CIA and Pagosa Springs

Recently a CIA computer programmer reportedly moved to Pagosa Springs. He had a 7,000 sq. ft. home built there. The entry to the house leads to a regular home. It has a door that opens into a huge installation containing 24 main frame computers. He had a telephone trunk line installed. (That is sufficient to service an entire city. Pagosa only has about 5,000 population.)

I asked a person who is very knowledgeable about such issues, who I will refer to as "Deep Throat", what was going on? He said that Pagosa Springs needed an entire installation. I asked, "Why?" He responded, "They (the government) have lost control of Dulce." According to him, this may be a containment effort. Also noteworthy is they are Chem trailing the place to death, literally in some cases. I was told that this winter, which was fairly bereft of snow, one snow storm was noteworthy. It was so slippery, you could barely drive on it. It also didn't melt. It evaporated, leaving the ground dry.

Besides all that, my home (the property under seige) is within visual sight of an Anasazi ruin called Chimney Rock, which is also noteworthy since it looks more like a pyramid than a mountain and has an ancient city perched on top. The Hopis recently went there to dance. The last time they had done so was over 700 years ago....

This site has also been visited by a strange entourage of people all driving identical white cars.

Another vehicular oddity was a semi truck, with "Rocky Mountain Chocolates" emblazoned across it, seen heading north out of Pagosa Springs, right straight for the woods. Either this is a case of environmental malpractice or a damn sloppy cover-up.

It is in the midst of all this, my property battle rages.

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