Reality, Belief and The Mind

(section 5)
by Gene Zimmer


The nature of the physical universe is force. Force between matter and force between energy. People don't respond well to force. They never have and they never will. People respond to understanding, communication and learning. Understanding, communication and learning are functions of minds. There is nothing in the entire physical universe which extends understanding, initiates communication, grants tolerance, promotes compassion or can learn. At least not like a conscious sentient being can understand and learn. Conscious entities reason, think, initiate action, choose to act morally or immorally, and attach purpose, meaning and "reasons" to everything they see around them and do. No rock, photon, chemical compound, biological organism, or electrical current can or will ever do this. The entirety of the modern social sciences, as they currently exist, directly apply the concepts and approaches derived from an examination of the raw physical universe (modern physical science) to Man and minds, with disastrous results (the modern social "sciences").

Some may attempt to understand this from the aspect of mind (i.e. behavioral psychology, advertising), but only with an aim at controlling, manipulating, forming and adjusting man's ideas and behaviors for their own purposes. A loftier goal is to educate Man himself into these things, increase his awareness and ability of the functions of his own mind, and let him get on with creating a better world.

Treating sentient minds as raw matter is a big error. It is a huge error. War is an example of one group using force to overwhelm another group. A mother smacking her child is another example. Electroshock treatment is another example. Taxation is another example, because if you try to not pay you taxes see what happens - you will be arrested and all your possessions will be forcibly taken from you. Burning heretics at the stake or torturing them is another example. What these all have in common is the application of force, or the threat of force, to minds in an attempt to exact compliance to someone's notions of what you should do, think or say. Force. Its not good for living things. It suppresses and denies self-determinism, creativity and responsibility. That's partially why socialism and communism can never "work". Capitalism also can never work though, because while presented as a "free competitive system", it is actually not this at all - it's a very small group of extremely wealthy people controlling everything and ensuring they remain in control. Their goal is total control and they use every aspect of modern culture to achieve this aim. This is the true meaning of the term "new world order".

The modern "science" of behaviorism has its source in the same flawed notions. People are treated like rocks, bricks and "stuff". If you push on a rock a certain way it will move a certain way. If you heat up a chemical a certain way it will melt or change to a gas in a certain exact way. If you send a current through certain electrical components a certain way, certain exact repeatable results are obtained. The crazy behavioral "scientists" think that if you apply the right force to people in a certain way, then they will "behave" a certain way. And this is true sadly enough because when minds are treated as matter or energy, in the same way utilizing force against them, the power, ability and potential of their minds is reduced and the mind begins to mimic matter and energy. This is not a good thing and it is true only in a degraded and "lower" manner. How?

A healthy, unoppressed human being tends to create and cause the environment to align with his wishes or intentions. He makes things, builds things, and puts things there which weren't there before (whether that be an opera, book, garden, house, painting, marriage, business, friendship, relationship, club, or whatever). A mind in good shape, and left free of force, creates using whatever is available. But when force is applied to a mind, it deteriorates and begins mimicking matter. What is the nature of matter? It is non-sentient, non-causative and tends to follow strict laws and rules. It responds - it doesn't initiate. It obeys unquestioningly. If an object is set in motion it tends to stay in motion unless stopped by an opposing force (such as friction or a barrier). Electricity flows when the battery is connected to the circuit and it stops flowing when the battery connection is broken. Matter creates nothing. It builds nothing. It starts nothing. It understands nothing at all.

When Man and his mind are treated in the same way as matter, he falls away from his nature as a creative agent and becomes like a rock - he gets pushed, shoved, forced, ordered, and basically stops doing what he should be doing - creating the world around him. Ideally, this is done responsibly, joyfully, intelligently and sanely. This is quite impossible when Man is treated as matter, "stuff, or an "animal" (stimulus-response methods). Man's "mind" is a different thing and of a different nature entirely. Modern "materialism" has discarded any notion of Man's mind. It is irrelevant to this discussion whether man's mind is part of his "soul" or "spirit". I am not talking "religion", "spiritualism" or anything else. Functionally, whatever it's actual source, Man's mind exists, is observable to each of us, and possesses qualities and capabilities found nowhere else in all the physical universe. I don't mean to imply that there may not be other sentient beings in other body types on other planets, or that there may not be other forms of consciousness unattached to specific material forms, only that matter itself does not possess these qualities of mind.

The behavioral scientist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and social planner say they are trying to discover the "laws" of man and societies. So they experiment upon people with drugs, electricity, surgery and social control. The true laws are partially explained in this essay. Man is mind above all else. Man's mind creates the world in all it's aspects. There are no natural laws of people and societies except as explained by Man's mind, it's capabilities, and what it does. Various studies within the subject of sociology which examine Man's societies and activities of the past are a complete watse of time if the view is to "figure out Man" and what he is. Man can only be understood by understanding Man's mind. What it is and what it does. This is not "religious", "philosophical" or "opinion". Just look at what minds do, especially your own mind, as that is the only mind you really can know. Minds place attention, desire, intend, create, imagine, think, believe, consider, plan, envision, choose, observe, bestow meaning, agree on purposes, and initiate action. There is more to it, but the basic idea is explained here, and it is radically different from what the modern proponents of materialism propose and enforce on modern man. All they do is enforce upon Man the image of him as an animal, as matter and energy. Their approach is to control him. They have neglected the mind completely, with very negative results. They have removed the "being" from a "human being" and simply have left the animal part - the "human".

Man is NOT only a biological organism. In fact, this is actually the "smaller" part of what he is. His true nature resides in what we conceive to be "mind". This is where all his power, ability and greatness reside. It is grossly neglected, ignored and largely forgotten. And it has been suppressed by most religions as well as social institutions throughout history. Buddhism and the Vedic literature of the Hindus have examined Man as mind, and while having practical methods to realize and expand some of these things, they have also largely failed to disseminate it in a way acceptable and useful to Mankind. Much of Eastern religion and philosophy is fundamentally psychology, and not religion. Western thought has misunderstood the actual meanings, partially due to their own tendency to "intellectualize", but also because the subjects themselves are mired in opinions, Eastern cultural notions, and arbitrary religious connotations.

This is the position modern psychology, psychiatry and social planning has placed modern Man. His mind has been forgotten in favor of genetics, behaviorism and biochemistry. They all depend on force, to some degree and in some form, to get their results. Crime and violence is not rising because of TV. Its rising because Man is viewed as just so many bricks. Morality isn't deteriorating because of a lack of religion, its because the social planners completely believe Man only needs to be placed into suitable controlled environments to "bring out" the ideal "social Man" (as they conceive this to be). Modern "mental health" isn't failing because of chemical brain imbalances or "bad genes", but because psychiatry applies force to minds - physically in the form of involuntary commitment, restraints, straight jackets, and lobotomies, electrically in the form of electric shock treatments, and chemically in the form of drugs.

Social, national and international unrest continue unabated because instead of appealing to understanding, communication, and granting understanding to others (all mind functions), every nation and group in the world uses physical force or deceit (using the mind capabilities incorrectly and dishonestly) to get their messages across and to realize their goals. There is no social, economic or political "system" which can or will make for a decent world utilizing force - and they ALL depend on force. Only the recognition and nurturing of Man and his inherent qualities of "mind" can do this. When Man's mind is neglected and discarded as unimportant, so disappears decency, responsibility, creativity and respect. Every time someone of some group tries to make you believe what they believe, your right as a free being is denied, because your true capabilities as a conscious entity, able to choose belief and determine meaning for yourself, is ignored. This is violated by most people and groups today, due to a lack of understanding of what Man, as a mind, actually is, and conceiving Man to be something else.

It is impossible to "respect" a rock, a molecule or lightning bolt. You might appreciate or admire it's organization and subtle arrangement, but notice again, that it is your mind alone which has the capability to admire and appreciate. The qualities of admiration and appreciation (amongst many others) are not inherent in physical things although they can be bestowed upon, identified with or attached to physical things by the action of conscious minds.

The reason I stated in the beginning of this essay that most educated people are "not smart" is because the social sciences are studied, accepted, believed and followed without a second thought. Yes, many of these college students, and Ph.D.s probably got As, can discuss all manner of complex topics, and are viewed as "smart" by their fellows. Within their respective subjects and systems of thought, they can remain logically consistent and appear to be "right". But, they have failed completely to ever honestly compare the reality of people and their own minds with the destructive results of their arbitrary theories and beliefs. Why? Because they learned ideas and concepts, got real good at playing with these ideas and concepts, but never once imagined that their systems of thought were fundamentally flawed.

It's ironic. Man's modern mind has conceived systems of thought (materialism, modern psychology, psychiatry), which act to deny the very existence of that which did the conceiving! Man believes things which deny his tendency to create belief. Man is convinced of things which ignore his ability to establish conviction. Man has opinions which act to invalidate the value of his opinions.

Materialism - It's True Failure

As systems of logic, the social sciences are fine. The notions, ideas, postulates and theories all make sense within their own framework, but the big problem is that the most basic axioms are false. Man is NOT matter or energy at his most basic level - at least he doesn't function that way when he is in good shape. As anyone knows who has studied logic systems, any system falls apart once the basic axioms are found to be flawed. As I said earlier, if a chemist makes a mistake and blows up his lab, he can adjust his theory, remake his understanding of the laws or rules involved, and not make the same error again. He learns fast, out of necessity.

The same is not true when dealing with people and societies. It takes years and even decades or centuries to realize mistakes have been made. And many people are abused, hurt, and killed along the way. Look at Communism - Karl Marx, Lenin and Stalin believed the ideology of Communism to be "scientific" and based upon "modern scientific social observations". 70 years and millions of butchered people proved the notion flawed. But what was the cost?

We don't have the luxury of treating all humanity and his civilizations as giant labs to run social, religious and political experiments in. Plus, in case you haven't noticed, those who believe all the current social and psychological theories are completely unwilling to entertain even the remotest possibility that their ideas are flawed. Materialism, when applied to human beings, always has devastating results. Look around. Its vividly apparent wherever one looks. There will never be a "good" result where materialism is applied to sentient, conscious beings. There will be greater enforced control, less freedom, and humanity will fade and eventually die out as a species, because the most fundamental aspect of Man, his mind, is denied theoretically and practically through modern flawed "scientific" belief systems. This is equally true for past and present religions, just as it is for modern "science", wherever force, or threats of force, are used to exact adherence to opinions and beliefs.

This is not an argument of materialism versus spirituality. Almost all historical periods, even when characterized by "religious" or "spiritual" influences, have been actually "materialistic" because Man's mind was largely neglected and oppressed in favor of arbitrary belief systems about the physical universe and man's relationship to it. The history of this planet has been mainly characterized by the use of force against Man and his mind to alter belief and behavior, whether these forces were "religious", "political", "economic" or "social". Any perceived dichotomy of "materialism" versus "spirituality" is an illusion and is not part of this discussion. Materialism here means the viewing of everything as inherently physical, with the neglect of man's mind a usual by-product of such a view. Religions have done this as much as any modern "scientific" materialism.

Actually, calling educated people "dumb" is incorrect. Intelligence or "being smart" is primarily characterized by one's ability to understand concepts, relate them to other concepts, and use them together within a complete unique system or field. But as was shown with logic and math, being good at and understanding the axioms, suppositions and concepts of any specific system in no way necessitates any exact or real correlation to anything in the real world of observable facts and situations. This has never been more true than in the case of modern psychology, psychiatry and social planning (people control). It's not that these people aren't "smart". They are often very smart - they have simply been taught and believe false ideas. It's their personal observation and moral integrity which have failed. Also, intelligence has nothing to do with compassion, understanding or decency. There have been brilliant brutes and uneducated humanitarians. Psychiatrists tend to fall within the first group.

The modern educated member of any of the social "sciences", while possibly very "smart", has completely missed the boat, believed completely what has been taught to them, failed to ever view the actual results of their practices, and have propagated severely destructive theories and applications in modern societies. What has made it so much worse is that governments and major financial interests all over the world have funded, agreed with, and supported modern psychology, psychiatry and social control. Why? The answer to that is easy. They think they know what's best for you and they will do whatever they have to do to bring about their notion of an "ordered and well controlled world". They would like you all to act like matter - like bricks - to obey faithfully every order given you, without thought or personal decision. Their notion of an ideal world seems to be one characterized by "order", "predictability" and "harmony". These are actually characteristics of matter, and have no place in a sane and creative world of responsible and competent people. Making sane, creative, and competent people should be the goal of any "mental health system", and making a safe society where honest people can function at their best should be the goal of a proper government. Neither exists today. Sadly, no existing popular or official field of study or subject so much as even desires such a thing. Current Earth is in a sad state of affairs. This is a direct result of applying ideas about the physical world and physical sciences directly to Man, his mind, and his societies.

The current governments and major world financial concerns view Man as just so many bricks to be manipulated, controlled and forced into proper action or subservience. Much of their actions are most likely due to complete ignorance to the truth of what is stated in this essay. But I suspect there are some who know the truth of what I am discussing here, and they choose to do it anyway. You will not find a more blatant example of pure evil anywhere. One of the worst things you can do to any person or society is force them or it to become like matter and energy, because when this is done every vestige of humanity and what makes Man decent and great disappears. He becomes a rock, waiting to be acted upon by an outside force, never initiating anything original, creative or decent. Actually, its worse than that. He becomes a combination of the worse Man can be. Welcome to the 20th century.

Every horror done by and on human beings throughout the entire known (and unknown) history of this planet can be explained by Man having been treated as matter and failing to extend to, grant, and nurture within him understanding, ability, communication, awareness, and personal power as a creative thinking being - a mind. This may sound strangely "mystical" or "religious" to some. It is neither, and is only raw simple truth. Those who would deny Man's right as a free mind, with creativity, awareness and responsibility, are consigning him to oblivion. Regardless of the excuses, justifications or concatenations of logic used by the atheist, materialist, humanist, militarist, nationalist, politician, psychiatrist or religionist, the results are always the same - pain, misery, failure and death. Whenever man's true mind and awareness, and all it's powers and functions are denied, there goes the entire civilization. Force reigns. It has happened before, and it is happening now. This has been the pattern throughout all human history.

There has never been a time where an educated society was taught about their own mind, what it is, how it operates, and with the intention to increase their personal awareness, understanding, ability, power, creativity and success. In fact, Man and his mind have never been adequately studied within any "official" subject, with an aim at doing this. It need not be that way.

Responsibility is a function of a creative mind that is allowed and encouraged to be a creative mind. So is decency, honesty and morality. In a world which suppresses man and his mind, these things disappear - and so they are disappearing in modern civilizations. This is the true source of the world's trouble. It is nothing else. Every other thing or influence which has been cited as a cause, whether political, social, economic, racial, or religious, has this as it's true fundamental explanation. These other situations couldn't exist if the basic ideas in this essay weren't ignored, violated and suppressed. Psychiatric methods inhibit and harm minds, and thereby also harm everything a mind can and should do. Behavioral psychology methods force compliance. Social control manipulates and deceives through miseducation and outright dissemination of lies.

There is only one way to bring about a better world where people can be happy, successful, and free of crime, war, insanity and poverty. As said before, the solution resides in no "system". The solution lies in recognizing, encouraging, and bringing about increased personal ability in each and every human being - through the recognition and nurturing of "mind" functions. And then let them all, as a unit, create whatever world they so desire. But this is so very very far from the view of any current established theory, belief or practice on this planet at this time. This view, if practiced would destroy almost every extant social, political, and religious institution. There are too many people who have much to lose (from their viewpoint and set of beliefs) by the enactment of such a situation. Empowering people threatens them all.

The world at any time is only the sum total of what the people conceive it to be. When they have unclear understandings, vague notions, incorrect conceptions, and false beliefs about themselves and others, the world follows accordingly. Until a majority of the individual people, as creative minds, obtain an accurate understanding of the nature, functions, and capabilities of their own minds, and actually use effective methods to improve the operation of their own minds, the world will continue as it has always and as it is now - chaotic, uncontrollable, violent, oppressive, and failing. The only reason various segments of societies and the world still appear sane, decent and productive is because Man's mind is strong and resilient, and often manifests it's inherent natural tendencies despite the continual efforts against it not to do so. But this will become less and less as more freedom is denied, and as popular psychological and psychiatric theories are increasingly applied to the world's populations.

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