TEMPE, AZ . . . On Sunday, March 18, 2001, popular NBC show Dateline presented shocking details about female or "white" slavery, that are the basis for a book by award-winning author, Gordon Thomas. In a program entitled, "Bought and Sold," award-winning commentator, Geraldo Rivera, interviewed women who were bought and sold into slavery, a topic that Thomas spent two years investigating for his book entitled Enslaved: The Inhuman Traffic in Men, Women and Children. Enslaved will be released in July of this year by Dandelion Books.

In his book, Thomas details how the United Nations forces in the Balkans have done "almost nothing" to halt the traffic in young women sold as sex slaves - many of whom serve UN troops. Slavery International supported Thomas's investigation, which also discloses information about children in California that are sold into cults and sex rings. It traces the fate of young women and children brought secretly from the Philippines, Thailand and other Asian countries into Europe and on through Canada and into the United States.

Writes Thomas in the book's introduction: "The number of slaves continues to increase as the market for them grows. At this time there are well over two hundred twenty million slaves in the world, using the United Nations categories and definitions of chattel, serfdom, child and female slavery. That figure is greater than the entire workforce in North America or that of Western Europe… the number of sexual slaves equals almost half the population of the United States."

Thomas quotes Alan Whittaker of the Anti-Slavery Society: "People continue to entertain many misconceptions about slavery - the most common being that it doesn't still exist. Or…that as far as the United States is concerned, it's all part of the past world of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin,' 'Gone with the Wind,' and more recently, 'Roots.' The truth, the terrible, terrible truth, is that it is still part of our society today."

States Carol Adler, President of Dandelion Books: "Gordon Thomas is one of the major spokespersons of our age. Each of his works reveals another malignancy that is feeding insidiously - parasitically -- on the innate goodness of humankind everywhere on the globe. But Gordon Thomas does more than merely deliver the gory details of this malignancy. He also forces us to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask 'What can we do about it?'

"Dandelion Books is honored to have the opportunity to publish 10 Gordon Thomas works this year. We are committed to bring forth works that open windows and doors to greater self-awareness. Often these realities may not be pleasant to look at, but how else can we achieve true freedom and personal growth unless we face our frailties and shortcomings head-on?"

Dandelion Books will soon release the first of the 10 Gordon Thomas titles: The Thirteenth Disciple: The Life of Mary Magdalene. Cancer Doctor: The Biography of Josef Issels, M.D., Who Brought Hope to the World with his Revolutionary Cancer Treatment will appear at the beginning of April; Seeds of Fire: The Voices of China's Conscience, a first-hand account of the Tiananmen Square uprising will appear in first, followed by Enslaved: The Inhuman Traffic in Men, Women and Children, in June.

Thomas is the author of thirty-eight books. They have achieved total sales of 45 million copies in 36 countries. A number were Main Selections for Book of the Month Club; The Literary Book Club; and the Readers' Digest Book Club. He has received two Mark Twain Society Awards for Reporting Excellence. Seven of his books have been made into major motion pictures, including the five-times Academy Award-winning Voyage of the Damned. Experiences won the Jury's and Critics' prizes at the Monte Carlo Film Festival. His Edgar Allan Poe Award was for Shipwreck. Currently his series of best-selling David Morton novels, to be published by Dandelion Books in October, 2001, are being filmed by IAC International for a 22-hour television series to be screened internationally in 2002. Gideon's Spies is also in the process of being filmed by Helkon International Media. Gordon Thomas's next book, Mindfield, has already been pre-sold around the world. He lives in Ireland with his wife, an interior designer, and his two children.


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