Reality, Belief and The Mind

(section 1)
by Gene Zimmer


One major problem in the world today, and this applies especially to "educated" people, is that they are not really very smart. Actually "smart" is not the right word. What I am trying to say is that they are not very perceptive and suffer from a marked inability to look and see things as they actually are. The reason for this is that they are the most familiar with the ideas and notions of the times, having been thoroughly "educated" into these notions and ideas. This "education" (indoctrination) generally acts to create a set of cultural or "professional" blinders which prevents the "educated" person from viewing or understanding anything outside of the current "professional" framework that they have been indoctrinated into. It's not that they lack and need more knowledge, but that the knowledge that they do have, in itself, acts to prevent them from being able to view and understand anything outside their often limited framework of beliefs and attitudes. A framework that they assume to be be all-inclusive and often quite perfect. The rest of the culture goes along with everything they promote as "facts" and "truth", because these viewpoints and attitudes tend to be everywhere, in newspapers, magazines, TV, schools and colleges.

An Example - Modern Medicine

One example of this is modern western medicine, which is almost completely drug oriented. The drug companies are the largest supporters of the major medical schools through their extensive grants and yearly donations. The main direction of western medicine is drug oriented, not because there is anything inherently superior to it, but because a huge amount of money pours into it and supports it year after year. No drug company will finance studies and research that fail to strongly encourage drug "solutions", or encourage alternative solutions to health problems that they do not profit by. Individual people, groups, and especially commercial business ventures do not pay money to support their competition or adversaries. Imagine if two new board games hit the market (like Monopoly or Clue), and one group spent nothing on advertising while the second group spent millions over a ten year period on promoting it's product. Which group would have the more successful, played, and profitable game? Obviously, the game that had the huge amount of money spent to promote it. Which game might actually be "better" would be meaningless, because the money invested in advertising primarily determines which game achieves greater popularity. This is exactly the situation with modern medicine, and many other things.

Using various medical journals, media outlets, and the FDA, the modern medical establishment actively attacks, derides and even attempts to eradicate alternative methods (especially if these alternative methods ARE effective and would pose a real competitive threat). Medicine is big business, the only goal is profits, and to hell with whether it works or not. It's primarily a matter of balance sheets for their respective accounting departments. Factually, the AMA (American Medical Association) spent over 10 years, and much time and money ridiculing, attacking, and finding fault with chiropractic practices. They presented it all very "scientifically", with "numerous studies", but often simply resorted to juvenile name-calling in an attempt to belittle the chiropractic profession. Members of the chiropractic profession were referred as "quacks" or "side-show elixir salesman". Some of their methods were derided as being nothing but "mumbo-jumbo" and "hocus-pocus".

This is a common practice today, where one group attacks another by calling them various things that are known to have unique associated negative connotations by a majority of the public. "Oh, he's a socialist", "they're atheists", "it's just a cult", and "she's a right-wing extremist" are all examples of where reason, proof and sane arguments are discarded in favor of simple name-calling with the hope that the listener blindly accepts the over-generalized label along with all it's unspoken negative connotations. These planned attacks aim at a pre-conscious and emotional appeal level. The goal is never to honestly appeal to reason or discover truth, but to change attitudes and opinions in one's favor. Eventually, after a long drawn out legal battle, the AMA had to publicly admit and apologize for the dishonest tactics that they had used over many years in their attempt to destroy chiropractic. Their apologies appeared as full-page ads in USA Today magazine. "Truth" and "public health" were not the concern of the AMA or their cohorts in slander, the FDA (Federal Food & Drug Administration). Their only concern was profits. The profits of the doctors and drug companies. Chiropractic was competition. It mattered little whether it actually helped people or cured poor health conditions.

Drug advertisements make up the majority of the advertising in all "official" medical journals. The doctors take courses about what drugs to give for what diseases. The drug companies have worked closely with major medical schools for decades to establish the drug approach to modern western medicine. So, the doctor, whether caring, intelligent, honest or not, is basically "educated" (indoctrinated) within a very limited approach to the subject of health. Alternative subjects, such as chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, and osteopathy, which have been around much longer than modern drug medicine, are routinely ignored and ridiculed by many doctors, even though most of them know next to nothing about these subjects. It is even popular to ridicule these subjects. I am sure many of them make wise cracks about these subjects at their conventions and social functions. Condescension by people, who think they know better, when they actually don't, is somewhat pitiful.

Modern western medicine views health as the "absence of disease". They have labeled or "named" various physical conditions and packages of symptoms as "illnesses". Their solution is to "attack", "battle" and "destroy" the symptoms of the diseases they have "named". They almost never address an actual cause of a health problem with the aim to solve it. Studies are never conducted to determine how to prevent cancer, but only how to attack it with drugs and other invasive techniques. The entire intention is to "manage" the pain and to destroy symptoms. If the illness were truly "solved" this would put their methods out of business. There is absolutely no profit in curing anything. That is the main reason why they don't. Many of you may rebel at this notion, and react that this couldn't possibly be true. The notion violates our basic sense of decency and rightness about the operation of a major social institution. But regardless of intentions, in the real world of existing people and actions, this is practically the way it works.

Their intention never has been, and isn't now, to solve cancer. The American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Medical Association work closely with the drug companies and exist to forward the profits of the drug companies. Otherwise the drug companies wouldn't support them. Many honest and caring people work with and for these groups, believing that they are sincerely searching for a "cure" for cancer. Even many doctors and drug executives believe the same thing, but this is not what they have done in the past, are doing now, or will ever do in the future. One doesn't bite the hand that feeds you (the drug companies). The doctors, colleges and medical associations know this better than anyone, even if this is rarely admitted to themselves or others.

Their entire approach isn't to "create health", but to "destroy disease". There is a large philosophical difference involved here. This philosophical gulf results in drastic practical differences in applications. For example, osteopathy views "health" as something to create through proper diet, nutrition, exercise, and living. It attempts to locate the underlying causes that manifest as the "disease" (physical symptoms). Osteopathy might encourage a patient to locate and remove pesticides, food additives, and other chemical poisons from the body's environment and intake, but this is done from a viewpoint of "handling" negative causes and not simply "attacking" negative symptoms. It's a major difference in approach and effect. There MUST be actual reasons why people develop cancer, but the TRUE sources are not given due concern. The modern popular "authorities" like to assert that it's all due to genetics, so then there is nothing anyone can do about it except pay for their treatments once you have the "disease". It is ludicrous to believe that with all the millions of dollars spent on cancer "research" that solutions have not been found. This is because the actual causes are not being adequately or honestly looked for. Research continues to primarily address new ways to attack and destroy symptoms, with no aim at discovering actual underlying causes, which if properly addressed would do away with the symptomatic "cures" of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Additionally there has been a concerted effort by the FDA, the Gestapo arm of the drug companies and medical industry, to attack and destroy any and all efforts that actually do reduce or "cure" cancer. In modern America it is actually against the law to claim that you can "cure" a disease (even if you can). Strange place, huh?

Antibiotics are a "drug" which helps the body do what it is already trying to do. At the turn of the century, when antibiotics were discovered, great forward leaps were taken in the general health of the public, because infections no longer were untreatable. But most modern "medical" drugs do not act to "help" the body do what it is already doing or trying to do, and, in fact, often act to inhibit or harm the body and what it is trying to do. Modern drugs, including psychiatric drugs, primarily attack and suppress symptoms, rarely addressing or correcting any underlying causes, and almost always with known or unknown harmful side-effects. Even prolonged use of antibiotics has detrimental effects on the body's immune system and other normal body functions. Various proponents of "drugs" try to equate the "antibiotics" with the other newer modern drugs in their attempt to justify their use, but all "drugs" are not equal. Medical and pharmaceutical specialists want us all to simply think, "drugs are good" and "drugs cure illness". They don't want anyone to have an in depth understanding of what drugs actually do, and that they primarily attack symptoms. Sadly, and for the most part, this is what they themselves believe.

Most drugs don't cure anything, and instead almost always attack symptoms. To make matters even worse, most doctors and drug specialists don't even know how or why the various drugs do what they do. Largely they have opinions, notions, and theories that they parade around as "scientific"  facts. They believe it, and therefore they can be very convincing. As an example, psychiatrists (medical "doctors" of a sort), talk about "chemical imbalances in the brain" as if these actually existed, yet no such imbalance has ever been found in any of many medical studies, and no medical test exists for such an imbalance. But this non-existent imbalance, which has never been detected anywhere at anytime, receives constant attention by doctors, is discussed casually in medical journals, and is cited to patients as the "reason" for their problems. It's an illusion, or more to the point, it's a delusion. It's something that many people believe to exist, yet it actually does not exist at all in any way whatsoever. And of course, the drugs they prescribe supposedly "cure" the invisible and never detected chemical imbalance. It is a hoax. It may not be an intentional hoax, but it is a hoax even if only due to their rampant idiocy. No two psychiatrists can or will agree on what defines a "schizophrenic" or what the proper treatment should be. The description and explanation of "schizophrenia" has drastically changed over the entire past century to where the concept can mean almost anything or nothing. In a nutshell, the "mental illness", the explanation for it, and the "cure" are all imaginary. They don't exist and are of the nature of modern mythology. True, psychiatry is often a very detailed and complex modern mythology, but it's a mythology nonetheless. These "things", such as "chemical imbalances in the brain", and many "mental diseases" are concepts or ideas or models that don't relate to any actual observable physical realities. These things are fairy tales.

The point is that modern medicine, as it is officially accepted and practiced today, is far from a complete and valid system of health, in theory and in practice. Doctors are promoted and treated as "professionals", "authorities" and "scientific experts". This is largely a false picture, but has been thoroughly accepted by the majority of the public as being true. Medical doctors enjoy large salaries because they are the primary sales arm for the extremely profitable drug companies. Make no mistake about it, without the drug companies the medical doctors would not enjoy anywhere near the financial benefits they currently do. This situation of very incomplete and limited approaches also exists in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, sociology, economics, politics, and education. There are reasons why many modern fields of study are often incomplete, biased, limited, harmful or unworkable (meaning not getting useful effective results), even while the members are viewed at the same time as "professionals" and "authorities", but that is not the subject of this essay. But in case you are curious, it has mainly to do with profit, power, and elitism (the condition where a certain select few think they know what is best for everyone else due to their self-assumed superior intelligence and ability).

The drug companies and associated non-profit foundations, created by the same owners of the major drug companies, dumped billions of dollars into the medical colleges over the past hundred years to support and promulgate their "business". It was all advertising and PR, and sadly, had very little to do with "truth", "effectiveness" or an honest concern for the health of the general public. The doctor's image as the "kindly", "knowledgeable" and "caring professional" is primarily the result of many decades-long, slick, Madison Avenue type advertising campaigns. We all believe it, or at least did believe it at some point. We mostly take it for granted, never question it, and this is what keeps the situation going. Mostly they also believe it themselves. It's not that they're really conniving and deceitful, although there are some who fall into that category; but instead they are simply, for the most part, wrongly educated (indoctrinated). Doctor's are often kind and caring, but that alone cannot make up for the lack of validity to their approach to human health. Additionally, the entire nutty system is gaining momentum and continues to expand in terms of influence, power and control.

Modern medicine is not the result of a hundred years of objective, unbiased research representing Man's honest and legitimate desire to discover "truth" and to "help" solve human suffering. Modern medicine is the result of certain huge financial interests that first, aligned themselves with the subject of western medicine, second, refused to support, actively inhibited and even destroyed alternative medical approaches (due to no profit potential and the threat of real competition), and third, completely oversaw, managed and directed the evolution of modern western medicine in theory and practice. Many people find this difficult to believe, and even completely ridiculous. This shows, not that what I state here is wrong, but that the majority of the public are completely "sold" on the idea of modern medicine as being valid, professional, scientific and all-inclusive. These people are "modern believers". We all suffer from this to some extent, and none are immune. Any honest and observant investigator will find though that this is simply not true. But you will have to break through much of your own fixed ideas and erroneous basic assumptions about reality before you will be able to see it for what it really is. It is not easy to admit one has been believing a lie for most of their life. This comes as a shock to us all. It makes us feel like fools and idiots. It makes us feel uncertain, unsteady and shaky. Our world seems to collapse around us as the props we took for granted yesterday lay in shambles at our feet today. But it is better to temporarily feel like an idiot, endure the momentary confusion, push through to the other side, and reach a state of increased awareness, than to continue believing and contributing to the lies (modern medicine being only one example of many).

The modern doctors are "educated authorities", but ONLY within their extremely limited and largely incorrect domain of understanding. Within their own system of ideas or subject they are "smart". They can "diagnose" the "right diseases" by knowing the appropriate packages of symptoms, they can "prescribe" the "right drugs" according to the medical textbooks (which ONLY recommend drug treatments and are written in close affiliation with the major drug companies), and they can discuss "intelligently" their field with other doctors. The affluent doctors send their kids to medical school, because they have the money and can afford it, new western-oriented medical doctors are produced, and the entire situation continues happily along. You are familiar with the attitudes about doctors in modern western society such as 1) "being a doctor is a good profession", 2) "doctors are professionals", 3) "modern medicine is the best there is", 4) "medical studies use the latest in scientific methods and equipment, and 5) "listen to your doctor, because he knows best". It's all largely a sham. While this may not be due to any actual widespread political or financial conspiracy, it is minimally due to ignorance and stupidity regenerating and propagating itself through space and time.

The above things exist only because doctors use drugs. If doctors, as a profession began to question drug use and began promoting alternative methods to handle patient complaints and ailments, because they honestly found them to be more effective, they would find themselves, as a profession, without a financial guardian angel, because the drug companies would cease to support them. They would find themselves without power, prestige, and authority, not because they weren't right, but because the big money would no longer be setting them up as the "professionals". Drug companies and therefore the entire medical establishment support drugs and drug use only. They do not support, and have never supported, "truth", "health" and "honest advancement" no matter what they say, pretend, believe, assert, claim, or promote among themselves or to the public. It is a difficult thing to discover and understand that what we have been taking for granted about a major social institution is largely false.

As an example, most doctors don't have a clue about nutrition and it's importance to the smooth operation of the human body. While some are finally beginning to acknowledge the importance of nutrition, it was typical for many years for doctors to dismiss concerns about nutrition as largely irrelevant to health. This should seem odd to anyone who honestly considers that good nutrition is a very basic requirement of the healthy operation of any human body. A human body is made up of atoms, cells, chemicals, minerals, and various structures. The body has numerous different systems, such as digestion, circulation, respiration, lymphatic, immune, and nervous, to name but a few, and these each have unique operations which involve utilizing material from the environment to keep the body going. The body is a tremendously complex biological machine. There is no man-made thing anywhere that comes even slightly close to it in terms of the sheer amount of systems, relationships of systems, and complexity. Specific body functions monitor and handle sugar levels, electrolyte relations, mineral levels and ratios, blood oxygen levels, cellular toxicity, and thousands of other things known and not yet known. Apparently the body keeps itself running and functioning just fine if left to itself and supported. This FACT is one thing you will never hear come out of a doctor's mouth, that the body's own inherent intelligence operates continually, twenty-four hours a day, to keep it going, and to keep it going at an optimum level. It, whatever "it" is, "knows" what to do at the smallest cellular level right on up to the largest interactive whole body level. Anyone who cares to observe and learn about the various body functions will be truly amazed at what the physical body does all by itself. The body ingests, assimilates, organizes and utilizes various chemicals, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes as the raw material to keep itself going. Thousands upon thousands of chemical reactions at a cellular and organ level occur in your body each and every second! So, if the chemicals aren't adequately supplied, or if certain of the body's monitoring and organizing functions become impaired due to a past failure to obtain the needed chemicals, it can't remain "healthy". The body needs raw materials such as minerals, water, vitamins, and various chemicals, which it largely gets through food (i.e. nutrition), but also from the air and water. These keep the body machine running and also keep it in good "mechanical" shape. This is common sense, although apparently not to the modern western-oriented medical doctor.

And so many modern doctors pooh-pooh nutritional approaches to health. They sometimes use the notion of the "starry eyed, hippie, health food fanatic" and attempt to attach it to the entire nutritional approach with the purpose of diminishing the public's perception of it as valid and useful. A generalized caricature of the health-food fanatic is often attached to the various subjects of alternative medicine and used to sabotage an accurate perception and understanding of these subjects. Sadly, these tactics work far too often. Too many people accept without question the conceptual associations given to them by others, no matter how untrue or inaccurate these might be.

The modern medical doctors have nothing to do with "creating health". They are only concerned with eradicating or destroying disease, and the removing of disease (which is usually only a group of symptoms of some underlying and unrecognized physical problem) is a very incomplete and one-sided approach to the complete subject called "health". It's not that modern medical techniques don't have their place, they do, but their approach is only an isolated part of a much larger picture. The picture they present of themselves being the whole picture is incorrect, and has devastating effects on people, the quality of life and society.

The body is a machine of sorts. It's a biological machine or engine. An automobile engine requires fuel for combustion, oil for lubrication, gas lines to deliver the fuel, oil lines and pumps to circulate the lubricant, a carburetor to monitor and direct the fuel into the combustion chambers, spark plugs to explode the gas, computer systems to monitor speed, oil pressure, gas levels and much more. Nobody questions the importance of using good gas, keeping the engine filled with quality oil, maintaining clean filters, patching leaks or keeping it clean. It's amazing that the human body, which is also a machine, but a much more complicated machine, is viewed entirely in a different manner. Most people take care to ensure their gas is good, clean and free of impurities, yet people eat and drink things everyday filled with toxins which are proven to harm body systems and functioning. The modern medical doctor often thinks and says that concern for decent nutrition is absurd. It's the doctor who's absurd! He is truly a veritable moron when he minimizes the sheer importance of quality nutrition. The surgeon, who is among the highest paid of the "doctors", excels at cutting out various body tissues with a scalpel. This usually occurs when the operation of one or more body systems has failed due to a long-term lack of decent nutrition, exercise and rest. The surgeon is more often than not simply a butcher. That's what he does by definition. He cuts up meat. And society treats him as of he were something special. Again, he cuts up meat like any butcher. Yes, there is a need for this, but no, there is no sensible reason that this should be such a high-paid, well-respected profession compared to others. With a car, any sensible and honest mechanic will look for the source of the engine trouble and repair that. If automobile mechanics followed the modern medical approach, what follows is an example of what they might do.

Let's say the engine is running uneven (symptom). It actually has a dirty spark plug (another symptom, and a minor secondary cause). The spark plug became dirty because the plug gap was 1) set to small, 2) the gas being used has been cheap and dirty, and 3) the carburetor was adjusted incorrectly allowing too much oxygen into the fuel mixture causing too much heat in that cylinder. The western medical-oriented mechanic would aim to handle only the symptoms never looking to locate and handle the actual basic causes. He would say, "oh your cylinder is running funny". Your car has "rough cylinder-itis". The symptom must be given a fancy name. This makes it sound so much more convincing. The problem or symptom or condition is viewed as a thing in itself, a disease, with little concern for actual causes. This disease or malfunction must be viewed as something that has a life all of it's own, as a unique thing with it's own independent and objective existence, with little relationship to anything else, and it is looked at as bad. He would drill another hole in the cylinder, add a second spark plug to compensate for the poor performance of the first spark plug, rewire the distributor cap, all of which would cost plenty of money. This action would weaken the cylinder due to the extra hole drilled in it, opening the door to other problems in the future. The engine would run smoother, but unless the faulty spark plug gaps, the dirty gas, and the air-fuel mixture error were located and repaired, similar or other symptoms and conditions (i.e. new "diseases") would develop later on. The car might even "appear healthy" for awhile. But 3 or 6 months from now, other problems would develop. Other cylinders would run too hot because the air-fuel mixture was never corrected, and this could "manifest" in new "diseases" such as 1) blackened cylinder walls and corrosive build up which cause the cylinders to experience greatly increased friction ("corrosive-frictional syndrome"), 2) cracked spark plug ceramics ("ceramic dysfunction"), and 3) piston meltdown ("pistonic heat-related failure"). Again, the "medical" auto mechanic would name in excruciating detail and address the conditions or symptoms only, making lots more money for himself, the auto shop, and the parts dealers, while still never correcting the actual true sources of the problem(s). Each of these new mechanical problems would require unique, expensive, but largely superficial solutions, all designed to benefit the "repair industry" and not the consumers. This analogy for the modern medical and the drug industries is very appropriate.

The above medical example portrays a specific case of an overall general tendency that exists on this planet in almost any area of modern western civilization. This is the widespread tendency to fail to address true underlying causes, and instead to concentrate only on surface conditions and superficial manifestations. In other words, true causes are ignored and neglected and symptoms receive the majority of the attention. Of course, failing to address the true reasons for anything cannot result in a legitimate repair or improvement of anything, and in a very real sense this is the actual reason for most failures occurring today on an individual, social, national and planetary level. Of course, addressing symptoms can be very profitable.

If you stepped on a nail and the nail became embedded in your foot and caused an infection, you would expect the doctor to remove the nail. You would not expect the doctor to examine the extent of redness and the swelling of the foot, test the infected tissue for the exact type of infection occurring on the foot, clean the area, bandage it, and send you home with a prescription for antibiotics and orders to stay off the foot until it is healed, leaving the embedded nail in your foot. Imagine: the infection keeps recurring because the source of the problem is still embedded in your body. The doctor simply prescribes stronger and stronger antibiotics to control the infection. And when that doesn't solve the infection problem, the doctor puts you on a long-term antibiotic treatment and declares you to be handicapped with a chronic infection that prevents you from walking on your foot. You cannot play sports or engage in other outside activities. In addition, you are exposed to the side effects of long-term antibiotic drug use, and the underlying problem of the nail in your foot will still be there when they take you off the medication.

A symptom is simply the body's way of letting you know that something is wrong. It's a clue, a red flag. The symptom should not be covered up with a drug. Doing so will keep you from finding out what the body is trying to tell you - what's really wrong.

This is exactly the situation with modern medicine - the "human body repair industry". The institutionalized belief system inherent in the modern medical approach dismisses any approach that attempts to address underlying causes instead of symptoms. Look at aspirin. It handles symptoms. It never actually addresses why you have or get headaches, but only suppresses the symptoms. There are many reasons why you may get headaches, but the medical "professional" cares little about these. Your joints ache, but instead of locating what it is that is causing this to happen, the doctor gives you pain killers to "manage" the pain. Pain management is a huge billion dollar a year industry. Alzheimer patients routinely have extremely high levels of aluminum compounds in their brain nerve tissue. People without the "disease" do not. Instead of trying to discover why and where the aluminum comes from, the doctors give many of them psychiatric drugs to keep them calm, and well-behaved. The drugs "cure" nothing. They suppress symptoms. In the case of aluminum, the primary causes are probably 1) cooking with aluminum pot ware, as it's a fact that cooking in aluminum results in the aluminum "leaching" onto other chemicals and forming toxic chemical compounds, which then get ingested, 2) underarm deodorants which are very high in aluminum compounds, and 3) stomach antacid medications, some of which are very high in aluminum compounds. I could give pages and pages of examples where symptoms are addressed at the complete exclusion of legitimate underlying causes Again, few people reading such material as this can accept and understand it initially, because they have accepted so much utter nonsense for most of their lives that directly conflicts with the truth here and what they have been led to believe.

Who knows what improved levels of health would be available today, if instead of dumping billions of dollars into drug medicine, the money had been invested in researching actual causes of unhealthy conditions? But the bottom line is that investing in these alternative approaches did not and does not enable the same degree of profit. So much for the success of pure unadulterated capitalism and the "business ethic" as far as human health is concerned.

It is really quite ludicrous that the farce known as modern medicine is respected so highly and viewed as "educated", "professional", and "state-of-the-art". It is an illusion that the entire public largely accepts and believes. It continues to exist only because of this reason, that the entire public largely accepts and believes it to be true. Big money keeps the belief structure intact through general public education, government support actions, television, radio, magazines, books, medical associations, and university level medical education. The information you get from the environment around you tends to be the information you believe, especially when it also tends to be the only information available.

The reality of "modern medicine" is a contrived fantasy, an illusion, and a false view parading as "truth". Sadly, this is also true for many other areas of "modern" civilization and society. It is doubtful that all this is the result of any grand conspiracy, but that doesn't change or minimize the harmful results.

Attacking the Negative, Eradicating the Undesirable

I will make a small digression here because this is paramount to a better understanding of what is going on in today's world. Most major subjects or fields today do not involve the creation of any positive thing, but almost always attack, destroy, annihilate or inhibit negative things as solutions to their respective problems. This is a key and basic tendency applied in almost all areas of modern activity. It is also a key tendency throughout human history. It is a basic, largely unconscious, approach most people and groups use to address "problems" today. A few examples are:

1) Governments largely do not concern themselves with creating or building an honest, productive workable society, but instead they concern themselves with attacking crime, handling dissidents, catching tax evaders, or inhibiting disorder. This is their usual solution to bringing about peace and order (both dumb goals in themselves but typical for the modern social planners). It generally involves stopping bad things from occurring instead of encouraging good things to exist. This mindset falsely imagines that if one were to take away all the bad, then good would naturally be left. This isn't the way it is and it never will be that way. The only good and decent things that exist anywhere exist only because somebody at some time actively created these things.

2) The military is always used to stop, control or destroy enemies. How any military functions is the epitome of this tendency. Police, as an activity that concentrates also on stopping or eradicating what it perceives to be bad or unwanted, also functions primarily in this way. Modern medicine views disease in the much the same way. It views the symptoms as enemies, and either cuts them out or drugs them into submission. Cancer treatments all brutally attack the cancer, and often leave the immune system very weakened or destroyed. Many cancer patients, having received modern official cancer treatments often eventually succumb to pneumonia because their immune system is so horribly weakened from the attacks on their body from the cancer treatments. Modern official cancer treatments attack the entire biological organism, with the hope that the cancer dies before the patient. A better treatment, or at least a necessary additional approach, would be to also effectively rebuild and strengthen the immune system. That is often what alternative approaches propose, yet they are often ridiculed by the medical establishment. Again, the cancer industry is big business, largely involving major drug companies.

A capable government, with decency, understanding and an ability to communicate honestly (which doesn't exist anywhere on Earth now), would discuss problems with its neighbors, with a desire to isolate true sources of their conflicts. Then they would address the actual sources and resolve the true underlying causes of their conflicts. Obviously, this is an oversimplification, but the point is that attacking of the negative or suppressing the undesirable is the common modern (and historical) approach to handling international, national, social and individual problems. The aim is almost never to create a desirable condition, but to eradicate an unwanted one. It is assumed that removing the negative somehow brings about the positive. But this isn't so. The positive must be created. This one-sided approach of attacking the negative has its flaws, and a general unworkability. Destroying and creating are two entirely different things, in theory, in practice, and in results achieved. Removing immorality doesn't result in morality. Suppressing crime doesn't create a safe society. Removing illness does not necessarily bring about health. Penalizing lack of responsibility doesn't bring about responsibility. All good things must be created as a positive, and not only attacked as a negative.

But with governments there is also another problem. They often do not want anyone knowing what their true motives are and so are incapable of entering into honest discussions about actual causes. The US government talks endlessly about "spreading democracy", when in fact, the only thing spreading are the major corporations which largely control the US government. It is impossible for them to enter into honest discussions, because they promote the notion of "democracy" as a cover for their true underlying motives. These true motives are the consolidation and expansion of control by the top major financial powers on the planet.

3) Modern behavior modification techniques exhibit this. The theories and methods aim primarily to spot, name and eradicate unwanted behaviors. Again, any actual sources to the undesirable behavior are largely ignored or invented, and the symptoms (behaviors) are addressed with an aim to get rid of them. Ritalin is given to suppress the hyperactive child's unwanted behaviors, instead of attempting to locate underlying physical or emotional sources that, if corrected, could often handle the unwanted behaviors by allowing the natural health and natural desirable behaviors to surface. Factually, many hyperactive symptoms have disappeared in children when their diets or environments have been altered, thereby removing sugar, allergens or chemical toxins. But to the psychologists, psychiatrists and teachers (who have been educated into these crazy psychiatric notions), it's all "brain illnesses". The drugs act further to harm the child's mind and body. Most psychiatrists dismiss nutritional approaches as "unscientific" and "absurd". Theirs is the true stupidity and extreme one-sidedness parading itself as "educated", "intelligent" and "professional". While they may be "educated", they are often, in fact, total idiots. They are truly stupid people. Allowing them to exist, as "professionals" is a burden we all must bear, because the only true thing they excel at is harming people, their minds and society. Their "intelligence" is a complete farce. That many of us have been suckered into accepting their ideas, and also hold the same beliefs and attitudes makes this no less true.

4) Psychiatry demonstrates this quite clearly. Psychiatrists name and label numerous "conditions" which people experience. Again, these names are "packages of symptoms" of some sort. They then call these packages of symptoms "diseases" or "mental illnesses" (while most of them are not). Most of these conditions are problems people have with their own mind and life. Instead of ever trying to locate a source for the uncomfortable condition or unwanted symptoms, the psychiatrists "attack" them with surgery (lobotomy), electric shock, or drugs, each of which acts to overwhelm the patient's mind, behavior and condition. The psychiatric "treatments" actually act to push any true mental and emotional problem sources further into the background, making them much more difficult to address at a later time with a more legitimate approach such as therapy, counseling, family, support groups, or religion. Also, a person can and should be responsible for their own mind and emotions. Telling them they have a "disease" which is "not their fault" implies to them first, that they are somehow disabled, and second, that there is nothing they can do except take their drugs or receive their shock treatments. This is all very good for the drug businesses and psychiatrists, but not very good for their patients or society.

5) As an historical example, take the Spanish Inquisition. The Priests and Church wanted "holiness" and "Godliness" to reign throughout the land. Instead of creating it through communication and understanding, they instead concentrated upon the deviations from "holiness", and attacked heresy through extensive arrests, tribunals, court trials, torture and even public murder (burning at the stake, etc.). Of course, it's quite impossible to educate sane and observant people into a crazy belief system, and the only available avenue is oppression and force. There are many similar examples throughout history. Nazi Germany, following popular genetic theories, attempted to perfect Man and bring about the "Ubermensch" (Nietzche's "superman") by sterilizing people with low IQs, and eradicating "poor human stock". Again, they didn't try to locate the positive of what makes Man great, and build upon it, but instead tried to destroy what they imagined inhibited man's greatness. They basically assumed that if all the bad human traits were removed, then only the good traits would be left. What they completely missed is that the good always must be actively created. They basically had a noble idea with a brutally evil means toward reaching their conceived end.

The above examples are actually all cases of applying force against something with the aim to get rid of it. The attitude is one of stomping things out of existence. Sadly, this is the status quo approach on Earth for handling just about anything. This is always less effective and produces less lasting results than the opposite approach of creating or building something positive. Later, more will be said about the use of force to suppress things, and why it occurs.

The above examples exhibit a few of the many ways that Man and his institutions have tended to attack the negative instead of encouraging and bringing about the positive. Part of the problem here is that things are generally attacked that are viewed as or agreed to be bad, harmful or evil. Too often the things in themselves are not anything really, and the problem is that certain people fixate on these things to the neglect of creating and maintaining positive things. Numerous examples can be found in personal relationships involving family, sexuality, jobs and friendship. People chronically point out, criticize and attack what someone does wrong, and too often do little to actually help or bring about the positive condition they seem to insinuate they desire in the other(s). Mommy yells at little Billy for touching things in the store, yet fails to sensibly communicate to him why he should not touch things that are not his own. The husband yells at and beats his wife when caught cheating with a neighbor instead of discussing the problems they each have, how to handle these, and both working towards and becoming people capable of creating a worthwhile relationship and family.

Nothing exists if it is not positively created. Knocking down or destroying unwanted things does not result in the positive thing desired.

This tendency to destroy, as some sort of universal solution to any and all problems, exists in most areas of human involvement. It is largely unsuccessful, produces unanticipated results, and most often ends in failure or worsened situations. Any observant person can easily discover many more examples, both in the past and present. They are everywhere in abundance.

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