An Essay on Money and Bullion
by J. Jocelyn

This first and small Essay of the Author proceeds from some late Reflections, on a proper Supply for the Scarcity of our Silver Coin. Let no one Object at first View, that I meddle in Matters out of my own Sphere; for tho’ my Scene of Action has not been very large in these Affairs, yet sometimes Standers-by see more than those that Play: And a Man of the weakest Capacity may sometimes hit on a proper Scheme.

The Scheme annex’d was not perfected, ‘till the Day the Resolution was made in the House of Commons, not to alter the Standard of our Silver Coins, in Fineness, Weight, or Denomination: The Consequence of that Resolution, whether this Scheme, a different or any other founded upon it, shall be thought Expedient for the Publick Good, Time will more fully shew; with a View to that I printed it, and this I publish, because therein I made mention of it.

To prevent the Reader’s Fatigue, I have omitted many Enlargements, which now methinks the Discourse wants. Many Imperfections I re-view, which now can’t be alter’d, nor have I Time to express the Hurry in which this Treatise was finished and wrought of by so young an Author. I could no longer bear the Expectation of some, and the Ridi-cule of others, who thought I talked of more than I could do.

Such as it is, I submit it to the Publick, in Hopes my Friends will put a Value upon it; for I can’t depend on its Intrinsick Worth, to carry it thro’ the World.

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