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TEMPE, AZ.. A highly classified Department of Justice report identifies China as a "global leader" in drug-running through Canada into the United States.

The report - "Operation Dragonlord" - is still on a strict need-to-know list within the Administration.

Senior Justice sources say its publication could have "untold consequences" on President Bush's visit to China next week.

"It would force him to openly confront the Chinese leadership - and that could wreck Bush's plans to try and enlist Beijing's support for America's upcoming attack on Saddam Hussein," said Seeds of Fire author Gordon Thomas, quoting a staff attorney in Justice.

"'Dragonlord' shows that China's use of Canada in the drug flow into the United States is at its peak. China is using a number of terrorist groups, including the Triads, Hamas and other Middle East groups to smuggle drugs into Canada and then on over the border into the United States," said Thomas. Senior drug analysts with the United Nations Drug Control program in Vienna have told Thomas this week that China is involved in organizing the export of bumper opium harvests. "The crops have a street value of $65 billion. That is enough to keep every addict in the U.S. supplied for three years," said Thomas. "Dragonlord" documents Drug Enforcement Administration and other agency fears that China has been instrumental in creating a new brand of heroin. "The report states it is 80 percent pure and is known as Heroin-Four, or 'white heroin.' It is a prime export into the U. S. market," said Thomas.

Western intelligence officers in Kosovo, Macedonia and Switzerland have told him that Chinese-controlled gangs have used the profits from selling heroin to buy weapons to re-equip Macedonia who gave up their arms to NATO troops last autumn.

China itself has supplied 120mm and 82mm mortars as well as tens of thousands of assault rifles for this purpose. "As the U.S. readies to attack Saddam, China plans to rekindle the Balkans conflict and create a bonfire that could seriously affect plans to deal with Saddam," said Thomas. He cites CIA and M16 sources in Afghanistan telling him that the country's interim leader, Hamid Karzai, is showing no real sign of keeping his promise to replace opium growing in Afghanistan - which provides 90 percent of the heroin now on sale in Europe and Canada. Dr. Thomas Pietschmann, a senior researcher with the United Nations Drug Control Agency, told the author this week: "There are bumper opium crops stockpiled in Afghanistan worth, all told, about $65 billion. Nothing has really been done to eliminate these stockpiles."

It is those stockpiles that China is using to fuel the drug trail into Canada - and on into the United States.

"I have been told the situation is dangerously serious. On the one hand, as 'Dragonlord' shows, China is trying to turn America into an addicted nation as never before. At the same time it is selling the drugs it controls at giveaway prices to extremist groups in the Balkans and elsewhere to foment trouble for the U.S. We are close to seeing the first drug-financed conflict of the millennium - one that could have a global effect," said Thomas.

Thomas' book, Seeds of Fire, is the runaway best-seller that reveals for the first time the full extent of China's determination to destroy America "at all levels." Its findings have been publicly confirmed by the CIA and the Justice Department after Seeds was published. The book has received universal critical acclaim and has already been sold for translation and re-publication to over 40 countries.

Thomas, 69, has continued to monitor China's activities, using his unsurpassed intelligence contacts.

"It was one of those contacts that alerted me to the 'Dragonlord' document. It clearly details how China is using a two-pronged attack to bring drugs into the U.S. The first is across the Pacific into western Canada. The second is out of Europe and across the Atlantic into western Canada.

"The document shows that in Europe the Russian Mafia is deeply involved. In Pakistan the country's intelligence service is implicated. Since last September its links to China have become even closer. 'Dragonlord' also shows how China had planned to use Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida organization to run drugs into Canada," said Thomas. "'Dragonlord' identifies Montreal and Vancouver as two key centers for the movement of drugs into the United States.

"Dealing with this has been complicated by the turf battle going on between Canada's two intelligence services, CSIS and the RCMP National Security Bureau," he added.

In Seeds of Fire, Thomas reveals how this battle played a significant part in China's theft of U.S. developed software that would enable China to keep track of counter-intelligence operations against its drug running.

"A copy of 'Dragonlord' will be in Bush's hand baggage as he heads for Beijing. But a senior Justice department official has told me he is not expecting the President to show it to the Chinese and say, 'This has got to stop - here and now.' There is no way that is going to happen. Not with what America's big business has at stake in China," said Thomas.

How big that stake is is at the core of Seeds of Fire. It details how some of America's largest corporations have used their influence to ensure that Washington remains a paper tiger in the eyes of the Beijing dragon.

source: DandelionBooks.com

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