Why has the National Media remained silent for
7+ months on a World Class News Event?

To Caring People Everywhere:

For more than 7 months, The Cancer Industry, apparently led by Cedars-Sinai has totally controlled the National Media who have suppressed any mention of LA's US District Court Case # CV 97-5595-MMM. Have you heard or seen it any where in the National Media? No You have not! That appears to be a clear violation of the peoples right to know. New cures for Cancer & Aids are being with held from everyone in the USA and the World.

August 11, 2000, Dr. Sam Chachoua, Cancer/AIDS researcher was awarded $10+ million damages by US District Court from LA's Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for breach of contract by failing to return 36 proprietary Vaccines and Source Cultures to Dr. Chachoua and refusing to Publish the results of tests performed by Cedars-Sinai on those Vaccines & Cultures. Trial Records Reveal in SHOCKING DETAIL the devious means employed to destroy Dr. Chachoua and steal his Induced Remission Therapy (IRT). Dedicated EXPLORE medical magazine is the ONLY Media entity to attend & REPORT the trial. Link #1, 19+ pages.

Dr. Sam Chachoua is a brilliant 40 year old Medical Researcher with 22+ years experience. As a boy, his father (an Oncologist) was diagnosed with multiple Myeloma. The disease progressed resisting chemotherapy, radiation & all other Conventional therapy. Sam witnessed the limitations of modern medicine. He realized that if his father were to survive, research must involve avenues never before explored. Sam worshipped his father and vowed to find a cure. At age 18, Sam presented an original paper on Cancer Treatment for the CLINICAL ONCOLOGY SOCIETY of AUSTRALIA . . the youngest presenter in Society History. Sam's father died before:

Dr. Sam Chachoua, developed a new innovative, eminently successful Field of Medicine called INDUCED REMISSION THERAPY (IRT). The CANCER INDUSTRY in fall 1994, closed ranks and began attempts to DESTROY Dr. Sam and purloin his therapy. Case # CV 97-5595-MMM in LA's US District Court against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center became a necessity.

The National Media did not report on the Trial. MS/NBC TV News in LA, after the trial, ran a videotape on Dr. Sam and his IRT describing it as a new field of medicine promising to be "THE MOST EFFECTIVE THERAPY AGAINST CANCER and AIDS in HISTORY". That tape had a very short life. It was pulled never to be seen again. WHY? Several weeks ago, Trial Judge Margaret M. Morrow reversed a unanimous JURY VERDICT and reduced the award from $10+ million to a paltry $11,000 (a 99.9% reduction) on a technicality. The venerable LA Times did not report this LA trial (had 139 articles on Cedars the year around the trial.) OR the strange action by Judge Morrow. WHY? Do Trial Records expose something unsavory? What was the role off the Jury? To bear witness to Federal highway robbery? What IS the role of the LA Times? To illuminate the situation or sweep it under the rug? Apparently the rug won!

We are all PATIENTS who want cures for Cancer, Heart Disease, and AIDS. My father died with Colon Cancer 30 years ago and my wife Jennie Lee died 22 years ago with lung Cancer. Both had Conventional Surgery, Chemotherapy and/or Radiation. That is still THE Cancer Therapy today. President Nixon declared WAR on CANCER in 1971. Now 30 years and MEGA $Billions later, what is offered? The same failed CUT, POISON & BURN Therapy that tortures the PATIENT, destroys the immune system and has debilitating side effects. "Above All, Do No Harm"? Research continues in the same tired areas experimenting with old/new poisons and changing burn intensity. WHY? What has all that time, money, suffering and misery produced? More Misery?

Make no mistake. The Cancer Industry is a well established Global fraternity of Drug and Pharmaceutical Co.'s, Research Facilities, Hospitals, Universities, Suppliers, Insurers and let's not forget FDA, AMA, ACS, ADA, NCI, NIH and other related alphabet institutions. All feed at the same Multi $BILLION trough and intend to keep it that way. Public and Patients be damned. See Books: "The Cancer Industry" and "Questioning Chemotherapy" 2nd Edition 10/2000 both by Ralph W. Moss, PhD. and "Racketeering in Medicine" by James P. Carter, MD, Dr.PH. Here is REAL education for every one who has or is interested in Cancer/AIDS.

Dedicated local volunteers work hard for the Annual Cancer Drive and ARE NOT members of The Global fraternity. They are to be admired for the purpose and compassion of their goal: to HELP PEOPLE and SAVE LIVES. We share that goal. Investigate and evaluate the material here. Accept that many people question where the money goes and for what purposes. No One Wants To Fund a Program that tries to destroy DR. Sam Chachoua. This driven researcher went outside the confines of ACS/NCI protocol to discover a New Field of Medicine Cedars-Sinai/UCLA once described as an "Exciting New World of Therapeutic Opportunity". That was before Cedars & UCLA turned on Dr. Sam to declare him, among other things, a charlatan. Nice people?

What is the motivation for all this? It appears Cedars-Sinai, UCLA and others of the Cancer Industry want Dr. Sam & the trial to go away or be forgotten. Then use his 36 Vaccines & Cultures to enter the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). How and why would they want to do that?

The Cancer Industry has controlled research funds for many years through ACS/NCI, the two largest fund raisers and dispersers. By dictating where the funds are to be used, they have kept Chemotherapy/Radiation going for about 75 profitable years without finding a cure for Cancer. There are many nuances & blips along the way but space is limited. Suggest you get Ralph W. Moss, PhD two books listed earlier. Among the best documented books, ever.

Next, that left certain areas of research virtually untouched and then came inspired young Dr. Sam Chachoua. He discovered early on that Research Institutions would not venture into those areas without Cancer Industry funds. So he went about generating his own funding. Virtually alone but with well reasoned accuracy and 20 years of focused research he discovered his Induced Remission Therapy (IRT) in his fathers memory. It is nontoxic by design, works quickly and surely and is 99% effective against AIDS (and Cancer) with the promise of both prevention & treatment as proven by Cedars-Sinai testing revealed in the trial.

Why did Cedars, UCLA and others take such blatant risks in attacking Dr. Sam? Then put on a surprising demonstration of plain & fancy lying, stealing and fabrication in the trial where it is all in the Court Records? Those records should be Secured by competent authority before they disappear like the $10 million Jury award.

The "why" answer is quite simple and now abundantly clear. It appears, The Cancer Industry ACS/NCI over the years has developed the infrastructure to control where Research will be done in keeping with their apparent goal of continuing the extremely profitable Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiation as the main focus.

Consequently, the area where Dr. Chachoua chose to work was wide open for this self funded, dedicated & tireless researcher. Dr. Sam had done his home work and zeroed in on the research with a well defined plan. He made steady, relentless progress marred only by the indifference & ridicule of conventional practitioners. Dr. Chachoua's success with human patients attracted the attention of people in the Cancer Industry who seemed to recognize the threat to their Empire posed by charging young Dr. Sam, the one man crusade.

Apparently, the decision was made to drive Dr. Chachoua into the ground and make his work their own because to do otherwise would have the Cancer Industry eating Crow for the rest of their embarrassing lives. That a dedicated and driven young Researcher should find a cure for Cancer & Aids in an area that The Cancer Industry has religiously avoided is apparently unthinkable. And apparently his work was to be confiscated and never allowed to be revealed to the public. Not as Dr. Sam Chachoua's anyway.

The Cancer Industry has accumulated great wealth, power and Influence with the Government agencies and that part of the National Media that supports their wishes. Now we can see what many over the years have suspected and history can now record: The Cancer Industry and the War on Cancer is one gigantic fraud.

Linus Pauling, PhD, the only person ever to win 2 solo Nobel Prizes said it well "Everyone should know that 'the War on Cancer' is largely a fraud". Since his death in 1994 this new evidence has accumulated. Now we know "Linus Pauling was right".

Who ever has Dr. Sam's 36 Vaccines and Source Cultures will have a comfortable ride through the awarding of the $550 million of IAVI Research Funds, providing they can prove legal ownership. There may be several applicants using one or more of Dr. Sam's Vaccines. That depends on Cedars-Sinai who has already lost/stolen Dr. Sam's Vaccines & Cultures & refused to Publish their testing of those Vaccines & Cultures. Why?

Continuing the deception, it appears Cedars-Sinai's Dr. Eric Daar, Director of the AIDS & Immune Disorders Center and the principle investigator who had tested Dr. Chachoua's vaccines, co-authored & published a paper on AIDS treatment using a large part of Dr. Sam's technology without giving him credit. Then recently, Dr. Daar & Cedars have applied for a patent on the process. That appears to be treachery of another kind as well as Medical Fraud. Dr. Sam is not in the Cancer Industry Loop. Because the Cancer Industry controls the Medical Journals, an independent can not get published with out their blessing. Not likely.

But here comes the real Jewel that motivates most of the AIDS & Cancer Industry. The After Market. The Drug & Pharmaceutical Co.'s could never be accused of discount pricing. This will not be a give away. Think Multi $Billions. It appears Cedars-Sinai is going to parcel out Dr. Sam's 36 proprietary vaccines & cultures to the Cancer/AIDS Industry and apparently Merck Chemical Co. is to be the first with at least 12 others in the wings. Stay tuned.

Now it is easy to understand why and who is responsible for all the attacks on Dr. Sam Chachoua, his Vaccines, Cultures and his IRT technology? Check it out.

And let's not forget Dr Sam's patients with AIDS and Cancer who have no vaccines and little hope. OR those whose expectations of treatments and cure have been dashed by the treacherous behavior of Cedars-Sinai & UCLA. The National Media refuses to publish the story apparently because of their insidious loyalty to greed & the Cancer Industry. Neither is worthy.

How about loyalty to the victims of Cancer & AIDS whose cause the Cancer Industry & Media profess to Champion? Those unfortunate people deserve it. We all should demand it.

Media coverage, Investigative Reports, Talk Show activity & public exposure are needed to support Dr. Sam and his IRT. Dr. Sam has been threatened and is now on the move. The Judges Action has not yet been reported. Is there a Watergate Type Scandal here? Check it Out! Try Link 1. 19+ pages persecution of Dr. Sam and a demonstration of lying, cheating and stealing by Cedars-Sinai & UCLA aided by others in the Cancer Industry & National Media.

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There is a 3/14/01 "Cease & Desist" letter from Cedars-Sinai attorneys to the author of this letter and our reply with a "Cease & Desist" suggestion of our own. Free copies are available by sending a stamped, self addressed envelope to the Address shown above. Those fair minded members of the media may wish to send to a friend or relative?


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