America’s Moloch: The Federal Reserve

By W. A. Carto

Do the bankers and the politicians need $87 billion for the war, or do they need the war to get $87 billion?

Few in authority will admit that the American economy requires a constantly expanding injection of Federal Reserve* heroin to survive. When the Federal Reserve was established by Congress in 1913 it was the successful culmination of a bankers’ conspiracy that began shortly after—even before—the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. It has been fueled by careful long-term planning and unlimited financial reserves by unbelievably wealthy men.

Names such as Nelson Aldrich, J. P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer and Rothschild—the most powerful political manipulators in the world then—and their successors now—were the players and politicians. Woodrow Wilson, indebted to them for his election, carried out the plan.

Both parties were involved. The conspirators knew that the public did not want a central bank—something that was anathema to Americans ever since the country’s founding. From Washington through Jackson and to Wilson the idea of a central bank, which would inevitably come to shape public policy and invite corruption, was opposed.

The plotters knew that any plan originated by Republicans would automatically be suspect so in the election of 1912, it took very little cajoling to convince Teddy Roosevelt to run as a third party candidate. This split the Republicans, assuring the defeat of William Howard Taft and the shoo-in of Wilson, the Democrat, little more than their puppet.

Wilson was programmed to preside over the creation of the Federal Reserve—the creature of the most corrupt and criminal class in the world—the international bankers.

Since then, the Fed has directed the transfer of uncounted trillions in assets, such as real property, natural resources and businesses into the greedy hands of the bankers, leaving their victims—including the United States of America and all of its people bankrupt and in hopeless debt to them. And this has been the purpose of this enterprise from its conspiratorial beginning.


The fundamental dynamic of the American economy is war. It requires a constant expenditure of Federal Re serve interest-bearing credit to survive, and the best way to accomplish this requirement is war. The taxpayers can always be inspired to support war. It may be said that the public loves war almost as much as the bankers and their office-holding puppets. And if a sizable segment of the public is opposed to a given war, the news media can work them up to a blessed blood lust within hours. Yes, hours.

Forty years ago, populist analyst/ philosopher Lawrence Dennis de scribed it thusly: “There’s not a peace cloud in the war boom sky.”

American politicians have always responded to this by effortlessly finding “public enemies” to fit the hallowed image of foreign devil. And today, with the terror of 9-11 engraved on the consciousness of the public, exhorting them to follow our leaders in the search for terrorists is so simple that even an intellectually deprived president can easily follow the script. Thus, flinging interest-bearing Federal Reserve credit at our presumed enemies is a simple ritual with precedents without number.

Critics of President Bush’s Iraq aggression are right in that it obviously serves no American interest except the political need to placate the implacable demands of Israel but the even more insistent requirement of feeding the Federal Reserve Moloch** with the bodies of young Americans makes war spending a sacred duty.


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