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Here you will find a remix that I've made with an acappella intro of the MC called by the name of KRS ONE. I've mixed hip-hop music samples in the background. I've called this track ILLUMINATI-TRICKNOLOGY. It's a message from the street ; specially dedicated to the black people from the ghetto. I prefer to precise that i'm white (in fact rose/beige) but always for the oppressed side.

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To go further... To everyone I would like to strongly recommend to LOVE LOVE LOVE above all. Like Stevie Wonder said LOVE IS ALL WE NEED.

Like many, i'm dreaming of a world of tolerance. FREEDOM. I'm dreaming that one day people will stop to fall into the trap of partys, homelands, prophecies, religious fanatisms,... I don't really know why i wrote these thoughts here... certainly because I've found many common points between David Icke ideas and mine.

To be honest, I have to add that many of "us" are really suspicious "paranoiac" and of course I'm sure that many of "us" have thought that David Icke could be "one of them" or a new "guru" wanting to save "us",...However, my intuition tells me that David Icke is OK... I can't explain why... sorry... but i'ts all for the good... to FEEL is so much better.

I'm not saying he's right on all subjects either .... of course... (he didn't either...)

I would like to urge FREEDOM OF SPEECH... and beware of MIND MANIPULATION/CONTROL. We need to use a cocktail of intuition and critical eye to to dodge in and out in this crazy world. KNOWLEDGE IS NEUTRAL... David wrote it. But this is our neutrality which permit the Brotherhood actions. The only way i know at this moment is to use a LOVE/LIFE/ENERGY reaction ; in response. We don't have to use the same weapons. Using the same weapons is being a part of their system. Don't be afraid of your boss, masters, gods, devils... LOVE your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, childrens, friends, even your enemies...

BE YOU, FREE! LOVE LOVE LOVE! David, I don't know you... but I must I admit that I'm worried about your safety... You have assembled so much dangerous information. I know I can't help you (you and yours) physically but I know at this point that this message was written to make you feel (as you already know) that you're really not alone...


from the most Cartesian country in this world :
fRANCE (RANCE means rancid)


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