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This investigative series was provided by Roberta Moore, who is currently tring to obtain justice in the murder of her two sons. Links are provided at the end of this article in her battle for truth, justice, and fair play. This feature along with more evidence Ms. Moore has provided are the building blocks of proof of how her murdered sons and her other children have been mind controlled through the covert subliminal indoctrinization by the Jehovah Witnesses.

These images and most of the text are from an expose' of these techniques by professionals in the field of mind control and manipulation and not manufactured by this website or Ms. Moore. She purchased and disassembled the book to provide these pictures for your education and information. A drawback to publishing on the internet is sometimes losing the definition and clarity of images, when they are digitized, optimized, and can only be provided in JPG or GIF formats.

This feature on subliminals and others being prepared show the same or similar symbols repeatedly in their artwork. Simon Gerrard has provided countless examples of this evil intent and influence in his work provided on his own website (linked below) and serves to confirm what he is discovering of subliminal programming at all levels.

David Icke has been denied venues or places to speak due to the content of his talks and the content on his website "being offensive." We have to admit some of this stuff is very offensive, especially to the parties, organizations, and people guilty of these kinds of atrocities, particularly against children. Many members of the Jehovah Witnesses will consider this feature offensive.. we do also, but for the obvious reasons of mind control and brainwashing techniques being employed against people and not due to being offended because our belief system we treasure has been exposed.

We are not naive enough nor do we blame ALL members of the Jehovah Witnesses for this incredibly evil method employed against their own brethren. These methods are being used by many religious organizations and others. After you see these evidences for the first time, and then allow your family and friends to continue being manipulated and controlled through subliminals, even by your silence, then you might be blamed, not by us, but by your God.

If you have seen the movie They Live or Matrix, those were caricatures of exactly what subliminal mind control is representative of...building a false reality in the minds of people.

You will also find supporting evidence in our Religious Frauds Archives, Symbolism Archives, and Tell the Truth Archives. The evil empire is a spider web with millions of connections to uncover. This is part of the reptilian control of our planet. If the concept of reptilians seems strange to you, replace the word with satanic forces or demons, which under scrutiny you find in art, history, and scriptures they are one and the same. And this evil reptilian manipulation has infilitrated all religions, governments, political parties, corporations,

This medical & psychological fact is proven, even through action against David Icke and his websites. The betrayal of the Jewish people through mind control and manipulation by the Bronfmans (only one example) is a fact they cannot believe, so they lash out at their 'perceived' enemy, David Icke, even though the guilty ones, the Bronfmans, are the ones that gave them that perception.

We know and have experienced in the past that many Jehovah Witnesses will write in, lashing out at their perceived enemy David Icke, possibly in this case Roberta Moore, simply because they cannot believe how the Jehovah Witnesses are controlling and programming them.

The odd truth of the matter is that David Icke and Ms. Moore, are these persons' REAL FRIENDS and allies, because a friend tells the truth, even though the truth may hurt abit. Friends don't lie or deceive. Yet, not in one instance, have the Bronfman or the Jehovah Witness organizations ever denied the evidences and facts on this site, but continue the betrayal of their own people and try to stop people like David Icke or Ms. Moore from telling the truth.

This are common sense (horse sense) truths, which recognize no race, color, creed, religious preference, etc. This feature does not represent any sort of hatred towards individual members or the belief system of the Jehovah Witnesses, rather it is pure love for that group of people and all people, to tell them the truth.

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