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The Ramtha School near Yelm in Washington State is one of the best known New Age centres in the United States. "Ramtha" is supposed to be an entity channelled by a lady called JZ Knight and these channellings are the foundation of this "school." This is a posting from a conspiracy investigator, Per Sewn, Illuminati News.

I have a friend who receives a news letter from Ramtha school - she's not a member anymore, but still gets the paper. Sir Laurence Gardner is a most welcomed visitor and lecturer at the school and his briefings are part of the belief of the Ramtha members. He is also a good friend of "Ramtha" and JZ Knight. I got this note from my friend this morning:

"Got some Ramtha news today. Ramtha has left. He says for good but one never knows. JZ Knight has taken off for 6 months travelling around the world with her boyfriend. Before Ramtha left he announced that JZ has been on Prozac for 2 years and it has healed her!!!!

JZ and Ramtha know that whatever they say or comment on, the mass of followers pick up on it immediately. So now everyone in the "Master's Community" are looking to get on Prozac.

The word has spread all over the world and the person I talked to said he even got a call from Australia asking how to get this prozac and could he send some over. So he was asking me about it. He didn't have alot more details because the announcements are made during "wine ceremonies" when everyone is drunk.

1) A trusted friend whom is totally reliable.
2) Ramtha newsletter
3) Ramtha member who spoke to my friend.

Per Sewn

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