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South Africa - the 1st posturings have begun

Hi David!

When news about this car broke:

The car that runs on air

I emailed you and said that I wonder how long it will be before Bush acts to protect his oil shares and declares war on South Africa.

Well, the first posturing have begun:

Mandela helps Saddam build nukes

Iraq Allegedly Sought SA Nuclear Material

Witness Mandela's clear vision:

US threatens world peace

and the growing awareness of the truth:

Gore Vidal claims 'Bush junta'

My own observations are:

1) America will not declare war on South Africa because all that they want to do is stop the car being produced.

2) As the internet remains largely uncontrolled by them, if the oil barons cannot control the backlash from a growing awareness in the american public, or the perpetrators cannot cover their tracks well enough should a proper inquiry be made, I am forced to wonder if Bush may well be the first US president to be sentenced to death once he is found guilty of 9/11? His Skull and Bones name is, after all "temporary". Is that for a reason?


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