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Is this unusual weather a harbinger of the 'end times'? We all hear weathermen every evening tell us that this dry spell is strange (you can substitute wet, cold, warm, hot, windy or any meteorological term you want) but the statements are all the same . . .this is unusual! You look at weather maps on the tube and see comma shaped low pressure areas all over the country. They look like a hurricane on land. Weathermen go through all sorts of contortions just to describe these "swirls in the atmosphere."

And we've only seen these for the last few years. Why? What is going on? Often we hear the excuse that the ozone layer is getting thin, torn or weak and it's permitting our atmosphere to allow more harmful rays from the sun. We have also been told: "You people have to stop using freon (or some such nonsense) to save our ozone!" Isn't it cute how the blame always returns to you and I? They are even predicting weather problems in advance now by telling us that 'El Nino' will be especially active this year. Now when severe weather happens, the blame has already been placed out in the open. The 'good guys' are giving us a choice.

Many people will say that the Russians are screwing with the weather but I don't buy that. Russians aren't smart enough to wind a watch much less to modify weather. No, I believe the culprit is our US Government!

Remember the movie 'Patton'? In the battle of the bulge during a huge German counteroffensive, Patton's troops were unable to break out of a German panzer ring at Bastogne, Belgium because of heavy fog. Americans could not bring their air power into the battle. Patton even asked the chaplain to pray for clearing. If you can control weather, you can control troops, material, wars, food supplies, transport, farming and harvesting, and in general, you can keep your enemy in limbo. And since the passing of the unconstitutional Trading With the Enemy Act by our congress, (1917 and modified in 1933)you and I are now defined AS THE ENEMY by the United States Code! For real!

Acknowledging that we are now the enemy, let's look at the other side of that coin . . . it makes them OUR ENEMY too. If you don't believe we have been at war since that SOB Roosevelt was our 'hero', just take a look at the crap that has happened to our great country since 1933 . . . Land of Liberty and the home of the brave . . . chuckle!

We've seen and experienced extreme cold weather, huge relentless floods, extreme droughts, brutal heat spells all over the world, gigantic sand storms in the middle east, category five tornadoes, 500 year floods (two or three years in a row) . . . you name it and we have seen it. And I believe the best (worst?) is yet to come as they gain more experience in the control of the low pressure areas! High pressure areas enter into the equation also since they have to be used to park the low pressure and to generate extreme heat waves.

It all began when a man emigrated from Bulgaria in the late 1800s. His name was Nikola Tesla and he was considered a wizard with electricity. Tesla had more patents issued than any other man! He is credited with the invention of radio waves, alternating current, single phase generators, turbines, submarines, fluorescent lighting, dynatherm machines for medical use, and so much more. He was responsible for the development and installation of the huge generators which are located at Niagara Falls. Our lives are impacted every day by his genius and the things he invented.

There is a paperback book available entitled Nikola Tesla, A Man Out of Time authored by Margaret Chaney. Here you can read about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of this intellectual. The book is exceptional and I urge you to find a copy.

Tesla was issued patent #787,412 in 1905 for an invention to transmit electrical power through the ground. With this system, the power is distributed through the ground and as users, you and I need only have a receiver station at our home or business which will allow us to tap into the power.

Let's look at how power is distributed today . . . millions of electric poles, billions of miles of copper wire, an army of power grid stations, and many thousands of people to keep the system working (sometimes). You don't think the robber barons of those days didn't realize how much money they would be denied if Teslas' system were operational? Bunches and bunches of money and they knew it!

These same robber-barons granted him enough money to build a test power station in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1899. Here is where the sabotage occurred and his system did not work.

During World War II, he was invited to participate in an experiment to cloak a warship so it would become invisible. They wanted to generate high energy magnetic fields inside and around the warship. He refused to be a part of the investigation when he found that live sailors would be on the ship. After Nikola died in Jan 1943, the government went ahead with probe with disastrous results. The ship did disappear but when it returned, men were frozen partially through steel bulkheads and worse. For years afterwards, survivors, while on other ships, would suddenly disappear and reappear not knowing where they had been. So much for the ingenuity and inhumanity of man!

There was a movie released during the 70's called the Philadelphia Experiment. It was quickly pulled and never seen again. If anyone reading this has a video copy, I would love to have/buy a copy! Please e-mail me at It really shows to what length our government will go to prove or disapprove a weapon for war! There were 2 later versions of that movie but they are nothing but misinformation whitewashes of the original.

Nikola Tesla had a habit of scribbling on napkins or any piece of paper while he was having dinner and talking about his experiments. The FBI followed him constantly and whenever he left a restaurant, they would go in and snatch up each scrap of paper.

When he died and had no survivors, they were all over his apartment like a chicken on a June bug. Papers he had locked in his safe disappeared and today, we have weather control! You really don't think our government would do something like that, do you? Hey, I've got a piece of ocean front property in Phoenix that I would love to sell you . . .

An article appeared in a weekly newspaper called CONTACT, The Phoenix Project. [CONTACT, P O Box 27800, Las Vegas, Nevada (89126)]. In their February 7, 1995 issue appeared an article called "Code-Name OMEGA--Tesla Technology of the Dangerous Kind!"

It was written by an investigative reporter by the name Joe Vialls in an Australian paper called The Strategy. The title of the article was "AMERICA -- ALLIES OR ENEMIES?" In light of what is going on, I believe this to be a valid question.

Remember the furor raised a few years ago about the possibility that high tension transmission lines were emitting a dangerous current (EMF) that was affecting people who lived in proximity of these lines? Of course the 'experts' working for our protective government pooh-pooped the idea . . . there were no dangerous emissions! After all, they HAVE to protect corporate America, don't they? How can anyone make a statement like that when NO ONE (including these so-called experts) can tell you or me what electricity is? More on this EMF shortly.

Project Omega . . . a system to guide submarines and air craft within 5 miles of the towers is what they will tell you. What garbage! 1500 foot towers with underground copper antenna radiating 1100 feet out from the base station at each 10 degree of arc. Can you even suggest that we are so naive to believe that these towers can only send out a signal for 5 miles? I guess our 'authorities' figure the Australians are that stupid because that is the story they were fed! Yet when you visit the station, you are warned not to walk in the grass 'because it is too hot'. With that kind of power going out of the base 24 hours a day, I'm not surprised!

And to show you how stupid they think we all are, they have a total of eight such towers around the world. There are one each in Norway, Japan, Australia, Hawaii, Argentina, North Dakota, Liberia, and the La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. 1500 foot towers hidden right out in the open where they are explained away as guidance systems for boats and aircraft at a distance of five miles. And, sad to say, people accept these asinine stories as gospel and don't even see the towers!

Tesla specified that any such chain of transmitters should operate at a frequency "smaller than twenty thousand (cycles) per second". The Omega system operates on frequencies between ten and fifteen thousand cycles per second . . . precisely the range he had in mind. Coincidence or a stolen patent?

One of the declared requirements for an Omega site is "high soil conductivity". This they found in Australia and I'm certain the same requirement exists all over the world. In early 1994, a radio expert living more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) away from the tower was able to detect a grounding potential so strong that he could plug his high impedance headphones directly into the black dirt of his garden and hear the ground pulses from Omega. Talk about EMF's . . . I'm glad I don't live near the Omega tower! Another point the 'authorities' neglected to tell the Australian people is the remote console facility high up in the Strzelecki mountain range more than 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the tower. They needed that distance to get away from the ground antennas and the powerful electromagnetic effects they generate.

I believe it would be wise for anyone living near one of these monsters to do a bit of discreet investigation. Have there been any increases in cancer or leukemia cases, or the division of cancer cells, or obvious alterations in learning abilities, or alterations in biological cycles, increases in the number of suicides, or a sudden rash of spontaneous aggressive attacks and/or multiple killings . . . all these can be the result of powerful electromagnetic ground waves. There is even concern that these forces may be increasing inexplicable fits of manic behavior, loss of sex drive, (ah ha) breast cancer and many other conditions which are a direct result of the awesome, invisible Omega ground-waves. These electromagnetic waves are generated 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

Obviously the US authorities wouldn't want any visitors at the remote console. This is the place where, by telephone or by microwave, they can modify the transmitted signals from the Omega tower. Now they have the ability to create any electromagnetic effect the controllers might wish achieve at any given time.

Now, let's tie this to weather control. Nikola Tesla knew way back in the late 1890's that this system could be used to alter weather and weather patterns. He wanted to operate it to give the farmers adequate moisture and growing conditions. Our 'authorities' however, true to tradition, are bent on using these forces as a weapon of war.

The author, Joe Vaills, goes on to suggest these forces are causing more than health damage to Australians. The station is capable of generating voltages high enough to subtly alter pressures in the vicinity of the station and the sheer power of the electromagnetic field appears capable of locally damaging the natural geomagnetic field strength of the earth which normally lies between 0.2 and 0.6 gauss. It has been suggested to him by electronic experts that interference with these two parameters could accidentally or intentionally trigger changes in the weather of unknown magnitude! (accidentally? Yea, sure!)

This Omega system has been up and running since at least 1984 which is certainly enough time to practice. Remember the 'comma-shaped' low pressure areas we are now seeing? I believe these are the ones we should watch . . . low pressures are the weather makers. Their first challenge was to experiment on how these low pressure areas can be generated. Certain wave length impulses are sent out of the proper Omega station and then we all watch the results on weather channels. Perhaps they had to throw out a counterbalancing impulse from another tower station. It certainly doesn't take long to find out whether they have succeeded or not. Picture the cartwheels when the first low pressure appear where they anticipated. Imagine the smiles and chuckles when they would hear a weather man say . . . "This is most unusual!"

Now a lot of practice to get similar low pressure areas come to up exactly where they wanted them. They have had the time for all the practice they needed. Now, the next problem to solve was to get a low pressure area to park over an area so there would be an exceptional amount of rain . . .how about one in the middle of the country and another 15 degrees to the north . . . The use of high pressure areas are equally important. They can be used to generate wildly fluctuating heat waves as well as forcing a low pressure area to hold its position. Look at the devastating floods last year . . . . What was the death toll from all of these weather related phenomena? Speaking of death tolls, what is the total of dead and how much property damage has been done all over the globe?

In our country, they ease the situations slightly by declaring the districts as disaster areas. This allows them to throw all sorts of money into the damage zone and then the residents become beholden to them for their help. A travesty! Now all the little jerks from fema can run around with their clip boards and look busy. See how nice we are?

Yet to the best of my knowledge, no weather man has ever suggested that something must be going on . . . that any of this could be more than Mother Nature's whirls. Why? We really have a bunch of psychos running the country today!

Want more? How about HAARP? Never heard of this one? HAARP = HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORA RESEARCH PROJECT. This site is located in Alaska, run by the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory and the US Navy Office of Naval Research and funded by many millions of your tax dollars. Isn't it strange that you never heard about this one? Lots of controversy going on in Alaska on this!

Again a case of another stolen patent . . . I guess a bunch of lawyers have decided that Nikola Tesla is dead . . . what use would he have of an invention like this?

Speaking about your tax dollars . . . another question begs asking . . . you know of course that we are funding the Russian Space Station too, didn't you? What the hell is going on? Good thing the federal reserve has unlimited use of our printing presses! Did our friends (the enemy) let you know about all these special projects and their expense?

They are really proud of HAARP . . . even have a web site so you can visit and see all the equipment and the array of strange antennas. Check 'em out at:

This is an invention which Tesla worried about. If he could see a project in his mind through to its conclusion, he knew it would work just as he envisioned. This one scared him because he did not know what the ionosphere would do if high impulse electrical heating beams were fired at the mantle over the earth. He even worried that the ionosphere might catch fire. Isn't that a pleasant thought? I can imagine it scared him, it scares me just reading about it! Think about that for a moment!

The people running this project will quickly tell you that HAARP is NOT to control weather, It's space technology in communications to enhance the 3C systems and capability. 3C stands for "Command, Control and Communications." Since the advent of computers, we might even see it listed as 4C systems.

The joint program plans tells us that "a key goal of the program is the identification and investigation of those ionospheric processes and phenomena that can be exploited for DOD purposes." There is a choice of words . . . be exploited!

Doesn't sound as though we have a thing to worry about, does it?

Let me steer you to another book . . . ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technologies by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning. They have this HAARP stuff covered. They even have a quote from another psycho with scrambled eggs for brains named Zbigniew Brzezinski predicting "a system which could seriously impair brain performance over an extended period." This is one of the unpublicized goals . . . to shoot out accurately timed, artificially-excited electronic strokes that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth . . . mind and people control folks! They won't even have to implant any micro chips in your head. What happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave? Snicker . . . snicker!

According to Dr. Begich, "The military has had about twenty years to work on weather warfare methods, which it euphemistically calls weather modification. For example, rainmaking technology was taken for a few test rides in Vietnam. The U.S. Department of Defense sampled lightning and hurricane manipulation studies in Project Skyfire and Project Stormfury. And they looked at some complicated technologies that would give big effects. ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP cites an expert who says the military studied both lasers and chemicals which they figured could damage the ozone layer over an enemy. (They're after us again?) Looking at ways to cause earthquakes, as well as detect them, was part of a project named Prime Argus, decades ago. The money for that came from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA, now under the acronym ARPA.) In 1994, the Air Force revealed its Spacecast 2020 master plan which includes weather control. Scientists have been experimenting with w! eather control since the 1940s, but the Spacecast 2020 noted that 'using environmental modification techniques to destroy, damage or injure another state are prohibited.' Having said that, the Air Force claimed that advances in technology 'compels a reexamination of this sensitive and potentially risky topic.'"

They sure have been busy little beavers over the past few years and all of it designed to protect the elite from us! Better read that last sentence again!

Dr. Begich has a web site which I urge everyone to check out. Here you will find a synopsis of his book on line. They have information which cannot be covered in this article. Their site is at

If all this doesn't give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling, you should read it again! What ever happened to the concept that WE established the government and its limitations? Now all the psychos are telling us which hoop to jump through!

We'd better get crackin' people . . . there are traitors all over the place now!

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