Subway Caves

Mr. Icke -

Your book has my full attention since I bought it a few days ago. But to the important info. Years ago, I went to summer camp in Northern California (I'm from L.A.). We took a day trip near Mt. Shasta, I believe. We went on a tour of something called the "Subway Caves" that were believed to go hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles. I think the park rangers said that openings have been discovered in Arizona and New Mexico.

The caves were about 10-15 feet tall as well as wide. The story goes that an archeologist after the turn of the century went in search of the end of the tunnels with some equipment. Needless to say, his batteries ran out, and his crew of a few people soon perished. He emerged many miles away from a hole in the ground frantically raving about some sort of creature that slithered and made reptilian noises that lived in the caves.

The cave was blocked off in both directions. This was when I was under 16 (now I'm 22). I am a devout believer in extraterrestrials and Darwinism despite being brought up Jewish. I just cannot believe that we were "made by God" from dust. Ever since I was 15, I always claimed that religion is simply false hope and that there has to be something else out there... and your missing link theory (or information) is by far the most interesting take I've heard of regarding our past.

I never contact people via internet (I rarely answer friends'/family e-mail). But your book is fascinating. I told my parents and my Catholic girlfriend of your book - they listen to me with a half-smile on their face. I'm still reading. Thank you so much for your book.

Also, I just watched a Discovery Channel showe on the Mayans, in which they discussed the prevelant existence of a snake head as well as dragon figurines and talked about "star wars" that the different Mayan cities had. I think they said Venus or Jupiter was the basis for their Star Wars. Anyways, keep it up.

Nick Salick
Los Angeles

Discovery Channel - Adelphia Cable services,
Channel 3, 9-10am on Wed, Jan 10, 2001

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