Review of Trance-Formation of America
Secret Location

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Reviewer: A reader from A secret location
September 30, 1999

Well now that the truth is out in the open I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was a former employee of the CIA and worked extensivley on the MK-Ultra mind control project. While I do not recall meeting Ms. O'Brien I can confirm every one of her suspicions. I'm suprised that we were found out. I thought that using the moniker MK as a cover-up for Mind Control (MC) was a fantastic idea that no one would be able to decode. This was especially true once the game Mortal Kombat (MK) came out.

We all thought this would add to the brouhaha, cleverly concealing our secret. I was amazed by the gripping and engaging portrayal of this tragic story. My friends at the book club especially liked the revealing description of Ms. O'Brien's victimization by the Reagan Administration's pimpin'. There were a few conspiracies that the authors never discussed. For example, how the CIA used one of its fronts, Kellogs, to cleverly conceal hundreds of thousands of sub-molecular nanites in the marshmallows in various cereals. This includes such popular cereals as Lucky Charms and Count Chocula. All in all it was a good book!

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