Meet the REAL Morris Dees (Another Distraction)
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Meet the REAL Morris Dees
The Center of Hate
Morris Dees:
Fear-monger, Profiteer and Hypocrite...

An Expose

by Paul Hall
Managing Editor

Morris Dees is one of those people other people like to talk about. Heís colorful, rich, intriguing and truly a man of the world.

After receiving his B.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of Alabama he created a very successful direct mail operation but ultimately, sold his interest in the business and returned to legal practice in 1969. He would soon stumble into his calling. God had called him to do an important work whether he or we realized it.

In 1971 he founded a non-profit organization known as the Southern Poverty Law Center. Its stated purpose is to fight racism, prejudice, discrimination, anger, hatred, anti-Semitism and, in its new expanded role, to educate public school children through a program he calls Teaching Tolerance.

In 1981 he organized Klanwatch to combat organized racist activity through innovative lawsuits. To date, he has successfully bankrupted a couple of racist groups using this approach. Dees is a regular guest on television news programs and talk radio shows. He lectures all over the country before various groups. He is heralded as the nationís expert on Hate. And he truly is.

Most Americans who learn of Deesí noble crusade believe he is doing mankind a great service by ridding the world of hate.


[Todayís hate group leaders] down play racism and focus on peopleís fear and anger. Morris Dees Boulder Weekly The problem is, voluminous records and testimony reveal that everything Dees purports to despise... HE IS! And now, he is being judged by his own judgments. His Southern Poverty Law Center is not Southern, is a long way from the Poverty bracket and has nothing to do (really) with Law. In reality his organization is better identified as the Center of Hate.

Instead of fighting racism he creates it by publishing inflammatory books which stir the pot of hatred among non-whites.1 And rather than targeting only those who are truly hate-filled and who commit actual crimes, his wide brush strokes across anyone who is a Christian, opposes the New World Order, advocates the right to bear arms and especially, those who may know and teach the true biblical identity of Godís covenant people known as Identity believers.2

In short, he and his comrades create an atmosphere of fear and anger (the very thing he accuses racist leaders of doing) but in his case, it is to disguise their true mission to eliminate Christianity. All the while, collecting huge sums of money from mainly affluent east and west coast Jews but also, working class Americans and even school children to enlarge his Center of Hate cash reserves. 3

Presently, Dees and the Center of Hate enjoy a reserve close to 70 million.


While Dees and his Center of Hate purport to fight prejudice and racism, 12 of 13 former black employees interviewed by the Montgomery Advertiser complained they experienced or observed racial problems during their employment. Several said the law center was more like a plantation. Former intern Christine Lee said she was nick-named little girl by a white supervisor.

As I was told (at the SPLC) they donít need black people telling them how to handle black issues, Lee said.4

Dees has come under fire for not hiring blacks to fill authoritative positions in his Center of Hate. In 1994 the Center had no black attorneys on staff. Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham) criticized the so-called civil rights group saying the lack of blacks draws into question whether the center is really committed to every black person or whether it has been a money making thing. . . they are using poor black folks to make money off of. Iím appalled.5


Prejudice actually has nothing to do with hatred. It means to pre-judge. To judge before the facts are known. Dees is, in fact, famous for this. In his recent 72 page hit list of militia, Identity and Patriot leaders, False Patriots, he makes numerous errors from the simple to the slanderous. The book would have been better titled False Witness.

For example, Dees lists Paul Hall in his Prominent Patriots section. Hallís #1 crime? He is a close friend of Louis Beam. (Not inaccurate but humorous.) It states further: Hall promotes a racist, anti-Semitic message mixed with virulent attacks on the federal government through his newspaper, on the World Wide Web and over short-wave radio.6

A typical indictment from the likes of Dees, but inaccurate on each count. Neither The Jubilee or Paul Hall maintain a web site (yet) and the newspaperís NewsLight radio show has been off short wave since kosher-conservative Jeff Baker (also listed in the book) booted the show off WINB SW, without notice, on Feb. 11, 1995.

The Jubilee is not anti-Semitic since we canít be anti-ourselves. Nor do we attack the federal government, we critisize their evil works. Big difference.

Not all of Deesí inaccuracies are minor or semantic twists.

False Patriots links Bob Glass the owner of Paladin Arms through the bookís Active Patriot Groups section.7 The problem however is that Mr. Glass is not a patriot; he doesnít even belong to the NRA. Iím Jewish, for Godís sake. How Can I be anti-Semitic? Glass wonders.8 Whoops.

When confronted by the Boulder Weekly Dees told the newspaper I donít have anything to do with that book [False Patriots], youíd have to talk to Joe Roy (director of Klanwatch) about that. Dees goes on to explain Paladin Arms probably ended up in False Patriots because they publish books on sniping, hiring hit men and building assault weapons.

Whoops again. That would be Paladin Press, a publisher in the same town but not affiliated with the gun shop. Paladin Press is not a patriot group either, notes the Boulder newspaper but yet, many of the publisherís book covers appear in False Patriots. Of further humor is that Paladin Press clientele consists of police departments and the military. Whoops.

Many who he names as Identity adherents are not, but simply share some beliefs. False Patriots states: Identity devotees Robert Kelly and Paul Hall publish two of the Patriot movementís most popular periodicals The Americanís Bulletin and The Jubilee, respectively.

Kelly told The Jubilee he is not an Identity adherent. I understand and agree with Identity but the Americaís Bulletin is not an Identity publication. He added, We are an America First publication educating readers on status, jurisdiction, the law and issues facing America. We donít promote the Identity movement, we promote the patriot movement. Whoops!

Of additional interest, is False Patriotís listing of the Boulder Patriots.9 Itís leader, Danny Hashimoto, is of Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian decent. Whoops.

Hashimoto brings out a valid and on target point. Attempts to characterize the patriot movement as a bunch of racist white men is a desperate attempt by the liberal establishment to conquer it.

Bingo! Dees Ace is the race card, a handy tool in the monetary expansion project known as the Southern Poverty Law Center. As long as the organization can perpetuate the fear of angry white males with guns Dees will have a job.

The irony is, every time he opens his mouth he brings himself a step closer to losing his job! People are fast beginning to recognize that the problem of hate doesnít exist as Dees maintains, and if there are isolated cases it was/is a result of the Center of Hate fanning the flames (along with other so-called civil rights groups).


The introduction to False Patriots notes that the term patriots refers to antigovernment extremists in general because all of the varied elements of the movement claim the term. The process of linking is a well established art form and has been used by mediaites for decades if not centuries.

In Deesí writings, when you read of The John Birch Society, the Natl. Rifle and Pistol Association, any militia group, skinheads, KKK, common law courts, FIJA, Timothy McVeigh, Aryan Nationís Richard Butler, radio hosts William Cooper and Chuck Harder, Patriot singer Carl Klang, Ariz. Sheriff Richard Mack, Calif. Sen. Don Rogers, Freeman LeRoy Schweitzer and Turner Diaries author William Pierce (to name just a few) you are reading about ideological brothers. WRONG!

The people listed above all have very different backgrounds and ideals. True, they all may have a problem with big oppressive government (most Americans do), but to imply that they are slices from the same loaf is outright deception.

First, Dees uses the term patriot to link so-called anti-government types together there in a full page New York Times ad he claims, in 1/2 inch letters, the fast-growing ĎPatriotí Movement Poses Danger of Domestic Terrorism.

Do you get the idea patriots are potential terrorists? Does Dees mean to imply or otherwise state Sheriff Richard Mack and Senator Don Rogers are of the same mind set as Timothy McVeigh?


Deeís has been actively promoting his new book Gathering Storm: Americaís Militia Threat. While The Jubilee does not own a copy (reluctance to line Deesí wallet) we did obtain the chapter Death on Ruby Ridge a title that refers to the death of US Marshal Degan only.

The chapter, which includes massive quotes from Pastor Pete Peterís booklets, actually contains many accurate descriptions of Identity teachings but is accompanied by the inevitable name-calling: hateful gospel; warped interpretations of the bible cult religious group; perverted beliefs and even a strong blanket implication that Identity people are murderers.

Gerry Spence (Weaverís trial attorney) said of Gathering Storm, ďThis brave and well-written book reveals an underground of boiling hatred and racism that threatens to destroy a free America. Morris Dees tells a good story. I couldnít put it down.

Former President Carter, who received campaign funding from Dees, said of the book, This chilling story of Americaís private armies is not fiction.

Dees and his co-author James Corcoran donít dispute the Identity views with scriptural facts (at least not in the Weaver chapter) but stick to the traditional name calling relying heavily on the fact that many of the Identity teachings (Bible truths) are going to sound so foreign to most PC Judeo-Christians that the reader will dismiss it as non-sense.

A common tactic for most journalists.

Dees explains, It is a religion, a form of Christianity, that few church-goers would recognize as that of Jesus, son of a loving God. Heís right, most Judeo-Christians donít know the Bible speaks so strongly against evil, they are after all, church-goers. It is a religion on steroids.Dees says, . . . whose God commands the death of race traitors [and] homosexuals, . . .

Obviously Dees doesnít read the Bible otherwise he would know it in fact condemns race-mixing and homosexuality, see Neh. Chap. 9 and Lev. 20:13 respectively.


Homosexuality and debauchery in general is a sensitive subject for Dees. His ex-wife of 10 years was finally forced to divorce him after at least one homosexual encounter Dees had with Charlie Springman (then head of the National Endowment of the Arts) on Aug. 11, 1978 in the famous Watergate Hotel. Mr. Sleaze orchestrated the encounter on the coupleís 10th wedding anniversary.

In addition, ex-wife Maureen Bass Dees cited in divorce documents numerous mistresses Dees had relations with, including that of her daughter-in-law and seven year-old daughter.10

The question of how such a man and his Center of Hate can pretend to serve as societyís moral crusader is a big one in the minds of many observers.

But then, should we really be surprised? What do we expect from the likes of Mr. Sleaze? His record shows he is not about morality, saving blacks from discrimination or protecting the liberties of Americans. His objectives are to destroy those he and his ADL handlers deem to be Identity, anti-New World Order and/or pro-gun; etc. The objective is to create race hatred and at the same time, generate large sums of money to line their pockets meanwhile, Yahweh (God) has other plans for Dees and his ilk.


The financial improprieties and fund raising tactics are yet another huge concern for Dees watchers. As stated, the Center of Hate now boasts in excess of 70 million in reserves, the goal is 100 million. The Idea is for the organization to operate on interest.

To give you an idea, the 1994 reserve (53 million) reaped the Center of Hate 2.1 million in interest revenue. Deeís fear-mongering for profit is obviously blatant. After the Oklahoma bombing for example, fear of a militia connection spread through the media like a wild fire. Dees was personally fanning those flames on whatever network would take him.

Even though the FBI knew full well the so-called militia connection (and later Identity link) was untrue, no effort to dispel the lie was ever made leaving Dees a clear shot at his fear-struck prey.

On May 17, 1995 Dees sent an Emergency update on Militia Terrorist to his loyal subscribers. The update begged readers for $150.00 or more, we must expand our militia task force, Dees pled.

He went on to say ...the strain on our budget is the greatest in our 25-year history.

The problem is, donors are largely left in the dark regarding the Centerís reserves. The Advertiser reported several incidents of disgruntled donors who were shocked to find that the charityí didnít even need their donation. Sadly, folks on a fixed income gave otherwise needed money.

Theyíre drowning in their own affluence, Pamela Summers, a former Center of Hate legal fellow told the Advertiser. What they are doing in the legal department is not done for the best interest of everybody [but] it is done as though the sole, overriding goal is to make money.10

Whatís even more pathetic (but not surprising) Sumners stated, I think people associate the SPLC with ... going to court. And thatís why they get the money. And they donít go to court... She is essentially right, there have only been a handful of court cases over the years, many of which remain unresolved.

Dees entire legal staff resigned in 1985 saying Dees sole focus was on the Klan, because thatís where the money was perceived to be.


Dees real talent lies in fund-raising and fear-mongering. But he has other useful abilities as well. The Center of Hate took out a full page ad in the New York Times on April 17, 1996. The ad boasts of a large computer data base with over 11,000 photos and videos as well as data on 3,200 groups, 14,000 individuals and over 61,000 incidents.

The ad doesnít say who these files pertain to but they obviously reach far beyond the scope of the hated Identity, patriot and militia movement, as there are nowhere near 3,200 groups.

Either paranoia plagues Dees Center of Hate or he is plain exagerating to foster support for a seek-and-destroy agenda. Many agree itís both!

In an article from the Oklahoma Daily, published the same day as the NYT ad, it states, Since 1994 the center has counted 441 militias and 386 patriot groups around the country. Of these groups, 137 have ties to racist-hate groups. That comes to 827 groups which leaves 2,373 groups unaccounted for.

In False Patriots page 58, it states between 1994-1996 the Militia Task force counted 809 active patriot groups including militias, Identity churches, common law courts and others opposed to the new world order.

Is the Center of Hate expanding its mission beyond the nearly non-existent KKK and handful of Militia and Identity churches? Is your church on this list?

Even more interesting, where did Dees get all of these files? The numbers are reminiscent of the 1994 ADL spy ring in San Francisco wherein several law enforcement agencies were illegally selling DMV information to a dumpster-diving ADL informant.


The fear tactics used in the NYT ad abound in huge WWII sized letters:

Expect More Bombs
Militia of Montana spokesman Bob Fletcher.

Fletcher told The Jubilee he was referring to government planted/sponsored bombs similar to the one(s) at the Murrah building. The ad leads readers to believe that Fletcherís statement was some sort of threat or promise from the Montana militia.

Humorously, in the same Oklahoma Daily article, Dees makes an even more pointed prediction, I am positive there will be others.

What does he know the rest of us donít? Why can he make that statement?

Adding to the NYT fear campaign the public is cleverly deceived with the following wordage:

Over ten tons of explosives have been stolen from various locations around the country in the past year. Authorities suspect a large quantity has made its way into the `patriotí movement. Boo!

Wow! Irving, get your check book out and send Morris Dees our life savings the patriots might have gun powder!

A critical analysis of Deeís ridiculous rhetoric could go on for pages. This final quote from the NYT ad is too hilarious not to mention: The ĎPatriotí movement thrives on secrecy and citizen apathy. Again, yet another example of how Dees and his hypocritical cohorts accuse Patriots of everything they are and do.

As any seasoned patriot can tell you, patriots have long been trying to go public with their information but have been repeatedly stonewalled by the press. No secret there. And further, the whole mission of a patriot is to recruit those who are no longer apathetic Americans!


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