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Subject: Rosicrucians, US Government etc.


I have almost finished the book "The Biggest Secret" and have been awakened from my deep sleep. I have made many observations since I opened the book that I want to share with you. I was a US Marine and am currently a police officer so I have seen many things that most have not. Here are some of my thoughts and observations in no particular order:

#1 I live in Pennsylvania in an area where the stores, law firms, farms, land and everything else is owned by four German families which are the: Detweiler's, Landis, Bergey's amd Moyer's {formerly Meyer's}. All of these families are millionaires and run the whole area including politics.

Furthermore we have a major Rosicrucian headquarters in Quakertown in the middle of the woods with a mausoleum, pyramids and all. It's a real eerie place that must be seen. The front for the temple and the grounds is a publishing company that prints theological materials, but i can't recall the name.

#2 As i already said before I was in the Marine Corps, and wanted to let you know that the official colors of the Corps. were red and gold, which falls into what you stated in your book. And also that the brainwashing in the corps is unbeleivable and the motto is instant willing obedience to orders without question of authority. The emblem of the corps is the eagle, globe and anchor.

#3 I was once on a tour with the USO in Okinowa,Japan and we went into a deep cavern that was called the cave of the virgins and myself and the other tourists heard a very loud deep growl from the darkness below that sounded like a large monster of some sort and we all ran like hell to get out of there, but we never saw anything. Even the tour guide was scared shitless and attempted to explain it to us in broken English as the spirit of the great dragon.

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