TEMPE, AZ . . . In June, 1989, the dragon's teeth, China's armed forces, devoured the nation's voice of conscience in an event that lasted fifty-five days. That event was the massacre of the students in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. The students had asked for no more than the right to live in a democratic society. Award-winning internationally acclaimed author, Gordon Thomas, was there. States Publisher's Weekly: "Thomas's Seeds of Fire: China's Voices of Conscience, is the most complete book on the Tiananmen Square tragedy to date- a dramatic chronicle packed with revelation."

Seeds of Fire, scheduled for September, 2001 publication by Dandelion Books, also contains information never published before. These documents pertain to the Chinese acquisition of nuclear intelligence information from the Los Alamos National Laboratory on the W-88 Warhead, and proof of the link between newspaper magnate, Robert Maxwell and Los Alamos. Thomas also includes memos and redacted documents about an alleged copyright infringement by the U.S. Department of Justice - referred to by William Hamilton, President of INSLAW, developer of PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information Systems) software -- as "the largest Global Software Theft in History." These documents show Hamilton's thwarted attempts to obtain the truth from the U.S. Government. They further indicate the continued cover-up that has hampered among others, the RMCP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) investigation in Canada.

In addition to being a social history which ranges deep behind the hidden face of China, Seeds of Fire is also a narrative which lends numbing credibility to what so far has only been a hint of China's real intentions in the Third Millennium - and the first real insight into how the Bush Administration intends to deal with them.

Thomas's book unravels for the first time the real reason why thousands of brave young men and women were allowed to die on those hot summer days in Beijing. The world watched appalled, and its leaders in the West, including the father of the present President of the United States, sat indifferently by. It is the first untold story of why they died and how George W. Bush, the President of the United States of America, has done nothing to give their successors any sign that one day they will be given the right to live in a democratic China.

Thomas delivers the inside story about Senior Colonel Xu Junping's January 2001 defection. He cites the major details of Junping's debriefing: "Xu chose to open his de-briefing with news which brought a wry smile to the lips of his listeners. He told them that Israeli scientists trained at the PLA's super-secret intelligence and security command in the Western Hills outside Beijing had been trained to perfect the technique of morphing, among others, the images of Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein onto television screens.

"Using specially doctored voice tapes of the actual Arafat and Saddam speaking, these have been re-spliced and perfectly lip-synced so that either leader appears to be making totally outlandish statements against their own people - which could lead to them being toppled. Xu had witnessed these close-circuit test transmissions later carried out deep inside the Kirya, Israeli Defense Force headquarters, in Tel Aviv. The transmissions could be relayed to both PLO and Iraqi television stations. They would then replace real-time programmes and cause panic, anger and havoc." States Thomas in the closing paragraphs: "The recent spy-plane incident showed that the 'devils' within the Great Wall are getting ready to come out and confront those outside. The further the world is from that last confrontation, the closer it is to the next. And that may not end so fortunately for the West as the spy-plane incident."

Thomas is the author of thirty-eight books. They have achieved total sales of 45 million copies in 36 countries. A number were Main Selections for Book of the Month Club; The Literary Book Club; and the Readers' Digest Book Club. He has received two Mark Twain Society Awards for Reporting Excellence. Seven of his books have been made into major motion pictures, including the five-times Academy Award-winning Voyage of the Damned. Experiences won the Jury's and Critics' prizes at the Monte Carlo Film Festival. His Edgar Allan Poe Award was for Shipwreck. Currently his series of best-selling David Morton novels, to be published by Dandelion Books in October, 2001, are being filmed by IAC International for a 22-hour television series to be screened internationally in 2002. Gideon's Spies is also in the process of being filmed by Helkon International Media. Gordon Thomas's next book, Mindfield, has already been pre-sold around the world. He lives in Ireland with his wife, an interior designer, and his two children.


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