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Mind Control, biological and chemical experimentation conducted on unsuspecting and unwilling human subjects, using the cruelest and most inhuman methods imaginable is not simply a figment of someone's imagination or confined to a science fiction book or movie. It is a very real and serious ongoing problem which Canadians of all ages, ethnic, cultural and professional backgrounds continue to be subjected to. Covert experimentation is an extremely serious issue that all sectors of society must become more aware of and develop an effective counter response to.

We will introduce the subject of Mind Control by posting a report written by R.W. Nicholson & Associates for the Kootenay/Boundary Experimental Victims Support Network in November 2000. The Kootenay/Boundary Experimental Victims Support Network is a non-public support group. The report written for this group was titled:




Introduction to:



The Kootenay/Boundary Area of

South-Central British Columbia

For decades, innocent Canadian citizens of all ages and walks of life have been the uninformed and unconsenting targets of a multitude of secret, often deadly, research experiments. These experiments continue to be sanctioned by the Canadian Federal Government under the disguise of National Security. With limited exception, all experiments are controlled by the respective Canadian civilian intelligence and military sectors.

Available documentation identifies the foundation for these covert experiments originated during the Second World War under the sanction and direction of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) the forerunner of the present day Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA replaced the OSS in 1947.

Historians and mental health professionals have identified the fact that the majority of experiments that have been perpetrated by the CIA on Canadian and American citizens are continuations of Nazi experimentation, particularly those conducted by Dr. Strughold in the Nazi death camp at Dacha.

In order to acquire the knowledge that the Germans had obtained at the expense of countless human lives and unimaginable suffering, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces, gave his personal approval to exploit the work and research conducted in the Nazi death camps. The American Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered the relocation of Dr. Strughold and 34 other Nazi scientists to Randolph Air Force Base at San Antonia, Texas.

It is widely believed that as many as 3000 Nazi war criminals were given immunity and sanction in both Canada and the United States so that the advances made in both medical research and rocket science by the Nazi could secretly continue in North America.

In order to explore and identify the extent and magnitude of the CIA experimentation and the exploitation of innocent Canadian citizens it is crucial that a general understanding of the complexity of the subject be identified prior to probing into current areas where physical evidence is not readily available and only the consistency of information provided by a multitude of professionals and experimental survivors identifies factual accuracy at a circumstantial level.

The following information is found - ( verbatim ) in the report of the PROJECT MKULTRA, THE CIA'S PROGRAM OF RESEARCH IN BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION - Joint Hearing before the Select Committee On Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee On Human Resources United States Senate - Ninety Fifth Congress - First Session, August 3, 1977.

A1. Research into the effects of behavioral drugs and/or alcohol. 56 subprojects identified of which an unknown amount were conducted on unwitting human subjects.

A2. Research on hypnosis. 8 subprojects identified, 2 of which included hypnosis and drugs in combination.

A3. Acquisition of chemicals or drugs. 7 subprojects identified.

A4. Aspects of magicians' art useful in covert operations; e.g. unauthorized delivery of drug related materials. 6 subprojects identified.

A5. Library searches and attendance at seminars and international conferences on behavioral modification. 6 subprojects identified.

A6. Studies of human behavior, sleep research, and behavioral changes during psychotherapy. 9 subprojects identified.

A7. Polygraph research. 3 subprojects identified.

A8. Funding mechanisms for MKULTRA external research activities. 3 subprojects identified.

A10. Research on drugs, toxins, and biologicals in human tissue; provision of exotic pathogens and the capacity to incorporate them in effective delivery systems. 6 subprojects identified.

A11. Unknown objectives, documentation non-specific. 3 subprojects identified.

A12. Single subprojects in such areas as electro shock, harassment techniques for offensive use, analysis of extrasensory perception, gas propelled sprays and aerosols. 4 subprojects involving crop and material sabotage.

A13. One of two subprojects on each of the following: "Blood Grouping" research, controlling the activities of animals, energy storage and transfer in organic systems; and stimulus and response in biological agents.

Additionally documented in this 1977 Senate Committee report are the following points of interest:

B1. The 13 areas of research identified was just the tip of the iceberg.

B2. CIA director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of all records in January 1973. No one will ever be able to absolutely identify all the locations or individuals that participated in these experiments and the extent of the experimentation on unwitting human test subjects will never truly be known.

B3. There were at least 185 non-government researchers and assistants and at least 80 institutions involved. The institutions include 44 colleges or universities, 15 research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies, 12 hospitals or clinics ( in addition to those associated with universities ) and 3 penal institutions.

B4. Experiments were conducted in foreign countries.

B5. Discrediting and disabling materials were available that could be covertly administered.

Copies of this and other reports may be obtained by contacting the Congressional Information Services, 4520 East-West Highway - Bethesda, Maryland - 20814-3389. In 1998 the price of this report was $62.00 ( US ).

There are several examples available that provide evidence of a variety of experiments conducted in Canada however for the purposes of this report the following is offered for consideration. This case example was documented by Anne Collins in her book The Sleep Room and further exposed in the 1998 CBC documentary The Sleep Room.

In brief, this is the identification of experiments involving electro-shock and experimental drugs by Dr. Ewen Cameron on patients at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal, Quebec, between the years 1950 and 1965.

Dr. Cameron used a variety of drugs to prolong his patients sleep, often for periods of up to two months. He would then wake these patients and subject them to massive electro-shock treatments which ultimately reduced the patients mind to a child like state.

In 1992, Dr. Cameron's experiments were exposed, but only after he and many of the patients had died. The Canadian government then offered and ex-gratia payment of $100,000 to former patients who had undergone a treatment termed "depatterning", provided they signed a waiver protecting the government and hospital against court action and that any court action against the government be withdrawn. The government further stated that the payments did not construe any admission of liability.

Copies of this document are posted below and may also be obtained from the Canadian Government through the Library of the Parliament of Canada. The document is cataloged as reference; P.C. 1992-2302-Order Respecting Ex Grata Payments to Persons Depatterned at the Allan Memorial Institute Between 1950 and 1965. Copies may also be requested through your local M.P. (free)

MKULTRA - 1977 Senate Hearing Report
MKULTRA: 1977 Senate Hearing Report
MKULTRA: 1977 Senate Hearing Report

Category B5 (above) disabling and discrediting material, is an extremely important point for survivors, mental health professionals, researchers as well as the general public to be aware of.

Although Category B5 identifies the covert 'planting' of various materials, evidence obtained and documented since the 1977 Senate Hearings also identifies the fact that agents, operatives and contractors have also been strategically placed within government and non-government agencies as an added defense against the identification and exposure of covert experiments and operations. It is the function of these strategically placed individuals to discredit, alter and destroy evidence whether it be physical or circumstantial, by whatever legal and illegal means necessary.

One point of reference that undeniably supports Category B5 is found in the story of Dr. Ewen Cameron itself. Dr. Cameron was the president of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations during the time periods in which he conducted his experiments.

Presently, there is concern and allegations from numerous mental health professionals in both Canada and the United States, that some of the educational material and training techniques available to the mental health and social worker professions has been intentionally structured to avoid or discredit certain areas of traumatization, in particular the areas involving Satanic ritual abuse. There is considerable documented evidence available that identifies the fact that Satanic ritual abuse very frequently overlaps into covert mind control experimental situations.

The False Memory Syndrome is also a very serious concern to mental health professionals as many of the psychiatrists and psychologists who are supporting the False Memory Syndrome have been identified as being involved with some aspect of the CIA mind control experiments.

Government structured training programs that specifically deal with or target the subjects of Mind Control and Satanic Ritual Abuse available to Child Protection workers in British Columbia are virtually non-existent. The fact is, official opposition to these issues is more the normal structured response.

Canadian intelligence agencies, especially the RCMP, CSIS and NSIS all claim that they do not have any specialized training, nor do they have any specific section or unit that investigates Satanic ritual abuse. The RCMP claim that they only investigate allegations on a case per case basis and do not compile specific information in their data base. On the subject of basic sex crimes themselves, the RCMP are quoted in correspondence to R.W. Nicholson & Associates, dated November 14, 2000 as saying; 'The responsibility for sex crimes lies locally within each Division or Detachment. Because of the different levels of government - municipal, provincial and federal - the jurisdictional aspects of law enforcement are sometimes confusing. This is complicated by the fact that the RCMP provides a provincial policing service under contract to certain provinces.'

Both CSIS and NSIS claim to have absolutely no interest in the subjects of Satanic ritual abuse, mind control or any other form of covert experiments and illegal operations that are or have been conducted on Canadians in Canada. The response from NSIS and CSIS is very disconcerting, given that the information and evidence is readily available from their counterparts throughout the world. The acknowledgment and use of just the existing information alone could easily assist many adult survivors while dramatically reducing the occurrence of many illegal and covert operations that exploit children.

One can only speculate as to why Canadian government agencies deny that these types of operations and practices are real, why they refuse to acknowledge factual United States government documented evidence and why they absolutely refuse to investigate current disclosures that identify ongoing case scenarios.

There is additional evidence that identifies these areas, available to anyone who may wish to further pursue their own individual inquiries. The following are only a few examples of what type of supportive evidence is available from such reputable individuals as a former U.S. State Senator, a retired FBI Bureau Chief, a former CIA Mind Control Operative and a former CIA Sex Slave.

In his book, the Franklin Cover-Up, former Nebraska State Senator, John DeCamp identifies a pedophile ring that involves top government officials throughout the world including Canada and the United States. He also identifies Toronto, Ontario as being an international child slave auction center. Copies of John DeCamp's book may be obtained by contacting him directly at: 414 South 11th Street - Lincoln, Nebraska - 68508:

Retired FBI Bureau Chief, Ted Gunderson has a large assortment of written materials and videos that are readily available for review. His video on Satanism and the CIA, identifies the intelligence communities involvement with and use of Satanism as part of their covert operations. His material identifying the CIA Finders Operation, involving government sanctioned child abductions also definitely relates to the subject of this report. To obtain a list of materials available, he may be contacted by writing to him at: 211 Wiltshire Boulevard - Suite 422 - Santa Monica, California - 90403. He may also be contacted at: http://www.educate-yourself.org

In their book, Trance-Formation of America, former CIA Mind Control Sex Slave, Cathy O'Brien and former CIA Mind Control Operative, Mark Phillips identify the use and sexual exploitation of children by the CIA while additionally exposing the involvement of numerous organizations and influential individuals, including two former Canadian Prime Ministers. Their information may be accessed at: http://www.trance-formation.org

The exploitation of children has been documented by several other professional sources as well. All sources have identified children as being an integral component of not only mind control experiments but a variety of other covert operations as well.

Similar to the CIA drug smuggling operations in South-east Asia and Central America, the proceeds of child slavery, prostitution and pornography is used to finance any number of covert operations. It is premature however, to identify the child aspect prior to proceeding to an area that was and by all accounts, still is of specific interest to Canadian and American military and civilian intelligence agencies.

In response to Russian advances made in mind control that were used by Joseph Stalin on his opponents during the 1953 Russian 'Show Trials', the CIA increased its interest in and research of mind control techniques. In the case of the 'Show Trials', influential opponents to Stalin confessed to crimes that they themselves believed they had committed and yet history has shown they did not and could not have committed.

Of specific interest to the CIA in this particular case was the use of hypnotism and drugs by the Russians. Evidence to confirm this area of research is available from many professional sources, including Mr. W.H. Bowart, Dr. Randy Noblitt, and Mr. Fritz Springmeir.

Mr. Bowart may be contacted by writing the Freedom of Thought Foundation - P.O. Box 35072 - Tucson, Arizona - 85740 or: http://www.freethinking.ws

Mr. Fritz Springmeir may be contacted by writing to him at; 9205 S.E. Clackamas Rd - Clackamas, Oregon - 97015.

Many researchers and historians firmly believe, based on a multitude of disclosures, that the Kootenay/Boundary area of British Columbia was an area of strategic importance in conducting a variety of experiments, particularly in response to the advances made in Russian research during the cold war era.

This particular area of British Columbia was chosen because of the high concentration of people of both Russian and Japanese descent. According to researchers and former U.S. Intelligence personnel, in order to develop a defense to the Russian threat, experiments on Russians was considered a top national security priority. Experiments were conducted in order to obtain accurate information and experimental results prior to tentative or actual use and deployment in the former U.S.S.R. One former U.S. Intelligence officer has even gone so far as to say he suspects that the entire population of this area was considered totally disposable.

The use of minorities and children by the CIA can be found in the material of many researchers including the material of Harry V. Martin and David Caul. Martin and Caul's minorities and children's' article is found in the Napa Valley newspaper, The Napa Sentinel - Napa Valley, California. Their mind control series is also available at: http://www.freeamerica.com/

The conclusions of researchers and historians are circumstantially supported by evidence that has been compiled by mental health professionals throughout Canada and the United States for more than two decades. Although this evidence is circumstantial, the hundreds of independent disclosures identifying various levels, aspects and locations of experimentation are consistent with each other, in addition to being consistent with the known and identified operations that were conducted in the United States.

It should be noted that these disclosures referred to are independent of the many disclosures that identify a multitude of horrors inflicted upon Russian/Canadian children after the Canadian government removed the children from their families and relocated them to the New Denver facility at New Denver, B.C. The subject matter of the New Denver facility does relate to the subject of covert experimentation and related operations, however it is independent of the material in this report.

One disclosure that is fairly consistent with numerous others, yet contains a unique remark that is very significant, came from an elderly woman who had lived in the Boundary area for most of her life. Due to the complexity of this disclosure, only the portion relating to the women herself, can be provided at this time. Her disclosure identifies that she was used as a sex slave by police officers, military personnel and a variety of other government official and business people during the late 1950's and early 1960's. She stated that members of the British Columbia Provincial Police Force would come to her home while her husband was away working and her children were at school and take her to various locations for sexual purposes. She further stated that she was forced to take drugs and perform bizarre sexual acts with males, females and groups over a period of several years. She acknowledged that she received severe threats targeting her adolescent children and husband if she ever identified what she and other women were being subjected to. The significance of this particular disclosure is that the woman said that the Canadian police uniforms reminded her of the Russian military uniform which subconsciously reinforced her fear.

The fear factor and threats against her family are very common and used more effectively on children by virtually all groups and individuals who exploit children. Children who are abused and exploited are normally threatened to such an extent that in many cases the traumatization, in whatever form it occurred, may not surface until later in life, if it surfaces at all.

In addition to the numerous disclosures of experimentation that have been made throughout the years, the unusually high rate of cancer in some areas of the Kootenay/Boundary area has caught the attention and interest of several Canadian and American researchers.

Unfortunately, none of this information or the absolute identification of the Kootenay/Boundary area will ever be totally confirmed because of the destruction of the CIA files in 1973. However, the numerous individual disclosures themselves are considered to be accurate and reliable confirmation by all involved professionals.

In addition to identifying the Russian/Canadian population of the Kootenay/Boundary area of British Columbia, several researchers and mental health professionals are presently examining the possible connection of covert experimentation to British Columbia Native Residential Schools. In this case the identification and exposure of dental experiments by the news media in 2000 supports these concerns. For further information on abuse in native residential schools, see: http://canadiangenocide.nativeweb.org/

The majority of people who have been and are being subjected to experimentation are very young. There is always some form of sexual abuse, drug exposure or medical manipulation by authority figures. Primarily identified are law enforcement personnel (currently RCMP) and military personnel. The disclosures frequently contain some aspect of alien or satanic influence.

Most often the alien aspect of survivor disclosures has been identified by mental health professionals as being attributed to the effects if various drugs, holograms and three dimensional imaging that is used to disorient the victim and act as a defensive factor for any disclosures that may occur. This does not mean that alien abduction and experimentation does not exist, it simply means that the alien aspect was and is exploited in order to divert attention and discredit the survivor. The alien aspect definitely identifies category A4 - the use of magician's art for covert operations - that was identified in the 1977 Senate Hearing.

The Satanic aspect is very different from the alien aspect, simply due to the fact that Satanism has been occurring for centuries. This aspect, as it relates to covert mind control experimentation, has again been identified as originating from the Nazi Experiments and has been directly attributed to specific operations conducted by the Nazi SS. This particular Satanic methodology is not new and has been used by many different groups throughout the centuries to control individuals, primarily utilizing the fear factor.

The use of Satanism magnifies traumatization and dramatically expands the fear factor by incorporating murder and dismemberment of animals and/or humans. Whether it is traditional Satanism or structured Satanism for experimental mind control purposes and other covert operations, the fear factor is an important part of the indoctrination procedure for mind manipulation and control purposes.

The disclosures made by survivors are often so bizarre that most people, including family members, investigators and mental health professionals who are unfamiliar or untrained in the area, very often simply label the survivor as having some sort of mental disorder. Very often the survivors are mis-diagnosed with various disorders, including disassociative identity disorders not otherwise specified.

There is supportive evidence which confirms Satanic activity, available from many professionals and organizations in both Canada and the Unites States. One of significant interest, from a police or investigative perspective, may be reviewed in the Pennsylvania State Police - Criminal Investigation and Missing Persons Unit - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Missing Persons Bulletin - Volume 3, Number 3. The Pennsylvania State Police mailing address is; 1800 Elmerton Avenue - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - 17110, or contact them at: http://www.psp.state.pa.us/

The incorporation of Satanism and Extraterrestrials into experiments is again another deliberate defensive strategy used by covert operations to avoid detection and identification. For example, a child saying that there was sexual abuse perpetrated by a police officer and a space alien or a teacher and the devil is unfortunately almost always dismissed as the child's over imagination when in fact the abuse and manipulation may be far more accurate than anyone in authority cares to admit. The use of magician's art and illusions for covert operations has been confirmed, therefore the procedure must be acknowledged by all agencies and personnel legitimately investigating the abuse and exploitation of children.

Control of people is the ultimate goal of all covert experiments and operations and mind control is the priority. Basically, mind control techniques fragment or section the mind so that the external construction of additional and desirable personalities is possible. This is done so that the victim can be used in any number of ways at any time by triggering the victim and activating the desired constructed personality.

Although this procedure is very complicated, a simplified explanation is to say that mind control, triggering and activations can be loosely compared to a stage hypnotist hypnotizing someone and then having that person dance and cluck like a chicken on stage. The hypnotist then brings the person out of their altered state with the person having no memory of doing anything. Simply put, mind control victims are programmed into Jeckel and Hyde. Any number and types of installed personalities may be activated by any number of predetermined triggers at any given time.

The victim can be anyone in society who has been subjected to any form of mind control. The victim changes when triggered or activated and can change from a normal functioning person in society to anything from a sex slave to an assassin. Activation triggers can be incorporated into any of the human senses such as sight, sound, smell and touch. Triggers can range from a specific smell or scent, to a voice command order received during a telephone call or an inaudible microwave frequency transmitted by any number of conventional methods, including television and radio.

Normally an individual who starts to remember their experiences begin by having bizarre dreams which often turn into intense reoccurring nightmares. These dreams then 'leak' from the subconscious and begin to influence the conscious aspect of the persons life. As the influence becomes more frequent, it negatively impacts the persons personality and daily activities to such a degree that it often becomes a noticeable concern to both the individual and others.

The variables to individual responses are too numerous to discuss in brief, however the most significant to the individual overall are the homicide and suicide triggers, with the suicide aspect being the most prominent. Basically, when the victim begins to remember or gets to the point where identification of locations, personnel, and techniques is possible the suicide program that was installed during the mind control procedures is activated and the individual is at extreme risk of committing suicide.

There have been numerous disclosures relating to activities in south-central British Columbia, however there are two disclosures that stand out in reference to the 'suicide programming.' These disclosures were made independently of each other by a male and a female three years apart. Both victims were residing in different parts of the province when the consistent disclosures were made. Both of these victims stated that they were part of a small group of children exploited by the RCMP, military and various other authorities for experimental and sexual purposes. Both state that the exploitation began when they were in grade 2 and ended when they entered high school. Both state that all the children in the group were taken from school, exploited during school hours and returned before the end of the school day. The exploitation primarily included sexual abuse and drug experimentation, with vague reference to medical procedures. School teachers were not identified as partaking in the exploitation and neither knew if their teachers were involved at an accessory level. Both said their parents did not and still do not know about their ordeals. Out of the entire group of children, they claim that aside from themselves, there is only one other victim still alive. The others committed suicide at different times in their lives and all before they reached the age of 30. The suicides have been confirmed and the enrollment of these other children in the same school has been verified. This child exploitation case occurred between 1968 and 1972.

Most victims, whether they are children or adult usually identify being taken to some type of underground facility sometime during the course of their exploitation. During the cold war era, numerous underground facilities were built in and around public buildings and military complexes all across North America. Private citizens even built bomb shelters in their backyards in response to the impending threat of nuclear war.

There were countless underground facilities built all across British Columbia during the 1950's and 1960's. Some of these facilities still exist under public buildings throughout the Kootenay/Boundary area. An example of a subterranean facility in a public location is the underground passageway that leads from the Grand Forks High School in Grand Forks to the Elementary School across the highway. According to school district employees, this passageway is presently being used as a storage facility.

Underground mine sites is also another area of interest. The Kootenay/Boundary area has literally hundreds of abandoned mine sites. Some sites were short lived while others had extensive operations with miles of tunnels. An independent historical research group has been conducting research on the mining history of the area that is unrelated to the context of this report, however their findings may be of further interest. In addition to identifying, locating and photographing all known mine sites they are also recording the changes in ownership.

There was and is absolutely no regard for the physical and psychological well-being of innocent people subjected to any experimentation. This fact was made very clear by Captain George Hunter White, an OSS agent and former high ranking Federal Narcotics Bureau official, when he wrote of his involvement with the CIA's LSD experimentation. Captain White is quoted as stating; ' Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest?'

Almost every Canadian and American intelligence and military organization has been identified as being involved in some aspect of experimentation, however the 1977 Senate Hearings reported that only a few persons actually knew the full extent of the operations. It is not realistic to simply accuse entire agencies when only covert sections of these agencies are guilty of these types of operations. It is however, realistic to accuse and condemn all agencies for not responding to the continued suffering that has and is being inflicted on innocent human subjects, most of whom are helpless children.

The serious and devastating effects of covert experimentation is identified in a portion of Dr. Harlan Girard's testimony to the Human Subjects Subcommittee of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission in Washington D.C., on October 19, 1997.

Dr. Girard is on record as stating to the subcommittee, "In 1982, an obscure government office called the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future, published a study called 'Future Agenda'....Now, in two places in that report, 'Future Agenda', the words 'offensive microwave weapons' are used, and in one place the word 'offensive microwave weapons' is linked with the words 'and mind-control mechanisms'.....We've never had a discussion on offensive microwave weapons, which should have occurred in 1992. They're out there. They're in Special Access Programs. They've been used on women's groups like the Greenham Common Women (and) The Women's Encampment for Future Peace and Justice at Seneca Army Depot in New York....

I want to tell you why I use the word 'offensive microwave weapon' as the title of my Committee - because that obscure Chairman of the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future is now the Vice President of the United States, Albert Gore, Jr. So we know that in the highest level of government, people are aware of mind-control mechanisms and offensive microwave weapons.

We have an unblemished history of human experimentation, now dating sixty-five years without relief. Sixty-five years of crimes against humanity which have gone unpunished and for the most part, unacknowledged. You'll be happy to know, the government is no longer experimenting on the poor and vulnerable. It's now experimenting on nice middle-class people like yourselves: psychologists, engineers, social workers, Black, White, Asian, Christian, Jews, Buddhists - it's an equal opportunity killer."

Dr. Harlan Girard can be contacted by writing the International Committee for the Convention Against Offensive Microwave Weapons at; P.O. Box 58700 - Philadelphia, PA - 19102-8700. More of his documentation can be viewed at: http://heart7.net/mcf/girard2.htm

The following year on June 11, 1998, the United States Committee on Government Reform and Oversight Subcommittee on Human Resources U.S. House of Representatives, heard testimony from Eric M. Meslin, Ph.D., Executive Director of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission.

Dr. Meslin is on record as stating, " The National Bioethics Advisory Commission was established by President Clinton through Executive Order # 12975. It is charged with advising and making recommendations regarding the appropriateness of government policies, guidelines, and regulations as they relate to the bioethical issues arising from research on human biology and behavior."

The National Bioethics Advisory Commission can be contacted by writing; National Bioethics Advisory Commission - 6100 Executive Blvd - Suite 5B01 - Rockville, MD - 20892-7508. Their documentation can be viewed at: http://www.bioethics.gov/

MKULTRA and its umbrella project produced a data base that allowed mind control experiments to continually expand and focus their attention on the masses. Microwave and related spectrum frequency induced mind control is one example of the byproducts of these earlier procedures. The original MKULTRA objectives were to fragment, record and map the function of the human brain.

Children have always been exploited for experimental purposes and they appear to have been a top priority for what has been termed 'brain mapping operations.' In addition to conventional institutions, children were targeted and exploited through sanctioned cult activities, pornography operations and abductions. Children were and are considered a priority because of the need to map the growth and development of functioning human brains. Neutralization, suppression or controlled distortion of certain brain functions during the growth process of childhood increases the overall effectiveness of mass mind control.

The exploitation of children for experimental purposes will in all probability remain classified for decades to come and denied by all parties involved, however there is current information available for consideration. On March 06, 1998, the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) promulgated the 'NIH policy and Guidelines on the Inclusion of Children as Participants in Research Involving Human Subjects.' This announcement is contained in the OPRR Report on Human Subject Protections, Number 98-03. OPRR is now called the Office For Human Research Protection. This and other related reports can be reviewed at: http://ohrp.osophs.dhhs.gov/

Now that the function of the human brain has been recorded and mapped, mind control has taken on a whole new dimension. The human brain is like the circuit board of a computer and is now accessible and controlled from any distance.

In 1995, Dr. M.A. Persinger of the Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory at Laurention University -Ramsey Lake Road - Sudbury, Ontario, wrote an article on the electromagnetic stimulation of the human brain. His article is titled, 'On The Possibility Of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain By Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms.'

Excerpts from this 8 page article are both enlightening and frightening. Paragraph 02 is quoted as; 'One logical extrapolation to a neurophysical basis of consciousness is that all experiences must exist as correlates of complex but determined sequences of electromagnetic matrices. They would control the theme for the format of cognition and affect while the myriad of possible serial collections of random variations of 'noise' within the matrices could potentially differentiate between individuals brains. Indication of these sequences could allow direct access to the most complex neurocognitive processes associated with the sense of self, human consciousness and the aggregate of experimental representations (episodic memory) that define the individual within the brain (Squire, 1987).

The last paragraph is quoted as; 'Within the last two decades (Persinger, Ludwig, Ossenkopp 1973) a potential has emerged which is improbable but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium in which all members of the species are immersed. The historical emergence of such possibilities, which have ranged from gunpowder to atomic fusion, have resulted in major changes in the social evolution that occurred inordinately quickly after the implementation. Reduction of the risk of inappropriate application of these technologies requires the continued and open discussion of their realistic feasibility and implications within the scientific and public domain.'

Dr. Persinger summarizes his article by writing; 'Contemporary neuroscience suggests the existence of fundamental algorithms by which all sensory transduction is translated into an intrinsic, brain-specific code. Direct stimulation of these codes within the human temporal or limbic cortices by applied electromagnetic patterns may require energy levels which are within the range of both geomagnetic activity and contemporary communications networks. A process which is coupled to the narrow band of brain temperature could allow all normal brains to be effected by a sub harmonic whose frequency range at about 10Hz would only vary by 0.1 Hz.

Dr. Persinger's report simply identifies the fact that the electromagnetic frequencies of the human brain have been decoded and mapped. Six billion humans are susceptible to mass mind control through specific frequencies that can be transmitted through existing communication networks.

Additional documentation related to Dr. Persinger's research at the Laurentian University can be viewed at: http://www.laurention.ca/http://www.laurentian.ca/neurosci/contacts.html

In a report from University of Oregon in 1978, it was identified that microwave pulses both EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) and HMP (high-powered pulsed microwave) were being tested in populated areas by the American intelligence and military communities. The unconsenting human test subjects experienced strange vibrations coming from their homes, primarily in the form of humming noises. Other symptoms included hearing voices, insomnia, and burning corneas (sore eyes). Not all subjects heard the vibrations or voices however all experienced insomnia and sore eyes. This reports may be accessed via the university archives at: http://www.ohsu.edu/

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people for the Kootenay/Boundary area of British Columbia who have reported experiencing almost identical experiences and symptoms as those identified in the University of Oregon report. These ongoing reportings would strongly suggest, if not identify, that EMP and/or HMP is currently being tested or used in this area.

Additional symptoms identified in this area of British Columbia include a feeling of nausea, often severe and frequently lasting more than one day, short lasting distorted sense of balance or slight dizziness, accompanied by head aches. The head aches appear to be primarily located at the base of the skull and/or behind the ears.

A video tape recording of the communication complex located in the west Boundary area, taken in February 2000, recorded light flashes and a high pitched audio frequency or 'beeping'. Neither the light flashes or the 'beeping' were noticeable to the conscious human senses of sight and sound during the filming and were only identified when the video was reviewed.

The identification of the light flashes and 'beeping' have not been absolutely confirmed, however Dr. Harlan Girard of the International Committee On Offensive Microwave Weapons has strongly suggested that because light itself is an electromagnetic phenomena, the light flashes may be infra-red. The audible sound or 'beeping' has not yet been identified, however it has been suggested that it may be some type of security signal. Similar light phenomena has been identified on several videos and still photographs throughout the province.

There are numerous, if not infinite frequencies within the full spectrum that are in use or can and are being tested. Infra-red frequencies, in addition to being of significant concern in regard to the subject of mind control, are equally important to physical health issues. The transmission of infra-red causes frequency radiation (FR) and is a major concern because FR negatively affects the body's immune system and promotes cancer growth. The United States government knows which frequencies are pathological because the biological effects of high energy electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has been weaponized.

According to the British Columbia Cancer Registry Statistics, there were 447 new cancer diagnoses in the west Kootenay/Boundary (WKB) in 1999. 30 of these diagnoses have been categorized as being other/unknown. The statistics for the east Kootenay's identify 315 new diagnoses with 23 cases being listed in the other/unknown category.

Of the 16 types of cancer identified in the 1999 statistics, the 4 most prevalent types to both Kootenay regions are: Lung, 47EK-62WK/: Breast, 44EK-55WK/B: Prostate, 42EK-86WK/B: Colorectal, 41EK-55WK/B. The statistics are identified by the cancer agency as being the estimates obtained by projecting 1970 to 1997 British Columbia's sex, age and cancer type incident rates, multiplying by corresponding regional population projections, adjusting for regional differences and rounding to the nearest integer. Totals were prior to rounding. Actual occurrences and diagnosis of cancer do vary from these cancer registry projections. Additional information may be obtained from the from the B.C. Cancer Agency; 600 West 10th Avenue - Vancouver, B.C. - V5Z 4E6 or by visiting their web site at: http://www.bccancer.bc.ca

The adverse health effects of man-made electromagnetic energy is by no means a current phenomena or a new concern. Previous studies conducted on people living in the vicinity of high voltage power lines and communication facilities has identified several health concerns. Studies in the identification of adverse health effects related to the atmospheric transmission of energies is taking place from within the private sector much faster and more aggressively than within the public sector.

Documentation to prove the mind control factor is difficult if not impossible to locate, however documentation that identifies the corresponding microwave and related research is more readily available. The Canadian Department of National Defense, Research and Development Section (DND-R&D) offers numerous Defense Research Reports (DRR) for public review and purchase. The following four (DRR) report abstracts are examples relating to the frequency aspect of this report.

PERSONAL AUTHOR: Cunningham, R.;Weingartshofer, A.
CORPORATE AUTHOR: Defense Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);Pernix Technology, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
ABSTRACT: The report describes a research contract to develop the dry-end of an acoustic pulse repeater system referred to as CAPERS (Canadian Acoustic Pulse Echo Repeater System) for the Sonar Concepts and Applications Group of the Defense Research Establishment Atlantic. The system enables the re-transmission of an acoustic pulse simultaneously with the acquisition of the pulse. Additional pulses, including the acquired pulse and/or pre-defined pulses, may then be transmitted. It is possible to adjust the acoustic energy level and doppler shift of the transmitted pulses. Acquired signals are stored to disk to later analysis. CAPERS is capable of pre-triggered signal acquisition, signal conditioning, signal re-transmission, as well as the corresponding control functions required to achieve this. The system has been developed using the LabVIEW programming environment, to operate on a Macintosh IIfx computer.
DESCRIPTORS: Signal devices;Doppler effect;Acoustic detection;Active sonar;Signal processing;User manuals;Computer programs;Pulse modulation;Transmission;Data acquisition
IDENTIFIERS: Computer programs (LabVIEW);Canadian Acoustic Pulse "Echo" Repeater System (CAPERS)
ACCESSION NO.: 96-02092


PERSONAL AUTHOR: Zardecki, A.;Tam, W.G.
CORPORATE AUTHOR: Defense Research Establishment Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN);Laval Univ, Quebec QUE (CAN) Dept of Physics
ABSTRACT: The transmission of laser pulses through a particulate medium is investigated. Our approach is based on the propagation equation for a two-frequency mutual coherence function in a plane-wave limit. The integro-differential equation satisfied by the incoherent part of the coherence function is solved by the eigenvector-eigenvalue method. By explicitly employing the cylindrical symmetry conditions, we arrive at an efficient way in integrating numerically the integro-differential equation. An approximation, analogous to Glauber's approximation in quantum collision theory, is derived. The results in a very simple algorithm, which enables one to predict correctly the pulse broadening. Numerical results pertinent to propagation in radiational fog are presented.
DESCRIPTORS: Laser beams;Light transmission;Atmospheric attenuation;Atmospheric scattering;Aerosols;Particle size
Reprints: Applied Optics, vol 19, no 22, 1980, p 3782-3788


CORPORATE AUTHOR: Defense Research Establishment Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN)
ABSTRACT: A temperature-dependent infrared band model for the absorption or emission of spectral lines simultaneously broadened by Doppler and collisional effects is developed. The model is an extension of Elsasser's model for lines of equal spacing and intensity. It is given in the form of an infinite series which converges rapidly and is appropriate for efficient computation. Spectral line intensities and profiles are reproduced accurately for the bands of symmetrical molecules.
DESCRIPTORS: Infrared spectra;Temperature;Emission;Irradiation;
Models;Mathematical models;Doppler effect;Spectral lines



CORPORATE AUTHOR: Defense Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
ABSTRACT: In 1997, Defense Research Establishment Ottawa and Communications Research Center started research into an omni-band reconfigurable terminal. Such a terminal will enable armed forces personnel to use a single ground terminal to communicate over any satellite communications or terrestrial link. Each ground terminal will support multiple standards. The first one to be implemented will be extremely high frequency medium data rate communications. There are two simulators: the payload simulator and the ground terminal simulator. Each simulator has a personal computer based host to run the simulator, a digital chassis containing several digital signal processor boards to run the payload or ground terminal, and a ratio frequency chassis to interface to the digital boards. Within the simulators, the concentration is on the capability to reconfigure. This will allow easy implementation of different standards for different communications systems. Debugging capabilities will be incorporated at the beginning of the design phase to facilitate development and simplify testing. The sequence of development, from the initial concept of a medium data rate simulator to industrial development of an omni-band reconfigurable terminal, is given. Initial development concentrates on baseband processing with the radio frequency research in parallel. Midway through, the simulator will be ready for international interoperability testing. TRUNCATED
DESCRIPTORS: Communication and radio systems; Communication satellites; Design; Extremely high frequencies; SATCOM;
Specifications; Systems engineering; Communication terminals; Data transmission;Data links; Data processing; Timing circuits; Control equipment; Microprocessors; Ground stations
IDENTIFIERS: Packet communications;Medium data rate;Data packet;Concept;Omni-Band
ACCESSION NO.: 99-00099


Control of the brain chemistry is an important component of mind control. The use of LSD in experiments to control the mind was identified in the MKULTRA experiments. LSD is a prime example of the chemical component of these experiments. The control of the brain chemistry ultimately controls the brains neurotransmitters. Control of the neurotransmitters in the brain controls the thought process of the brain which in turn controls the human.

According to the Synopsis of Psychiatry -Behavioral Sciences Clinical Psychiatry - Seventh Edition: Harold I. Kaplan, M.D., Benjamin J. Sadock, M.D., Jack A. Grebb, M.D.: 'Chemical neurotransmission is the process involving the release of a neurotransmitter by one neuron and the binding of that neurotransmitter molecule to a receptor on another neuron. The process of chemical neurotransmission is affected by most drugs used in psychiatry.'

Research material related to the study of neurochemicals and microwaves can again be reviewed in Canadian Defense Research Reports. The following abstract is an example of the reports available on this subject.

PERSONAL AUTHOR: Pappas, B.A.;Anisman, H.
CORPORATE AUTHOR: Carleton Univ, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Dept of Psychology;Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
ABSTRACT: The effects of a single or twenty exposures of one hour duration to pulsed microwaves (2.70 GHz) at power densities of either 1 or 10 mW/sqcm on brain and spinal cord monoamine parameters was assessed. Immediately after exposure the rats were sacrificed and their brains dissected into several areas which along with their spinal cords were subsequently assayed for the monoamines norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin and their respective major metabolities. Of 52 major statistical tests performed, there were only two statistically significant results, and these were not accompanied by a coherent pattern of change in other related measures in the same or other tissues. It was concluded that these microwave exposures had no effect on the levels or utilization of the monoamines in various brain areas.
DESCRIPTORS: Microwaves;Brain;Rats;Norepinephrine;Serotonin;Dopamine;Tissues (biology); Bioassay; Neurochemistry; Radiation effects; Non-ionizing radiation

There is serious concern that biological and chemical agent testing is currently being conducted in populated areas. The atmospheric disbursement of unknown or undetermined agents is commonly referred to as 'chemtrails'. The Defense Research Reports contain material related to this subject. The following two abstracts are examples.

PERSONAL AUTHOR: Ho, J.;Evans, B.T.N.;Roy, G.
CORPORATE AUTHOR: Defense Research Establishment Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN);Defense Research Establishment Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN)
ABSTRACT: In a continuing series of investigations on biological aerosol detection by the Laser Cloud Mapper (LCM), reliable measurement of biological aerosol concentrations were found to be critical to LCM data interpretations. The sampling method must give reproducible results under difficult field conditions of rapidly changing environmental parameters. A series of trials were conducted to evaluate the Dichotomous Sampler (DS) as a device for the sampling of biological aerosols and to assess its potential for the estimation of biological aerosol concentrations during LCM trials. Sampled biological aerosols were enumerated as viable cells and provided reliable estimates of viable aerosol concentrations with respect to time. Interpretation of DS and LCM data demonstrated a relationship between cell concentrations and depolarization signal ratios which suggests that this technique has potential for remote biological aerosol detection at the 200-400 viable spores/liter level.
DESCRIPTORS: Lasers; Aerosols; Detection; Biological operations; Laser cloud mapper; Trials


PERSONAL AUTHOR: Ho, J.;Spence, M.;Fisher, G.R.
CORPORATE AUTHOR: Defense Research Establishment Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN)
ABSTRACT: An aerosol of BW simulant (BG spores) was generated by Micronair disseminators as a point source of 800 m from sampling systems. Propylene gas was also disseminated concurrently as a tracer. Collection and measurement of aerosol were perform by the Mobile Aerosol Sampling Unit (MASU) consisting of an Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (APS) particle sizer and a dichotomous sampler (DS). Environmental data (wind speed and direction among others) were also logged to assist analysis of cloud dynamics. Information gathered by the APS served to reveal the presence of unusual aerosol. By careful inspection of the data, it was anticipated that alarming algorithms could be developed. Samples collected by the DS provided important microbiological information like cell viability, a definitive indicator for the presence of biological aerosol. Data from day 271, trial 3, were chosen to illustrate the capability of the MASU in defining aerosol characteristics. In this trial, the primary cloud passage was followed immediately by a second, both revealed by analysis of the data generated by the sampling system. This phenomenon was clearly shown by detection of two propylene concentration peaks within the 30 min trial period. Total particle count data from the APS also revealed two similar peaks at the same time period. Aerosol mass information was obtained by transforming particle size and number data. TRUNCATED.
DESCRIPTORS: Biological operations; Biological agent detection; Trials;Canada;US;UK;Aerosols;Biological agents; Biological aerosols; Propylene;Bacillus subtilis
IDENTIFIERS: Bacillus globigii;Mobile Aerosol Sampling Unit (MASU);BG spores;Aerosol detection

Aerial deployment of unidentified chemical and biological agents is a serious health concern from all perspectives. 'Chemtrails" have been reported in populated areas all across North America over the last few years. An independent organization reports that low level aerial disbursement of an unknown substance has occurred on at least two occasions in the Kootenay city of Nelson this year (2000). Witnesses identified a large quantity of some type of small circular substance, the size of small hale stones being dispersed from the aircraft. The circular material dissipates very rapidly after exiting the plain and is reported to leave a faint duty cobweb type of substance on the ground.

Further independent reports indicate an increase in the amount of complaints relating to respiratory and cardiovascular ailments, feelings of depression often excessive to the point of suicidal ideation, lethargy, lack of concentration to the extent of not being able to finish conversations and temporary vision distortment lasting for approximately 48 hours. All complaints began within 24 hours of the disbursement.

There are several individuals and organizations who monitor the 'chemtrail' phenomenon that may be contacted for further information on the general subject. Avery informative source in British Columbian is Mr. William Thomas. He may be contacted by writing to: Suite 383 - #15-180 Central Rd - Duncan, B.C. - V9L 4X3. His information may be viewed at: http://www3.bc.sympatico.ca/Willthomas/

There are several international organizations working to expose mind control operations and other related experiments that violate all human rights. Canadian and American organizations are working hard to gather evidence to further expose the experimentation conducted in North America. Other organizations and individuals are also developing deprogramming and healing techniques to assist survivors in dealing with the trauma they were forced to endure.

Two Canadian organizations that have additional domestic information relevant to specific circumstances and individual research are the Edmonton Society Against Mind Abuse and the Canadian Stone Angels.

Edmonton Society Against Mind Abuse director Betty McCoy can be contacted at: P.O. Box 37045 - 8712-150th St. - Edmonton , Alberta - T5R 5Y4 or via:

Canadian Stone Angels director Lynne Moss-Sharman can be contacted by writing to her at: 369 Pearl St - Apartment #2 - Thunder Bay, Ontario - P7B 1A7 or:

The Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse (C.A.H.R.A.) has considerable information on experiments conducted in both the United States and foreign countries. C.A.H.R.A., is a source of information for further research and has numerous links to organizations worldwide.

C.A.H.R.A. states; 'that there are over 500 documented cases of victims in the U.S., 1 million alleged victims in Russia and cases in Germany, England, Canada, Finland and South Africa. A few of the main similarities between the victims are as follows; Women, prisoners and mental patients....'

C.A.H.R.A. director Cheryl Welsh can be contacted by writing to her at: 915 Zaragoza Street - Davis, CA - 95616 or:

The Mind Control Forum (MCF) is another source for further information. MCF archives lists several collections and documents pertaining to mind control experiments conducted in Canada. These documents can be reviewed at: http://www.heart7.net/mcf/

With all of the technological and scientific advances made in the latter half of the 20th century, naturopathic medicine may ultimately prove to be the most effective method in curtailing the effects of mind control and treating an assortment of related physical side effects.

One herb of identified significant value that continues to draw interest is cannabis. Cannabis more commonly referred to as marijuana has proven medical applications in several fields including cancer and acquired immune deficiency syndrom (AIDS), both of which are caused by frequency radiation (FR). Cannabis is commonly used to treat nausea secondary to mainstream cancer treatment drugs and to stimulate the appetite in patients with AIDS.

The following material related to cannabis is found in the Synopsis of Psychiatry - Behavioral Sciences Clinical Psychiatry - Seventh Edition - Harold I. Kaplan, M.D., Benjamin J. Sadock, M.D., Jack A Grebb, M.D., and is documented because of a possible secondary application of cannabis.

The cannabis plant contains more than 400 chemicals of which approximately 60 are chemically related to tetrahydrocannaboil or Delta 9 THC. The human brain has a natural cannabinoid receptor commonly referred to as the THC receptor. In humans THC is rapidly converted into 11-hydro-delta 9 THC, the metabolite that is active in the central nervous system.

The cannabinoid receptor is a member of the G protein-linked family of receptors. The receptor is linked to the inhibitory G protein which is linked to adenylyl cyclase in an inhibitory fashion. G proteins are a family of guanosine triphosphate (GTP) binding proteins with similar structures. The receptor is found in highest concentrations in the basal gaglia, the hippocampus and the cerebellum. GTP is interconvertable with guanosine diphosphate (GDP). The G proteins themselves consist of three smaller proteins which this report will identify as subunits 1, 2 and 3.

When an intact G protein (all three subunits with GDP bound to subunit 1) binds to a receptor, the receptor is converted into a state of high affinity for the neurotransmitter molecule. When the neurotransmitter binds to that complex, it triggers the replacement of the GDP with GTP on subunit 1, thereby destabilizing the associations among the neurotransmitter, the receptor, and the G protein.

The GTP associated subunit 1 is the active fragment involved in activating or inhibiting a particular effector molecule (for example, adenylyl cyclase, on an ion channel). Because subunit 1 itself contains the ability to convert GTP to GDP, the activity of the GTP associated subunit 1 is stopped when the GTP is converted to GDP. The conversion of GTP to GDP permits the reassociation of subunit 1 with subunits 2 and 3.

Subunit 1 is further broken down into 3 subunits which this report identifies as subunits 1a, 1b and 1c. Subunit 1a is associated with the stimulation of adenylyl cyclase activity. Subunit 1b is associated with the inhibition of adenylyl cyclase activity. Subunit 1c is associated with the stimulation of the phosphoinostol second-messenger system.

What all this means, according to some medical professionals, is that the stimulation of the cannabinoid receptor may actually reduce the human brains susceptibility to external frequencies that are currently being used in frequency mind control experiments and/or weapons testing. This medical opinion is controversial and is not supported by any known research material involving the combination of (THC) and spectrum frequencies (SF). Evidence identifying mind control experimentation os extremely difficult to obtain and obtaining any reports that may exist on the TCH/SF factor is virtually impossible. It is doubtful that any clinical assessments or controlled study results would be declassified in any event.

One point in the argument offered in support of this medical opinion is the fact that the human brain has a cannabinoid receptor (THC) receptor and marijuana is the only plant that produces THC therefore the receptor has a functions purpose related to THC ingestion that either has not been considered or is being withheld.

In an attempt to determine the possible validity of this medical opinion, an informal TCH/SF survey of the known Kootenay/Boundary frequency experiment victims was conducted this year. Both male and female victims over the age of 30 participated in the survey. Of those surveyed all claimed to be either non-users of cannabis or had abstained for period of 10 years or more.

Neurobioligist Fred Gage of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, shocked the scientific world this year (2000) and forced scientists to reevaluate how the brain works. Professor Gage has proven that the hippocampus portion of the brain contains actively developing neural-stem cells. Neural-stem cells have the ability to transform into any type of brain cell, depending upon chemical signals they receive as they grow. The hippocampus region of the brain is also linked by many physiological studies to learning and memory. Neurobiologists are now trying to figure out how to harness the cell growth to affect neurogenis and alter the brains neurotransmitters.

Professor Gage can be contacted by writing to him at: Salk Institute For Biological Studies - 10010 N. Torrey Pines Road - La Jolla, CA - 92037 or by searching the Institutes web site: http://www.salk.edu

The recent discovery by professor Fred Gage identifies the hippocampus portion of the brain which is also one location of the cannabinoid receptor. The non-conclusive informal THC/SF survey combined with independent medical opinion and professor Gages discovery strongly suggests a comprehensive TCH/SF study be conducted. A more structured non-threatening consensual study similar to that conducted in the Kootenay/Boundary may provide valuable information contradictory to contemporary beliefs and opinions.

There are numerous other subjects related to mind control that have not been referred to in this report. The HAARP Project, Neuro Chip Implants and Genetic Engineering are only three examples of several issues not included. To include all related information in a short report is impossible especially on the subject as technically congested as mind control.

In summary what society is being subjected to can easily be referred to as an extension of earlier MKULTRA experiments. The somewhat contained earlier MKULTRA trauma, drug, and electro-shock experiments that were conducted on individuals, minorities and special interest groups evolved into the atmospheric biological, chemical and frequency experiments of today.

Regardless of the National Security blanket that protects organizations and individuals involved with covert experiments and operations, the intentional infliction of suffering on innocent unconsenting human test subjects must not be tolerated or allowed to continue under and disguise.

If development of mind control technology is allowed to advance unhindered to a degree where absolutely no one on the face of the earth except a chose few are immune to its influence and effects then we as a global society are facing the destruction of humanity itself.

Opposition by political parties and lobby groups to any number of national and international issues will be rendered useless if this most fundamental freedom of the human species is controlled. The freedom of thought is in jeopardy and humanity is on the verge of being controlled at will.

If society as a whole does not acknowledge, confront and develop an effective strategy to oppose this ever increasing problem the ensuing global slavery to merciless masters will not only be the most chilling and devastating chapter ever written in the history of mankind, it has the potential to be the last.

This is the end of the report. Additional mind control documentation will be posted as this website progresses. Thank you.


More MKULTRA declassified documents are available from this site:


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