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"My mind is under my control (Prozac Not Included)."

Per Sewen's article about JZ Knight (channel for Ramtha), using Prozac, and students drinking wine, deserves a response.

I have spoken to Pavel Mikoloski, the Director of Public Affairs for The Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE), and was told the school has no interest in responding on its own behalf. The school has no interest in getting involved in yet another public controversy that has been generated, as so many have before, by ill-informed people who have no first-hand knowledge of what they are reporting.

Nevertheless, although I cannot (and would not) speak on behalf of the school, I consider myself personally free to put forward some of my own thoughts, and since you offered to run such an article in conjunction with Per Sewen's, this is my summation of the situation.

But first, as necessary background information:- I was a senior investigative
reporter in the 1980s when I first chose to attend events at RSE. My intention was to evaluate this phenomenon called "channeling," and to do an expose on JZ Knight and Ramtha, because Ramtha had been predicting dire things for humanity, and for the planet. People from around the world appeared to be flocking to Yelm in Washington like sheep.

When I first came to the USA, the media was using such words as "cult" to describe JZ Knight's school and people. A court has since ruled that this is a total misnomer, and scientists of several disciplines have, by invitation, also scrutinized the school and this channeling phenomenon, and found that JZ Knight is most certainly not a fake.

But in 1988, I was looking for two things. A good story. And some understanding of what was really going on. As a career journalist, I never engaged in scuttlebutt writing, innuendo, or half truths. True, I was skeptical about many things, including the mind-control of religion, politics, and bankers. But at the time I first came to America to interview Ms Knight, I was also looking into many spiritual alternatives. So, on the one hand, I was looking for information that would either discredit Ms Knight, Ramtha, and the apocalyptic prophecies he was making - or prove to me that there was some validity to their teachings.

At the same time, my own personal quest was to find some comprehension of the way the human mind works. And I wanted to expose the weakness in the mind of the average human that allows him to believe that someone else has the answers for his (or her) spiritual life. I wondered whether JZ Knight was a charismatic person intent on making a fortune off the gullible, and if Ramtha was nothing more than some sort of "twist" in Ms Knight's mind.

These were (and are) all legitimate questions. But none of them can be answered honestly without personally experiencing what is involved. So I chose the experience. I attended two events. And then I became a student of the school.

Twelve years later, I know that the only thing these two entities are about, as far as I am concerned, is truth. The school is not a cult. JZ Knight is not a fake. The students (or most of them, anyway) are not fools.

The school is a place where ancient wisdom has at last begun to re-emerge. But it is only accessible to those who choose, of their own free will, to participate. It is also a school which generates controversy - and this article by Per Sewen about the use of Prozac is just one more in a string of such short-lived misconceptions.

A person has to already be something of a radical and individual thinker to even contemplate going to the school in the first place - but even then, quite a few simply quit straight away. The first weekend is mind-boggling to some, and when Ramtha tells beginners "I do not want followers; I do not want to be worshipped; I do not want to be deified - you can get your money back and leave if you choose," many do.

Ramtha's teachings challenge every existing concept of the human intellect. Ramtha is given to making extremely controversial statements. Ramtha is the consciousness of a man (who ascended long ago) teaching through the body of a woman.

Why does he do that?

In his words (which I find acceptable) it is to illustrate that that which is God ("the Mother/Father principle") "is both man, and woman - but neither."

And what is his mission?

To re-awaken humanity (he refers to us as "the forgotten gods) to this simple fact. "You are God." For two decades now, he has taught around that theme.

But, you have to go there to know there. You have to have the courage and the endurance, and the open-mindedness, to actually participate in a wide range of mind-expanding lectures and disciplines. And as you do, you become more and more aware that we live in a world that is controlled (mind controlled) in many ways. Religion controls us. Money controls us. Politics controls us. We live in a world of mind control.

So - (and I am sure many students other than myself have asked this question) - is this school itself about mind control?

In one sense, yes.

In another, no.

No, it is not about the imposition of mind control. It is not about Ramtha, or JZ Knight, controlling the minds of those who attend the school in any way.

And yet, yes, it is about mind control.

It is about self-imposed (personal) mind control.

And, personally, I like that.

When one finally becomes aware of how much one's life (and mind) have been dictated by the thoughts and "values" imposed by others, one must finally ask - who is in control here? And the disturbing realization is that most of us are not in control of our own thoughts, actions, or reactions. We are like little emotional robots, configured since birth by outside influences and reacting in emotional, illogical, unreasonable ways.

But it is not the intellect that comes up with this realization. It is the soul.

The soul finally lets it be known that there must be more to life than one's controllers have allowed one to learn. One realizes that not all mind control is trauma based. Much of it is subliminal (via television and the media), or social (by peer pressure). But however it is imposed, all of it cripples a person's individual development and denies one the possibility of awakening one's real potential.

So a man (or woman) goes looking for answers. A person begins wanting to understand brain, mind, and consciousness.

And how does one do that? Through personal experience of what it takes to expand one's own singular consciousness, utilizing the elements of the human body which have long been dormant - the brain being but one aspect of that equation - to awaken to unlimited thought processes; to take control of the creation of one's life by being in control of one's own mind.

In my experience, the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, like many of the ancient schools of wisdom, is about exactly that. En-light-enment, as Ramtha puts it, means "in light of…… knowledge."

Unfortunately, Per Sewen has no personal knowledge of the school, therefore he knows not of what he speaks (though he is entitled to his opinions).

However, opinions are not truth, any more than hearsay is fact. So, no matter how good a reporter Per Sewen may be in his efforts to reveal the darker side of the Illuminati, on this subject, he is personally uninformed, so his article is based on hearsay, and supported by the prejudice of students who have quit the school.

But truth is truth, and it is true that Ramtha recently talked about Ms Knight's use of Prozac. What he said, I do not personally know, because I was not at that event. Further, the full context of his teaching is restricted, simply because it was a private function for the benefit of current students who have many years of background learning about human biochemistry and physiology and the nature of the brain, mind and consciousness on which to base their own assessments of what he said. (In other words, this was a closed meeting of people of advanced learning, in the same way there are closed meetings of special interest groups throughout the world every single day).

Will students rush out to take Prozac? Why should they? I myself have done additional research, and I find that Prozac is supposedly implicated in a statistically significant increase in suicides among those for whom the drug is prescribed. On the other hand, it is also beneficial for many who take it under careful medical supervision. I will not use it. But Ms Knight must have fully understood that in her personal case, there were sound reasons for doing so.

Ms Knight is a remarkable woman whose understanding of biochemistry would match and probably surpass that of many graduates. She is nobody's fool. So if she chooses to use such a prescription, that is her business.

If students choose to investigate its use, that is their business. It is not mine. And it is not yours.

Further, if red wine is consumed by RSE students (which it is) there are good reasons for that too; science is only now beginning to admit that red wine has some unquestionable health benefits.

Now, to the subject of books. Hundreds of titles are available at the RSE book store in Yelm - which is open to the public - and at a separate privately owned bookstore as well. David Icke's "The Greatest Secret" has been well read by many students, and his videos on reptilians have generated much discussion. So too has his video interview with Credo Mutwa, the African sunusi (shaman)who has had personal experience with reptilian entities.

Perhaps I'm telling tales out of school - but we knew much of this a decade ago. We know about imposed mind control, population control, economic control and the combined plans for future control. We know about these things not only because of what Ramtha has told us over the years, but because many authors have lectured at the school. These authors include Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien ("Trance Formation Of America,") - so we are well aware of the dark side of mind control programs.

As for Per Sewen's claim that students embrace the beliefs of Laurence Gardner, I will speak only for myself, and I will say this. Poppycock! Gardner's books certainly provide what appears to be a thoroughly researched insight into the bloodlines of Jesus (correctly known as Yeshua ben Joseph), and they raise many intriguing questions about the manner in which humanity has been governed and ruled for generations. But that does not mean that I should embrace his ideas without question?

Let me stress that I am very aware that imposed mind control programs have been afflicting humanity for a long long time. One countermeasure is to make people aware of the problem - but, frankly, being aware of a problem is nowhere near as useful as knowing the solution. The solution lies in knowing this: my mind is under my control. And one makes a start by questioning all things.

"The first lesson in occult wisdom" (to quote from the Indian guru Acharya in "A Soul's Journey"), "is that you must never believe in a credulous way anything that you are told. You must not disbelieve it either, for that would be foolish. The only method to adopt is to accept as a possibility the things that you are told, then to set about finding out the way to prove these things for yourself."

In the case of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (which is not everybody's cup of tea) I did go there, and I have proved certain things for myself. Speaking only for myself, it has been a place where I have learned solutions which can be applied on a daily basis. But you have to go there, to know there.

And if you are interested in proving these things for yourself, you might start with their web site, which is www.ramtha.com …….

About the author: Michael Knight was a reporter, editor and international correspondent for New Zealand newspapers, radio and television from 1960 -1990. He is now an independent freelance photo-journalist living in Washington, and author of "Earth Changes In Our Lifetime -A Book On Disc" at http://landru.i-link-2.net/wmknight

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