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Information: While your talking about responsibility Please think about the food we're trained to eat and become addicted to.

I've had trouble most of my life, not by my own choice. My mother was forced by not knowing what they were injecting in her Vaccines and serums and in me too when I was born causing me to have Encephalitis & Meningitis (Dr. Herbert Shelton 1920's) later on when about 3-4. which Shelton warned about.

Leaving me with many problems in brain function and hearing, many years later to find I'm Dyslexic too.

But I had a short clearing in 1977, I was amazed at the change in my mind, reading and understand changed, super awarness, super strength..

Sadly, slowy I lost all of it again... I wanted to know why.

The adventure I came apon was very disturbing. The great mind fuck I called it. Movies like V, They Live, The Story of the Delorean Car, and manuy other business adventures --- Showing a pattern... I call 'system thinking'.

There is also something I call the Threshold Point, a point of non-awareness. I think it's in the food. But not being as sick as I am and have been, you can not understand it. You are above that point. I could not either when I was there, till I got sick again.

So, my point is, we can't be your kind of responsibility with out the high level of clearness (awareness)! It's just too over-loading!

It's taken me years to accept and adjust to what's really going on and I'm not anywhere near where you are. But I will get there. Weak and sick... I said I want to know the truth... I said that a long time ago I'm still firm, I've chosen to accept death if it comes, but I will know or die finding it.

I saw through religion (the day the gods died), businesses, corruption, governments, the medical systems, witch craft... their all systems that follow Altruisum, to it's deadly end.. or should I say ours?

Well I've vented enough. I like what I'm seeing and reading for the most part. And hope you live long. People with your views dissapear... to soon...... Will continue to do so and hope to get your books soon too.

C. (name withheld)

Sources: Dr. Herbert Shelton's "Natural Hygiene: The Pristine Way of Life". Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio. Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., M.H. Ayn Rand books. Neo-Tech. Neurosis by Dr. Arthur Janov, Who's in Control? The Unhappy Consequences of Being Child-Centered by Jean Liedloff (First appeared in Mothering magazine, Winter 1994)

I've only listed a few things here. Ones I think have a bit to do with awareness, Which I'm working on to increase mine and get my health back too.. Only this time I will keep it!

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