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I, like many, wish to be understood and heard. Maybe it's about therapy or about self importance, but in truth I really want you to know that I have known the truth and that I would give any support to this cause that I have recently discovered.

My story is a bit long but I will be brief. My name is L***. And I was born on August *** in *** at 4:07 AM. I tell you this because while in my early twenties I was made aware of the extrordinary planetary alignment that happened at this moment. The realization of this has awakened a passion for astrology and metaphysics at which I seem to be very adept. In fact it has created a great deal of fear and attacks toward me ever since. I have heard voices since I was very young. I can pick up a book and know very quickly if it is the truth. I can feel magnetic energy spots on the earth, see auras and so forth. My expression of these realizations has been frustrated and thwarted many times but I cannot give it up. And I have, as you have put, been systematiclly put down throughout my childhood. The voices told me when very young that I was different and that genetically I am important. I want to stress that I try very hard to avoid narcissism in any form and try to root out any form of self gratification for my abilities.

As I mentioined earlier there is so much about my life story that fits in with the truth that you have exposed. Some evidence suggests that both sides of my family have had important roles in this struggle for humanity in the past. Since my teens I have felt as if beings have been watching and manipulating me, but I would often dismiss it. Or just think that it was I who was creating this or I was just channeling someone elses experience. Last year I was hired by *** as a field engineer and I am now the site manager for the access control security system that monitors the 30,000 or so employees that work at ***. About a month ago I learned that I was to be getting an new boss. I was eager to meet and work with someone new as I had been a little frustrated by my prevoius bosses lack of organization. About a week prior to meeting him for the first time I met him in a dream. It was a very realistic dream. Unfortunatley I don't remember some of the details but here goes.

I was taken to a site away from any major cities and breifed on some new technologies by a group of proffesionals. There werent any trees at the site. Some were wearing plain collard shirts but a few were wearing full suits. The guys in suits hung back while the others were just, as it seemed, trying to make me excited by this new information and it felt as if they were trying to spark a feeling of self importance in me. Like it was all for some really worthwhile cause. We then went into a nondescript building and were standing around chatting. Then the guys in suits started to walk toward me. They all kind of formed around me and took out what looked like a tool case. Out of the tool case they removed a strange looking chip. It was almost and inch long and it had a elongted shape. They told me that they needed to perform an operation to insert this into my head. They needed to drill a small hole in the right side of me head to do this. They continually stressed that it was very necessary and important. I started to get very nervous and could see no reason why I needed to have such a device in my head. They really seemed as if they needed my cooperation. I told them that I wanted to think it over and I asked to leave as I was backing away. Then I woke somewhat disturbed but I seemed OK. The following night I had another dream. It was short but very realistic. In it all of the sudden I was in what seemed to be a psychiatrist's chair and a man injected me with what he said was a strong tranquilizer. I felt immediate effects. I have never taken or been administered drugs in a dream before. And the effects were very real. Again it seemed like I awoke immediately and was fine.

I finally met my boss for real. He seems sincere and I don't have any problems. Since then the usual flow of information on the true nature of things has increased. But I'm still a bit concerned about my association with such a large corporation as ***. I've always been a questioner.

With love and respect,

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