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Written by
Richard Higgins

There has been much emotional reaction and heated discussion on the recent World Trade Center fiasco. There has also been an unprecedented amount of media misinformation and propaganda, and I feel compelled to share my views on what I believe is happening. It may seem "far out" to some, but I invite you to "read between the lines" with me.

The first question I asked myself was, "How would one get the entire American population, and much of the Western world, into a state of mind where they would give a resounding "Yes" to any military agenda of the Government ?" Answer: You would create an "unbelievable" occurrence such as flying passenger airliners into strategic targets in New York and Washington.

Look at the emotional triggers you would fire in one fell swoop :

As I watched news of the events unfold, I was absolutely dumbfounded at how obviously the viewers were being manipulated, particularly by that propaganda machine CNN. It would take pages to elaborate on all my ideas, but what about seeking your own answers to these points, which occurred to me.

As a television journalist, I was absolutely nauseated by the coverage we were subjected to on CNN. It was all so obviously designed to whip Americans into a state of unprecedented patriot fervor. How was the biased, emotional reporting of the one "journalist" who showed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carefully wrapped in drawings of the American flag by school children, and delivered to relief workers? I wanted to vomit - and not because I don't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ! It was interesting to watch how relatively unbiased the SKY Channel was - and they had far superior footage. How come all that CNN were able to give us was endless wide shots from the top of a building, fronted by barely literate stooges, and a news service half way across the globe, could get us in amongst the chaos ?

Because CNN only shows what they are instructed to show, that's why. While on the subject of CNN - didn't it strike you as rather "convenient" that this was so perfectly positioned to cover the Gulf War? Anyone with any insight into the logistics of setting up such an operation in that amount of time, could only have suspected that it was created for that exact purpose. How do you paint Saddam Hussein as this generation's Hitler", if you don't have the media machinery in place ? By comparison, I must say I found the reporting by South African journalists - especially eTV's Debra Patter - to be balanced, un-emotive and intelligent.

So what is the real story behind the 11th September 2001? My opinion is this :

The "bombing" was a well thought-out, carefully designed military strike on the American people - as we've been told a million times already - but by THEIR president. (And I purposefully don't use a capital "p".) It is the latest, and most dramatic attempt to move the world towards a state of fear, so that the handful of people who control the globe (called by many the Illuminati), can speed up their agenda for a One World Army, One World Currency, One World Bank, and total control of the masses. If you don't believe me, watch how they are trying to set us up for the introduction of a global system if identification. While it will be presented as a way to "control" international terrorism, but it designed ultimately to control us. It is one small step away from injecting microchips into the world's population.

So, why target the Muslim Arabs? Well, who controls the world's oil reserves - and which country uses the most petroleum? And why Afghanistan? Do some investigation into how the American CIA trained the Pakistani Secret Service, who in turn supported the Muhajadin in their fight against the Russians. It all comes down to control of the massive drug trade in this area, known as the Golden Crescent. My guess is that the Taliban who now control Afghanistan, are making it hard for the CIA to produce the huge drug quantities they have been used to in the area. By playing host to Bin Laden, they have given Bush and his masters a seemingly plausible reason to bomb the hell out of the country. And those poor, wretched people of Afghanistan, who have already endured so much, will become cannon fodder for that massive ego which is the American Government.

If you sense a degree of anger emerging in my words, you are right. I'm angry that women, children and young men will suffer untold horror, to satisfy the insatiable greed of a small elite. Am I anti-American? Not at all! The poor American population is being led along by the nose-ring. They are also victims. At the same time, we must remember that they represent only 5% of the world's population, but it is claimed consume 70% of the world's resources. It cannot be sustained! Something must give!

And what about us, sitting here at the tip of Africa? Those of you that know me know that I am an optimist about this country's future. Piecing together writings in The Book of Revelations, Nostrodamus' predictions, the miracle of our move to Democracy, the amazing growth in consciousness I see every day in this country - we will become the world leader in the area of Human Consciousness. I was therefore pleased to see that our President did not offer military support to Bush. Many people here are also far less susceptible to the CNN virus, and some of the views shared above, does not surprise them. We need to stay out of this emotional drama. Let's not for a second, harbor thoughts of hate and retaliation. Let's send thoughts of love and healing to Americans and to the millions of innocent law-abiding Muslims who are, and will be, victims of this smear campaign.

I urge you do take a look at David Icke's excellent web site at davidicke.com if you want to learn more about the complex web of conspiracy that has been woven around us. I am not an alarmest, but if only 10% of what he and others who study conspiracy theory claim, it is frightening.

Hold the light !

The dark forces are scared of our growing strength, and that is why they have resorted to such drastic measures.

They are scared shitless !

And so they should be - our victory is assured.

In love, light and laughter

Richard Higgins is a popular television journalist




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