Paul Balmer, a graduate of Freedom Law School and a determined and tenacious Freedom Fighter, today got a JURY VERDICT that the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), the biggest, most aggressive and oppressive of all Income Tax Agencies in America (far worse than the IRS) owes Paul Balmer $250,000 in damages as well as attorney's fees and expenses for violating the law and Balmer's rights.

Balmer sued the FTB under the Information Practices Act laws of

the State of California. These series of laws require the FTB to maintain ONLY records which are "personal, relevant and necessary" and "to the maximum extent possible" accurate, relevant, timely and complete. In additional these series of laws require the FTB to "designate an employee to be responsible [for] ensuring that the agency [FTB] complies with all of the provisions" of these laws. FTB violates everyone of the above laws ROUTINELY.

Moreover the FTB was required to "establish appropriate and reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to ensure compliance with the provisions" of these laws, but adamantly refused to do despite repeated attempts of Balmer to follow the law in numerous letters. It took Balmer 4 years of lawsuit, including a reversal of the judges dismissal of his suit in the Court of Appeal to finally deliver this CRUSHING BLOW to the FTB.

Due to Balmer's determined pursuit of the FTB to follow these laws, the FTB had DESTROYED THEIR RECORDS against Balmer (if there was one) and removed their lien against Balmer, while refusing to correct their records against Balmer.

I remember that at one point in the trial, the Government attorney asked Balmer: "Why did you not file a tax return when the FTB asked you to fill one out." When Balmer calmly responded that he "had studied the Revenue and Taxation Code [of California] and did not find any statute that made me [Balmer] liable" the government attorney was simply STUMPED!!! The scrawly government lawyer did not know what to say or do!

It took a short one and a half day trial and only 3 hours for the unanimous jury to find the FTB liable to Balmer to the tune of $250,000. Under the law, Balmer will also be compensated for ALL of his attorneys fees and expense as well. Folks, this verdict PROVES that FTB's way of maintaining and assessing people in California is ILLEGAL. We plan to have more of our students follow Balmer's example and force the FTB to follow the law!

Paul Balmer will speak at the 2001 Freedom Rally. Freedom Law School is holding its 3rd Freedom rally, the 2001 Freedom Rally at the Atrium Hotel in Irvine, California on April 7-8, 2001. This festive major event will bring you 13 of the top freedom speakers from around the USA. Freedom Lovers from New York, Florida, Texas and even outside of US fly ton come to this once a year freedom bash. You can't afford to miss hearing Balmer speak. In over 40 years of fighting State Income Tax agencies in America, this is by far the most major victory EVER against ANY state Income Tax Agencies. This court case is the snow ball that will force ALL state income tax agencies to stop breaking the law.

Pre-registration for the entire Freedom Rally is only $80 per person (you heard right, only 80 bucks) if registered before March 31, 2001. After March 31, 2001, the registration is $100. Spouses are admitted half price and everyone under 21 years of age will admitted FREE of charge. So forward this e-mail to all of your friends who are thinking about filing out a 1040 Income Tax Confession form (return) this year. Tell them to hold off on signing on that dotted line - to hold off on putting the rope around their own neck - until they come and hear from Paul Balmer.

Bring your kids, nieces and nephews. We will have a parent run child supervision room to assist parents with small children incoming to the 2011 Freedom Rally while taking care of their children. REGISTER NOW. LIMITED SEATING!!!

For more details about the go to
Yours in Freedom,
President of Freedom Law School
(714) 838-2896

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