A Review of Nuremburg

By L. Savage

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The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.
- Joseph Mengele

One of the new movies of this year is Nuremburg, starring Alec Baldwin. It is available in the U.S. in many video rental stores already, though not for sale through the stores yet.

Reluctantly, I rented the video, expecting the Brotherhood's agenda to attempt to indoctrinate me with their 'approved' version of history, like Schindler's List, rather than presenting any factual information.

While their view was presented in regards to Holocaust atrocities, the movie was probably more factual than even they themselves realized.

After viewing the movie, you realize the Nuremburg trials were a farcical kangaroo court, giving only the appearance of Justice, rather than true Justice. The United States prosecuting attorney, Alec Baldwin, virtually designed the court, chose the Judges, even decided on who could be defense attorneys. The word tribunal rang loud and clear, denoting the trial to be a military trial and not a trial by a jury of your peers.

When you watch the movie, there are several places in the film which refer to Texas. I never discovered the reason for the Texas symbolism which was woven in and out of the movie, unless it was to parallel Texas as a conquered nation, like Germany.

The most interesting view in the movie was that of a Jewish psychologist, who was in charge of counseling the 22 'war criminals', while awaiting their (haha) day in court. Towards the end he had determined that the German people were subjects of mass mind control to obey authority (though these exact terms were not used). The German people blindly obeyed all authority, even Hitler.

When the psychologist approached Goerring, with several questions, he answered with some very revealing answers....

What about the concentration camps to inter your own citizens in Germany? Is it any different than the United States interring the American Japanese in concentration camps (while stealing their assets and properties)?

Why remove the Jews from Germany? To remove the Freemasonic Jewish economic control.

What about the discrimination towards the Jews by Germany? It is only a matter of degree different from the discrimination against the black race in the United States.

What about the extermination of people the Germans feel are less than human or below them? And what was Nagasaki and Hiroshima about?

Definately food for thought!

On the witness stand, (in the movie) the commandant of Auschwitz readily admitted to the extermination of 2.5 million people, mostly Jews. The movie also brought out that the French were subjected to the same camp and the Russians kept having to remind the other powers that 20 million Russian citizens were killed by the Nazis... a minor point that the history books ignore to this day.

I don't recall the number '6 million Jews' being brought up in the movie in regards to Auschwitz at anytime. (must be a CJC thing)

The entire court room drama, reminded me of the video tape interview with John DeCamp, in his saying to read the book Billy Budd to understand the legal system.

While the movie left you with the impression that the prosecutors, and judges were doing what they thought was 'right', the failure to provide justice, and only a kangaroo court rang clear. It appeared that Rudolf Hess played the entire Allied consortium for fools.

The only 'right' to try these people for crimes was the old platitude, 'to the victor the spoils' -- no valid basis in law, depending on treaties, which cannot set a precedent for crimes, since they are NOT law.

The acting was superb and it will hold your attention....leaving the impression that 22 men were on trial for the crimes of millions, and they were going to be found guilty regardless of their actual involvment.

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