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Analysis of Indoctrination
by Robert Moore

Dear Ellis & Roberta

I am in awe of you both : the determined bravery of you, Roberta; the esoteric mastery and compassion of you, Ellis.

The synopses which I have just read are as moving and accurate as they are tragic.........

As a so-called spiritual person ( whatever this means ) all I can do is ask Creation for a resolution based upon justice. It leaves me feeling somewhat powerless; and yet, and yet............

Tell the truth, and tell it out loud is the best approach in future...........

I shall not give up

Rest assured : I'm ALWAYS around.

Hi Roberta

I can see from your ex-husbands numbers that they are both capable of extreme moods that can erupt uncontrollably without notice. Both will have issues regarding separations from family, friends, children and animals. John's numbers show that violence will be part of this and more than likely to involve firearms and vehicles. There is an indication of tragedy in the first third of his life which affects the rest of his life. It probably involved someone close to him and was likely a female. Separations from males will haunt his life too and around mid-life They are both drawn to the mysterious side of life so may be involved in unsavoury practices.

We all have choices but it is my understanding at this time that some of us have more choices than others. Some people are here to teach, others to learn whilst all of us to a certain degree do both. It is the negative side of life that teaches us what good is. From their numbers it is possible that they fall into the category of teachers for the former.

Both will have taken and abused life whether it was animals or human I cannot tell. I am only interpreting the numbers. There are some similarities with the two.

John is irresponsible, prone to addictions of various sorts and will have lessons and give lessons regarding freedom.

Of the two, John appears to be the most untrustworthy, but not by much. He has many sides to his character. Both can be charmers when it suits them. Their motives however are cloaked in secrecy.

The two paths that John treads are the 22 and the 6. Both have legal issues and often make big demands on others.

The 22 is involved with amongst other things vehicles, law, water, engineering, weapons, tools, destruction, construction. It relates to the father (as does 6) The 22 is known as The Master Builder, The Master Planner and negatively the Great Destroyer-hence the involvement with death, violence etc.

Rodney also has issues with control, violence,freedom, addictions. His two paths however are not as strong as John's. However they are still powerful. The two paths are the 5 and the 1. Both are thinkers and are supposed to be active. There is also a destructive side and power issues which may manifest in the work he does.

Both men are destined to have major issues in their lives regarding children and/or siblings.

Although his life is studded with difficulty, unappreciation of self-worth etc your ex-husband John's chart reveals 3 years of loss, drama, trauma and tragedy between August 1990 to August 1993. He may have become mentally unstable over this time as a lot of pressure was exerting itself.

The period from November 1992 to August 1993 was the accumulation of this.

There is an indication in his chart of a powerful force exerting influence and attempting control over his family and private life. this is for all of his life. Curiously there is an abatement during the period from the end of August 1993 until the end of April 1994.

I would not be surprised if there weren't some very good sportsmen amongst your family. The numbers show that they need to be active to get the best out of life. Something that may hold a clue to the boys' tragedy is that their names add to 666. This does NOT mean that they are evil by any stretch but to a disturbed or religiously twisted mind it could be seen as an excuse. This is how it works:

Numbers are attributed to the letters of the alphabet according to their position, hence:

A=1, B=2 and so forth. The numbers are added together until you reach a single number except when a repeated number is reached, such as 11 or 22.

It is done like this:

Hence we arrive at Robert = 6 and Moore = 66 which gives us 666. The same can be done for Ben when we read his name as Ben James Moore which are Ben 3 + James 3 = 6 with Moore = 666

Something else I don't like that links the drawing you sent to me and numerology:

Their deaths occurred on the 30th As I have said to you before 30 is the number of mind contol. It is also the number of 'lights' in the tower.

August is the 8th month. 8 is the number of floors (including the ground floor) in the tower

The year, 1993 adds to 22-Destruction and planning. The word, SAFE also formulates to 22.

This is a 'predictive' drawing, but unless you were in on it would be very difficult to decipher without prior suspicion. It still leaves the question open as to whether it is a suicide or a murder. The subconscious is a strange thing. It knows far more than we are aware of, I am sure.

When did Robert do the drawing? The number of lights could represent a timescale too.

The whole date adds to 33 which I am sure you are aware is a significant occult number. It does also mean separation of children. There is also a link to sacrifice but this can mean self-sacrifice. I can't tell. In Robert's chart the period from approx June 1993 to his death was intimately linked esoterically with Judgement, death and rebirth. It is to do with promises that MUST be kept.

In Ben's case he was in a period (circa May 1993 to his death) of 'following the lead' of others who he regarded as his superiors in some way. He had little control at this time over his own fate. Esoterically it was a time of being led astray, control and evil influence.

At present I don't see any occult influence regarding the moon phase. The catalyst for your troubles does appear to me to have come from religious indoctrination. Implicated are The Jehovah Witnesses and their father who himself has been manipulated by this cult and who may possibly not be in charge of his actions.

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.



Thanks for the research you did. It does explain Watchtower control and deep it is and you cannot escape...not with your life.

Thanks again and may God bless

Roberta I don't see 8 windows. I see 7 windows and what is possibly a glass or open door.

If I was to attribute a symbolic interpretation I would say that the tower (which is what the building looks like) is always open. The windows (each window is on a different level) represent 7 stages of opportunity/initiation/knowledge/power structure where one can receive the light. They are all most likely linked to some sort of christian religion, hence the crosses.

The 'safe' at the top represents a promise of safety but... it is not safe.

It is very precariously perched and about to fall. I am not sure whether the triangular structure is a (sign) bracket or a ramp. It may be that it is supposed to covey both ideas. The ramp to push the safe off and the bracket to hang the safe(ty) sign from. It may also be the gibbet to hang the transgressors from or the ramp to push them off. This off course would then make the whole picture a cycle of promises and threats to insiders and outsiders.

The 'fallen one' is in imminent peril.

The figure at the bottom appears to be a person prostrate, hands together in a praying (pleading/begging) position.

Although the appearance of this figure is very square it does not appear to define the safe (not in my picture anyway). It does give the impression and therefore the threat of the safe falling on him?

It does however convey a picture of limitation and confinement.

The message seems to be that one must plead for mercy/ forgiveness-whatever and enter the tower where you will be safe. Succumb to the doctrine at each of the 7 levels to achieve redemption.

The safe has not actually fallen so the message is one of a threat.

Altogether there are 30 squares of light shown. 30 is the number of the mind controlled by secret or other forces. It is the number on the door of the Tavistock Institute in London. This does not imply that the Tavistock Institute has anything to do with your son. I only mention it to show how numerology is used by these people.

The artist leaves an impression of personal futility, of never being able to measure up. When offered salvation by the tower it is a false promise because the inadequacies that drive one to join these organisations are actually magnified by an inability to achieve the perfection that is demanded.

Of course this is all dependent on the veracity of the picture that I have received. I cannot be sure as the picture is pressed to the left side and there may be more of the drawing that I cannot see.

I hope this is useful

best wishes

Roberta Moore

Ben & Robert Moore

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