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The one thing that convinced me at the time there was much more to the death of Diana, was a smarmy little piece, in The Spectator magazine dated 9 August 1997, a few days before she died. Written ostensibly by the late Alan Clark, Tory MP for Kensington & Chelsea, it was about how the press would most likely drive Diana to suicide, or death in 'unexplained circumstances'. It seemed almost to be preparing the way for what was about to happen, to alert a certain type of person.

It even mentioned the photographers: "And still elusive, though occasionally one must assume in the telescopic sight of every editor, is the ultimate trophy, the most brightly plumaged of all: to accelerate, and then to be the first to capture, the sudden death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 'unexplained circumstances'.

And we know about The Spectator's connections with the secret services, don't we.

I mean, with so much attention on the tiny details
NO-ONE ever mentioned
this weirdly timely piece!


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