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The C.R.Q. :Cue :Cat

archived 092400
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donated by KatMan

This second portion of this feature was also discovered by KatMan after reading the feature article on the Bronfman/Seagrams Subliminal Programming.

The tie symbolism was quite apparent after reading the excerpts from Subliminal Seduction, but the careful folding of the images on the brochure form the penile shape in the shadow of the cat (above). I noticed the hand (paw?) of the right arm was quite mis-formed, not even resembling the product. To me it looked more like a serpent's head.

I figured that if this much was obvious and similar and identical to the descriptions in Subliminal Seduction, then there may be more in the picture than meets the eye also. Were there hidden subliminal symbols embedded in the image? I looked closely at the spots the eye or attention of a reader would be drawn to first.

You have to gaze for a minute or two, just as outlined in the Seagram's Subliminal article, then suddenly my eyes adjusted and there it was. I had been SEXed by this Cue Cat brochure!

Note: I had this image doubled in size than on this web page when I discovered these two SEXes.

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