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Having just read the article about common law researcher jailed, I am reminded of what just happened to my husband. He was kidnapped under color of authority in California in front of at least six witnesses, including myself. He was taken to jail thirty-five miles away and our van, which is in my name was stolen and has not been returned. Fortunately, someone living near the incident video taped what happened and the assault, tresspass and other crimes committed.

The court process promises to be difficult because of the ignorance of the law perpetrated throughout our country. The point to this story is: what can you do!!! For starters, write a writ of habeas corpus. This must, by law, be answered in open court and the body (the person named) produced. How do you write one? Write it to the court that has jurisdiction over the subject, place or person (these are the three jurisdictions).

For example, in the case of the researcher, they have no jurisdiction over his person, but there is a court that has jurisdiction over the subject of kidnapping, unlawful seizure, etc., not the subject of some supposed violation of a regulation. Describe the facts of what happened. If you don't know where the person is or who took him, say certain john does and he hasn't been seen or heard of. If there is any law left in Canada you will be answered by a court, he will be present, and the "state" will have to show cause as to why he is being held. Bouvier's Dictionary of American Law, which is available several places on the internet is a good place to do research on terminology of common law.

Be sure to ask for a definition of any and all terms used in court. The simplest word, such as "residence" or "highway" may have been defined in regards to a statute in a way that is actually foreign to the common useage. And remember, those who consider us their enemies are fearful, and not human.

With Love and Light, J

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