The End of the Constitution
By Cary C. Adcox

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I remember when I was a child and America was the land of the free and the brave. When the government protected the rights of the people. An America where the constitution was the foundation of our freedom and our rights. An America where our fore fathers fought for our freedoms through differences and wars with their blood and quite often their lives. An America where people came too as a refuge against the tyranny of governments who abused their people often with torture and many other inhumane acts.

I to have fought for our freedoms and served my time in the armed forces to protect the freedoms of all Americans. I served four years in the US Airforce as an F-15 Electronic Warfare Component Specialist and then went on to continue to serve our country while working for Honeywell Military Avionics

Division for six and half years on the B-52 program. The division of Honeywell I supported built the automatic test consoles the Airforce used to repair the ALQ172 electronic warfare systems on the B-52. I traveled to Air force bases all around the country installing these test consoles and training Airforce personnel. I also played a significant role in the engineering support of this system at ITT who is the manufacture of the ALQ172 system to support three test consoles and all the software engineers who developed the hardware and software being developed to test, repair and maintain these test consoles for the Airforce before and after it's deployment to Airforce Bases around the world. While working for Honeywell on a contract at Castle Airforce Base in California I volunteered to go to Guam to Anderson AFB to support the B-52's during Desert Storm. I then went on to work for the Airforce at Tinker AFB supporting the B-52 depot level repair and then spent several years at Kirtland AFB supporting the C130 Special Forces Combat Talon electronic warfare systems as an Airforce Engineering

Technical Support GS-11 for several more years. I awake today and wonder what happened to that America in a land where I am now being tortured by my own government. I am an MKULTRA victim. I know more then most of you may think about this conspiracy that is currently underway and I can understand why a very desperate act is evolving giving current world conditions but what I can not understand is how you can sit there and let your own people be tortured in this manner. Right now around the country and other parts of the world many MKULTRA victims, innocent people, possibly thousands are being tortured by who I feel certain is the CIA. I have been tortured continuously beyond extremes for a year and half now. What I would like to know is what happened to my rights. What happened to the Constitution that was the foundation of America. What happened to the government that was suppose to be protecting my rights.

What I see is a country where the rights of we the people no longer exist. A country where innocent people are being used as guinea pigs in experimental and developmental processes for the testing of the human brain to develop software that will be used to reprogram the minds not only of our society but the entire world. What I see is a world where we will no longer have rights or freedoms. A world where people will be more or less slaves of the government. A world where our minds are completely reprogrammed and controlled by a one world government.

I awake today and wonder what our fore fathers would think about this desperate act. This act that violates God, that violates America and what America stood for. I wonder if our government honestly knows what torture I have been put through and what techniques are actually being used by who I believe to be the CIA on the citizens of this country.

What is the Constitution? Is it now only a piece of parchment that once stood for the freedoms and rights of the people and their minds in a country that now appears to be developing a way to enslave all minds?

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