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Gunman shoots 5 in Jewish Center

by William Cooper

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A middle aged man ran into a Jewish community center Tuesday fired 20 to 30 shots, wounded five including at least three children, and then escaped into the night. He was described as a balding white man in his 40s. Authorities state that the motive for the shooting is not known... but we know exactly what it is.

It is no accident that the incident occurred in a Jewish Community Center. The Jewish People have never learned from their past persecution. They repeat the same mistakes again, and again, and again. If every Jew in Europe had owned a gun and had shot every German that came to haul them off to a slave labor camp World War II might not have occurred. If Jews had died it would have been honorably in defense of themselves like those great heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto, and not as human skeletons in slave labor camps. They would not have been forced to dig their own graves. They would not have had to kneel at the edge of those graves and then been shot in the back of the head to topple dead into those graves. They would not have been reduced to ashes in ovens. But Jews have not learned any of this, and it will be Jews who will scream the loudest for more gun control. Jews have not learned that the God of this New World Odor is the intellect of man, that man is God, and that Judaism, along with every other religion will not be allowed. Once again they will become slave labor in a world without God... only this time their fellow slaves will be Christians, and Muslims, and every other religious man or woman who will not accept the new man-God, the new Superman just like Hitler envisioned. I don't want it to happen to ANYONE.

The motive of all these seemingly random acts is gun control. The shooter is another victim of a socialist mind control program. It will be discovered that he is an ex or current mental patient of a mental health professional. He will be discovered to have been, or will be currently on some type of prescribed medication such as Prozac or a similar drug. Watch for him to attempt to commit, or to commit suicide when capture becomes imminent.

President Clinton said about the shooting. ``Once again, our nation has been shaken and our hearts torn by gun violence, it calls on all of us not only to give our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families, but intensify our resolve to make America a safer place.''

I have warned repeatedly that these incidents will continue and grow more frequent and more violent as time rolls by. It will only stop when International socialism realizes it's goal of total and complete disarmament of all People everywhere... and it will not be because People are without guns. It will be because the terror is no longer needed. The agenda will have been served.

A psychiatrist testified on Tuesday that the Georgia boy accused of wounding six classmates in a May school shooting was plagued by suicidal thoughts and believed he heard voices giving commands. But not just voices, robotic voices... exactly the kind of voices that would be produced by an intracerebral implant or intrusive microwave or other electromagnetic devices. We know these procedures exist because every investigation into mind control techniques has produced official documentation and testimony which proves it. The only thing we don't know is the level to which it has been perfected and the methods of its use.

I warn you again that these incidents will escalate in frequency and violence, until these mind control programs are opened up, the victims discovered, and treatment programs are put into place to counter their programming. If this is not accomplished the hysteria will build until most Americans consent to be disarmed. Many of us know that a disarmed People is an enslaved People, and those of us who will not consent will engage the enemy in a great Civil War in an attempt to quell the socialist insurrection, and to reinstate Constitutional Republican government as guaranteed by Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution for the united States of America. It will be a very long, and a very bloody war.

I have fought in a war and I know the terrible consequences of such a course. I have spent many years in a (so far) failed attempt to awaken enough People so that no one will have to suffer through such a war. I very strongly advise you to wake up and help me to solve these problems while there is still a possibility, slim though it may be, to prevent the violent war that is sure to come. I advise you to thoroughly prepare. And don't make the mistake of thinking, "...it can't happen in America". Very powerful competing political ideologies have been set in motion that virtually assure... that it WILL happen in America.

RIGHT Again!

by William Cooper

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The Seattle Times reported that late last year Buford Oneal Furrow, 37, of Washington state, the suspected L.A. shooter, tried to commit himself at the Fairfax Psychiatric Hospital in Kirkland, a Seattle suburb, but got in trouble when he pulled a knife on staffers and eventually pleaded guilty to second-degree assault. Our sources in Washington report that Furrow complained that he heard voices in his head. Sources claim that Furrow has been in and out of mental treatment several times.

Law Enforcement Knew in ADVANCE

by William Cooper

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Los Angeles police or the FBI knew exactly who the perpetrator was and went right to his van parked on a street about 5 miles away near the Van Nuys Airport. Can you imagine how many red vans there are parked on Streets in Los Angeles and vicinity? Police and FBI say they did not know the identity of the shooter until they found his van... BUT of the hundreds of thousands of vans, cars, and trucks parked on the streets of L.A., police knew exactly where his van was parked and went straight to it. All police knew was that the shooter drove away in a red van. Buford Furrow's van is the only red van that was broken open and searched. This can only mean that the FBI or the L.A. Police, or both, knew the crime would occur before it happened... the same as Oklahoma City, and Columbine High School in Colorado.

Typically the police reported the van was full of ammo, survival equipment, and white supremacist literature. Also typically the subversive socialist Southern Poverty Law Center immediately produced a picture. "I have a picture of him, Furrow, in a Nazi outfit,'' said SPLC representative Potok.

Suspect Surrenders

by William Cooper

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Buford Furrow surrendered today in connection with the shooting at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles. In keeping with the profile of a victim of a mind control program he symbolically committed suicide, most probably without knowing. After eluding capture Furrow took a taxi to the Nevada Border at Stateline where he obtained another taxi which took him to Las Vegas. Buford Furrow walked into the Las Vegas field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and surrendered. Bear in mind this is the man who, while voluntarily seeking commitment to a mental institution in Washington, drew a knife on attendants when they attempted to take him into custody. His surrender to the FBI after escaping across the California State line was in fact the symbolic fulfillment of his programming to "commit suicide".

It was revealed that he had ties to so-called hate groups (I wonder if it was the SPLC or the ADL), and had been ordered by a court to continue taking prescription medication for mental problems. The Seattle Times reported today that Furrow attempted to commit himself last year at the Fairfax Psychiatric Hospital in Kirkland, Washington. Dr. Tim Rogge, the hospital's former medical director stated that during a scuffle furrow pulled a knife and was subsequently arrested.

King County court records in Seattle show that Furrow pleaded guilty on April 26 to second-degree assault with a knife. He was sentenced to eight months in jail and 12 months community supervision. Furrow received credit for time served and was released in May.

Veltry Johnson, spokesman for the state Department of Corrections in Olympia, Washington, said the Court ordered Furrow to continue taking prescribed medicine but would not identify the type of drug. No one would comment further on Furrows psychiatric problem.

A close source, an expert on psychotic drugs said, "They don't usually court order people to take anti-depressants and I have never heard of that happening. I guarantee the drug he was on was one of the neuroleptic drugs also called "antipsychotics".

William Cooper is the author of the world famous book, entitled, Behold a Pale Horse. Cooper, a former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, accurately predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the end of the Berlin Wall, and the invasion of Panama. His information came from top secret documents that he read while with the Intelligence Briefing Team and from over 20 years of research. This book is a must read before you cast another vote at election time. One can now understand the new terminology in the news like: 'The New World Order' and 'The Council on Foreign Relations

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