpses
The Army Criminal Investigation Command in Iraq
conducted the preliminary inquiry within the past week
but closed it after concluding no felony crime had been committed
(Ain't this the same group that turns a blind eye to torture?)

The Gods Must be Angry
(Ivan, Katrina, Rita,-- I think Allah is winning)

You're an embed.
Or you're dead.
(Yoor either with U$
or Yoor the enemy)

Houston: "We have a problem"
What to do with Space Cadet Bush?

The pornography of war

It's being called "warporn."

Leaked constitution sets scene for
foreign bases, sectarian tensions
(US writin' this one?)

Iraqis blast Lynndie England sentence
(Ya'll didn't really expect to get justice?
Over here all we have is JUST-US - for the elite only)

Martial Law: The Pretext Is Now Set

God Save the Queen, Basra’s Sovereign!

Officer Criticizes Detainee Abuse Inquiry

Not One Victim Was Called to Testify
The Invention of Porno Torture

Lawyer says Hussein's rights have been violated
(Violated by the rhinestone cowboy in Washington, DC.)

The coup that wasn't

Bush is a criminal of the highest infamy


Reuters says U.S. troops obstruct reporting of Iraq
(Yea by kidnapping and killing reporters!)

British imperialism stirred up sectarian tensions
and carried out political assassinations

US military intensifies campaign of intimidation
prior to Iraqi referendum

Venezuela Begins Preparations to
Accept American War Refugees as
United States Military Leaders Prepare To
Close All Borders and Enact Total Police State

No More DeLays
DeLay cannot DeLay the Indictment

Bush asks U.S. to drive less, conserve gas
(Does that include those 3 MPG Tanks in Iraq?)

United States has a double standard for terrorists

US begins new pitch to Muslim world
(More BS Propaganda from the Conservative Hand of Bush
Destroying your cities, your infrastructure, your families, your heritage
-- is in your best interests AND OURS!)

Insurance industry will make us pay for storms

U.S. invested political capital against Iran
(Probably running a deficit here too)

Typhoon Damrey toll mounts as floods sweep in

China's Hu: closet liberal or conservative?

China vows to cut drug prices to appease angry public

Defiant Blair: Why I must stay in power

Slowest UK GDP growth in 12 years

Algerian group issues call for action against France

Israel requests Security Council seat
(Oh yea.. Let's put another FOX in the henhouse)

Israel threatens to annex West Bank

Israelis arrest 379 activists in sweep

Israel continues air raids on Gaza Strip

Iran’s parliament presses government
to end nuclear inspections

Iran threatens to resume uranium conversion

Iran condemns Israeli aggression in Gaza

Iran May Limit Energy Supplies to India After Nuclear Vote

Iran threatens economic backlash over IAEA vote

Mubarak promises more democracy

Venezuela threatens to take over oil fields

US Military Presence in Paraguay Threatening the Region
(US Military ANYWHERE threatens EVERYONE)

Cuba embargo 'unfounded, unfair and deeply illegal'

Cuba Calls US Blockade Genocide

India’s left parties protest govt’s stand on Iran nuke issue

Pakistani President Seeks U.S. Help
(Be careful what you wish for!)

Pakistan opposed Iran nuclear programme referral to UNSC

Thousands Of Dead Fish Line Brevard River

Scientists pinpoint mystery Maya city in Guatemala

Orionids Meteor Shower Returns

Forecasts warn major hurricane likely in October

Arctic ice 'disappearing quickly'

NASA administrator says space shuttle was a mistake

Sweden's new funeral rite -
bodies freeze-dried, powdered and made into tree mulch
(Next step - Soylent Green)

It's an only in New York story.
A woman was given a ticket for sitting on a park bench
because she doesn't have children.
(Even sitting becomes a crime under the Bush Mafia)

Republicans See Signs That Pentagon Is Evading Oversight
(Same Republicans that gave them the go-ahead... thumbs up-- go get em)

Jose Padilla: Constitutional Unperson?

The Meaning of the IAEA Iran Vote

Two years later, the Bush administration admitted that the
president’s statement was false and that
no nuclear-power-plant diagrams had been discovered in Afghanistan.
(Lying to the American Public should be
more serious than lying to Congress!

Laughable Sycophancy
Boris Tadic, Serbia, and the Empire

Iraq whistle-blower critical of army probe
Army investigators seem more concerned about tracking down
young soldiers who reported misconduct
than in following up the accusations and investigating
whether more senior officers knew of the abuses.

St. Patrick's Four Acquitted of Federal Conspiracy Charges

Gunfight in Puerto Rico Resurrects an FBI Case

China Warns Against U.S.-Taiwan Arms Deal

Israel pounds Gaza as Palestinians seek help from Bush
(WHY Waste your Time? Bush is busy playing the Guitar)

Saudi students make idiot out of Karen Hughes,
the US under secretary for public diplomacy
(Bush Pundit for Propaganda Overseas)

Envoy denies U.S. paid for Andijan revolt
(and Saddam has WMD too!)

Powers pave way for secret new world

Republican David Dreier -- will likely face greater scrutiny from
GOP allies for his closeted sexuality.
(Pat Robertson Very Quiet on this one..
Perhaps only lesbians cause hurricanes?)

Left to Die in a New Orleans Prison

The Failed Drug War

Breaking the 1st Commandment of Governing

Chasing a Katrina Conspiracy

Lynndie England is convicted.
Donald Rumsfeld cackles.

Bush's Leadership: Running on Empty

A Latin American Voice to Counter Corporate Media

Baghdad on the Bayou

Bill Frist, The Former 2008 Presidential Candidate
(Soon to be DeLay's Wife in Prison?)

Cardigan Sweater Doesn’t Fit Bush
(But neither does intelligence)

America's Next Election Nightmare

A Stock Explanation From Dr. Bill Frist
(Or Hear Frist LIE again)

Sinister Events in a Cynical War

Absurdities & Atrocities
(another definition of BUSH?)

Indian prime minister cements relations
with Afghanistan’s US puppet regime

Hitler's favorite tank sits rusting
on a dumping ground in the Russian province

The lord of hormonal rings

Earth's moving continents to collide into one super-mainland in billion years

White House Time Line before 9-11

Tablets May Solve Maya Mystery

Holy Cow Statue Discovered in Mazandaran

A fragment of Philo Byblius ascribes the invention of iron to "Chrysor, who is the same as Hepa-æstus, Molech, or Zeus Meilikios or Meilichios. From him descended Taat, whom the Egyptians call Thoth and the Greeks Hermes" Milichius (the Holy) was a surname of Bacchus. "Phœnicia," p.340; and Noel voc. "Milichius." Iasus, the discoverer of iron, was another name for Bacchus Hence all these names refer to the same deity. According to Polydore Vergil, the discoverer of silver was Ericthonius of Athens. This is again the same divinity. The æra of this mythos was B.C. 1406.

Are YOU an avid Truthseeker and Researcher? This is a footnote from the book Barbara Villiers: A History of Monetary Crimes, by Alexander Del Mar, written in 1899. The book is NOT about religion, but monetary policy failures and money crimes against the people. Do you see the 'truth' and 'fact' in this footnote?

Exploring Mars With Guided Balloons

New Security Scanning Technologies Being Developed

Young Universe Home to 'Big Baby' Galaxy

Researchers suggest new uses for old tires

Hybrid grass may become fuel source

Mystery fever may indicate occult cancer

Physicians Ill-prepared To Diagnose,
Treat Bioterrorism Diseases

Psychological Effects of Psoriasis

Music training 'good for heart'

Universe Evolution Favored Three and Seven Dimensions

Meteorites Offer Glimpse of the Early Earth

Math Unites the Celestial and the Atomic

Engineers Create Safer, More Efficient Nuclear Fuel

Geologists Report Quake Cluster in Idaho

No method to intelligent design, witness says
‘It doesn't really fall within the purview of science’

The Bible Says it's FLAT!

Headline News: Sept 28-29, 2005

'Caveman' Conditions in Texas Follow Rita

Rita May Worsen Red Tide in South Texas

Corruption as Usual

Venezuelans love paying 10 cents per gallon

Saving history from a hurricane

Nothing 'shy' about Rita

Hurricane Aid Is Being Blocked

New Orleans residents await new plan for going home

Evacuation death toll jumps past 30

Louisiana Counts Storms' Crippling Costs

Cynical double standard at work:
USA fighting an “a la carte” war on terror

The TRUTH should hit the wires quicker
than Al Qaeda planes the Twin Towers...

The mainstream media's stranglehold
on truly fair and balanced reporting...

If the chickens are to come home to roost,
let them roost in Washington, D.C.

US Must Resign Itself to 'Rogue' State Nukes

Insurgents seize 5 towns near Syria

Baghdad's Sadr City erupts anew

Bigotry In The Name Of Jesus H. Christ

England sentenced to 3 years for prison abuse
(That's Lynndie England)

Trashed: Some myths about Iraq
(Oh come on SAY IT! Bush Lied AGAIN!)

Bush eyes bigger military role in disasters

Bill Would Give Bush $50B More for Wars
(Bill who? Don't you mean war hawks in Congress?)

Democracy Won't Stop Terrorism

A Whore for War
The Administration’s in-house male prostitute, Jeff Gannon,
was among the post-Peace-Rally counter-protesters,
who gathered in Washington last Sunday
to support the Bushling’s mischief in Iraq.

25 Questions about the Murder of New Orleans

Those Pesky "Urban Intellectuals"

A Texas grand jury's recent interest in conspiracy charges
could lead to last-minute criminal indictments
possibly against House Majority Leader
Christian Conservative Fundamentalist Tom DeLay

A combative Michael Brown blamed the Louisiana governor,
the New Orleans mayor and even the Bush White House
that appointed him for the dismal response to Hurricane Katrina

Police infiltrators hold Basra in grip of terror

Iran threatens to cut trade with nuclear critics

Poor Have Difficulty Eating Healthy Foods
(No they Don't! - They can't AFFORD it)

This is an act of censorship worthy of Joseph Goebbels
The plan to draw up a list of historical events that people can be
prosecuted for celebrating is a sign of a leader losing his grip

Radiation Limits, Dirty Bombs, and Chaos

War...should only be declared by the authority of the people...
instead of the government which is to reap its fruits.
– James Madison - Unitarian, Deist

The Joy of Schadenfreude
The War Party is having a bad time of it – hooray!

Reverse Ba'athism

India Ditches Iran and Nonalignment

Cindy Sheehan Rails at the Democrats

American "democracy" is a stalking horse
to commit aggression on any nation

More disinformation and omissions courtesy of the Associated Press

Venezuelan government NOT nationalizing mining industry
(i.e. US Media LIED about this)

Some call it impeachment,
I call it intervention!

Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C.
sets up Hurricane Rita emergency hotline
(I'll bet they even answer theirs!)
Top Democrats Flee Peace Protests

The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington
are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world,
precipitating no-win wars, while bringing
bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.
– Ron Paul

Case Closed, Condi

A Torturous Silence

Calls Mount for Prisoner Abuse Commission
"And from the 'champions of virtue' on the Christian Right
we hear nothing but silence, as they continue to lend
their support to the administration's policy of torture."

Baghdad in the dark as power cuts continue to blight the city

Missteps Hamper Iraqi Oil Recovery
(A way to say total incompetence by US and Cheney's Halliburton)

Afghanistan urged to fast-track legalisation of opium crop
(Drugs... did you say drugs? Of couse Bush and Blair love drugs)

Powwow With God

Purging the Poor from New Orleans

Hazy Future of Hybrid Cars

The Dangers of Being Young, Gay and Iranian
(They been listening to the 700 Club?)

Avoiding Conflict for Fun and Profit

The 'Blame Game?' It's Called Accountability

When Connected Becomes Corrupted
(CONservative Christian Fundamental CONS)

National Guard Sent to Protect Oil, Not People
(Did you think the Occupation Reconstruction
forces would help poor people?)

It's Better to Cry Wolf Now Than to Wait
Until the Oil Has Run Out

Etan Thomas Electrifies Anti-War Washington

Corrupt Connections
Widening Abramoff Scandal Exposes GOP Cronyism

Why Bush is Wrong on Poverty
(and EVERYTHING else?)

"Well-Intentioned"-- And Arrested

Marketing the Military

A Hurricane Strips Off Bush's Teflon

It's Immoral to Think Taxes Can't Be Raised On Folks Like Me

Hugo Chávez: The Anti-Elite President

Cronies at the Till

George Bush in Hell
(Dreaming the night away-- Dreaming)

The Right to Armed Struggle

The Silent Coup

Freedom is not free

Bush's unwelcome gift to NATO: Afghanistan

In Arkansas, grassroots activists to the rescue
of Katrina evacuees

Theocracy Alert
The Roman Catholic Church of Corruption

Few Dare Call it Reason
(A lot of us call it Treason)

FBI murders Puerto Rican independence figure
(Think! Ask! What is the FBI doing in a traditional CIA role? Murderers!)

German court declares Iraq war violated international law

California National Guard investigated for domestic spying
(Ain't nothing going to happen here! Arnie's in charge)

Martial Law:
Police State America

We're So Close Now

Families flee Samara ahead of U.S. attack

Congress Members Demand Halliburton Suspension

Apartheid-justice in America; Krugal vs. Padilla

From a Cave in Afghanistan: It’s the al-Zarqawi Show

Sinister Events In A Cynical War

Lynndie England Takes a Fall for the Neocons


Arguments for an Impeachment Resolution

Bringing the war home to the Pentagon

Second Reuters cameraman in Iraq held without charge
(Reuters must be too liberal for Bush?
Your either with U$ or your the enemy!)

Massive Iraq battle brewing?

Bush Ancester Revealed
Female hobbit was just an idiot

Travel agency goes bankrupt leaving hundreds
of Russian tourists homeless in Turkey

Anti-Bush, and Mincing No Words

Catastrophic Atmospheric Blast in Southern Hemisphere
Continues Global Weather Chaos as
North American Plate Instability Increases
and US President Orders Massive Troop Withdrawal
from New Madrid Fault Zone Region

US is the loser in six-nation talks

Greenspan Issues Sternest Warning Yet to Bankers Group

Rita downs 2 US oil refineries for weeks

Storms lay bare US refinery crisis

Bush urges Congress to help US refineries expand
(Oh yea... Those poverty ridden, struggling refineries on welfare)

US Retailers to sue Visa, MasterCard, and major banks

New U.S. report provides ammunition for critics of American trade law

US citizenship to cost more from Oct 26

Kremlin Readies Power-Stripping Legislation

Moscow Students Protest Boeing’s Conquest of Russia’s Aviation Industry
(Don't fret students - China will probably own Boeing before too long)

Russia sets unique example of real nuke disarmament

Powerful typhoon hits China, Vietnam

Hu Plays Hu’s Game

China backs Russia's proposal to hold session of parliament

Iraqi trade team arrives with US$1b wish list
(Beware: It might be the Brits masquerading as Iraqis)

China Preparing For War And Few Notice

De Menezes family arrive in UK demanding justice
(Surely they don't expect to find any justice!)

Sweden "made promises" over Guantanamo release

Israel continues air raids on Gaza Strip

Taser blamed for inmate's death
(I blame the idiot who used it six times - That's Domestic Torture)

Jury chosen for Republican Conservative Ryan trial in Chicago
(Church on Sunday, Trial on Monday, Prison by Thursday, Prison Chapel on Sunday?)

700 from lost biblical Israeli tribe convert

Iran Threatens to Resume Enrichment

Iran threatens economic backlash over IAEA vote

Russian oil firm denies Iran deal pullout

Quake hits northwestern Iran

Brazil Seeks Action, Not Words, On Global Imbalances
(from the U.S.? hahahahahahah)

U.S. military in Paraguay unsettles South America
(they UNSETTLE every nation they are in)

Five killed in Peru quake, thousands homeless

Bolivia: Natural Gas and Demagoguery

Latin America's elites embrace Chilean leader

Fidel Castro Sends Congratulatory Message to Chinese Government
( He should send one to Bush for laughs - Happy Bay of Pigs Day)

British judge feels the heat in Buena Vista Social Club case

US Begins Hearing for Cuban Exile Wanted in Venezuela

Guantanamo prisoner says
US told him to spy
on al-Jazeera

Wives of Jailed Cubans Appeal to Spain

Japan's national debt hits record high at $7.1 trillion
(Using the US Economics Course?)

Taliban 'blow back' threatens Pakistan

Pakistan has handed over province to terrorist

Australia to impose "draconian" anti-terror laws
(Did Bush Furnish Them?)

Collaborators with the corrupt

It’s Happening Now

New Eruption at Mexico's Volcano of Fire

Huge Quake Cracks Star

Earthquake Rattles Mojave Desert

Ancient ritual bath discovered in Old City to be opened to public
(Sharon should make a big Splash!
Unless he's discovered Pat Robertson's Skinny Jeezus Pancakes)

20,000 new species of animals discovered in 2005

Remnants of Lost City Discovered in Argentina

‘Ghost-fishing’ discovered in the North Atlantic

Killer lakes in Cameroon may strike again

Boy Finds Bush Clone

British Loony Law

Long-sought Maya City found in Guatemala


A fragment of ancient script found

Prehistoric skeletons

found in cave near Oujda
(So much for Biblical Infallibility - 6000 years my ass!)

How to Pour a Perfect Beer
(Now here's some GOOD NEWS)

High-energy collider could uncover some of the mysteries of the universe

Pomegranate juice affects prostate cancer

Seaweed could end junk food obesity

Drinking coffee has its health benefits

Air pollution linked to sperm damage

Distant Galaxy is Too Massive For Current Theories

Voyager Finds Three Surprises Near Our Solar System's Edge

Deciphering Mars: The Future

Approaching Erebus

NASA'S Pluto Space Probe Begins Launch Preparations

Avian Flu Spreads, Countries Prepare

Meteorite unlocks solar system secrets

Fear and emotional learning genes found

83 reports filed during the 1990s in which doctors
suspected a link between vaccinations and the onset of autism.

Supernova May Have Caused Mammoth Extinction


The United States
Guilty of State Terrorism

Headline News: Sept 26-27, 2005

Click for Larger View

The United States
Guilty of State Terrorism

The impending Cakewalk in Iran

'Green slime' invades Iraq

More Dissent, More Censorship

£500,000 stolen in attack on convoy as Iraq killing goes on

Where is heaven?
"It's right in front of you, always has been, always will be."
Muddy and bloody in Louisiana and Iraq

Rushed constitution points Iraq to civil war

Entire 101st Airborne Deploying To Iraq

Hussein was right & Bush was wrong
(A Must Read!)

What Basra has, many covet
(It's spelled O I L !!!)

United States Government (i.e. BUSH) Assassinates Leader
of Puerto Rican Independence

Greenspan Says Bush Has Lost Budget Control
(We say he's lost control of everything)

Bush Crony Government
How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There?
(well how many are in the Bush Administration?)

Documents show Frist was in loop on blind trust

The true story of how multinational drug companies
took liberties with African lives

(Pharmas deny allegations?
Remember the Tuskegee Experiments!
Using Black Human Beings as Laboratory Animals)

Rita Spares Cities, Devastates Rural Areas
Loss of Power, Flooding Keep Many From Returning

Katrina Redux?
Beaumont Paper Finds Federal Storm Incompetency in Texas

The Broken Contract

Flat Earth Mentality masquerades as science
The Earth is 6,000 years old.
Noah took dinosaurs on the ark.
God "spoke fish into existence."
And, by the way, "evolution gives the platform for racism,"
"Hitler was an evolutionist,"
and so were Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
(and lest we forget:
Gay people cause Hurricanes! - Pat Robertson)

Woman held in probe into Tube shooting leak
(Don't prove that the cops are liars:
They'll arrest you!)

Massachusetts Governor Makes His State the Butt of His Jokes

Faulty Body Armor May Have Endangered Bush
(Must be the same garbage Rumsfeld furnished to troops
in Iraq and Afghanistan)

Michael Brown rehired as FEMA consultant
(Bush Protects His Incompetent Cronies)

A Washington Sand Trap
A golf outing trips up a widening circle of power brokers
(Bush's Adminstration Wastes More of YOUR money!)

"Most corrupt" in Congress list
(11 were Christian Conservatives - 2 were Liberal Liars)

Science can't win in Washington
(Hell- Bush probably can't even spell Science - much less understand it)

Gas Profit Guzzlers
300% profits at your expense
Refiners Captured The Biggest Part Of the Price Increase
(Thank the Bush Administration for your gas prices)

Out of hand: Taxes and the GOP

Private companies aren't better at providing public services
(It's Profitization not Privatization!)

Iran rejects UN atomic resolution as 'illogical'


Empowering Iran

'It was a failure from the beginning'
MPs for and against the war

Peaceful Assault on the Epicenter of Evil

Tal Afar Residents Return to Ghost City, Razed Homes
(just like New Orleans!)

Abuse of Iraqi prisoners 'was sport'

"No Iraqis Left Me on a Roof to Die"

Medics fleeing Iraq's violence in their thousands

British Basra bomb bull

New Orleans : Naled kills mosquitoes - and people?

Listen to George Galloway and Friends

Laura and George's Bait and Switch Game

The Strange, Seedy Case of Marc Emery

When Opportunity Knock$, Con$ervatives An$wer
(Alway$ Greed)

The Glamorous Disease

Americans saw no rise or fall in violent crime in '04
(Perhaps because the Red States elected the criminals to office?)

The News Media and the Anti-war Movement

Getting Home Before It's Gone

Hard Bigotry of No Expectations

The Antiwar Majority
Versus the pro-war elites

Shia in Baghdad join attack on US

Lynndie England convicted at Abu Ghraib trial
(Today Scapegoat Lynndie - Tommorrow BUSH?)

Officer's Road Led Him Outside Army
Capt. Ian Fishback repeatedly voiced his concern about
prisoner abuse in Iraq to his superiors,
but felt he was being brushed off.
(You can't report the crime to the criminals!)

Hands off Posse Comitatus

Truth-Telling on Race?
Not in Bush's Fantasyland

He's No Warren Buffett

The Heart of Darkness

Give to The U.S. Endorsed Operation Blessing

It has indeedy been a blessin!
Where the heck is Looziana?
According to my good friend Barbara Bush
Them pore folk are better off now
So they don't need this money

No Child Left Alive
Desperate for warm bodies, the military targets your child

McCain: Prisoner abuse hurts U.S. image
(Pompass McCain - Conservative War Hawk
concerned over image... not lives... not crimes...)

Iran blasts ‘illegal’ IAEA move

CIA: 'An Agency Version of the "Jerry Springer Show"'

Iraq war was vital for Britain's security: Blair
(for Britain's Oil? or If yoo against Bush - yoo da enemy?)

Clergy criticise the Church over links with British weapons firm

25% of HM Services' helicopters are out of action

New guns, new drive for Taliban

North Korea says it has powerful 'deterrent'

'Terrorist Administration'
Chavez attacks Bush, and warns about oil prices.
(Beware of Conservative Propaganda
Chavez did not really 'attack' Bush
Someone may be trying to wag the dog)

Lessons From a Fallen Empire

Speaking Truth to Power in Washington, DC
(Even when power has no ears?)

Women Activists:
Creative, Proud & Strong

A Woman's Place Is on Top

A Nation of 'Oiloholics' Needs an Intervention

Federalism For the 21st Century

Make Levees, Not War

Last Weekend Karl Rove Said I Was a Clown
(Last week I said Rove was seething with the
mental illness called Conservative Fundamentalism)

The Silent Coup The Media Forgot:
K Street vs. Pennsylvania Avenue

Iraq War Veterans Presence in D.C. Unreported

The Galloway phenomenon

Russia is still not allowed to
become a full member of the financial Group of Seven
(You don't want that Russia! - They only bankrupt you...)

Iran takes the offensive, Europe retreats

Bird flu followed by wormy eggs

Plastic surgeons or miracle-mongers?

Russia eternally protected from powerful hurricanes
Rita's damage may total from $2.5 billion to $18 billion

Remnants of the lost continent found on a Greek island

Houston Evacuees Return,
Causing Gridlock and Fuel Shortages

Warning: The Minimum Credit Card Payment Is About To Double

US forces clash with Mahdi Army

US to relaease 1,000 Abu Ghraib prisoners in honor of Ramadan

Biggest typhoon in 30 years batters China island

Bewitching visions of China

Use any measure, Sharon tells army

Israel Assassinates Islamic Jihad Leader

Iran to produce 150,000 tons of pistachios this year

Oh Lordy.. Next time I'll assassinate Your next victim myself

If'n You'll PLEEZE let me pass this one with less pain---
Those Jeezus pancakes are killin me!

Egypt against isolating Syria

Egypt praises Syria for cooperation in Hariri probe

Chavez Staying True To Pledge For U.s. Poor

Japan's Notes Possible Attack by N. Korea and China

India dumps old friend Iran for US nuclear carrot

Torture triggers Agra jail riot

US left Pakistan high and dry after Soviet war

The Palestinian Child: the politics of prisoners

Over Half Million Palestinians since 1967 in Israeli Jails

Nagin Reopens New Orleans' Algiers Section

Dalai Lama Tells U.S. Crowd War Outdated

Rita leaves a $6 billion mess

5 found dead in Beaumont apartment

Helicopters Scour Louisiana Floodwaters

Report from Toronto's Lunar Conference

The final decline of Jerusalem

Meteor shower scares villagers out of their wits

Quake causes volcano to erupt

Warning: More hurricanes ahead

Top Secret Pentagon Operation
"Granite Shadow" revealed.
Commandos in the Streets?

600 barrels of loot found on Crusoe island

'Dead women' elected as councilors in Pakistan
(Best Politicians I can think of!)

Archaeologists Discover 27,000 year old Infants' Remains
(Church says the world is flat)

Looking Over 'Tennessee Valley'

Japan Alarmed As Cost Of
Missile Defense System With US Triples

Solar Cars Driving Towards A Hydrogen Future

From Wastewater To War

God, Cosmos, Katrina and Rita

Reverend Moon Tells Reverend Jerry Falwell
how he could lose weight with Reverend Pat Robertson's
Kick Ass Skinny Makin Pancakes.
Anything for Jeeezus!

Headline News: Sept 25-26, 2005

Click for Larger View

The United States
Guilty of State Terrorism

7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Peru

Earthquake Shakes Northern Maine

Left-handed women face breast cancer risk

China finds new cure for leukemia

Light-skinned Tut fuels the ire of activists, scholars

Missing Mars statue sparks hunt

The Goddess of the Israelites

Iran to rebuild spectacular tent city at Persepolis

Egyptian winemaking methods still very alive

Royal Thracian Palace Unearthed in Bulgaria

Enduring Torture

Our Grace Period May Be Over

Anti-War Idealism

Democrats Still Fear Dissent on Iraq

The Red Cross Money Pit

The legacy of the Bush administration
may well be that government can no longer
be entrusted to business people.

Bush Administration Paradox Explained

Has the FBI failed in a Bush-blessed, attempted power-grab?

Blair Falls into Line with Bush View on Global Warming

Blame Iran

America’s Longest War

The complacent international community

Mars Team Describes Water Detection At Gusev

We love you, honey

US toxic lake poses serious risk

Iran stakes its all?

China can't fathom democracy

High oil price means free money for Albertans

IAEA adopts resolution on Iran's nuclear program

Solar-power cars set off across outback

Why scientists dismiss 'intelligent design'
It would ‘become the death of science’

Mayo Clinic boosts immune system

Shocking Evidence for Cosmic Rays Found

The Bush Dynasty Revealed

Bush White House Time Managment

Florida could face gas shortage

Frist received many updates on blind trust
(another one of those Christian Fundamentalist Conservative Criminals)

So what were two undercover British soldiers up to in Basra?

Orphans Preferred

Selling Death Door to Door

Probable Probability
Humanity Steps to the Plate (Again)

US forced to import bullets from Israel
as troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed
(lousy shots?)

For Many, Anger Has Grown Since Start of War

Commander in Chief is
Responsible For Torture!
Isn't that why they have Milosovek and Saddam on Trial?

Israel to resume targeted assassinations
(Following the Pat Robertson Theology?)

Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600.00
(Halliburton to go hungry?
Go get daddy and Clinton to beg for you?
Those WarHawk Christian Conservatives sure don't want
to put THEIR money where their mouth is)

'A lot of people on the ground are very angry about what happened'

U.S. Navy secretly contracted a 33-plane fleet used to fly
terror suspects to countries known to practice torture
(okay, so how many ended up in the US ? a country that tortures!)

The Hebron confessions
Ex-soldiers speak out about seeing Palestinian civilians being killed

Iraqi women say freedoms are slipping away
(I hope they never thot this war was really about freedom!)

'Taleban' storm Afghanistan jail
(Using the example and precedent by the Brits in Basra?)

South Koreans Want U.S. Troops to Leave
(So do the other 195 nations?)

Time for a New Tune

America's Inheritance in the Caucasus

There is nothing that war has ever achieved
that we could not better achieve without it.
– Henry Havelock Ellis

Such a Blot

Important Distinctions

North Korea Calls for Engagement, Not Isolation

Whistleblowers Describe Routine, Severe Abuse

US Soldier Shoots 56-Year-Old Iraqi Woman
to Death in Her Home

New abuse claims against US forces

SAS in secret war against Iranian agents
(What a convenient excuse?)

Heart of Darkness

People flee Baghdad district amid reports of
imminent major attack

Letter to President Hugo Chavez

Turning a Blind Eye to Muder and Abuse in Basra
Nature and Man Conspire to Expose the Lies of the Powerful


US-Iraqi attacks on rebel towns are genocide

Out of Postmodern Slavery

Halliburton's stock doubles

as troop deaths double

We did not expect Iraq fanatics, says Hoon
(Did he expect them to enjoy the destruction and occupation?)

Abu Sayyaf recruiting Christians for terror attacks
(Gimme that old time religion? Pat Robertson Style)

US waives rights sanctions on Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

Ayatollah urges party to reject draft constitution

Pattern of Abuse

More Torture - More Abuse - FOX TV

Huge rally against Iraq war

A Nation of Believers Suffers a Sudden Crisis of Faith

Kafka Does Iraq:
The Disturbing Case of Abdul Amir Younes Hussein

'You Can't Wash Your Hands When They're Covered in Blood'

Dallas Bodybuilder Sues TV’s Pat Robertson
For Unauthorized Use of Weight-Loss Photographs
(Conservative Christian Fundamentalist
Fleeces the Flock again....

(Pat Robertson - sole proof that there is nothing close to 'intelligent design'
among Conservative Fundamentalists)

God's Mouthpiece? Surely God's not that stupid!

Robertson's irresponsible rhetoric
(Jesus healed the ear of his enemy
Pat wants to kill them)

Pat rewrites the New Testament.

"Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord,
how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?
Till seven times? Jesus saith unto him,
I say not unto thee, until seven times: but,
until seventy times seven" (Matthew 18:21-22).

Pat Robertson says to kill them

The value of Pat's simpleton, childlike statements
lie not in their entertainment quotient but as an
examination and sampling of the right-wing-nut mentality
in much the same way that a
stool sample is an examination of the rectum, colon, and anus.

Pat Robertson’s Katrina Cash
Robertson - a divisive bigot

Robertson may sound like a kook but he presides
over a media empire with assets estimated at $200 million.
Supporters of Robertson’s Christian Coalition do
political dirty work for Bush.

Pat Robertson Stays Mum On Homosexual Charges

Pat Robertson is out of control

Well now we know why those puff-headed preachers
of the ultra-right are so eager to have the 10 Commandments
plastered everywhere— apparently they can’t remember them.

Until Pat Robertson exposed his own
sanctimonious vulgarity and bestiality

"I don't know that atheists should be considered citizens,
nor should they be considered patriots.
This is one nation under God."-- George Bush

Pat's Agenda for America

Pat's African Development Company
(African Branch of Operation Blessing)

God Commanded Me To Label Pat Robertson An Idiot
(God didn't have to tell me)

Viewing Robertson's Family Channel
can be dangerous to the mental health of children

The preacher and the president

"Fables should be taught as fables,
myths as myths,
and miracles as poetic fancies.
To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing.
The child mind accepts and believes them,
and only through great pain and perhaps tragedy
can he be in after years relieved of them."
Hypatia (c.370-d. 415)

Pat Robertson is claiming that abortion is one of the causes
of Hurricane Katrina, much like his statement that the
ACLU and gay people caused 9/11.


American Idiot
Smilin’ Pat Robertson steps in it again

What would Jeeeezus do?
He'd tell you to stop aaaverythang and buy:

Pat's Age-Defying Protein Pancakes
Pat's Age-Defying Antioxidants
Pat's Age-Defying Shake
Pat's Weight Loss Challenge
Pat's Weight Loss Challenge DVD
25 Ways to Cut Calories Every Day
Lose Stubborn Fat The South Beach Way
Recipes from The South Beach Diet Cookbook
Lose Weight, Not Sleep!
Barriers to Weight Loss
Insider Beauty Secrets You Can Do At Home
Save Time & Money on Car Repairs

Your eternal soul is on Pat's mind!
Are we fat in heaven?

United States tax $$ being used to support anarchy in Venezuela

It All Adds Up to Something

Arctic Ice: Shrinking, with Consequences

Global Warming? You Better Believe It

US Has Sanctioned Torture for Far Too Long
(only for 233 years?)

The Protests Escalate

'Seize the Moment'

Even Absolutely Terrible Events have Silver Linings

Saudis Warn of Region-Wide Conflict

Commandos in the Streets?

The news media's fake transformation

Giving Democracy a Bad Name

A policy of absolute barbarism?

Anti-war movement takes to streets on both sides of Atlantic

Robert Fisk on finding Osama

STOP Destroying Lives, Livelihoods and Communities in India

Bush’s Potemkin village presidency

The Declining Sole Superpower

Frist, DeLay Fend Off Probes Into Ethics
(Ethics? What Ethics? They're Conservatives!)

The 'Stuff Happens' Presidency

Mexico Takes Pride in Helping U.S.

27,000 year-old grave with the bodies of two babies

Imperialism - a note to the good people of the U.S.A.

Dr. Bush and Mr. Hyde

Low-fat vegan diet may spur weight loss

Smoking guns of climate change

Ants make tree gardens

Researchers says Hobbit was human

Arctic summers are longer and hotter

'Noise' affects how brain affects movement

Killing Resistant Bugs One Bandage At A Time:
Gauze Developed With Microbicidal Coating

Plasma pencil sharpens up
Charged gas plume stays cool while killing bacteria.

Iran rejects IAEA resolution

Major US science group opposes "intelligent design" doctrine
(Intelligent people oppose religion's 'the world is flat' mentality)

At least 19 killed in Hamas rally explosion by Israeli drone

A drone is a mindless, heartless robot created to kill without emotion
Which picture below is the drone?

The answer is BOTH

Is this the best
those white guys can come up with?
I can't believe he actually opens his mouth and speaks!

Refineries hit, overall impact modest
With half million barrels-a-day off line,
Texas governor says industry suffered a 'glancing blow'.

Refiners big winners as U.S. gas prices soar-paper

US admiral urges Taiwan to arm
(US Military War Complex sets foreign policy
Didn't Eisenhower warn us about this?)

Thousands denounce Bush, Blair

UK fails to stop Afghan heroin
(or UK imports more Afghan heroin)

EU to spend £135m building 'dancing pregnant goddess'
(Another Beaurocracy to waste YOUR money)

Israel on full alert in fear of Palestinian reaction
(Did the Palestinians send a Drone to bomb Israel?)

Israel arrests 207 in West Bank crackdown

'West against Iran's nuke case for Israel's sake'

30 months on, Iraq is still engulfed in flames
(White House Response: Send more matches)

U.S, Andean nations fail to reach free trade agreement
(S.A. Nations don't fall for the U.S. Empty Promises and Lies)

Chavez nails US again
Chickens in Cuba get better treatment from authorities
than black residents of the hurricane-ravaged New Orleans

Venezuela intends to buy Russian submarines

This U.S. administration -- the current government -- is a terrorist administration

121 Guantanamo Detainees to be
Released to Saudi Authorities
(Released for torturing?)

The threat to humanity is right next door
(The current threat is Bush and Companies)

Headline News: Sept 24-25, 2005

Hurricane Rita roars ashore

Gas runs out opposite U.S.'s biggest refinery

US soldiers tell of abuse in Iraq, Afghanistan

U.S. Urges IMF Crackdown on Currency
Treasury Wants Help to Force Up Value of Chinese Yuan

US mum over Musharraf's remarks on women

Putin faults law officers in south

Iraq arrest warrant for UK troops


Motion to condemn Israel in IAEA conference
over Nuclear Bombs possesion

Israel and Iran at Grips in UN General Assembly

Iran warns EU, US against confrontation at IAEA

West supported Saddam against Iran

Promises To Keep In Egypt

Bahrain and Kuwait to normalise relations with Israel

Syria blames U.S. for Iraq infiltrators

Syria says mass troops on borders with Iraq, arrest many infiltrators

Colombian rebel forces accept Venezuela's offer for peace talks

Mercenaries for Iraq Being Deceitfully Recruited in Peru

More than a Million Mexicans Unemployed

Thousands March in Britain against Iraq War

Brazil Considering Measures in Response to US Subsidies

Chavez: No one Is Above the Law

More than 2,000 Guyanese receive eye care in Cuba

All Gulf of Mexico crude prod halted

Texas residents flee Rita to Mexico crime city

Mexico says done all it could for dirty war trials

Typhoon Saola nearing Japan with heavy rain

Rift remains in talks on U.S. troop relocation

Iran appreciates Pakistan, India's support on nuclear issue

India to build four new nuclear power stations

Canary Islands Volcano Could Trigger Monster Tsunami

Slick Of Poisons From Hurricane Spotted Near Florida Coast

Earthquake tremors felt in Belize

Earthquake swarm shakes up the California area

US army plans to bulk-buy anthrax

Anthrax terrorists outfox the FBI

Baffling mystery of deformed fingers afflicting one family

Soldier's chilling testimony fuels demonstrations against Iraq war

Look at Jesus in light of first century

Christian School Expels Girl Because Parents Are Lesbians

Boy left behind as family flees Rita

Australian surfer punches attacking shark

The 'myth' of Iraq's foreign fighters

It Happened in Houston

If You Don't Like the Climate, Wait a Minute

Howlin' Hurricane Rita

Russia stands up for Iran protesting against EU's intention to isolate the country

IMF says pro-market policies are better to fight poverty in Argentina

Hurricane Rita hits land, brings early death

The complacent international community

Fathers of nations rip off their own people

From Baghdad to New Orleans

The Enemy Responds

The Beginning of the End?

Where Dwells the Enemy?

Purging the Poor

Corporations' Great Local-Extortion Racket

End of 'Normal' Hurricanes Means
Preparing for Global Warming

Bush Relies on Corporate Lobbyists to Help Him Push U.S. Agenda

Katrina Turns the Poor Into the Destitute

Report Attacks 'Myth' of Foreign Fighters

Critics Predict Katrina Whitewash

A group of US soldiers stormed the house of Brigadier Jabar Atiyah Saud,
the deputy mayor of Dhuluiyah and dragged him out of his house
before they shot him several bullets in his head
(Ain't U.S. Democracy so Compassionate - so Christian!)

Iran and the Invention of a Nuclear Crisis

How United States Intervention Against Venezuela Works

What to Do About the Bush Problem

Bush & Media: Normalizing the Abnormal

Conrad Black's right-hand man pleads guilty to $32m fraud

IRAQ: Contractor Charged in Baghdad Badge Scam




Faith-Based Hiring Sets up Congressional Rift

Bush Climate Policy More Fossil Than Fuel

Prisoners in New Orleans city jail were ' abandoned'

Once Again, Insurance Industry Looks to
Hang Clients Out to Dry

China: cauldron of Bush administration anxiety

A New Five-Star Hotel in Baghdad !!

Is the bogus 'war on terror' fading away
to be replaced by the 'war on porn?

The invasion and occupation of Iraq

was a premeditated murderous act of aggression

The GOP's fiscal policies turned a natural disaster
into a man-made catastrophe

The demise of global communications security
The neocons' unfettered access to America's secrets

Deadly charm offensive

Dangers of a Drunk Dubya

Arrest of Bush official sheds light on corruption and cronyism

New Accounts of Torture

by U.S. Troops

Big Trouble for British Occupation of Southern Iraq

Soldier's chilling testimony fuels demonstrations
against Iraq war

Available Light

Hurricane Rita Contributes to National (News) Blackout!

Economy braces for Rita's impact

Clinton and Lewinsky names for new Chinese condoms

Reverse engineering space modules from
advanced type IV extraterrestrial UFOs using
extended and curled dimensions

The massive solar flares making the tectonic plates brittle
can these plates collapse in 2012?

Out-of-body or all in the mind?

Texas Big Foot

British scientist hits out at US Govt climate 'loonies'

Hidden Side Of Hurricane Rita

'Smart Concrete' Could Improve Levees

Psychic sophistry

Thinking about Telepathy

The Perennial Problem of Evil

Underwater Cities

Vanishing Brain

Reading the Body

Headline News: Sept 23-24, 2005

New Titles
September 2005

North American Plate Begins ‘Cracking’
as Super Storm Nears US,
Earthquakes Begin in California, Tennessee, Ontario,
Australia and Caribbean Sea as
Massive Static Discharge Reported In Florida,
US President Heads to Military Bunker

Bush tries to 'FEMA' Immigration & Customs
(as he's doing to the Supreme Court too!)

EPA wants less reporting of toxic spills

Food for Katrina victims given by
England, Italy, Spain, Israel
to be incinerated instead of eaten


Government by temper tantrum

The blueprint for rebuilding will be less "New Deal"
and more "New Steal"

You know me, Dubya
Texas governor writes Washington for hurricane relief

New Orleans levee fails; water pours in again
Our worst fears came true

Bus carrying elderly evacuees burns; 24 dead

US cities empty as Rita looms

Baltic Leaders Tackle Environmental Threat

Khodorkovsky's Lawyer, Amsterdam, Ordered to Leave Russia

Russia requests Latvia to extradite exiled tycoon

China leading global power shift

Tough questions for Tony Blair on goals for Iraq

U.S. immigration officials refused Tuesday to allow
Robert Fisk, longtime Middle East correspondent for the London newspaper,
The Independent, to board a plane from Toronto to Denver.
Fisk was on his way to Santa Fe for a sold-out appearance in the Lannan Foundation’s
readings-and-conversations series Wednesday night.

Hurricane aid used 'to test out rightwing social policies'

EC questions legality of Ireland’s welfare restrictions

EU 'making 230 new laws a day'

Sharon's democratic nightmare

Bush's mad mess

War criminal at the UN

Israel concerned over possible arrests overseas

Iran calls on UN to probe how
Israel acquired nuclear weapons

Bush ignored warnings on Iraq: Saudi prince

S African Govt seizes first white-owned farm

First shipment of Venezuela's
additional fuel supply to arrive in US

Brazil to ask WTO to impose trade sanctions on US

Venezuelan Businesses Sign Deals With Cuba

Cuba Maintains Offer of Medical Help to the US, says Fidel

Mexico building political beachhead in U.S.

Hurricane Katrina unsettles Japan

Frosts 'devastate' Western Australia wheatbelt farmers

Volcano erupts in Russia's Far East

Earthquakes up to magnitude 4.7 strike area north of Los Angeles

Earthquake, aftershocks rattle wheatbelt

100 million could die

The Spread of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Gulf Coast

Powerful storms baffle scientists

Cold-war device used to cause Katrina?

The atheist who's Selling Jesus

Agents Provocateurs?

The Supreme Court
New 'Roberts Rules' are Recipe for Surprise

Republicans' Policy of 'Pork Before People' Takes a Terrible Toll

Moscow court confirms and effects Mikhail Khodorkovsky's sentence

Al-Qaeda uses Islam only as disguise to cover its crimes

Addiction to shopping becomes a serious mental disorder

Romeo and Juliet were dinosaurs

Homeland Security Officials Wrongly Arrested Peaceful Citizens in Georgia

Land for People not for Profit in Venezuela

Democracy Hallucinations Regarding Afghanistan and Iraq


The Israeli lobby and the Iraq War

Iran is the only clear winner of war on Saddam

The logic of colonial rule

Iraqi resistance earns world’s respect

(Ivan, Katrina, Rita, and more..
Seems Like Allah
is winning the War)

Basra attack echoes SAS actions in North

Iraqis refused entry into Iraq

Resort to Deception


Lapdog White House Press Corps(e) Plays Dead Again!

Blackwater Down Fresh From Iraq,
Private Security Forces Roam the Streets
of an American City With Impunity
(Here's Your Jack Booted Thugs)

The Inevitable War

with Iran

Basra and the Playing fields of Armaggeddon

The Failed War for Oil

Empty Promises Are the New Black

The Occasional Media Ritual of Lamenting the Habitual

A Societal Sea Change

Global Denial

Bizarro Basra
Two special-ops Brits in wigs, 'traditional Arab dress'
and a car full of explosives?

There is no flag large enough
to cover the shame of
killing innocent people.
– Howard Zinn

The war in Iraq was based on a lie
and policing Basra is an illusion

Which one is the pornographer?

Iran's Nuclear Dispute Sparks East-West Rivalry

Before It's Too Late

Oil pipelines on fire in northern Iraq after attack

(Now you see why gasoline has tripled!
Bush's Wars!)

This attack on free speech
will fuel Muslim hostility
(if they would only become Christians
then they could call for assassinations with impunity)

The New Generation of Landmines
Will U.S. derail 15 years of international abolition efforts?

Argument That Has No Clothes

Woe to the Hypocrites

Texas and Louisiana coast menaced by Hurricane Rita

Blair and Murdoch defend Bush over Hurricane Katrina

War protesters tried on federal conspiracy charges
(real conspirators go free at CIA, White House, FBI)

US Military Forces Deploy Throughout United States
as Gasoline Stockpiles Collapse

Roberts Is the Wrong Choice for Chief Justice
(The same buffoon that appointed the no-experience FEMA director
is appointing the no-experience Chief Justice?)

What the News Does Not Show...

Colin Powell on Iraq, Race, and Hurricane Relief

Big and Easy Iraqi-Style Contracts Flood New Orleans

(Will Halliburton Drain Texas Next?)

Bomb injures 50 in the center of Vitebsk, Belarus

State Executions:
One component in the grand design of Global Corporate Empire
(Getting closer to Soylent Green everyday!)

Pots and Kettles

Ignore science at your peril

Sorry, Mr President, homilies won't stop the hurricanes

Public misled over danger of crop spraying

Malaria Epidemic Threatening 6 Million Ethiopians

Fries may come with warning on side

Hurricanes 'too powerful'

Many Galaxies Found in the Early Universe

Chandra View

of Tycho's Remnant

Finding the First Stars

Evolutionary Tools Help Unlock Origins of Ancient Languages

Huge Chemical Industry In Texas Could Be Hit By Rita

Mass Exodus As Monster Hurricane Rita
Has Texas, Louisiana In Crosshairs

Bleach may cut mold allergenic properties

New type of nerve cells may ease pain

Gaining Ground In The Race Against Antibiotic Resistance

Impact Of Global Warming On Weather Patterns Underestimated

The End Of Daylight Savings Time
May Harm Your Oral Health

Flood walls in New Orleans were 'structurally flawed’'

New 'Hobbit' disease link claim

Land Surface Change on Alaska Tundra
Creating Longer, Warmer Summers in Arctic

'Historical Shift' Across 20th Century
in Prevalence of Female-Female Sex

U.S. Bears Cost of War in Iraq,
But Won't Bring Rapists to Justice at Home

Case Astronomers Find Vast Stellar Web

Spun By Colliding Galaxies

Czech archaeologists excavate Ancient Greek town
flattened by Bohemian Celts

Mary Rose fragments to be raised

New company wants Mars colony

Voucher Vultures

It’s baa-a-a-ack! The trickle-down theory

Politicians thrive on crisis rhetoric

Saudi Warns U.S. Iraq May Face Disintegration

Carter says Gore won 2000 election

Israelis caught selling torture devices at London arms fair

Iraqis: "This Government has No Authority"

America's Syria problem

It is a Racist, Religionist world

Let Them Eat Cake

Headline News: Sept 22-23, 2005

New Titles
September 2005

A 175-mph monster
1.3 million flee as Rita lumbers toward Texas

Texas 'ready for the worst' from Rita

Top refiner says Rita could be 'national disaster'
Valero CEO warns gas prices could go 'well over' $3 a gallon

U.S. running out of space for Katrina trash
(or FOX News not wanted in Louisiana?)

US fighter planes to patrol airspace of three Baltic nations
(Wonder where the Money Went? Your Tax $$$!)

N. Korea Warns U.S. Not to Attack

US prepares to shake up phone industry

U.S. Asks Russia to Help Deal With Hurricane Rita

Russia, China warn against antagonizing Iran

China's role in global democracy

(Is New Orleans Bush's Waterloo?)

Blair is a bad president
(Blair is a bad precedent)

UK troops left isolated as Mahdi Army weaves
a web of official corruption

UK's Basra raid provokes backlash

EU drops hardline stance on Iran
(they don't want Allah sending a Katrina-Rita to Europe)

The Chirac Doctrine

France plans to pay cash for more babies

US rates higher than Israel's for first time

Iran and Iraq remember conflict

Beware our fiery wrath, Iran warns foes

Egypt urges Israel to withdraw from all Arab territories

Two beheaded in Saudi Arabia over rape

What’s behind the silence over Gitmo hunger strike?

Supporters Celebrate President Chavez’s
Return to Venezuela from New York

Venezuelan Government Charges U.S. Government
of 'Dirty' Media Campaign
(But of Course - It's Washington DC!)

At OAS Venezuela Says US Interventionism
is Prelude to Aggression

Venezuela-Colombia Crisis:
Where was Washington?
(No D.C.? Perhap a real solution waits!)

Venezuela Invests $900M to Produce Ethanol
(Bush and Congress still playing pocket pool)

U.S. Bird Flu Scenario Envisioned
(Saddam Did It - CIA Report (lie))

Disease Threat Greatest Foreign Policy Issue

Hundreds sleep in the open as tremors strike Azores

Tremor shakes Western Australia wheatbelt

Mysterious Stench Swirls Around City
(Bush, Cheney, Rice, Dumbfeld, or ARNIE?)

Sudbury Epicentre of Earthquake

Would you be prepared for a natural disaster?
(Compassionate Faith Based Conservative Neoconism is a Natural Disaster)

Strange events shake locals' sense of safety

Extra Body Fat May Harm Teens' Blood Vessels

Mexico's Che Guevara emerges as sex symbol

British cleric unveils '100-Minute Bible'
(It's still 100 minutes too long)

Hugo Chàvez Speaks
(Bush should learn how too)

PayPal-ing the War

Theater of the Absurd
The Bizarre Balkans Stage

Violence is the first refuge of the incompetent.
– Issac Asimov

Bush's words on Iraq echo LBJ in 1967
(probably reading the same speech)

Basra officials cut ties over raid

More Blood, Less Oil

Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection

Suspected Terrorists Deserve Due Process
(What is due process for Bush and Blair?)

Promise and Peril in North Korea Deal

Iraq is Vietnam Without Honesty

On Roberts, Who is More Pathetic:
The Media or the Democrats?

U.S. Failure No. 1: No Health Insurance
(No it's about equal to all their other failures)

Time to Also March on the Media?

Healthcare Swept Away

Dislike of Bush Could Hit GOP Closer to Home

U.S. Envoy Out of Line on Arar

Iraq War, Downgraded to a Box Score, is Lost

Hollow Words From the Hollow Man

Zero Tolerance for Pain, or,
Whose Pain, Mr. Senator?

On Judicial Politics

No Exit;
Descending into hell with George Bush

USA continues to lose new and staunch allies in the world

JetBlue liner with twisted gear performs successful emergency landing

Mr.Blair, an explanation, please!!
British soldiers in terrorist attack? What is going on in Iraq?
(An explanation from Blair? Do you really want another lie?)

Vatican resumes medieval rituals of exorcism
(Christianity continues its Roman era Ganymede rituals!)

Cyclones and typhoons maintain stable fresh water supplies on Earth

And the whole world seems like it is in a deep sleep……

Where The Neocon Job Unraveled

Media Shifts Attention from SAS Screw Up to Iran

According to the New Pravda, Guitar George
has asked his top homeland security advisor
to investigate the administration's inept handling of
a major crisis in . . . homeland security

UN Food Program Sounds Alarm on Iraq

(But you can bet Cheney fed his fat Halliburton ass)

Anyone and everyone is a target

What is Covert Action?
(War against Terror but really for OIL! WAG THE DOG)

US forces launch air strikes on Sunni town in Iraq
(Christian Bush tries to destroy the Garden of Eden)
(Our apologies and Farewell to Dhuluiyah)

Hussein Will Not Be Allowed to Represent Himself at Trial
(Bush has certainly brought in DC Democracy!)

More Blatant Lies From CNN!

Holding editors to account

Estoniagate: Transport of military equipment

Getting rid of illusion of time

'Cursed' black diamond on display

Venus Express Completes Integration And Testing

A cosmic hall of mirrors

The Living Worlds Hypothesis

Quake warning given for Koyna

One Less Vampire Starts
with the Person in the Mirror!

Brownsboro Independent School District
Guilty of Obstructing Justice?

Headline News: Sept 21-22, 2005

New Titles
September 2005

Complete Military Dictatorship in America Nears Completion

Evacuations begin as Rita gains deadly strength
Residents begin packing up;
Category 4 hurricane barrels through Gulf

Forecasters Say Hurricane Jova Takes Turn North
Storm Remains Category 3 Hurricane

N. Korea Accuses U.S. of Nuke Attack Plot

UN Human Rights Body to Scrutinise U.S. Abuses

Dollar Weakens as Technical Level Signals Change in Direction

Lithuania accuses Russia of planning Su-27 crash

N. Korean Nuclear Accord a Coup for China

China Calls for Talks With Japan Over Gas Drilling

China calls for peace, harmony and common development

China sacks officials over forced abortions

One sentence that tells us so much about Tony Blair

To say we must stay in Iraq to save it from chaos is a lie

Iraq images shock Britain, but Blair is safe

UK bombers used peroxide

Military anger at delay to Iraq pull-out plan

The day that Iraqi anger exploded in the face
of the British occupiers

Chirac wants EU to probe US firm's job-cuts plan

France passes judgment on Katrina

France in trouble over foreign acquisition defense policy

Germany's Fear of The Future

Statoil refuses to build gas pipeline to Poland

13 on trial in Norway for brutal robbery

Canadian priest admits raping boy in France

Quartet to PNA: Disarm, to Israel: Stop Settlements

Israel denies Gaddafi's planned visit

Searching For Oil In Israel

Austrian Prosecutor “Almost Certain” Sharon Took Bribe

Sharon raised illegal campaign funds in New York

Sharon Continues to Violate Election Laws

Israel: Iran may be 6 months from bomb know-how

Ukraine shake-up leaves Jews confused

Iran raises stakes,does not appear to be bluffing

Don't interfere in south Iraq: Rumsfeld to Iran

Israel, Iran clash over nukes

Rice says 'nobody' trusts Iran
(Who the Hell Trusts Rice?)

Russia denounces Security Council move on Iran

Iran War Clouds On The Harvest Moon
(Bush/Cheney False Flags Imminent Excuse To Nuke Iran)

Iran says crude oil supply enough to meet demand

Iraqi police detain two British soldiers in Basra

Basra breakout: army statement

Iran gathers allies in nuclear showdown with West

International pressure on Iran will affect oil market - Venezuela


Israel threatens to hand Gaza to Egypt and West Bank to Jordan

Venezuela Chavez Backs Government Takeover Of Food Co Assets

Venezuela offers low-cost gasoline to AmerIndian tribes

Colombia denies refuge for Venezuela coup officers

Fire devours 247,000 acres in Amazon

More than 30,000 affected by cold front in Peru

Oil usage 'outstrips supply'

Conserving forests and rivers was more important,
said Chavez,
than allowing for mining of diamonds and gold.

Venezuela to sell cheap oil to struggling Nicaragua:

Chavez looked fully at home in the pulpit of Manhattan's
Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew as he
preached the gospel of social justice

Venezuela Government To Finance Companies Exporting To Cuba

Kuwait chastizes U.S. over Guantanamo

Cuba Offers Unprecedented Medical Aid

Hurricane Rita hits Cuba; 150,000 evacuated

Mexico warns church on drug-tainted money

Zapatista Rebels Want to Shake Mexico

Cuba Replacing Polluting Refrigeration Gases

US-India nuclear deal under Iran gun

World Bank blasts India's labour laws

A Dangerous Deal with India

Strong earthquake jolts Japan

Encephalitis death toll nears 1,000 in India and Nepal

Mysterious stars at center of Andromeda

Mysterious 'Ball Of Fire' Seen In Fla. Skies

Nasal spray 'will stop colds from developing'

Scientists uncover why picture perception works

Spain's greenhouse effect:
the shimmering sea of polythene consuming the land

Scientists Develop Hydrogen Tablet

Atlantic Fisheries Crisis A Warning For Pacific

Columbia scientists develop cancer terminator viruses

New Antipsychotic Drugs Criticized
Federal Study Finds No Benefit Over Older, Cheaper Drug

Energy drink that stops hunger storming Russia

Tsunami pushes journalist to go that extra mile

Florida scientists multiply brain cells in lab

Feds training Arizona prison workers to speed deportations

Leaf images of Jesus and Mary are ants' work

Burger King recalls 'sacrilegious' desserts

MI5 map reveals extent of terrorist threat to Scotland

Religious leaflets net suspension
After receiving warning, student refused to stop distributing material

If this were a dictatorship,
it'd be a heck of a lot easier,
just so long as I'm the dictator.
– George W. Bush

Bush and the mad scientists
The administration strikes again in its infuriating war against science

Iraq: The Battle of Basra
‘Democratic’ Iraq rises up – against the occupiers

Democratic Hallucinations in Afghanistan and Iraq

'The Most Expensive Military Effort in 60 Years'

Uncertain Anniversary for Iraq War Champions

Becoming The Bogeyman

Iran's nukes: Jack's straw man

The Volunteer Check on an Imperial U.S

Insurgents 'inside Iraqi police'
(These are US trained Police!)

Karzai Wants End to U.S.-Led Operations

The Pentagon said today that it had blocked
a group of military officers and intelligence analysts
from testifying at an open Congressional hearing
about a highly classified military intelligence program that,
the officers have said, identified a ringleader of the
Sept. 11 attacks as a potential terrorist
more than a year before the attacks.

The Next Fake Threat

It's the Governance, Stupid!

Bill Clinton's Muddled Attempt to Own the Middle

A Man is Tortured, and the U.S. Shrugs?

Choreography by the Scriptures For a
Struts-and-Bull Presidency

Dodging the Costs of the Warfare State

Hurricane Katrina:
a public health and environmental disaster

Mamdouh Habib, former Guantánamo Bay prisoner

Russia celebrates 625th anniversary of The Battle of Kulikovo

Society's tolerance to violence generates more sex maniacs

The Sun does not behave while the Earth is threatened by dust cloud

Late motherhood and test-tube babies harm future generations

"The Problem in Iraq is the US"

Iraqi MP accuses British Forces in Basra of "Terrorism"

British and American "special forces"
Were Creating "Terrorist Acts" and Blaming Iraqis

CIA Intelligence Reports Seven Months Before 9/11
Said Iraq Posed No Threat To U.S.

End Game

Iraq-Israel oil pipeline 'to reopen'
(It's all been over Israel oil demands)

British prison break and blown covert operation,
exposes "war on terrorism" lie

Fake Terrorism

Is a Coalition's Best Friend

Iraq chaos threatens ancient faith

Iraq's Missing Sea of Oil

British “Pseudo-Gang” Terrorists

British 'aid' to CIA covert operations in Iraq?


Back to 007 mission

What the News Does Not Show...

Justice Department Attempt to Blame Environmentalists for Flood

Men may be from Venus too

British Special Forces Caught Carrying Out

Staged Terror In Iraq

Parsons, Iraq and the Bush cabal

Whistleblowers' stomach-curdling story:
Halliburton serves contaminated water to troops

Who's Blowing Up Iraq?
New evidence that bombs are being planted by British

Carry on Killing

The People with the Blood-Soaked Hands
Will Neocon Fanaticism Destroy America?

Saddam trial date contested

The day that Iraqi anger
exploded in the face of the British occupiers

The murderous fools are not trying to end the war;

they're trying to keep it going as long as they can

British "Undercover Soldiers" Caught driving
Booby Trapped Car
"They refused to say what their mission was."

"Suspicions occupation involved in armed operations
against civilians and places of worship"

Stem cells may repair cord damage

School food 'has more pesticides'

'Steroids damaged my children'

Copyright Lawsuit Targets Google

Secrecy Power Sinks Patent Case

How Vile Is Katrina's Toxic Goo?

Brand New Martian Gullies

Cassini's Close Look At Tethys

Escape from Superdome

Civil War brig uncovered at base

Ancient Roman navy soldier surfaces

Indian Ruins Show Signs of Ancient Tsunami

Heatwaves spell bad news for carbon sinks

Brain imaging ready to detect terrorists

Ants make 'devil's garden' of Eden

Cleopatra Found Depicted in Drag

Hurricane Rita Upgraded to Category 4
Wants to visit the Lone Star?

Air pollution found to pose greater danger
to health than earlier thought

Study in Royal Society journal on possiblity
of human organ regeneration

Scientists develop life-saving chrome

Sunday Times Wrong On Mental Health And Cannabis

Headline News: Sept 19-20, 2005

New Titles
September 2005

Covering the Tracks of the Anthrax Attacks
What, where, why – who?

Korea makes new demand on nuke program

Bush suggests lifting the ban
on using the military domestically.

British forces break into Basra jail, Iraqis say
Operation frees undercover soldiers accused of shooting Iraqi police

Today, the Antiwar Movement Goes on Trial

The Rights of Detainees:
Who Is Protecting Whom From What?

It is unpatriotic not to tell the truth,
whether about the president or anyone else.
– Theodore Roosevelt

No Exit From the Danger Zone

An Ill Wind that Can Blow Texas Some Good

Dodging the Costs of the Warfare State

Bush Administration Paradox Explained

The Poor Shamed Us Into Seeing Them

Galloway's Frankness Invigorates, Shocks Americans

A Warning From Tony Blair’s Top Science Advisor

George is Worst Natural Disaster to Hit Country

Faith-Based Disaster

Wake Up

Bush reassures American ruling class

Religion, science and Hurricane Katrina

Northwest and Delta executives to make
millions from bankruptcies

Catholic Church steps up campaign to oust Spanish government

Storm Strengthens Over Bahamas,
May Become `Powerful' Hurricane

Kamchatka seismic activity threatens
local people, air traffic

Exxon finds new reserves off Russia Sakhalin

Israel office to open in China

The Great Firewall of China

China's North Korea proposal hits snags

France threatens Côte d'Ivoire with sanctions

Israel allocates $1m for officers facing war-crime charges

Syria reiterates offer to stop violence in Iraq

The dark side of life in Gaza

Spreading the gospel according to Chavez

South Americans furious with Paraguay over links with Washington

Ecuador concerned by Colombia's herbicide use

Chávez wins applause at U.N. after slap at U.S

Tropical Storm Rita threatens the Bahamas and Cuba

Military, lawyers at odds over Gitmo hunger strike

Protesters tell Japan to own up war crimes

Hundreds harm selves in Australia immigration camps

Prison Locked Down After Warden Loses Keys

Pair of Hurricanes Head Toward Hawaii

Ghostly Spokes In Saturn's Rings Spotted By Cassini

New Madrid Fault getting attention in wake of Hurricake Katrina

Solar Minimum Explodes

Hospitals are on alert for possible terror threat

Some people preparing for worst

How to survive the first 100 hours of a major disaster

Daley scorns cabbie dress code idea

Inventor Fuels Car With Dead Cats

As bodies recovered, reporters are told 'no photos, no stories'

Sex Offenders Rally For Rights

Baby's hand amputated by mistake

Genderless baby-mermaid born in Moscow region

Russian school student invents flawless
computer program for copyright protection

The Enemy and the Nuremberg Principles

British soldiers planting bombs

Zarqawi, oil pipeline and the $1bn

IRAQ: The Nemesis of Imperialism

Humanitarian group asks for urgent relief for Tal Affar refugees

One to Two Billion Dollars Missing at Ministry of Defense

Military Recruiters Are Professional Liars

911 Lies Under Fire - Truth Finally Emerging

Why Is George W. Bush Above the Law?

War! What is good for? Never-ending profits!

Charitable donations for Halliburton!

UNITED STATES: Barbarism and Socialism

Shetland folklore - monsters and myths

A spectacular rescue of human civilization in 2012
by the advanced extraterrestrial type IV
alien civilization – can it really happen?

Massive degradation of tectonic plate
- catastrophe possible -
Earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale in India

Analysis of Type I, II, III, IV intelligent alien civilizations

Penetrating the 5-D Hyperspace with the use of mind
- stealth electromagnetic virtual radiation undetectable in
3-D Physical universe

Rewriting Israel's History

Whodunnit? Detectives reopen the strange case
of Conan Doyle and the poisoned journalist

Methane Release Raised
Earth Temperatures 180 Million Years Ago

Shoreline Found on Titan

Danes provide prostitutes for the disabled

Romanian police caught a female mobile phone thief
by dialling the stolen phone -
and hearing it ringing from her bum

Scientists find natural protein 'battery'

New trigonometry is a sign of the times

Headline News: Sept 17-18, 2005

New Titles
September 2005

Sheik Beaten, Blinded, Tasered,
Released Into the 'New Iraq'

Cold War drags on - forever

Go Away, Recruiter!

Iraq: No Exit?

Neocrazies Foiled

Defiant Iran tells UN: mind your own nuclear business

Iraq, Afghan Commitments Fuel U.S. Air Base Construction
(Close them in the U.S. - Build them Overseas?
How Smart is That?)

Tony Blair 'relished' sending British soldiers off to war

Vampires in Our Midst

The Stupid Pledge of Allegiance

Neck Deep in Toxic Gumbo

Overkill in New Orleans

Bush Helps Disaster Profiteers

The Penguin Wars

This is a Mess of Our Own Making

Message: I Cares About the Black Folks

Chavez' Surprise for Bush
Offering to Sell Cheap Oil to America's Poor

The March of the Penguins and Enron,
the Smartest Guys in the Room:
How Penguins and People Adapt to the Natural World

My American Nightmare
A US that Chooses as Its Sweetheart a Billionaire Heiress
Notorious for Hardcore Sex is No Place to Be

The Pain-Free Presidency

Fluffy Towels and Rising Seas

Katrina Relief: It's Iraq Deja vu All Over Again

The PR Campaign for Brand America

They Shoot News Anchors, Don't They?

If Corporations Could Laugh

Those of Us Who Know That America’s Worth Fighting for
Have to Take It Back Now from Those Who Don’t

Left Behind: Bush's Holy War on Nature

A 'New' New Deal

Bush Late by Hundreds of Lives

The Petulant President

We have long ago lost our moral compass,
so how can we lecture the Islamic world?

Hurricane Hugo

at the U.N.

Iraq’s libraries: what recovery from

'a national disaster beyond imagination'?

US: courts deny right to challenge Medicaid violations

How Long Can The Pentagon Lie About Depleted Uranium?
(How Long have they been Lying about the Civil War?
150 years and counting)

Khalilzad: Now is the Time to Mass Murder Syrians



Bush: 'We'll do for the Gulf Coast what we did for Iraq!'

Jackbooted Police State Emerging in New Orleans
(Helping Just like Iraq?)

Post-Neocon Neolibs Have No Use for al-CIA-duh

What Noble Cause?
(More of that Higher Law Bullshit that has ruled the nation since 1861!)

Poor Planning and Corruption Hobble the Rebuilding of Iraq
(This is what FUELS America!)

Georgie, You’re Doing a Heck of a Job

JULY 18, 2004

Blair admitted to lying about the number of bodies in mass graves

Mass Media and New Orleans
From Victims to Vandals

Text of President Chavez' speech at UN

US Forces Use Film-copied Abuse Tactics Against Iraqis

Australian Complicity in Iraq Mass Mortality

Eyewitness, politically charged, on-the-ground
truth telling from New Orleans

Men and Women of good will :
denounce the US Beast atrocities !

Gaza and the children who did not visit the sea for 5 years

U.S. Military in Paraguay Prepares to "Spread Democracy"

US planning to invade Venezuela: Chavez

Venezuela intends to buy $1 bln in Argentina debt!!

The unfeeling president should be held accountable

Venezuelan leader lashes at US in UN speech

A Wimp on Genocide

Venezuela Prepared For War
As United States Warships Positioned Off of Coast,
US Military Forces Flow into Paraguay

Bush’s Legacy: More Than Duct Tape Needed

Summit failure blamed on US

Nato 'pacifists' under fire as US begs help on terror front line

Chavez causes rumble in fiery condemnation of US

Iran N-stance dismays US, Europe

How the penguin's life story inspired the US ignornant religious right

Canadians to gov't: Get tough with U.S.

Rising Premiums Threaten Job-Based Health Coverage

Go ahead, make Putin's day. Drive a giant SUV

Pope's Katrina envoy: 'Shameful' poverty in U.S.

N. Korea Slams U.S. for Reactor Demands

U.S. to slap sanctions on Mugabe

Bone marrow from China to help a child in US

China set to overtake America as world's top exporter

Blair blasts BBC over US 'hatred'

Racial ghettos 'may appear in UK'

Warning over £1 trillion mountain of debt

The holes in Blair's arguments,
and how he sidesteps key issues

U.K. war crime complaints to be filed against
Jerusalem municipal inspectors

Iran calls on UN to probe how Israel acquired nuclear weapons

Iran raises stakes on nuclear plans

A passage to Israel for lost tribe of India

Israel Should End All Occupation
(So should the U.S.!)

With Syria, no idle threats

Condoleezza Rice delayed his visa,
excluded him from a meeting of foreign ministers to discuss Lebanon and Syria,
and had a United Nations investigator arrive in Damascus
at the time of his departure.
Boxed in, Mr. Assad canceled his plans.

Chavez wins applause at U.N. after slap at U.S.

Venezuela shows ‘there is a better way’

Cuba calls UN summit "unforgiveable sham"

Cuba Mulls Katrina Aftermath

Fraud Looms over US Summit, Cuba Says

Cuba reveals how UN summit document was distorted
under pressure from the United States

If forced, India will vote with U.S. on Iran

US envoy warned of coup
Mussomeli report may be one of FBI stolen files
(US Protecting its puppet regime in Phillipines)

Mystery Surrounds 'Porcelain Of The Southwest'

Deep-sea archaeologists look for secrets in 'Shipwreck 7'

Small brain did not stop Hobbit having big ideas

Headline News: Sept 16-17, 2005

The Whitewash of the White House

New Titles
September 2005

United States Orders Military Redeployments
Within Their Borders as Massive Volcanic Activity Detected
In Their Pacific Coast and New Madrid Fault Zone Regions

Hurricane Ophelia pelts North Carolina

US jobless claims at 10-year high

Bush to unveil massive disaster-recovery plan
(Day Late and Dollar Short?)

Canada official: Torture can be tolerated
(Then torture this official, and see if he can tolerate it)

Iraqi minister slams arrests by US army

Russia’s Putin First World Leader to Sign
Nuclear Terrorism Convention

China seeks way to counter US

Bush changes topic after Hu asks for
support on Taiwan

Police started the riots, not us, say Orangemen

Chirac enlists workers to protect French firms

High Court: Separation fence can be built beyond Green Line
(More DEMOCRATIC Berlin Walls and Iron Curtains)

Israel's Thorniest Dilemma

Iranian president lashes out at US at UN summit

Syria: U.S. searching for scapegoat for Iraq failures

Egypt plans $5bn refinery

A continent and a house of cards
As Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez grows bolder,
Uncle Sam could find (invent) a new
national security crisis south of the border

Brazil 'whistleblower' expelled

Friendship with Iran threatens India's ties to U.S.
(US is a Fickle Friend)

Arroyo rallies world leaders to join US-led war on terror
(US Puppet and Mouthpiece Arroyo)

US thugs raping minor girls in Tellaffar

The Second American Revolution

The Enablers

Iraq suffers severe water shortage

FEMA, La. outsources Katrina body count to firm
implicated in body-dumping scandals

Locals, Officials Suggest Levees were Intentionally Blown

The War Comes Home to Roost
Katrina and Iraq

Looting By Any Other Name
The Profit-Driven War

Troops Out Now Coalition says:
‘New Orleans is an anti-war issue’

US jets bomb Ramadi

The Imperial Delusion
Neoconservatism and the cult of empire

Remember Iraq

The Bloodbath Becomes a Flood

Whence Anti-American Terrorism?

America Has Fallen to a Jacobin Coup

How does one prevail in war?
Both sides have already lost.
– Logan Kodysz

Syria denounces Iraq attacks, seeks cooperation with US

U.S. Agenda on Iran Lacking Key Support

The Real Crime:
1,000 Errors in Fingerprint Matching Every Year

Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders

CIA leak investigator warns against document release

The High Price of Airline Deregulation

Music That Bush Clearly Doesn't Hear

Go Down In The Flood Gonna Be Your Own Fault

Ignorance and Abdication That Amounts to Madness

A Warning From the Big Apple to the Big Easy

Circles of Hell
New Orleans Gives Us a Glimpse of Bush's Vision for America

Sick and Abandoned

Cashing In On The Blame

Spammers earn millions and cause damages of billions

United Nations at the crossroads
(What good is the UN anyway?
They let the UK and US bully smaller nations,
make illegal pre-emptive bombing raids,
illegally occupy other nations)

In another stunning display of Republican Compassionate Conservatism
Frances Newton was killed by the U.S. Government and State of Texas Last night

Research team finds new evidence of Amazonian civilization

Secret of Delphi Found in Ancient Text

Turkish Cypriot armed forces bulldozed away an 8,000-year-old
Neolithic site at the tip of the Karpas peninsula to make way
for a flag pole

U.S. threatens North Korea with assets freeze
(Make investment in US rather dangerous to other countries?)

Health costs keep rising
Employers, workers pay $10,880 for coverage

Study links global warming to stronger storms

Laboratory did not reveal absence of ricin in plot
(Blair and Cronies LIE again)

Beans may mean more protection against cancer

Rogue Supermassive Black Hole Has No Galaxy

Deciphering Mars: Follow The Water

Western Indian state evacuates 100,000 people as flood waters rise

Earth Asteroid Bombardment Mystery Solved?

Giant Earthquake Predictions Aided by Historical Data

Garlic's Punch May Inspire New Pain Drugs

Can we reverse the mental decline that comes with ageing? Yes

Origins of life easier than first thought

28 Thoroughbreds Spawned All Racehorses

Legendary White Giraffe Photographed

Headline News: Sept 15-16, 2005

Blow the Trumpet of Political Ignorance

New Titles
September 2005

The United Gates of America
Goodbye, "national greatness," and good riddance

Why This Soldier Can't Support This War

Probably, no nation is rich enough to pay
for both war and civilization.
We must make our choice;
we cannot have both.
– Abraham Flexner

A Fatal Incuriosity

The News Media Are Knocking Bush
and Propping Him Up

Bush's Hacks

Katrina Havoc Reflects the New America

One Garden Salad to Go, Hold the Oil

The Fallout of a Can't-Do Presidency

W. Loves Politics, Hates Governing

Bush Administration Puts the 'Con' in 'Conservatism'

World Faces Prospect of Teeming Mega-Slums

Why Is the Ozone Hole Growing?

Activist 'Baffled' at Deportation

Power Crews Diverted:
Restoring Pipeline Came First

F.A.A. Alerted on Qaeda in '98, 9/11 Panel Said

The Man Beneath The Hood Speaks Out:

'They tortured me, they humiliated me'

News From Behind The Facade

When Shame Doesn't Seem Enough

We Declare War on the Christian Right

We Declare War on the Liars
Who Call Themselves Public Servants

"God" and mercenaries watch out
for the rich of New Orleans

Chertoff delayed federal response, memo shows

Roberts' Rules Of War

Watch Who's Cleaning Up

The Inequality President

FEMA hires subsidiary of funeral services company
implicated in scandals in Texas and Florida
to collect bodies of Katrina victims

US attack on Tal Afar virtually ignored

The big con: Democrats vs Republicans
The illusion of democracy

FOIA records reveal Justice Department cover-up
in mass-murder case in Mexico

Different disaster, different response

The true face of capitalism:
Hurricane Katrina blows off the mask

New Orleans:
Dress rehearsal for lockdown od America

Terror in a tiny town

An open letter from your Precedent,
George W. Bush

An Issue Discovered
Inequality Makes the Mainstream

From Brighton to Camp Delta


"State Secrets" Privilege Not So Rare

Hurricane Katrina and Climate Justice

System Failure

Bad Faith: Fraud in the Insurance Industry

Bush Family's Terrorism Test

The Floating Corpse of New Orleans

Corporations of the Whirlwind

Local Neighborhood Cops as Militarized Thugs

20 Appalling lies we were told about Iraq war

Exposing the big lie

National Guard, the Gulf Coast and the War in Iraq

Why beg for funds?

The "Democratization" of Iraq:
Not a Prayer for the People

The Gulf of Disbelief

No Photos of Dead 'Cockroaches'
Allowed in New Orleans

No War But Class War


One thousand British casualties in Iraq to date

What went wrong

Bush and New Orleans;
criminal negligence or premeditated murder?

One nation (not always), under God (since 1954)

Judge Rules Pledge of Allegiance Unconstitutional
(Hell, any pledge of allegiance is nonconstitutional)

Yahoo Launches Beta Test for
New Web Mail Service
(Faster service to Chinese Jail?)

Katrina Aftermath goes Deeper than Excuses
given by President Bush


Dig throws new light on Stonehenge mystery

Professor to lecture on the disinterment of Medici corpses

Point may be oldest Idaho human artifact

Buddhist Structures Dug up in Bamiyan

Cultural treasures lost in Katrina's wake

Analysis unravels more on mummy

Scottish 'Indiana Jones' finds ancient burial path

Vitamin C 'helps to fight cancer'

An Oreo, a glass of milk, an obesity crisis

Early Atmosphere Looked Very Different From Today

Hubble's View of the Boomerang Nebula

Thinking the Hurt Away:
Expectations hitch ride on pain's brain pathway

Sun and Sand:
Dirty silicon could supply solar power

FBI Stops Bullet Lead Tests

Field Guide For Confirming
New Earth-like Planets Described

Aspirin Might Prevent Vioxx Cardiac Damage

New And Surprising Light On Birth Of Oceanic Plates

Mysteries of Taste, Smell Unlocked

Study Details Transportation Threats in New Madrid Seismic Zone

First tests show flood waters high in bacteria and lead

Investigating a Mega-Mystery

Bath Saves Ancient Manuscripts

Pluto-Sized Planets Raise Questions

Study says spyware still stealing data

Ancient mammoth found in northern Siberia

Black Hole Found in Search of a Home

Legacy of Nuclear Tests May Provide New Forensic Tool

Fossils show flying reptiles 'much bigger'

Temple near Nile has been source of controversy

Headline News: Sept 14-15, 2005

Publicly Rubber Stamp All Bush Policies

New Titles
September 2005

Next Stop: Syria
The neocons aren't through with us – not by a long-shot…

Baghdad Traffic Jam

The Unraveling of the US Military

Will Katrina Bring an Isolationist Revival?

Beyond the 'Vietnam Syndrome'

if you support any offensive war,
consider yourself just as
culpable of murder
as the most insane serial killer.
– Sarah Bellum

U.S. Deploys Slide Show to Press Case Against Iran

Back Inside New Orleans

Starting From Scratch

The Graft Goes On

We're All Patients Now

Finally Fooling Most of the People
None of the Time

Hurricane Bolton Threatens to Wreak Havoc
on the Global Poor

9/11 And The Sport of God

Hurricane Looting Not Over Yet

The US Fight Against
the Fight Against Poverty

I'm a Hopeaholic.
There's Nothing George Bush Can Do About It

A Drive-by Presidency

The GOP Finds the Silver Lining
in Death and Destruction

Thanks to Corporations,
Instead of Democracy We Get Baywatch

Mediocre Frat Boy Theory

Hurricane Bush

"Dignified Process"?
The Senate doesn't owe John Roberts a "digified process."

The Rightwing Crackup

The exploitation of Hurricane Katrina:
remaking New Orleans for the rich

Forty-five bodies recovered at New Orleans hospital

New Orleans and poverty:
a damning admission from the New York Times

Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Michigan:
'They ordered the evacuation, but there were no buses, nothing'

Bush's policies are failing on all fronts

Chavez says US meddling in UN visit

Katrina: U.S. super power status shattered

U.S. lawmaker won't reopen bankruptcy for Katrina

Natural Gas Shortages Worry Bush Officials
(Except at the White House)

'They left us to die, all of us - it was hell'

Blair will bring in Army to beat fuel blockade

France ready to get tough with oil firms

Storm chaos in western Norway

Israel's Thorniest Dilemma

The occupation forces are the real perpetrators of bomb attacks in Iraq

Iran, Syria to sign free trade pact

Bush threatens Syria over Iraq policy
(Publicity stunt to take our attention away from his Katrina failures
and give FOX something to glorify him over again, again, again)

US Encouraging Military Coup in Bolivia
(Now that's US Democracy in Action!)

Cuba’s Hurricane Response Far Superior

Cuba Creates Disaster Medical Brigade

Quit Iraq, say Japanese MPs

US backs Pakistani-Afghan border fence
( New Berlin Wall?)

Push to revise Japan pacifist constitution growing

Earthquake rattles Central Australia

Solar flares hit radio and satellite services

Sunspots on the horizon threaten to cripple satellites and networks

El Salvador officials issue volcano alert

Tremors may mean 'Big One' on its way

The Day California Cracks

Could this be Planet X?

Strange fish surface in Kodiak

'Bionic eye' has potential to cure blindness

The BBC’s strange idea of important news

UFO mystery leaves experts baffled

Where the devil is the exorcists convention?

Vanunu: Waiting for freedom

Astronomers find the gate into parallel worlds

Bush not welcomed

in South America

U.S. Colonist version of "democracy":
Haiti priest barred from election

Levees Made of Lies:
Rage, Grief, and the Chimera of the American Dream

Washington's refusal to accept medical assistance
for the victims of Hurricane Katrina

Is God the ultimate terrorist?

Even before the dying is over
The corporate vultures move in


Elements Within Government Using Terror Provocation Tactics

If We Understand New Orleans;
we understand the Bush strategy

The Great New Orleans Land Grab
The 17th Street Canal levee was breached on purpose

United States War Crimes During the Gulf War

Saddam erased from Iraqi school syllabus
(The US - Always a History Revisionist)

"You got the wrong Texan"

Disaster Capitalism in New Orleans

The Devil made him say it:

Mr. President's war on language

Zero Tolerance

Hurricane Ophelia Strengthens,
Heads Towards North Carolina

Headline News: Sept 13-14, 2005

Pump out the Bush Propaganda

New Titles
September 2005

(No Trial Necessary - Kangaroo's are out to lunch)

US military lays waste to Tal Afar

Tal Afar Under Media Carpet

Domesticating the Fake al-Qaeda Threat

Taxation or Racketeering
(There's a difference?)

Saddam is denied legal rights

"Bungling Once... Bungling Twice....."

Young lawyer proposes
assassinating more suspected terrorists
(Isn't that a terrorist threat? But so was Patsy Robertson!)

New Orleans: "deliberate act of sabotage was the opening of floodgates"
(No! Deliberate act of sabatoge was allowing thousands to die and suffer)

Crackdown in the Sunni Heartland

How Did Americans Become Mongol Terrorists?

Katrina Keeps Killing, Rulers Keep Bilking

US warns "patience running out" with Syria
(Time to pre-empt this program with another Bush War - FOX's Ratings are falling)

Bush says he may need more power in disasters
(Power to let even more suffer and die?)

Japanese female ex-con writes of US prison horrors
2.13 million people imprisoned in US

805,000 people kept in custody in Russia

US denies gassing Iraqi town
(Saving it for New Orleans?)

Resistance Is Futile:
All Effective Protests Will Be Put Down

Russia Sends More Aid to Katrina Disaster Area

China says disaster tolls no more a state secret


Third night of riots hits Belfast

UK lawyer targets Israeli embassy

Israeli Gen. escapes UK arrest on war crimes charges


Jews and Freemasons controlled war on Iraq, says No 10 adviser
(Which one is Bush? Rumsfeld? Blair?)

Blair and Brown relationship probed

France to offer farmers help over high fuel costs
(US Sticks it to its Farmers)

UK Treasury chief calls on Opec to raise oil supply
(OPEC calls on UK Treasury Chief to raise Money Supply to pay for oil)

America's dark side
(There's a light side?)

Israel Openly Defies US on Settlement Expansion
(Wag the Dog?)

Katrina damage may affect 2006 Israel aid
(Oh that worries me! No more aid to Israel!)

Kremlin Ready to Defend Iran

US can’t dictate terms on Iran
(Yes they can... Seen Iraq lately? Afghanistan? Yugoslavia? Mt. Carmel, Texas?)

Pak may abandon Iran pipeline
(Under Orders from US?)

You Got Nothing to Refer Iran to UNSC

Iran military says Katrina showed U.S. could be turned into 'war zone'
(They've obviously not seen footage of Waco, April 1993)

Syria rejects US charges on Iraq
(Be careful Syria, If'n you ain't with him - you agin him)

Kuwaiti Cabinet (Bush's Boys)
condemns terrorism in Saudi Arabia

Iran to build more nuclear plants

Bush unpopular in South America
(I think the dividing line is the Mason-Dixon Line)

United States needs to lift veil of ignorance
it has toward Chavez, Venezuela
(But it can't - Bush is President of Ignorance)

“Cowboy” Bush failed US citizens in his handling
of the crisis caused by Hurricane Katrina
(Mr Chavez - Bush is a Rhinestone Cowboy
Hails from Yale, Born in Connecticutt
Stop alienating the REAL COWBOYS)

Bush held up Cuba help over politics
(Does not want to be embarrased by 'an enemy'
while thousands continue to suffer)

US bars Cuba from attending New York conference
(See who controls the U.N.? THE U$)

Zimbabwean president visits Cuba, criticizes IMF

Another Qaeda tape from Pakistan says US and Australia next target
(or another badly created tape from the CIA)

Nation's wealthiest families on welfare
(Poorest Families Kicked Off, of course)

Earthquake briefing on Capitol Hill
(Preparing for another Federal Emergency Blunder?)

Joint USAF/NOAA Report of Solar and Geophysical Activity

Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade'
(Not nearly as dangerous as the Toxic Fumes and Waste coming from the White House!)

Scientists detect explosion 12.6 billion light-years away
(But the Bush people can't see a hurricane acomin', even when its on TV!)

Scientists create world's most efficient light-bulb


Scientists Block Viruses From Entering Cells

Where did the water on Mars go?

Lung disease killing Scots women

Katrina damage shocks shoreline scientists
(Not as much as 'shoreline residents!)

Pregnant? Best you 'avoid tuna'

Saturn data stuns scientists

New Surgical Device For Bloodless Operations

US Busy Killing Dogs

More space objects are discovered
(I wondered what that last $trillion$ was for?)

11 children found locked in cages
(Barbara Bush: Better off than being in New Orleans?)

Do-it-yourself DNA tests arrive in Russia

School in Japan Serves Whale Curry

Woman gets pregnant after 'acrobatic joyride'

Mystery NZ 'romeo' sparks manhunt

Smoking mothers 'increase chance of lesbian baby'

The China Yahoo! welcome: You've got Jail!

Sarai State of Affairs

Abusing America's Fear of Terrorism

Britain now faces its own blowback

Unwagging the Dog
Katrina knocks power out of Bush spin machine
(FOX and O'Reilly Still Pundits for the Propaganda tho)

Defenseless On the Bayou
New Orleans gun confiscation is foolish and illegal

WMD Postmortem

Informants Decide Fate of Iraqi Detainees

Ending Tyranny, The Bush Way
The U.S. has a long-standing (and accelerating)
policy of arming, training and aiding
some of the world's most repressive regimes.

Hurricane Katrina
Winners and Losers: The Usual Suspects

What They Said / What They Meant
By Will Durst

Who: President George Bush, two days before Hurricane Katrina made landfall.
What He Said: "A State of Emergency exists in Louisiana beginning yesterday."
What He Meant: "But since I'm still on vacation, I need to stage a few photo-ops strumming a guitar and playing golf first."

Who: Representative Dennis Hastert.
What He Said: "I don't know about that [rebuilding New Orleans.] That doesn't make sense to me."
What He Meant: "It's just poor people, right?"

Who: President Bush.
What He Said: "We want to make sure that we can respond properly if there's a WMD attack or another major storm."
What He Meant: "It was Al Qaeda again."

Who: Barbara Bush at the Houston Astrodome.
What She Said: "So many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them."
What She Meant: "It's just poor people, right?"

Who: President Bush, in Alabama four days after the hurricane.
What He Said: "Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house -- he's lost his entire house -- there's going to be a fantastic house. And I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch."
What He Meant: "If you expect help, you better move to a state run by Republicans. Even better, a state run by my brother."

Who: Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff.
What He Said: "The conditions at the New Orleans Superdome were nowhere near as bad as the TV images suggested."
What He Meant: "Lying next to dead people in toxic waste without food and water while terrorized by thugs ain't such a bad thing."

Who: President Bush, Sept. 1, 2005.
What He Said: "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."
What He Meant: "I don't think anyone imagined people would fly airplanes into buildings."

Who: Senator Rick Santorum
What He Said: "You have people who don't heed those warnings and then put people at risk. ... There may be a need to look at tougher penalties on those who decide to ride it out."
What He Meant: "And when I say tough penalties, I mean worse than drowning in your attic."

Who: President Bush, speaking about FEMA chairman Michael Brown.
What He Said: "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."
What He Meant: "For a former head of the Arabian Horse Association."

Who: Barbara Bush, at the Houston Astrodome
What She Said: "What I am hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay here in Texas."
What She Meant: "For crum's sake, I live in Texas."

Who: President Bush.
What He Said: "What I intend to do is to lead an investigation to find out what went right and what went wrong."
What He Meant: "We will track down these evildoing hurricanes. They can run but they can't hide. We will liberate the brave, freedom-loving Hurricanians."

Who: President Bush.
What He Said: "I remember New Orleans as a great town where I used to enjoy myself -- occasionally too much."
What He Meant: "I could use a drink."

Who: President Bush.
What He Said: "If things went wrong, we'll correct them, and when things went right, we'll duplicate them."
What He Meant: "One list is going to be longer than the other."

What They Said / What They Meant

Hurricane Halliburton

Firms with Bush-Cheney Ties
Clinching Katrina Deals

All the President's Friends
(should be behind bars)

The War of Unintended Consequences

Bombs Away on Television News

The Pain of September 10

Exiles From a City and From a Nation

Be Angry, Be Very Angry
(FOX is still pretending to report NEWS)

US media hails martial law general in New Orleans
(in an attempt to take public attention off the Bush Administration's complicity in incompetence)

Was Ramses a Smoker ?

Bidding for dinosaurs

Headline News: Sept 12-13, 2005

See Bush... See Bush Run... See Bush Jump
See Bush... See Bush.... See Bush...

New Titles
September 2005

Global Pandemic Fears Fueled By Reports
That United States Virus Weapon Lab Attacked

We had to kill our patients

Imploding the Empire:

Metaphors for the Age

Ophelia Lingers

Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan
(Pentagon Fondly Remembers Nagasaki-Hiroshima)

Katrina an 'energy disaster'
Gasoline prices are just the tip of the iceberg

US leaders reap the whirlwind

Shock snaps US media out of its long trance
(Except FOX)

US commanders admit losing ‘war of attrition’

U.S. faces astonishing post-Katrina financial toll
Nobody knows final price tag, but $300B isn't out of question

Chemical tankers get call to carry gasoline
Shipping lines are cashing in on U.S. demand

Russia blasts double standards in fighting terrorism

Guantanamo prisoners sue the U.S.

Chinese evacuate as typhoon threatens Shanghai

Chinese warships make show of force at protested gas rig

Some Countries have Emergency plans
to handle environmental crisis

US officer beating Chinese citizen sentenced not guilty

The French, founders of New Orleans,
lend a hand to Hurricane Katrina relief

All eyes on Halliburton as contacts

turn into contracts

Blair urged to cancel Holocaust Day

Union leaders tell Blair to quit within the year

UK spy chief warns of civil liberties sacrifice

Millions hit as British Gas energy prices soar

British aid is held up in US fiasco

Iran takes over Pipelineistan

Israeli cabinet OKs end of Gaza Strip occupation

Barbarity of US capitalism exposed

Israel pledges fierce reprisals to attacks

Who Lost in Iraq?

Chavez increases aid, slams Bush

U.S. turned to Venezuela for help

Venezuela’s land reform challenges elite

UN Hijacked, Says Cuba

Cuba Converting Cane-growing Areas for Food and Reforestation

In Mexico, gasoline is $2.16

Katrina, Iraq, and the End of 'National Greatness'

9/11 and the Manipulation of America

The Iran trap

From Federal Failure Arises More Federal Power

Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism.
Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it.
– Noam Chomsky

Burning, Flooding

Exiles From a City and From a Nation

Katrina Blew Away Gloss of Business as Usual on TV

America's Battered Wife Syndrome

Politicians Let Big Oil Use Katrina to Pillage Public

The George Bush White House has Presided
Over Three National Debacles

Will Bush Wriggle Out of This One?

Australian government unveils legal framework
for police state

Wage-cutting and profit-gouging
in the midst of the Katrina disaster

George W. Bush is a Problem-Maker,

Not a Problem-Solver

Tal Afar Stormed.
Threat of Ethnic Cleansing Grows in Iraq

G.H.W. Bush made Kuwait safe for Al Qaeda financing

147 Killed in US-Led Assault on the Iraqi City

FEMA Chief Brown Paid Millions
to Florida Residents Unaffected by ‘04 Hurricane
to Help Bush Win State

Washing Away the Conservative Movement

Headline News: Sept 9-10, 2005

How Many Katrina Refugees
are being HOUSED
at the
Bush Crawford Ranch?
( 0 ??)

Russian Scientists Warn of Impending
North American Catastrophic Event

In the late 18th century the company made "Nigger collars"
for restraining slaves in America. Today, it makes the
shackles that hold the inmates of Guantánamo Bay.

U.S. turns down Israeli offer of
extensive humanitarian aid

Former Malaysian leader calls
U.S., Britain terrorist nations

Powell regrets prewar UN speech

Iraq rebuilding under threat as
US runs out of money

Colin Powell slams Katrina effort

CIBC predicts oil super-spike

New Orleans and Fallujah

have a lot in common

China paper assails US response to Katrina

China has no intention to plunder or control oil resources

Relief goods from China arrives in US

N Korea hints at giving back US ship

US warns China on Iran oil

Katrina has exposed the scale of US inequality

Ireland ranked as second wealthiest country

Computer error destroyed 1m UK tax records

France considering 'special tax'
on oil companies

Good riddance to Gaza, many Israelis say

U.S. orders Abbas to gain control over Gaza
(ORDERS? - UhOh-- Premptive Strike Time?)

Bolivia, Brazil, Peru lay cornerstone for inter-oceanic road

Venezuela Challenges US On Anti-Drugs Program

US changes position on Cuba's weapons

Cuba Denounces US Double Standard on Terrorism

Cuba has a better way on hurricanes

U.S. mum on Cuba offer for Katrina relief

Doctors Urge U.S. to Accept Cuba's Offer of
1586 Disaster-Trained Doctors to Stop Katrina Epidemics

Venezuela’s Chavez Avoids Class War

Venezuela To Send U.S. Extra Gas Shipments

Indo-US Nuclear-deal signed in haste and secrecy

Major quake rocks Papua

Taiwan issues sea warning as Typhoon Khanun approaches

Suspected volcano forming in Oregon

Earthquake shakes Alpine region in Italy

Large Solar Flare May Bring Disruptions

Killer diseases spring from the putrid waters

Helicopter Pilots Get Shit On
For Rescuing Hurricane Victims:
Pissed Sailors Cut Off Their Search/Rescue Patches

Ophelia leaves air of mystery as it hovers off Fla.’s coast

California Earthquake Could Be the Next Katrina

Russian Orthodox Church fighting HIV epidemic

Kamchatka volcano starts erupting

Dinosaur big as a plane ruled sky

Russian scientists find new rock drawings beyond polar circle

US scientists make backpacks loaded with power

Strange light has Bay buzzing

Area for Intelligence in Brain Located
(Not found in Washington DC!)

Comet's Carbon Content Confuses Scientists

Scientists able to move an object without touching

Global warming causes soil to release carbon

Mysterious creature puts town on edge
Some think the chicken-stealing animal
came right out of Mexican myth

Just what was that in the sky on Monday night?

Neurobiologists uncover evidence of a 'memory code'

Scientist finds unexpected link between
cat and human AIDS viruses

A debate of biblical proportions

Hurricane hangover for Australian stuck in US jail

Crouching tiger, hidden donkey
(Want Chinese food tonight?)

Doctors ‘may be helping ill children to die’

Woman Claims Boss Said She
'Made Too Much Money For A Woman'

German government to privatize air traffic control

New Orleans: the specter of military dictatorship

Israel: Gaza pullout paves way for further West Bank land grab

World Bank President Wolfowitz pledges
$9 billion in loans to India

Katrina and 9/11: Criminal Incompetence

That Sinking Feeling
Of Omnipotent Government

'Bush the Protector' vs. 'Bush the Menace'

The Dangers of Democratic Imperialism

Bush's response to disaster all too typical

Theft under cover of ideology

Not Just a Bunch of Morons -- Outright Liars, Too

I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp

Astrodome Radio Station Blocked

Eight Big Lies About Katrina

It's Accountability Time

The Real Reasons New Orleans is so Poor

George Bush Investigates!
(George Bush Administration?)

Now Is Precisely the Time for Finger-Pointing

Let the People Rebuild New Orleans

The Big Easy Dies Hard

So, What Was So Controversial About Kanye West’s Remarks?

Dire Conditions Unacceptable Only in the United States?

Not Reassured Yet

Color-blind Coverage?

Bush, Blame, and the Buck

Blame Game, Race Card

Point Those Fingers

2 Deadly Sins Did Big Easy In

Gulf Coast is Apocalypse Now

Repairing the Breach
It's Time for a New "New Deal"

After Katrina Fiasco, Time for Bush to Go

Shell Game at Gas Stations Pays Big

Government Is Bad, Isn't It?

Bush lifts wage rules for Katrina

Halliburton Subsidiary Gets Katrina Repair Contracts

Court upholds detention without trial for U.S. Citizens

Leaders Lacking Disaster Experience

No Gas, No Food, No Lodging
Hurricane Victims Get a Taste of Life in Occupied Iraq

Why America can't cope

Is This a civilized society?
What kind of country leaves the bodies of its citizens
to rot in the streets?

Is the Government Trying to Stem the Tide of Images From New Orleans
by Threatening Journalists?

Hiding Bodies Won't Hide the Truth

It's Accountability Time

Bush: The Man With A SNAFU Plan

The End Of The New American Century

Bush Puppet DeLay block efforts to amend relief bill,
holds vote without providing copy of bill

The Green Zone

British engineer was ready to break the
Soviet border to love his Russian wife

Experts offer five exercises to avoid senile marasmus

Ozone hole will shrink by itself

Watch out for erotic ads!

A man fired for eating pizza

Private Security and Mercenary Companies Patrol New Orleans
Reaping the Profits of a Humanitarian Disaster

Military Occupation in America and the Prospects for Liberty

New Orleans: covert operations underway?

FEMA - The Secret Government

Who is the Enemy?

Tal Afar Residents Send Out SOS

Katrina and the Constitution: the Rules Have Changed

Second Amendment Nixed in New Orleans

Katrina; relocation or ethnic cleansing?

Apartheid America and the Right of Return

Bush and the Democrats Failed the Citizens of New Orleans

Katrina II Ravages the Sunni Triangle!

US Troops "ROOTOUT" Another Iraqi Terrorist
"Iraq's youngest martyr"

If he could only talk, what would he say?

Thug Bush wants to civilize the Iraqis.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

Blair: The stench of hypocrisy

Is the US military preparing another massacre in Tal Afar?

New Orleans becomes a war zone
A dress rehearsal for martial law?

Forced to live for days in filth and squalor
“They just left us here to die”

Death and destruction will be Bush's legacy

Hiding Bodies Won't Hide the Truth

CIA Leak Probe May Be Nearing End Game

Tragedy in New Orleans, Torpor in Washington:
Katrina Exposes Ugly Aspects of Bush and America

New wheat pathogen threatens world food security

Fad diets do not work and only become popular
because celebrities endorse them

Being gay 'is genetic'

$1,133 hospital bill for toenail work prompts class action lawsuit

Weird behavior, creativity linked

How gifted brains work

Star found spinning out of galaxy at inexplicable speed

Dusty Old Star Could Feeding From a Dead Planet

Asteroid Ceres Could Have Large Amounts of Water

Biblis Patera Volcano

Saturn's Deep Dynamic Clouds

Huge Solar Flare Spotted

Study Suggests Titan May Hold Keys For Exotic Brand Of Life

Headline News: Sept 8-9, 2005

New Titles
September 2005

Astrodome refugees report hellish conditions in New Orleans

US ruling elite rejects policy shift to confront disaster

The Smoking Gun:
Navy Ship sat unused,

awaiting Bush’s orders,
while Bush ate cake

After New Orleans disaster:
human mi$ery and the profit prin$iple

Katrina and the End of Illusions
The storm passes – or has it only just begun?

India Outfoxed as Pakistan Plays the Israel Card

Will the Government’s Abysmal Response to Katrina
Recur During a Terrorist Attack

Gas Subsidies for Iraqis,
Gas Taxes for Americans

The Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945:
The Untold Story

Wars are inevitable...
as long as we believe that wars are inevitable
. The moment we don't believe it anymore
it is not inevitable.
– Lydia Sicher

Hugo's Helping Hand

Ordeal of a Whistleblower

The Richest Inheritance

Big Talking,

Poor Performing America

Iraq 100, Louisiana 8

The Bigotry of Low Expectations

Media Hurricane

For years, governments all over the world
have secretly been collaborating (conspiring) with the
high-end color laser printer industry
in order to track the origin of every color copy made

Our Homegrown Third World

A Strong Wind

It's Not a 'Blame Game'

Commander-in-Zilch Betrays New Orleans

Legacy of Neglect

The Siege of New Orleans;

a beachhead for the new world order

Louisiana 1927

Barbara Bush: It's Good Enough for the Poor
The roots of George W. Bush's "compassionate conservatism"

Sucker's Bets for the New Century:
The U.S. after Katrina

Where's Dick Cheney?
(Hiding Underground in the Lap of Halliburton Luxury?)

Drowning the Beast

Firing Michael Brown Is Not Enough.
How About Bush and Cheney?

Rotten Fruit of the 'Reagan Revolution'

The Post-Hurricane Speech Bush Won't Deliver

White House Under Water

Days Crying and Screaming at the TV

Billionaire Tax Cuts After Katrina?

Woe to the Whistleblowers

Bodies found piled in freezer at Convention Center

The real costs of a culture of greed

Al-Quaida declares the formation of the
Islamic Republic of Qaim
The city of al-Qaim in the northern Iraq is completely
under control of al-Quaida militants

Washington ignores aid coming from Cuba

Natural disaster hits Japan

Stela depicting Cleopatra as male pharaoh
discovered in China

Monster's remains are found in Peru

Train passes over a drunken man

Gulliver’s Travels becomes a porn novel

The City Where the Dead Are Left Lying on the Streets

‘Operation Ophelia’ Begins In United States
as Plan for ‘Major Cataclysmic Event’
Put Into Effect,
NORTHCOM Assumes Control over Entire Country

FEMA Blocks Photos of New Orleans Dead

Halliburton Subsidiary Gets Katrina Repair Contracts

Mexico sending storm relief convoy to U.S.

Barbara Bush Calls Evacuees Better Off,
Says They Were Poor Anyway

Disease fear rises in New Orleans

Disasaster Price Tag for Katrina Balloons

Russia sends aid to U.S. flood zone

Russia: Islands Bracing Up For Powerful Typhoon Nabi

China to ship tons of tents, bedding, generators
for Katrina victims

US warns China on Iran oil

New Orleans Mon Amour

Norway offers emergency aid to US

Finland offered help for Katrina's victims

Israel Conducts 'Silent' Enlargement Plan

Iran Red Crescent ready to help Katrina victims

14 countries sign on to Venezuela oil deal

India to explore for oil in Cuba's Gulf waters

Kamchatka volcano starts erupting

After Katrina: The toxic timebomb

Mysterious Red Tide Hits Southern Cal Beaches

Minor earthquake hits northeastern Kentucky

Vanishing Lake Leaves Mystery in Its Wake

Saturn's Disappearing Rings Puzzles Scientists

Sad story of little boy and his dog grips U.S.

Animals are just like us, claim scientists

Atmosphere's chunky soup might be cold

Astronomers Discover Fastest Intergalactic Space Traveller

How a Peruvian beauty stopped a
Nazi tank division in its tracks

Major study supports new approach to lowering blood pressure

Death awaits for those too scared - or naive - to flee

8,000-Year-Old Boat Discovered

Mystery remains deep inside of cave

Facts fuel conspiracy theory

UFO incident makes us examine the unexplained

Former CIA Director Tenet Threatens Disclosures?

Mysterious Temple Mount artifact evokes 'Da Vinci Code'

Ancient biblical scroll discovered in Israel

Too "sexy" to teach religion Italy academic told

Bogus UK spy jailed for life for kidnap and theft

The cat that turned pink

Ancient city in Peru found, then pillaged

Kidman film is a CIA plot, Zimbabwe claims


In the mirror of the water
New Orleans as a portrait of ourselves and our future

Saddam family lawyer denies
he has confessed to killings

The New Orleans hostage crisis

Memo to the Media:
Stop Enabling the White House Blame Game

Blame Game, Set and Match

How the Free Market Killed New Orleans

"Where were these noble, high humanitarian feelings hiding?"

How the US occupation is murdering the truth

No Direction Home



Headline News: Sept 6-7, 2005

New Titles
September 2005

Over 80 New Titles Added at
August 2005

Hidden Mysteries hopes each and every one of you
had an pleasant holiday,
in spite of Washington, DC!

Alberto Gonzales Has Blood on His Hands

Wake of the Flood

Truth-Telling on Race?
Not in Bush's Fantasyland

Pat Robertson's Statements Help Hugo Chavez

Pro-War Folks' Attacks Show Desperation

The Zapatistas: Betrayal and Autonomy

United States Warships Turn Towards Venezuela
As US Military Takes Control of Hurricane Devastated Regions,
Chavez vows '100 Year War'

United States Apocalypse Threatens Entire World

World Wide Depression Feared as
United States Losses Nears 2 Trillion US Dollars

U.S. must be prepared for what's coming

Katrina sparks fears of a global crisis

Grim Outlook for 4 Gulf Coast Refineries

Katrina-ravaged infrastructure raises risk of energy crisis

New Orleans eerily quiet as body collection begins

Holdouts create survivor 'tribes'

Macabre scene ahead as water drained

U$ Agencies keeping more data secret

Two Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Released in Russia

Second Russian U.N. Official Arrested in U.S.
on Money Laundering Charges

Katrina, Iraq, and the Know-It-All Syndrome

A Death Threat
The perils of punditry:
Some maniac wants to give me a permanent vacation

Making Disasters Worse

What's Next, Mr. War President?

Thomas Jefferson, Warmonger?

Bolton in a China Shop

U.S. the new Saddam

Rejecting Reality
And the Hypocrites Who Do It

A time will come when a politician who has willfully made war
and promoted international dissension will be...surer
of the noose than a private homicide.
– H. G. Wells

Typhoon Talim: 80 dead,
5 million displaced in China

Blair apologises to Britons caught up in Katrina

UK survivors criticise British response as
150 still missing

Turkey threatens to turn its back on EU

Volkswagen to Intensify Efforts to Eliminate Jobs
in Germany

Why is Israel betraying India?

The State of Israel Died with Gush Katif

Iran's Leader calls for Jihad against Israel

The Clinton-Bush Hurricane Fund

Public Relations Scam

Venezuela to send 1 million barrels of oil to US

Castro parades doctors ready for Katrina aid

US Should Learn Emergency Procedures From Cuba.

Mexico plans domestic relief for high fuel prices

Oil Production Down 78 Percent in Gulf of Mexico

Rape threat to our women

50 countries offer US aid after Katrina

I'll never leave Australia again

New Orleans Speaks For Me

Monument to a Rotten System

America’s Nero

What's Bush Got To Do With It?

Michael Moore to the Disaster President

A Flood of Bad Policies

I Hate "Freedom"

Rodney King in New Orleans

We Have Been Abandoned By Our Own Country
"Bureaucracy has committed murder here in the greater New Orleans area,
and bureaucracy has to stand trial before Congress now. "

Hurricane Katrina disaster shows the failure
of the profit system

Eyewitness to the New Orleans disaster

Prison population in Britain reaches record levels

"Bush to New Orleans: Drop Dead"

Katrina's Truths

Bush's Roberts-for-Chief Ploy:
A Black Day for America

The Media Discover the Poor

Who Needs the United States Government?

Left to Sink or Swim

Killed by Contempt

Do You Know What it Means to Lose New Orleans?

Falluja Floods the Superdome

Apocalypse in the USA

Winds of Change?
Katrina may just jolt us back from la-la land

Bush at Bay
From Baghdad to Biloxi,
the President has never been so assailed
by such vitriolic criticism

The President from Mars

American Caesar

United States of Shame

The President’s Priorities:
State of Marriage Took Precedence over State of Louisiana

Bush Strafes New Orleans,
Where's Huey Long?

Big Oil's Bigtime Looting

Why Chavez is in U.S. Crosshairs
( O I L ? )

The Real Gas Gougers

Alan Greenspan: The One-Eyed King

Why the American dream is one of the biggest lies

from natural disaster to national humiliation

American illusion takes a dive

Venezuela offers fuel and humanitarian aid to the US


The Enemy Next Door

An Ill Wind

Meditation and yoga

make you a clairvoyant

The Earth's future looks black

Katrina is to undermine Bush's authority

Chavez on Katrina: 'The cowboy left his population adrift'

Washington's evil and sinister foreign policy
The depths to which Washington will sink are apparently unfathomable

Gentlemen are on the brink of extinction

Lost Peru City Is Plundered

Historic school unearthed in Tus

Critics slam Saddam trial as political

It Was About Oil
Bush's Implicit Answer to Cindy Sheehan

Thank God for George W. Bush’s Freedoms


Slow response or deliberate extermination?

Iraq…only Iraq

Rehnquist Paved the way for the Imperial Presidency

Looting There, Looting Here
Fallujah There, New Orleans Here

WMD existed in "virtual reality"

New Orleans, Year Zero

New Orleans:
Destroyed by Presidential Negligence

Criminal Plot Underway in the New Orleans Swamp

A Catastrophic Success":
A Holocaust Shaped by Race

At the very peril of the United States,
Bush appropriated $ billions for War!

Warning$ went ignored as Bu$h $lashed
flood defence budget to pay for war$

Oops! We forgot the niggers (again)!
The United States government has, once again, manifested
its massive, chronic insensitivity to the plight of the poor,
disenfranchised and descendants of African slaves,
in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The U.S. Needs to Start Over
Failing at War, Peace and Dignity

The worst

President ever

The U.S. as a "Failed State"

Weather manipulation using electromagnetic radiation
from distant stars throwing quanta of energy at the earth

Reaction-less propulsion of the extraterrestrial UFOs
using impulse of the virtual particles or particles of the aether
– traveling in 3D and Hyperspace

Detailing the mob mentality

Crop circles authentic

Headline News: Sept 1-2, 2005

New Titles
September 2005

Over 80 New Titles Added at
August 2005

50,000 Dead as New Orleans Declared ‘Dead City’
Unlike Russian and Chinese television broadcasts from this region,
the people in the United States are not being shown the
images of the masses of human remains floating
in their Southern waters, many being eaten by reptiles
in scenes so horrific as to shock any normal
human being that has seen them.

Massive Cosmic Blasts Hit Southern Hemisphere
as Western Coastal Regions of
United States Become ‘Dead Zone’ and
Global Weather System Near Catastrophic Failure

Superdome airlift on hold over safety concerns

Katrina scatters a grim diaspora

US hurricane 'may cause world recession'

Deadly month for US military in Iraq

US struggles to cope with its biggest disaster

Japanese Tariffs on U.S. Steel Take Effect

Guantanamo trial changes 'desperate'

Canadian gasoline prices soar

New Orleans mayor orders looting crackdown

New Orleans faces double 'nightmare'

A crippling blow to U.S. oil industry
Gas prices near record; repairs may take months

Potential trade war looms as Canada, U.S.
dispute over lumber tariffs

New Orleans disaster likened to tsunami and Hiroshima

Russian diplomats want prompt aid for Russians in U.S. disaster zone

Russia offers help to U.S. after deadly hurricane

U.S. declines offer of Russian rescue plane for hurricane hit areas

Hurricane in USA causes global fuel crisis,
consequences to vanish soon

NASA wastes money on worthless projects

Mad cow disease may come from people, not animals

Katrina brings diseases

China warns against missile help for Taiwan

Chinese businesswoman sees US assaulter in court

Typhoon Talim heading for China after killing two in Taiwan

N.Korea entitled to nuclear power under NPT

Floods from non-stop rains kill 28 in China

Impasse Unravels U.S.-China Textile Talks

China to close 7,000 coal mines

Climate change to cause chaos in UK seas

Storms hits power supplies

France to issue arrest warrant for US mechanic for
2000 Concorde crash

Hurricane coverage mesmerizes Europe

German Minister Blames US and Hedge for High Oil Prices

US bases undermine sovereignty

Netanyahu calls for more settlements

Israel, Pakistan hold unprecedented talks

Israel to begin construction of border terminal despite protest

U.S. Pushing for U.N. Sanctions on Iran

Iraq: A nation built on sand

Iran says has made new atomic breakthrough


Venezuela offers oil and aid to hurricane-battered US

Jamaica’s historic oil deal with Venezuela

In Venezuela, a bid to empower poor barrios

Ex-CIA operative pulls U.S. asylum request

Iran to assist Cuba in transportation field

20 oil rigs missing in Gulf of Mexico: US Coast Guard

Katrina's Gulf of Mexico Wreckage May Spark $100 Oil

Australia to share US secrets

M6.2 earthquake hits NE. Japan

El Salvador On High Alert For Active Volcano

Scientists warn of further storms

Satellites spot ‘hot towers’ in Hurricane Katrina

Family lives in quarantine with strange new skin condition

Olive oil eases pain

Human remains having lived 50 000 years ago
discovered in Uzbekistan

Breasts may be grown in lab thanks to gene find

Scientists produce hydrogen from water

Published research often is false

Unknown Work of Gauguin Discovered in Denmark

Y chromosome that makes a man a man to disappear?

Tumeric may ward off many diseases

Scientists ponder Illinois bison mystery

Zimbabwe's meteorite 'sounded like a chopper'

Mom, 5 Kids Roam Street Naked With Bibles
(Just Like Ezekial?)

Caskets Washing Up On Shores Of Mississippi

Naked angel can stay, but school mural can't

Woman Takes Dog On Trip, But Leaves Toddler Unattended

Rejecting Reality
And the Hypocrites Who Do It

Israel and 9/11:
New Report Connects the Dots

How New Orleans Was Lost

Everything secret degenerates,
even the administration of justice.
– Lord Acton

The National Guard Belongs in
New Orleans and Biloxi

A Question of Competence

The Military-Gastronomic Complex

An insufficient remedy

Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Bush's War Crimes

The Bush administration has declared war on the world

Bush is the Real Threat

Destroying National Parks

FBI, Michigan Police Tag Peace Group,
Affirmative Action Group, and Others as 'Terrorist'

The Demise of the CIA

Patriotic Pork
The Army Eats Out

So That's Why We're in Iraq

Lies Of Omission

Bush rules out significant federal aid to hurricane victims

New Orleans police ordered to stop saving lives
and start saving property

A million more Americans living in poverty

Studies link CEO compensation to fraud, mismanagement

Australia: another Senate committee whitewash
of government lies on Iraq

Texas Independence Movement
Suffers a Capitol Setback

Neurology and Mind Control:
A beneficial technology or the opening of Pandora's box?

Uncovering the Hidden
Heir to the Holocaust

Believe The Children

Mormonism: Anatomy of a Colossal Fraud
by Stephen Van Eck

Bad Image or Bad Reality?

The Pyramid Scheme: A “Devastating Con”

The 10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing

Conspiracy Fraud Exposed

Empowerment or Slavery?
MLM for Dummies

"We Got the Middle Finger"

"Useless Eaters"

Dumbing Down Religion

Proof of a Slavery System


Apocalypse The Dance Everybody Seems to Be Doing

Genetic Exploration:
An Expanded Perspective

The Church of the Vagina
and Texas Comptroller Strayhorn

Headline News: August 31-Sept 1, 2005

Over 80 New Titles Added at
August 2005

God Bothering & Other Strange Pastimes

Snake Oil

Throwing Chickens to the Reptiles

Compartmentalized Knowledge

Star Love

Why Iraq Scares Republicans

Serving All Your Phobia Needs

How Not to Prepare for a Hurricane

Don't Steal This Television

Torture's Achilles Heel

A War of Words

Top Ten Reasons to 'Undo' Iraq in Due Haste

Triangulation for War

How Words Die

Bunny Bugs the War Profiteers

More costly than 'the war to end all wars'

Sunni revolt could get far worse

Reuters demands release of wounded Iraq journalist

NY Times Skews the News… Again

Sadr's Disciples Rise Again To Play Pivotal Role in Iraq

Katrina's Real Name

Nuremberg Lesson for Iraq War: It’s Murder

All I Did Was Say They Can't Run a Fair Election

The 'Good News' from Baghdad

Katrina's America: Civil or War

Fundamentalist Radicals at Home
are Just as Scary as Those Abroad

Fear-Market for Surveillance Closes Aperture on Freedom

Terrorists in Iraq or Nationalists?

Oil, Blood and the Future

Hugo Chavez:
A Walk in the Footsteps of Arbenz, Allende

Asleep at the Energy Switch

Bush vs. History

The Great Lie Of Our Times

The Crucifixion of Christ, American Style

Irish smallholders jailed for opposing gas pipeline

Democratic governor in Tennessee
oversees drastic Medicaid cuts

New Iraqi constitution to split the nation
into separate religious states

The Louisiana Superdome of shame

Japan develops new 3D television
on the base of cast away Soviet technology


The Defensive Shield of Lies and Deflections

Halliburton Contracts Illegal
But Bush Busts The Whistleblower

The neocon plan for Iraq

Reporters Without Borders or Principles

America's Corrupt Legal System
Rigged courts, bribed judges, phony trials, extortion by lawyers,
and over 2 million prisoners in the USA gulag


March of the Warmongers

Iraq is America’s Boer war

"Transformation" and the Beginning of Global Resistance


Bushzarro World Exemplified

Nation of Fools

'Descent Into Hell',
50,000 Lives Bring Apocalyptic Warning
to All Citizens of United States,
the World Cries ‘You Are Not Alone’,
They Cannot Hear

Catastrophic Disaster of 'Biblical Proportions'
Strikes United States, Entire Geography of Region Altered
as Super Storm Rated as Worst In Recorded History

More than 95 percent of Gulf oil production lost

A Trying Evacuation In Two Acts

This one's going to cost everybody

CIA banned from Danish air space

U.S. sniper kills Reuters man in Iraq

Defense firms feast on Bush’s “War on Terror”

Spy drone crashes in Iran

Russia set to reap rich grain harvest

Straw plays down Iraq war warning

France Black-lists Six Airlines

Germany`s new armed forces

Israel alone

'Iran not to bow to threats on nuclear program'

Paper warns against child labor plight,
calls for global action

Egypt links nuclear treaty to Israel

Venezuela, Cuba offer to treat eyes of Americans

Cuba Alert as Terrorist Posada Appears in Court

Chavez, Castro team up on projects,
making backers proud

US Attorney Demands Extradition of Posada Carriles

Intellectuals of the World Demand Release
of the Cuban Five

Tiguas watch NM site excavated

New Structure Found at Ancient Ohio Site

Oldest homes were made of mammoth bone

Alamut Fortress, No Prison

Discs in night sky over Dryden

Huge Triangle Seen Travelling Over Maidstone

IU scientists debate alien existence

Advanced extraterrestrial alien civilization
protecting the earth by systematically neutralizing
incoming asteroids and comets
with radiation energy tapped through Fermions

Extraterrestrial UFOs use fermions connecting
3-D Physical Universe to the 5-D Hyperspace
to tap the electromagnetic force fields

Virtual UFOs from advanced Extraterrestrial
alien civilizations in the 5-D Hyperspace
that contain our Universe

Building a colony in Hyperspace needs a miracle
in particle physics
type III civilizations have achieved exactly that

Astronomers Looking for Help with
Cataclysmic Variable Star

Saturn's Moon Pan

Is the Inversion of the
Earth Magnetic Poles a Topical Question?

Changing earth’s rotation through
artificial manipulation of weather
human hand or extraterrestrial influence
behind the phenomenon?

Core of the earth opens to the hyperspace
Extraterrestrial UFOs come through the core to visit us

Buddha disciple's birthplace found

Humans Have Ability to Track Odors Like Dogs

Is There A UFO Freeway Above Earth?


The spear brought peace on Earth

Hot Spot Blooms on Saturnian Moon

New Light at End of the Tunnel

Republicans accused of witch-hunt
against climate change scientists

Will the Universe Expand Forever?

Enceladus Compared to the United Kingdom

Asteroid Dust Could Influence the Weather

South Ozone Hole Returns

Buddha disciple's birthplace found

Meteorite hits Zimbabwe

Mysterious circle found at Fort Ancient complex

Mystery moths swarm in

Ex--special constable is latest to report UFO sighting

Task starts to identify 300 fetuses
Remains found in McKeesport garage

Mystery shrouds decapitation of celebrity crocodile

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