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Dear David,

I know that you care about people as you are always alerting us of the dangers of the New World Order. There are many people still involved in Religious Cults that are awakening from their sleep. You have the only site I could find with freedom of speech.

I wondered if you knew that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society depicts Jesus Christ as an executioner? This executioner will issue orders for the EXECUTION of all who refuse to support what they call Gods Kingdom.

Seems there are many people who don't agree that have been executed already. I read all about it on your site. I know you care about Robert and Ben Moore. I have proof that they were executed. But this is exactly what the Watchtower promised. Enclosed is proof-right out of their writings. I label this article # 1.

I enclose a copy from the police report that is proof that my two children were executed. Please print this but leave out police report.

These were taken from The Watchtower and their Book that inspired Ben to want to be killed called Revelations its grand climax near at hand.

The true God will not let this happen! No more evil in the name of God. Knowledge will cover the earth and all will come to know him, from the least to the greatest.

Roberta Moore

Ben & Robert Moore

Roberta and daughter Lisa

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