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Hello, my name is Nelg Nella. When my friend first showed me your book, "The Biggest Secret", I jokingly remarked, "I could have wrote this book!". Finally someone put together things I had been trying to get people to understand for years.

Sure there's alot of intangible stuff like shape shifting extraterrestials that's beyond most people's comprehension, that doesn't concern me. What does is the hidden agenda of the power brokers of the world today and their total lack of concern for the planet and all of it's inhabitants. Growing up in Maryland, I learned first hand our government's complete contempt for the rights of it's citizen's.

My best friend's father was a victim of MKUltra. He commited suicide after being dosed (without his knowledge) with LSD...a substance I have first hand knowledge about! ( : I find it ironic that the US govt. helped get the hippie movement off the ground by testing it on two old Army buddies (and future songwriting team!) Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia (of Grateful Dead fame) in Palo Alto, California in the early sixties.

The hippies came to fufill the Hopi prophecy that "when the Earth is sick and dying there will be a tribe of people who care, the Rainbow Warriors". Ever see that Jimi Hendrix movie, "Rainbow Bridge"? Where he plays on the side of a volcano in Hawaii? I teach yoga and have long practiced Rainbow Bridge meditation. How about Rainbow Gatherings? Ever heard of that? Rainbow Family has been an integral part of my life for over a decade now.

Tell Icke I salute his work with the Green Party. I've worked with Earth Save (a vegetarian/environmentally conscious group) as well the Hemp Awareness Council here in Florida. We must be accent the positive and offer practical solutions. With my long interest in the occult and all things metaphysical, the things of which you speak make sense to me. But for most, they can't comprehend and subsequently turn a deaf ear. Believe me I am completely "down" with you all (as they say in America). I'm just thinking of ways to enact change in people consciousness without losing them too much in the esoteric.

If they only knew how bad it really was...

Well anyway I was glad to find your site.

Thank you very much, namaste,

Nelg aka the Space Hippie p.s.


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